We had a Q+A Bonus session with Joyce, Beth & Chris and we received a lot of great questions.

I made a decision yesterday so hello on

my sister a decision for Christ for

Christ yesterday so my question is I

left a very friendship and she was a

very open not follower of Christ didn’t

like discuss anything about Christ and I

was born a Catholic and we had a very

bad breakup and I prayed that for

release I prayed do we get back together

do we become friends again do we so my

question is for healing when do you let

go when do you continue to pray when

when do you know when it’s right to

release get on the bus and go I think

that’s what we’re talking about

yesterday or do you continue to pray

because it was such a huge part of your

life or is she a season and that season

has gone away that one’s yours Chris you

haven’t said anything

a good question that is a very powerful

question and make sure to get some

people that are more seasoned than me to

do that in my when I first surrendered

my life to Christ there were a couple of

friendships that had to dramatically be

cut off because they would have dragged

me back into just some patterns of

destructive behavior that weren’t great

and as painful as it was it would have

been more painful because eventually it

would have ended up probably there

meaning we had to go to separate paths

anyway you can make that really painful

and go kicking and screaming or not now

when you’ve got a tender heart and you

want to also obey the Lord so you don’t

just want to be rude to people and

sometimes you think there was say a

relationship with my family that I

didn’t get on great with but God had me

I want you to stick around in this and I

want you to go the extra mile so in one

case I actually had to take a deep

breath and do what was really hard which

was to stay and work through it when it

came to some relationships for my own

sake and I’m sure for theirs to the Lord

would have had I had to cut them off

there were places I couldn’t no longer

visit I had to be dramatic hugely

because you’re very very vulnerable in

that moment so that’s why I’m saying

that to you okay I don’t where you all

are yeah I have a I have a little saying

that I got hold up a long time ago you

can hang with somebody as long as

there’s a chance for you to affect them

but if they start to infect you

that’s good choice then you got to move

on it’s

because we don’t we don’t want to run

from everybody that’s not a believer

they need people to be an example to

them and so I’m all for continuing to

try to work in somebody’s life as long

as I’m having some kind of an effect

even if it’s a long time in between

times when I see progress if I’m having

an effect but if it starts to infect me

and I start to feel compromise or I

start to feel tempted you know in some

way then that’s it I you know I know

that we can’t take it we’re all three of

us answer everyone but I guess you can

see any woman of any amount of decades

has had this happen so let me throw this

in real quickly – and Carly

you said nothing that’s making me think

this so just let me go a different

direction with this answer this you did

not reflect this in any way but I have

learned ladies that very often one way

you know a codependent relationship is

if it will not tolerate change if you

decide that you really want to make a

change but that friendship won’t change

with you very often they would rather

quit than change and that’s not a

healthy friendship that’s good so keep

that in mind Sperry painful there’s

nothing easy about even saying it let

alone living it but I do want to tell

you that that is the nature of

codependency is it wants that it feeds

off of that off of that inner woven as’

and once you try to clean up those lines

that thing’s going arrived