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hurting people hurt people when you

learn that it helps you to be able to

get over the things that people do to

you there’s so much stress in the world

and people today are just about to


I’m Joyce Meyer and I believe that God

can heal you everywhere you hurt



welcome to Enjoying Everyday Life I’m

Jinder stockey Joyce’s teaching is on

the way in just a moment but first this

is going to be fun we want to take you

down memory lane together you see we are

celebrating 30 years of broadcasting the

gospel isn’t that amazing and whether

you’ve been watching Joyce for many

years or we are welcoming you here for

the first time today we are honored to

have you with us and we are so grateful

for the beautiful ways that God has used

this program and Joyce’s teaching to

change people’s lives there is power in

the word of God and there is nothing

better to be part of or more important

to Joyce than sharing that word so

here’s a brief look at some of those

messages through the years

many years ago I was standing in the

bathroom one morning and I was getting

ready and I just said to the Lord I said

why is it that I always have this

Sensation that I’m reaching for

something that I can’t get hold of

this is something I felt in me like I

was always reaching for something that I

couldn’t get hold of

and the Lord spoke to me and I didn’t

understand this stuff about Christ in

you the hope of glory it was many years

ago before I had all this teaching and

he said

don’t reach out reach in


see I didn’t realize at the time that I

have everything in me that I need

because everything we need is in Christ

and he’s in US




we have to understand that our worth is

not in what we do

you’re not worthless because you’re a

housewife raising three children and

don’t go around saying well I’m only a


don’t you dare say that

well I’m only a housewife all I do is

change diapers and take care of kids and

empty trash cans and cook meals

well that’s the season you’re in right

now in your life and just for your

information that’s exactly what I was

doing when God called me to do what I’m

doing right now I was making my bed

when God called me and I think a lot of

people are out looking for a Ministry

and they ought to be making their beds


and I’ve learned I’ve learned so much


people and how everybody’s different and

how you just have to accept people where

they’re at that I can’t change people

that only God can change people and if I

try to change people it just comes

across as demands and you know we can’t

just build little boxes and stick

everybody in them and tell them you have

to be the way I’d like you to be

one of the greatest Revelations you can

get if you don’t already have it is

everybody is not like you


and furthermore that’s okay


our lives are wrong because our thinking

is wrong


and our lives cannot be right until our

thinking is right

it’s like the Devil comes early in the


putting wrong thoughts in your mind

and it’s like he’s just winding you up


and he said this is the way you look to

me all day what about me what about me

what about me what about me what about

me what about me what about me


I finally got so tired of me oh man

that I asked God to deliver me from me

how many of you think maybe you needed

deliverance from yourself

and nobody else should be somebody’s


everybody shout out I love myself


that God wants us to stand still and see

his Salvation


God is a god of restoration

amen amen

I recall one time Dave and I having an

argument and I got so mad at him I just

he hurt my feelings and you know how it

is you’re gonna go into every room of

the house except where they’re at and

you don’t talk anymore you only grunt


you’re not about to cook anything they

like or

wear anything they like or anything else

and I’ve been there done that not

interested in doing that again and so

I went into my office


I got down the floor and I put that out

in front of me

and I laid down and I said now God

I’m not getting up

until you give me the grace to go out of

this room and go out there

and act like nothing happened


I refuse to leave until you give me the

grace to forgive him

it’s pretty amazing that i’m 80 and

still at it huh


and you know what I don’t have any plans

to be anywhere but right here

I might get a little stiffer


I’ll be on that TV Monday morning to

greet you and bring you another word

from God I am committed to teaching the

word of God and I am qualified to teach

the word of God because I have got

experience and I can tell you that God

is faithful and God is good and you can

press through anything that comes

against you because the greater one

lives in you


there’s people in here today that you’re


and you’ve been hurting

for a long long time some of you perhaps

most of your life because of something

that happened to you in your childhood

and it’s because you have refused

to lay it down

today is the day to lay it down

everybody in life is going to get hurt

I don’t care who you are what your

background is

you have already been hurt you probably

will get hurt again

but the good news is is the great healer

lives on the inside of us

as Believers in Jesus Christ you know

I’ve been hurt a lot in my childhood

abused by my dad and a couple of uncles

and my grandfather and married the first

guy that came along when I was

18 I got married and that was like the

dumbest thing I could have ever done


he was in worse shape than I was and you

know a lot of times wounded people marry

other wounded people and then they just

keep wounding each other and I did it

out of desperation I thought nobody

would ever want me so I just grabbed the

first guy that came along how many of

you know that’s a tendency when you’re

afraid of loneliness you’ll take

something even if you know down deep in

your heart it’s not going to be the

right thing

amen yeah preach amen and but then you

find out once you got it you got it

and so we were married five years but it

was more like a joke than anything else

because he constantly would run around

with other women didn’t work and and

just was a con man and a petty thief and

wrote bad checks and you know I mean it

was just a mess and he believed me all

the time he abandoned me in Albuquerque

he abandoned me in Oakland California

and I’d have to borrow money and come

home on a bus why why is it that women

that have been hurt

will marry somebody like that and then

just keep going back to them and keep

going back to them come on is anybody

hearing me and keep going back to them

you deserve better than that

and so did I but you got to stand up for



we usually get what we put up with in


well I had one child

the end of that

marriage I had one miscarriage and then

I had one son we were married five years

and this boy was born right toward the

end of our marriage and I named him


that wasn’t my husband’s name I named

him after my brother actually but then I

met Dave

when my son David was nine months old


Dave and I had five dates he asked me to

marry him I always say jokingly but it’s

probably true he had to ask me before he

found out what he was getting otherwise

he would have never done it and


I had I mean

a boatload of problems so when I stand

here and tell you that the word of God


and it will change you and it will heal


I’m not telling you because I read it in

a book

I’ve experienced God’s healing power in

my life but I am going to tell you that

it will take more than you just praying

to be healed

we pray

and I think we’re we have a

misconception about prayer we think when

we pray then God fixes everything

but you know what I’m finding out more

and more even in the last two or three

years when we pray

very often God shows us what we need to


now I’m not saying that God doesn’t move

supernaturally anything we cannot do

he will do for us

if we’re going to do nothing and expect

God to do everything

then that’s not going to happen

and if you’ve been badly hurt by someone

you can get completely well and be whole

but I am not going to tell you some

fabricated made up

story it will not be easy

it will take time

it will take you doing some things that

you’d rather not do things that you

don’t feel are fair like forgiving


and maybe even being required by God to

bless those people

see here’s the thing

because somebody treated you wrong

that doesn’t give you a license now to

treat them wrong




that God never tells us to give other

people what they gave us he always says

treat them the way you would like to be


and sometimes you’re going to have to

treat somebody else right A long time

before they begin to treat you right and

there’s a possibility they might not

ever change but here’s the thing the

amount of years that we have here on

this Earth

are so limited I don’t think that you

realize in your 20s and 30s how fast

you’re going to be 60 and 70 and 80.


you know my life is I’ve lived

almost all of it and so I tell you what

I’m going to double up and I’m going to

get make the devil extra mad in these

last years that I’ve got


I mean what God has done in my life is

absolutely amazing and I can tell you it

is actually totally impossible

if it was anything other than God

there is no way that what God has done

in my life could have happened and he

can and is and wants to do the exact

same thing in every one of your lives

but the first thing you’ve got to give

up is all bitterness

all resentment

all hatred

all offense

you have to let go of that stuff

because even as we read earlier before I

started actually the sermon in Mark 11

it says that whatever we ask

in Jesus name believing that we have

received it we will get it

however when you stand praying if you

have anything against anyone you have to

leave it drop it let it go or your

heavenly father cannot forgive you can

somebody please hear that enough to

actually believe it today


so we realize what that’s saying

that any prayer that I pray if I’m

praying it with unforgiveness in my

heart God cannot and is not going to

answer that prayer

sometimes we’re praying for God to

change somebody and we’re in the middle

of hating them while we’re asking God to

change them

you know you can’t love what you want

somebody to be you got to love them

where they’re at

did you hear me

we can’t love what we want somebody to

be we have to love them where we’re

they’re at and that will help them get

to where they need to be and I’m not

suggesting that you let people abuse you

or you let them take advantage of you

that’s not what I’m talking about at all

but I am saying that you don’t you can’t

carry this stuff around in your heart

think about what Jesus said on the cross

father forgive them for they know not

what they do

Stephen when he was being stoned said

forgive them we read last night how Paul

when everybody deserted him he said Lord

forgive them

you know I think a lot of times when

people hurt us they really don’t know

what they’re doing they’re acting out of

their own pain a lot of times people

hurt us and they don’t even realize that

they’ve hurt us and and I’m not saying

at all that my father did not know that

what he was doing to me when he was

sexually abusing me was wrong he had to

know what was wrong or he wouldn’t have

gone to such extremes to hide it

but I really don’t believe that he

understood what it was doing to me

I don’t think he and really when he was

in his 80s he told me that he said I had

no idea

how bad I was hurting you well he grew

up in a household of incest and so he

was acting out of learned behavior and

hurting people hurt people when you

learn that it helps you to be able to

get over the things that people do to

you there’s so much stress in the world

and people today are just about to

explode and they end up hurting other

people and then we keep letting them

hurt us by staying bitter and miserable

life hurts people so let me just ask

are you bitter because your life has had

a little more than its normal share of

bitter events just be honest this

morning how many of you had a pretty

tough tough time in life

let’s see

I have two

I mean I’ve had breast cancer I’ve had

migraine headaches I

was abused in my childhood just you know

on and on and on and on and on but

God has more than made up

come on God has more than made up

my goodness


let me tell you something

life is not fair but God is just

life is not fair but God is just and the

devil will hurt you any way that he can

hurt you because let’s be honest he

hates you

he hates anybody that loves God because

he hates God

and the moment that you decide that

you’re going to follow Jesus the enemy

is going to be after you from that point

on you’ll have breaks thank God we get



when he was tempting Jesus in the

wilderness for those 40 days and 40

nights the stories in Luke chapter 4. it

says that after he had completed his

cycle of Temptations

come on now you ever feel like you’re

just like one thing after another after

another you know his after he had

completed his cycle of Temptations He

went away to wait for a more opportune


I think that’s so interesting

we got to get smarter

and we got to watch and pray

and that means we learn enough about how

the enemy operates that we catch him

right away

so much of our battle is in our mind

life is not so bad if we learn how to

look at it the right way

how many people look all the time at

what they don’t have and never bother to

look at what they do have

when I said how many of you had a pretty

rough life about half of the hands went

up and I’m sure you have had a very

rough life but I can tell you that you

can help yourself right now today by

doing just what I’ve had to learn how to

do I have to not look at what I don’t

have and what I haven’t had and what

I’ve lost and what I’ve missed and look

at what I do have and what God has done

for me

I still wonder sometimes once in a while

I found myself the other day wondering

wonder what it would be like to have a

mom and a dad that actually really loved


wonder what it would be like to have a

dad that you could

go to for advice

or a mom that really

stood up for you

I wonder what I wonder what it would be

like to have a a sister

that I could hang out with

I wonder what it would be like to really

get to be a kid

my childhood was stolen I never got

never got to be a child

but you know what God’s given me back my


in my later years in life

God is a God of Justice you know what

that means

he always makes wrong things right

life may not be fair but now listen to

what I’m going to say because if you

miss this sentence you miss the whole

thing if you’re willing to do things

God’s way

and that’s the long and the short of it

if you’re willing to do things God’s way

then he will make up to you

many times over

for anything bad that has ever happened

to you if you’re willing to do things

God’s way

and that means

that you’re willing to obey God whether

you want to or not whether you think

it’s fair or not whether it feels good

or not whether you like it or not you

get committed to doing things God’s way

because you actually really do believe

that God is smarter than you are

and that his ways work is everybody with


Okay so

I’m gonna

Bush today

until by the time you leave here

hopefully and prayerfully by the grace

and the mercy of God not one person

leaves here and takes your bitterness

and anger and unforgiveness with you but

you’re gonna leave it walk away from it

let it go and get about the business of

living and enjoying your life amen

yeah Psalm 37

the first 10 verses we’re going to go

through them

don’t worry because of evildoers

nor be envious toward wrongdoers

for they will wither quickly like the

grass and fade

like the green herb

trust rely on and have confidence in the

Lord and do good

wow I don’t I don’t even know if you

know how important verse 3 is in psalm

37. I got a hold of those five or six

years ago and

the book that I wrote on unshakable

trust there’s two chapters in it on

trust God and do good you know when

we’re having problems we always hear

trust God trust God but that’s not all

the Bible says

trust God and while you’re trusting God

make the devil as mad as you possibly

can by being as good as you possibly can

to as many people as you possibly can


because that is the exact opposite of

what a normal person would do

normal people when they’re hurting get

cranky and grouchy and they don’t want

to be around anybody and they take it

out on everybody else but the Bible says

the worse you’re hurting the more good

you should do for other people

who wants to do that

we overcome evil with good Romans 12 21.

that is the biggest most powerful

Spiritual Secret in the Bible

if evil things have been done to you you

will never overcome them or get over


by returning to somebody else what you


see I spent years

taken I was making trying to make my

husband pay for what my dad did to me

you know you do that when you’re mad at

somebody and you can’t get them back

you’ll take it out on the people in your

life how many of you know that you do


it wasn’t his fault I treated him like

it was his fault because I wanted

somebody to pay

I wanted somebody to pay

but then I found out in Matthew 18

whenever the man was

being asked to forgive somebody for a

small debt

he could not pay

the guy could not pay him back only God

can pay you back for what’s been done to

you people can’t pay you back only God

can pay you back and he won’t just give

you what was taken he’ll give you double

what was taken


if you do things his way

trust God

and do good stop worrying so much about

what everybody’s done to you and do as

much good as you possibly can

every single day of your life

delight yourself in the Lord and he’ll

give you the desires of your heart

commit your way to the Lord trust also

in him and he will do it

he will make your righteousness your

pursuit of right standing with God like

the light and your judgment like The

Shining of the Noonday son

be still before the Lord wait patiently

for him and entrust yourself to him

don’t fret whine or agonize because of

him who prospers in his way because of

the man who carries out wicked schemes

face from anger and abandon Wrath

cease from anger and abandon wrath do

not fret it leads only to evil

for those who do evil will be cut off

but those who wait for the Lord they

will inherit the land

forget a little while and the wicked one

will be gone forever though you look

carefully where he used to be he will

not be found

God will take care of your enemies if

you wait on him

in Psalm 61 7 says instead of your

Farmer’s shame you’ll have a double


and instead of humiliation your people

will shout for Joy over their portion

therefore now listen to this

in their land I’m glad that doesn’t say

when you go to heaven

therefore while you’re still here

in this lifetime living your life you

will possess double what you forfeited

an everlasting Joy will be yours

somebody give God a praise


it can feel like a tangled mess of

never-ending pressure anxiety builds as

life twists and turns and we struggle

through one problem to the next

but there is an answer there is an


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thank you


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