Why does creation still groan with earthquakes, tsunamis and other calamities if God is love? Is He not also fully in charge of the earth? Get the answers to these burning questions in this must-hear message by Joseph Prince. Learn what creation is eagerly waiting and crying for, and what all the drama in the Bible is about. You will gain wisdom and understanding to face and take charge of the fallen earth as you step into your high calling as sons of God!

Now God made man last, on the last day alright.
On the sixth day. God made everything on the

first five days and then man on the sixth
day. Why did God made man last? Why was man

made or created last? Well one thing we know
that man cannot take glory in creation. Like

right now they are trying to create like God.
Number two, God wanted man to enjoy the finished

work. So everything in Earth at that time
was finished already. Not only finished, it

was finished well. It was good. So everything
was right for the plucking, everything was

perfect for man’s enjoyment. To tantalize
his senses. The flowers give off their aroma,

the sound of the breeze was like music, like
Beethoven. Amen? The fruits were luscious

and huge. Man’s every need God did not create
a need in man’s body that did not have a corresponding

answer in God. God created… whether it’s
fruits or whatever it is. So everything that

we desire God gave us that desire. Sin is
but a perversion of that desire. Amen. Everything

you have is not from the devil. The devil
never gave you any “needs”. He perverts the

needs that you have. Needs are a sign that
there is an object out there, a gift out there

from God that is meant to meet that need,
whether it is a fruit, a luscious fruit alright

to tantalize your taste buds, and to nourish
your body. Alright? Whatever it is, it is

to show you more of the goodness of God. Can
I have a good amen? So God made the first

man and then we have all the trees and God
said of every tree, say, “Every.” “You may

eat of it, but of the tree of the knowledge
of good and evil, you shall not eat of it

for the day you eat of it you shall surely
die.” Alright. Why? Why did God made everything

good and the bible says God saw everything
He made and God made trees before He made

man. Plus the tree of the knowledge of good
and evil, which He said do not eat from. He

made that tree and He pronounced it as good.
Inclusive of that tree. That tree was called

by God good. But it is not good for man. Can
I have a good amen? Just like the law. The

tree is the knowledge of good and evil. The
law is the knowledge of good and evil. God

gave the law. But it is not good for man.
It cannot but only curse, for man. As far

as man is concerned. When Jesus came it cannot
but bless Him because He was fully obedient.

You follow me? Alright? So God did not want
man to find his fulfilment in the law. Knowledge

of good and evil, and now we understand that.
So in other words, man was the federal head

of the human race at that time. There was
no descendants yet, but man – Adam that is,

was the federal head. Say, “Federal head.”
I’m going to share with you some things you

will understand why the tsunami, why earthquakes,
why this why that? People ask these questions

but you must start from the beginning. Ok
are you with me? This is going somewhere.

Now, God made man with a free choice. People
say if God knew Adam was going to take from

the wrong tree why didn’t God stop him? Well
if God stopped him, God is intervening into

something He Himself would not. Because He
is a just God. Alright? If God gave man everything

good, and gave man a free choice to exercise
but man is not able to choose anything but

good, free choice is not free choice. Someone
asked a question, “Why did God put that tree

down there?” I’m answering you. If God gave
man free choice, and everything… all the

choices in front of man, all the creation
in front of man is all good, wherein lies

the free choice? Wherein lies the exercise
of the choice? So God gave man one option.

Alright? As a sign of man’s respect and reverance
for God, God said, “Don’t eat from this tree.”

Which represents the law, don’t be in My position.
Don’t assume to be Me. Alright? You can never

be God. Alright? You cannot handle the law
the way I can. Alright? You need to be subject

to Me, and then you will find the law fulfilled
in you. But man became arrogant because of

the snake talk. Alright you know the… All
creation spoke at one time. You know when

Jesus comes back your cat will talk to you.
“You see I’ve been keeping this for a long

time, but there is something I want to say.”
Alright your dog have been saying. Your dog

will start talking again, “You know I’ve been
telling the other dog next door. Alright?

I hate it when you let me drink from the toilet
bowl. Alright? You don’t know how it feels

like. Ok?” So all creation could talk. We
saw this in the picture of Numbers where we

find the donkey was talking to the half-past-six
prophet Balaam. So one day when all creation

will come to that, we’ll end with that, all
creation will be restored. Alright? Right

now creation is moaning, creation is in pain,
creation is groaning. God is not fully in

control. If God is in control, we’ll have
streets of gold. Everybody will be fully supplied.

There will be no sick child, no sick person
amongst us. Nobody will grow old and nobody

will die. No animal will die. So the bible
says in Romans 8 all creation is crying out

for something to happen. Before we come to
that, Adam and Eve took that fruit. They exercised

their choice alright? Albeit it was a wrong
choice, and by choosing the tree they are

telling God, “God, we don’t want Your world,
we want our world.” A world that is born out

of our own knowledge, of good and evil. We
can decide on morality, we can decide on what

sort of approach to You. We don’t want You
to have all the say. We don’t want You to

do everything for us, in us, through us. We
want to work. So God says, “Ok.” They partook

of that and God says, “Remember I told you
the choice?” You cannot exercise your choice

and don’t expect the consequence. If you put
your finger in the fire, your finger will

burn. You cannot say, “I don’t want to be
burned, but I want to feel the fire.” You

cannot do that. You cannot say, “I want to
commit adultery, but I don’t want the consequences.”

You cannot do that. Alright? God has worked
the system in this world in such a way that

there will be consequence. So the consequence
is this alright? The whole creation fell,

because its head fell. Are you with me?