This excerpt is from: Benefits Of Praying In Tongues (05 Dec 2021)

In Genesis 5, we find this
word about Enoch.

It says that: “Enoch walked
with God and he was not.”

He walked WITH God!

Like Adam and Eve,
he walked with God.

So going back all the
way down there,

man still walked with God,
together with

but walking with God
is still outward. Okay?

It is still something close, yes.

But not as close as what
I’m gonna share with you.

So you still find Enoch
walking with God.

And then in Genesis 17,
you find God talking to Abraham

and this is what God said
to Abraham: “I am El Shaddai.”

“When Abraham was 99 years old,
the Lord appeared to Abraham”

“and said to him,
‘I am El Shaddai;’”

Literally, “El Shaddai” in Hebrew
or “Almighty God.”

“Walk BEFORE Me and
be blameless.”

So notice now.

“Walk BEFORE me.”

Literally in the
Hebrew, “Panim”.

“Panim” means “face.”

God is saying:
“Walk before My face.”

“Walk before My face.”

“Be conscious I’m looking at you.”

Now, this is still a wonderful
way of walking with God every day.

Being conscious as you
walk with God,

you are conscious
He’s looking at you.

And we know now that the
blessing of the Old Testament:

“The Lord make His face
to shine on you”

should be put in here.

That today, because of Christ,
God’s face is shining on us.

He is beaming on you.

He is radiant on you.

That you through that grace
and that light of His revelation

will be able to walk with God,
walk before God,

and yet I’m going to
show you right now,

the new covenant way of
walking with God,

which is in Galatians 5:16.

“I say then: ‘Walk in the Spirit
and you shall not fulfill’”

“‘the lust of the flesh.’”


So here we have a more
intimate walk in the Spirit.

Now, how do you
walk in the Spirit?

You’re not walking with the Spirit.

You’re not walking before the Spirit.

That will indicate that the
Holy Spirit is outside you.

Don’t forget that the
Holy Spirit is God Himself.


One of the Godhead. Amen.

The divine Person of the Godhead,
the Holy Spirit.

And here it is not talking about
you walking with the Holy Spirit

or walking before the Holy Spirit,
which all indicates

it is still outside you, but you’re
walking in the Holy Spirit.


You’re walking in the Spirit.

That is a very intimate term
because the real you

is actually a spirit.

God made you in His image,
God made you a spirit.

You are a tripartite being,
you are a spirit-being.

You have a soul.


Your soul is not the
real you, okay?

The real you is the spirit and
you have a soul, right?

I am a spirit.

I have a soul.

The soul is the mind,
the will, the emotions,

all that is the soul realm and
you live in a body.

So there are three parts to you.

You are also tripartite. Amen.

There are three parts to you.

So you are a spirit.

You have a soul, and
you live in a body.

Guess what?

It’s a picture of
the tabernacle.

In the old tabernacle of Moses,

you find there are
three parts to it.

The outer court,
which is your body, right?

The Holy Place,
which is your soul.

And then the Holy Of Holies,
where the ark of the covenant is.

And God’s presence
and shekinah glory is there.

That’s the spirit.

Our walk has become more
intimate in the new covenant,

where your spirit and God’s Spirit
are in the Holy Of Holies

and you sense things.

That’s why, what you sense
deep down is more important

than what you hear in your head,
than your logic, than your reasoning.

Your spirit man is faster
than your head.

If you listen to it, you will
find profit.

“I am the Lord thy God
who teaches you to profit”

“and leads you by the way
you should go.”

Profit in every area
of your life. Amen.

God is saying: “Walk in the Spirit
and you will not fulfill”

“the lust of the flesh.”

The Bible doesn’t say:
“Try not to fulfill the lust of the flesh.”

“And then you will end up
walking in the Spirit.”

It doesn’t say that.

It says: “Walk in the Spirit!”

That’s positive.

“And you SHALL NOT fulfill
the lust of the flesh.”

Don’t put it the other way around.

It is not saying: “Try not to fulfill
the lust of the flesh”

“and then you end up in the Spirit.”

You will never end up in the Spirit.

The more you try to not
fulfill, you end up fulfilling it.

Friend, I’m not telling you
to go indulge in the flesh.

I’m telling you the opposite.

I’m telling you how
to get out of it.

How not to fulfill it.

By being positive—
walking in the Spirit.


Allow yourself.

And one of the ways that
you walk in the Spirit

is to pray in tongues.

Paul says: “If I pray in an
unknown tongue, my spirit prays.”

The most intimate part
of me is praying.

And that’s what the Bible says
about praying in the Holy Spirit.

In Jude, he says: “Praying
in the Holy Spirit,”

it goes together with
“building up yourselves”

“on your most holy faith,
praying in the Holy Spirit,”

Building up yourself on what?

Your most holy faith.

Why is that most holy?

Many years ago,
I was meditating on this

and the Lord began to show me
that when we pray in the Spirit,

because the next verse is
“praying in the Holy Spirit”,

When you pray in the Holy Spirit,
you are praying from

your most holy place,
the Holy Of Holies.

“Most holy” means Holy Of Holies.

You are the temple of God.

Which part of you is
the Holy Of Holies?

Your spirit man.

So when you pray in tongues,
that prayer does not come

from your head.

That’s why when you
pray in understanding,

pray in English or your
native language for awhile,

you stop because you run out of thoughts,
you run out of words,

you run out of ideas
to talk with God.

But when you pray in the Spirit,
you can do it all day long,

even in undertones.

You are praying from your
most holy place.

That’s why it’s called:

“Building yourselves up
on your most holy faith.”

The Holy of Holies.
Most holy.

Praying in the Holy Spirit.

And it says: “Keep yourself
in the love of God.”

“You’ll keep yourself in the
place where the love of God

and all He provides
for you will be there.

Praise God.
Thank you Jesus.

You keep yourself in the
consciousness of the love of God

by praying in the Holy Spirit.

So it’s sandwiched by building
your most holy faith,

keeping yourself in the
love of God.

And what is in between?

Praying in the Holy Spirit,

Friend, this is a gift

that is one of the least
esteemed in the body of Christ.

Yet when I study the Scriptures
with no prejudice

and I just look at the Scriptures
as it is, I find that the Bible

emphasizes a lot on
praying in tongues.

Spend some time, at least,
at least half an hour to 1 hour.

Set aside time, and it doesn’t
mean that you must

observe it legalistically
every day,

you can choose the time
you want,

but start praying in tongues.

At least for half an hour
to one hour. Okay?

Praise the Lord.
Every day.

Will you do that?