In today’s episode, Joyce joins the girls for the entire episode as they unpack how to face the seemingly impossible challenges in our lives. It’s encouraging, inspiring, and just what you need when the struggle is real…

because i think sometimes we forget

that faith is important and and faith

needs to be

activated and you activate it by i’ve

got a simple little formula by praying

by saying or by doing


hi welcome everyone come on in get

comfortable because

this is joyce meyer’s talk it out


where joyce teaches the word of god in

her practical no-nonsense way

and my lovely friends and i talk about

the real stuff of living it and we

don’t hold anything back we talk about

all of it i’m ginger stocky with

jay williams and aaron cluley we’re

three wonderful friends who are in very

different stages of life but we know the

importance of having

honest loving women around us when we

need a little bit of extra help we call

up miss joyce and we ask her and like i

said today we get her the entire time

she’s all

ours because sometimes you need to talk

about life with your girlfriends so

consider yourself one of

us now definitely and let’s talk it out


okay welcome everyone hello

we have loved well we’ve been doing this

for over a year now believe it or not i

can’t believe it

yeah and it’s been so fun to have all of

our friends who are part of this bible


to be listening with us and to just

be able to share what we’re learning in

god’s words and how our

our lives are changing we face a lot of

changes in this year that we’ve been

doing this yeah

jay and i were just talking a little

while ago this morning about how

how much we’ve seen god move in the past

year and how

grateful we are to have these

friendships right here and how vital

they’ve been for us i mean it’s

it’s truly remarkable yeah yeah it’s

definitely been a godsend

like who knew that this year

would be all it’s been yeah it’s just


it’s been it’s been a lot for everyone

you know and so

um i’m just i was just telling aaron

like seriously i’m so grateful

for this group of friends like we all i

was like we all

all loved each other before but you know

being able to

meet and talk about god’s word and just

be really honest and transparent and

also having

joyce to be able to whip us into shape

you know it’s so good i think it’s good

to hear

you know reading the word knowing the


it’s great but if you don’t apply it in

your daily life it’s

pretty well wasting your time yeah and

so it’s interesting to see

how everybody’s got something going on

but it’s all different and different


apply the word in different ways

depending on

their situation and so i think the value


the talk it out show other than just

getting the word to people is

is that you know there’s a lot of

different kinds of people watching

but this gives them a variety of oh yeah

that’s what i would do or oh yeah i can

really relate to that so what are we

going to talk about today ginger

well we are going to talk about

something that god put on your heart

really toward the end of 2019 and

when that happened none of us had any

idea how

vitally important it would be and that

is this promise

that with man it may not be possible but

with god

all things are possible so we’re talking


about facing the impossible because we

all do

we all face things in our life that we

could say

with man yeah this is impossible but i

remember joyce when you called me

toward the end of last year and you said

you know the this is what i really

feel will will be important for this

year this is the verse that i feel like


putting on my heart and and i remember

thinking great you know that’s

encouraging it’s inspiring

but had no idea what it would all look

like because this has been a year of a

lot of impossible things

it’s been a really challenging year and

to be honest i’m like wow

that’s impossible but with god all


are possible yeah and i know like

the way we’re able to share the gospel

with people is so

different now i mean i was used to doing

conferences and being there with the

people and

you know now everything is through

screen and it’s just

it’s it’s a little bit different when

you’re talking to a camera rather than

to people so i had to really believe god

to be able to do that in a way that


would enjoy so we’ve all had our

challenges in different ways but i’m

sure that

you’ve got some particular things you

want to talk about

always well i would love to hear what

everybody has

has dealt with in your life what are

some of those things that you have faced


have felt impossible at the time well i

can start

you jumped in pretty quick just got it

jumped right in anything yes

honestly i mean i’ve really just been

living by the whole we overcome by the

blood of the lamb and the word of our


and although i’m still going through a

lot of the things literally walking


a lot of the things that have been

pretty earth-shattering for me

you know um in this year like i’ve faced


a lot of things in my life but this

particular year the like the enemy

really attacked my family

and you know i found out that my husband

was unfaithful to me

and um and with that it just shook me

you know you go from being a virgin

until mary

and then you know then have something

like that shake your whole foundation

um i just that felt it feels

and even still now it still feels with

me alone it’s impossible but but

thankfully i do know

that god is with me and i know that all

things are possible and and that


what i’ve leaned on is understanding

that that possible um

might not be the picture that i right

that’s good that i

think will be the manifestation of

possible yeah

my but i have to trust that god has an


beautiful plan for my life that’s bigger

and better than i could ever

in situations like this it’s it’s really

important to have friends like this

and that’s literally what i was telling

um telling the girls earlier i was just


i do not believe like i’ve always had

trust issues just with my

you know my upbringing and didn’t have a

lot of close

girlfriends and always kind of i said i

kind of side eye everybody

you know you know and gender is the

opposite of me ginger believes that

like she so that helps me believe the

best in people

which is not always great i trust


and then oh ouch what happened

typically kind of like and so that’s

something that god is still working

he’s working on me but um but yet but

this group of friends i do not believe

that i would be able to get through this

season the way that i have been with my


seriously focused on jesus um because i

have the

i have friends that are supporting me


and i have wisdom around me that i’m

able to ask questions and so

it’s just been such a vital season for

me well a time like this

just for people who are wondering well

what do i do

this is a season for faith

now really we need faith every single

day whether times are good

or whether they’re bad but there’s a

pretty amazing scripture in romans 14

that says

whatever whatever is not of faith is sin

god wants us to live by faith

we walk by faith and not by sight and so

i just want to share the

the definition of faith

faith is the substance of things hoped


the evidence of things not seen

so faith when you when you really have

faith in your heart

you see something that you can’t see

with your natural eyes yet

and and you believe for things sometimes

that wouldn’t even that don’t even make

any sense to your natural mind

and so just before you know we get too

far into this

i want everybody to realize that that

everything that we receive from god we

receive by faith

faith is not the price that buys it it’s

the grace of god that buys our blessings

but faith is the hand that reaches out

and receives what god wants to give us

so whether you talk about faith

or trusting god are believing god

they all kind of get the job done and so

i wanted to get that in there before we

go ahead and hear everybody’s

yeah because i think sometimes we forget

that faith

is important and and faith needs to be

activated and you activate it by

i’ve got a simple little formula by

praying by saying or by doing

you release your faith it has to it’s a

gift that god gives us

unto every man is given the measure of

faith which means you have all the faith

you need for your life

so say that again that’s so important so

when i don’t know what to do

yeah to activate my faith or to be

stronger and trust in god

you pray in faith you ask god to get

involved and help you

you say

what you believe that god is going to do


don’t pray for god to say change your

husband and then

talk about him with your friends like

he’s never going to change yeah you know

yeah or for your children like you know

i’ve got a child that’s so

hard to raise and so you’re praying for

god to change them but then when you

talk with other people it’s like this

kid’s driving me crazy and i don’t think

he’s ever going to change and

right so we need to line our

conversation up with what we’re


and then take action whatever action

that god

shows you to take and if there is none

you know i love ephesians 6 it says

having done all the crisis demands you

are to stand firmly in your place

let’s take a listen to when joyce is

talking about

what this scripture really means that

with god all things are possible

and it will build hope in all of our


it’s easy to say all things are possible

with god

but most of the time we think that means

that we’re just going to sit back and do


and watch god do this big miracle

and i’ll tell you that sounds so nice

but it’s usually not

the way that it happens and here’s the

reason why we are partners with god

we have a part and he has a part our


is to believe

to be in faith god’s part

is to do what we cannot do

and our part is also to do anything god

asks us to do

to cooperate with whatever it is that we

are asking god

to do for us first of all your first

homework assignment

for the rest of this year james 4 2 says

you have not because you

ask not

you have not because you ask

not if you ask in faith

god hears you and unless you’re asking

for something that is absolutely not his


you will receive it now

the bible doesn’t tell you when you’ll

receive it

it says believe you have received it

mark 11 does and you will

get it so you have to believe that

you’ve received it

in the spirit that it’s on its way to


and that you will get it but you don’t

know exactly when you’ll get it

that’s why hebrews says that we receive

the promises of god by

faith and patience

there’s a test of faith did you really

have to throw that last card in there

you ended with a really tough one the

patience part

oh my for me and i know that we’re all

different in the areas where

i think our faith is stronger and where

um we can kind of get

worn down and we need to study in those

areas and build ourselves up

um for me physical things

have been the areas where i’ve been like

oh am i gonna make it through this

you know is is god ever going to answer

this prayer why is my family member that

i love still dealing with this

why am i still feeling sick or whatever

it may be

and for for me god has been showing me

the most amazing physical

answers to prayer lately and it’s

building my faith in incredible ways i


we have a grandbaby that is an outright


my dad has been going through cancer

treatment this past year

with very very little hope and god has

done something astounding

in his life he’s doing so well

and even little things praying for just

sometimes you have to lay on your hands

on yourself and pray you know and

and quote the scripture that by his

stripes i’m healed

and seeing god work in those little ways

have been so encouraging

god cares about everything i even have a

dog that should be dead and is still


he is you’ve seen a lot happen he shakes

a little but he’s alive

i didn’t say he’s perfect he’s pretty

messed up but

he’s got a he’s got a few little ticks

and things but i love him so much

and so god i think has given me exactly

what i didn’t deserve but what he knew i


by building my faith in those areas and

it doesn’t mean everything i’ve prayed

for i’ve gotten because i haven’t i’ve

seen a lot of things

that i still don’t understand but when

you see god work your

your faith grows um it’s like watering

it you know the more you pray the more

you see god the more you see happen

the more faith you have and the whole

cycle starts all over so

those things that seem impossible with


are not with me they are so it’s


to see even the hard times yeah it was

it’s been a pretty neat this week so at

the beginning of the week i had some

devastating news that i got and um

my first thought was oh i’m so grateful

i have this group of friends that i can

talk to because i’m i’m going to need

them to walk through this

also then i went to come on now god like

i’ve made all these right choices why

are you going to put this upon me aren’t

we aren’t we past

all this stuff i have to learn another

lesson i i think i’ve gotten this

and i felt him say like i’ve prepared

you for this you’re strong enough so you

can go through this

it’s like all right that’s cool that’s

great um

but then i’ve been amazed by the faith

that i’ve had because of what you’re

saying like i have seen god faithful in

my life and i have seen him work in

these circumstances where i know

i’m gonna have to walk through a

difficult season but i also know that

all things are possible through him

and i will i will get through this

because i know he’s faithful

so i can stand on the things that i’ve

learned in his word so

i keep thinking about the scripture that


briefly mentioned in james chapter 4

verse 2

about you have not because you ask not

and i’m just wondering how many people

because i catch myself doing this and i

preach this stuff all the time

how many people go all day with a

headache and never think

right you don’t stop to ask god

to help you and so i just want to make

sure i throw that out that you know you

god can’t give you something you don’t

ask for

and so unless somebody else is praying

for you which i believe there are a lot

of people praying for all of us and we

just don’t know it

but i want to really encourage our


to remember that simple thing

you have not because you ask not

yeah and there’s nothing that you cannot

ask god for you you can’t bother him too


there’s nothing too small there’s

nothing too big

you ask god for anything yeah and that

just reminded me of like i said this on

on the show

um like during what some of my toughest


i find myself and i talk a lot all right


no we didn’t know that i got no problems

in that department

because one of the things in the

beginning was are we going to have

enough to talk about yes

okay but somehow when i am faced with

some type of adversity um i notice that

i get silent

like my my ne and and i said this before

that sometimes i think i feel

like um i deserve to feel sad in the

moment and joyce you’ve even said like

you know it’s okay to be human

for a moment you just can’t stay there

but i’ve noticed myself sometimes when i

get in those situations i’m just kind of


and then it’s like i’ve been beat up on

but then i have to remember the


inside of me to to be able to speak

those things and ask god for those

things and

declare those things and even though i

want to fast forward

that’s what i want i want to get to

being able to be a little quieter

when you’re having trouble is actually a

blessing well good

because normally if we open our mouth

when we’re hurting

we’re going to say the wrong thing so

jesus even said and i love this it’s in

john 14 30. he said

from now on i won’t be talking much with


because the time is coming and the devil

has no part in me and so in essence he

was saying and i’m not going to give him


so he actually told his disciples i’m

going to get quieter now

and it’s because the enemy’s coming on


so see if jesus can do it yeah

so see it’s like the right thing well i

am i mean it and it’s just

i think it’s balance that’s just really

what i’m i’m

i’m learning and growing and developing


is balance of the maturity like the


process the maturation process of me

understanding when to be quiet

right and when to activate that

authority to actually speak and declare

god’s word

yeah i’ve learned that when i wake up in

the morning like it’s

it’s actually what i’m saying yeah it’s

not it’s controlling what you should

always do that

but what i’m talking about is the

talking that’s going to get you in

trouble exactly

but that’s the part that i i have no

problem i have no problem just doing

that that’s what i need to control so

what you’re saying is right what i

what i have also really come to grips

with in this

scripture and this this promise is that

with god all things are possible but

they’re not always easy no right so

it it doesn’t mean we’re going to get

everything that we

want it means that god will give us

everything that he has for

us but it’s not always going to be easy

along the way but what i love about this

is even though it’s not easy there is

hope in it

there is always always hope in it


with god all things are possible and

don’t you wonder how people make it

through difficult things when they don’t

have that so much yeah i just i don’t

know how i would survive if i didn’t


that hope to lean on yeah you know i

kind of look at faith and believing god

like this and it may sound really

simplistic but maybe it’ll make some

sense to

some of our viewers you know um

you have two choices you’re either going

to believe god or not

and so let’s just say that i

trusted in god and believed him and had

faith in him my whole life and got to

the end and

oops i was wrong the whole thing was a

myth which is not going to be the case

but i’m trying to make a point here

i still had a happier life and a better

life by believing because

believing in nothing and being hopeless

is awful

yeah and so anybody in any kind of a


every day of our lives we’re making a

choice between believing and not


having faith or having doubt and so

it’s just plain smart to believe

because it’s going to like you said it’s

going to give you hope yeah and it’s

going to make you happier

it’s going to make you more peaceful

going to make it easier to be around

and so it’s really kind of like a

no-brainer you know as far as like am i

going to believe god or not

it doesn’t cost you anything to believe

and you could just

slip into a miracle you’re so right and

when you look at

the scripture possibilities that we can

hold on to luke 1 37

for nothing will be impossible with god

jeremiah 32

17 o lord god it is you who have made

the heavens and the earth by your great


and by your outstretched arm nothing is

too hard for you

there’s so many things that encourage us

when we dig

into god’s word so we’re going to take a

listen to what

joyce shared one more time on this topic

and then we’ll come back and we’ll talk

about it

faith is in us but we release it when

you pray you’re releasing your faith

if you’re really praying in faith you’re

releasing your faith

you’re asking god to do something for

you you’re admitting that you

need his help

and mark 11

23-26 says truly i tell you whoever says

to this mountain be lifted up and thrown

into the sea

and does not doubt in all in his heart

but believes that what he says will take


it will be done for him

james 4 2 says you do not have because

you do not ask

you know what get bold in your praying


pray for things that just don’t make

sense to your mind if you feel like

god’s leading you to do it

i know this sounds ridiculous

but i’m going to share it with you

anyway many years ago

i felt like god was prompting me to pray

that i would be able to help every

person on the face

of the planet and

the devil said to me who do you think

you are

that’s ridiculous no one person can help

every person on the planet

and i agree but with god all things are


people can get the gospel on their phone

on their computer

on television on radio

on youtube i mean if you’re anywhere

in the world and you can get a signal


i’m likely to be there

it’s hard to watch television early in

the morning and not accidentally run

into me

i’ll never forget the young man in his


whose parents had just been begging him

to straighten up his life

and he wasn’t listening to them he

wasn’t paying any attention

he drank a lot and he was leaned back in

his com

what do you call him recliners

in his recliner drinking his beer and he

was two sheets in the wind

and he said so help me you came on

television and said

you there young man lean back in your

recliner drinking your beer

he said it scared the living daylights

out of me

he said i threw that beard down and

prayed for god to save me

god is working in ways that we do not

realize that he is working in all of our


all the time and all he wants you to do

is stir your faith up

right now and believe that all things

are possible with god



yeah it’s so good


stir your faith up and believe it’s all

possible because

you’re right praying that now to all of

us who’ve seen

what god has done through you was like

well of course

you know that’s what god had in mind but

when you started praying that

it it had to seem like there was no


yeah none so it was like

i mean i i felt crazy even praying it

but i felt god wanted me to pray that

and so

i did well i i’m pretty sure that all of

our friends who are watching and are

part of our study right now

that things are popping into their heads

where they’re thinking

this is what i should be trusting god

for this is what i need

faith for because with god it’s possible

so and

you know whether it’s having a group of

friends like this you know

it’s possible with god we we hear from

people all the time that say i’m so glad

i can be part of this because i need it

but let us also encourage you you know


think that god doesn’t have friendships

out there for you in real life he does

we are your friends we love being your

friends but maybe you need to stop

choosing who you want your friends to be

and let god bring some friends into your


um maybe it’s finances me maybe it’s um

the future what other things do you

think people need faith for today

the list is so long i don’t always think

what i was thinking about was like

even when you talked about some of the

things that you’ve gone through you know

this past

year i just remember being

with you when you were getting those

blows yeah and what a lot of people

don’t know is like

literally like the enemy will attack

right before a conference

oh yeah and we would be preparing or

sound checking or something

and for the past few years like it’s

just been like for ginger

like i remember getting the blow about

your grandbaby and then your dad

at right before we like started a

conference and in those moments

like you were human and you would kind

of like

noodle down and like just cry and be

like god i don’t get this

and didn’t know how it was going to turn

out but then what

years later we see little you know your

little grandbaby like so beautiful and


you know great and i remember when you

got the news about your dad and

it’s just you just don’t know and and

when you get that bad news you just

really want to fast forward

to the happy ending because that’s what

tv shows us like that’s what the

that’s what the movies show us you know

it’s the happy ending in in

an hour you know and that’s what we want

but it’s that process and so

i just even think about things like that

you just don’t know how it’s going to


right you have to trust that god’s going

to do exceedingly

abundantly above what we ask right

and think you’re right we all take blows

you know we

we get hit and the the other thing about


is right after when you have something

like that you have to go on with your

life right

you know we we had to go on and have a

conference and get up on stage

and encourage people and we need to be

the kind of friends that are

the strength for our friends that’s who

you all have been for me

and we we can be for each other and and

there’s just so much beauty in the fact


it’s with god all things are are

possible not that you have to do all

things and make them right

so joyce what do we do when we need a

little bit

of extra boost to help in our faith

honestly when i just don’t know

if i if i can believe for this thing you


um in in the bible jesus was

right there in person and the man still

said i believe but

i believe but help my unbelief right so

we’re all in that position sometimes

how do we work through that well a good

thing to do would be

uh keep this program on your recorder

and go back and watch it because

honestly that’s what

people i know people have been

encouraged today i know that

and that’s what happens when you get

into the word

when you spend time in the word and

if you’re really having a hard time

believing tell god that

i believe help my unbelief and that’s

okay to say yeah

i mean that that’s why that’s in the

bible so we know that it’s okay to do


and let’s also remember that thomas was

a doubter but jesus still met him where

he was at

and he said blessed are those who

believe and have not seen

so it’s better to not have to have proof

in signs

but god does meet us

where we’re at and what i do because i

believe even though i know scriptures

if i’m in a place where i can and i’m

going through a tough time

i will actually get my bible out

and look up the scriptures that i know

about faith

or hope or trust in god and look at them

because there’s something about seeing

them again

that encourage me and let me just

conclude by saying

it’s time for people to take

responsibility for their own lives

and not always be going to somebody else


them to cheer you up or get you out of

the pit that you’re in

i’m not saying we don’t need our friends

to help us

but sometimes they’re just not there

yeah i mean there’s a lot of people


don’t have a group like this they don’t

they don’t have any and if you don’t

that’s okay

you’ve got the father the son and the

holy ghost and that’s a pretty good

group to have

and uh you have to take the

responsibility i love that

david said he encouraged himself

in the lord and sometimes that’s what

you have to do you have to

do it yourself because we all come to

that what we might call the midnight


where there’s nobody there to help us

and we have to be mature enough to get

what we need from god ourself

without always having a go-between

and i could think of that even with

something that was more practical with

my like my

weight you know so um i just

remember just in this journey of being

in a

pretty it could be deemed as a dark

space but like

my weight journey and making decisions

every day

that i eventually was like well

nothing’s going to change

in the good direction until i start

doing something

different we have to act and do

something different

and so i said every good choice i make

is better than a bad choice i was going

to make

you know fried chicken or a salad yeah i

mean i wanted fried chicken but i ate

i chose a salad so i’m saying like we

have to do it’s taking that ownership of

saying like even with practical things

you have to take the steps you have to

do the work

see a lot of people just want to pray

their problems away or they want to call

some other prayer warrior and say will

you pray for me and then they just

wait until they don’t want fried chicken

anymore well you know

just go away even with you saying it i’m

thinking some fried chicken would be

pretty good

but if all things are possible can i eat

the fried chicken and god just take care

of it

no no just thought i’d try

because you can’t do something bad and

get the right results

oh you’re right yeah it’s just that act

thing though that part

that you have to do something and that’s

even like going through a trial and a


and i was telling aaron this earlier too

it’s just like

i don’t even understand always where i’m


but i’m just but walking by faith is


taking that step even if you don’t yeah

no like just keep my eyes fixed on the

lord and just keep moving even when i

don’t want to

move just keep moving and do something

and what you say

both of you say that even as you’re

making those choices even if you don’t


you aren’t to your final outcome yet you

can see god along the way he’ll give you

like a little keep going you’re doing

great right that’s exactly right i

encourage you along to keep making those

choices one step at a time

yeah he won’t just leave us there and to

figure it out right

that’s that’s a very important part for

people to see is that

you may not get your total answer yet

but god will show you little signs

sign posts along the way that you know

you’re on your way yeah i remember

little things when

when our girls were little and and as a


you want so much for your children you

know your your hopes are so

high and and there’s a lot of


and so it is easy sometimes to

to get a little overwhelmed and not even

to put things in god’s

things in god’s hands because you’re

just so busy taking care of

the day today i’m sure you deal with

that all the time like forget to put

them in his hands because you

you have to remember to do all the other

things yeah right yeah

so trusting god that that all things are

possible that he will care for our

families um and our children is a really

hard one too

it is but you know ginger you were

talking a while ago or i think

jay mentioned that you’ve gotten

attacked right before women’s


and so you had to go ahead and

do what you were there to do but you

know in reality that’s a blessing

because i think one of the things we

want to say to people today before we’re

done is

you know if you’re depressed or real

discouraged or you’ve just

had a lot of bad news yes there’s a time

to be still and be in god’s presence and

let him comfort you but sometimes just

going and doing something and getting

your mind off of it is so true

is like i mean it’s very valuable having

something to do

is very valuable yeah and a lot of times

i just wish i didn’t have anything to do

well but if you don’t have anything to

do long enough

then that’s not good you know like my

daughter right now

she had a torn meniscus and so she had

to have a surgery

and she’s six weeks on crutches and

she’s like one of these go

go go go go go go and it’s it’s very

challenging yeah for her and it can

affect your

emotions and your moods and when i had


hip replacement i had to you know stay

in and

sit and i wasn’t used to that and so

having something to do

is a lot more of a blessing than what we

think it is and if you don’t have

something to do then go

help somebody else do what they’re doing

but yeah and it’s amazing how god gives

you the strength that you need to do

those things

that you have to do at the same time

that you don’t even realize that you


because it’s his strength and not yours

anyway you know it’s not your own

absolutely giving you everything you

needed absolutely and i think part of

casting our care on god

and not worrying is giving him the

problem in prayer

cast all your care on me because i care

for you

so you cast your care on him and then

you go on about your business

trusting that god is working on your

problem while you’re doing the thing

that you can do yeah

as opposed to holding the care as you

sit there and wait yeah right

yeah this is a scripture that that i

really love from the passion translation

it’s ephesians 3 20 it says

never doubt god’s mighty power to work

in you and accomplish

all this he will achieve infinitely more

than your greatest request

your most unbelievable dream and exceed

your wildest

imagination he will outdo them all

for his miraculous power constantly

energizes you

i love that it’s so encouraging with god

all things are possible and we want to

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so we just love having you all here with

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that you are part of our friends that

you are

studying the word of god together and we

pray that you are really

encouraged and energized yes in the lord


and we really want to just encourage

everyone that

whatever it is that that has come to

your mind that you feel like you need

hope for

god is in the business of giving you

that hope and so joyce

i want to ask you to close us out here


with a great encouragement for people

who need it

well you know i keep it keeps getting

stuck in my head this thing about asking

and i really strongly want to encourage

you to begin to ask god for more than

you ever have and don’t let the devil

make you

think that well you shouldn’t be doing


you know god loves to hear your voice he

loves to hear your prayers

and so just ask and like we said

ask for bold things and of course you

always have to be happy with what

god gives you believing that he knows

better than you do

what you need and that’s true so i

always ask god for big things and tell


your will be done however you want to do


you do this you ask

believe that you’ve received and you

will get it

you will wait but even that

is possible with god thanks all for

being with us we really appreciate

it we’ll see you next time