What choice will you make? Joyce shares how to stop yourself from slipping down this slippery slope.

So we all have feelings

can’t always do anything about that. But we
have to choose not to act on the feelings

if we know it’s against the Word of God.
And believe me you do have a free will

and you can make a choice. I said you do have a free will

and you can make a choice. You do

have a free will and you can make a
choice. Self control

is a fruit of the Spirit given to us

so we can control, guess who? See how smart you are.

At least this section over here is. Shall we
do it again… self control

is a fruit of the Spirit that’s given to us to
help us control… who?

Alright, y’all pass the test.

So we have to get rid of the,

“I can’t help it.” “It’s just too hard.”

Now I admit that if you let your feelings,

especially anger, if you let it get into
a rage

then you may be at the point of not
being able to control yourself.

That’s why we need to learn how to
recognize things

when they’re first beginning to happen, how
to take

every thought captive before they become
a stronghold

in our mind, how to resist the devil at his

at the very beginning when the enemy
first begins

to tempt you. That’s when you get away
from sin.

Come on, you don’t flirt with it for
three weeks

hoping that you’re not going to be the
one that’s gonna get caught. Don’t be

like the little girl that was walking
down the mountain path and she saw this

serpent lying in the road and he.. it was
very cold and

he begged her to pick…”Will you pick me up and put me inside your coat? I’m very cold.”

And she said,”Well, I’m not

going to do that.” Any he said “Oh please pick me up, I’m very cold. Will you just

put the inside your coat?”

So she picked him up put him inside
of her coat and a little bit later

he bit her. And she said, “Why did you bite
me?” He said, “You knew what I was when

you picked me up.”

We can go slow, that’s okay.

You know, you don’t all of a sudden get
into an adulterous affair.

It starts with flirting.

iI starts with thinking the person that

you’re married to isn’t…

you’re not… you’re not, you’re not, you’re
not. It goes from one thing to the next.

From a coffee to a doughnut, to a lunch to a…

to telling this person now all your problems about your pitiful, pathetic, bad marriage.

Well anyway…

that’s not on the program either, but…
See if we would just

I mean, you know, you’ve heard the saying
around, “You know you need to nip it in

the bud early.”

Well that’s really, I mean we need… the sooner the better.

The sooner we take action the better it is. And when you feel yourself getting angry

the sooner you say, “No, not gonna live
like this.”

You see, anger if it’s not controlled

is poison to your soul. And this phrase
came to me today so I hope it’s not too

far out there. But I think what we allow
ourselves to get bitter and resentful,

and we have deep-seated

rooted anger in us I think it’s like
committing spiritual suicide.

That doesn’t mean you lose your
salvation but it just kills everything

that God wants to do

in your life. What does anger solve?