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Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder and president of The Urban Alternative and author of over 100 books, booklets and Bible studies. The first African American to earn a doctorate of theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, he has been named one of the 12 Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World by Baylor University. Dr. Evans holds the honor of writing and publishing the first full-Bible commentary and study Bible by an African American. His radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on over 1,400 radio outlets daily and in more than 130 countries. Dr. Evans’ sermons are also streamed and downloaded over 20,000,000 times annually. #tonyevans #tonyevanssermon #MasterKey

see when God is silent that doesn’t mean

he’s still I know you don’t see him

doing anything I know it looks like you

just waiting for nothing but God likes

to come in suddenly he likes to break in

when you didn’t expect it when you

didn’t think there was any way that this

thing could ever get better and the

reason why he likes to do things quickly

is so that when it happens there is no

debate on who caused it to take



we’re now at the sixth church that the

Apostle John is written the church at

Philadelphia this is the first

Philadelphia the City of Brotherly

Love This

Philadelphia in verse 7 of Revelation

3 is located some 30 miles Southeast of

Sardis a great commercial city with a

major trade route

plagued often with earthquakes that was

the nature of this city inside this city

was a small Church a small gathering of

Believers Philadelphia Bible

Fellowship this small gathering of

Believers found themselves in this Pagan

realm and Jesus who is the spokesperson

Through The Shepherd of each one of

these churches speaks through grew this

leader to the Saints at Philadelphia

Bible Fellowship at the church in

Philadelphia and notice what he says

verse seven he who is Holy who is true

who has the Key of David who opens and

no one will shut and who shuts and no

one opens says this so before we get

into all the idiosyncrasies of what he

has to say to this church he wants to

give a another description of himself

which he has done in each of these

churches and he describes himself as he

who is Holy and true holy means to be

set apart as unique special or one of a

kind holy means you’re not be to be put

in a class with anything else I am

Holy I am separate I am one of a kind I

am unique I’m in a class by myself in

Isaiah 40 verse 25 the the Bible says

God is Holy so when Jesus declares

himself to be holy he declares himself

to be God so we’re not just talking

about another name or one of the crowd

he says uh I am unique and therefore

must be viewed and treated uniquely I am

not only holy I am also

true truth has to do with Ultimate

Reality I’m the real deal anything that

contradicts me is false and is a lie and

cannot be Trust trusted so you are to

measure everything by the truth I am the

way the truth and the life so everything

is to be measured by its

inconsistency and compatibility to me

and if it’s incompatible and

inconsistent with me is wrong no matter

who told it to you how long you believed

it and how well you know it I am truth I

am Holy and true not only am I unique

and set apart not only am I Ultimate

Reality but now he getss to the

nitty-gritty he says I have the Key of

David I have the Key of

David now to appreciate what he’s

talking about this is drawn from Isaiah


22: 15-2 in Isaiah chapter 22: 15-

25 the steward of the House of David the

Kingdom House of David David was the was

the king of Israel it uses that to speak

of the Kingdom the key

belonged to this Steward but the steward

did not do the right job so he was uh

fired and when he was fired a new

steward replaced him this new steward

was eliakim and eliakin was given the

key to the

kingdom not given a key he was given the

key Jesus says I possess the key of the

king of David of the kingdom of David

that is I have the Kingdom key notice

it’s a single key cuz it’s a master key

anybody who possesses a master key can

get in any door all the doors are

available to him because he has a master

key so when the Bible speaks of the key

it speaks of two things access and

Authority so Jesus claims access to any

door and authority over every door let

me say that again Jesus the one with the

key the master key has access to every

door which is what a master key gives

you and authority over every door which

is why he says he can open the doors he

wants to open and lock the doors he

wants to stay locked because he is in

charge now if you and I don’t get that

we going to think people are in charge

we gonna think power Brokers are in

charge we gonna think folk with money

are in charge we going to think folk

with clout are in charge they may have a

key they don’t have a master key they

may have a key to a door they don’t have

a key to every door Jesus says I

control the kingdom because I have

control of the master key or as he says

in Matthew 28 verse 19 he says all

authority has been given to me not only

in the Sweet By and By but in the nasty

here and now he says all authority is

given to me in heaven and on earth oh to

put it in everyday language I got the

key so I’m in

charge I run the

show now in Matthew chapter 16 he says

I’m going to build my church and I will

give my church the keys to the kingdom

watch this now Jesus says I have the

master key that’s one key that can

unlock any door but I’m going to give to

my people the church I’m going to give

them the keys plural to the kingdom so

what he’s given us is multiple keys to

multiple doors while he possesses the

master key to every door so he has the

key we have the keys how does it work

when you use the right key he’ll back it

up with the master key but when you use

the wrong key the master key can’t back

you up because the master key can only

be consistent with the keys that he’s

given us let me put it another

way if you skip God’s way to get it done

whatever it is you’re trying to get done

then don’t just call on God to use his

master key when you’ve ignored the key

he gave you he does not want you to skip

the responsibility he’s given you and

simply call on him cuz he got the master

key he wants to know your keys are

consistent with is

key I will give you the keys to the

kingdom well what is that it’s Authority

I’m going to share my authority with you

when you are consistent with

me Authority Kingdom means to

rule so God Wants to Rule not only in

heaven but in history through the person

of Jesus Christ and he possesses the key

see the reason why we are not seeing

more of the master key is is cuz God is

not seeing more of the use of us using

the right key see we go and use a


key to unlock Heaven those keys don’t

fit in that

lock we get All Shook Up about people oh

he got the power to let me in or to lock

me out he got the power to raise me or

to put me down he’s got the power or

she’s got the power to fire me or hire

me they got the power they got all the

power Jesus said but I got the master

key and when I open the door I don’t

care who they are where they come from

how much they have what degrees they

possess when I have the key if I decide

to open that door nobody going to shut a

door I open and if I decide to lock them

up they not going to be able to get back

in cuz I’m in charge here I’ve got the

key to the

kingdom see we fear the wrong

folk We Fear folk cuz they got a name We

Fear folk cuz they got some money we

fear folk cuz they got some power but

you are related to the one who’s got the

Key of

David ultimate

Authority final say

so so what’s the problem he says in

verse eight I know your

Deeds behold I have put before you an

Open Door which no one can

shut because you have little power and

have kept my word and have not denied my

name oh watch

it in order for his key to work for you

for me and for his

church he says You must have kept my

word obeyed me and not denied my

name so one of the reasons many

Believers are not seeing God come

through is because they do not keep his

word they they come to church and hear

it but they do not keep his word and or

they deny his name they don’t want to be

publicly associated with

him he says to them you have little

power that means this is a small

church that doesn’t have big

names doesn’t have notoriety people

doesn’t have Highly Educated folk

doesn’t have a bunch of rich rich Saints

sitting in the sanctuary he says you

have little power you not all out in a

bag of chips people don’t know who you

are they don’t appreciate who you are

they don’t respect who you are you don’t

have what people view as substantive

significant and worth applauding he says

I have set before you an Open Door even

though folks say you are a nothing and a

nobody I have set before you an open

door and when I open this bad boy up for

you the folk with the name with the

money and with the power will not be

able to shut

it but the way I will open the door and

the reason I will open the door for you

your life your world and your ministry

is because you have obeyed my word and

have not denied my name see we got folk

wanting to God open doors when they

while they disobey him we got folk

wanting God to open doors while they are

ashamed to bear his name notice you

can’t deny his name you can talk about

God all you want you can talk about God

this and God that that’s not his name

his name is the Lord Jesus Christ the

second person of the Trinity not this

generic God no no no yeah God is there

but God has bequeathed or delegated

everything to his son it is at the name

of Jesus every knee bow and every tongue

confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory

of the father so if folk don’t know your

relationship to Jesus you have denied

his name even though you may be talking

about God bless you all day long Jesus

says folk may not know who you are but

you know him you confess him you obey

him he got a master

key and nothing will make the Lord more

real to you than he when he opens things

up you were too powerless to open up on

your own cuz you had little power little

notoriety little name


see that’s why the the greatest people

in our

congregation are not necessarily the

people with Masters and Doctorate

Degrees not necessarily the folks with

Mercedes and and benzes and and Lincoln

and what have you it’s no it’s not

necessarily the folk who who got the six

figure plus incomes nothing wrong with

any of those things in and of themselves

but but you have to need to know the

most powerful people are people of

little power who know him and who

advertise his

name cuz they have access to a master

key now the upscale folk can do that too

but he says you of little power but you

have access to me that’s why um I would

suggest for me and for us no matter what

position you hold money you have or

influence you will keep yourself small

you better keep yourself small because

Jesus says even though you have little

power I’m going to open up a door for

you because you have obeyed me and you

have uh not denied my

name if God has blessed you praise God

if God has giving you a great job bless

God if God has giving you a big house

bless God if God has given you a nice

car bless God God has giv you great

clothes bless God just so long as you

know you’re know better than the Widow

on fixed income because God will open

doors for those with little power he

says in verse

n behold I’ve you have kept the word of


perseverance and I will also keep you

from the hour of testing the hour that

is about to come upon the whole

world he told him in verse 9 behold I’ve

caused those in the sanctu synagogue of

Satan who say they are Jews and are not

but lie I will make them come and bow

down at your

feet and make them know that I have

loved you

whoa he said all those false folk out

there synagogue of Satan they they go to

church synagogue but they of the devil

cuz just don’t just cuz you’re in church

synagogue doesn’t mean you of the Lord

Lord there is a synagogue of Satan all

right so so the religious talk doesn’t

mean a

thing he says but I’mma let them know

that I have loved you even though you

got a little power I’mma let him

know you got more power than you look

like you

have said you got you got the synagogue

of Satan and they messing with you they

calling you holier than th

they say oh you one of them Bible people

and you you you got you bring up Jesus

all the time and you got you one of them

yeah they can make you feel bad he says

in the synagogue of Satan is making it

tough for you but I can keep watch this

I can keep you from the hour of testing

he calls it you in a test watch this so

if you’re in a situation and the door

has not yet opened he says consider it a

test and he says and I’m going to walk

you through the test until shall I

reverse it he says I’mma make your

enemies your foot

stol o nothing makes God real than when

he reverses the

irreversible nothing makes God more real

than when he flips something that looked

unflippable nothing make God so powerful

to you when there was no way out you

were trapped the devil was looked like

he was running the whole

show and then he reverses it

but you may say but but I don’t see him


anything oh yeah well look at the next

verse he says you’re going through this

test and I’m going keep you through this

hour but I am coming quickly hold fast

what you have so that n no one will take

your crown oh I love this word I am


quickly that means suddenly that means

unexpectedly that means out of of

nowhere see when God is silent that

doesn’t mean he’s

still I know you don’t see him doing

anything I know it looks like you just

waiting for nothing but God likes to

come in suddenly he likes to break in

when you didn’t expected when you didn’t

think there was any way that this thing

could ever get better that this trial

could ever end he loves to do something

suddenly and the reason why he like to

do things quickly or suddenly is so that

when it happens there is no debate on

who caused it to take place cuz it it

came out of

nowhere quickly you wonder woo where did

that come

from he wants to blow your

mind and so boom he comes through

suddenly he says and I will come quickly

so don’t worry about it if you don’t

have all the degrees and if you don’t

you don’t have all the money and you

don’t have all the prestige and you

don’t have all the power and people

don’t applaud you when you walk into the

room don’t worry about it just obey him

don’t deny his name and then wait for

the Lord I say wait upon the Lord cuz he



suddenly and once you have this

perspective you’re free oh yeah

cuz you know them people don’t have the

last say they have a say they don’t have

the say they look like they running the

show until God swoops in on them and

changes them or changes their mind or

changes you or changes the

circumstances I know the devil may be

nipping at you the synagogue of Satan

may be nipping at you but when you got

God’s perspective it changes what you’re






so I’m coming

quickly I’mma come

suddenly so what did he tell you to do

in verse 11 hold

fast hold fast don’t I know you want to

give up I know you want to quit I know

you’re tired he says hold fast make sure

you’re obeying and not denying you do

you hold fast to your obedience and non-

denial and at his time


don’t let them take your crown that’s

the right to rule even small folk have

been called To

Rule and now he gives us his final

statement he who

overcomes overcomes what the tendency to


up he who overcomes the Tendencies to

stop obeying and to stop denying he who

overcomes that and says God God as the

old folks say I’mma hold on till my


come you know it’s rough it’s tough but

I believe you and not my circumstances

as the final Orbiter of my situation he

says you hold

on he who overcomes look at this I will

make him a pillar in the temple of my

God he will not go out from it anymore I

will write on him the name of my God and

the name of the city of my God the New

Jerusalem which comes down out of Heaven

from my God and my new name you see the

word that word name name name name name

first of all he says I’m going to make

you a pillar a pillar it holds a

building up I’m G to make you a pillar

in my temple a temple is God’s

house the pillars are located in God’s

house Galatians 2:9 says that Peter

James and John were the pillar of the

church they were they were holding up

the church in other words he speaks of

these people who overcome the the

propensity to give up as being in

closest proximity to God

yes and he says for these folk who are

Overcomers and who are in close

proximity to God they will have a name

and he keeps saying name name name name

name name name name in verse uh 12 over

and over again he keeps talking about

name of this and name of that name of

this and name of that he says you will

have a name in the New Jerusalem let’s

get something

straight everybody is not equal in

heaven okay let’s get this straight okay

you can have a 40 wat bulb a 60 wat bulb

a 75 wat bulb in your house 100 wat bulb

in your house 150 wat bulb in your house

now all of them are bulbs and all of

them will light to their capacity but

everybody’s capacity isn’t the same a 40

watt can’t give you 100 Watts because

it’s not established to be able to

produce like that well all Christians

are Christians but they don’t have the

same watts and so they don’t exude the

same experience because they don’t have

the same

relationship Jesus said in St John

chapter 2: 23- 25 it says many believed

on him many believed on him but he would

not commit himself to them because he

knew what was in them they got saved but

they had not yet got committed they were

on their way to heaven but he couldn’t

use them on Earth

they were forgiven for their sins but

they didn’t want folk to know that they

were Christians they went to church but

they wouldn’t obey the word so they

believed in him but he would make no

commitment to them there are a lot of

Christians who Jesus is just not deeply

committed to in a practical way because

they want to be 40 wat Christians

expecting a 100 wat blessing and it

doesn’t work that way he wants to know

that you’re all in that that you a

full-time Christian not a part-time

Saint he wants to know that you will not

deny him and that you will obey what he

has commanded and he says to that one I

will give him a name you know when you

when people go to the Cowboy game and

they go to the Cowboy game that folks

who are sitting in the stands we don’t

know their name now they’re in the

location but we don’t know their name in

fact that’s the majority of the folk who

are in the building the majority of the

folk in the building and in the stands

and they’re just part of the crowd and

we don’t know their names now when it

comes to the players we know their names

kind of sort of cuz if I were to ask you

to name the name of the right God many

of you couldn’t do that if I ask you to

name the name of the Puna many of you

couldn’t do that because even though

they have a name cuz they’re on the team

you may not know the name because of the

position that they play but but now when

we upgrade and start talking about wide

receivers and quarterbacks and running

backs well you know those names cuz

those names have achieved a greater name

in publicity because of the role they

play on the team but then not only do

you have the folk in the crowd and uh

the folks on the team some more nameless

than others some with a higher name you

got the Ring of Honor in the Ring of

Honor those are folk who made a name you

see the players come and go but the

folks in the Ring of Honor stay there

cuz over time they held fast overtime

they played the game over time they

didn’t quit when they were injured over

time they stayed committed to the task

in fact their name is not only in the

Ring of Honor their name is in Canton

Ohio in a bust in the catton Hall of

Fame so that generation after generation

will know who their name was God has a

lot of Christians in fact old Cliff has

a lot of Christians that are in the

stands they just show up to watch the

game all they want to see is what the

choir is singing and what the preacher

is preaching and they just come for the

show now folk in the crowd don’t get

dirty don’t incur responsibility don’t

get knocked down don’t get blocked don’t

get tackled cuz they’re not there there

to participate they’re just there to

watch the show but then there are some

folk in the kingdom of God and at Old

Cliff who don’t want to just stay in the

stands they want to get on the field

they serve in Ministry they help other

people they give to the advancement of

the cause of the Lord and then you got

some Superstars those are the Ring of

honors oh it’s not just the folk who’s

people who you know their name it’s folk

who are the unknown own folk but you can

count on them you can depend on them

because they are forever holding their

role loving the Lord serving the Saints

giving to the Lord and giving glory in

their witness for the Lord so I want to

challenge you today if you want God to

put you in the Ring of Honor if you want

when he hears you and sees you to say

Well done my good and faithful servant

if you want him to call you out of the

crowd and let all of Heaven know you’re

one of his chice as servants I challenge

you to leave the stands to come on the

field now I want to tell you the truth

you going to get blocked a little bit on

the field you going to get tackled a

little bit on the field but when they

start handing out Super Bowl rings you

going to get a Super Bowl ring cuz you

were a Super Bowl Saint so let’s get

busy glorifying the Lord obeying the

Lord not denying the Lord because if you

are an obedient Saint who does not deny

him you you are an