Live with greater confidence, knowing you have a God who goes before you, and even has your back covered! In this encouraging message for our perilous times, Joseph Prince shows you how the Lord protected His people by always being the first in and last out. See a powerful yet most-caring God who goes ahead of you to lead the way and clear the traps, and who is also your rear guard to shield you from marauding enemies. Let Him lead you as your Shepherd today, and live life light and fear-free, experiencing His goodness, mercy, and protection!

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excerpt from Joseph Prince calm but

Jesus in the center of your studies put

Jesus in the center of your career put

Jesus in the center and everything will

be held together amen

when they travel you know to travel

together or in one line right in the

desert you know where’s the Ark in the

center but whenever there’s trouble

whenever there’s something all right

up we’ll go in front the ark will be the

first one in the Bible says the awkward

go travel three days journey long before

the people came to seek a resting place

for them so on your part you put him in

the center on his spot he will go ahead

of you and prepare the way

give them Isaiah Isaiah says this God’s

nature you shall not go out with haste

nor go by flight for the Lord will go

before you and the God of Israel will be

your real God so God can be in any place

right so he’ll be in front of you to

clear the way and don’t worry the

enemies come from behind you he’ll be

your real God don’t worry about terror

today 9/11 is commemorative of that but

let me tell this God will be your rear

guard he’ll go ahead of you and there’s

a thing sometimes in my human thinking

in my natural thinking I tell myself you

know people don’t thank God until they

see God deliver them for example you are

sick the doctor says you have this

condition on x-ray and then you pray to

God God heals you you go back to the

doctor doctor says I can’t find your

condition now you praise God right but

sometimes a condition is trying to come

to you like an entity an evil spirit and

cause it’s know you never knew it so you

don’t give God thanks so God goes ahead

of you and many times he made the

crooked places straight but you don’t

hit him thanks because for you is smooth

sailing but actually the enemy had

devices you in fact if the truth was

known we’ll thank God more than we know

God is under tank and we are under

grateful I’ll tell you there because we

only thank God sometimes you know it’s

better for God to leave all the

obstacles in might human we are thinking

so that you face the obstacle you ask

God to help you got straighten the way

now you give him thanks we God is so

merciful he goes ahead of you

I remember when Jessica was about three

or four years old her first time to

Disneyland you know her eyes were like

saucers she look at all the the first

right we took what exactly the sauces

like shopping you know the spinning top

and after one experience she was like

whoa what did I get myself into so I saw

the bit of the tinge of fear in her eyes

and she was any young girl all right

this is quite daunting you know to be at

a big playground if all kinds of rights

so I pulled my wife I’ll take the rights

first I’ll take the rights first so I’ll

take the rights first and I’ll see like

ah sure like this it’s very cute for her

at her level her age all right oh this

not this right is no good this

frightening this is Harry you know I’m

saying so daddy will go first to clear

the way for her the Lord will go before

you amen and if you’re afraid that

people come and session up something

from the back you know they come from

behind you you do not know Singaporeans

especially be careful oh no you must go

and grab it not before other people grab

it even you look here you mean you delay

for a while somebody come up behind you

in black first you know so you must

always crack first before other people

grab you know you know you never know

they come from behind the camera behind

and so said because we are brought up in

this in this culture of fear scarcity

not enough grab for yourself every

supper every new is a Last Supper

you know and we live in this fear

mentality you know and the Lord saying

don’t worry about what comes from behind

when you’re driving don’t look at the

rearview mirror all the time if they hit

you they will pay your job is to focus

on the front that’s why your your

windscreen is this big and your

rear-view mirror is this big your men to

look forward not backwards okay you’re

meant to go ahead God will be your rear

guard can have a good day man you’ll go

before you let me last strip when the

turn of Israel many of you watch the


Ten Commandments right they all came to


Red Sea and then lo and behold behind

them they saw like clouds of dust as the

chariots of Egypt was racing towards

them now they’re caught in between a

rock and a hard place and they cried out

to Moses do you bring us out here to die

Moses is your fault now they’ll kill us

in forever there’s a sea and before God

open the sea what happened read Exodus

14 and the angel of God Capital a

whenever he says the angel of God is

referring to Jesus now he’s not an angel

Jesus is God

but what angel is generic term for

representative of God this is his

pre-internet form the angel of God who

went before the hem of Israel moved and

went behind him and the peel of cloud

went from before them and stood behind

them initially was leading them in front

and now the enemy is coming from behind

watch this

you went behind to protect them from

behind so it came between the hem of the

Egyptians the enemies and the cam of

Israel toss watch this it was a cloud

and darkness to the Egyptians it gave

light by night to Israel so the one did

not come near the other all the night in

a world that’s duck we can have light

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he stood up all right to be so like a

slave and he says yet the Lord was with

Joseph haha so when you have nothing not

even the clothes on your back but the

Lord is with you you’ll get it all back

and more and more amen the most

important person that needs to be with

you is the Lord doesn’t matter your best

friend forsake you you’ve been betrayed

by a friend you trust that as long as

the Lord is with you look at what

happened and he was a successful man the

Lord cost him that he feel use he feel

is used to make something happen the

Lord was with him and cost him the Lord

can cost you to be a success the Lord

can cost you to prosper so as a slip you

think about it what is there to do to

prosper maybe he took care of a garden

all right the garden yielded bumper

crops amen

he took care of some kids he’s cute

among other slaves and the boss noticed

their right and and there was calm it

seems that he always gives good counsel

and it’s like everything he touches at a

slave level prospered so what if I put

two and two together his days I’ll put

more responsibilities in his hands

because everything under his hands


when favor is on you the even the bad

things turned for good because if the

brothers never were jealous of him

they’d never hook would have sold him

off if they didn’t sell him off he will

end up in Egypt one thing led to another

and next thing you know he became the

most powerful man able and empowered to

save his family and many others God once

favored to reign a favour only rain true

through the channel by the means of

righteousness and this righteousness is

not your doing

it’s the gift of righteousness the

Christ gave us when he became our sin he

gave us like his robe of righteousness

and that rope attracts all the blessings

of God