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About this episode You are watching the sermon, Pursue The Healer And Be Healed, preached on Aug 20, 2017 by Joseph Prince. This episode was made free on YouTube because of the support of our gospel partners. Thank you for partnering with us! Chapters 0:00 In Today’s Gospel Partner Episode… 0:35 01 Introduction: God wants you well! 8:40 02 Jesus bore your sicknesses on the cross 18:48 03 By His stripes, you are healed! 24:54 04 Let Psalm 105 be your faith picture 37:34 05 “How much longer, God?” 48:20 06 Healing is a rest 58:58 07 When your healing seems delayed 1:09:37 08 Don’t give up on your miracle! 1:20:02 09 Salvation prayer & prayer of blessing If you are dealing with a health challenge, we are believing with you for your breakthrough, and we speak the Lord’s healing over you. As you stand in faith for your complete healing, be sure to practice both faith and wisdom. Be sure to consult a qualified medical practitioner or healthcare provider regarding your health status, and do not, on your own accord, disregard any professional medical advice or stop taking your medication. We are praying for you and look forward to hearing your praise report! #gospelpartner #josephprince #healing

God wants you well.

He wants you well
because He loves you.

I want to preach on,
if you are saying:

“How long?

How long, oh Lord?”

“I have believed you and my
manifestation has not yet come.”

“I’m still not healed.”

Have you gone through that?

It’s okay.

All right, but don’t stop there.

Go into faith.

You are in the right posture
when you don’t give up

trusting in the grace of God.

All of us have moments
where we feel like,

you know, we can’t
see the future.

But your future is beautiful,

it is as bright as God’s promises.

Let’s believe God and
let’s walk in our inheritance.

God is teaching us that
He is not a formula,

He wants you.


This is the love of

This is the love of God,


God loving people.

why God wants you well.

You must

know that God wants you well –
not because He just wants to

demonstrate His power.

He wants
you well because He loves you.


Just turn to your
neighbour, smile at the person

and just say – , you have no
idea how much God loves you.


still don’t.

How many of you can
say amen?

We have no idea how

much God loves us.


And we
are still discovering His love.

You see, when I see all of you,
I don’t see you as people.


Pastor Prince, how can you do

I see you all as the


The flock of the good

And the Lord says that

if I see you that way, you’ll be

The Bible says, “All we

like sheep have gone astray, we
have turned everyone to his own


And the Lord has laid on
Jesus the inequity of us all.

The chastisement of our peace
was upon Him, and with His

stripes, we are healed.”

that it starts by saying what –

all we like sheep have gone

We have turned everyone

to his own way, and the Lord has
laid on Jesus the inequity of us


The picture of sheep and

Years ago I wrote in

my wide margin Bible which I

I love wide margin Bibles

because I can put down my own
commentary instead of reading

other people’s commentary, you

Get my own, my own Word

from the Lord that He has for
the now moment in my life.

So in

my wide margin Bible, there is a
lot of notes.

And you can go to

that portion in Isaiah, and 1
Peter 2 that quotes Isaiah, and

you will find me saying, writing
down there, “This imagery of

shepherd and flock promotes


The prophet

Ezekiel says that, “The Lord is
against the shepherds of Israel

because they have not sought
that which was lost.

They have

not bound up the wounds of the

They have not poured in

the oil.”

So it is a picture of
healing, but in a flock and a

shepherd imagery.

The number one
image – I’ve said this and time

and time again, I’ve said it.

And I hope that you received it

in your heart.

The number one
image that we have of God.


can be a fortress, a stronghold,
a tower, but the number one

image of God is that of a

David knew the Lord as

that before he was even a king.


It gives you leadership.


leadership spirit as well as
even the skill that you need,


So for the past few weeks,
the Lord has been teaching us a

lot on healing.

I have prayed
and I have pressed through

asking the Lord.


When I say
pressed through, it is not as if

God needs that kind of

But when I said I

pressed through of my own sake
because there are barriers on my

mind, there are wrong believing
that I have to press through.

You understand that?

God is
always willing to share.

And I

have asked God – unveil to me
the secrets of healing, because

I see people struggling still.

still see myself struggling in

some areas.

The pastors are not
perfect, amen?

So we are people

who are learning just like you.

But how many are not satisfied

with where you are?

There was a
time in ancient Israel that

there was not one feeble person
among their tribes.

Hey – not

one feeble!

That’s amazing isn’t

So for the past few weeks,

the Lord has been showing things
like number one, when someone

falls sick, don’t judge them.

said don’t judge them.

You still

remember that message?


man had dropsy in a synagogue.

And Jesus was there on the
Sabbath day.

And then the people

watched the Pharisees – that
man’s pastor watch Jesus to see

whether He would heal on the
Sabbath day.

How terrible is


They knew that Jesus would

They are not watching to

see if He could heal, they are
watching to see if He would


How terrible is that?

Whether He would heal on the

Sabbath day so that they can
find fault.

And Jesus says,

“Which of you, when your child
or an ox fall into a pit, you

would not immediately rescue him
on the Sabbath day?”


that story of Jessica McClure in
1980 something?

The baby girl

that fell into the pit?

whole world was riveted on that

situation – until she was

Simple analogy – Jesus

says that sick people, the way
we see them, are people that

fall into a pit.

Like that
little girl, the toddler who

fell into a pit.

Don’t find
fault with people, don’t look at

people who are sick and say
that, “They should have


They should have
watched their diet.

Or they

should have, they should have,
they should have.”

Until you

fall sick.

Then you realise that
it is more than just diet

because it’s something

I say it’s something


Now by all means
diet, by all means eat well, by

all means exercise.

But you will
still have challenges that you

cannot cope with, even in a fit

Because sickness is


Sin is spiritual.

There ought not be any sickness

in the world.

And those who are
against healing and all that –

they will have a lot of problems
when they go to heaven.


there are no hospitals there,

And I don’t know what

they are praying when they say
“Your Kingdom come, Your will be

done on earth as it is in

They are going to have

a problem, amen?

So we are
believing something that we are

gonna enjoy in eternity.

Can I
have a good amen?

Except we will

not need healing, we will be in
our glorified body, not in need

of healing.

Can I have a good

So Pastor Prince – what

about those who believe God, and
then they are dead and now…

Hey – you know what?

They got
the total healing.

Because right

now they are happier than you

They are more alive than

you are.


But this side of
heaven, let’s believe God, and

let’s walk in our inheritance.

Let’s walk with what God has for



Can I have a good

The woman who was bowed


Again, the Pharisee, her
pastor looked at Jesus.

And he

was angry when she got healed.

And he says that there are six

days in which men ought to work.

Ought to work is in his mind.

Jesus said this woman ought to
be loosed.

Ought to be loosed is

in Jesus mind.

On the Sabbath

Six days man ought to work.

In those days, come and be

This man, this woman

ought to be loosed.

And Jesus
said this – “Which of you,

having a donkey that is thirsty,
will not bring your donkey on

the Sabbath?”

Isn’t this lady
better than a donkey?

She is a

daughter of Abraham.

So the way
we see people, we need to know


That people who fall sick
are like someone who fell into a


And a pit has an idea of an
enemy sometimes.

Someone lay up

a trap.

So it’s a spiritual
attack when a brother of sister

is diagnosed with something and
all that.

As far as I’m

concerned, it’s a spiritual

It’s not time for us to

find fault.

Can I have a good

It’s time for us to pray

and bring healing.

Can I have a
good amen?

So church, we have

shared the last few weeks on
healing because I have been

pressing in, asking God – Lord,
if there are things that I am

not believing right, please show

It’s not about doing

something more, God show me what
I can do.

Even though we pray –

Lord what can we do, ok?

But the
thing is that it’s about seeing

more, people.

It’s not about
doing more.

It’s about seeing


First of all, you need to
have images from the Bible.


I have a good amen?

I mentioned
just now, “All we like sheep

have gone astray.” 1 Peter
chapter 2.

Let’s look at 1

Peter, “… who His own self bear
our sins in His own body on the


Now I love this because
the first thing you need to know

is the person of Jesus.

Have you
noticed that whenever the Bible

talks about Jesus carrying our
sins or our diseases – because

He carried both our sins and our
diseases, amen?

In Isaiah 53

“Surely He has borne our
diseases, our coli, and carried

our markov?”


Our pains
in Hebrew.

Notice it says,

“Surely He” and the emphasis is
not on the work, but on the


Surely He bore our
diseases and carried our pains.

Matthew 8 verse 17, quoting
Isaiah, says, “Himself!”



“Himself took our
infirmities and bore our


Have you had a
child, who is just crying

because of a viral attack, or
some sort of pain that the child

is going through, and it’ is
someone you really love, with

all your heart.

And you are
there, and you feel helpless?


Were there ever times
where you felt like, “If I can

take this pain on myself, I
would do it.

If I can take this

fever on myself, I would do it.”

Well, Jesus had love for you

like what a mother would have,
but exceeds that.

That Himself

took our infirmities and bore
our diseases.

We need to know

that because the emphasis is

It is not so much the


We all want healing, we
focus on the work.

But the

person gives value to the work.

When you have the person, you

have the value of the work.

I have a good amen?

Like for

example, 1 Peter 2 says, “If any
man sin, we have an advocate

with the Father and He is the
propitiation for our sins.”


does not say, like some people
say “Jesus makes propitiation

for our sins.”

Doesn’t say, “He

He’s like someone there

to do things for us, amen?


He is the propitiation for our


1 John 2: He is the
propitiation for our sins.


down here, notice the emphasis.

Who His own self.

It wasn’t an


It wasn’t a prophet, it
wasn’t somebody else!

Who His

own self.

I pray that you see
the heart of the Holy Spirit.

Now let me illustrate.

person carries the benefits of

the work.

Let’s say you are
studying to become a doctor ok?

And what happens when you go,
you walk through the hospitals,

you know, when you can be out
with your friends, but you walk,

you know you spend so many hours
walking through the hospitals

while you are an apprentice and
while you are learning, you know

as a medical student, and you do
a lot of thesis, a lot of


You do all that kind
of thing.

And after a few years,

you are a full-fledged medical

Now, how can we take

advantage of all that you have


How can we take

advantage of all your work, all
your thesis that you have passed

or you have excellent
credentials and all that?


can we take advantage of that?

How can I take advantage of


I go to you!

When I go to
you, you have all the benefits

of all your work.

I don’t have
to know your work, I just have

to go to you.

Can I have a good

You carry all the benefits

of the work.

Hence, the Holy
Spirit emphasises the person and

not the work.

Now if we don’t
watch it, grace teaching can be

such that today, people
disassociate Jesus from the


They talk about
redemption, they talk about

grace, they talk about the
finished work.

But look –

without Jesus, there is no
finished work.

You want the

benefits of the finished work,
you go to Jesus.


So there

are times, like I remember years
ago when my daughter was down

with viral fever.

And the doctor
says virus, so you know, it will

take its course for either seven
days, or at the most one week.

It’s the same.


And then I
remember Jessica was crying, her

little cherubic face, and her
little dimples like her mother’s


She was crying, crying,
and I look at her and there is

nothing we can do.

And I
remember, I go over her cot and

I look at her, and I started
singing over her.

Because I am


I prayed, alright, I
took Communion.

And you know –

we can turn Communion into a

At last, I just looked

to the Lord.

And I know the Lord
never leaves me nor forsakes me.

But there is something called
manifest presence, the glory

that I needed in this moment,
because daddy was just helpless.

So I was crying, right and when
she was crying, I just had tears

rolling down.

And what can I do

So I started singing.


are the Lord that healeth her.

You are the Lord her healer.


sent your Word and healed all
her disease, You are the Lord

her healer.

You are the Lord …
And I sang it over and over


In Your presence, in your
presence there is peace.

And the

more I sang, the more I took my
eyes off my daughter, which I

was absorbed with her, her pain,
her afflictions, her crying and

I started getting focused on the

I started seeing His

power, His glory.

The more I
sang, the more I saw His love,

His grace.

You see, singing and
praising the Lord doesn’t

benefit Him.

When you say
magnify the Lord, He is already


You are magnifying
the Lord to yourself.

You are

enlarging the consciousness of
God, and we all need to be in

that place.

How many of you
understand that?

Now some of you

might say, “Pastor Prince are
you saying that God is not there

until you start singing and all

No, no, I am not saying


I am saying I needed to
break through my smallness.


I need to see the Lord,
and not my daughter’s


His greatness, His
love must be greater than what’s

going on, than what the devil is

Can I have a good amen?

And I sang and I sang and I felt
His tangible presence.

You know


Wendy was bathing,
she was you know, washing up and

all that in the room.

And when
she came out, she was healed.

She took her temperature, the
fever broke.


Now, there

is one instance I remembered how
I could not do anything and just

have the person in the room.

Worship the person.

All the

benefits of the work comes with
the person.

Can I have a good


Now the 1 Peter 2:24 says
that, “Who His own self bear our


I hope that you see this
by now.

And by the way, the

rapture when He comes again, the
Lord Himself shall descent.

Shall descent.

The Lord Himself
shall descent.


We are

looking for Him.

We are not
looking for Gabriel or Michael

the archangel, we are looking
for Him.


We are not

looking for all the saints that
have gone on before us.

It would

be nice to meet up with Smith
Wigglesworth, and all that.


heroes of faith.

But we are
looking for Himself.



Who His own self bear
all our sins in His body on the

tree, that we being dead to sins
should live unto righteousness.

Righteousness here is a noun,
not a verb.

A lot of people when

they read this, they think that
we stop doing sin, and we start

doing right things.

It is not
saying that.

It is saying that

you are dead to sins.

It’s a
done deal.

You should live unto


Which means what
– believe you are righteous.


are the righteousness of God in

Live into that.


Live in that new identify, and
then it puts a colon.

Can you

see a colon there?

By whose
stripes you were healed.

Now if

you studied punctuation, you
will learn that you put a colon

there, to – listen, to either
share something you want to


You are saying
something, and you want to

emphasise it, you put a colon
and then you emphasise it.


whatever follows, you emphasise.

Another thing is that whatever

follows the colon, alright, will
translate or give meaning to

what goes before.

In other
words, because you are living as

a righteous person, not your
behaviour, your new identity,

you are now saying I’m the
righteousness of God in Christ.

You walk in righteousness

Now by whose

stripes you were healed, is

And that’s why there is a

colon, ok?

Watch this now, for
you were as sheep going astray

but are now returned unto the
shepherd and bishop of your



Remember this
quotation is from Isaiah 53?


Isaiah has a negative picture
there “All we like sheep have

gone astray, and the Lord put on
him the inequity of us all.”


But here it says we are
no more going astray.

We are now

returned, unto the shepherd and
bishop of your souls.

And please

don’t turn this into – you must

An active voice.


This is in the passive voice in
the Greek.

You have now been


Somebody returned you.

Who is it?

The Holy Spirit.


are now returned unto the

Notice the word



We are no more
sheep going astray, we are now

sheep in the flock.

Sheep taken
care of.


For you as

sheep going astray, but you are
now returned, unto the shepherd

and bishop of your souls.

Can I
have a good amen?

So there is a

difference in Isaiah 53, and now
that Christ has finished the


Another thing that is
different is this, very


In Isaiah, it says
that by His kabourrah, by His

stripes we are healed.

And over
there you will find the plural,

by whose stripes, you were

But what happened to

Jesus, and it is an idea of the…

In Hebrew, when something is so

violent and done, they use the
plural word, amen?

Like someone

died a violent death, they use
the word deaths, with an s in


You understand that?

Like water is abundant.

Mayim is


Can I have a good amen?


So by His stripes, we

think there are many stripes.


It includes many stripes.

But over here in the Greek it
says who His own self, ok by

whose stripes – the word stripes
there should not be s, it should

be whose stripe you were healed.

Now T.J.

McCrossan, a Greek

scholar says this, “That if the
word, if the word stripe is used

in a singular way, that means
knowing that He received many

stripes, alright, in Isaiah 53,
that means what Jesus received,

there is not even a sliver of
skin left.”

If there is a sliver

of skin left, it cannot be the

The singular cannot be


It must be stripes.

But in
the Greek, Greek is very


That means His whole
back is one big hole.

There is

not even a sliver of skin left.

Now, when I meditated on this, I

felt that people will not, you
know, take it lightly, so I’m

gonna show you once again,
right, how by His stripes you

were healed.

Now this is 40 odd,
minus 1.

Which means 39 stripes.

But in the Roman, culture, it’s
also proven they beat people 39

to 40 times.


So the thing is
this – the Jewish beating is


Their 40 times is
using a leather thong.



the Romans use something called
cat-o-nine-tails, where they

have jagged rusty nails, and
crushed glass and different sort

of things.

And that is only one
of its tendrils.

It has many,

many, many, what do you call

Like an octopus – right, a

lot of hands.

And it is all with
embedded with these jagged rusty

nails and sharp objects.

So one
stroke, you have many lines

behind you.

So for the Greek to
use that – by His stripe,

singular, it must have happened
like this.


See it’s


Video playing.

still see sliver of skin don’t



We are going to go

Back again.

By His

stripes, you are healed.

Not a
sliver of skin left.

Do you know

why He went through that?

Because He loves you.


mothers, that feeling that you

If I can take it, I’d do


Now I know some of you say,
“Pastor, you know, you should

not be showing gross stuff like

You are adults, and it’s

best that you know the reality.

And by the way, what is gross?


didn’t show you what really

I didn’t show you His

bones, His arteries, you know,
His veins, His muscles.


the Bible says in Psalms, “My
bones look and stare at Me.”

People you are loved.

He loves
you so much, amen that He went

through that scourging, that by
His stripe, you are healed.


And I used the singular,
because that’s how it is in the


By His stripe, you are

And that means not a

sliver of skin left.


In the Old Testament, Levitical

sacrifices, the Bible says the
burnt offering, the skin belongs

to the one that offers the burnt

So every time I think

about – Lord Jesus I come to
You, and You are my burnt

offering, amen.

I think that I
receive His skin.

Now what is

His skin?

His health, His

How many want Jesus’



How many want His
radiance, His complexion?


you know in Heaven, Jesus is not

He is young?

And by the

way, God the Father is young,

I used to pray “Father

God”, and I see an old man, and
I heard a rebuke many years ago.

“Son”, I said yes.

“Why do you
see me like that?”

“I said like


“Like an old man?”

said, “Err…

You are Father?

And my father happened to have a

And in his older years,

you know, he had white beard.

I think Father – you know,

Father should be, should be

He said, “Son, up here,

there is no curse.

Growing old
is part of the curse.

Up here,

we are all young.”

Then I saw a
young Father God, a young Jesus,

young angels.

, The Bible says
when they went to see Jesus’

tomb, in the Gospels right?

Bible says they saw a young man

sitting on His throne shining.

young man, they said young man.

Angels are young.


They are
older than any vampire, you


But they are young.


So there is a place in God.


at Psalms 105, Psalms 105.

brought them out.

Children of


Them here is the
children of Israel.

God brought

them out with silver and gold,
and there was none feeble among

His tribes.

None feeble.

there was a time where God’s

people – not a single person was

Now I know, right, you

don’t have to go out here and
find people that are sick.


are people that are sick.


I mean even among us pastors,

depending on where you find us
sometimes, we still get sick.



And the pastors are
not saying amen.

But I’m telling

you a secret – they are ok?

Sometimes fall sick.

You find

them at a good time – praise



But the

thing is this – we are not happy
about that.

We want the

hundredfold that God has.

about you?

We want our people

where there is none feeble among

Now, do you know how many

people were there?

That came out
of Egypt that day?

By the way,

the context here is Egypt, let
me prove to you.

The verse

before that says, “He destroyed
the firstborn”.

That’s what

happened on the Passover night.

The verse after this says,

“Egypt was glad when they

Egypt was so happy –

finally you all go!

In fact the
officers of Pharaoh told

Pharaoh, during one of the
plagues – “Hey please!

Let them


Lest we die.”

But because of
the hardness of his heart, he

refused to let them go.

So Egypt
was very happy when they left.

So the context is very clear,
that the next day when they came

out, there was none feeble.

guesstimate of the number of

people that came out – 3

Even if you say 2


Ok, let me use that
very conservative.

2 million


Now, 2 million people –
people who were slaves, people

who don’t have proper diet,
people who live in stressful

situations – doctors.

Are you

Stress is the silent



People who don’t
have enough sleep, everyday!

They wake up about 4 and they
sleep at about 10 at night

because they are slaves.

Bible uses the term hard bondage

many times, about what they went

The Bible says they

were serving with rigor.

than once.

the Bible says they

groan and they cried out to God!

Amen, again and again.

These are

people that were stepping on
straws, amen?

Making bricks is

back breaking.

They have to lay
the brick, and they have to

carry things.

It is a back
breaking task, I’m telling you


Hey listen.

This is not
the environment, and “But Pastor

Prince, probably it’s their good


Even doctors

tell you, you over exercise, you
destroy your body!

This is not


This is over
destroying their faculties.


are pushing themselves too far,
and too much.

What kind of diet

do you think they have?

little to eat.

They probably

have beriberi.

They probably
have things that lack calcium,

the proper nutrition, and yet at
the end, the next day when they

came out, none feeble.


So let’s go interview

them, shall we?


Shall we?

Because sometimes we read the

Bible, and leave things, just
show them that verse 27.

We can

just look at the Scripture and
think – ok, these are just words

on a page.


This literally

And I am here to tell

you, if this can happen when
they partook, the night before

they partook of the Passover
lamb, which is just a shadow of

what we have.

We have the true
Lamb of God.




partook of the roasted lamb the
night before, amen?

The blood

was on their doorpost on the
lintel making the cross.


angel of death sees the cross,

The Lord also sees the

cross and tells the angel of
death he cannot go in, because


There’s been a death.

what were they doing inside?

They were discerning the body,
they were eating the body of the

Lord, amen, the lamb.

And it was
just a picture of the substance.

If a shadow can do that for
them, how much more the

substance that you and I have?

We have the true Lamb of God,


But for a while, just go
back to the shadow.

They are

there for our examples, they are
there for our admonition upon

whom the ends of the world are

The Old Testament is there

to show us in detail the
doctrines of the New Testament.

So let’s interview.

Shall we?


Mental doctors?




Self-made doctors?

Those who promote health


All the organic

food guys here?


All the
good guys, amen.

All, everyone

has their role in modern

Without these people,

you will see a lot more sick
people, ok?

So thank God for


Here I am talking about
super natural, healing.

So I

want you to interview.

my knowledge is limited.


let’s interview them as they
come out.

Number one – do you

think only young people came

So let’s put the young

aside for a while.

We know the
young came out, but put that

aside for now.

You might think
that they are naturally young,

so that, you know, they are

Let’s interview those

who have been slaving there for

40 years, they have been

slaving there!




Let’s go to this old


He looks old, but he’s
upright, he is walking straight.

“Excuse me sir, excuse me.

old are you?”

“I have been here

since the time we became

“Oh, that’s quite a

long time sir.

And how old are

“Don’t ask my age, how

young do I look?”

“Don’t ask my

How young do I look?”


sir, you look strong, upright.

Usually a person that’s about

70, 80 starts stooping down

You know, erm,” “Yeah,

I’m 80.”

Another one says, “I’m

Hey, this is my friend.”


Then we see another guy
chasing his wife, the grandma,


She’s laughing.

“Haaaaahh,” and then he’s

chasing, “Come here, girl, come
here, girl.”


And the word

‘none feeble’, and the word
‘feeble’ here is also the word

‘kashal’ which has to do, many a
times, with not just general

sickness but, but “strong feet”.


Kashal is when your feet

is not strong.


So God
prepared them for their journey

into the wilderness.

But listen.

If you have cancer, you cannot


If you have tuberculosis,
you cannot walk.


If you

have any uh, uh, uh, problems,
arthritis and all that, you

cannot walk.

So none feeble is

It covers everything.


Not a single person had
problem walking the next day.


you ask them, “Uh, sir, is it
uh, uh, your, your your diet is

good diet?”

“What good diet?

years we’ve been eating junk.

We’ve been eating leftovers.

think diet is the reason?”


but, but, but my YouTube, I see
a lot of YouTube says that, ‘Eat

this, eat that, eat this and
you’ll be like that.’”



The only tube I know is
straw tube to make bricks.


waste my time, you Medianite.”

You got it?



So, let’s interview somebody

Ahh, we go to this person


“Look like you are

You’re running after


“That’s my wife.

I just
have new power, O!”

“O, you’ve

been on that huh, huh…!

been taking something huh?.

You’ve been that…”



Just last night,

everything came alive.”

you been taking ginseng?”

“What’s that?”

“Uh- it- uh-
never mind.

It’s ok.”

“Aaahh, I

just know when I took the lamb,
everything came alive.”

Can you

imagine all these things

What what do you


They came out, all came
out like that?

No, they came out

singing and they were rich.

brought them out with silver and

gold, which I didn’t expound


So, let’s interview

another one who is looking
around and you ask him, “Excuse

me, sir, have you had your
health screening?”



“Health screen?

Test on
your body.

Have you had it


Cos you know, at your
age, right, you’re probably

having a lot of block here,
block this, block that, even

your mental block, you know, the
potential for Alzheimer’s those

kind of test, have you taken
those test?

Have you had your

blood test?”

“I tell you
something about my blood,

alright, needs no testing.

been shedding it, working with

my hands, you see all these

See this finger?


blood, you know.

I’ve been
working like this for years.

Blood drop, is there a test?

It’s a testing for me ok?


you talking about, boy?

Medianites talk strange.”



everything we asked for, we
are concerned about, amen?


can ask them and the fact
remains, ‘none feeble’, among,

being conservative, two million
of them.

None feeble.

We’ve got

a church of about 30,000 now,
Amen, and my ministry goes into

millions of homes, can we
believe God for none feeble?

Yes, even us pastors here and
there we’ll come down with a

sore throat, we’ll come down
with a sneeze, whatever and all

that, ok, while we are working
towards the 100 fold, let’s

believe God together.


That’s not my message today.

That’s not my message.

But let
me finish off with the

foundation first because we
always have new people, new

people, alright, who are
wondering, if I come to the

message itself, my message today
is totally something else about

healing and I want you to
understand this part here

because a lot of people are

I might as well

tell you now.

I want to preach
on, if you are saying, “How


How long, O Lord?”

the psalmist.

“How long, O Lord,

I believe You and my
manifestation is not yet come.

How long?”

That’s my message.

But I have to lay the foundation


You understand, people?

The night before, in Exodus 12,

they ate this, from verse 8,
they ate the flesh on that night

roasted in fire with unleavened
bread and with bitter herbs they

shall eat it.

Do not eat it raw.

A lot of people present Jesus

Christ as a great example.

Beware of that.

They treat Jesus

as a great example, He’s a
master teacher, He’s the great

physician, He’s an example for
us to emulate, now that is not

going to get your body healed.

You must eat Him roasted in

fire, means He died for you, He
was under God’s judgment for


We preach Christ crucified.

If Jesus live a perfect life and

didn’t die for us, we’ll still
be lost.


No amount of

imitating Him can save you.

amount of imitating Him can make

you right with God.


He has
to go to the judgment.

So, eat

Jesus knowing that He was judged
for you, for me because He loves


And then you eat it with


Like the body that

you saw just now that was the
striped, everytime you partake,

see the image and just know
this, He loves me.

The Son of

God who loves me and gave
Himself for me.

It’s one thing

to take it, alright, just uh, as
a ritual, it’s another thing to

take it knowing He loves you.

Like I said, sometimes, you

know, for some cases, instead of
just rushing through the

Communion and all that, if your
child is there, it’s a bit more

difficult I understand that, but
if your child is not there, take

time to worship the Lord.

Something serious especially,

amen, worship the Lord until you
sense His presence, until, until

the consciousness of His
greatness is greater than your

feeling about your infirmity.

Can I have a good amen people?

Now, they, God said don’t eat it
raw nor boiled at all with


We call this the
watered-down version, don’t

water-down Jesus, amen, but
roast in fire, its head with its

legs and its entrails.

I find
this interesting that “legs” is

mentioned there.

So, when you
partake of the Lord Jesus, know

that the part of your body, what
they needed was strong legs,

many of them had beriberi, the
lack of uh nutritious uh like

vegetables and all that, you get
beriberi, alright, and many of

them were suffering from knee
conditions and and uh, just

old-age-problems they call it,

So they partook of the

leg of the lamb knowing that the
leg of the lamb is whole,

complete and as they partake it
as judged for them, they

received the benefits of Jesus’
healthy legs and that caused

them to walk the next day.

Can I
have a good amen?



the Lord.

“I’ve been taking
Communion, Pastor Prince, but

how long?

I am still not

Remember the testimony

I shared with you about the boy,
the boy who from India, who had


We have this testimony,
ok, I’m trying to find the boy’s



Joy, the lady
from our church, who went over

to India, to Coimbatore, right,

The founder of Grace


Now, she’s an
amazing lady doing a great work

there in India and she shares
about this boy.

In May 2017,

this 8-year old boy, John Rufus,
started having stroke like


His face drooped on
one side…

Look up here.

And he

was unable to speak, eat or

He felt very ashamed and

refused to go to school.

couple brought him too many


Many doctors but no one
could help him.

So they

approached me and I gave them
Pastor Prince’s book, ‘Health

and Wholeness’ Joy said.

Joy and
‘Health and Wholeness Through

The Holy Communion’ and I showed
them the Calvary animation

video, what happened at the
cross that Pastor Prince has

used in his sermons.

started partaking of the Holy

Communion as a family and John’s
condition began to improve.

Within 15 days, John’s face was
back to normal.

Within 15 days,


Now, here, we have someone,
did you hear what I said?


emphasised purposely because you
all heard me share this before,

just last, last was it last two

Alright, but this time I

want to answer the question by
the grace of God, if I may,

alright, “How long, Lord, will I
wait for my, I’ve been taking

Communion for some time now and
still no manifestation.”


the last line here says, “Within
15 days” of taking Communion,

John’s face went back to normal.

What if they had stopped on the

6th day?

What if they had
stopped on the 11th day?

What if

the mother says, “You know what,
you better go and look for other

doctors, you better go to
another country or whatever.”

What if they stopped on the 13th

What if they had stopped on

the 14th day?

“Well, Pastor
Prince, is it you must do for 15


No, Pastor Mark.

don’t have to.

Alright, I’m just


The people of

I’m still pressing in to

ask God for this because they
received instantaneous the night

before they… they the next day,
they went out instantaneously

but when you partake, you
partake with expectation that

you’re going to be healed

Go back to Exodus 12


Look at Exodus 12.


“Do not eat it raw.”

Look at

the next verse.

Verse 10, ok,
“Thus you shall eat it.”


11, “With a belt on your waist,
sandals on your feet, staff in

your hand.

So you shall eat it
in haste.

It’s the Lord’s


What does it mean?

Belt on your waist, sandals on

your feet, staff in your hand?

Get ready for physical

deliverance out of Egypt.

what was true for them


Alright, for us, get
ready out of your Egyptian

disease for I will put none of
the diseases of Egypt upon you.

So you must get ready.

dressing up, I’m not referring

to physical dressing again.

an attitude of when I partake,

I’m getting my physical

God told them, told

them to be in a posture “Get
ready to go out”.

“But, but you

don’t understand,” an old man
says, “I, I can’t move.”


person says, “The doctor says
that if I move, it’ll be bad for

my heart, you know.”

But the
Lord said “Get ready for the

physical, start posturing
yourself, whatever you can do

right now, at least show your

Can I have a good amen?

They got ready.

None of them
said, “What if it doesn’t work?”


An old man, that old man I
told you about, he started

wearing his belt.



He started putting on


“I’m moving out of

I’m moving out and I

don’t care what I’ve been told,
I’m going to step out in faith,

I’m going to believe God.”


Are you listening people?


think we got to have that kind
of faith and attitude.


received instantaneously.


The next day, they received it.

Have we seen manifestations like


Very often.

Many a

times while people are
partaking, we see that happen.

But we are answering the

We want to answer the

question “How long?”

First of
all, don’t condemn yourself for

asking, “How long?”

You people
of grace, you know, we believe

in no condemnation and we are
the worst, in condemning

ourselves for every little

We’re sick, we condemn


No, you just fell
into a pit.

Now let’s get you


“No, you don’t understand,
the doctors told me, I was so

disappointed that I have high
blood pressure.

The doctors told

me I have this condition.

Now I
feel so down, I feel so bad.”

But really, why?

Why do you feel
so bad?

You just fell into a

pit, let’s get you out.

No one
is condemning you.


condemning yourself.

In some
circles, you know, it’s like


It’s a sin to be sick.

no one tells anybody that they

are not feeling well.


just the other day, I told uh- I

was doing a shoot and I had sore
throat, you know, and I told

them we are doing it.

Let’s do


Praise God.

I’m not

going to consider my body.

Abraham, use Abrahamic faith.

Abraham, when he was 100 years
old, considered not his own

body, considered God’s promise

Strong in faith, giving

glory to God.

Consider not.

know it’s staring you, it’s

painful, its, you can feel it,
consider not.

Consider God’s


God’s Word says, “By His
stripes you are healed.”


So, walk in that.

Can I have a
good amen?

So, don’t condemn

yourself for saying, “How long,
how long?”

It’s ok, alright, but

don’t stop there.

Go into faith.

Some people even have this idea

that that faith means don’t even
say how long.

It’s ok to tell

God but make sure you tell God.

David did.

David says in Psalms

13, “O Lord, how long will you
forget me?


How long

will you look the other way?

long must I struggle with

anguish in my soul, with sorrow
in my heart everday?

How long

will my enemy have the upper

Actually this is from the

journal of Pastor Lawrence.

it’s not, it’s not Psalms 13, I

just took it out actually.

it’s Psalms 13.

Have you gone

through that?

Have you had this
in your heart?


You feel

like God has put you aside?


So it’s ok.

When David, a

man after God’s heart, says,
“How long?

How long, Lord?”


means he’s believing God for
something, he doesn’t see it

happen, amen?

But look.

stay there.

Look at Psalms 13,

drop down, look at David.

“But I


The ‘but’ makes all

the difference.

“I have trusted
in Your mercy.”

Guess what

‘mercy’ here is?

Hesed. Grace.

“My heart shall rejoice in Your


The Hebrew there is

So you are in the

right posture when you don’t
give up, trusting in the grace

of God.

By His grace the
manifestation will come.

By His

grace, amen.

Thirty fold, sixty
fold but don’t give up.


And it is ok to say, “How long,

It’s, as I say, it’s a


You know, we, in
the word of faith background and

all that, we have this idea
sometimes that the moment you

say it, “Ah!

I bind that word in
Jesus’ name!”

It’s almost you

can’t express anything to one
another that’s negative.


you can talk to God about

Everything David

told God about, David had

Even when he shared

with God in a negative way.

the very area, in all his psalms

you cannot find this – he never
told God about his sexual life

and that’s the area he fell.

Whatever area he told God about,

he had victory.

Even when he
exposed it out of bitterness of

soul or anguish, God gave him,
then there is Selah.

Have you

noticed there’s the word ‘Selah’
in psalms after he had poured

out his complain?

In the
presence of God.

If you want to

complain, complain in God’s

Don’t complain to the

waitress, don’t complain to
Pastor Mark, he’ll just laugh it


Don’t anyhow.

Alright, talk
to God.

You want to complain,

tell God.

“This is how I feel,

This is how I feel, Lord.

How long?

I feel like…”

As you
are talking to Him, there will

be a Selah moment.

And in that
moment you’ll feel His comfort.

I’ve done it before.

When things
get so pressurising, I go for a

walk and in that walk, I talk to
Jesus and I don’t pray the usual

prayer of faith.

I just tell Him
what I am afraid of, I tell Him

what I am concerned about, no
one hears about it but Him.


for His ears and at the end of
that walk, there’s always a

Selah or during that walk
there’s a Selah moment, I stop

for a while, sometimes it is
just knowing, tell it to Jesus,

tell it to Jesus.


What a
friend we have in Jesus, all our

sins and griefs to bear.

What a
privilege to carry, everything

to God in prayer.

O, what peace
we often forfeit, what needless

pain we bear.

All because we
don’t carry, everything to God

in prayer.

Ok, so, here is the
turning point.

Look at David in

Psalms 35.

David says this, “How
long, O Lord, will You look on

and do nothing?

Rescue me from
their fierce attacks.

Protect my

life from these lions.”

Do you
feel sometimes, alright, maybe

your colleague or someone you
know, is attacking you or poison

social postings and all that on
social media, you know, do you

feel like these people are

And you feel God is not

doing anything?


This is
how David felt, “Will You look

on and do nothing?

But the next
verse, Verse 18 says, “Then I’ll

thank You in front of the great

I’ll praise You before

all the people.”

Look at this,
look at these words here.


for word.

“I’ll thank You in
front of the great assembly.

I’ll praise You before all the

While he is

complaining, Jesus is giving
praise on his behalf.


seem together right, these

And yet, it’s next to

each other.

I’m going to show
you this verse right now in the

New Testament.


quotes this verse and this verse

again is used in Psalms 22 Both
Jesus who sanctifies and those

who are being sanctified, all of
us, we are all of one, for which

reason He’s not ashamed to call
them brethren.

We are all of the

same vine as Jesus.

We are same,
one with Jesus.

That’s why Jesus

is not afraid to call us
brothers, saying, “I will

declare Your name to my
brethren; in the midst of the

assembly I’ll sing praise to

This appears twice, Psalms

35 and Psalms 22.

So guess what?

While you are complaining,

Jesus, your High Priest, is



Now, let’s go

before they came out none
feeble, loaded down with silver

and gold, long before that
happened, God sent them who?

Moses, right?

So this is, we’re
backing back, we’re going back

now before they were delivered.

God sent Moses and Moses was

sent to Pharaoh, king of Egypt.

Watch this now, the first time

Moses and Aaron stepped into
Pharaoh’s court, to ask for the

deliverance of God’s people,
look at this.

Exodus 5.


this presentation to Israel’s
leaders, Moses and Aaron went

and spoke to Pharaoh.

They told
him, “This is what the Lord, the

God of Israel says, ‘Let My
people go so they may hold a

festival in My honour in the

“Is that so?”

retorted Pharaoh.

“And who is
the Lord?

Why should I listen to

him and let Israel go?

I don’t
know the Lord and I will not let

Israel go.”

When you read your
Bible, you gotta be there, ok?

Ok, let’s drop down, “That same

The same day that Moses

went in, for the first time, to
exhort the king to let Israel


That same day, Pharaoh sent
this order to the Egyptian slave

drivers and the Israelite
foreman: “Do not supply any more

straws for making bricks.

the people get it themselves!

But still require them to make
the same number of bricks as


So now, you cannot give
them the straw.

Tell them to

find their own straw.


yet the number, daily number,

the daily rate, alright, of
those bricks must still be


“They’re lazy.

reduce the quota.

They’re lazy.

That’s why they are crying out,
‘Let us go and offer sacrifices

(to God) to our God.’

Load them
down with more work.

Make them


Can you hear the voice
of the devil?

Pharaoh is a type

of the devil.

Can you hear it?

“Load them down with more work.

Make them sweat.

That will teach
them to listen to lies!”

Some of

you, you don’t realise that you
are under a hard taskmaster.


years, the devil doesn’t always
come and speak directly to you.

He may use friendly people,
friendly voices, even relatives

and your colleagues or your boss

And even right now, when

you learn about rest, and you
try to rest, like what I am

preaching right now, one of the
best thing to do is sit down

because Jesus, He sat down and
taught the people.

He sat down

in the boat, He taught them, He
sat on the mountain He taught


I don’t know why we are

And I am sure that

Jesus is as strong and healthy.



And yet we are


Something is wrong.

thought of starting a new trend.

What do you think?

Shall I?

do you think?

Shall I?

I know

Pastor Mark will love this.

might just fall asleep.


every time some of you do this,
you know, without doing

anything, whether it’s at home
or your leisure time, you can’t

even rest inside.

You know why?

Inside your mind, you say, “Get

up, do your work.

You won’t
accomplish much, you are wasting


That taskmaster is still
in your mind, and that’s the

devil’s voice.

Many of you, you
feel like you are wasting time,

alright just, I am not talking
about watching on the computer

or watching TV.

That is not

I am talking about

just look at the garden or
somewhere look at the beach or

whatever, just doing nothing,
you know.

Do these thoughts come

to you?

“Get up, do something.

Read something.

Look at your

phone, someone is calling,
someone you know, is trying to

contact you.



I am so glad that my phone fell

into the toilet bowl.

I had
peace for two days because my

secretary told all the pastors
that my phone, you know, is not

contactable and she gave me
another phone actually to

contact, but I didn’t use that
phone, you know, just one side.

So everyone knows that I have an
excuse not contacting them.


days I had peace, and then the
phone got healed.

I don’t know

why these devices supposed to
save time, makes us lose time.

You know what I am saying?

every time you rest, there is a

voice down there saying, “Get
up, do more work, that’s why

your colleagues will go ahead of
you, your competitors will get

an edge over you.”

But you don’t
believe that when you rest, it

is a posture of faith in God
that God will take care of your



“That is what I
do Pastor Prince, I don’t work,

I don’t do nothing, I let my
wife work.

I relax all the



You are a lazy
person, alright, that is the

real word.

Ok so, “Load them
with more work (that’s the

devil’s voice), make them


So they have to

deliver the daily quota of the
bricks at the same time.

By the

way, brick making is terrible

They have to step on

the straw, amen, they have to
bend down, they have to collect

like this, and they have to form
the shape and get up, down, it’s

back breaking work.

Are you

Alright, drop down.

The Israelite foremen could see
that they were in serious

trouble when they were told,
“You must not reduce the number

of bricks you make each day.”

they left Pharaoh’s court, they

confronted Moses and Aaron who
were waiting outside for them.

The foreman said to them, “May
the Lord judge and punish you

for making us stink before
Pharaoh and his officials.


have put a sword into their
hands, an excuse to kill us.”

Then Moses went back to the Lord
and protested.

Now imagine,


You are the pastor sent
to preach.

So when you preach to

them about healing, the very
first thing that happen is this


They said that, “Of
all the weeks, this week I fell


Actually we were ok you
know, I think you put a sword in

the devil’s hands.

You know, for
no reason, alright, we were ok,

when I started taking communion,
I fell sick.”

Now these are the

things I want to answer.

you might not know, it happened

to them.

These are the same
people who later on says, “I am

strong man, woah, I can run, I
can fly, I feel I can, I am a

new man,” when there was none
feeble among their tribes.


long before that manifestation,
there is these moments that we

don’t see.

And leaders, take
heart, find comfort in these


They are there to
encourage us.

Moses says,

“What’s happening?”

I was sent
by God.

I saw the burning bush,

I saw the signs on my hand and
how God healed my hand of

leprosy and the signs that God
showed me the snake and become a

rod again.

I saw all that, I
heard God’s voice telling me,

“Go and I will use you to
deliver My people.

I’ve heard

their cry and I’m sending you.”

Didn’t God send me, didn’t I

talk to Pharaoh?

Now they are
worse off!

I tell you this,

sometimes there is a voice,
almost like a voice telling me,

“Don’t preach healing to the
people, because you know what

happens right when you do that?”

And there were times in the

past, that when I preached on
healing, Jessica would fall


So much so that there is
something spiritual going on

that I almost held back from

I rather preach on

other things than healing, why?

Because invariably someone falls

sick in my family.

Now, that
doesn’t happen as often anymore

because I’ve got an army to pray
for me.

Before Sunday comes, I

get them to pray for me and my
family, amen, praise God.


But there is this fear, now
listen carefully, you say,


I don’t want this
pressure Pastor, so I’m not

going to take communion.”

you are lost.

You become


You, like people of the
world, will have to depend on

natural things.

But if I tell
you that your sickness is

supernatural, it’s spiritual,
carnal means cannot overcome

something spiritual.

The weapons
of our warfare are not material.

They are mighty through God, to
the pulling down of strongholds.

Can I have a good amen people?

The Chinese say hong, wind, you

know, the pain comes on my hand,
you know, it’s the wind.

I feel

like, it’s literally they say
it’s the wind.

And yet evil

spirits in the Greek is wind.

Hebrew, ruach, it’s literally

like the Holy Spirit, like the

He manifests Himself like

a wind, and yet you feel like a
wind come on you, you feel the

pain in your body.


that in Jesus’ name!



just use natural koyok, whatever
you call that, what’s the word?

Natural ointment, ointment,
amen, because that’s natural.

And that is spiritual that you
feel a wind come and you feel

the pain, talk to that wind.

Say, “Spirit of infirmity, in

the name of Jesus Christ, lose
my body and let me go in the

name of the Lord Jesus Christ,
and do it once, believe it”s


Amen, and you won’t be
wind up.

Ok, so Moses went back

to the Lord.

Good practice!

Leaders listen, when your people

complain to you and they bring
you questions you cannot answer,

and when you find that results
are not happening the way you

want it to happen.

In fact, it
is the opposite, what do you do?

Go back to the Lord.

Don’t leave
the Lord.

Don’t say I am going

back to sales, I am going back
to my practice, I am going back

to this, I am going back to

Hey, go to the Lord.


don’t understand, ask the Lord.

You want to complain, complain

to the Lord.

You want to pour
your heart, go to the Lord.


the person that is the most

The person carries

the benefit.

And sometimes He
wants us to learn so that others

can be blessed.

So you go to the
Lord, see what Moses did, he

went back to the Lord, back to
the Lord and protested.


have You brought all these
trouble on Your own people Lord?

Why did You send me?”

I am very
encouraged when I look at Moses

you know.

We always have him
like Charlton Heston, “Let my

people go”, but actually it is
like “God, why have You brought

all this trouble on Your own

Would you like to see

God’s answer?

Would you like to
see God’s answer?

I love it, God

answers like this.

Ever since he
told God, look at this, drop

down, “Then the Lord told Moses,
‘Now you will see what I will do

to Pharaoh.

When he feels the
force of My strong hand, he will

let the people go.

In fact he
will force them to leave his


So God has a purpose,
and the purpose is not just for

your deliverance.

That plan
never changes, your healing

never changes, alright.

He wants
you to be healed.

But sometimes

there is a process by which
before the manifestation comes,

God is dealing with you and God
is dealing with your enemy.


you listening people?

alright, we tend to like, we

hear something, ok take
Communion, alright it becomes a


When nothing happens, ok
let’s resort to, you know.


the problem is this, we make it
a ritual.

Nothing ritualistic is

effective in the kingdom of God.

Once it becomes a ritual, it’s

no more effective.

“But Pastor
Prince, don’t you think

partaking every day can become a

No, do you kiss your

wife every day?

Ok forget it,

Ok, do you eat every day?

Yes Singaporeans, do you eat
every day?

Do you eat every day?

Yes, oh yes!

How many times a

And do you eat sometimes

the same food?

So when it comes
to something you know about God,

it’s always like it can become a

No, just make sure that

you don’t rush through it.


Just meditate, sing if you need

to, whatever it is, I know with
children around, sometimes you


Like my son, if one of
us or whatever, you know, we

don’t feel well, he will, “Take
Communion!” he says and he loves

it, he loves it.

He will look at
us and he will look at the

Communion, and then he will peel
off by himself and before I can

pray, it’s in his mouth already.

One time he went to his sister’s

room, alright came out, his
mouth was full of, and all the

bread of the Communion was gone.

He still doesn’t know how to

peel off the, for the drink, you
know, so all the bread was gone.

So he loves Communion but the
motive and all that, I am not

too sure yet.

He knows it is
Jesus’ body.

He knows that,


So if you want to spend
time doing it with them as a

testimony, Amen, like he will
always say, “Take Communion’,


That’s a good testimony,
but the thing is you can do it

on your own.

You can take time
with the Lord.

Alright, just

worship the Lord and make sure
but even then, sometimes it’s

not as spectacular as the
children of Israel, next day

they came out without any

So what happens?

Pastor, how?

How then?

By the
way, when God says what, “He

will force them to leave his

Do you know that it

wasn’t until 10 plagues
happened, even after God said


Do you know there were
days and days before this can be

carried out that God will force,
that Pharaoh be forced to leave

the people, Pharaoh wanted the
people out.

God had to deal with


Do you understand?


At the same time He was

dealing with the people, because
every plague, I don’t have time

to teach this, every plague that
was mentioned, every plague has

to do with an idol of Egypt.

was showing they trusted in

this, they trusted in the sun,
God blotted out the sun.


was darkness all around.


They worshipped frogs and frogs

came out alright and flooded
their land.

So God was dealing

for His people as well to learn
that He is the true God, the

true Jehovah.

Do you understand
what I am saying?

Alright, now

maybe our delay, God is teaching

God is teaching us that He’s

not a formula, He wants you.

He wants you to see His person.

Can I have a good Amen!

yet, He paid for you to have it.

Alright, we all know this, amen.

And we all know that finally the

answer came.

How many will feel,
you know, like you will be

embarrassed right, you see Moses
and you were one of those that

said, “God judge you for talking
to Pharaoh”.

Now you see Moses

and you say “Moses strong”,
Moses says “Never mind what you

said, I forgive you”.


All of us have moments

where we feel like you know, we
cannot see the future but your

future is beautiful.

It’s as
bright as God’s promises.


Maybe you are discouraged
because you’ve been waiting, you

have been taking Communion and
all that, nothing seems to


Or you got a bad
prognosis and all that, and you

let go of the Communion.

the boy letting go of the

Communion, or the parents
letting go of the Communion on

the seventh day, on the eight
day, on the ninth day.

There is

nothing magical in 15, I am not
saying how long.

Ok, what about

now, Abraham.

“But Pastor
Prince, men of God always they

receive their instant…”, no it’s
not true.

We come to Abraham.

Abraham in Genesis 14 received
Communion right?

Look at this,

“Melchizedek”, now who is

Some people say he

is a real person.


say, and I subscribe to that,

that He is a pre-incarnate
appearance of Christ, amen.

Whatever you believe, one thing
is for sure we are agreed on, He

typifies the person of Jesus
Christ and He is priesthood for

us today.

It’s not Levitical,
its Melchizedek priesthood


Ok, so Melchizedek, King
of Salem.

Now Salem, later

become Jerusalem.

Salem is king
of perfection, wholeness,


He’s the king of

King means what?

He has mastered that realm.

kingdom is his.


Are you with

me so far?

Well Jesus is the
King of completeness, Salem;


nothing broken, nothing missing.

That is Salem; completeness,
where you get the word shalom,

peace, completeness, health,
wholeness, safety.


King of Salem brought out bread
and wine.

That is how you

introduce Melchizedek, He
brought out bread and wine and

He is the King of completeness.

So what do you think this bread

and wine is all about?


Am I right?

So we all

know this passage here, I know
you all know it very well so we

won’t spend too much here, but
just to show you that Abraham

partook of Communion.

response was, the last line, “He

gave Melchizedek a tithe of

I can’t begin to tell you

that this was done before the
law and I don’t want to put a,

you know, like a law over your
head because this was done

before the law.

A tithe is a
glad response to knowing that

God is the source of all your

Material especially

in this area, alright.

And God
brought them out with silver and


And their forefather, the
very one, the father of the

Jewish people gave tithes.

Alright, are you with me so far?

Question, question!

What chapter
is this?

Genesis what?


Abraham, wanted what above
everything else?

What did

Abraham want at this time in his

Talk to me quick!

A son,


Someone says, Pastor
Prince, this is Genesis 14,

don’t forget, 14, 14 ok.

He took
communion in Genesis 14, what

does he want above everything

He wanted healing for his

wife’s womb.

He wanted him to be
fruitful, he wanted a child from


In other words healing,

And by the way, who says

after you take Communion, you
will never be attacked by fear

and all that.

Right after
Genesis 14, the very first verse

of the next verse, next chapter,
“After these things,” after he

took Communion, after he gave

“After these things, the

Word of the Lord came to Abraham
in a vision saying, ‘Don’t be

afraid Abraham.’”

That means

Abraham was afraid.

So who

says taking Communion means, “I
am strong, there is no more


No, you will still be
attacked, in fact you will be


It’s not a prophecy,
I’m just telling you.

But then

God comes on, and God says,
“Don’t be afraid Abraham.

I am

your magen in Hebrew, I am your

You see the Magen

David, David’s?

That’s a shield
for Israel.

I am your shield, I

am your shield, protection, like
we have medishield.



He says I am your

When God is your shield,

you are shielded.

I am your

How big is God, your


Don’t be afraid Abraham!

Don’t be afraid Lim Peng San!

Lim Peng San, in Chinese means
someone who faints.

“Don’t be

afraid Abraham.

I am your

I was told some years

ago, I’ve been using this for
years, and someone told me one

day, “Pastor Prince, do you know
there is a Lim Peng San in our


So, I apologise,
brother Peng San, I really


But, it’s time to
call yourself Timothy, or

Zachariah ok.

Zachariah Lim
sounds good doesn’t it, Amen.


your name is Tay something,
T-A-Y, something, Tay Kheng Guan

or whatever, don’t call yourself
the Christian name Habakkuk, ok.

It is a Chinese joke.

Tay, no, doesn’t sound right.

Doesn’t sound right.

That is
Chinese dish, it’s a pork dish,

pork soup.

Stop it Joseph

Come on.

“Don’t be

afraid Abraham, I am your
shield”, I am your shield, and

look at this, not just your
reward, not just your great

reward, your exceedingly great

In the Hebrew, m`od


Both words are big words.

I am your exceedingly great


Check the word reward,
in the Hebrew, it’s the word

salary, remuneration.

It’s used
for that.

Don’t be afraid, I am

your shield, I’ll protect you,
and I am your exceeding great


You know what is his

That’s fine, some

people don’t mind, you know, all
that, say, I am not into

prosperity and all that like
Abraham’s response was, “What is

the point if I go childless?”

That is what his response was.

My question is this, Genesis 14
says he received Communion, when

did the child come?

When did the
child come?

You who say, “I have

been taking Communion for so
long Pastor Prince, nothing’s

been happening?”

How long have
you been taking?

“One month”.

Ok, how long after Abraham took

Hey listen, he took

Communion not like the children
of Israel, partook of the lamb,

a shadow, a picture, he took it
straight from the hands of

Melchizedek – Jesus.

And it’s
not roasted lamb as a picture of

the bread, it’s literally bread
and wine from the hands of

Himself, the Lord Himself.

how long before the

manifestation came?

How long?

How old was Abraham at this

time, this will help you all.

Alright, he had the

manifestation, Isaac came when
he was 100 years old.

But then

Sarah was pregnant nine months

The year before, and

that’s why the Bible says, when
he was 99, the Lord appeared to


“I am God almighty
(right?), this time next year”,

you know so she was pregnant
that year when he was 99.


How old was he in Genesis?

the way, Genesis 21, show them

Genesis 21, “The Lord visited
Sarah, as He had said the Lord

did”, this is 21, you know how
far 21 and 14 is or not?


go by chapters.

I’ll tell you
how old he is.

“And then, Sarah


Would you like to

He was 83 when he met


That means how

How many years?

How many


How many years?

16 years!

Your math is so bad, I mean,

come on, 16 years!

16 years!

years people and he never gave


Abraham persevered in faith.

I want to tell you something

about faith and patience.

6 says, and I’m closing, Hebrew

6, “We desire that each one of
you show the same diligence to

the full assurance of hope til
the end that you do not become

sluggish but imitate those who
through faith and patience

inherit the promises”.

here is not patient towards your

family members, your colleagues
or whatever Patience here is

endurance, steadfastness.

Imitate those who through faith

and patience inherit the

So sometimes it’s not

instantaneous, you’ll have to
persevere, endure.

I said


Pastor Darren, a few
days ago, shared with us that he

was struck with migraine like he
never had it for many years, he

said more than 10 years I’ve
never had this kind of migraine.

And he had the attack like in
the evening and he tried to

sleep it off at night, he woke
up even more worst he said.


then the next day he got up, it
was terrible and then the day

after we are supposed to be
doing a shoot.

There’s something

about this book ‘Live The Let Go
Life’, the new book that is

coming out that’s gonna set a
lot of people free from stress,

worry and anxiety, that even we
were, like for me I was under

attack when I was in the States
I had like terrible nightmares

that I never used to have.

after night after night before

my shoot, you know.

And I know
that this message will go into

millions of homes.


It’s as
if the devil is threatening me

not to preach it.

And even when
Darren was struck with this, he

was supposed to be doing a major
part of the whole thing because

he is writing the script and all
the planning and he is the

leader for the entire thing and
he was struck down, he felt, but

he said, when he got up it
became even worst.

So he told

his wife he will just take time
to go somewhere and just be with

the Lord, you know, and then he
persevered to prepare, he

persevered patience.

The Bible
says, “Those who received the


Sometimes we received the
Word and Jesus says, it falls on

stony ground because people have
joy for a while but when

tribulation, trouble come
because of the Word they are

offended, they are stumbled.


Jesus shared this about

the four grounds.

Listen, but
those who in a honest and good

heart, understand the Word and
they will bring forth fruit with


That’s Luke.

Luke’s version of what Jesus


Shares that part, what
Jesus says, bring forth the

fruit with perseverance.

So he
said, “I will just persevere,

I’ll just persevere”.

what happened to me also.

I had

the symptoms in my body and I
said, “I’ll just persevere”.


I won’t excuse myself, I
won’t say, “Postpone to another


I’ll just persevere.


And guess what, the moment

he said that, ‘poof’ the whole
thing left.

There’s something

about this that I want to
encourage you in closing, that

when you serve the Lord,
something happens.

In Exodus 23,

“So you shall serve the Lord
your God”, this will be our last

verse, “and He will bless your
bread and your water and I’ll

take sickness away from the
midst of you”.

Those of you

having heart conditions
whatever, check the word ‘from

the midst of you’.

It’s also the
Hebrew word for heart.

There’s a

word called ‘left’ and there’s a
word called this word here.


the midst of you, includes your

In fact Young’s

translation says, “I’ll take
away sickness away from your


Young’s literally says,
“I’ll take sickness away from

your heart”.

“No one shall
suffer miscarriage or be barren

in your land, I’ll fulfil the
number of your days”.

I have

suffered miscarriage, once in my

Wendy and I. Ok so don’t

feel bad when you do, amen, but
we are pressing on for the 100


And guess what?

My son
came along and he’s definitely a



So “No one
shall suffer miscarriage or be

barren in your land, I’ll fulfil
the number of your days”.


notice what God says, “You shall
serve the Lord your God and He

will bless, and I’ll take
sickness away”.

Listen, listen

look up here.

Serving is not
something you pay for your


It’s not.

It was paid
for when the stripes fell upon

His back.

You saw that just now
but I tell you something,

listen, when you say you are
healed by His stripes, you have

taken Communion, you know why
the devil is stopping you and

giving you all kind of symptoms
in your body?

He doesn’t want

you to serve the Lord.

doesn’t want you to be effective

for the Lord.

Pastors, leaders
if you are attacked physically,

he doesn’t want you to be
effective, he just wants you to

just retire early.

Are you

Start serving the


Because after you take
Communion, you must have an act

of faith to show the Lord and
when you act out, “I’ll still

serve the Lord.

I don’t care I
have this condition whatever I

am going to serve the Lord”.

When you do that, you’re acting

in faith.

And then when he came
for the shoot we had in the

studio and all that, and then
when he shared with our visual

people about his challenge, they
said that, “Wah these few days

we had, one this person had
this, that person had that, one

guy had a back condition, but he
said he will persevere but as he

persevered, it all left”.

you listening?

As you step out

to serve, now you say, “Pastor
Prince, I know people who served

the Lord and now they are down
with something or they have left

and gone back to heaven you
know” and listen, listen: I’m

not saying, listen, I’m not
saying all these things are

automatic, I’m just saying to
you ‘serve the Lord’.

In the

Hebrew, there’s Aleph Tav there.

You shall serve, you shall serve

Aleph Tav the Lord, serve Jesus.

Go back again to the verse, ok

go back to the verse, Exodus 23,
“You shall serve the Lord your

God”, serve Jesus.

But Pastor
Prince “I know of this guy in

full time ministry”.

Can I say
something to you?

Look up here.

Just because you see me here it
doesn’t mean I’m serving the


Just because you see
people around, it doesn’t mean

they are serving the Lord.

possible for someone to be in

fulltime ministry and they are
serving their ego.

Or they are

in ministry because they are
serving their pocket book.


of them are serving their

They are serving the

adulation of people or they are
serving all kind of things.


one knows who is serving the
Lord but the Lord.

If your heart

is for the Lord, no one, even if
people say you are doing it for

money or whatever, you’ll have
the assurance.

The Lord and you


Just because you see
people serving doesn’t mean they

are serving the Lord.

because you see a musician, I’m

not reflecting on any musician,
doesn’t mean they are serving

the Lord.

But when you serve the
Lord, He will bless your bread

and your water.

He will take
sickness away from the midst of


So whatever you do, don’t
give your sickness as an excuse,

step out and say, “Lord, I have
taken Communion, I am going to

serve You Lord”.

Amen and see
health spring forth speedily.

Are you blessed?

This portion
here, I said one last verse


One last chapter

This chapter, I still

stick to the chapter ok?

down, drop down.

“I will not

drive the enemies out from
before you in one year lest the

land become desolate and the
beast of the field becomes too

numerous for you”.

What did God

Little by little I will

drive them out from before you
until you’ve increased and you

inherit the land.

Little by

Little by little.


always tell God, “Drive all the
enemies out!”

Today our enemies

are not physical people, our
enemies are not the Hivites, the

Hittites, the Canaanites.

enemies are diseases that have


Sicknesses and all that.

High blood pressure, alright

tumour whatever it is.


says, “I will not drive them out

in one year”.

I will not drive
them out immediately, in another


But I’ll drive them out
little by little.



you’re not strong yet.

I want
the process to benefit you.


want you to be strong.

It’s on
the same chapter as “I will

bless your bread and water and
take sickness away”.



of God, don’t be discouraged.


Your healing is coming.


manifestation of it.

And it’s
coming speedily.

Don’t give up,

give praise to God.


this blessed you?

Praise the


Every head bowed, every
eye closed all across this


In the name of Jesus I
set you free right now, to

receive the Lord Jesus.

No power
of darkness and no unbelief can

stop you when you say yes to


Perhaps you’re

here, you have never said yes to
Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.

Christ died for your sins.

Christ is risen for your


Christ at the
Father’s right hand, wants to be

your Shepherd and Lord.

Will you
allow Him?

He wants to be your

shield and your exceedingly
great reward.

If that is you,

pray this prayer with me right
now, wherever you are.


Heavenly Father I thank You for
Your love for me.

I thank You

for the Word I’ve heard.

confess from my heart that Jesus

Christ is my Lord and my

I believe Christ is

risen for my justification.

Thank You Father, all my sins

are forgiven.

I’m greatly

Thank You Father.


Jesus’ name and all the people


Stand to your feet.

Thank You Lord Jesus.

Lift your
hands all across this place.

This coming week the Lord bless
you and the Lord Himself keep

you, keep you from every harm,
danger, from anything that would

hurt or destroy.

Jesus says,
“Nothing shall by any means hurt


And the Lord Himself
protect you from every sickness

and disease.

on you, cause doors of favour to

open to you, shut doors that are
no good for you.

The Lord make

your crooked path straight that
you walk with rest.

You walk in

a place called green pastures,
by the still waters.

And know

that surely goodness and mercy
will follow you.

Even this week,

goodness and mercy will hurt you

In Jesus’ name, I bless


I bless you with that peace
that garrisons your heart and

mind through Christ Jesus.

Jesus’ name and all the people


Thanks for coming.

bless you.

You are dismissed.

I hope you enjoy today’s
episode, but don’t go just yet.

If you’d like to receive prayer,
share your testimony or find out

more about gospel partner, just
click the link on this screen.

If not, I’ll see you in the next