Get ready for an incredible year of God’s restoration! Join Joseph Prince for an exciting time in God’s Word as he shows you God’s heart to restore to you all that the enemy has stolen. Whether it’s wasted years, emotional turmoil, a slowing mind, or a chronic condition, God can restore whatever you’ve lost—and He’ll do it for you in greater quantity or quality! Instead of saying that it can’t be done, start saying, “God, restore!” because His Son at the cross has qualified you to receive and enjoy His amazing restoration!

‘s an excerpt of a new message from Joseph I’ll


tell you what God said about this year

When you hear it you’ll say

“wow” Pastor Prince, I’ve already
preached about it. “Yes,”

God says,

this year is the “Year of God,” when it will happen.

Is that okay?

“The Year of

God’s Restoration” It is the “Year of God’s Restoration.” God will restore

all that is robbed, defrauded, and wrongly

, whether man or the devil

has taken it.

Now, did you notice that I didn’t say the devil himself would return

We often say that the devil is

always there, saying this or that.

But honestly, God doesn’t think of him as anything.

he exists I
‘m not saying don’t.

He is behind many evil deeds.

But guys, we learned. when Jesus
died on the cross.

Some say that Jesus paid the devil the slave overseer

to free us from our sin prison.

No no no.

Demons don’t have that much power.

They are not on the same level.

Christ on the Cross

paid ransom for God’s holiness with God’s love

and also paid for God’s righteousness.
God is the opponent.

God is a God of love
and does not want to destroy us.

God bless us and wants us to be blessed in every way

It is a heart of love,

but God’s holiness and righteousness are not silent.

God is a holy God, so we cannot overlook even a single point of sin

But God is a God of grace, so
he can forgive everything.


God cannot pretend that sin does not exist.

God does not take sin lightly. What can

God do about that impossibility

God cannot overlook sin,
but he can erase it.

God did it righteously on the cross of

Amen This is an accurate sermon.

So we can remember God’s holiness
and give thanks.

For when Christ
died on the cross, the blood that was shed fully fulfilled

all the requirements of God’s holiness and righteousness in our

Through the blood of the shed lamb.

Today God’s righteous demands are fully satisfied,

there is no sword in his hand,
no judgment above our heads.

We are not condemned

God’s favor is upon us, never uninterrupted.

It is God’s favor that never ends.

Amen please.

It is the year of God’s recovery.

When I said God’s

Restoration, I saw the word “His Restoration”.

And God said This is
my recovery, not a man’s recovery.

It reminded me of the
Restoration sermons I had given.

I was preaching the Restoration in the 90’s, but in the


I remember, the first revelation that God gave
me about restoration is

the illustration that I used in the 90’s


cannot be

It won’t be like the original

Something is wrong.
For example, if you repair a jacket,

it won’t look like the original


But when God restores

it is always better in quality or better

in quantity.

Otherwise both.

In some cases, the number cannot be increased.

Lost a wife, lost a loved one,

lost a husband. God will
not give you seven husbands.


, don’t be wishful thinking
God doesn’t give you five wives.


God will give you a better relationship.

It’s a relationship seven times better than the previous one.


you know.
Let’s take a look at the evidence today So let’s take

a quick look at what God has in store for us this year, 2015


First of all, the restoration that God has prepared is a

restoration that only God


can do, something that no professional, no expert can do.

Joel 2:25 God says,
“I will restore you year after year.” )”

Make up for the years you lost Locusts

devoured, locusts, devoured
Locusts, biting locusts

Make up for the years devoured by the great host I sent among

you You rebelled against me and sinned. committed

No matter how many times you repeat,

I am still God and I love you.

I am not


bound by time but you are bound by time Every time you bathe in sin Every time sin lets you get


in the way Time spent in sin is time wasted

Years spent in sin , is the years wasted.

But God is good, says.

If you turn to God and trust Him

, I will restore you the years you have wasted.

Is “year” plural?

Plural. “Yearly”!

If God says to make amends year after year, God

will! I want

to pause here and talk about what the humanists are

They try to find mistakes in the Bible, saying,

“When you compare Judges and Acts,

is a hard difference” and “there are years lost.”

That was when Israel was in bondage for all the lost

Twenty years, fifty years in bondage until

God set up his next judge, Like Samson’s example,
until God set up his next judge

. Critical
people say the lost years are found.

From God’s perspective, when people
don’t have

fellowship with God, when people don’t walk with God, it’s the
lost years.

It is lost time.

The theme for 2015 is
to say “No more” to that.

It’s “no more”.

I am going to show you the
first Bible verse I received about the Restoration.

After seeing this word “recovery” I was awake. I

‘ll talk about dreams later,

but the Bible verses I received were
ringing in my spirit.

It wasn’t a Bible verse I heard for the first time
, but I remember reading it somewhere.

But I didn’t mind.

But this verse was ringing in my spirit.

“No one says. Restore.


“Nobody believes I can recover.” No one says recovery

because many people think only naturally

, which is why
they are in bondage.

I hurriedly searched for the verse.

I think I read that verse before, but I
didn’t remember where it was, or

from which book.

It’s not the section you read earlier for explanation
. and found.

What God said was absolutely right.

“This is about a people who have been robbed and plundered

Have you felt robbed and plundered recently
? It doesn’t matter if it was

taken by a human or by a demon

“This people is plundered and robbed, they are all
caught in pits and imprisoned.”


Here are the words I heard.

“Nobody says restore.”

To say restore, you must believe that God is the God who restores

So after receiving the word,

I said to everything that happened to me in the last few days, “Lord,
heal me.”

For example, when I was forgetful,

God said, “Son, say
recovery. Head recovery. Recovery.”

I said “recovery” to everything.
Just one word.

“No one asked me to give it back.”

I was playing with the word “restore.”

R E S 10 O R E. It’s

kind of cool.

It’s the year of recovery.

See here. This
is The Year of His Restoration Praise God


All that is broken, all that is lost, it
will all come back to you. Amen In

the Year of God’s Restoration

Now The

next area of God’s restoration… He will restore in all y

ur Elijah, but i

applies to you, what I just said
s the main area.

Year-to-Year Recovery

Next comes the recovery of your soul, mind and emotions.

If you are not flowing in harmony with the Holy Spirit,

you will be depressed and think negatively all the time.

But this year God will restore your soul.

This is Psalm 23.

“The Lord restores my

“The Lord restores my


Elijah is Jeremiah 30:17.

“I will heal your wounds” (restoration of health)

“For I will heal your wounds.
” – Annunciation

of the

Lord. I heard the spirit say

“These are people who believe, believe, believe,
and say when it will come.”

“Wound” here refers to a chronic illness,
chronic condition, or chronic condition. is.

As I was looking at Wounds

, God said before I looked up Hebrew.

This “wound” refers to a chronic problem.

What do you think you found when you searched the Word?

This word “wound” is not choliy, “Christ took our sickness”

This is actually the word used in Deuteronomy chapter 28.

A long-lasting malignant disease

, which God said would bring this curse upon those who rebelled against God, who did not obey the law





So before I looked up the Hebrew,

God said, “For a long time
Heal the sick.”

‘ve pretty much given up on this one, even if you believe otherwise.

no one can do anything My doctor says I
have to take medicine for the rest of my life.

God says, “I
will heal you, okay?”

“I will restore you to health
and heal your ‘wounds’.”


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