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People, we’re in the end days!

God is saying to you:

“Number your days
so you become wise.”

Don’t waste time, people!

Don’t waste time.

It says: “Walk circumspectly,
not as fools but as wise,”

“redeeming the time.”

God is saying in the
midst of the evil days

all around us,
you can actually

buy back the time,
buy “kairos.”

How do you do it?

By being filled with the Spirit!

When you’re being
filled with the Spirit,

you will understand
what the will of the Lord is

and you will walk as wise.

What’s the point of
having a long life

if it is a miserable life.

There’s a better way.

Hi, this is Joseph Prince.
Thanks for tuning in. I just

want you to know that you
are able to watch this

sermon for free today
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Be bless as you feed on

God’s Word today!

Praise the Lord! For all
the young people in the

house as well. Are you ready
for some good news?

Praise the Lord. We have some
testimonies to share with you.

And the first testimony
comes to us from a sister

from India. And she writes
that I’m 28 years old this

year, and I’m working as a
doctor in India. I grew up

in a Christian household,
but I never felt connected

to God. That is so sad. You
grew up in a Christian

household but never felt
connected to God.

Additionally, she says I was
diagnosed with diabetes.

A couple of years back, I
suffered my first panic

attack, accompanied by
depression. I fell into a

downward spiral of sadness
and self-pity. And it led me

to self-mutilation and even
contemplating ending my

life. I became convinced
that meeting Jesus was the

only way to achieve peace in
my life, and she means

meeting Jesus face to face
in heaven. So I attempted

suicide. But miraculously, I
survived. Later, I left my

job and went home to live
with my parents. Over the

next year, I began watching
all of Pastor Prince’s

sermons. There’s a lot of
sermons Wow. And I’m happy

to share that he has opened
my eyes to Jesus all over

again. Over time, the Lord
healed my heart. And I feel

so close to him, to Jesus
that is, He delivered me

from depression. And now I
live every day to worship Him.

Not only that, all my
diabetic symptoms have

disappeared, and I’m
resuming my work.

Once again. Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord for

delivering this sister from
depression and diabetes.

Hallelujah! Now, the next few
testimonials we have from

three Sundays ago…
if you’re in church,

or remember the
pastor ministered

and there was a
strong healing anointing.

And we have many
testimonies, shared live,

right, at our service.

And some of these brothers
and sisters have written in so

here are these testimonies.
The first testimony comes

to us from a sister from
Florida, in the United States,

and she writes that:
I watched New Creation

Church Online every Sunday,
on Sunday, the 23rd of July 2023.

As Pastor Prince began
to preach, he shared a word

of healing regarding a liver
condition. During that time,

my stomach had been hurting
a lot, and my doctor had

recommended a computerised
tomography or CT scan for my

stomach and liver. Hence, I
received the word of healing

for myself. As she was
watching new Christian

Church Online online
service. That very week I

underwent the scan and
everything turned out well

my condition also improved.
Thank you, Pastor Prince for

sharing that word for me
praise the Lord hallelujah.

Okay, next testimony is from a
sister from Singapore. She

writes that recently, I’ve
been experiencing a

combination of menstrual
cramps and a sore tummy,

aching almost constantly
with varying degrees of

intensity. On Saturday, the
22nd of July, I had a dull

ache, and when evening came,
it became so painful to bend

over and hold onto my
abdomen. The next morning,

my tummy was still slightly
sore. But I decided to

attend church and Marina Bay
Sands ballrooms and all our

brothers and sisters at
Marina Bay Sands shout

Hallelujah, praise the Lord.
And during praise and

worship, the pain in my
abdomen intensified, making

me feel increasingly
uncomfortable. During the

service, Pastor Prince
called for healing for

stomach pain. He mentioned
that a person had been

experiencing pain. They
became more acute the

previous evening, and he
progressively increased as

the night went on. That
exactly mirrored what I had

gone through the day before.
When Pastor Prince prayed

for stomach pains, I simply
said, Yes, God, and

immediately I truly mean
instantly the pain vanished.

I want to praise
the Lord and thank Jesus for

loving me so deeply and
taking care of me praise

the Lord for this beautiful
testimony. Wow. All right,

next one, is a sister from
Singapore as well and she

writes that I just returned
from overseas, where I

experienced swollen feet due
to water retention, making

it difficult to stand or
squat for extended periods.

I also had been having pain
in my right back are the

right side of her back on
Sunday the 23rd of July

2023. I decided to attend
the 11:30am online service

at home. The way she wrote I
thought you decide to attend

at 11.30 service by the
online service at home.

Right during the service,
Pastor Prince prayed for

those with pain in the left
shoulder, right back and

swollen feet. Remarkably,
after the session, the

swelling in both my feet
subsided tremendously. And

the pain in my right back
was completely gone. I’m

grateful that Jesus didn’t
forget about me and that his

healing power reached me
even as I tuned in from

home. Thank you Jesus. And
thank you Pastor Prince!

Praise the Lord, hallelujah!
And the final testimony is

from a brother from
Singapore. Finally a brother

writing in Hallelujah. Thank
you brother for writing in.

And he writes a couple of
months ago, I had a fall

while playing football
getting ready for the new

season of new football
season. Right resulting in

scrapes on my left knee,
shoulder blade and elbow.

While my knee healed. I
continue to feel pain in my

shoulder blade and elbow. On
Sunday, the 23rd of July

2023. During a time of
ministering in church,

Pastor Prince called out for
left shoulder for those who

have left shoulder blade
pain. I was stunned because

he was so specific. I
received the healing and

placed the hand over the
affected area. Immediately I

noticed an improvement. The
pain I would usually feel

when rotating my shoulder
was completely gone. I was

amazed. However, my elbow
was still hurting. And it

was more intense than a pain
in my shoulder. So I prayed.

And I told a lot about it at
that time. Pastor Prince was

praying for other
conditions. Then suddenly,

he mentioned that God was
healing elbows. I was beyond

stunned and completely
flabbergasted—one of my

favourite words in the
English vocabulary,

flabbergasted. Wow.
Gradually, the pain in my

elbow began to dissipate
until it vanished entirely.

I had received double
healing. This experience

left me in awe because there
was no possible scientific

explanation to it. All I
could do was to give thanks

to God and church, let us
give thanks to God for these

beautiful testimonies. And
please join me as we welcome

Pastor Prince!

I wanna share with you
something that, actually,

I hope you enjoyed today’s
episode! But don’t go just

like what I shared just now,
you see God bringing

everything for these past
weeks. He’s been speaking to

us, speaking to us, and
every season in life, when

you come to church, God has
a rhema Word for you. That’s

a strong conviction I have.
If I have a pastors and

ministers seminar that I’m
teaching, I will always tell

them, “Look for the rhema
Word.” You find Pastor

Prince always saying this
often, amen? The Word in

season. Because you look at
the Bible, there’s so much

in the Bible to teach from.
So much in the Bible,

Matthew, all right, to
Revelation. Which one? What

is the Word that God has?
And the Bible says, “Who is

that wise and faithful
steward who knows how to

give food in due season?”
Jesus said. This is a very

small parable. He says, “Who
is that wise–” It’s not

even a parable actually.
It’s an expression, an

illustration Jesus says when
He comes again, you know?

But before that, “Who is
that wise and faithful

steward who can give to the
household food in due

season?” So the word “due
season” means food for the

right occasion, amen? So you
all know that you all don’t

like to eat the same food
every day, right or not?

Right? And that’s why you
want some variety. Sometimes

you tell your wife, “You
know, I miss eating that,”

and then she prepares it for
you. And what a joy, that

food in season. What a joy,
am I right? Amen? Okay, we

got some honest people in
front here, all right? Am I

right? Food in season is
wonderful. The Bible says,

“A word spoken in due
season, how good is it?”

Book of Proverbs. “A word
spoken in due season.”

Sometimes a word spoken is
not in due season, it’s as

bad as heresy sometimes,
amen, because it is not said

in due season. So, I
endeavor to bring forth the

Word, but it’s like for the
past weeks, if you notice,

God is just causing
everything that’s been

taught to come to this place
where I’m gonna share with

you today how a Christian
looks like, a victorious

Christian, a blessed
Christian, a whole and

healthy Christian, a
Christian in the sight of

God that’s pleasing Him. How
does he look like in this

world? How does he look
like, amen? You’ll find that

God brings everything
together that we have

learned. And I just wanna
share this with you because

it’s gonna bless you. Are
you ready? All right, you

always know that God’s ways
are contrary to the ways of

the world. The world says,
all right, “Push yourself

forward.” Jesus says,
“Humble yourself and God

will exalt you.” The world
says, “Come on, push

yourself upwards. Exalt your
own self. No one else will

do it for you,” and Jesus
says, “You humble yourself

and God will exalt you.” I
tell you, God’s hand is

bigger than any boss, any
corporation, any company,

anyone else, amen. You don’t
have to please man, you only

have to please God. Praise
the Lord. In fact, I read

the other day that– in the
Book of Psalms that

promotion doesn’t come from
the north, neither does it

come from– sorry, it
doesn’t come from the east,

or the west, or the south,
amen. I just mentioned

north, so north is not
mentioned. North is not

mentioned. It doesn’t come
from the east, from the

west, from the south. Where
does it come? North, amen?

Only God promotes. When
God–when man exalt, they

can substitute you. You see
that in football all the

time, all right? They exalt
you to a certain position,

they observe you, you don’t
perform, they take you out.

They replace you. They
substitute you, right? You

get what I’m saying? When
God exalts you, amen, He

never, never substitute you.
At the right time–there’s a

phrase, “He will exalt you
in due time.” At the right

time, He exalts you. Yes,
Joseph might now be a slave

in that household, and in
another place he’s now in a

dungeon, but in due time,
when God exalts, wow, God

exalts. Your trials are
temporal. What you’re going

through right now is
temporal. Your victory is

long. In fact, there’s a
verse in Job that says, “The

triumphing of the–” Old
King James, “The triumphing

of the wicked is short, but
the righteous are joyful–

rejoices continually,” amen.
Praise the Lord. How does a

Christian look like? I’ll
give you a snapshot right

now from the Bible and
you’ll see how God is

bringing all the messages
we’ve been hearing these

past weeks together in this
message, amen. Let’s look at

Ephesians 5. “See then that
you walk circumspectly, not

as fools but as wise.”
People, we are in the end

days. We’re in the last
days. You see all kinds of

things happening around the
world, right? If it’s not

famine, you know, it’s not
financial downturn, it is

not a collapse of
moral–moral values that we

hold dear in any civilized
society. Look, the

foundation blocks are the
moral– the Ten Commandments

actually is behind every
successful modern nation.

They believe in
Judeo-Christian principles,

amen? The Ten Commandments
especially. We still observe

that outwardly. It cannot
change your heart, but

people are afraid to break
it because there are

consequence. “Thou shall not
kill” has a consequence,

amen? Murder has a
consequence. Stealing has a

consequence in every
civilized nation. Can I have

a good amen, people? So, but
the law cannot change our

hearts. Only Jesus can. Only
grace can. And the Bible

says in these last days,
“Walk circumspectly.” What

does that mean? Walk
accurately. The word

“circumspect” means
accurately. Don’t waste

time, people. Don’t waste
time. It says, “Walk

circumspectly, not as fools
but as wise, redeeming the

time, because the days are
evil.” We see that now. We

see it happening all over
the world. The days are

evil. God says to us, “Yes.”
Do we just sit down there

and say, “Days are evil, you
know? I pity my children,

you know? When I was born,
it wasn’t like this, but now

days are evil. It’s very
hard for them.” No, redeem

the time. You know what’s
redeem? It means you buy,

amen. Snatch, buy. Buy back
the time. Buy back the time.

Literally, the word “redeem”
is to buy back the time. And

the word “time” here is
“kairos.” “Kairos” means

what? Not just any old time,
but fortunate time,

opportunity, good moments,
fortunate moments, okay,

favorable moments. It’s
called “Kairos.” I don’t

have to repeat that. That’s
the theme of our– this year

in our church, amen? Kairos,
praise the Lord. Say,

“Kairos.” So God is saying
in the midst of the evil

days all around us, amen,
it’s all around us, God says

you can actually buy kairos
and have more days and

moments with you, your
family, your children, your

future, with your body,
amen. You know, it’s not a

kairos moment when you go
see a doctor, right or not?

You know that you are not
feeling well and all that,

amen? Thank God for doctors
and all, but they always

tell me–I have one doctor
who will tell me, I say,

“See you,” he say, “No,
don’t wish for that,” he

said. And that is a smart
doctor. His success is that

you don’t come and see him
anymore, all right? Not

because you go to somebody
else but because the problem

is no more. So the thing is
this, you know, when you are

being summoned to the courts
for something, all right,

that you have done wrong and
you are being sued or

whatever it is, that’s an
evil day. That’s not a good

day. That’s not a good day.
So, the Bible says there’ll

be a lot of days that are
evil around us, sick days

and all that. Around us, I
said. It doesn’t say these

evil days are ours. In fact,
the Bible says in another

place, “He that will love
life and see good days.” So

I always tell people, you
know, if God doesn’t want us

to say this, huh, “See good
says,” right, why did He

tell us more than once, once
in the Old Testament and

another time in the New
Testament, “If you want to

enjoy life and see good
days, refrain your tongue

from evil”? So God wants you
to see good days, and yet

the Bible tells us in
Ephesians 6 that, “Finally

you stand in the armor of
God that you may be able to

stand in the evil days,”
singular, whereas here,

“Days are evil” is plural.
So for the believer, you

have an evil day. It’s a day
where things are not

happening the way you want
it to happen. In fact, it is

prolonging. The evil day can
be a–but it’s a day. God

used the illustration of a
day, not months, not years,

thank God. So for a
believer, your evil season

is a day, but your good days
are plural, “See good days.”

God wants you to see good
days, amen? So I believe

there are trials, I believe
in life, just this– the

fact that you are on this
side of heaven and this

earth is fallen, man is
fallen, amen, there will be

trials. There will be
trials, but God is telling

us, all right, don’t keep on
looking, having this, you

know, persecution complex,
having this adversity

mentality that everything in
life is an adversity. I

gotta fight, I gotta fight,
I gotta fight. I told you

all before about the type A
personality, people who

are– they observe their
diet, they’re very careful

about what they eat, they
exercise a lot, but they are

the type A personality,
which means they are driven,

driven by goals, deadlines.
They are rushing, rushing

here, rushing there,
rushing. And then they are

having so many things, not
enough sleep and all that.

But they observe what they
eat and they are careful

about exercise and all that,
and then one day you find

they have heart attack. You
are hearing more and more of

this in these last days, all
right? What’s the problem?

The problem is not in the
exercise. It’s not in the

food that they ate. They
observe that carefully. It

is the type A personality.
And I don’t know if you

notice or not, but the world
is getting to be a more and

more stressful place. You
know, this is an oasis of

love. The church of Jesus
Christ is an oasis of love,

amen. It’s a place where you
come and you replenish

yourself at the feet of
Jesus, praise the Lord. So

the Bible says, “Walk
circumspectly, not as

fools.” Stop wasting your
time. Redeem your time. You

know what the Bible says
about your average years?

It’s like talking to modern
man now, in Psalms 90 it

says this. But I’m not
referring–I said, “Your

average years.” I shouldn’t
be saying that, but I think

you understand what I’m
saying when I come from the

perspective, majority of
people in our nation,

majority of people in the
world, they live under this,

okay? Majority, 70 to 80
years old. “The days of our

lives are seventy years; by
reason of strength,” if they

are strong, “they are eighty
years, yet their boast is

only labor and sorrow; it is
soon cut off, and we fly

away.” How far are you to
70? How far are you to 80?

“Pastor, early in the
morning, you discourage us

already.” All right, so the
good news is–don’t you

agree that this is what the
world believes in, right? I

mean, not believes in. It’s
a fact. They will tell you

that, roughly around there.
You know, medical insurance

and all that, they will
tell– they won’t invest

more than once you are about
70, 80. They know, all

right? In Singapore–not
just in Singapore, all the

modern countries you go to
today where there’s even

good medical provisions in
that country, people still

live around this age. Am I
right? We know, “With long

life, I will satisfy him.” I
mean, you all are well

taught, but you know that
this is not well taught

outside. It’s well taught
here. I hope you better

appreciate what you have,
you know, in this New

Creation Church, amen? We
keep on banging back home,

all right, always, “With
long life will I satisfy

you.” So this is Psalms
what? Class? We live in

Psalms 91, right? So Psalms
91 says what? “With long

life I will satisfy him, and
show him My salvation.” Now,

you see the word “satisfy”
is a very interesting word.

I’ll come back to that
again. “With long life.” So

Psalms 91 is just back to
back, side by side, Psalms

90, Psalms 91. It’s like God
is saying, all right, “Where

do you want to live?” Okay,
if you live under the law,

Psalms 90. And I’ll tell
you, there are–Psalm 90 is

a psalm by Moses, not David.
Some people believe that

Moses also wrote Psalms 91,
but many people believe

David wrote Psalms 91, okay?
But for sure, Moses wrote

Psalms 90. He’s talking
about them in the wilderness

when they were under
judgment, because they are

supposed to travel 40 days
and they are in the Promised

Land. But instead, because
of their rebellion, it took

them 40 years. So these are
the people–to prove to you

they were under God’s anger,
which we are not under, look

at the proof of the context,
all right? Context is always

king. Never take the verse
out of context. “For all our

days have passed away in
Your wrath; we finish our

years like a sigh.” Can you
see that, the context? Why

are they living 70 to 80
years? Is it God’s will? No,

they were under God’s wrath.
Okay, look at the sandwich.

Even after that, okay, below
it says what? “Who knows the

power of Your anger? For as
the fear of You, so is Your

wrath.” Can you see that?
Can you see that? “So is

Your wrath.” So it’s
sandwiched with wrath and

anger. So the thing is this,
the devil goes about as a

roaring lion, I’ve shared
before, impersonating God as

being angry with you, his
voice. And that is in my

teaching, in my past
teaching about, from the

book of Proverbs, the
roaring of a lion is like

the anger of a king, okay?
So but, it’s not the King

Jesus. He’s going around
impersonating that God is

angry with you. Even the
sense that God is angry with

you can shorten your life.
These are people under the

law. These are people under
the law. But we don’t live

yet. If you’d like to
receive prayer, share your

70, 80 years. We live, “With
long life will I satisfy

him.” That means you’re not
satisfied at 80, you want to

be satisfied at 90, go
ahead. God’s criteria, God

didn’t say, “It’s My–My
will is the criteria.” God

says, all right, “My will is
that your satisfaction,” all

right? If that is not
enough, let me show you from

the Bible. And this word,
“With long life will I

satisfy him,” see the word
“satisfy,” all right? It is

the word “saveah.” Say
“saveah.” Learn something

Hebrew, “saveah.” “Saveah”
means “satisfy.” It is

not–it’s not always full.
The number one use of the

word “saveah” is “satisfy,”
the same word used in Psalms

103, verse 5. One of the
blessings, amen, for the

believer is, “God satisfieth
your mouth with good things

so that your youth is
renewed like the eagles.”

Satisfy, “saveah.” So the
word “saveah” is “satisfy.”

And it says in–at the end
of Abraham’s life, this is

what it says, “Abraham
breathed his last and died

at a good old age, an old
man and satisfied with life;

and he was gathered to his
people.” “Satisfied with

life.” He didn’t just die
because he’s old. He didn’t

just die because he lived a
long life already. He was

satisfied, folks. Satisfied,
that’s God’s criteria, amen.

Are you listening? “But
Pastor, what if it’s God’s

will?” God’s Word is God’s
will. God’s will is in God’s

Word. He does not will
something for you that’s not

in His Word. And people say,
you know, “What is God’s

will for you?” You ask them,
“What is God’s will for

you?” And it’s always
something vague, you know?

You gotta fast 40 days to
hear God’s will. No, there

are things–there are times
and seasons we seek the Lord

for things that are more
specific, but these things

are very clear in the Word.
God’s Word is God’s will.

God’s will is God’s Word.
Satisfied. The reason I show

you NASB is because, here is
the problem, your King James

and your New King James in
this area is not very good

because it says, “Full of
years,” or “Full of days.”

“He died full of days,” or
“full of years” in this

case. Doesn’t make sense.
The word “years” is not even

there. So NLT puts it like
this, “Abraham died at a

ripe old age, having lived a
long and satisfying life.”

The word “saveah,”
“satisfied,” must be there.

So how about Abraham’s son
when he came to the end of

his life? By the way,
Abraham was 175 years old.

His son, Isaac, was I think
160 plus or something like

that, he died. Isaac–huh?
Hundred and eighty, Pastor

Henry. Pastor Henry’s memory
is amazing. So he lived five

years more than his father.
His father lived 175, amen,

180 for Isaac, Abraham’s
son, amen? We all know the

forces that is natural in
this world. They want us to

stay natural. And the Bible
says, “Be not conformed to

this world, but be
transformed by the renewing

of your mind.” More and more
church people are thinking

like the world. When we are
to be a supernatural people,

we become naturalized. The
devil himself is

supernatural, but he wants
you naturalized, confined to

natural resources, natural
sustenance, natural

everything, depending on
natural strength. That’s why

the law was written back
then, to bring forth man’s

natural strength. God
purposely did that to show

man he has none, only we
live by grace. So the

criteria–this word, see
“full of days”? New King

James, “Full of days,” it’s
not accurate. What it means,

“Full of days”? Oh, God,
many days, Lord? Yeah, it’s

not. It’s not correct. In
the Hebrew, it’s the word

“saveah.” “Saveah” used,
“With long life will I

saveah him, satisfy him.”
Literally, it’s satisfy. In

fact, some places it is
over-satisfied, satiation,

to the point of satiation,
all right? You know when you

feel like you ate too much
and you, wah, you know?

That’s what the Jews use. In
Hebrew, that’s how they say

“saveah,” satisfied. Then
you say, “Hmm.” So all of

them, only when they say,
“I’m satisfied. I wanna go

back to the Lord.” Hear what
I’m saying? So Isaac, being

old and full of days. But
here the Youngs is very

accurate. The Youngs bring
up, “Satisfied with days.”

Satisfied with days. So even
Isaac was satisfied with

days, amen. David, David,
the Bible says, “He died in

a good old age, full of
days.” Again, your New King

James. But in the Youngs,
“Satisfied with days,”

right? Job, Job, how ’bout
Job, the man who suffered so

much, right? Look at Job’s
end. “Job died, old and full

of days.” What is “full of
days”? Again, “Satisfied

[with] days.” Satisfied with
days. So when God says,

“With long life will I
satisfy you,” the criteria

is that you’re satisfaction.
You must be satisfied. You

wanna go back or not, all
right? It’s not forced on

you, amen? So does that mean
you won’t be attacked with

sickness and all that? No,
but at least you know this,

you see? You reject it in
Jesus’s name. If you have to

go to the doctor, you go to
the doctor knowing that this

is not God’s will. In fact,
the doctor is there to tell

you, “This must not be in
your body. We’ll do all we

can to get it out of your
body,” amen. “Even by

surgery, we’ll do it.” The
doctor is on the same side

as God, amen. But don’t
accept, sit down there,

“Well, maybe it’s God’s will
for me to have that.” And

then your theology is all
messed up because when your

child is sick, you will
bring your child to the

doctor first. Maybe God is
teaching your child a lesson

or you a lesson, right, if
you believe that theory. No,

as a father you know this is
not right. But we live in a

fallen world, you
understand, so there’ll be

Christians dying. We’re not
gonna look at all that

because there is a
generation, the Bible says,

that’ll be alive and remain
when Jesus comes again,

okay? So let me go–I don’t
wanna go ahead of myself,

but–so we understand that.
We understand. So in Job–in

Psalms 90–go back to Psalms
90 where we don’t live in.

But there is a word of
wisdom in the midst of all

these heavy verses, right?
Drop down, look at this.

“Teach us to number our
days, that we may gain a

heart of wisdom.” Some
people act like they are

living forever, but God is
saying to you, “Number your

days so you become wise.”
Some people act like they

live forever, you know?
Right, oh, you know? Ever

thought, like, when you were
young, 30 years old is very

old. Then you became 30.
When you are younger, whoa,

30 years old is old people
already, you know? You hear

the guy is 30 years old,
your mother is 30 years old,

right? Wow, very old
already. Then you hit 30,

you realize it’s not so old.
I’m still very childish,

right? Then you think maybe
50 is old. Then you come to

50 years old and say, “Hey,
I’m still learning,” right?

Amen? Okay, so how does a
Christian look like? So he’s

a person who his walk–who
walks with wisdom. Last week

we learned about natural
walking, as well as walking

spiritually. Our walk gets
stronger and stronger. “As

thy days, so shall thy
strength be.” And regardless

of what is in front of you,
amen, just keep on walking

in the Spirit. Walk on
through the wind. Walk on

through the rain. Though
your dreams be tossed and

blown. Walk on, walk on with
hope in your heart. And

you’ll never walk alone.
You’ll never walk– Where

are all my supporters?
Alone. Well, for those who

don’t know what happened,
okay, that was Liverpool’s

song, okay? So we go
right–keep on walking. Keep

on walking in the Spirit,
amen? And go back to that

verse again. So teach–wait,
go back to the verse, “Teach

us to number our days.” Do
you know there’s a

calculator, you go online,
to calculate your days? How

many days have you lived? I
know many of you know what

year you are right now, your
age, right? You are 45 years

old. “I’m 45 years old,
Pastor Prince.” How many

days have you lived, huh?
Right, there is a

calculator. There’s more
than one, okay? You just key

in your birth date, your
birth year and all that,

your birth date and your
birth year, and it tells you

exactly how many days you
have lived. Just for the

sake of this message–I’ve
done it before some time

back, but again I said for
this message I’ll just

calculate again, okay? Guess
what? This past week, my

days has been 22,000. On
Tuesday, it’s 22,000. So now

today it’s –005 days,
22,000. And 22 for me is my

ministry number, and here
I’m teaching you about this,

and I’m telling you it’s
22,000. My son, only 4,000

plus. Think about it. Number
your days. Be wise. Number

your days. Realize days are
passing by, and you thought,

“Well, I just–there’s
always–” Before you know

it, they’re grown up. It’s
not a cliche, you know, to

say they grow up so fast.
They grow up very fast. But

there are those, for them,
time seems to fly, and for

some people time drags so
slow. “Jacob served seven

years for Rachel and they
were but a few days for him

because of his love for
her.” One of the most

romantic verses in the
Bible. Jacob’s seven years

passed by fast because of
his love for Rachel. Number

your days. So, how do I go
about doing this, Pastor? I

don’t wanna miss any more
time. I want to make use. I

want every moment to be a
kairos moment, a fortunate

moment, a good moment, an
opportunity, amen. I want to

see more of that. I don’t
want my time to just pass

by. Before I know it, one
week pass, one week pass.

Pastors who are preaching,
they know this. They know

that before you know it,
Sunday comes very fast.

Sunday comes very fast,
amen. I’ll tell you that.

Don’t you find it so, amen?
Even like you’re planning

for your holiday, before you
know it you are planning to

come back from holiday
already. Holiday just came

and went, right? Good days
seems to come and go. So the

Bible is telling you how
to–literally, God can make

days longer or shorter,
amen. Some of you live like,

“Wow, how come it’s just
passed?” Some of you say,

“Wow, I’ve been satisfied
with this past week. Wow,

this past night has been
great. I’m satisfied.”

That’s the kind of life,
satisfied with days, all

right? Not just a long life.
What’s the point of having a

long life if it’s a
miserable life, amen? Are

you with me so far? So how
do I go about it, Pastor

Prince? Let’s come right to
it because of time. And we

see here it tells us,
“Therefore do not be unwise,

but understanding what the
will of the Lord is.” How

can I know the will of the
Lord specifically for me?

Yes, from the Bible you can
get a general will of God,

but specifically, like who
to marry, which school do I

apply for, all right, for my
further studies, and where

do I– you know, what’s my
area of vocation? What is my

calling, amen, in life? For
all this, you want the easy

way or the hard way to find
out? I’ll tell you, the hard

way is like this. You
gotta–now, I’m not against

fasting. When I fast, I
don’t tell people I’m

fasting. But they tell you,
you gotta fast, kneel down,

shut the door, pray, pray,
pray until God speaks to

you, okay? I’m not knocking
that. People are doing that.

But I’m telling you, God’s
way–I always like to follow

the Word of God. The Word of
God is safe, all right? It

doesn’t tell me spend–New
Testament doesn’t say spend

days and days in fasting in
the New Testament, written

directly to you, to the
church. What does it do? It

tells you this. It tells you
this. So how not to be

unwise, but understanding
what the will of the Lord

is. Go on. “And do not be
drunk with wine, in which

is,” excess, or,
“dissipation; but be filled

with the Spirit, speaking to
one another in psalms and

hymns and spiritual songs,
singing and making melody in

your heart to the Lord,
giving thanks always for all

things to God and the Father
in the name of our Lord

Jesus Christ.” Can you see,
God is bringing all the

messages that we’ve been
hearing these past months

together. Can you see or
not? Giving thanks,

rejoicing, a merry heart
does good like medicine,

amen. It’s all coming
together. Wisdom, amen,

Solomon’s wisdom especially,
talking about Solomon. All

that wisdom, and praise, and
songs are linked together.

Look at this. It’s been
telling us, “Don’t be

unwise. Walk accurately. Buy
back the kairos moments.

Snatch it! The world is
trying to get it from you

and turn it into days of
evil, moments of evil.” But

God says, “Take that
opportunity.” Buy out the

testimony, or find out more
about Gospel Partner, just

opportunity, amen. How do
you do it? By being filled

with the Spirit. And you’ll
not be unwise, but

understanding– this verse
comes right after, “Don’t be

unwise, but understanding
what the will of the Lord

is.” So if you are filled
with the Spirit, you just

know when the right time
comes for you to know the

will of the Lord, you will
just know. So the key is to

be being filled. Now, I’m
using the term in the Greek.

It says, “Do not be drunk
with wine, in which is,”

excess, or, “dissipation;
but be filled with the

Spirit.” So it’s the same
way. A person drinking wine,

for example, all right,
where there’s excess– Here

it points to excess, all
right. How does he act? He

doesn’t think about tomorrow
anymore, okay? He meets up

with friends, got fellowship
under the same tent. I tell

you my problem, I tell you,
you know, and then another

cup. All the friends say,
“Oh,” you know? And I don’t

know why movies and all that
is promoting this among our

young people. That’s the
only way the world has, all

right, recoursed to. Sad.
What’s the solution to your

mental health? Drink away
your worries. Drink away.

Just drink away. So God is
saying there’s a better way.

You see, your body–your
inner person realizes

there’s something like wine
that you need, but God is

saying what you really need
is spiritual wine. You need

the Holy Spirit, amen. And
the same symptom happened,

you know? When someone is
drunk, they don’t worry

anymore about their money,
their finances. They are–if

they are shy, they are now
bold it seems, you know? Of

course, we know all this is
negative. It’s

braggadocious. But they
don’t worry about tomorrow.

God says the same things
will happen when someone is

filled with the Spirit. They
are bold, amen, in a

wonderful way, and then they
are not worried anymore.

They don’t worry about
tomorrow. They don’t worry

about their finances, their
health. They just don’t

worry. But best of all,
there’s no hangover. It

doesn’t damage your liver.
God says–but the term used

here in the Greek is
amazing. You know what it

says, “But be filled with
the Spirit”? It’s literally

the word “be being filled
with the Spirit.” It’s the

present tense, but the voice
there is passive voice.

Passive voice. You would
have thought that being

filled with the Spirit is
active voice. You gotta keep

yourself filled with the
Spirit. No, your part is

passive, which means there’s
something that you do

actively, but being filled
with the Spirit is passive.

And yet, though it’s
passive, God says, “I want

you to constantly be
receiving it.” So the word

down here, I can say it like
this, “Be or allow yourself

to continually being filled
with the Spirit.” That’s the

Greek word. Present tense,
but active voice– sorry,

passive voice. Allow
yourself. You know what’s

active, right? The boy hit
the ball, active. The boy,

active, right? The ball was
hit by the boy, all right?

The ball is in passive,
passive mode, right? So

here, being filled with the
Spirit is passive on our

part, yet we must allow it
to happen. So what is the

active part? “Speaking to
one another.” “Speaking”

there in the Greek is
present active. Now, that’s

where you gotta be active.
You gotta be active in the

past of speaking. Do you see
that? To being be filled

with the Spirit– How many
want to be full of the Holy

Spirit the whole day, all
day long, all day long? In

fact, in Psalms 90, I told
you, in the midst of all

that darkness, right, in
Psalms 90, “Your days are 70

and 80,” and all that, it
teaches to number our days.

You know, go back to that
again. It actually goes down

to tell you, “Number our
days,” right? Next one, “Oh,

satisfy us early with Your
mercy,” hesed, “that we may

rejoice and be glad all our
days!” You wanna be glad all

your days? Wanna be glad all
your days? Early in the

morning, satisfy yourself
with God’s grace. The word

“early” is “boker.” “Boker.”
You go to Israel, one of the

things they teach you Hebrew
is what? “Boker tov,” Good

morning. “Tov” is “good,”
“boker” is “morning.” So the

word here is “boker.”
Satisfy us early in the

morning. Start the day
right. Start the day right,

enjoying His goodness, and
guess what? All day you’ll

be glad. Not just one day,
not just two days, all our

days you’ll be glad. Start
the day wrong and the day,

you know, at the end you’re
not satisfied. “Pastor, five

years have come and gone,
and I’ve wasted my life.”

That’s why the Bible says
addict– do you know the

Bible says one day in the
house of God is worth a

thousand outside. So the God
values time, it’s like

people saying, “I wanna come
back to the church,” you

know? Honestly, every moment
you have down here, the

devil will try to give you
some boredom and some

feelings of, you know,
banality about the thing or

whatever, but be careful
it’s a spiritual warfare.

Those who are outside long
to be here. That’s why true

believers, whenever they are
looking far away, they’re on

holiday, and they look back
online to see our church and

all that, they wish they are
there. If you’re a true

believer, you’ll wish you
were there. You’ll feel

lost, in a sense. You wish
you were there. I know. I

had to grab the railings and
all that in my hotel room

when I look at online and
all that, you know, the

church and all. I wanna be
there! But I gotta observe

my sabbatical this year.
That’s the reason why I

didn’t go for sabbatical
ever. It’s my first time. At

22,000 days, I think it’s
good, amen. So it tells us,

“Satisfy yourself.” The word
“satisfy” there is what?

“Saveah,” same word. Satisfy
yourself, what? With God’s

grace, early in the morning,
in the Word, singing to the

Lord. In fact, you’ll find
singing to the Lord being

featured very often. “That
we may rejoice and be glad

all our days!” God’ll make
your day full of joy, kairos

days. Hey, let’s go on. Now,
go back to Ephesians 5. It

says, “”Be being filled with
the Spirit,” means allow

yourself to be filled with
the Spirit, and your part is

to actively what? Speak.
“Speaking to yourself,”

what? “In psalms, hymns,
spiritual songs.” I’m not

gonna take too much time
here just to tell you don’t

worry about the order of it
and all that. All that means

spiritual songs, songs about
the kingdom of God, songs

about the Lord, songs that
are Christian songs, as far

as we are concerned. The
word “psalms” is

actually–the word “psalms”
is from the Book of Psalms.

Hymns are songs written, all
right, even in Paul’s time,

right, written by the
inspiration of the Spirit.

Today, we have songs written
by the inspiration of the

Spirit, okay? And then
spiritual songs, praying,

singing in tongues.
[speaking in tongues] Those

are spiritual songs. The
Bible says these are the

things you are to do
actively, and guess what?

You are being filled with
the Spirit. “Well, I thought

you gotta stay down there
and wait for hours, you

know, the whole Spirit–”
No, God says as you’re

driving to work, start
singing. Start singing. “But

I can’t sing, Pastor
Prince.” It says to you–it

says to you here, “Speaking
songs.” You cannot sing, can

you speak songs? God is so
merciful, you know? He says,

“Speaking spiritual songs,
speaking hymns, speaking

psalms.” Can you do that?
And no one is listening to

you anyway, all right? As
you’re driving to work,

sing. Sing a simple chorus.
You don’t like some songs,

you feel like they’re quite
complicated, I can’t

remember everything, sing
the song we sang just now.

That’s why I brought it up
just now. Thou art my God

and I will praise Thee. Thou
art my God, I will exalt

Thee. Oh, give thanks unto
the Lord for– Now, that

song, “Give thanks to the
Lord for He is good, for His

mercy endures forever,”
comes in the Scriptures

again, and again, and again.
Jehoshaphat sang that song

when he was surrounded by
the enemies. Enemies

outnumbered him and Judah,
all right, and when he sang

that song, he sent praises
singing this song with these

words, the enemies fought
among themselves. And

Jehoshaphat and his men had
three days of picking up the

spoils of war, the gold and
the silver, and the sundial

Rolex on all the hands of
the enemies. Three days. And

you know what they called
the valley? Beracah, the

Valley of Blessing. Beracah,
Valley of Blessing. So,

speak to yourself psalms.
When you are speaking to

yourself, singing to
yourself, all right, singing

to yourself, it’s not for
anyone else to hear. It’s

just for you to hear. When
you come together, it’s for

everyone else, amen? But
people think that singing

songs is just, you know,
just give vent to your

expression, you know, as a
Christian. No, it’s vital

for your Spirit-filled life.
You know, a merry heart, the

Bible says, is not just
laugh at nothing, or the

world’s mirth, which the
Bible says is like crackling

of thorns. The sound is not
very nice, crackling of

thorns, right? But the joy
of the Lord, really this

singing to yourself is– you
know, during my time by

myself, I’ll tell you this,
I learn so much from the

Lord about singing to
yourself. I find that in any

situation, where previously
I’ll be more short-tempered,

maybe irritated with
something, I find I can

flow. I can be in a good
disposition, amen? In fact,

if you keep on reading
Ephesians, it drops down all

the way. Not just the giving
thanks, but, “Wives, submit

to your husband.” And then
drop down, it says,

“Husbands, love your wives,
as Christ loved the church.”

Do you see that? It’s the
oil. It’s the oil in your

marriage relationship. And
then it drops down to,

“Children, obey your
parents,” fathers and

children, how to treat their
children, but first of all,

you must keep yourself being
filled with the Spirit. And

then it’s gotta do with
wisdom, right? We read just

now, right, “Walk as wise,
understanding what the will

of the Lord is.” It’s tied
up with wisdom. When you are

filled with the Spirit, you
are filled with wisdom. Your

life becomes a life, like
what we said for the past

weeks, you’re not a type-A
personality. So you try to

find from the world, or from
YouTube, or from somewhere

online how does a Christian
look like. No, this is the

picture here, right here.
Keep on singing, on the

road. You hear us
illustrating a lot from

road, because a road is
really the place of church

out there, where the rubber
meets the road, literally,

amen? What if you sing? You
start singing first. And

then if someone does
something, you’ll find you

are still in the flow. It’s
easy. Now, I know you can

pray in tongues as well, but
actually the word

“speaking–praying in
tongues” is not here. It’s

implied, but it’s not here.
“Spiritual songs” there is

most likely praying in
tongues, singing in tongues,

all right? But it says,
“Speak to yourself in

psalms, hymns.” How many
psalms do you know? Psalms

like, “Thy lovingkindness.”
Just now I mentioned to you,

“Thou art my God.” It’s
taken from the psalms. Learn

a simple chorus, amen, and
sing it. “But what if I

don’t mean it, Pastor?” Keep
on singing it and you are

being filled with the
Spirit. And when you are

being filled with the
Spirit, you will understand

what the will of the Lord
is, you will walk as wise.

You will buy back all those
kairos moments. Are you

listening, people? You know,
the Bible says that God gave

wisdom to Solomon, and this
is the kind of wisdom God

gave Solomon. It says that,
“God gave Solomon wisdom,

exceedingly great
understanding, and largeness

of heart like the sand on
the seashore.” I’ve told you

all before, right, that it’s
not enough to have wisdom.

You must have a big heart,
largeness of heart, because

people with wisdom can take
advantage of people. But you

must have a big heart. Big
heart alone with no wisdom

also no use. Money gone,
people borrow. Never mind,

lah, never–you know, it’s
not that. You gotta be wise.

You gotta have both. But
look at this. “Solomon’s

wisdom excelled the wisdom
of all the men of the East

and all the wisdom of Egypt.
He was wiser than all men–

than Ethan, than Heman,
Chalcol, Darda.” So first of

all, it tells you he was
wiser than all the men of

the East. All the men–the
men of the East that lived

during his time in China,
India, all the Far East wise

men, right, Solomon was
wiser than them. And we have

many wise men among them.
God didn’t say they are

foolish. God said they are
wise men, but Solomon

excelled their wisdom. “And
he was wiser than all men–

than Ethan, Heman, Chalcol,
Darda, the sons of Mahol.”

This is very interesting.
You know who are they? They

are actually the worship
leaders in his father

David’s tabernacle.
Solomon’s father is David,

and his tabernacle has all
these worship leaders, all

right? And they are Ethan,
Heman, Chalcol, Darda. Now,

first of all, how do you get
filled with the Spirit? You

just sing to yourself. Thy
lovingkindness is better

than life. On your way to an
interview, or a

presentation, or meeting
someone. Thy lovingkindness

is better than life. Not
only it fills you with the

Spirit, it sets you in the
right key. even though your

song you are singing in the
wrong key. Thank God, God

says speaking, amen? If you
do that, you will flow with

your husband, you will flow
with your wife, you will

flow with your children, and
God will bless you. There’ll

be wisdom just being there,
just knowing what to do. Not

knowing what the interview
holds, not knowing how to

present something, not
knowing what’s ahead of you

as you counsel someone, all
right? On your way there, as

you sing in the Spirit. But
not just for moments like

this, all day long, sing.

Martin Luther says that

besides the Word of God, the
greatest gift God gave man

is the gift of music. It
drives the devil mad, he

says. Good music, godly
music, amen. How many of you

click the link on this
screen. If not, I’ll see you

hear the music, it’s like,
oh man, it goes right deep

in your soul. Well, those
songs that you like or

whatever, use it. Have a few
ready for the day. Start

satisfying yourself early in
the day and all day long,

you’ll be satisfied with
that day. Praise God. Are

you with me so far? One
time, there was a man of

God, and his name is Elisha,
and he was in a bad mood.

He’s a prophet, he’s
supposed to prophesy, but he

was in a bad mood, okay? So
what happened? The king of

Israel cut an alliance, all
right? They had a deal

between themselves. But the
king of Judah is a good

king, Jehoshaphat, but the
king of Israel, Jehoram at

that time, was a bad king.
So anyway, Jehoshaphat says,

“Before we go to war,” he
told the king, “I’d like to

hear a prophet of God.”
Being a godly man, he said,

“I’d like to hear a prophet
of God.” Then he says, “Ah,

this guy, the only one is
Elisha.” “So bring him

here.” So Elisha came, and
Elisha looked at the king of

Israel. This is what Elisha
said, “Elisha said, ‘As the

LORD of hosts lives, before
whom I stand, surely were it

not that I regard the
presence of Jehoshaphat king

of Judah, I would not even
look at you.” Because of

King Jehoshaphat, he told
the king of Israel, “I won’t

even look at your face. But
I show him face, not you.”

So it sounds like the man of
God is in a bad mood. Does

that encourage you? Does it
sound like he’s not in a

good flow? You’re asking
this man to prophesy. He

knows he’s not in the flow.
So what does he does? The

first word, “Now bring me a
musician.” Elisha says,

“Bring me a musician.” And
see what happened. “Then it

happened, when the musician
played, the hand of the LORD

came upon him. ‘And thus
says the LORD,’ he says,

‘Make this valley full of
ditches.'” Make–dig lots of

holes, amen? Make this
valley full of ditches. And

then they stand back, God
sent water to fill up the

ditches because his army
is– the army of Israel and

Judah were about to die of
thirst, let alone fight the

enemy. And this is the
answer, but notice how the

hand of the Lord came upon
him. That’s why I love to

worship God even before
ministering in the Spirit.

It takes time, you know, for
us, but it’s a simple thing

because I cannot depend on
myself. We are dependent on

the Lord. But by making you
all sing as well, you are

being filled. And then when
we are all filled, guess

what? The flow is so easy.
Are you listening, people?

Okay, I wanna bring this to
a close, okay? So watch this

now. Let’s go back to
Solomon’s man that I

mentioned just now. Why did
I mentioned them? “He was

wiser than all men,” then
all these names are

mentioned. And we know
there’s no redundant mention

of names in the Bible. All
these people are brothers,

by the way, just to let you
know. They are all

from–they’re all grandsons
of, you know who? Judah. And

the mother’s name? Tamar, if
you remember the story.

Tamar and Judah,
daughter-in-law actually.

And from the line came Jesus
Christ, but not through

their father. Through their
uncle, Perez. Their father

is Zerah, from Tamar and
Judah. So they are from the

tribe of Judah. Judah means
praise, and God always says,

“Whenever there’s trouble,
enemies in front, let the

tribe of Judah go first.”
What is that saying? Offer

praise. Offer praise.
There’s a true story of a

man, his name is Mr. Frank
Foglio, an Italian pastor.

He wrote the book that’s
widely read many, many years

ago, called, “Hey, God,” all
right, and how he found God

in a very supernaturally
natural way. And his

daughter, his young
daughter, probably at that

time about early 20s or late
teens, had an accident,

terrible accident where her
brain was damaged. And then

she was put in a hospital
and then there’s no cure,

nothing, and they put her in
a special home for people

with mental issues, and
mental health issues, and

all that. And the father
visited her faithfully. He

always visited her. Then not
only that, her condition

grew worse and worse, so
they put her in a special

room all the way inside, all
right? And the father went

on going every– I forgot,
every other day or every

day, but he would go and
visit the daughter. And one

day as he go down there, his
heart got a bit angry with

God. He said, “God, You
could have prevented this.”

He just complained to God,
and God says, “Praise me.”

“Praise You?” He said, “No
way! For this kind of thing,

no way!” And God says,
“Praise me.” He refused.

Then he went on further, do
all the preliminaries to

check in, and then he went
on to a first room, and then

He says– God says to him,
“Praise me.” His heart began

to melt a little bit. Then
when he stepped forward to

that inner room where his
daughter was specially

kept– and the daughter
doesn’t know anyone. She’s

gone. Doesn’t know where she
is and she’s acting like,

you know, someone who is
completely deranged. All

this visit, he said, “God–”
early on, he said, “God, why

am I visiting? She doesn’t
even recognize me.” And

right before her door, God
said again, “Praise me.” And

he said, “God, I praise you.
I don’t understand what’s

happening, but I praise
you.” And right inside,

there was a shout, “I want
my father! I want my daddy!

I want my daddy!” The door
flung open, the daughter

took one look at the father,
and she recognized him. She

ran to him, hugged him. The
miracle was so, so amazing

that the very next week, she
was standing in church with

the father, completely
sound. I’ve heard and I’ve

read of testimonies of men
and women of God that have

seen amazing miracles just
by praising. And there’s

another one, Justin
Cornwall’s brother, where

his brother is training in
psychiatry. And he was

looking for a part-time job
at that time before he went

on further studies,
something like that, and he

actually was given a job in
a mental asylum. So he went

to this place and he asked
the Lord what he should do,

so they gave him a special
assignment. And in this room

where all the patients were
there, they were all people

who have lost their minds,
and there was all kinds of

filth and excrement on the
wall, on the floor. And he

just went down there and
said, “Lord, what shall I

do?” and the Lord said to
him, “Sit down and praise

me,” all right? So–and they
were all circling him like

vultures, you know, when he
sat in the center. They all

went around him and all
that, and he just–that was

his session. He has a few
hours he spend down there.

That was his session. He sit
down there, he just start

singing– Jesus loves me,
this I know for the Bible

tells me so. Little ones to
him belong. Nothing

happened. They went around
him. They got–always look

at him and all that, and
they all have that kind of

eyes and all that. After, he
left. The next day, he came

back again for his session,
said, “Lord, what shall I

do?” Lord says, “Do the same
thing.” He sang, Jesus loves

me, this I know. And again,
again, right, no reaction,

nothing. The third time he
went for his session, sat

down in the midst, he starts
singing– Jesus loves me,

this I know. Then someone
continued– For the Bible

tells me so. Then another
one continued– Little ones

to him belong. They are weak
but He is strong. Then a few

more people– Yes, Jesus
loves me. Yes, Jesus loves

me. And the whole place
reverberate with God’s

praise. Cut a long story
short, there were about, I

forgot, 40, 50 people there.
All of them were dismissed

after that. Some longer
time, some lesser time, but

all were dismissed except
for two or three. That to me

is an amazing testimony.
Just a simple chorus. And

yet we despise singing. We
despise, like, “Ah, it’s a

small thing,” and all that.
No, just singing all day and

all that. No, no, that’s why
you are so bad-tempered.

That’s why you are so
stressful. It’s hurting your

heart. You are stressed. And
you’ll find the burdens get

heavier when you are in that
kind of mode, right? But

when you sing, something
just lifts, amen. In these

last days–I’ll finish with
these last days, okay?

Praise the Lord, okay? Are
you all okay? You see, we’re

putting it all together, you
know? Merry heart, giving

thanks for all things,
right? Just sing to God.

Thank God in your song.
Okay, in the last days. We

are in the last days, okay?
We are in the last days. God

hides secrets in the last
days. What about provision?

Aye, I forgot to give you
the names, the names of

these men. Very quick, Ethan
means like a perennial

flowing river. The picture
of a river, ever flowing.

His name means ever flowing.
Isn’t that what Ephesians 5

tells us? Keep on speaking,
ever flowing. Keep on

speaking and you are ever
being filled, perennially

flowing, always flowing.
Ever flowing, that’s the

name Ethan, all right? The
name Heman is faithful,

amen? Be faithful in doing
that. Chalcol, very

interesting. What does
Chalcol mean? Chalcol means

to be provided for, to be
supplied. Isn’t that

interesting? The first time
to be provided–this root

word of “Chalcol,” this is a
name, a name. All of them

are brothers, by the way.
Their grandparents are Tamar

and Judah, all right? And
Chalcol, the root word of

“col” came from– the first
occurrence is when Joseph

told his brothers, “Come
near me. I’ll put you in the

land of Goshen.” “Goshen”
means “The place of drawing

near,” literally. Goshen,
draw near. I’ll show you the

verse, lah. “You shall dwell
in the land of Goshen,”

drawing near, “you shall be
near me.” I’m speaking

prophetically to many of you
who are concerned about the

media report and all the
news report you’ve been

observing and looking at for
the past week. Do not be

afraid of what is befalling
the earth, amen? What’s

coming to Singapore,
whatever it is, do not be

afraid. Look at God’s news.
Don’t look at the world’s

news and go by your spirit
is taking the color and the

taint of that. Make sure you
get your inspiration and

your spirit from the
Scriptures. Literally it’s

the Spirit, being filled
with the Spirit, amen. Are

you listening? Joseph, our
Heavenly Joseph, is saying,

“Come to the land of
Goshen.” “Goshen” means

“draw near.” “You shall be
near to me, and your

children, your children’s
children, your flocks and

your herds, and all that you
have. There I’ll provide for

you.” This is the word
“chalcol.” The root word is

from here, where the name
Chalcol comes from. “Lest

you and your household, and
all that you have, come to

poverty; for there are still
five years of famine.” So in

the midst of famine, in the
midst of famine, when you

hear the news, remember this
verse. I had to put this

verse down. I wanted you to
be blessed by this verse. I

believe God has put this
verse in my heart to tell

you it is a Word for the
now. Draw near to Jesus by

singing to Him, amen. Your
lovingkindness is better

than life. Amen? Draw near.
“There,” the place of

drawing near. There! Where?
Where? There. Where? There.

Right? Not any old place.
“There,” the place of

nearness to Jesus, “I will
provide for you, for you and

your children.” Whatever you
need, in the midst of

famine. Even though right
now there’s still five more

years of famine, He says
you’ll be provided for. So

back to the names again.
“And Darda, the sons of

Mahol.” You know what’s
Darda? Pearl of wisdom.

Didn’t we say that praise
and– all these are worship

leaders, by the way. They’re
all worship leaders. And it

seems like worship, praise,
singing to the Lord is

closely tied up with wisdom,
understanding what the will

of the Lord is, amen?
“Darda, the sons of Mahol.”

“Mahol” means dance, right?
“And his fame was in all the

surrounding nations. Solomon
spoke three thousand

proverbs, his songs were one
thousand and five.” We’re in

the last days, and let’s go
to Isaiah 60 for the last

passage. “Arise, shine.”
Say, “Arise, shine.” “Your

light has come! And the
glory of the LORD is risen

upon you. Behold, the
darkness shall cover the

earth, deep darkness the
people; the LORD will arise

over you, His glory will be
seen upon you.” It’s

something that the world can
see on you in these last

days. I’m gonna finish this
real fast. Drop down, “The

Gentiles shall come to your
light.” Non-Christians will

come to your light. We know
Gentiles means non-Jews in

the context here, but every
prophecy–listen, every

prophecy, there are two
sides to it, the near

fulfillment and the far
fulfillment always. When

Peter stood up on the Day of
Pentecost, he says, “This is

that which Prophet Joel
spoke of.” That is a near

fulfillment, amen? But Joel
also spoke about the end

time when Jesus come back
again. So there’s a dual

fulfillment, near and
future. All right, so watch

this. “Gentiles shall come
to your light.” These are

non-Christians, they will
come to your light. “And

kings to the brightness of
your rising.” When will this

happen? When darkness covers
the earth. Christian, your

light will shine brighter.
They will see you singing,

amen, even under your
breath. Sometimes it’s not

possible to sing out loud,
sing under your breath,

in the next episode!

amen. “Lift up your eyes all
around, and see: They all

gather together, they come
to you.” There’ll be

salvation. People will
gather themself. It used to

be, like, we’d go out there
and find people. Now they

will gather themself and
they will come to you

because of the light on you,
amen. And your children that

are rebellious, it’s a
picture of, like, a prodigal

son. “Your sons will come
from far,” like the prodigal

son. They will come home.
“Your sons shall come from

far, and your daughters
shall be nursed at your

side,” amen? Okay, then drop
down. God is telling us,

“Then you shall see and
become radiant, your heart

shall swell with joy;
Because of the abundance of

the sea shall be turned to
you.” Now, this is

figurative speech now. The
Bible has used figurative

speech of something, you
better know. That means

what? Abundance of the sea.
Sea is always a picture of

mankind. There’ll be a
landslide salvation harvest

in the end time. But watch
this, “The wealth of the

Gentiles will come to you.”
I’m just reading the Bible,

aiyah. You wanna say
something against me, just

say, lor. I’m just reading
the Bible and it says it

will happen in the end
times, just like the last

plague. You know what’s the
last plague? The death of

the firstborn. On the same
night, what happened? Israel

came out with gold and
silver. All the back pay,

all they have been cheated
of, they came out with

silver and gold, all right?
I’m just reading the Bible.

The end of what God does is
always as gold and silver,

why? The gold and silver is
not to build a golden calf.

It’s how you use it. It’s to
build the tabernacle in the

wilderness, okay? Now, it
says here, drop down,

“Therefore your gates shall
be open continually.” Your

gates must be open
continually. People, your

gates must be open
continually. There is a

distant fulfillment when
Jesus returns and there is a

literal gate, literal city
when Jesus returns, but

there’s a near fulfillment
truth for us. What’s the

truth? What’s the gate? Your
gate must be open, why?

“They shall not be shut day
or night, that men may bring

to you the wealth of the
Gentiles,” the unbelievers,

“and their kings in
procession.” So how to open

the gate, Pastor? Let’s find
out what’s the gate. Drop

down and I’ll close with
this verse. “You shall call

your walls Salvation, and
your gates Praise.” You know

what’s your wall? Your wall
is, literally in the Hebrew

here, “Yeshua.” You will
call your walls Yeshua. So

it’s like we are all in
Christ. Am I right? We are

all-encompassed with Christ.

We are all in Christ. Can I
have a good amen? We are all

in Christ, right? But God is
saying your gate… The

Bible says in more than one
place, “Set a door on my

lips.” Door, it calls it a
door. It calls it the gate.

Let your gates be open,
what? How often?

Continually. Look at the
previous verse again. “Let

your gates be open
continually,” why? “That men

may bring to you the wealth
of the Gentiles.” And not

only wealth, there’ll be
salvation. Those people

bringing the wealth, they
are kings. They are the VIPs

in this world. They will
come in if you praise. We

found the secret of the
gates. You came in just to

learn that, well, you are
blessed already, okay? Amen?

Amen? So have a song in your
heart. Stand to your feet.

Have a song in your heart
that you memorize. Maybe a

book of Psalms. Maybe it’s a
song that we wrote. I see

grace. Amen? Something that
you enjoy singing. Get two

or three songs under your
belt and throughout the day

here and there, sing. When
you are tempted to get

angry, sing. Sing under your
breath or make melody in

your heart if you cannot
sing out loud, because

singing is no small thing.
You are being filled with

the Spirit. You are being
filled with wisdom as well.

And God wants it ever
flowing, amen? And your

relationship with your
spouse will be just oiled,

amen, smooth. It won’t be
creaky. There’ll be no

friction because the oil is
there, praise God, when you

are singing in the Spirit.
It’s a simple truth. Anyone

asks you, “What did Pastor
Prince preach?” Sing songs.

Lift your hands all across
this place. Thou art my God

and I will praise Thee. Thou
art my God, I will exalt

Thee. Oh, give thanks unto
the Lord, for He is good.

For His mercy endureth
forever. If you’re going to

put your trust in the Lord
Jesus Christ right now, you

have never done so, pray
this prayer with me. Say,

“Lord Jesus, I confess You
as my Savior, as my Lord, as

my God, and I believe You
rose from the dead when I

was acquitted, justified in
You. Thank You for dying for

my sins. Thank You that
You’re alive today from the

dead to be my Shepherd, to
be my Lord. I am saved. In

Jesus’s name, amen.” And
friend, with that song, go

out of here, make it your
homework, amen? Sing as

often as you can. Not
necessarily this song, any

song that God puts on your
heart, okay? Love you all.

God bless. And you’ll never
walk alone.