Famed Evangelist has a Birthday party with a Gospel purpose.

let’s welcome the man of the hour my

father Billy Graham

what what a great day for our country

and for North Carolina welcome to the

special guests that are visiting our

state and happy birthday Billy Graham

we’re proud of you here in North

Carolina we see all that you do all the

time and so you know we tip our hat to

you we talk about all the people you’ve

touched the world but just your family

alone is one of the most remarkable

families it’s unbelievable how much your

family has done for everybody and and

none of this would happen if it weren’t

for you

in the early 70s during the Jesus

Movement my mom started tuning in to the

televised Billy Graham Crusades the

message rocked her world transformed her

life my mom then led the rest of the

family to Christ and we thank you all of

us from the bottom of our hearts daddy

wanted to have the film the cross to be

his message tonight and so we would like

to show you tonight the cross and this

is the message that’s been on his heart

for the last three years and it’s a

message to our nation so let’s watch the


as I look back over my life it’s full of


I never thought I would become friends

with people in different countries all

over the world

singing preach tonight on the video I

was so amazed at how after all these

years the message hasn’t changed he’s

made it to 95 and then has just done

this fantastic presentation of the

gospel that I think is as powerful as

anything he’s done I want to tell people

about the meaning of the cross not the

cross that hangs on the wall all around

someone’s neck it’s still relevant it’s

the same thing he’s preaching at 95 is

that same message that’s still just as

powerful the passion the zeal for that

message is still evident and clear in

the cross program that you see love you

willing to forgive you

tonight we celebrate not just the life

of milligram but we celebrate a life has

been committed and dedicated to the

gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ