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I do what I do because I’ve seen God’s

power transform my own life and he will

do it for you the key to everything is

found in God’s word I’m Joyce Meyer and

I believe that God can heal you

everywhere you


hurt I’m teaching this weekend about the

dangers of


and the importance of

Peace if you know how important peace is

you’ll do anything you have to do in

order to have

it but if you don’t realize how

important it is

then you’ll never have it because the

devil is constantly setting you up to

get you


amen it’s challenging to go through one

whole day and not get upset about

anything but let’s just

say how many could go a whole

week well Jesus has given us peace John

14:27 my peace I leave with you not as

the world gives do I give unto you my

own special peace I now give to you but

here’s the important part so stop

allowing yourselves to be upset and

Disturbed stop allowing yourselves to be

fearful and intimidated and I love to

say this and I don’t know how many of us

really get this but we’re partners with

God God is not going to do everything

for us while we sit back and do

nothing right that’s not what prayer

is prayer is not just asking God to fix

your problems it’s also cooperating and


him if there’s something he wants you to

do to change things and so Jesus has

given us peace but it’s our job to hang

on to it


I I’m an expert in this because I was

not peaceful trust me and if I can learn

to live in peace anybody can learn to

live in peace but I had to be willing to

make a lot of

changes and I said last night and I’ll

say it again you are never going to walk

in peace you’re never going to live in

peace without humility amen

and humility is I think probably the

most challenging Christian

virtue to develop and to

maintain in your life cuz we’ve all got

a big

ego we don’t want to be told what to do

we always want to be right we want to be

first we want to be on

top we really like to judge and

criticize and gossip I I don’t know why

we like to gossip so much but it’s just

boy if you know something it is very

hard not to tell it isn’t

it and uh but a lot of times it’s those

things that cause Strife we we start

telling things and telling things and I

mean I made the mistake last weekend of

deciding I’m going to look myself up on


Internet whoa buddy I found out some

things about me I didn’t even

know for example it said Joyce Meyer

buys all her clothes at Gucci I do not

have one piece of clothes from Gucci not

one I don’t even know you know people

just say stuff you know they just make

stuff up or they hear something and they

just pass it on to somebody else and it

just you you need to be careful about

how much time you spend on that social

media because if you start believing

everything that you read and print

you’re going to not you’re going to end

up hating everybody amen and don’t get

on there and leave some nasty opinion

about somebody and then not even have

the guts to sign your name to

it that’s really

bad if you’re going to get on there say

something nice say something pleasant

say something

happy I said last night when God

first gave us the call to start Joyce


Ministries he really spoke strongly to

my heart and said there’s three things I

want you to do and if you do them I’ll

bless your ministry how many of you want

to be blessed in your life okay well the

blessings from God don’t fall in your

life just because you go to church tithe

every week and read your

Bible Well I don’t understand why I’ve

got all these problems I

tithe what else do you


do see we we we got to you can do the

right thing here but then kill it by

doing the wrong

thing over

here and

um Psalm 133 says that where there’s

Unity that it’s like oil being poured

down on the head of Aaron and running

all down his face and on his beard and

all down his body you know that’s the

way they anointed people who were called

into Ministry service Kings and Prophets

back in the Old Testament they didn’t

just dab

them they poured oil on them and that

represented the

anointing I am so grateful for the

anointing of the Holy Spirit and in 1

John 2 it says that we all have an

anointing from God and if you don’t know

what that word

means boy you need to study the

anointing I’m reading the book right now

on the sacred anointing it’s getting me

all stirred up again I mean we we have

to have God’s anointing and what that is

is his presence and his power on our

life enabling

us to do

things and you can have a little bit or

you can have a whole lot and I want all

I can get

and yes God’s gifts are free but we

can’t buy the anointing but we can make

it stronger or weaker depending on how





so if you want God’s anointing on your

life and you you don’t need an anointing

just for Ministry let me tell you

something you need an anointing to get

in and out of the grocery store in

peace if you’ve got teenagers you need a

strong anointing

amen if you’re married you need an

anointing amen if you got a dog you need


anointing so it says that where there’s

Unity where people are in agreement

getting along maintaining peace there’s

anointing and

blessing and I want to live a blessed

life don’t you

being blessed doesn’t mean just

having a lot of money that can be part

of it but it’s joy and peace and favor

favor is so amazing to watch God open

doors for you that you know God did

that you can’t even explain it but you

know that it was

God I love having the this little

awesome intimate secret relationship

with God where he does things for me

that wouldn’t make any sense to anybody

else but I know it’s God just giving me

a little

wink and saying I got you girl you’re



amen and my

heart I love to see people born

again but I

so hate to see people receive Christ and

then never grow up

spiritually and so we have to have the

full counsel of the word of God we need

to hear all the encouraging things but

we also need to hear the word in a way

that it will correct

us and help us want to get from where we

are to where we need to be and I’ve kind

of been assigned that part God does give

you an assignment and my job has always

been to help the believer

mature and to so he can have the things

that Jesus died to give him and this

this thing about peace is it’s a key

part of this whole

thing in Ephesians 6 it talks about

spiritual warfare beginning at about

verse 10 going through


and it says that God has given us

armor and it’s it’s not armor you can

see but it’s Spiritual

armor we War not with flesh and blood

but with principalities and powers and

wickedness in high places there are evil


demons in the

world just like there’s

angels and you need to think about that

once in a while that you you’ve got

angels that have been assigned to you

that travel with you all the

time you ought to protect you ought to

just say hey to them once in a

while hey I’m glad you’re watching out


me thank you Jesus for my angels but

there are also demons and I know people

don’t like to talk about this kind of

stuff but we can’t stick our head in the

sand and pretend like everything is just

case to R to rock listen the devil hates

you and he hates anybody that’s trying

to work for God and spread the gospel

and God has told us that we can protect

ourselves by wearing the armor that he

gives us but it’s Spiritual armor it’s

the breastplate of righteousness it’s

knowing who you are in Christ and not

living under condem


Nation don’t waste another day of your

life feeling guilty if you have done

something wrong then repent ask God to

forgive you receive it shake it off and



on you say well what if I keep doing the

same thing over and over well then keep

repenting over and over and trust that

God is working in you and keep trusting

him to set you free

wear that breastplate of

righteousness get over being insecure

and comparing yourself with somebody

else all the time hey you you got what

you need You Got What It

Takes if you’re born again God lives in

you you’re the house of God and you can

do whatever you need to do through

Christ if you lean on him and trust him

am tight in the belt of truth the truth

is the word of

God put on your shoes a

peace walk in

peace the helmet of salvation think like




Christian you know the Bible says that

if you look at a woman and have lustful

thoughts about her it’s the is actually

committing the act of

adultery so we got to do something about

this thinking thing that’s why I teach

about it so much I can’t help what I

think yes you

can we won’t get into that I’ll never

get off page one I I’ll be I’ll be gone

this afternoon and still will not have

gotten off page

one there’s a scripture in 1 Peter 310

and 11 that I abs absolutely love love

love love

love 1 Peter 3:10 and 11 in the

Amplified Bible says for let him who

wants to enjoy life and see good

days good rather apparent or not and I

like that so that’s basically meaning

that your circumstances might not be

good but it can still be a good

day I like

that in other words the devil can throw

his best shot and you can still have a



day let him keep his tongue free from

Evil well there’s the mouth

again I’ll just throw this out for free

when you have a problem don’t start



do you know that complaining opens the

door for the

Devil the Israelites murmured and

complained and God got so tired of

it he finally let serpents into the camp

and 23,000 of them died in one day and

it was all because of complaining and

I’m not telling you you’re going to drop

dead if you complain but I am saying

that it opens the door for the devil to

steal your joy and your peace and your

blessings and your favor and all the

other things that you say you want from

God now we all make mistakes with our

mouth but here again we can

repent oh God I’m sorry I shouldn’t have

said that I take that back I’m G to pull

it back

lord quick say something

good God is so good to us I said this

just last night as we were closing but I

heard this a couple of weeks ago and I

thought it was so good good what if you

woke up today and all you had was what

you were thankful for

yesterday yeah


amen let him keep his tongue free from

Evil and his lips from

Gile let him turn away from wickedness

and shun it and let him do what is

right you know this is really a pretty


deal Jesus has provided everything and

all he says is if you love me you’ll


me he did not say if you obey me I will

love you that’s already settled he’s

going to love you God will never love

you any more than he does at this moment

right now God loves you completely and


unconditionally he loves you I’m sorry I

don’t care how big of a stinker you are

he loves

you he loves you

amen God loves


amen and if we really learn to

appreciate that and soak in it we have

to respond with

obedience I’m going to say something

that I don’t know maybe I shouldn’t say

but I say a lot of things I shouldn’t

say I

guess cuz I think it needs to be said

you know you can pray what we call the

sinner’s prayer with somebody in a


but I’m going to tell you the truth if

you are truly born

again and you really made a serious

commitment I don’t think it’s possible

for anybody to be truly born again and



change I just I just don’t think it’s

possible because when you receive Christ

he comes to live in you and boy the war


on your spirit Wars against the flesh

flesh and the flesh Wars against the

spirit things you could do before and

them not bother you at all you do them

now it’s going to bother

you and I pray God will just keep

bothering you and keep bothering you and

keep bothering you until you can’t stand

it anymore and you do what he wants you

to how do you like that for a loving



and you know you you you need to instead

of just pray oh God bless

them Lord bless Uncle Charlie and Aunt


and no God bother


them send the Holy Spirit after them and

don’t leave them alone until they submit



amen and that is a blessing you are

praying for them to be blessed When you

pray like

that that’s why the Bible says to pray

for your enemies bless and do not curse

them when you pray for your enemies to

be blessed you’re not praying for them

to get a new car in a big

house really that the biggest blessing

they can have is for for them to see

truth and face that truth and let God

deal with them and there is nobody

listen to me there is nobody that God

cannot change I don’t care how bad they

are or how long they’ve been that way

there is nobody that God can’t

change turn away from wickedness and

shun it verse 11 let him do right let

him not this is the part I don’t want

you to miss let him search for


so you got to want it you got to figure

out how the devil is stealing your peace

and get the upper hand over him he knows

how to push your

buttons Harmony disturbing and fears

agitating passions moral conflicts and

seek seek is a very strong word it means

to go after with all your

might and seek it eagerly do not merely

desire peaceful relation

relationships with god with your fellow

men and with

yourself but pursue and go after

them I pray that a whole bunch of people

here today make the decision that I made

years ago I am not going to live without

peace I refuse to live without peace any

longer God I don’t care what you have to

change in me change


no matter how much pride I have to

swallow give me the grace to swallow it

because I can tell you what fighting

with somebody just to prove your right

is not worth the price you’re paying to



it first you have peace with God and

that comes

through either doing the right thing to

start with or when you do make a mistake

and sin repenting right away seriously

repenting right

away and we all going to do plenty of

that in our life because there’s none of

us that do it all right all the time and

this peace with yourself is so important

and I’ll tell you why it’s important you

cannot have peace with people if you

don’t have peace with

yourself what kind of a relationship do

you have with yourself I like

myself I didn’t for a lot of

years I hated myself and I thought about

only what was wrong with me I didn’t

like my voice I didn’t like this I

didn’t like that I didn’t like my thighs

I didn’t you know it was

just come on if you don’t like your feet

too bad it’s the feet you

got just dock them up put some

rhinestones on those


toes I mean my husband’s toes are as

long as my

finger but that don’t keep me from

loving him and that doesn’t keep him

from being a great man of God I mean my

one son his toes are so long they

curl but I have cute

feet nobody gets everything but we all


something I have short baby fine hair

but I got cute


it is miserable if you don’t like

yourself because you never get away from

yourself you know what it’s like to

spend one afternoon with a relative you

don’t like well think about spending

your whole life with somebody you don’t

like you can’t even go to the bathroom


you you can’t give away what you don’t


and if you don’t have love in you you

can’t give it to somebody else and

that’s the high command on our


life what’s the most important

commandment they said and Jesus answered

in Matthew I think starting in 36 or

37 love the Lord your God with all your

heart soul mind and strength and a

second is like it love your neighbor as

you love

yourself come on make peace with



and stop warning what everybody else has

got I wish I look like

you well I wish I had a Ministry like

joyes well I didn’t get it

wishing and you probably don’t want it

anyway cuz there’s a whole lot more to

it than this I’ll tell you

that this is the one little fun

part you how much time I spend alone

studying and writing

and trying to hear from God about the

things that you need to

hear it’s a big responsibility and we

always just look at the fun part of

stuff you

know God is looking for Laborers he said

the Harvest is ripe pray for Laborers

for the

Harvest but remember without that peace

you’re not going to carry any anointing

on your life

you know let’s just say you work in an

office and you’re the only Christian

there well if you live the right kind of

life and you carry that sacred anointing

on your life that presence and power of

God you can go in there and not open

your mouth and there’s going to know

there’s something different about


you you’re very presence May convict

them but you be

sweet don’t don’t get all religious on

them be nice to

them if they need help help

them show them what it really means to

be a Christian and you might get salty

enough to make somebody

thirsty amen the Bible says we’re Salt


Light well salt makes you thirsty

yesterday I got a meal that was kind of

salty and I was thirsty all

night well be a salty Christian make


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Peace the Mind actually is the

battlefield that’s where we win or lose

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say rest of the day is mine you start

asking God to heal you and he will

restore he the God of all comfort and I

am so grateful that I know how to call