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The Bible says:

“Satan comes to steal,
to kill, and to destroy.”

The idea of stealing
means you have it!

You are standing on
victory ground,

you are standing on
health ground.

He’s trying to take
what is yours.

A good offense is
actually a good defense.

If you don’t have
anything else, remember:

if you have your shield,
you’re still protected.

That’s why it says:

“Above all, taking up
the shield of faith.”

There are believers who
still think that

the devil has a right.

“Oh because you failed,
you see your thoughts?”

“Now, the devil has
a right to bring this,”

“the devil has a right—”

Let me tell you this:
Jesus canceled all his rights!

Hey, listen!
He’s defeated!

But he makes you think
he’s winning.

The Lord is just waiting
for someone to stand!

Good morning, church! It’s wonderful to see all
of you on this Sunday morning. For those who were

here a couple of Sundays ago, you know that Pastor
Prince flowed in a very strong healing anointing,

and we have some testimonies that have come
in. I’m here to share three of them with you.

The first testimony comes from a brother
from Singapore. He writes, “On Sunday,

the 22nd of October, my wife and I were
on our way to GV Isun for service when

I experienced terrible gastric pain that also
triggered symptoms of indigestion. I wanted to

tell my wife to head home and watch the service
online; however, I eventually decided to attend

the service despite the discomfort. When Pastor
Prince came on and began praying for healing,

I felt the power of God upon me, and I received my
healing instantly. The pain completely disappeared

after the ministering session. I really want
to thank Jesus for His goodness and also Pastor

Prince for praying for us. Praise the Lord
for this wonderful testimony. Hallelujah!”

Next, we have a testimony from a sister from
Singapore. She writes, “One Saturday afternoon,

I engaged in strenuous exercise and carried a
heavy handbag (I wonder what’s in a handbag)

throughout the day. That night, I was awakened
multiple times by pain in my right shoulder

blade. I’m a side sleeper and tend to toss
and turn frequently, so every time I turned

to my right side, the pain would jolt me awake.
On Sunday morning, I woke up with incredible

pain in my right shoulder blade. Everything
was painful, reaching for items on my table,

stretching my neck, and even sitting down without
any activity would suddenly trigger intense pain.

As I prepared to serve during the third service, I
thought to myself that it would be nice if Pastor

Prince could minister and pray for healing in
my shoulder blade. After partaking of the Holy

Communion during the testimony-sharing segment,
I decided to search online for the causes of

shoulder blade pain. The word ‘scapula’ came up
multiple times as a name for that area, and it was

the first time I had encountered this term. When
Pastor Prince approached with his handheld mic,

my excitement grew as a signal to me that he was
about to minister. I continued to look up more

information about the scapula but put my phone
away when he asked us to stand. To my amazement,

one of the first things Pastor Prince
prayed for was shoulder blade pain,

and he specifically mentioned seeing the word
‘scapula.’ My jaw literally dropped. It felt

like the Lord had heard precisely what I had
prayed for. Though the pain persisted, I chose

to believe that my healing would come in due time.
When Monday came, I was still in pain when I went

to the office. Then, in the late morning, while
in a video call, I noticed that my right arm was

draped over my chair, something I definitely
couldn’t do the day before. After the call,

I began moving my arms and stretching my neck,
only to realize that I could now perform all the

actions that had caused me pain. I was completely
free from discomfort. Thank you, Lord, for hearing

my prayer and for your supernatural healing.
Praise the Lord for this precious testimony.”

The final testimony also comes from a sister
from Singapore. She says, “I recently went on

an overseas trip with my friend. We embarked on
a 3-day mountain hiking trip, and on the first

night, when we arrived at the base camp, my friend
suffered from gastritis and food poisoning. Her

condition was so bad that she had to stay in the
tent for the next two days and piggybacked down

the day after. When we reached our accommodation,
my friend was still extremely unwell. She was

unable to move, eat, or drink. On Sunday, the
22nd of October, we had to call a doctor in to

give her an intravenous or IV drip. While she was
being treated, I stepped out of our room to give

her space to rest. Meanwhile, I decided that I
would tune in to the online service myself. When

Pastor Prince prayed for those who were sick, the
first condition that he called out was gastritis.

I was extremely thankful and wondered what were
the chances. I claimed the healing for my friend

and fully believed that she would be completely
healed. Right after that, Pastor Prince also

prayed for a knee injury, specifically due to
physical activity. I had been struggling with

an old knee injury for years due to my intense
dance training, and it had once again been

triggered during the trip because of the hike
in the mountains. So I claimed the healing for

myself too. After the service, I returned to the
room and, to my surprise, saw my friend standing

up and getting ready to go out. She was putting on
her dress, applying makeup, and even laughing. I

asked her if she was feeling better, given that I
had only been away for such a short while, and she

replied, ‘Yes, 100% better.’ Initially, the doctor
said that she would need to rest for an entire day

after the IV drip, but she felt completely fine
right after the treatment. I was bursting with

excitement. I shared with my friend that the first
thing that Pastor Prince prayed for today was

gastritis, and she was equally surprised. As for
my knee, it was no longer sore and painful after

the prayer. I believe that the pain shall not come
back anymore. Amen. We got to enjoy the rest of

our holiday because of God’s grace and incredible
mercy. Thank you, Pastor Prince. I’m so blessed

to be part of this house. Praise the Lord for all
these wonderful testimonies. Amen. Hallelujah!”

And you know, church, just earlier this week,
on the 31st of October, it was actually a very,

very special day. While the world was celebrating
Halloween, for us Christians, the 31st of October

is Reformation Day. Praise the Lord! And 506 years
ago, in the year 1519, on the 31st of October,

Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses and restored
to the church the gospel truth that the just shall

live by faith. Amen. And a few years ago, quite
a number of years ago, in 1992, on the 31st of

October, 1992, that’s 31 years ago, there was
a Christian conference happening in Singapore

at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. It was not
organized by our church; we’re not a part of it.

And the speaker was a man named Paul Cain, with a
strong prophetic anointing. While he was speaking,

he stopped and prophesied over a young man who was
sitting up there in the crowd. And that young man,

he prophesied over, has since preached the gospel
of Jesus Christ with passion, with a strong spirit

of evangelism. And that young man is your pastor
and my pastor, Pastor Joseph Prince. So right now,

before the preaching of the word, we’re going
to show you that video. Be greatly blessed.

I hope you enjoyed today’s episode!

But don’t go just yet.

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If not, I’ll see you

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