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welcome to Enjoying Everyday Life with

New York Times bestselling author Joyce

Meyer on today’s program Joyce will be

teaching from her series trust God and

do good the answer to everything is that

simple trust God and do good it’s so

freeing to believe God has everything

under control because that means we can

spend less time worrying and more time

trying to help others now here’s Joyce

with today’s teaching for

me to to gladly take care of the man who

sexually abused me weak after week after

week after week for about 15 years and

to take care of a mother who knew what

he was doing but didn’t have the courage

to do anything about it for me to be

able because of my love for God to take

care of them was the greatest Victory

I’ve ever


and bar I tell you it had side


effects I mean here was one side effect

our ministry just

like okay so I can sit around oh God

what you God I’m trusting you for my

Ministry to grow oh God I’m trusting you

for my Ministry to grow come on are you


there oh God I’m trusting you for Pro

for a promotion work I’m trusting you

God I’m trusting you and all of a sudden

God that’s good you’re trusting me now

here’s a

little here here’s a little good you can


hello trust the Lord and do


oh well God does it have to be a house

oh my

gosh I recall another time when a

somebody came back from lunch and told

me that they heard a couple sitting

behind him at the table back behind them

just cutting me to

Pieces well this was the wife of a man

that we gave a lot of business to and

man I got my backup


that’s what that means you know it’s

like boy we can straighten our back up

on well if he thinks we’re giving him

any more business he’s got another thing

coming and I’m going to do this and

tomorrow I’m going to do that and about

3:00 in the morning the Lord said now

now that you’re done can I tell you what

you’re going to

do come on sometimes we just got a spout

off for a few

hours can I tell you what you’re going

to do you’re you’re going to send them a


present but the minute that I

agreed I had this really weird Joy hit

me see it’s a


it’s a secret that only we can

understand come


on you got to get this this is a kingdom

secret that only Kingdom

people can

get you overcome evil with good Romans


but it’s not just hearing me preach


it come on you’re going to go

home you’re going to go back to

work and I don’t

know maybe you’ll be praying about

something and God will tell you to offer

that person where you work that has been

so mean to

you and now you heard their car is not

running and God’s going to maybe tell

you to offer to loan them your second


car you got it brother you just laugh at

that right it’s like H you got to be

kidding that ain’t


happening okay now that’s what it means

to let your light

shine God

Amen it’s not just getting out your cell

phone and turning the light


on let your light shine means you put

your trust in God and you do this most


thing that only somebody in the Kingdom


get and you do it and then you sit

back and you

watch while God shock everybody you know

by what he does in your


life trust in the

Lord and do

good well when God first told me I was

going to send those people a

gift I will have to tell you that I said

okay and but the gift I wanted to send

them was my book me and my big


I am telling you the honest of God’s

truth that is what I wanted to send

them but God wouldn’t let me do that so

I wrote a letter told them how much I


them sent them a gift certificate to go

out and

eat I even really wanted to make the

gift certificate from the restaurant

where they were talking about me there

like I mean honestly I just my flesh

just kept trying to find some way to let

them know that I

knew and now look at how good I’m being


you come on your flesh is

crazy just totally

crazy what are you supposed to do when

you’re being mistreated what did Jesus

do when he was being

mistreated 1 Peter

2:23 well I haven’t gotten off off my

first page here so

I look at look at that look at all the

stuff I got for this I

mean good


gracious first Peter

2:23 I love this scripture so much that

I had this printed out on a sign and

it’s on my office wall when he was

reviled and

insulted he did not revile or offer

insult in return when he was abused and

suffered he made no threats of

Vengeance but he trusted himself and

everything to him who judges

fairly himself and everything yourself

and everything you trust yourself and

everything to him who is a righteous and

a fair judge Hebrews 10:30 says for we

know him who said vengeance is

mine retribution and the meeting out of

full Justice rest with me I will repay I

will exact the

compensation says the Lord and again the

Lord will judge and determine and solve

and settle the cause and the cases of

his people can I tell you today that God

is on your

case come on God is on your

case God is fighting for you and I know

that I know that I know this one of the

hardest things in the world for us to

endure is when people are not treating

us right and it’s really hard if it’s a


somebody and we just don’t understand

why God is not just all up in the middle


them making them treat us

right I think that’s just like one of

the hardest things in the world to

swallow and I’ve gone through that I was

in a situation for a long time where a

Christian just was not treating me

right and God wouldn’t let me leave he

made me

stay made me treat the person right pray

for him

yeah I was trusting God to get me out of

there come on

now and God said no you stay and do some


I also love acts 10:38 you know Jesus

really I mean he was judged and

criticized he was spit on he was beaten

he was mocked his own family thought he

was nuts and acts 10:38 says God

anointed and consecrated Jesus of

Nazareth the Holy Ghost with strength

and ability and power and he went about


good in the midst of everything that he

was going through while he was being

reviled and insulted he went about doing

good do you know your only job when you

get up in the morning I don’t care if

it’s Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Thursday or Friday your only job when

you get up in the morning is trust

God and do

good trust God and do good now how many

of you will admit that when you’re

having a problem you can get pretty


how many of you know when you’re having

a problem you can blame it on

everybody do good nobody does good to

me why should I encourage anybody nobody


me I do all the work around here and you

guys just lay around here and do nothing

and I’m sick and tired sick and tired

I’m being sick and tired of being sick



tired but I’m trusting God

God I am trusting God to make you treat


right well there it is right there I am

trusting God to make you treat me

right and I don’t understand God why

you’re not making them treat me right

did it ever occur to

you that maybe God is using that person




what are you talking

about well you know what we’re all just

Diamonds in the

Rough I’ll tell you

what when God allowed me into fellowship


him man I was such a mess but I had

potential and you know what

you’ve got


potential but you also got some stuff

that’s got to be worked


out a lot of stuff you’re right sister

thank you I was afraid to say

that and I tell you God used people on

me God used Dave on

me and Dave would tell you if I hand him

the microphone he would tell you that he

felt like one of his main jobs in my

life was to Crucify My


Flesh I’ll just give you an example like

I might be going through something

really bad and I would go to him

and and honestly he would look at me

sometimes and say I am not going to feel

sorry for

you I mean I went wild inside just

how could you be so mean how could you

be so uncared you just don’t have any

emotions you don’t care about

anything come on have I got any sisters


there you know everything for men is

logic well of course I love you I

wouldn’t have married you if I wouldn’t

have loved

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