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the ones along the path

are those who have the words sown in

their hearts that’s you today

but when they hear

Satan comes at once

and by force

takes away the message which is sown

in them

and that happens to so many people I

don’t even realize what’s going on you

have to understand the devil hates hates

hates your progress

and see if you really listen today

pay attention

it’s going to help you make progress

it’s going to help you

the rest of the day and tomorrow and

next week and

you’re gonna learn some things about

trouble that’s going to help you handle


may be better

than what you’re handling it

in Mark 4 I think it’s verse 27 the

Bible says

that the measure of thought and study

that we give to the truth that we hear

is the measure of virtue and knowledge

that will come back

to us

so this is not a thing

you should just


sit there and enjoy all the work that

I’ve put into this

if you want to get the most that you can

out of what you hear

you need to leave and go home and think

about it some

and one of the things that we really

need to do is we need to apply the

message that we hear to our own life

not just wish somebody else was here

that you think needs a message

but ask yourself

how does this apply

to my life

do I have a problem with this in my life

well the devil doesn’t want you to do

that so he tries before you ever even

get a chance

to steal that word from you

well you say Joyce how might he do that

well you know you could you could get

offended in the parking lot

somebody cuts you off or they’re not

acting very Godly and

you get offended and say a few unkind

things and

the devil’s got you going in a different

direction than

what God wants you to go in which is to

be able to

meditate on what you heard and

really think about applying it to your

life it’s disturbing to me that so many

people think that just going to church

is all there is to it

let somebody else do all the work and

I’m just going to go and sit in that

padded pew

and get my check mark on my went to

church calendar

but you got to apply it to your life I

want you to remember that

apply it to your life

it doesn’t do one bit of good for you to

be here today if you’re not going to

apply this

to your life


the Devil comes at once he doesn’t waste

any time he comes at once

and by force

steals what was sown in your heart and

in the same way the one sewn upon Stony


are those who when they hear the word at

once receive and accept it and welcome

it with joy those people are fun to have

in the service

because they are excited

about what they hear

they’re the ameners amen


amen you love everything that says

and then you don’t go home do a thing

with it

because you don’t have the Bible says

you don’t have any any depth

in your life

don’t have any depth you’re just

an emotional hearer

sounds good yeah

praise the Lord break those chains I

like that music

I’m going to keep just

doing a bunch of stuff that I shouldn’t

be doing but break those chains this

this sounds good

and they have no real root in themselves

and so they endure for a little while

then when trouble or persecution arises

on account of the word

and I love that see it doesn’t say that

trouble or persecution arises because

you got sin in your life

now sometimes that can be the case

like for example the Bible says if we go

to bed angry

that that gives the devil a foothold in

our life

if you have unconfessed

sin in your life that can be an open

door for the devil but there’s only two

times in your life when you have trouble

that’s when you’re doing something wrong

and when you’re doing something right

and this says that

the Devil comes on account of the word

just because

you’re here today

don’t mean to

give you a bad report but it makes you a


because the devil despises