How do you reconcile God’s rewards with His unmerited favor under the new covenant? In this enlightening and practical message, Joseph Prince shows you how God rewards you when you simply use the grace He has given you. Whether it is success in ministry, promotion at work, experiencing provision, or even having children, see how you can be given a full reward when you place your trust in the Lord, and come under His wings for refuge. Whatever you are believing Him for today, continue to have a confident trust in the Lord and see it bring you a great reward!

is there a difference between grace and

reward so people are saying I should say

like like like this is that a

contradiction between grace and reward

we know there is a difference but is

there a contradiction some people feel

like if you are under grace you know we

believe that it’s not our works amen

it’s not our merit it’s not our

deserving it is the unconditional

undeserved favor of God which is grace

grace is define is unmerited favor can I

have a good amen

all right but on the other hand what

about rewards what about rewards well

you know I’m a strong believer in

rewards and I shared a few weeks ago and

I think I’ll start off with from that

basis to the message that God has for us

today and you look up here in first

Corinthians 15 it says Paul is writing

and Paul says by the unmerited favor of

God I am what I am by the unmerited

favor of God I am what I am and his

unmerited favor

greatest define is unmerited favor

towards me was not in vain in other

words God may release favor in your life

towards for example got released favor

in your life towards working with

children in our case our church

children’s church has got rock kids so

got released number one if God releases

a favor in that area you will love

children you cannot say I hate kids but

but I think God is telling me to work

among kids alright please the kids don’t

you and we do want you working there

you’ve got God anoints you and in Greece

the favor in your life they’ll be favor

with the kids as well

amen doesn’t mean that it’s smooth

sailing you’ll learn some some things

about children know that but the favor

is there the grace is there can I have a

good amen

but it’s possible to say no I don’t

think I have a time I’m so busy as it is

you know I’m on a career track and my

boss expects a lot from me then that

unmerited favor towards you was in vain

but Paul says in my life his grace

towards me was not in vain it’s possible

to let it be in vain now but I laboured

more abundantly than they all and he’s

referring to other apostles I laboured

more abundantly than they all I laboured

more abundantly than they all yet not i

but the unmerited favor of God which was

with me so in other words

says whatever favor God has released in

my life towards any particular ministry

I float with God I didn’t let it be in


and you know what I laboured more

abundantly in other words that the power

inside me cost me to be like the burning

bush burning up but not burning out a

man praise God and how people come and

watch him burn praise the Lord so the

thing is this God gives you an anointing

for something I always said like this

God gives you the favour to do something

it’s still grace God hear the fable do

something when you do it and don’t let

it be in vain you flow with that grace

God rewards you for he for for do for

accomplishing the grace for doing the

grace for working out the grace that he

first gave you isn’t that cool

amen when we stand before heaven no

wonder everyone who receive a crown the

Bible tells us in heaven they cast the

crown before the lamb and said you are

worthy because without you hey we will

even have breath to brief of the pray

the sinner’s prayer amen we won’t even

have eyes to see you know who are we

that we should see the things that we

are seeing from God’s scriptures there

are so many blinded so many lost out

there amen and there H is catching up

you know and and and man is not forever

fallen man is not forever

so the thing is that blessed are your

eyes for you see have you ever thanked

God for that amen

you are numbered among the elect of God

aren’t you glad for that aren’t you glad

you enjoying you truly have to reach

it’s not about having more houses more

cars hey if you are defined by that you

are truly poor you’re a poor man having

plenty of money plenty of property amen

your true wealth is your knowledge of

our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ amen

now having said that rewards is

something that God wants us motivated by

are you listening people don’t forget

when you are rewarded it’s always

because God gave you the grace amen and

when you do the grace and this is a good

message and reminder for all pastas and

and Christian companies and

organizations something they wonder how

do I reward my my you know my stuff if I

what all of them based on grace

everybody gets the fullest month bonuses

amen the highest and all that but of

course it’s still grace grace is shown

by how diligent the person is if you see

a person accomplishing fruits that means

he is working out the grace that has

been worked in him he should be rewarded

if somebody who is a Christian working

in a Christian organization all right is

lazy amen guess what grace is flowing

towards him for some area of his

expertise but he’s not flowing with it

and it’s showing in no fruit so as a

boss just like Jesus in this book of

Revelation among the seven churches you

don’t look for for grace within you look

for grace manifested without in fruits

in works that’s how you reward people

can have a good amen let’s say if I run

a company an organization okay and they

come and say you preach grace how come

this guy got you know more bonus then

then then I did then we say look your

works does not show all right the way

that he’s does he’s diligent his fruits

are good amen he’s an achiever but how

he carries out the grace it’s still

grace but it’s grace that can be seen

grace that has been float with amen

that you have used utilize praise God

are you following sofa now when you’re

safe you are safe

listen without any merit on your part

nothing you you are of yourself nothing

you can do can merit God’s favor God

loved us when we were sinful God loves

us still now that we have saved how much

more in fact amen but there are people

that got price that got values and such

things needs to be preached in the

church there are people that got values

more than others precious in the sight

of the Lord are the death of his Saints

and many times put it in such a way that

oh you know you died so precious that

God no no precious means it’s costly

when a sin dies you know we all want to

die and go to heaven some some

Christians okay they want to die

heaven we need every believer we can on

this earth these wet matters so when a

believer dies is costly it is precious

are you listening people now the Bible

says that we ask ourself the question

but is it right to to serve out of

reward motivation is it okay to serve

alright looking to the reward

well my Bible says the faith that

pleases God is like this Hebrews 11

verse 6 without faith it is impossible

to please God say impossible but what is

the kind of faith let the Bible answer I

know many of your teachings on faith but

let the the the first on faith the

famous verse on faith talking about

pleasing God with faith let it show you

what kind of favor is it is a faith

where without faith impossible to please

God for he who comes to God and by the

way this present tense in the Greek keep

on coming to God and that’s why the

teaching of grace is so important

because it gives you boldness to come

into the presence of God as shunning him

he who comes to God must believe that he

is God is a man I mean many many

believers know God is of course but the

thing is that that second part and that

he is a rewarder the faith that pleases

God without faith is impossible to

please God so the faith that pleases God

is a faith that believe that God exists

God is and that God is a rewarder of

those who diligently seek Him I think

God is a rewarder yeah he rewards you


even the grace he gives you the hunger

you have one time Jesus had 70 disciples

and Twelve Apostles right around him and

and 70 disciples you can read about it

in John and look and all that one time

he said no man can come to me unless the

father draws him and the Bible says from

that time onwards the other seventy did

not work with him anymore

why they they felt slighted

I followed you because I have wisdom to

know that you are the Messiah not a

friend if you have any heart towards


God drew you all of us are saved because

God drew us amen

they didn’t like it they didn’t like the

message of grace amen

and just unto the twelve and says you

guys want to go also and Peter says Lord

where can we go you have the words of

eternal life

a man so the faith that pleases God is a

faith that believe God is a rewarder I’m

telling you Church many of you about to

get rewarded are you listening is the

year of its restoration you’re about to

get rewarded and you’re safe but pastor

Prinze my route I’ve been believing God

for days I asked God for this and and

it’s such a long time coming then the

chapter before Hebrews 11 here is for

you before he talks about faith he tells

us in Hebrews 10 therefore do not cast

away your confidence which has great

reward which is what not just reward

great reward

hey people keep on believing keep on

taking communion keep on trusting God

but but but I lost this baby keep on

believing God I lost one two alright

keep on believing God but the

restoration is amazing in Justin keep on

believing God keep on believing God cast

not away your confidence the devil wants

you to throw your confidence don’t throw

it away

it has great reward but I don’t see it

it’s in the future next verse is for you

for you have need of endurance and

yoren’s means what your gonna perceive

here you’re gonna you’re gonna hang on

you got a you got a a go trait and your

don’t give up don’t throw in the towel

don’t cast away your confidence you have

need of endurance that after you have

done the will of God you may receive the

promise so its future tense right yes

and what is needed now you see between

the pot you say Amen at the end of the

prayer and then between the pot you say

wow thank you Father

I see it I feel it is the endurance part

it may take one month may take a week

mate may take one year may take two

years but do not throw your confidence

it has great reward

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incredible thing about Joseph Smith’s

tree as he did so deep in the scripture

he that I sit there amazed many times

ago Wow not only where did he get that

but I can go back to the description say

yeah I get it and it’s a real blessing

it keeps again bringing us back to Jesus

Christ not bringing us back to ourselves

our performance or something we have to

do just our faith in crisis so that’s

what keeps us coming back over and over

you truly of all the messages that I’ve

heard Joseph Prince is one on Grace had

been the most life-changing that me or

my family has ever listened to

he just enlightened me that we are his

righteousness all the time no matter

what comes our way we are the

righteousness it was a blessing to me he

was talking about grace I’m talking

about the finished work of Christ which

I’ve heard already but it was something

that revolutionized my mind my heart

lays like it’s like a heavy cloud just

literally lifted off and it’s like I

wanted to run to the Lord before I’ll

tell my all other nobody come feels like

I literally wanted to run to not say I

love you daddy because I’m your do of it

not because of anything that I’ve done

but because you’ve already done it all

for me and that

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