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We live in two worlds.

We live in a world
of various trials

but in our hearts and
in our minds

—it’s heavenly.

Even if you’re a Christian
and you live completely,

in your heart and mind,
in this world,

you are subject to the
vicissitudes of life.

That’s living in the world.

But it’s not happiness
which is on the outside.

Even when things
are not happening

the way you want it
to happen,

there’s a joy!

And this joy can
make you a success

even in your earthly career.

Every time you are self-occupied
or self-focused,

to that degree
you are depressed,

to that degree,
you are in pain.

It’s not about you.

It’s all about Jesus!

Hi, this is Joseph Prince.
Thanks for tuning in. I just

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Be bless as you feed on

God’s Word today!

The world out there is
looking for the

supernatural. They are,
amen. So because of their

hunger for greater
knowledge, greater wisdom,

supernatural knowledge
actually, supernatural

wisdom, they are dabbling in
the occult. They are

dabbling in the new age.
When all the while, there is

our wonderful God, our
Father, who has all the

wisdom and knowledge in the
world. And they are going

into this false gnosticism
and false wisdom in areas

that cannot satisfy. It’s
like eating bread that

cannot satisfy because it’s
not bread in the first

place. The Bible says, “They
hew themselves cisterns that

can hold no water because
they have forsaken Me, the

fountain of living waters.”
So they are thirsty out

there, your colleagues, your
friends. You know, they can

say a lot of things against
religion, okay, but you can

say, “Look, Christianity,
Christ did not come to give

us a religion. He came to
make dead people live,”

amen. Praise the Lord.
Aren’t you glad that we live

on this earth, but we are
citizens of heaven, amen? So

our resources are resources
that come from heaven. You

know when an ambassador of a
country goes to another

country, regardless of how
that country is, okay,

whether it’s a poor country,
all right, you know, a

country that’s not developed
just yet, but that

messenger, that ambassador
does not live based on the

resources of that country.
He live on the resources of

the country that sent him.
His house, his car,

everything that he has, his
daily allowance and

provisions are all given by
the country that sends him.

You are sent to this earth,
amen. You live according to

His riches in glory. And all
the people said, “Amen,”

praise the name of Jesus,
hallelujah. God is good,

amen? Now, the Bible says in
1 Peter chapter 1, it says,

“We are kept by the power of
God through faith for

salvation ready to be
revealed in this last time.”

This salvation obviously
refers to our bodily

salvation. See, God is
interested in the total man.

God doesn’t–you know, for a
long time I used to think

that once we are saved, God,
you know, God got it, okay?

He got what he wanted
because He wants man to be

saved, amen, because of
Adam’s sin, the fall of man,

and now God has accomplished
that in that He has wrought

a perfect salvation and
redemption for man. Now man

is saved. He’s–which part
of us is saved? Spirit. So

for the longest time, that’s
what I taught, but God’s

interest is saving us in our
spirit man. That’s why we’re

called born again.
Literally, you are–you have

a brand new spirit, amen,
created in righteousness and

true holiness. Then God also
wanted to save, and now we

are saved. We are saved once
and for all in our spirit,

but we’re in the process of
renewing our mind. That’s

our souls. There’s another
salvation called salvation

of souls. Not many believers
realize this, that there’s a

salvation that goes from the
inside out, and now as we

live in this world, we are
being saved in our souls,

amen. And that’s where your
feelings are also. That’s

the place where you suffer
from depression, you have

bad thoughts, you have
struggles with sins, your

thought life. All that is in
the realm of the soul, okay?

So God wants that saved, and
that is in the process of

being saved. Now, when Jesus
comes again, he doesn’t say,

“Well, is your soul saved or
not?” No, all right, the

term “soul saved” is used
in–you know, loosely, but

actually the word “soul”
there is referring to our

soulish realm. You are
tripartite, I’ve said

before. You are a spirit,
you have a soul, you live in

a body. God is Triune:
Father, Son, and Spirit. One

God, not three God. One God,
but three divine persons in

God. God made you in His
image. You are tripartite.

So God also wants to save
your body, okay? So once the

soul is saved, the Bible
says, “Beloved, I wish above

all things that you prosper
and be in health, even as

your souls prosper.” Can I
have a good amen? Souls, all

right? It is linked. It is
linked. And now, medical

science have realized that
your soulish realm–they

won’t call it soulish realm.
They say that stress, when

you’re under stress, okay,
it affects your body,

especially chronic stress.
It can cause cardiovascular

problems, sickness, disease,
and all kinds of conditions,

chronic stress. So what is
that? It’s trying to

describe something that
comes from the

realm–something has gone
awry, something is amiss in

the realm of the soul, the
mind, the emotions. Where do

you feel depression?
Emotions. Where you do have

the dark thoughts? In your
mind. That’s your soul. God

wants your soul saved, amen?
Believers, this is for you.

So this part here, when it
says, “Through faith for

salvation ready to be
revealed in the last time,”

in the last days when Jesus
comes again, which part of–

it’s our bodily redemption,
our bodily redemption. That

will also happen in one fell
swoop, psh. We’ll have a

brand new body. The Bible
says it will happen in an

atomic second. The Greek
says the word “atomos.” Very

quick, in the twinkling of
an eye, it will happen. This

mortal will put on
immortality, and then

straightaway I’m gonna see
my mom. All your loved ones

who have gone on before,
amen? First of all, we will

see Jesus. That’s the one I
wanna see above everyone

else, amen? And I’m gonna
see my grandfather. And I’ll

see David, the man after
God’s heart. I’ll see

Solomon, his son. And we are
all young, strong, and

healthy in our bodies. And
that’s why the Bible says

that when everyone stands
before God, they will stand

before God spirit, soul,
body. God also wants your

bodily redemption.
Meanwhile, on this earth,

this body that we have, the
Bible uses the word, “Though

our outward man perish.”
It’s perishing. It’s

decaying. “Yet the inward
man is renewed day by day.”

And that’s what you want.
You want to cooperate with

God in having the inward man
renewed, renovated, amen,

repaired, restored, day by
day. And we saw in 3 John 2,

it has an effect on your
body. And what effect is

that? The effect is found in
Romans 8:11. It says, “If

the Holy Spirit that raised
Jesus from the dead, if He

dwells in you, He that
raised up Christ from the

dead shall also give life,
quicken your moral body.”

Now, some people,
commentators, they take that

verse and they say that this
will happen in the Rapture

when Jesus comes again. The
Holy Spirit will quicken our

bodies. But He doesn’t
quicken our bodies. That–He

gives us a brand new body.
So quicken your what?

According to Romans 8:11,
“Quicken your mortal

bodies.” That can only
happen now. Sometimes before

I sleep, I will just say,
“Lord, as I sleep, let your

Holy Spirit in me quicken my
body with Your resurrection

life, with Your healing.” So
that happens in this life.

So until we see Jesus face
to face, we can depend on

the Holy Spirit. It’s not
just sent to teach us all

things, guide us into all
truths, especially to

glorify Jesus. That’s His
first assignment, amen, but

also to quicken our bodies,
according to Romans 8:11. It

says that if the–notice the
Triune God is involved in

just one verse twice. “If
the Spirit,” Holy Spirit,

“of Him,” the Father, “that
raised Jesus,” the Son,” can

you see the Triune God,
“from the dead, if the same

Spirit dwell in you, He,”
again, that He that raised

up–Father, “that raised up
Christ from the dead,” the

Son, “shall also quicken
your mortal bodies by His

Spirit,” the Holy Spirit. In
one verse, the Triune God

appears twice. I think it’s
important for us to

understand this verse. I
think God wants us–and for

the lack of understanding
that, how important it is to

God, that God puts that
Triune God is involved in

this one verse. The Triune
God is mentioned twice. I

think it behooves us to know
what God is saying in this

verse, and it all starts
with, “There is therefore

now no condemnation to them
who are in Christ.” You

cannot believe wrong and
expect the Holy Spirit to do

what’s right in your body,
amen. Okay, praise the Lord.

You all can go home already.
That was good. If it didn’t

bless you, it blessed me. It
was very good. You can go

home with that one nugget,
meditate on it, and I tell

you, it will feed you not
just for one day, for months

to come just on that one
verse, okay? So the Holy

Spirit comes in us, and we
learned the last time is

that there are two mountains
that God talks about

primarily, Mount Sinai as
well as Mount Zion. Remember

that? And the Bible says as
children of God, you are not

come to the mountain that
burn with fire, tempest,

smoke. And the sight was so
terrible, it was dark,

lightning, thunder, you
know, and it was 9 o’clock

in the morning, by the way.
And that’s why the Holy

Spirit came also on Mount
Zion at 9 o’clock in the

morning, amen. So Mount
Sinai, when Moses went up

the mountain and the people
were below, there was

lightning, thunder, and
darkness. And the Bible says

the best of them at that
time would be Moses, isn’t

it? But Moses says, “I
exceedingly was fearing and

I was trembling.” So even
the best of them trembled at

Mount Sinai. So the Bible
says, children of God, and

all the people said. Talking
to you, “You are not come to

that mountain,” okay?
Hebrews 12 tells us, “You

have not come to the
mountain that may be touched

and that burned with fire,
and to blackness and

darkness and tempest.” Okay,
you have not come. You have

not come to this, that even,
“The sound of a trumpet and

the voice of words, the
people who heard it begged

that the word should not be
spoken.” It was so terrible,

the people begged, “Don’t
speak anymore,” they told

God. And that’s where God
gave the Ten Commandments,

amen. That no one can keep
the law, hence they are

always under the curse of
the law. But praise God,

Christ has redeemed us from
the curse of the law, being

made a curse for us Himself
at the cross, amen? “Cursed

is everyone that hangs on a
tree.” He took that cruse,

praise the Lord. Now, if you
say–look at verse carefully

in verse 18. When you say,
“You have not come to the

mountain,” what does that
mean? That means we are not

there. It doesn’t say, “Try
not to come to the

mountain.” You don’t belong
there. Where do you belong?

Drop down. Drop down to
verse 22. “You have come to

Mount Zion.” So in verse 18,
it says, “You have not come

to the mountain,” all right?
You have not come. Say, “I

have not come to Mount
Sinai.” “But you have come

to Mount Zion.” Say, “I have
come to Mount Zion.” So this

is done already. It’s a done
deal. You have come to Mount

Zion. Once you are born
again, you are at Mount

Zion. I said you are at
Mount Zion. So Mount Zion is

not Mount Sinai, and for a
greater part of our

preaching and teaching in
times past in the church, in

the church world, has been a
lot coming out from Mount

Sinai. Now, the thing is
this. I’ve said before,

Mount Sinai is good in terms
of what it actually

typifies. Because all the
rituals, all the ordinances,

all the feasts, and all the
Levitical offerings, the

five offerings, is depicting
our Lord Jesus Christ, His

person and His work, amen. I
was reading the other day

about the burnt offering.
Chapter 1 of Leviticus, the

book that is still stuck in
its pages in most Christian

Bibles. I was reading, just
reading the other day, and I

saw the part where it says,
compared to the other four

offerings, all right, the
meal offering, the peace

offering, sin offering,
trespass offering, this is

the only offering, burnt
offering, where it says that

they flay the victim. They
take the ox, all right, and

they flay. You know what’s
flay? Strip into its pieces.

And like this, I saw it,
amen. I’ve seen it for some

time, but again, it
reinforced it when I read it

the other day. By His
stripes, by His flaying, we

are healed. So it takes a
greater revelation to

understand the burnt
offering, because God starts

with the burnt offering. God
always starts with the

greater and then He goes to
the smaller, all right? We

start with the sin and
trespass offering. Sin

offering is for who you are.
You yourself is a sinner, so

you bring the sin offering
in the Old Testament.

Trespass offering is what
you do that is sinful, amen.

So notice, we start with
trespass offering; God puts

it last. God puts the
highest depiction of Jesus’

sacrifice in the burnt
offering, why? Because the

number one reason Jesus died
is to glorify the Father;

that His blood has fully met
all the attributes of God’s

holiness and righteousness
upon us. So today, we don’t

have to stand before God
with a feeling of

trepidation, why? The blood
of His Son, the burnt

offering, has fully met. And
this talks about the

sprinkling of the burnt
offering, the blood, all

around the altar. Altar
talks about God’s claims on

us in righteousness and
holiness. Blood around the

altar means the blood has
fully met all His claims on

us; that God is not just
saying that, “Okay, it’s

paid.” God is fully
delighting in us. “We are

all unto God a sweet savor
of Christ,” a fragrance of

Christ. Isn’t that
beautiful? So we learn that

from Mount Sinai. That’s how
we take the law and see the

Word of Christ in it. But
today, we are not under the

law in the sense that–don’t
say, “Pastor Prince says we

are not under morality. You
can do whatever you want.”

I’ve never said that.
Imagine a prince, okay? He

has a large palace, of
course, with servants and

all that, and one day, all
right, a new servant girl, a

young girl came in to serve
and all that, and the king–

the prince took a liking to
her. And the king noticed

that, okay? Now, all the
servants abide by rules and

regulations in the palace.
At a certain time, they must

get up. At a certain time,
they must do all their

dishes and laundry, or
whatever they are assigned

to do, they must do that,
but they are still servants

in the house, okay? So this
prince falls in love a new

servant girl and the father
noticed that. The king

noticed that and then tells
him, “I give you my

blessing.” He marries her,
okay? The first week of

marriage, has her status
changed? You all watch a lot

of romantic dramas and you
all don’t know. Has her

status changed? Yes. Is she
a servant? No. Now, we will

come to afterwards. After
you are a son, then you can

be a someone who wants to
serve the Lord Jesus Christ

and call yourself the
servant of the Lord Jesus

Christ, but who you are is a
son, okay? Now, he noticed

one day that his wife went
downstairs to look at the

rules and regulations, and
then she told him, “I’m so

sorry, I woke up late today,
half an hour late. And I

just read downstairs the
laws that says–that governs

the servant, and please,
please, please, I didn’t

mean it.” Now, that spirit
that she has, does it please

him? No, why? Why? “I’m so
sorry.” All right, whenever

you make his eggs, it must
be perfectly boiled, all

right? It must be really
nice. Cannot just be, you

know, just like liquefied
kind of eggs. Do you all

take half-boiled eggs? Do
you all take soft-boiled

eggs? Do you all take that?
That’s my favorite, by the

way, one of my favorite
food, okay? Mmm, I can just

eat that now. Put soya
sauce, pepper, coffee, you

are made for life, okay? So
praise God, we are all in

one accord, okay? So here,
he sees all that and she

says, “I’m so sorry. I broke
your eggs today, okay? It’s

all broken and runny. I’m so
sorry. Please forgive me.”

Now, that kind of spirit day
by–day in, day out is not

gonna please him, why? She’s
living according to the

standards of the laws
of–that govern the

servants. The Bible says,
“You have not received the

spirit of bondage again to
fear,” amen. Does that mean

that she don’t care about
pleasing the husband? No,

now she does it out of love.
Does it mean that, oh, we

are no more under the law,
we can do whatever we want,

and just go crazy? No, we do
it out of love. Like I said

before, you can try to keep,
“Thou shall not commit

adultery,” without loving
your spouse. You just don’t

do it. Are you listening?
You can, “Thou shall not

steal,” you don’t steal, but
you’re not working. “Pastor,

not working is a sin, man?”
Yeah, try this on for size.

It says, “If any would not
work, neither should he

eat.” Oh, that must be an
Old Testament law. No, from

Mount Zion. That was the
Apostle Paul’s instruction,

“If any would not work,
neither should he eat. He is

worse than an infidel.” It’s
getting very quiet in

this–in this church, amen?
You are thinking right. No,

you want to serve. You want
to serve with excellence

because you love Him. And
even when you fail to serve,

there’s no condemnation. Or
you know, you didn’t serve

well, there’s no
condemnation because it’s

not about you. It’s about
Him, amen. And your

relationship with Him has
changed, amen? Are you with

me so far? Not only does
grace make you love your

spouse, but grace will also
make you a giver because the

Ten Commandments never said,
“Thou shall give and be–

thou shall be generous and
give.” It doesn’t say that.

Just don’t steal. There are
people who are very stingy,

they don’t steal, but
everything is theirs, not

anybody’s. It’s mine. Can
you say that he didn’t break

the commandments? Yes. That
law that says, “Thou shall

not steal,” yes, it’s his.
Legally, it’s his. No, grace

makes us give, and give, and
give. Just like the rich,

young ruler, when Jesus gave
him the law, he could hardly

give, not even one shekel.
But the next scene, you have

Zacchaeus. No laws given to
Zacchaeus, just grace, and

he says, “Whoever I’ve
cheated, I’ll restore them

four-fold. Half my goods I
give to the poor.” Now, that

doesn’t mean it’s a law for
you. From now on as a

Christian, half our–no,
it’s for him. That’s what he

wants to do. But the
spontaneity of love, that’s

what happens when you’re
under grace. Are you with me

so far? Okay, good? All
right, so our bodies is what

God is interested as well.
If not, when Jesus comes

again, He will not give us a
glorified body. He

transforms our body into a
glorified, immortal body,

forever strong, forever
healthy, forever young.

Isn’t that good? Those who
have gone on before, they’re

in a better place than us,
you know? It’s okay to cry

when they go. It’s okay,
because of the temporary

separation. It’s okay, but
you better not cry as if you

have no hope. We’re not like
people of the world. We know

they have gone to a better
place. My mother right now

knows better than me, you
know, the Bible. Those who

have left us, they know
better than Pastor Lawrence

and Pastor Mark, amen, and
they have muscles now that

he doesn’t have. Will we all
look good? Yes, ’cause every

infirmity that you have is a
result of the fall. It was

never meant to be. I said it
was never meant to be, amen?

So you are come to where?
Mount Zion. Notice that? The

city of the living God. This
is the city of the living

God. God has moved
mountains. The previous one

you don’t find in Mount
Sinai, all right. If you

read, it says, “Blackness,
darkness, tempest, judgment,

the sound of trumpets.” You
don’t find God there. But

now, “The city of the living
God, the heavenly Jerusalem,

to an innumerable company of
angels.” Angels are not in

Mount Sinai anymore. They
were there in the giving of

the law. They were there.
Now it’s antiquated. God has

moved mountains, and Mount
Zion is a picture of the

church. I said Mount Zion is
a picture of the church,

amen? And it says–drop
down, “You have come to

Mount Zion, to the general
assembly and church of the

firstborn which are
registered in heaven.” Hey,

registered in heaven.
Registered in heaven. We are

all registered in heaven,
amen? In the book of

Nehemiah, it says, “Those
who are registered, whose

names are found, can eat of
the most holy things,” amen?

“To God the Judge of all,
and to the spirits of just

men,” that’s my mother right
there, “made perfect.” And

right now, she is part of
the spirit of righteous

people made perfect, amen?
Drop down, “To Jesus.”

Notice, God is there. Jesus
is there also in Mount Zion.

No longer in Mount Sinai.
You go to Mount Sinai right

now, there’s nothing there,
okay? Angels have moved

over, God is here, and we
have come to Jesus in Mount

Zion, “The Mediator of the
new covenant, to the blood

of sprinkling that speaks
better things than that of

Abel.” Do you see that? So
what is Mount Zion? Mount

Zion is a place, a
habitation. “Pastor Prince,

I learned from my Jewish
friends that Mount Zion is

Jerusalem.” Yes and no. The
location back then, Mount

Zion is in Jerusalem. Mount
Moriah, actually, the City

of David, okay, and then the
place of the temple. That

whole range is called Mount
Zion, but even then, notice

it’s not Mount Sinai. Mount
Sinai is in Arabia. This is

now in Jerusalem. So that
whole area is Mount Zion.

Are you with me so far? Are
you with me? Okay, but

spiritually, there is a–God
is more interested in the

spiritual meaning of
that–what is literal. Don’t

forget, when you read the
Old Testament, whatever is

in the past is literal, all
right? God has the truth

from it, and usually the
truth is pertaining to

Christ. And it’s in your
interest to know things

about Christ because you are
in Him. Whatever He is, He

is to you, amen. Whatever He
has, you have as a joint

heir. Praise God? Now,
that’s how you have

communion with God. You
know, when you visit a new

mother, all right, she has
her baby, and let’s say it’s

about now three months old,
right? You have–babies are

very cute in three months.
And when three months–not

the first few days, lah,
huh? And all the mothers

said? You feel like you are
in that Twilight Zone, you

know? Neither–you don’t
know day or night already.

But three months, three
months time, okay? Some of

you forgot. It’s a long time
ago. Three months, okay, you

visit the mother, and you
talk to her about the

weather. You talk about the
latest events that you see

in the news. You talk about
different things. There’s no

heart connection with her.
Ever? You talk about

politics and all that or
whatever, there’s no heart

connection. But the moment
you talk about her baby,

straight away, there is
an–a rapport. There is a

heart communion with her.
Her eyes light up, though

she’s tired. She starts
talking about how beautiful

and wonderful the baby is,
all right, how cute the baby

is. Now you found a place of
communion. You are both

communing. You are both
fellowshipping over a common

object, the baby. How to
have communion with God? I

used to think that the way
to have communion with God

is to have more pious
feelings, more holy

feelings. So whatever books
I read that give me more

pious feelings, mmm, this
book is good because I end

up–but the pious feelings
last only for awhile and

then I gotta read other
books, hear other sermons

that whack me a lot, all
right, so I feel more holy,

amen? One guy says you must
confess every sin that you

have, so I went to that
seminar. I confessed every

sin that I have. And there’s
a list, you know? One of

them is, “Have you been
reading the magazine,

‘MAD’?” Oh my goodness, I
read that when I was a young

boy, so I said yes. You have
sinned. Okay, so I confessed

my sin. Every sin you can
imagine, all right? There

was a list, I kid you not,
and this seminar was

actually in Singapore many
years ago. And I esteemed

the man as a man of God and
I confessed everything so

that I could have this pious
feeling, this feeling of

nearness to God, and I felt
that that was communion with

God. How wrong was I? Until
the Holy Spirit opened my

eyes. To have communion with
someone is both of you are

communing or fellowshipping
over a common object. God

delights in His Son. The
whole Bible is a portrait of

His Son and the Son’s work
is found throughout the

Bible. Like Leviticus, just
now I told you, it’s not a

boring book. It’s a book
that unveils Jesus and His

finished work. The truth you
find in the New Testament,

the details you find in the
Old. Like the flaying, all

right, it doesn’t tell us
what happened. It says

flaying and cut into pieces.
So that gives me the

understanding that I can
take the Communion, and one

by one, I go through my body
and say, “Lord, by Your

stripe I’m healed of this
condition. By Your stripe,

I’m healed of that
condition.” Because right

after the flaying, after the
stripping, was the cutting

into pieces. I think all
this is not without

significance. I think God
wants us to appropriate

every work of Jesus. So the
Bible is a portrait, amen?

Like I said before, if
I–you sit down with me, and

you come to my place, and I
bring out all the albums–I

have a lot of albums, you
know, of Jessica when she

was young, and Justin, and
our travels, just like you.

So I open up and I show you
Justin when he was four

years old, right? And I just
share with you, “This is so

cute. This happened.” Now,
I’m excited. Every parent is

like that, right? And then
you are like… You do the

technical yawn like Pastor
Lawrence does sometimes in

the front when I’m
preaching, you know? You’re

just like… and your eyes
start to water, right? And

you look out the window as
I’m talking. What do I do?

Slowly, I just close my book
and I put it one side. Some

people even miss that you
closed the book. They don’t

even get it. Have you met
people like that? You tell

them about your holiday,
they talk about their

holiday. Then you are like,
“Hey, I haven’t finished

yet, leh,” you know? Ever
been there? Listen more,

lah, please, listen. Many
people talk, few listen, and

the few are the ones that’s
accorded success in their

marriage or in their career,
whatever it is. People who

learn to listen, they are
able to detect. It’s a lost

art. We are very distracted
today. “Pastor, get back to

what you are saying.” No,
no, I want to stay here,

okay or not? All right, we
are a very distracted

society because of the
phone, okay? One study, and

it’s done by a professor in
a university, one study said

that there’s no such thing
as multitasking. Well, you

think you are multitasking,
but when you go back to your

phone, even that moment when
you go back to your phone to

look at something–not that
the danger of you getting

lost from the first
objective to find an

information about something,
all right, you look at

something else, oh, you saw
an incoming message or

something else, you got
distracted. Have you ever

been there? You find that
you are already all of a

sudden 15 minutes, 20
minutes, when you just

planned for a few seconds to
look. Not only that is a

problem, but even he says
when you come back to your

work, it takes you
about–really about 20 to

half an hour to get back
into the flow of what you

are doing. A part of your
mind is lost. It cannot

function as well. Then we
wonder why there’s an

increase of, you know,
mental conditions. And

people cannot adjust to
sustained reading anymore,

or sustained preaching. No,
that was not in study, but I

feel the same thing, all
right? Sustained reading

means they can only read
small portion and then they

have to jump to another
thing. It doesn’t interest

them, then you gotta jump to
another thing. We are

creating a generation of
people who are fleeting.

They cannot focus. They
cannot concentrate. And

sustained reading means you
read for a long time. You

are able to get into the
adventure, and the story,

and the feelings of the
people involved, and you are

lost. You know, studies also
show that reading is the

greatest form–one of the
greatest form–of course we

know that spiritually it is,
but in the world, the

University of Essex in UK
said compared to listening

to music, compared to
walking outside, all right,

reading brings down your
stress levels faster than

any of that. Think about it.
How much more when you read

the Bible, the Word of God,
amen? So back to this again.

We come back to this point
where the entire Bible is

all about Christ. Hello?
Amen. So to have communion

with God, we listen to God
when God says, “I want you

to fellowship with Me over
My Son. I want you to enjoy

My enjoyment of My Son. That
is communion with Me. I want

to reveal to you how
delighted I am in My Son.

Can I share with you? And
this Scripture is all about

My Son, and this part here
is all about My Son.” You

look at the life of Joseph,
one of the clearest

depiction of His Son is
there: rejected by the

brothers, loved by the
father, married a Gentile

bride, amen? Coming back
again, the first coming,

they didn’t recognize him,
the brothers. Second coming,

they recognized him. And
Israel will call him once

again using the words,
“Baruch haba hashem Adonai:

Blessed is He who comes in
the name of the Lord.” The

story of Joseph is right
there and Joseph told his

brothers when– after they
realized it’s him and all

that, he reconciled with
them. He forgave them. The

one who has the most power
besides Pharaoh at that time

used his power to forgive
them of their betrayal, of

them selling him off. He
forgave them. And what he

told them? Two things,
instruction for the church

today. He says, “When you go
back to get my father,”

that’s a picture of Israel,
present-day Israel, “When

you go to tell my father,
tell my father–” by the

way, he says, “As you go, do
not quarrel along the way.”

Church people love to
quarrel. They find things to

quarrel. There’s a lost
world out there who don’t

care a rip about what you
believe, all right, let

alone fight each other.
Jesus didn’t say, “By this

correcting one another’s
doctrines, all the world

will know you love Me. By
this, all men will know you

are My disciples.” Those who
love discipleship, listen.

He says, “By this,” what?
“Love one another as I have

loved you. By this, all men
shall know you are My

disciples.” Whoa, all men
means all men, amen? Let’s

unite around Jesus. We can
disagree on, “Well, I don’t

believe in speaking in
tongues.” Fine, you are

still my brother in Christ,
amen? “Ah, I don’t believe

in the Rapture.” Fine, we–I
will say, “I told you,” on

the way up, amen? We unite
around Jesus and His

wonderful person, and let’s
agree to preach the gospel.

By all means, preach the
gospel, amen. So Joseph

says, “As you go, brothers,
see that you don’t quarrel.”

Very interesting, it’s a
message for the church. And

then the second message,
“Tell my father of all my

glory and what you have
seen.” That is the essence

of worship. We are–when we
worship God, we are telling

the Father about His Son,
how wonderful He is. That’s

worship. So when you look at
the Bible and you find that,

“What a beautiful person
this is, Jesus,” amen, you

are communing with God
because God has the same

delight, amen. I tell you,
the day that that happens,.

that you see that you are in
this earth, on this–in this

earth, it’s not about you.
It’s all about Jesus. And

every time you are
self-occupied, self-focused,

to that degree of focus, to
that degree of occupation

with yourself, to that
degree you are depressed, to

that degree you are in pain.
But the moment you see Jesus

and you are occupied with
His beauty, His glory,

there’s no perfect goodness
like you can find in this

person, Jesus, amen? Are you
with me so far?


altogether lovely. So as
you–would you like to

have–how many of you would
like to have joy unspeakable

and full of glory? Full of
glory. Joy unspeakable and

full of glory. “Pastor, I
heard that before but my joy

is speakable. I have glory,
sometimes I feel this almost

a pinch of glory.” Well,
would you like to have joy

unspeakable and full of
glory? Let’s look at this,

okay, this portion, and
we’ll close with this, okay.

Watch this. 1 Peter, “Who
are kept by the power of God

through faith for
salvation,” bodily

salvation, “ready to be
revealed in the last time.”

That’s the–when Jesus comes
again, the only part to save

is our bodies, okay? Are you
listening? Back in those

days, right, during the time
of Paul and the time of

Jesus, the Roman Empire and
all that, what they do is

that you can actually
purchase something– and

until recently also we have
this, but you can actually

put a down payment. The down
payment is actually the

guarantee that you will come
back. It’s still yours. You

put a down payment. You
don’t come back, you lose

your down payment. Your down
payment is the guarantee

that you will come back,
okay? Your guarantee that

you will come back and pay
the full payment. Are you

with me so far? So the Bible
says the moment you are born

again, you are sealed–
“Whereby you are sealed with

the Holy Spirit of
redemption.” That seal,

which is the earnest of our
possession.” The word

“earnest” there is a down
payment. So right now in

this part–this side of
heaven, we have the down

payment already. The Holy
Spirit is not waiting to

fill us. He is in us. How
many are glad for that?

Jesus says, “I go away, but
I send you another.”

“Another,” that word there
in the Greek, just exactly

like Me. His person, His
essence, everything is just

like Jesus. That’s why it’s
called the Spirit–“If

anyone have not the Spirit
of Christ, he’s none of

His.” So the Holy Spirit is
with us right now. That’s

the guarantee, guarantee
that you’ll be saved

completely, amen, that He
will come back with the full

payment. Not the full
payment, to cash in on His

payment. The payment is all
made in full at the cross.

He will come back and then
our bodies will be saved.

But meanwhile, living in
this in between on this

earth, we are saved, but we
are not of this world. We

are of that heavenly world,
registered in heaven, yet we

are living in these two
worlds, right? But we have

the Holy Spirit to help us.
And then He quickens our

bodies. What happened just
now in the people testifying

how they got healed and all
that is the Holy Spirit

quickening that part of
their body. What you do not

know, you cannot cooperate
with. That’s why we are

teaching you this. Are you
glad you came to church

today? Okay, I have not even
touched the essence of what

I want to share, but I’ll
finish with this. So it

says, “We are kept by the
power of God.” Notice, the

word “kept” there is
passive. In other words,

it’s not active voice. It is
a passive voice in the

Greek, which means what? You
are being kept. It’s not you

keeping yourself. Isn’t that
a relief? God is keeping

you, how? With His power,
His almighty power, He keeps

you. All right, He keeps
you, so we, “are kept by the

power of God through faith
for salvation ready to be

revealed in the last time.
In this you greatly rejoice,

though now for a little
while, if need be, you have

been grieved by various
trials.” So this is a

paradox. One part, you see
“greatly rejoice.” I’m

telling you, you do not know
what it’s like to greatly

rejoice. I’m telling you,
sometimes you feel like

jumping up and down in your
room. You feel like–it’s

not happiness, which is
outside. Happiness is

happiness that–happenings
that happen to happen the

way you want it to happen,
then you are happy. Joy,

even when things are not
happening the way you want

it to happen, there’s a joy.
And this joy can make you a

success even in your earthly
career, for example, because

that joy levels your
thinking, gives you clarity

of mind. It gives you the
grace and the charisma that

people need. I’m telling
you, greatly rejoice, you

might say, “Well, I don’t
need that. I need help in my

parenting. I need help
with–” No, that joy is

gonna direct you. Just that
peace also. But what a

paradox to say, “Greatly
rejoice,” and then “Various

trials.” So listen, we live
in two worlds, all right? In

terms of our circumstances,
and our events, and all

that, we live in a world of
various trials. But in our

heart, in our mind, it’s
heavenly. We are in Spirit,

we are seated with Christ,
and we always see Christ at

the Father’s right hand. We
are in a realm where

everything is living,
nothing is dead. On earth,

everything is dead.
Everything’s dead. But in

heaven, nothing’s dead.
Everything is living. You

say, “Pastor Prince, my
heart is beating I would

have you know.” But you are
dead spiritually. Even

things that seem to have
some life for awhile, a true

flower fades. It dies. Grass
withers. People grow old.

It’s not meant to be. In
heaven, it’s not like that.

In heaven, everything is
living. “Well, Pastor,

that’s why in my house all
the flowers and all that are

all fake flowers.” That’s
worse. It’s all dead. It’s

not even dying. Dying has
still got life. It’s all

dead already, amen. “Well,
Pastor Prince, I would know

that man has advanced
himself. Now we don’t have

to worry so much about
studying and all that. We

can get our essays and all
that from AI, ChatGPT, and

all that, you know?” Let me
tell you something about

these things, okay? A
machine. A machine is

undeviatingly accurate. You
know what’s that called?

Dead. You can predict it,
it’s dead. It cannot go

beyond the knowledge that’s
fed into it. It’s dead.

Living is sometimes you have
a revelation of things that

you don’t even know in your
own head, not even based on

your experience. You have a
knowing not to get involved

with someone. Who is that?
The Holy Spirit, the living

water. Living water inside
you is leading you. That’s

alive. So while we live in
two worlds, we are actually

citizens of heaven. We are
there where–you see, if you

live com–even if you are a
Christian, you live

completely in your heart and
mind in this world, you are

subject to the vicissitudes
of life, the ups and downs,

okay? And when your
circumstances ameliorate,

all right, it gets better,
then you rise up, okay? You

feel happy. But then the
higher–the world is like

this. The world lifts you up
only to drop you. Have you

noticed that? And the drop
is called depression. You

get even more depressed. You
kinda wish it was more like

this because the more
elation you have, when it

comes to dropping, that’s
the living in the world.

It’s called the vanity line.
Ecclesiastes, “Vanity of

Vanities.” Book of
Ecclesiastes, written by the

man of wisdom, what is it
for? It is to tell us what

life is like under the sun,
natural life. That’s why the

phrase, “Under the sun,” is
used. The next book, Song of

Songs, is all about the
S-O-N: life above the sun.

And you imagine, how do you
greatly rejoice? You

live–in your heart and
mind, you live in heaven

where you see perfect
goodness. Everything is

living. Nothing to depress
you. The Bible says, “If you

then be reasoned with
Christ, seek after the

things at Christ’s right
hand.” Seek for the things

above where Christ is
sitting at the right hand of

God, right? Be
heavenly-minded. There’s a

saying, “Oh, this person is
too heavenly-minded to be

earthly good.” No, it’s only
when you are like this, what

I’m sharing,

heavenly-minded, that you
come back with the wisdom of

God because you have a God
Word perspective. You’re not

crushed by the
circumstances. You come

independent of the
circumstances with the

wisdom and the flow of the
living water to arrest your

problem, to take care of
your children. Do not be so

hyper-sensitive with
everything that happens

around you to be so
irritable all the time. It

shows straight away where
you heart and mind is.

Again, I repeat, I say
again, if your heart and

mind, even if you’re a
believer, is under the

vanity line, not above, you
are subject to depression,

emotions that are like a
roller coaster, feeling of

blah. Now, imagine a person
like that going to work. Can

he be a success? So even
these things will affect you

in the natural circumstances
in your life. Can I person

who is like this, depressed,
speak with wisdom to a child

that he’s bringing up
without the child see that

irritation, that
short-temperedness. “Pastor,

you are condemning me.” No,
no, I’m just showing you

that this is not God’s way
for you. God has a better

way. God wants you to live
with joy unspeakable and

full of glory. It’s coming,
it’s coming. It’s coming,

it’s coming. It’s here, it’s
here. Drop down, “That the

genuineness of your faith,
being much more precious

than gold that perishes,
though it is tested by fire,

may be found to praise,
honor, and glory at the

revelation of Jesus Christ,
whom having not seen you

love.” I tell you this. I
look at the people in our

church even, I look at the
people that I know who are

believers, I look at people
in other churches as well,

because we are all one in
Christ, and many times I see

them, and in one person I
see the beauty of Christ. In

another person, I see the
compassion and love of

Jesus. In another person, I
see the humility of Christ.

In another person, I see the
authority of Christ. Another

person, I see different,
different things. And all

together, we all make some
facet of the beauty of

Jesus. And when you come to
God, God says, “We are all

unto God a sweet savor of
Christ.” Reminds God of His

Son, the fragrance of
Christ. You come in the

fragrance of Christ, just
like Jacob when he laid his

hands, all right–or Isaac,
rather, laid his hands on

Jacob, his son, thinking it
was Esau, but the smell of

Jacob made him pour out his
blessings, right? The smell.

The smell is like the field
that God has blessed. How

much more the smell of
Christ. The Bible says, “We

are unto God a sweet savor.”
The word there is “perfume.”

Imagine every time you come
to pray, see yourself like

perfume coming to heaven, to
God’s throne. We are all

sweet perfume. If I see you
like sweet perfume to God, I

won’t find fault with you. I
see the fault, it just melts

away. You’re a sweet
perfume. You’re a sweet

perfume. You’re a sweet
perfume. How many love to

grab your boy or your girl
sometimes and just smell

their head? Depending on
when, lah, huh? After they

bathe, it’s the best time,
not after they play

football, right? You just
love their smell. Where did

that part come from? From
God. “Oh, God is like us.”

No, God made you in His
image. Okay, let me bring

this to a close. “Whom
having not seen you love.”

How many of you can say, “I
love Jesus, but Pastor, I’ve

never seen Him. But I love
Jesus”? That shows the

resurrection power of Jesus
from heaven, revealing

Himself to you, all right?
That shows the livingness of

your faith. What you have in
you is living, in a world

that is dying and is dead.
You see, resurrection means,

lah, listen, you step
in–when Jesus rose from the

dead, that means what? Death
is behind. Listen, Jesus did

not rise from the dead the
way Lazarus. He raised

Lazarus from the dead only
for Lazarus to die again in

the future. Resurrection of
Jesus is totally in a

different field altogether.
It is stepping into a realm

where death, everything of
this earth is left behind,

into a realm of perfect
goodness, perfect joy,

unspeakable joy, full of
glory, a realm where nothing

can go wrong anymore, where
there’s perfect beauty,

accurate symmetry,
perfection all around, and

to be forever like that in
this realm. But meanwhile on

earth, you are to have your
thoughts like that. That’s

how your brain–mmm. I
was–ah, time. I want to

tell you about another study
about the brain, amen? You

know, the Bible says,
“Whatever things are true,

virtuous, praiseworthy,
think on these things”? You

watch your mind. In one day,
very fast, pssh, it will go

into negative, in the dark
realm, in the dark realm. I

was just telling one of the
pastors just now, should we

ever need to have a good
announcement or whatever,

don’t hesitate to come to
the pulpit, pass the note,

and whoever is in the pulpit
will share. But I tell you

this, first announcement
must always be, “Don’t

worry, it’s good news,”
because human way, “Ugh, he

interrupt the whole thing
because there’s news,”

right? We hope that that
will never happen, the bad

news, but we are more– our
propensity is towards bad

news, amen? It might be some
royalty is coming and we all

like to just stand up to
honor that person, right?

Someone comes to honor all
of us. Someone comes to

participate in the house of
God. But instead, we always

think negative. We are
more–so you see, it’s hard

to keep–whatever things are
true, virtuous,

praiseworthy, think on these
things and the God of

shalom, the God of
wholeness, the God of

well-being, the God of peace
shall be with you. Wake up

in the middle of the night,
guard your thoughts. Start

to pray in the Spirit and
just guard your thoughts,

amen? “What if I can’t
sleep, Pastor?” Tell

yourself, “If I can’t sleep,
if I meditate on Him, it’s

gonna be a very active and
energetic day. He will give

me the strength.” Don’t let
your thoughts go dark

and–amen? Okay, don’t stop
me. Let me finish this,

okay? Okay, last part, last
part, last part. All right,

“Whom having not seen you
love.” Can you say amen? Is

it true? Just think about
it. We love someone that we

have never seen. And who is
the–what’s that a sign of?

That there’s something
living in you. It’s living.

The Holy Spirit is there.
“Though now you do not see

Him,” that is, physically,
“yet believing, you rejoice

with joy inexpressible and
full of glory.” All right, I

used the word “unspeakable
joy” from the Old King

James. This is New King
James, “Joy unspeakable and

full of glory.” But notice,
how do you get this? By

looking at Jesus, by loving
Jesus, because He first

loved you. It is when your
mind is on Jesus that you

abound with unspeakable joy
and full of glory. Imagine

with that kind of spirit to
attend to the earthly

affairs. But the moment you
drop, I call it the vanity

line, pssh, okay, and the
Ecclesiastes line,

everything becomes dark,
becomes depressive. “Pastor,

you must be realistic. You
cannot just think of heaven,

think of heaven.” No, I said
we are citizens in both

countries, right? But don’t
let your heart and mind be

here. Let your heart and
mind be there, where

everything you see is
perfect beauty, absolute

goodness, righteousness.
That’s why when this Man

comes back to rule on this
earth, and He will, can you

imagine? The Bible says, “He
will rule the nations with a

rod of iron.” People say,
“Wow, is that a dictator? Is

that a–” No, no, no, that
means what? Absolute rule.

Rod of iron means absolute
rule, but it’s a rule from a

heart of love and
compassion. No heart is as

kind as the heart of Jesus.
None of you–don’t talk

about healing the leper. You
won’t even come close. No

one would touch the leper.
He didn’t even have to

touch. He can actually
speak–He has healed from a

distance. We’ve seen that
before, the Centurion’s

servant, Jairus–sorry, not
Jairus’s daughter, someone

else who was in back home,
right, in Cana, when He was

there. He spoke the Word.
Miles, right? The second

miracle. It’s all distance,
but He chose to come to the

leper. He chose to touch the
leper, restore to him his

humanity, and says, when the
leper asked, “If you can,

you can make me clean. If
you’re willing, you can make

me clean,” He says, “I am
willing. Look at Me, I am

willing. Be cleansed,” and
the leprosy departed. This

Man will rule the nations
with a rod of iron. I say

“Man” because He will rule
as a Man. Yes, He is God. He

is Godman. Once upon a time,
He was not a man, He was

just God. But God took on
the form of a Man. “Well,

Pastor Price, I believe that
God can send messengers and

all that. Jesus is just one
of the messengers.” No, He’s

not. He’s not. “But love, He
can still love us from a

distance.” No, He cannot.
You see, if you love a girl,

you’re interested in a girl,
do you send your best friend

to woo her, hmm? Do you send
your best friend to woo the

girl of your dreams, or love
inside you demands that you

do it yourself? God came
Himself in human flesh, so

now today, forevermore, He
has the human– you know, He

knows what a human feels
like. He knows what a man

feels like. He knows. He was
tested in all points, yet

without sin. And this Man
will come back to rule,

hallelujah. And I’ve
finished. Praise the Lord,

hallelujah. Thank You,
Jesus. Actually, I just got

started, but next time,
okay? Praise the Lord. Every

head bowed, every eye closed
all over this place and

everywhere that’s watching
this right now. I wanna

share with those of you who
have never received Jesus

Christ as your personal
Savior and Lord. If you have

never made Jesus your
personal Savior and Lord,

make that decision today to
put your trust in Christ.

Believe on the Lord Jesus
Christ and you shall be

saved. What to believe?
Believe God loved you so

much, God sent His Son to
die for your sins on that

cross. Believe that He bore
your sins in His own body on

the tree; that He was
judged, cursed, and

condemned in your place;
that He who was made sin

with your sin is now today
ready to give you His

righteousness, you who know
no righteousness. It’s a

gift. And if that is you,
you say, “Pastor, pray for

me,” then pray this prayer
with me right now. Say,

“Heavenly Father, I confess
Jesus Christ is my Lord,

this wonderful Jesus who
died for my sins and was

raised from the dead without
them. I thank You from

henceforth I am in Him. I am
greatly blessed, highly

favored, and deeply loved.
Teach me that while I walk

in this earth below, I’m a
citizen of heaven. You are

my Father, Your Holy Spirit
is in me, my Lord Jesus is

my advocate and my High
Priest, and Your angels

surround me. In the name of
Jesus. And all the people

said… Whoa, if you prayed
that prayer, you are born

again. You are saved, all
right? Stand to your feet,

church. Church, you are not
dead. You are living. And

wherever the river goes,
everything that’s dead

lives, amen? Keep on praying
in the Spirit. Everything

you touch will prosper.
Live! Dead things become

alive. Amen, amen, amen,
amen, amen. Praise the Lord.

Lift your hands all across
this place. This coming

week, I pray that the Father
will unveil to you more and

more of the beauties, the
glories, and the

excellencies of His beloved
Son. The Holy Spirit give

you eyes to see and a heart
to hear, and may you see how

all your interests, even
your earthly interests, is

all wrapped up in this
wonderful person, this Man

that will one day come to
rule. I pray in Jesus’ name

that the Lord will keep you
and your paths straight

throughout this week. I pray
angels will attend your way,

all your family’s ways
throughout this week, and

deliver you all from the
power of the evil one, in

the name of Jesus. And all
the people said, “Amen.” God

bless you, and I love you.

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