It’s time to call a fast on reasoning. Joyce explains why we need to get comfortable not knowing everything.

first question comes from aisha in north


she says i have physical problems

brought on by stress

i pray but at times i feel like i can’t

control my thoughts

how do i free myself from overthinking

everything in my life well why questions

you know number one you can’t free

yourself from anything

ah so that’s the first

problem is trying to yeah do it yourself

so um i suggest

talking to god about it which is prayer

you know this is obviously a problem in

my life and i don’t seem to be able to

stop it

so i need your help you know show me

what i can do and you know the

i mean i was so addicted to reasoning i

mean i had

to think i had the answer to everything

and to be honest it can just about drive


mad you just it just does nothing but

make the problems worse

and so i finally gave it up you know

like i

called a fast on reasoning and instead


when i would be tempted to get into oh

god i don’t understand why i would just


never mind lord i trust you

it was like a decision that i had to

make that

i mean the lord put this in my heart one

time don’t you know if you could

understand everything then

then you’d be god instead of me you know

there are mysteries in christ that we

don’t understand there are things that

happen in our lives that we don’t


you know one of the things that i say

frequently is we live life forward but

we understand it backward

and so now i can look back and

understand a lot of things

that were really problems for me when i

was going

through them so trusting god is the key

and i’ve written a great book on

trusting god called

unshakable trust and then we have a

devotional on trusting god called

trusting god day by day

so study in that area

study what the bible says i mean there’s

nothing wrong with asking god why but

a lot of times he’s not going to tell

you and

the real danger is with all the

reasoning is sometimes you think you’ve

got something figured out

you think you’ve oh yeah now i get it

and then it turns out to be something

totally different

than what you thought it was and to be

very honest

very honest you’re never going to have


unless you can give up having to know

we need to get comfortable not knowing