Stop searching for today’s blessings in old places; God’s doing a new thing.

What would keep me from perceiving what God is doing

Maybe it’s expecting it to look just like what he’s done

So here I am looking

For God to part the Red Sea again

Because that’s what he did last time

Sometimes the greatest barrier to what God is doing is what he used to do

so when you first became a Christian you just open your Bible and you’re like

you just open it anywhere and God spoke to you and it had the verse of your street address from when you were eight and

you just open it and you felt like a Care Bear and love shot out of your chest all across the

And now means your Bible flips open to all the depressing songs in the

Judas enough God what speak to me like you used to speak to me?

God said, I’m still speaking but not on the same frequency. I need you to go deeper. I need you to dig for something now


Forget not his faithfulness, but forget the form that it came in

They couldn’t get this

So in Hebrews chapter 6 verse 1 the writer says you keep looking for God to look like the law

Because that’s what you were addicted to see we get addicted to

One form of deliverance and then grace comes along and we don’t even know what to do with it because it’s not what God

used to do

You got to move on

Some of you grew up in really religious environments where you know, God wasn’t happy unless you were depressed, you know

It didn’t even count as Church unless you had to endure it you need to move on past that God is doing a new thing

I mean lift your hands lift your heart be free in his presence

He’s doing a new thing. Do you not see it? It will spring forth out of the ground

Do you not perceive it and what got me about it JJ?


That when he did it at the Red Sea

He made a way

Through the waters. Is that what he did not setting you up this time? That’s how the Bible story goes, right?

Dun-dun-dun-dun he made away

Dondon tanta through the waters and the waters stood up that that the water that separated them from their freedom stood at attention

like walls on either side until they got through and drowned the Egyptians and they love that story because that story

Reminded them of their deliverance

And he made a way through the waters

Isaiah says this time God is going to make away

But he’s not gonna make a way through the waters

He’s going to make a way in

the wilderness

Let me ask a question, what did they need in the wilderness

What was it they needed water so what used to be the barrier

Is about to be the blessing y’all better help me preach. I

Feel the faithfulness of God

You see what I’m saying, what was the barrier is now the blessing

What did threaten to kill you is now what God is bringing forth

So God said I am your Creator I am your king and this is what I do I turn

barriers to blessings I turn water in dry ground into

Sustenance for your survival. I turn pain into power. I turned shame into grace

I turn abuse. It’s a straight that make a way

I’m a way maker I am worthy of worship. I’m worthy of praise. I’m doing a new thing in your life

Whatever’s next is better

Whatever’s next is better

That’s what my faith believes when I find myself in a wilderness see a wilderness is not a situation

Where you feel like you’re about to die a wilderness is a situation like these exile in Babylon

Wondering how long the Lord how long am I going to feel like I’m in a place emotionally that I don’t understand

It wasn’t the physical surrounding of Babylon that made them weep as they sat by the rivers

It wasn’t the lack of prosperity. It was a lots of purpose how long am I going to wander in this place?

But this time I’m not sending Moses to get you out

This time I’m gonna send the water to where you are and I am going to bless you in that place

Because I’m away maker

Bom Bom Bom I

Believe dr. Hunt I see you do it again

But how you do it is up to you

I don’t know if this will help you but sometimes I get in situations and I just don’t see

away, I

Don’t know if you’re there right now. I don’t know if you’re going into that

If you just came out of it one thing I know is you will find yourself

It feels terrible because you feel trapped

You feel uncertain

you feel landlocked and

Here comes water springing forth from the ground where you are

And and I learned something I learned something. Hope this helps you really want to want this to help you

When I get into that that internal wilderness

Where I can’t feel God like I used to feel God

and it used to be dah dah dah dah, and that was just

When I get into that place and I don’t know how I don’t know who

And I don’t know when

When I get into that place I

realized that it’s not my job to


the way

That God is going to make

So I don’t have to know how

if I know who

You got me I

Am Alpha and Omega

beginning and

the end a

lot of us get stuck in a beta blessing and

We cannot receive the upgrade because we are so stuck in the way. God used to move

but he says today I


Doing a new thing. I know it doesn’t feel like it used to feel but I’m still faithful

I know it doesn’t look like it used to look but I’m still thankful

I know some things have changed in our country, but I’m still faithful because I am the Lord

I was the Lord I will die. Am I was I will be I make away. It’s what I do

It’s Who I am

And I’m making a way for you right now do you not see it and so often the answer is

no, I

Don’t see it

Because I’m looking backwards I found out for a lot of people the greatest barrier to their blessing is not what’s before them

Is what’s behind them that

God has already dealt with

So whoever God sent me to preach to today

You might be like 72 years old and feel like you know what my best is behind me. The devil is a liar. I

Said the devil I said if he’s talking he’s lying

Your best is not behind you. God has already been to your future and he said hurry up


Want to bless you where you are I

Want to bless you with the strength you have left

Empty-nesters just because your kids are gone does not mean your calling is over

I’m doing a new thing

I’m doing a new thing in your life

I’m doing a new thing in this church you

Saw how I move that water when you need it to go through it now

I’m gonna make the water come up where you need it the most

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