Watch as Joyce Meyer tells about the first lesson in excellence that God taught her. It involved a shopping cart at her local grocery store. God can use anything to get His point across.

how many of you ever heard the grocery

cart story is anybody here who have not

all right well bear with me just a few

seconds here when God called me to teach

and I just had a little home Bible study

about 25 people come to my home every

Tuesday night and I taught there for

over five years doing that and I was a

mom made lunches and cook home-cooked

meals every day I actually used to do

that and we had a grocery store that

wasn’t very far from us and so a couple

of times a week I’d have to go to the

grocery store and when I first started

really trying to have a serious walk

with God I didn’t know that much and I

couldn’t go off to Bible school I had a

bunch of kids and so God just started

training me and teaching me things that

I didn’t even really realize the impact

of at the time and one of the first

things I remember God dealing with me

about was putting my grocery cart back

in the little place marked off for

grocery carts instead of working hard to

lean it up against

start to walk off and it start to roll

and go back kick the wheels and turn

them in and try to get it leaned up

against all the others so it wouldn’t

realising that when I left it could roll

off and hit somebody’s car but not

caring because I didn’t know anything

about excellence and here’s the thing it

took me two years to get to the point

where I would do that every single time

I went to the grocery store you know why

because I had all the same excuses well

nobody else does it well it’s raining

well that’s what we pay them for

and then God would speak to me and say

well if this was your grocery store what

would you want people to do see we’re

not going to get by with doing what

everybody else does God wants us to

treat them the way we would like to be

treated if it was up this is the behind

the closed doors thing oh joy surely you

could tell us something more spiritual

than put my grocery cart back well

here’s the thing if I can’t get you to

do that it’s not gonna do me any good to

tell you something more spiritual that’s

why we got to start with these things

now I’m gonna tell you something you’ve

probably gonna think I’m crazy when I

say this but I don’t say things that I

don’t mean and I mean what I’m getting

ready to say I really believe if I would

have never obeyed God about those

grocery carts I do not believe I’d be

standing here tonight

well maybe you get it I don’t know well

what does that have to do with it it has

a lot to do with it because it’s not

what I do up here that matters that much

or impresses God it’s what I do behind

closed doors when nobody’s looking

that’s just between me and God that’s

where your character is built and

developed not somewhere else