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Ministries I’m Joyce Meyer and I believe

that God can heal you everywhere you


hurt well as we celebrate Thanksgiving

all of us at Joyce my Ministries want to

see how grateful we are for you not only

today but all year round we app

appreciate you we love you and we pray

for you every day we thank God that

you’re a part of our family you know

thankfulness is very powerful it’s so

easy to find all kinds of things to

murmur and complain about but if you

really think about it it’s easy to find

so many things to be thankful for God is

so good for us and I challenge you not

to just let Thanksgiving be a day of

Thanksgiving but find things to be

thankful for every single day and voice

your thankfulness to God the Bible says

be thankful and say so not only thankful

to God but remember to thank the people

that are a blessing in your life so I

pray that God blesses you and that you

have a very Happy Thanksgiving have a


day we have a tendency sometimes to just


of sit and hope something good happens

but I want you to release your faith


afternoon faith is a force that you have

inside your

spirit and you can just let it sit there

or you can release it on

purpose and I want you to release your


that everything I say this afternoon

you’re going to get something out of



everything there’s a scripture in



4 verse

2 that says for

indeed we have had the Glad

Tidings the gospel proclaimed to us just

as truly as they the Israelites of old

did when the good news of deliverance

from Bond bondage came to them so the

Israelites heard messages that were good

news about being delivered from

bondage but now listen to this but the

message they heard did not benefit them

because it was not mixed with

faith the messages they heard didn’t

benefit them because it was not mixed


faith and it concerns me sometimes that

people just

come and just sit in church

and kind of wait for somebody to do

something to

them and they don’t really mix their

faith with what they’re hearing they

don’t really like this is for me

sometimes we sit in church and we think

of all the people we wish were there to

hear that good

message don’t

we but you’re here and that means you

need need to hear what’s being

said and that means you need to apply it

to your

life and so you’re going to really

listen and you’re going to listen

already having your mind made up God’s

going to teach me something today and by

his grace I’m going to go out of here

and do

it so I think it’s very important that

we decide ahead of

time amen

I’m going to learn something today and

I’m going to do it we don’t just need

more knowledge in our

head we need more

action on the knowledge that we

have you know we Christians we like to

color in our Bibles we’ve got all these

colored magic markers and we like to

underline everything and I don’t know it

just makes me feel better if I underline

it it just you know if I read something

that really seems to kind of jump out at

me I just I got to get a pen and

underline it you know you can underline

it and put stars around it and highlight

it in yellow and be proud of yourself

when you open up your Bible it looks

like a coloring


book come on be truthful have you ever

just opened up your Bible and secretly H

that the person next to you saw how

spiritual you

are man I tell you my husband has got

his Bible so marked up and he has got so

many uh bookmarks in his Bible I’m

afraid to touch the

thing I mean just looking at his bible

you’d think this man is a spiritual

giant well he is but I’m just saying

that you really can’t tell that just by

his Bible you could only tell it by his


when are we ever going to realize you

will know them by their

fruit you’ll know them by their

fruit I recently heard a story about


who got big mess going on in their life

and I’m not going to get into it

but you kind of look back and think

how how can that happen to somebody like

that but then if you really think about

it this person really wasn’t that nice

to the people that worked for him

Minister but wasn’t that nice to the

people that worked for

him didn’t treat people really all that

good and you know to me there’s nothing

worse than a minister who mistreats

people I mean I think that stinks in the

nostrils of God

that just upsets me more than

anything and

so we could have known years

ago that something was going to fall

apart down the road if we would have

just been a little better fruit

inspectors amen

amen and I want to encourage you to be a

good fruit inspector

the people you listen to the people who

have input in your life the people you

hang around with the people you eat


with do yourself a favor and get around

some people that can add to your


amen get get around somebody that you

want to be like


them hang out with generous people don’t

hang out with Gingy

people don’t don’t just go to lunch with

somebody week after week after week that

always sits there and waits for you to

pay the

bill that’s right that’s right that’s

right cuz it’s a character

issue don’t hang out with people that

gossip about other people because if

they’re talking about somebody else

they’re talking about you




yourself from the garbage that Satan

tries to dump in

you and everything you hear when you

come to church don’t just come to church

and hope something good happens pray

before you get

there pray for the pray for the

ministers pray for the worship team

don’t just always sit and expect them to

do something for


pray for them let them know that you


them do a little spiritual work before

you get there

amen take a little extra money you know

a couple tens or 20s and see somebody

that looks like they’re hurting or need

to be encouraged or find a single mom

and give her the money to take her kids

out to

lunch don’t always don’t always just go

to see what you can


well I’m going to go and get my

blessing oh sometimes I just get so

tired of

that I want everybody to be blessed but

I want you to be a

blessing you know it’s greater to be a

blessing than it is to get blessed it’s

more blessed to give than to


amen so I want you to mix your faith

with everything you

hear this

afternoon we’re talking about how how

much fear there is and that there’s only

one way to conquer fear and that’s with

faith you know there are certain

antidotes for different poisons or like

different snake

bites and there’s

antidotes for some of the junk the devil

tries to throw at us

too being thankful is the antidote for

grouchiness and

complaining and you know I I wrote that

book called the power thank you and I’ve

been encouraging you this weekend to get

it and I don’t know how many of you have

been smart enough to go get it yet

but you know that book that book really

helped me because you know what I found

I mean this I have found this to

actually be a reality if if I start to

kind of s maybe I’m tired you know like

I’ll be tired when I get home from

here and tomorrow it’s going to be warm

in St Louis my husband’s probably going

to go play golf and I’m going to be home


myself and I’m going to be

tired and this doesn’t happen very often

anymore but you know I could start to

kind of get like

just give everybody everything I got

what does anybody do for

me I’m not beyond that the devil attacks

me too and let me tell you something the

Devil comes after you when you’re tired

more than any other

time you got to be really careful when

you get excessively tired because you’re

weak and he comes against you when

you’re weak and I have discovered and I

did just try this when I start to feel

that if I start I mean I I’ll just say

uh-uh devil been there done that here’s

what I got to say God I’m thankful that

I’ve got this beautiful home I’m

thankful that I can stay here today by

myself and rest and nobody’s going to


me I’m thankful God I got to preach to

all those people this

weekend and I’ll tell you what you can

run the devil off by being thank you by


thankful now don’t forget what I said I

just said you can run the devil off by


thankful don’t sit around and gripe

about what you don’t have thank God for

what you do have cuz no matter how bad

your situation is it could be a lot


amen I hope somebody’s getting

convicted not condemned but

convicted we need to not complain God is

good to every one of


us so we want to talk about faith some

more this

afternoon going to talk talk

specifically in a little bit about the

shield of Faith you probably see my

shield up

here first of all I want to tell you

that faith can

grow the Bible talks about great faith

and little

faith and I don’t want to have little

faith I want to have great

faith and you know how your faith can

grow the only way it can grow is if you


it you got to use what you

have if you want

more you invest what you

have and it will

increase and faith is a force that’s on

the inside of you but it has to be


am and you release your faith I think I

know three ways you can do it for sure

by praying by saying and by doing am

amenah When you pray in faith the Bible

says that the first effectual prayer of

a righteous man avails much I want to

tell you something I am a big fan of

prayer and I’m not I’m not even

necessarily talking about locking

yourself in a room and you

know praying five and six hours at a

time I think we need to pray our way

through the

day what does the Bible

say constant in prayer yes pray at all

times everywhere about everything you

don’t have to be in some spiritual

position on your knees with your eyes

closed to

pray prayer is just talking to

God but you got to mix your faith with

it do you know it’s it’s very possible

to pray and not mix your faith with it


all let’s just talk about praying over



well father thank you for this food I

ask you blessing my name bless my body

in Jesus name

amen we pray over our food all the time

and so it can just become this

ritual that means nothing to us that’s

right I read that in a book the other

day I thought you know what I’m guilty

of that and I’m going to stop


because I don’t want what I eat to kill

me and make me


and the stuff we eat today especially if

you eat out there’s all kinds of stuff


it chemicals and this and that and

something else

and I was looking up some nutritional

facts on this one restaurant we eat at

and this one dish that Dave eats had

3,700 milligrams of salt in

it you’d be surprised when an education

you’d get about what you’re putting in

your body if you just do a little bit of

study no wonder God tells us to pray

over our


amen I honestly think if we were more

sincere in our

prayer and the Bible talks about that

about being sincere to When you pray the

fervent effectual prayer of a righteous

man avails much makes tremendous power

available in its

working you do the best you can to

choose right things to eat and then when

you pray over that

stuff stay focused that doesn’t mean you

have to get loud and long it just means

to be focused think about what you’re

really saying father thank you for this

food if you didn’t give it to me I could



and I pray over this that if there’s

anything harmful in it that you

will take it out and not let it make me

sick I pray that this will be health and

nourishment to me in Jesus name amen

well that’s much better than thaning for


food anybody agree with what I’m

saying so I want you to understand what

I’m saying things don’t work if if

you’re not releasing your faith with

them you can have faith and not release

it so you can release it through praying

you can release it through saying amen


declaring the word of

God when I don’t feel good or when I get

sick I will always say I believe God’s

healing power is working in me and every

day I’m going to get better better in


way but you know we’re tempted we’re all

tempted to just go around all day and

talk about how bad we feel we want

everybody to know how bad we

feel well that’s fine you can tell

somebody I’m not feeling good but at

least follow it up with what I believe

God is working in

me and every day I’m going to get better

and better in every way and when I’m

having a trial when I’m having a

problem I have formed the habit of all

always saying this is going to end

well right now I’m really going through

it and it’s hard but I tell you what

this is going to end well and God’s

going to take what Satan meant for harm

and work it out for my good see you you

can release your

faith by

saying not only that if you listen to

people you can tell how much Faith

they’ve got by what they say especially

when they’re having a

problem and you can learn a lot about

yourself if you listen to what you

say when you’re having a

problem if you’re already sick and tired

why do you say I’m so sick and tired of

being sick and

tired why not say this two will

pass God’s going to work this out for

good and I believe it’s going to end

well we could use a good message on the

mouth couldn’t

we 2 Thessalonians

1:3 we ought

always always to thank God for you

brothers and

sisters and rightly so because your

faith is growing more and

more and the love all of you have for

one another is

increasing I love that don’t ever get to

the point where you think you’ve

arrived don’t you dare if I if I talk

about a certain scripture and you open

your Bible up and you got it underlined

and all colored in don’t you dare think

oh I I I I got that one I know that

one no you say I need this tell it to me

again Paul said I never get tired of

telling you the same stuff over and

over you know why it takes us a while to


it and then I don’t know about you but I

need to be reminded of stuff that’s

right cuz there’s so many

things that the Bible teaches us that we

can let things slip

you can be generous at one point in your

life and then maybe start to backslide


generosity and so God will send somebody


to teach a message on generosity and

then you get back on

track I believe that everything in God’s

kingdom should always be growing we

should always be growing as Believers be

growing in our faith and I love this be

growing in the love that you have for


another if there was only one message

that I could preach the rest of my life

I would have to

preach on loving God loving yourself and


others cuz I’ll tell you when you get

right down to it the main theme of the

Bible is Faith and

love Faith and love and the Bible says

that our faith only works in is energy


love everything in God’s kingdom grows

second Corinthians 4:13 it is written I

believed therefore I have

spoken since we have that same Spirit of

faith we also believe and therefore we

speak if you’re a real man or woman of

Faith people will hear it coming out of

your mouth amen amen and then you can

release your faith through

doing what God tells you to do through

taking God inspired

action Faith Works through love it works

through knowing that God loves you

you’re not going to put faith in God if

you’re not positive that he loves

you so let me tell you again God loves


and then I want to go to a scripture

I’ve mentioned a couple of times but I

want to read this to you point out

something Mark

11 24 or 22 have faith in

God have faith in God Jesus answered

truly I tell you if anybody says to this

mountain go and throw yourself into the

sea and does not doubt in their heart

but believes that what they say will

happen it will be done for them

therefore I tell you whatever you ask

for in prayer believe that you have

received it and it will be

yours well how can I believe that I have

something that I can’t

see because you can have things in your

heart before you have them in your

possession amen I haven’t seen Jesus

return yet but I’ll tell you what you’re

not going to convince me that he’s not


back I believe he’s coming

back I haven’t seen an angel but I know

there are angels that watch over us and


us I don’t see gravity but I use it


day come on so you do believe things

that you can’t see

so he says believe that you have

received it so to me that’s just like

saying I’ve asked for it I believe it’s

on its

way and I believe God’s timing is

perfect in my


amen believe that you have received

it and you will get it now I made a

point last night out of saying that he

doesn’t father to say when you’ll get

it and that can kind of be somewhat of a


because if we really read the

Bible Abraham waited 20 years Moses

waited 40 years Joseph waited 13 years

you said man don’t tell me that I can’t

wait that

long well your breakthrough could come

in the next 20 minutes but you got to

make your mind up if it is 20 20 years

you’re still going to keep believing

God we cannot put time limits on our

faith we can’t give God

ultimatums well if something doesn’t

happen soon God I’m just going to give

up what have you been saying that or


you can wait however long you have to

wait as long as you keep the right

attitude you keep saying it’s on its

way it God’s

working and I do that whenever I feel my

faith start to weaken I’ll open my mouth

and say I believe that God is

working can I encourage you to do that

e even you know if you’re having a

long-term illness and the devil’s trying

to discourage you you’re never you’re

never going to get your heing you’re

going to be sick the rest of your

life well one of two things is going to

happen either God’s going to heal you

he’s going to give you the grace and the

strength to go through whatever you need

to go


amen fear is everywhere and affects

everyone including me but with God’s

I’ve learned how to move forward in the

presence of fear and do it afraid I

wrote this book because I want you to

experience the peace that Jesus died to

give you in these Pages you’ll learn how

to understand and confront fear and

change your mindset for lasting Freedom

if you open your heart to God he’ll help

you Embrace courage in the face of fear

find your strength and walk in Freedom

From Fear today when you order Joyce’s

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