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welcome to Enjoying Everyday Life with

New York Times bestselling author Joyce

Meyer on today’s program Joyce will be

teaching from her series trust God and

do good the answer to everything is that

simple trust God and do good it’s so

freeing to believe God has everything

under control because that means we can

spend less time worrying and more time

trying to help others now here’s Joyce

with today’s teaching what about them

well first of all God does work in

miraculous ways and he he he turns many

things around in our lifetime and and we

see the good we see God work good out of

stupid stuff you know but I’m also

convinced of

late that we need to be paying a lot

more attention to the thoughts of

Eternity than what we

are I mean to be honest if you read the

New Testament they just talked about the

coming of Christ all the time

and that was 2,000 years ago and they

thought he was going to come any moment

see we need to live as if we really

believe Christ is going to show up any

moment boy would that ever change a

bunch of stuff

amen and however long our life is

here I mean let’s just say you live a

really long time let’s just say you live

to be

100 that’s nothing compared to Forever

and so if I take my whole entire life

here and I invest it for

then for

eternity it’s still a good

deal but the people who spend their

whole life here trying to please

themselves and get what they want and

mistreating other people and being

concerned about things man they’ve got a

whole eternity to have to not be happy

and wish they would have spent more time

doing what was right while they could

have I compliment you for being here

today I compliment those of you that are

watching Bible teaching on TV I mean my

goodness you could watch cartoons

or or some sexy soap opera you know

where everybody’s in bed with somebody

else wouldn’t that edify you and



you I bet that would build hold you up

and get you ready for the

day but you know here’s the thing even

if you don’t totally understand what I’m

saying I probably a lot of you don’t you

may at least wonder how a 72 year old

woman gets this kind of


amen I mean Dave is 75 today and he

married a much younger

woman I’ll tell you what do doing life

with God gives you energy it gives you

purpose it gives you a reason to get out


bed we have a

privilege of trusting God well I’ve done

everything I know to do I guess I’ll

just have to trust

God you ever say I said

that I’ve done everything I know to do I

guess there’s nothing left to do but

pray well that should be the first thing

we do

and trusting God should be the first

thing that we do it’s a privilege to

pray it’s a privilege to trust God

trusting God has side

effects peace Joy confidence stability

Joy extreme

joy I mean trusting God is the best

sleep aid in the


now trust in God doesn’t mean that we

sit back and do absolutely nothing while

God does everything trust in God really

means that we are going to put our trust

in him but we’re also going to do

good now let me just share something

with you that God spoke to my heart

years and years and years ago and it was

at a time when I had all kinds of

problems enemies Joyce you take

care of my needs and I’ll take care of

yours see God needs us to get out in the

world and be a

blessing God needs us to get out in the

world and

shine let me put it more simply because

the shine thing can kind of get

mystical yes I’m going to go out today


Shine for somebody that could be putting

on sparkly jewelry I don’t know

God needs us to get out in our little

part of the world and act like we

believe in

Jesus well what does that

mean that means that you’re kind to

people that you treat people good that

you’re quick to forgive that you help

people when they need help that you

don’t complain all the time and murmur

and Grumble and that you but anyway you

know right you

know you know trus in God is what leads

us to a lifestyle of obedience and maybe

you know we supposed to obey God

that’s that’s kind of the long and the

short of this thing right it’s like do

what I tell you to and your life will be

blessed can you turn to somebody next to

you and say do what God tells you to

your life will be blessed

this is not hard anybody could pass this


today trusting God is the only thing

that’s going to lead us to obedience

because why would I obey somebody that I


trust and so even when Moses disobeyed

God and God got angry at him he said you

didn’t believe

me so trusting and obedience go hand in

hand why in the world would I tithe and

give offerings if I didn’t trust God

that would just be the dumbest thing

that anybody could possibly do would be

to take 10% plus of their

money and give it


away see that’s why the world doesn’t

understand this I had an accountant one

time tell tell me you’re giving away too


money and he didn’t understand he he

didn’t get it why do we why did you put

an offering in this morning to help

provide water for somebody over in

Africa somewhere that you’ll never know

or never meet because you trust God and

that trust provokes you to obedience and

you believe that if you give if you

bring all the tithe and offering into

the stormhouse that God will rebuke the

devour for your sake and he will open

the windows of heaven and pour out a

blessing so great that you cannot


it and when when we don’t do what God

tells us to we don’t trust him we don’t

believe the word but if we do believe

and if we do trust then we do what he

tells us

to H it’s quiet in


you want me to take the offering again

would I get a better one the second

time you know if I really believe that

something marvelous is going to happen

in my life if I will forgive people who

have hurt

me then I’m like I’m not going to waste

one more day of my

life mad at


somebody who obviously doesn’t have

enough sense to know how to treat


I’m going to pray for them and I’m going

to do what God tells me to even though I

may not understand it I’m going to do it

because I trust

him come


on in every situation I’m going to take

some trust and that trust is going to

lead me into more and


obedience I want us to look at 1

Corinthians chapter

1:9 I don’t even know how to tell you

how many times in my life I’ve read this

scripture and two days ago I saw

something in it that I’ve never

seen it amazes me when that

happens how many of you have that happen

in your life you see something in the

scriptures it’s like well did they just

add that

word I mean i’ I’ve looked at this over

and over and over I’ve preached on this

1 Corinthians 1:9 God is

faithful reliable TR trustworthy and

therefore ever true to his promise and

he can be depended

on by him you were called into and I

want you to watch this part into

companionship and

participation with his son Jesus Christ

Our Lord now the word that just jumped

out at me and it’s something I preach

but wow now I got another scripture to

back it up was the word

participation we’re partner ERS with God

so even when I’m trusting

God he may show me something that I need


do and then if I go do that that’s also

going to help solve my problem but it’s

not going to help solve my problem

because I came up with some bright idea

of something I could do to solve my

problem it’s going to solve my problem

because God showed me do

this do this I you know I have had some

amazing relief in my soul from

practically blessing people who have



me you’ve heard a lot of my stories

about my upbringing and that my dad

sexually abused me and oh my gosh I’ll

never forget when I was praying one day

got to be careful when you


I was praying one day and lo and behold

God showed

up isn’t that

scary I mean when we say oh God show me

what you want me to do do we really want

God to show us what he wants us to

do and I felt like God told me to bring

my parents to the city where I live and

buy them a house and take care of them

until they

died well I said I rebuke you

devil I did I honestly did I didn’t

think there was any way that God could

ask me to do that not after what my

parents had done to


me so I assumed that wasn’t God and went

on and the next time I was

praying there God was

again long story short we ended up being

obedient to God in that

area tried to buy a cheap house God said

no you buy a nice

house I mean I did everything I could to

wiggle out of any part of it I could and

can I tell you that that has been the

single greatest Victory and blessing now

now hang on a minute and I’ll give you a

real reason to shout for for

me to gladly take care of the man who

sexually abused me week after week after

week after week for about 15 years and

to take care of a mother who knew what

he was doing but didn’t have the courage

to do anything about it for me to be

able because of my love for God to take

care of them was the greatest Victory

I’ve ever


and bar I tell you it had side


effects I mean here was one side effect

our ministry just

like okay so I can sit around oh God

what can you God I’m trusting you for my

Ministry to grow oh God I’m trusting you

for my Ministry to grow come on are you


there find the joy of trusting God at

all times in all things with today’s

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to let go of trying to figure everything

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