Over the past month, we’ve received numerous videos from all across the world as so many of you shared your moments of partaking of the Lord’s Supper together with your loved ones. A huge thank-you to ??? ?????? ?????? ??? ???? ????? ???????????, ?? ????????? ??? ??????????? ?? ???? ?????! ❤️ We’ve loved seeing so many of you having your own holy moment with the Lord in your homes.

and the Bible tells us that the early

church was sick

many were falling asleep before their

time I kind of wish they didn’t say many

for one singular reason not discerning

the Lord’s body and that’s why I

endeavor that every Sunday we have

communion and especially when he founded

a bread that’s neglected all over the

world many mainstream churches that

platic if they do partake they focus

more on the cup but the Bible says is

not discerning the body disposing the

problem why are there two elements when

the blood is taken from the body does

death the Lord’s Supper is not about his

resurrection is about his death in

proclaiming the Lord’s death till he


amen so why the two elements well friend

by his stripes

your cancer died by his stripes your

blood pressure is normalized by his

stripes all the blockage in your

arteries are feared by his stripes you

have brand new kidneys by his stripe

your youth is renewed like the Eagles so

God puts a premium and what you eat less

eat the food of the champions




to me



if it up before the Lord say Lord Jesus

by your stripe by your stripes I am

healed made every wheat whole my youth

and strength is renewed like the Eagles

my body is restored to that of a young

man a young woman

by your stripe through your grace I will

live to be a hundred and twenty my eye

is not dimmed my strain not abated

completely strong and healthy but it



you’re choosy


We Trust healing is taking place all

those of you who are watching by

television in the name of the Lord Jesus

healing be in that body right now in the

name of the Lord Jesus friend you have

partaken the very reason the God

releases healing today God cannot

release healing in the body of a sinner

without a righteous foundation but God

has found the ransom God has found the

righteous foundation and the blood that

we demonstrate right now has been shed

cheating you regardless of how much you

think your sin against God how far away

you are from God if you come trusting

the work of his son the blood that has

been shed

God has a righteous foundation to heal

your body

amen and God wants you well as they’ve

got ones ul amen and the righteous

foundation is this Jesus took the cup

and said this blood of the New Covenant

this cup is the blood of the New


for the forgiveness the sending away the

remission of sins in other words when

you drink this cup you must not drink

conscious of your sins still in your

body but you must drink

in consciousness that it is sent away

like the scapegoat carries away you’ve

seen crisis they’re gonna wheel since



amen amen amen are you blessed


your blood shed for me my whole eternity

you’re crazy

show to me gives me life and now I see

you bogie


you’re singing




you’re choosing



you’re not


we see Oh

of your spirit the


I am free


you are seeing me


you’re choosing





with you I open my heart to all you

wanna do I steal my soul to remain

but across way you took all my shame and

restored all the laws or this is

be more

you open



way to go



you’re silly