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I’m Joyce Meyer and I believe that God

can heal you everywhere you


hurt there’s only one attitude that a

Believer should have toward fear and

that is I will not

fear okay can you say that say I will

not fear I will not fear all right now

we’re going to do it one more time and

you’re going to say it like you really


it uh you you don’t all still have it it

goes like this I will not

fear I will not fear okay we have to

understand that

fear first of all is a demonic spirit

it’s not from

God and

uh I think it’s the enemy’s

favorite tool and his tool

toolbox the sole purpose of which is to

keep us from making progress and going

forward fear’s whole design is to stop

you in your tracks or to drive you back

where you came

from instead

of you going forward and becoming all

that God wants you to be I’m sure that

you can remember times in your life when

you’ve been stopped by fear of some kind

now I want to say from the outset here

that we’ve been set free from Fear

there’s scripture after scripture after

scripture in the Bible that says we’ve

been set free from fear but being set

free from something now listen what I’m

going to say being set free from

something does not mean The

Disappearance of

it I want you to think about that being

set free from something does not

necessarily mean The Disappearance of it

in other words I think I might as well

just tell you that from time to time in

your life you’re always going to have

fear come against

you I’m sorry

but that’s true I believe that we’re

free from worry but that doesn’t mean

that worry will never present

itself and try to tempt us to worry but

just because worry tries to pay me a

visit that doesn’t mean I have to let it

in and invite it to stay all day

right and so I don’t know that was just

something that God gave me a few weeks

ago and I’ve been trying to say that in

my conferences that because I think it’s

important we think that being set free

from something means that we should

never have to deal with it

again and it really doesn’t mean that it

just means that now you you learn to

recognize it and you know you have

authority over it and so you have an

option then to either let it rule you or

to rule it I I’m I have been set free

from the effects of what my father did

to me by sexually abusing me for all the

years of my childhood I’ve been set free

from that but that doesn’t mean that I

never ever have to

confront any of the effects of that that

still try to visit me from time to time

even after all these years you know if

we would just get as determined as the


is come on

yes I said the devil if we would just

get as determined as the devil is you

know some Christians when you say the

devil they’re like

e well I just might as well tell you

ahead of time we’re going to talk about

him a little bit this weekend because

one of the one of the worst conditions

we can be in is to not know that he’s

Alive and Well on Planet Earth and that

he is ultimately the source of all of


problems amen

I will not

fear until you make that

decision you’re more than likely

to have a lot of what God has for you

stolen by fear the word fear means to

take flight or to run away

from so when God says in the Bible fear

not he’s not telling us not to feel fear

he’s saying when you feel fear don’t

run when you feel fear confront it

and have that attitude I am not going to

live in fear has anybody in this

building found out that the enemy will

do to you whatever you will put up

with I said he will do to you whatever

you will put up with and some of you

just need to get a good Holy Ghost fire

in your

belly what I mean by that is way down

deep inside of you to just be determined

Jesus died for me to have a good life

and I am going to have a good


life if anybody can be blessed then I

can be blessed because God is no

respector of


amen I will not fear Romans

8:31 if God is for us who can be against

us who can be our foe if God is on our

side I want us to just take our time

tonight I’ve got quite a few scriptures

I’m going to have you look at and I I

instead of just running past these I

want you to think about that if God is



God if God is for us then what

difference does it make really who’s

against us because God is certainly

greater than anything or

anybody that could come against us and

you know I think that where we get into

trouble is we believe that God is for

other people but are we sure that he’s


us are you sure tonight that God is for


see one person over here are you sure

tonight that

God is for


you now you know I’m sure some of you

got you think well I don’t know I

haven’t been too good lately well you

know he not far you because you’re good

he’s far you because he’s

good and because he knows The Human

Condition and he sent us a savior and by

the way he knows that we’re growing that

we’re not where we need to be but thank

God we’re not where we’re used to

be at least if you’re here in the

building you’re likely to make some

progress tonight so congratulations you

showed up now God can do

something so how about if everybody says

God is for me God is for me Psalm 1186

the Lord is on my side I will not

fear I may feel fear but I won’t give

into it

now it’s impossible to live without fear

if you don’t know that God loves you and

so I’m going to pretend like you don’t

know anything at all about the Bible and

that all the people watching my TV don’t

know anything at all about the Bible and

I’m just going to teach you maybe some

things that are very basic and

foundational but it’s surprising for me

all the time to find out how many people

have never had anybody look them right

in the face and say God loves you

unconditionally matter of fact I’m about

to say something


God will never love you any more than he

does at this moment right

now see that’s kind of like

a a

halfhearted you and hey I get it because

you’re like but and here’s what people

think when I say that I get the same

reaction every place here’s what people


well surely when I


see we think we can earn God’s

love if we can behave just a little bit

better but the truth is get this God is

not for

sale come on I said God is not for sale

you can only receive him by faith you

can’t buy him with good

works so we don’t do good works to get

God to love

us we strive to do good things because

he does love us and so the quicker the

sooner the more you believe that God

loves you just as much right now as you

could ever possibly be loved in your

whole life then knowing that

unconditional love is going to give you

the courage to confront fear and live

the life that God wants you to

live 1 John 4 16 was kind of a

life-changing scripture for

me it says we know we understand we

recognize and we are conscious

of by observation and by

experience and we believe and adhere to

and put Faith in and rely on the love

that God has for us now you know that’s

a lot of words here in the Amplified but

un taking a look at those words is what

makes this meaningful we know what does

it mean to know that God loves you it

means that first of all you recognize

when God’s at work in your life let me

tell you something God is doing so much

for us all the time and half the time

we’re just uncon we don’t even we don’t

we don’t know it’s God we think it’s

like circumstance or coincidence or boy

we’re lucky or you know I I I I don’t

like it when people say well you know

I’m just lucky or you’re just lucky you

know I don’t see that word in the Bible

and I you know it’s not a it’s not a

sinful word but I’d much rather say you

know we’re blessed God’s blessing us

than to say we’re lucky like it kind of

just we happen to be the one that it

happened to and who knows who it’s going

to happen to next you know

amen we recognize we’re conscious of by

observation and by

experience and we believe and adhere to

and put Faith in and rely on the love

that God has for us God is

love and he who dwells and continues in

love dwells and continues in God and God

dwells and continues in him so I believe

that God loves me not because I’m

necessarily lovable all the time because

honestly I know that I’m not lovable all

the time but hey I’m better than what I

used to be and I hope this time next

year I’ll be better than what I am right

now and you see God sees the end from


beginning come on he not only sees where

you’re at right now he sees where you’re

going to end up as you keep walking with

him and treat you accordingly perfect

love casts out fear perfect love casts

out fear 1 John

4:18 there’s no fear in

love how much fear do you still have in

your life fear of man the fear of lack

the fear of Abandonment the fear of

loneliness we’re going to talk about a

lot of these things tonight how much

fear do you still have in your

life however much is there

it’s because you or me or anybody else



knowledge about the love of God you may

believe God loves you but you maybe need

to believe it more and more and stronger


stronger amen you ought to practice go

look in the mirror and say God loves you

God loves you you stinker you God loves


come on did you ever pinch one of your

little kids on the cheek and say you

stinker you mama loves you anyway


amen I have a couple of great

grandchildren imagine that great

grandchildren woo and uh one of them’s

name is abriella man she is so cute

she’s got this springy black curls and

they just she’s only like N9 months old

and so she was over this morning well I

mean you know how can you do anything

with that but just want to love it and

hug it and kiss it and you know you just

you just like just telling her constant

oh you’re so cute you

swe I mean a kid can just turn an adult

into a blithering idiot you’re just

like and Dave was behaving the same

way and

uh see we’re God’s

children are you awake in the building

like we are God’s children he loves us


unconditionally well Philippians 4:6

says be anxious for nothing but in

everything by prayer and supplication

with Thanksgiving let your request be

made known to God sometimes it’s easier

to read that scripture than to do what

it says but we can do what it says we

give the enemy access through fear we

give God Access by faith so while

there’s plenty of reasons in this world

to be anxious we have Godly tools to

keep our peace Ginger is joining me

today to discuss the questions that

you’ve sent in about anxiety yeah we’ve

got some good questions I bet you had

plenty of them too there there are so

many different areas in our lives that

anxiety can creep in and I’ll tell you

our enemy just loves that because he can

really have a field day so there’s some

great specific things uh this is Felicia

from Michigan I have to retake a test

that I failed what’s the best way to ask

Jesus to relieve me from intense anxiety

of failing again that fear of failure is

a big one and especially when you’ve

experienced it yeah it is I think that

what she all anybody can do is the best

they can do and so I encourage her to

just discuss that in that way with Jesus

all I can do is do my best and that I’m

asking you to make up the difference I

don’t want to fail this test again I’m

not going to worry about failing it I’m

going to trust God trust you God that

I’m going to pass it and you know of

course I’m big on confession I believe

that we can prophesy our own future if

it’s word based and so I would encourage

her to say you know especially if she’s

got some time I don’t know if she’s

going to take this test like the next

day after she wrote this question in but

you you can say I believe I’m going to

pass my test I believe God’s going to

give me the grace to pass this test you

know I think that we do get a lot of

what we believe and that’s why Satan

wants us to believe his lies and fear he

wants us to be afraid and uh

anxiety I I like to put it like this

anxiety is more than just worry anxiety

is spending

today trying to figure out about

tomorrow’s problems and God really wants

us to be present where we’re

at that’s something that I’m really

trying to practice and it is a challenge

for me because I’m a planner and a

thinker and if

we God gives us enough Grace and Mana

for one day and so naturally if I’ve got

a conference tomorrow I’m going to spend

some time studying today far tomorrow

but I’m not going to worry about

tomorrow or be concerned about it

because if I look at tomorrow today I

can feel like nothing’s going to work

but that’s because I don’t have

tomorrow’s Grace yet today yeah when I

get to tomorrow then I may feel totally

different about it because God will give

me the grace for tomorrow yeah and so

often we miss what God has for us today

that’s right while we’re doing that but

when you talk about studying and

preparing for tomorrow you can’t do that

if your mind is so

um on the edge of failure already so

yeah I I think that’s really good idea

do your best um Lynn says how do I

conquer anxiety if I don’t know what’s

causing it because you know people do

have anxious thoughts and really don’t

even know why well I don’t know if she’s

talking about like a medical type of

anxiety where she

just feels anxious but if she’s if she’s

talking about uh

just anxiety over a situation I

think people are probably going to worry

no matter what we say

until they finally get it through their

head it’s not doing them any

goodh there’s not one person that could

tell me that they have ever solved any

problem by worrying about it so you

don’t solve it by knowing necessar it’s

a total waste of time why yeah yeah and

listen to the definition of worry to

torment oneself with disturbing

thoughts to feel uneasy anxious or

troubled to torment with annoyances

cares and anxieties so it’s self-

torment and surely we’ve got something

better to do than to torment oursel yeah

the other thing that will finally get us

to the point where we don’t worry is

when you’ve had enough experience with

God I’ll tell you the truth Ginger some

of these things

that you know we might say

we might say them based on 30 years

experience with God where a new believer

that’s known Christ for a month they

haven’t had an opportunity to see what

God can do in their life and so here

again all you can do is the best you can

do and you don’t instead of trying so

hard trust more mhm trade your trying

for trusting yeah because trying is is

just works of the flesh it’s us trying

to do what only God can do yeah and so

I’ve traded a lot of my trying for

trusting and I get a lot further doing

that than I do trying to work it out

myself that is so good and that’s

probably the answer to this next

question Janine says how do I stop my

anxiety from trying to fix everything

and everyone who cannot relate to that

yeah I feel like the world’s on my

shoulders yeah I uh I’m


I’m a I like to help people and I like

to solve problems and if I don’t have

one I’ll be happy to try to solve yours

and you just you just have to learn that

that is just not what God wants you to

do he wants us to trust him now

sometimes God will give you something to

do but that’s different than you just

doing something on your own right you

know because you want to be doing

something I mean a lot of times when I


God shows me something to do but if God

has shown me to do it he’s going to give

me the grace to do it and I’ll be able

to do it with ease and it will work yeah

when I’m in works of the

flesh the Bible talks a lot about works

of the flesh especially in Galatians and

that’s me trying to do what only God can

do and it always ends up in one thing

and that is frustration yeah I used to

put it when I was first learning this 40

years ago I a sign on my refrigerator

that said works of the flesh equal

frustration and so she’s probably

frustrated a lot because she’s trying to

figure out all these things and solve

all these things and we have to

understand we’re not God we’re not

called to be God we’re not called to be

Jesus we’re not called to be the Holy

Spirit and we can do more damage by

doing that it’s not my job to deliver

people it’s my job to encourage them

it’s my job to comfort them it’s not

even really my job to give them advice

unless they come to me for it and then I

don’t need to be trying to give them

advice that I’m really not sure about

sometimes you’re better off to tell

somebody you know what I just don’t know

yeah okay here’s a question um my mind

is full of painful memories that give me

anxiety how can I live with them and not

feel anxious well I think one of the

best things to do is to just not allow

your mind to go there my dad sexually

abused me for many years and I’ll be

very honest with you

I could leave this TV studio today and I

could go home and sit down and start

thinking about what he did to me and I

could get myself really upset but I just

if my mind ever starts to go in that

direction sometimes I’ll even say out

loud okay Joyce don’t go there just

don’t go there been there done that

don’t go there once in a while I’ll have

a bad dream about my dad about some of

the things that he did to me and I’m

almost tempted when I wake up in the

morning to start getting conf confused

over why I would still be dreaming

things like that I won’t even do that

you know I don’t I’m not responsible for

what right happens to me when I’m

sleeping and I just

pray God if there’s something I need to

learn out of this show me if it’s just

the devil trying to aggravate me then

take care of him he’s help me I’m not

going to try to do this on my own yeah

that’s another big trust area then it is

all of this really when you get down to

worry and anxiety and what’s going to

solve it it’s it’s not just going to

church it’s it’s not just reading a

chapter in your Bible every day so you

can check it off on your calendar it’s

trust in

God and understanding

that you can’t solve your problems now


Ephesians it’s talking about spiritual

warfare and it says having done all all

the crisis demands stand firmly in your

place so obviously if there is something

we can do we should do it but if I don’t

know what to do yeah it’s not going to

do me any good to just keep trying this

and trying that and trying something

else or maybe calling a bunch of my

friends who don’t aren’t even running

their own lives well and asking them

what I should do we go to God and we ask

him to show us what to do to give us

understanding and Revelation and we wait

on him to do that and guess what you can

still enjoy your life in the midst of

waiting to get those answers and I think

that’s so important because it’s very

practical right I mean you’re talking

about your own real

experiences and not allowing your mind

to dwell on those things that do provoke

anxiety and and how to ask God to help

you in very practical ways and the Bible

says to cast down wrong

imaginations and so we can choose what

we think on yeah we don’t have to think

on something just because it comes to

our mind of course Satan’s going to

bring you every garbage thought and

every tormenting thought that he can but

we soon as I realize that I’m thinking

something that’s going to make me

unhappy or take me in a wrong direction

I just stop it and I think on something

else yeah and those memories can be so

painful I can uh Sabrina from Texas

asked this I get anxious in almost every

social situation and have trouble

communicating because of this I find

myself not even listening to what others

are saying because I’m too focused on

what they are thinking about me how can

I break this pattern study

insecurity get teachings on insecurity

get books on insecurity and find out how

to be secure in Christ she’s she’s

focused on herself because she’s

insecure about herself and she needs to

learn who she is in Christ

there’s a big difference in who we are

in oursel and who we are in

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the war with Satan he said all he gets


say rest of the day is mine you start

asking God to heal you and he will

restore it’s the God of all comfort and

I am so grateful that I know how to call