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come on we gotta stop getting mad every

time something happens in our life that

we think is unfair

there’s a lot of unfair stuff in life

but God is a God of Justice and I want

to tell you that that means he will make

every wrong thing right but


how many would say that you’re having

some trouble in your life

right now all right well the title of

this today is don’t be offended

by trouble

offended the word offense comes from a

Greek word

pronounced scandalon and it’s actually

the part of the Trap where you hang the


that draws the animal in

that allows you to capture it

so Satan loves


he loves it when we get offended each


he loves it when we get offended

at God he really likes that

he loves it when we are offended and the

Bible says that some people are offended



I got too many things up here and

they’re not wanting to stay where I want

them to go

and um

I think that offense

I was thinking about it I think it’s

like having a hang nail in your spirit

it’s like

I’m sure you’ve all had a hangnail at

some time and you when you hit it


so you’ll trim it down as much as you

can and but you never can get it all the

all the way to the root so the thing

grows back out again

and they hurt they hurt if you get them

on your toes and you get them stuck in

the covers at night and the only way you

can really get rid of that hangnail is

to yank that baby out by the roots

and we know that hurts

but sometimes we have things in our life

that we just keep trying to trim

and they just keep growing back out

and we need to go after the root

and get rid of the root

of the problem

is there anybody here who’s been messing

with the same thing over and over and

over and over and over and over for

years and years and years

well maybe it’s time for you just to get

it over with

get the root out

stop having that same problem all the


in Mark chapter 4

verses 14 through 17.

is the parable the sower

it says the sower sows the word

now you know that’s what I’m doing today

I’m sowing the word of God into your