Turn your frustrations into breakthroughs when you know how compassionate God is toward you even during seasons of frustration. In this inspiring message, Joseph Prince answers the question, “Why am I not seeing any change in my circumstances?” Rather than fret and complain, discover God’s practical love for you as you learn to see how He may be using your current frustrations and challenges to prepare you for greater success. The more you understand your heavenly Father’s loving correction in your life, the more you will see it leading you to greater breakthroughs and an abundant life!


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excerpt from Joseph Prince calm

so when Jacob was struggling one night

with an angel

we know zona angel is a pre-internet

appearance of Jesus Christ you were

struggling and a lot of thing to get

trying to run away all right he was

holding on to the Lord I mean this is

really a what’d he call that okay

anyways wrestling babi DeWet wrestling

so it’s not boxing okay so he was

holding on to him and he refused to let

go and a lot touch the right tie and he

fell down okay

the strongest part of our body the

strongest bone he fell down and he was

weak and then the Lord cannot leave him

and the Lord says what is your name from

now on you’ll be Israel if Israel is one

remember God asked him what is your name

what he got asked what is your name

because many years ago his father says

who are you it is I’m Esau in deception

now God says who are you what is your

name and he says I’m Jacob because it’s

no Jacob means I’m a cheat I’m a

deceiver I’m a supplanter I’m a schemer

I didn’t know you are Prince you are

Israel notice when he was we measured

look at someone the last thing we will

think of a person trembling down there

in pain all right we sat on your back

and you say you’re a prince

and God was captured by him

God is captured by human weakness when

you’re strong struggling the Lord wanted

to lift but when when he was weak he

captured God let me tell you this don’t

be ashamed to tell the Lord in your

private time if you have a problem with

anxiety or worry it’s always troubling

you cut a lot I’m a very anxious person

Lord this Who I am

Lord Jesus transform me in this area you

are my peace that’s why you are my peace

I had no peace of my own Lord you are my


amen you’d be surprised how he

transforms you are you listening people

are you with me so far

if y’all if you are a person worried

about your health and you always worry

about your health does a lot Lord I’m a

hypochondriac that’s who I am Lord I’m a

hypochondriac not change me Lord because

you are my righteousness you are my

righteous I have no righteous on my own

and God is attracted today amen he’s

never done of you know we don’t show our

weakness to our friends because we think

that they are turn off we don’t show our

weakness to people around us because we

think that and it’s rightly so you know

everything in Hollywood is always about

putting your best foot forward right

everything about the business world is

what putting your best foot forward by

in a kingdom of God when you are real

God loves there it wants a prince I wish

I was young again

I know the feeling I had it last week

I wish I was a teenager again I wish I

was in my 20s again but you know


listen to the Word of God listen to the

Word of God and I close to this Isaiah

40 and I not known have done not hurt

but the everlasting God the Lord the

creator or the ends of the earth

faints not neither is weary there is no

searching of his understanding he gives

power to the faint and to them that have

no might he increaseth strength now

listen those who would like to be young

again those won’t be a teenager again

listen given the youth shall faint and

be weary and the young man shall utterly

fall but data wait upon the Lord shall

renew their strength they shall mount up

with wings as Eagles they shall run and

not be weary they shall walk and not

faint in that you hear that shall renew

their strength

in the in the Hebrew exchange their

human strength or divine strength and

their has supernatural wings as this

doesn’t matter your age your run and not

be weary your walk and not faint this

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