What does the Bible really say about tithing under grace? Is it still relevant for believers under the new covenant?


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excerpt from Joseph Prince calm

and then there’s this teaching someone

says you know if I why must I tithe if I

take the money by the way notice that

Jesus is unrighteous mammon there’s not

said well we’ve not been faithful in the

use of unrighteous mammon you know that

default mode of money to God is

unrighteous it’s filthy I used to say

things like many years ago if a good man

takes money become good money a bad man

picks money becomes bad money but God

says no money is unrighteous money is

unclean yes as a whole the way money has

been used around the world is

unrighteous people are being deprived

people are being a bully people are

being you know manipulated and a lot of

unrighteous money the God says the way

you you make the money and holy Romans

11 a the first fruit is holy

the lamb is also holy if the root is

holy so other branches you got it

if I take the first fruit the rest

become holy and what is holy the devil

cannot touch are you listening people

now look 11 rather give arms of such

things that you have and behold all

things are clean unto you Jesus say this

is amazing that people say they take my

revelation of Jesus touching the leper

and the clean maid the unclean clean

right you know you say why should I you

know if I take the money I am clean the

money is unclean

it’s not clean this whop it’s like let

us say more the grace may abound I

understand where they have everything

come from now with your kind of what

reasoning I can also say I go to jail on

I’m clean I touch a prostitute she’s

unclean now

she’s clean

I’m a drug addict I’m a Christian

amen I’m clean I think the DRA and I

have touch the drop is clean I can don’t

get WAP don’t get what all this happened

because a lack of church life there’s no

one speaking to the people these

people’s lives are you listening people


then Jesus a gif arms there’s some

things you must do if money money is not

part of you you are clean yes you are

righteous yes but money’s unrighteous so

you take the first fruit and now the

rest becomes holy what is holy trife’s

grows multiplies the devil cannot touch

amen then Jesus talked about tithing

here won’t do you know he is it the

right reason for fighting all right woe

unto you Pharisees for you tithe mint

and Rue and all men are herbs and pass

over judgment and the love of God in

other words that the tithe

legalistically all right but they don’t

tie with the love of God with justice in

mind amen to make sure that the

fatherless the poor not thing or so is

Jesus saying that do it the right motive

he’s all about the motive not the time

because even a say this ought you to

have done and not to leave the other

undone what is the other the tithe so a

lot of people read this and they say you

know he’s telling us is he it’s not the

type is your love the love of God no


he said do it the right motive but don’t

stop fighting

don’t leave the other and then these are

the words of Jesus the same yesterday

today and forever now back to Hebrews 7

show them Hebrews 7 verse 4 now consider

how great this man mark his attack was

to whom even the patriarch Abram gave a

tenth of the Spoils

yeah it’s true the book of Hebrews as I

have taught and many people have taken

this teaching and run with it that the

book of Hebrews shows the first chapter

Jesus is greater than the angels but

they show him how he’s greater he rose

from the dead amen

then top G is greater than Moses Moses a

servant Jesus is a son showed clearly

that his son is greater when it comes he

brews seven Melchizedek Priesthood is

greater than Levitical priesthood

yes but show how is he greater the tithe

here’s the answer now consider how great

this man was to home even the patriarch

Abram gave a ten of the sports whoever

you tithe to you are declaring that

person is great so when Melchizedek

brought the bread and wine is to

proclaim Jesus death when you respond

with the tithe is to respond he’s alive

drop down here mortal men receive twice

now mortal men people who died right

receive tithes but there Jesus receives

them off home it is witness that he

lives he’s here here mortal men receive

dies right people who die received highs

Amen people were mortal but there he

receives your ties of whom it is witness

that he lives is a witness so the bread

and wine is to proclaim his death the

tithe is to proclaim he’s alive and

people see your life and they will see

he’s alive just like old Jacob didn’t

believe his sons when they say Joseph is

alive Joseph’s alive when he stepped out

he saw the wagons there’s just enough my

son is alive people see evidence of

God’s blessing on your life to the point

that they will say God is alive or Jesus

of the life amen

so the lost supposed to proclaim his

death the tithe is to proclaim he’s

alive in your life and all the people

say give Jesus the praise this excerpt

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