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Ministries have you been abandoned have

you been

rejected are you living with the results

of all of your mistakes and have no idea

what you’re supposed to

do well I can tell you what to do I do

what I do because I’ve seen God’s power

transform my own life and he will do it

for you the key to everything is found

in God’s

word I’m Joyce Meyer and I believe that

God can heal you everywhere you


hurt well thank you for joining me today

on Enjoying Everyday Life I love to

teach the word of God because I know

what the word has done in my life and I

know that it will do the same thing for

you today I want to talk to you about

what I think is a very important subject

and one that I think a lot of people

don’t realize and it is one of those

good news subjects do you know that God

will meet you where you

are I think so often we think that we

have to get ourselves all fixed up

before we can go to God but if you will

cry out to God from where you’re at God

will meet you where you’re at as long as

you cry out to him in sincerity and I

have several biblical examples that I

want to share with you but the thing I

want you to realize is no matter what

kind of a mess you’re in no matter how

long you’ve been in it no matter what

your need is if you

sincerely want God to help you and

you’re ready to change your life you’re

ready to repent of your sins and to

repent means to turn away from that

means to you’re not going to go back to

that again with God’s help you’re going

to turn away from that wrong way of

living and you’re going to learn how to

live the way God wants you to live God

will meet you where you’re at and the

good news is is he loves you too much to

leave you where he met you he will

always help you get to where you need to

be now I want to say that again because

I think that’s really important God

loves you so much that he will come to

you in your mess and he will meet you

there but he will never leave you there

because he loves you too much to leave

you in the same mess he found you in he

will help you to change your life and he

will give you by his grace and mercy a

life really worth living there’s a story

in the Bible about Abraham and Sarah and

this was a couple that God had promised

a child they had not had a child of

their own and really when God made this

promise to them both of them were too

old to have

children Abraham

was 99 years old or close to a 100 and

Sarah had already she was past the

childbearing age and so in the natural

it was impossible but do you know that

God Specializes in

impossible a lot of things that aren’t

possible for anybody else are possible

for God with man it’s impossible

possible but With God all things are

possible and so God just wanted them to

believe him to trust him that he would

give them a child from Sarah’s

womb and that he would make Abraham the

father of many nations well like a lot

of us do he waited for quite a while in

his case he waited a good number of

years and nothing was happening and so

he got a plan of his own and we do that

don’t we when God’s plan is not seeming

to come to pass then we’ve always got a

backup plan a plan of our own and his

wife suggested that he take her


and get her

pregnant take her as a secondary wife

and then she would claim this child as

her own and raise the child as her own

and and so Abraham did it that was one

case where he should not have listened

to his wife it doesn’t make any sense

for any woman to want to give her

husband a secondary wife that can’t be

anything but trouble from the get-go but

sure enough Hagar the handmade did

become pregnant and as soon as she did

she looked with contempt upon her

mistress in other words she previously

had a submissive attitude she loved her

M mistress she’d do anything for her and

so because of the great attitude she had

Sarah thought well she’d continue to

have one but as soon as she had a a foot

up so to speak on Sarah or she was in a

situation now that where she could give

Abraham something he wanted that Sarah

couldn’t she got a bad attitude and the

child grew with them until he was about

13 years old and it was just starting to

be nothing but trouble trouble trouble

all the time and Sarah wanted Abraham to

make them leave she didn’t want them to

be together my now she had had the child

that God had promised them and they grew

together for a while but it was still

just trouble trouble trouble all the

time how many of you know when you do

something that God doesn’t want you to

do until it’s corrected it’s just

nothing but trouble trouble trouble all

the time and so here in Genesis

21 14-17 it says early the next morning

Abraham took some food and a skin of

water and gave them to

Hagar and he set them on her shoulders

and then sent her off with the boy and

she went on her way and wandered in the

desert of

berseba when the water in the skin was

gone she put the boy under one of the

bushes and then she went off and sat

down about a bow shot away for she

thought I cannot watch the boy die well

we can see that she already had made her

mind up they weren’t going to make it

and the boy was going to die and as she

sat there she began to sob and

apparently the boy was crying too and

the Bible says God heard the boy

crying and the angel of God called a

Hagar from heaven and said to her what

is the matter Hagar do not be afraid God

has heard the boy

crying and he will meet him where he is

that the Amplified says he will meet him

where he is and that’s the title of the

message I want to bring you today is God

will meet you where you are now this boy

was in a mess his life looked like it

was all but

over and he cried out to God you know

sometimes all we have to do is cry out

to God and he will meet us right where

we’re at and he’ll help us get to where

we need to be God heard Ishmael where he


and he actually promised him promotion

and a good life and all Ishmael did was

cry out he didn’t do anything else he

just cried

out 2 Chronicles 20:9 it says if

Calamity comes upon

us whether the sword of judgment or

plague or famine we will stand in your

presence before the temple that bears

your name and we will cry out to you and

in our distress and you will hear us and

save us well you know I think anybody

can cry out to God it doesn’t take any

special training to do that you just say

oh God I need you God you’re the only

one that can help me God I need your

help I’m crying out to you I want you in

my life I want you to come and get

involved in my

life and I hope that there are many

people that I’m talking to today that

you will really be convicted by what I’m

saying and you’ll realize that you are

in a mess in your life and maybe you’ve

been trying to fix that mess yourself

and I’ll tell you you cannot you need

God’s help and God will come and help

you if you will cry out to him he’ll

begin to unravel the situation in your

life and it may not all happen overnight

but if you’ll Surrender Your Life to him

let him come into your life forgive your

sins and give you a brand new start God

will meet you where you’re at and he

will help you get to where you need to

be Psalm 372 and3 says I cry out to God

most high to God who vindicates

me you might uh remember well I don’t

know if you’re watching the program when

I shared this or not but I CED I shared

about blind Bemus who cried out to Jesus

Jesus thou son of David have mercy on me

and the people told him to be quiet and

says he cried out all the more and God

healed him crying out to God is pretty

easy sometimes we cry to our friends and

we cry to ourself and we feel sorry for

oursel but what about crying out to God

and saying God whatever you want me to

do I’ll do it just show me what to do

and I I want to be obedient to you I cry

out to God most high he sends from

heaven and he saves me

me rebuking those who hotly pursue me

God sends forth his love and his

faithfulness and one last one Psalm

865 you Lord are forgiving and good

abounding in love to all who call upon

you God met Ishmael in his rejection he

met him in his abandonment and he

promised him promotion and I can pretty

much say the same thing happened to me

I’d been abused in my childhood sexually

abused by my father abandoned by my

mother spent many years in complete

misery and lived in a total atmosphere

of fear and violent angry behavior and I

cried out to God and he met me where I

was at and he helped me change my life

it didn’t happen overnight but I am a

totally different person now and those

things that happened to me in my

childhood when I think back about that

little girl it’s almost as if she’s

Somebody That I Used to Know not me I’m

a brand new creature in Christ because

the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 5:17 If

any man is in

Christ any man who receives Christ is

considered to be in him if any man is in

Christ he is a new creature all things

pass away and All Things become brand

new you become new spiritual clay and if

you’ll be soft and pliable in the hands

of God he will mold a brand new life for

you it’s not too late for

you well where are

you are you lost in problems tragedy or

sin are you

lonely are you sick and perhaps afraid


death have you been abandoned have you



are you living with the results of all

of your mistakes and have no idea what

you’re supposed to

do well I can tell you what to do cry

out to God and he will meet you where


at and step by step little by

little God will teach

you and he’ll begin to show you how to

make right choices and live the right

way but you have to make a start by

surrendering your life to God you don’t

just cry out to him and expect God to

come and help you if you’re not ready to

surrender your life to

him and you know I I felt even before I

started to share this message for today

that today many people are going to give

their life to Jesus Christ and you do

have to give it to him he he wants

everybody but not everybody will receive

him because not everybody will humble

themselves and say yes God you’re right

and I’ve wrong I’ve lived my life all

wrong and I want to

change I am a sinner and I I I’m sorry

for my sins I’m sorry for the way I

lived and and I want you in my life will

you forgive me and come into my life and

be my Lord and my savior and the moment

you do that in sincerity God will come

into you he’ll make you his home your

sins will be washed away moved as far as

the East is from the west and he will

remember them no more now that doesn’t

mean that in instantly everything in

your life is going to be fixed but it

does mean that it’s a brand new

beginning for you old things have passed

away God’s forgiven you and then you can

start working with God to have the

circumstances in your life

changed into a life that is going to be

pleasant and enjoyable now I have a

pretty large portion of scripture that I

want to share with you and normally I

don’t try to share this many scriptures

because people kind of lose their focus

but Psalm


1-8 are absolutely phenomenal and I

think they’re going to really encourage

you if you’ll pay

attention you have searched me Lord and

you know me well when God says he knows

you let me tell you he knows

you you know a lot of

people that even work here might say

well I know Joyce well they may know me

but they don’t know me like Dave does

and Dave doesn’t even know me like God

does When God says he knows you let me

tell you there’s nothing about you that

God doesn’t know he knows things about

you that you haven’t even

admitted you know when I sit down and

you know when I get up you perceive my

thoughts a far off just think about that

God knows everything about you he sees

everything that you do you discern my

going out and my lying down you are

familiar God with all my ways in other

words there’s nothing about you that’s

surprising or shocking to

God before a word is on my tongue Lord

you know it completely God knows what

we’re going to say before we even say it

he knows what we’re going to think

before we even think it nobody knows you

like God knows

you you hem me in behind and

before and you lay your hand upon me

your you ever feel like that that God’s

got you in a place where you can’t go

forward and you can’t go backward you’re

just there waiting for God to do

something well he will if you just keep

crying out to

him such knowledge is too wonderful for

me it’s too lofty for me to obtain let

me tell you the work that God does in

our life is too wonderful for us to even

begin to understand it where can I go

from your spirit God where can I flee

from or hide from your presence if I go

to heaven you’re there if I make my bed

in the depths you are

there if I rise on the wings of the Dawn

or I settle on the far side of the sea

God you are

there even then your hand will guide me

your right hand will hold me fast can I

tell you there’s nowhere where you can

get away from God he is everywhere all

the time and his hand is upon you

and God’s got a plan for your life and

I’m just going to say this the best way

I know how to the gentlest way I know

how to if you persist in going your own

way your life is going to be pretty

miserable but if you’ll surrender your

life to Christ

today you can know a life that you

cannot even begin to imagine right

now if I say surely the darkness will


me and the light will become night


me even the darkness will not be dark to

God there’s nowhere we can hide from God

you can’t hide in the dark you can’t go

high enough or deep

enough God knows every place where we’re

at and he knows everything that we

do now listen to this for you God did

create my inmost

being you knit me together in my

mother’s womb god with his very own hand

purposely knit you together in your

mother’s womb you are not a

mistake God Made You specially there’s

nobody else on earth like you nobody has

your fingerprints nobody has your

DNA don’t let the devil or anybody else

convince you that you’re a mistake that

there’s no plan or no purpose for you if

that’s what you’ve been thinking then

your thinking has been all wrong because

God wants you he has a plan for you and

a purpose for your

life I praise you because I am fearfully

and wonderfully

made your works are wonderful and I know

that quite well I love the boldness of

the psalmist David he said you created

me wonderful are your works I mean what

was he saying other than God you have

made me a

wonder I am wonderful the way you have

made me is wonderful so right now today

you can stop being against yourself you

can stop hating yourself and rejecting

yourself and thinking that you’re not

okay because you’re not like everybody

else right now today you can accept

yourself as someone handmade handpicked

by God made very special and God has a

special plan for your

life your eyes saw my unfarmed substance

and all the days ordained for me were

written in your book before one of them

even came into being I love

that Dave has God has a

book and he’s written every day of all

of our lives in that book before we ever

show up on planet

Earth how precious are your thoughts

toward me oh God now listen to this how

vast is the sum of them if I were to


them they would outnumber the grains of

sand and when I awake I’m still with you

God has you on his mind all the

time there’s never been a moment in your

life when God has not loved you and

there will never be a moment in his life

when he will love you any more than he

does right now and you say well that

can’t be possible God can’t possibly

love me not with the things I’ve done

well God is love it’s not something he

does sometimes and doesn’t do other

times he is love and what he wants us to

do is respond to that love Jesus said if

you love me you’ll obey me he wants us

to learn his word and live a life of

obedience to him he didn’t say if you

obey me I will love you he said if you

love me you will obey me and the reason

why people don’t obey God is because

they don’t love him enough to obey him

the more you fall in love with Jesus the

more and more you’re going to want to do

what he wants you to

do Revelations 3 says I behold I stand

at the door and

knock if anyone hears my voice and opens

the door well guess what the door knob

is on your side of the door he’s not

going to break the door down and make

you accept him but if you’ll open the

door he says he will come in and eat


you and you will eat with him well what

does eating signify in the Bible

intimacy close

relationship covenants were sealed with

a meal the Passover was instituted with

a meal we remember the Lord’s body and

his blood that was broken and shed

through a

meal Jesus wants to eat with you he

wants intimate personal relationship

ship with you you know the Bible is full

of redemption

stories God is a god of redemption that

means that he bought us back from the

enemy God wants

you he’s paid the price for you the

devil may have you convinced that he

still owns you but he does not because

Jesus bought you back with his own

blood and he descended into hell and he

took the keys of hell and death away

from Satan and he’s given us

Authority the enemy has no right to run

your life anymore if you won’t let

him Noah is a great story of

redemption and I just noticed this that

you Noah’s story is

in Genesis 67 and

8 and it says here God warned of coming

judgment and he said that those who

repented of their sin and believed would


saved he told Noah to build an ark to

contain those who would believe however

after years of preaching listen to this

after years of preaching only eight

Souls entered the ark Noah and his

family now you today I’m preaching to

you and I hope that you will listen to

what I say and that there won’t have to

be somebody else next year or another 5

years from now that will come along and


again you don’t want to keep saying no

to God and keep saying no to

God all the people that were alive in

Noah’s day they were preached to they

were told that judgment is coming Jesus

is coming back and they did not listen

they continued to live their own lives

and do their own thing I’m pleading with

you today to no longer live your own

life and do your your own thing but to

turn your life over to Jesus

Christ who loved you so much that he

died for

you God loved you so much that he sent

his only son to Die For You Jesus said

in John 1010 the thief comes to steal

kill and destroy but I came that you

might have and enjoy your life and have

it in abundance to the full until it

overflows Saul who became Paul he’s a

great story of

redemption Mary of magdala who was full


demons became a close friend of Jesus’s

and traveled with him Mary The

Prostitute became a close friend of

Jesus and traveled with him Peter who

denied Jesus became one of the greatest

Apostles just because you’ve made

mistakes doesn’t mean that it’s too late

for you and it’s not too too late for

me if you’ve not received Christ as your

savior there’s a number on the bottom of

your screen and we invite you to call


number somebody will pray with you and

they’ll lead you into a personal

relationship with Christ and we have a

free book that we’d like to send to you

to help you get your new life started

right with

Christ I’ve told you today on the

program how to receive Jesus just tell

him that you’re a sinner and you want

him to come into your

life that you’re tired of living the way

you are you’re tired of running from God

and you want to repent of your sins you

want to turn away from that life Jesus I

love you I give my life to you come and

live in me and he’ll do that but there

are some things you need to understand

about that so call us and let us talk to

you thank you so much for listening to

me today and for those of you who need

it let this be a day of great change in

your life God bless you

I get to have a relationship with him

not because of anything I’ve done or who

I am but because of who he is I’m

starting to experience all the things he

died for it’s something really that you

feel and it’s in your heart and when you

do it’s amazing begin your new way of

living with this free book from Joyce

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us here he still is full of purpose he’s

still full of passion he’s still full of

promises sunny skies beautiful weather

and God’s word it’s the perfect getaway

God is telling you that he will take the

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