To the man blind from birth, Jesus, the light of the world, brought sight. To a hungry crowd of more than 5,000, Jesus, the bread of life, supplied more food than they could eat. To Martha whose brother, Lazarus, was dead, Jesus showed Himself as the resurrection and the life. In this faith-igniting message, Joseph Prince shows you why Jesus Himself—not methods or principles—is the answer to every challenge you face in life. See how His grace ushers in His provision, protection, health, peace and victory when you simply have a personal revelation of Him and His goodness in your area of need!

Church I’m here to tell you that

whatever you are faced with this morning

or this evening God loves you and he’s

at the point of your need Jesus is the

answer now it might sound very

simplistic in my son like we’re past

Prince in a world we are hear people

saying Jesus is the answer but do you

understand I need more financial help

basta I need breakthrough for my

depression I’ve been having this

condition for two years now pastor I

need help in my family relations I need

help in my teenage boy my teenage


why do you say Jesus is the end so what

do you mean by Jesus is the answer

I understand Jesus is the answer for

those who are looking for salvation for

forgiveness of your sins for our new

life I understand that but pastor when

you say that Jesus is the answer when my

body is reeking with pain and and and I

have an addiction that no one knows

about what do you mean Jesus is the

answer when the tune of Israel they were

in need every time they were in need

Jesus revealed himself in a fresh way

whether alright they were in need for

fresh waters at the bitter waters of

Marah the water was like suffering they

cannot drink the water God showed the

Moses the tree what is then Jesus on the

tree what happened to the waters when

Moses true the tree in became sweet a

few days later they were murmuring and

hungry for bread God gave them manna

bread from heaven who is that jesus says

Moses they give you the true bread I am

the bread that came from heaven it’s

Jesus all their needs are met in some

revelation of Jesus Christ but people

thought they need they need bread they

needed Jesus we see that the greater

always include the lesser greater always

include the lesser when you have the

greater Bread of Life it includes even

the temporary bread of life but if you

go for the temporary bread of life you

can’t get the greater

they are trusty again after a few more

days and they yell at Moses this time

God didn’t show most of the tree God

says Moses hit the rock and what is the

rock in first Corinthians is the rock is

Christ he was smitten at the cross to

give us refreshing waters of the Spirit

it’s always a fresh revelation lay it on

the condition became sick in the

wilderness they were bitten by snakes

Here I am telling you church look away

from your troubles look away from your

symptoms look away from your needs and

look to Jesus Christ every time you come

to church that should be I want to see

Jesus every time you worship I want to

see Jesus more and more amen are you

listening if you’re in crisis you’re in

trouble make sure crisis Christ is in

the crisis alright look for him whatever

trouble you’re going through physical

financial alright listen to messages

that are full of Jesus start listening

listening listening and listening again

and I’m telling you church when there’s

a fresh revelation

there’s a fresh grace being brought to

you and many at times I’m busy so many

things I can’t even resolve one thing

completely and the lowest tell me one

thing is needful I mean it’s so hard to

believe but I said that Jesus said it

one thing you’d even say a few things

one thing after let go all these things

that is unresolved spend time with Jesus

and I can’t begin to tell you how many

times I just and the best way to spend

time in his word says Jesus unveil

yourself when I see Jesus and I go back

to those problems either the problems

alright are removed or there’s a wisdom

there is an understanding to handle

those problems whatever it is no more

the same night listening

when the tune of Israel were beaten by

snakes it’s a picture of disease and

sickness the devil brings sickness and

disease in the form of the serpent Moses

cried out to God and God says lift up

the bronze snake on a pole that pole was

like a ship of cross and the snake was a

bronze snake and Jesus said to Nicodemus

many years after that nickel as Moses

lifted up the serpent in the wilderness

even so the Son of Man must be lifted up

that bronze serpent is a picture of

Jesus Christ and even though the beaten

is a serious problem what you’re saying

you know pass the brains stop talking

about and I’ll see more of Jesus I got a

serious problem the doctors have

diagnosed it was serious problem I’m

telling you the people were dying being

bitten by snakes poisonous snakes the

Hebrew word is fare up which is the

fiery snakes and they were dying and yet

Moses lead up the the cross Jesus on it

and he says look and the Bible says

whoso look of liver and there are those

who are in pain and they can see the –

you know whether the the puncture marks

are and you’re screaming blood is coming

out and Moses look look look the snake

and it swallow painful you know is that

time for looking I’m looking at my wound

can you see my wood mo past it’s coming

out already

and Moses look look look and the adults

who say no matter what all right God has

spoken to Moses many times and I already

got you God says all it takes is a look

there’s nothing more simple than looking

all of you look here

you see there’s no effort involved and

that’s all they got us all right and

stuff they’re somewhat beaten is it if

God said it I’ll do it I’ll look away

from my pain I’ll look away from my

symptoms I’ll look away from my problems

I can still feel the pain but I’m

looking away I can see that is that

serpent on the other line

why is that serpent bronzed it’s not a

real sir but it’s a bronze serpent why

is that so

always a picture of Jesus Christ it’s a

picture bronze is a picture of judgment

he was judge he took my serpent bite

he took my disease he took my sickness

he took my pain he was punished in my

place today I don’t have to be Oh Manny

that’s so I don’t have to have this this

this where is that vampire mark and it’s

not even Twilight oh I’m healed I’m here

I’m here

amen many times you know you even know

you are here as you are lost beholding

the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ he is

so wonderful Church