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Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder and president of The Urban Alternative and author of over 100 books, booklets and Bible studies. The first African American to earn a doctorate of theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, he has been named one of the 12 Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World by Baylor University. Dr. Evans holds the honor of writing and publishing the first full-Bible commentary and study Bible by an African American. His radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on over 1,400 radio outlets daily and in more than 130 countries. Dr. Evans’ sermons are also streamed and downloaded over 20,000,000 times annually. #tonyevans #tonyevanssermon #DivineDisruptions

when God creates a disturbance it’s

generally not comfortable it’s generally

not desired it’s generally not preferred

you don’t want it but if you will tune

your ear to listening cuz he’s talking

when he disrupts the natural order of

things then he says you will discover

that you are a part of a


kingdom when God

shakes things up disturbs things when

the normal order of the way things you

believe are supposed to go or the way

they’ve always been begins to flip and

flop and twist and tweak he says do not

refuse him who is speaking so when God

disturbs something it’s because he

talking you remember growing up with

your grandma when you were growing up

with your grandma and they first came

out with televisions if you’re old

enough to remember that and you sitting

down watching Mighty Mouse and you

sitting down watching whatever your you

know your favorite cartoon was and then

it started thundering and lightning at

the good part of the cartoon it just

start thundering and lightning when when

you all excited about what you’re

looking at on TV and grandma said turn

the TV off say what turn the TV

off Grandma why I got to turn the TV off

cuz God is talking in other words when

there was disturbance of there it called

for adjustments down here cuz Grandma

said God is talking she ain’t make that

up that’s Hebrews 12 it says when God

shakes the natural disturbance of a

thing is because he wants you to pay

close attention cuz he has something to

say and he knows you won’t listen unless

he mess stuff up flip stuff up chain


up so when he disturbs the natural order

of a thing do not refuse him who is

talking because God has something to say

have you ever been on an airplane and

there’s turbulence it’s going up and

down and flopping back and forth and you

you now getting a little nervous you

tighten in a seat Bel that’s already

tight you you you grabbing the handles

like that’s going to do something you

you because you have been

Disturbed but you know the feeling you

get when the pilot That You Don’t See

comes over the

loudspeaker and he speaks into the

turbulence and he says well uh we we

we’ve hit some turbulence at 35,000 feet

I’mma go down a few thousand feet to

find us some smooth there this will last

for about 15 to 20 minut minutes do you

know the feeling you get when you just

hear his voice in the midst of the

turbulence calming the uncertainty of

the insecurity that you’re in God will

allow or create turbulence in our life

and in our circumstance in order for us

to pay closer attention cuz now we want

to hear more of what he has to say in

the turbulence that we’re going through

if he wants to move you to a new career

he’ll create turbulence in the career

you’re in if he wants to move you to a

new circumstance he’ll create turbulence

in the circumstance you’re in if he

finds out you love money too much he’ll

start breaking stuff down to take away

your love for money he will create a

turbulence in the situation because he

wants to hear he wants you to hear him a

lot closer than you were previously

listening in fact he’s creating now

worldwide turbulence in case you don’t

know it that’s what Co was all about

it was about worldwide recognition that

there’s stuff out there we can’t handle

can’t answer can’t fix so you better pay

closer attention so when God wants to

make sure that you are more attuned to

listening whether you choose to or not

because he says you can refuse it he

will allow or create turbulence or what

he calls the shaking or the disruption

of the normal activity or the normal

movement of things so rather than

getting mad at GL God when there is

turbulence he says you better listen

more carefully to God when there is

turbulence just like when you hear that

bad weather is coming you know what you

do you pay more attention to the weather

man or weather lady they get listened to

like never before if somebody says where

as a tornado possibly you’re going to be

paying attention cuz turbulence is on

the the way there’s uncertainty on the

way when we had our ice storm a few

weeks ago the weather man the weather

lady got undivided attention we wanted

to listen how bad will it be how long

will it be and the kids were listening

how long we going to stay out of school


listening because there is turbulence

that is things are outside the natural

order he says God is speaking when there


disruption now the good news is God is

still talking you need to worry if he


talking okay God is speaking using

circumstance disruption to get our

attention so he can reveal to us and

that’s good news in a bad situation

because he says what he’s doing is he is

creating a

separation he says the removing verse 27

of those things which can be shaken so

he’s getting rid of

something of created things whoa he’s

trying to change something in the

physical to replace it with something in

the spiritual

ah you know why because he sees we’ve

gotten to attach to the

physical as of created things the things

that the five senses partake of

when we get attached illegitimately to

the wrong

Kingdom then he will create a

disturbance Amen to detach

us he does not want

us overly connected to this Kingdom yeah

to this

world we’re supposed to be in it but

we’re not supposed to be tied to it

we’re not supposed to have it as our

ultimate obligation and so disruption is

what he will

bring when a woman is in

labor she’s in her ninth

month pain sets

in but the pain is setting in cuz the

baby wants

out the baby wants out and is serving

notice on the mother you going to want


out and I am in the process of I’m in

the process of

separation of leaving the

womb that’s bad news pain but that’s

good news birth cuz the purpose of the

pain is to produce the birth so when God

creates a disturbance it is an

uncomfortable situation designed to

produce something better from the

spiritual realm for our lives so he is

saying you know when you throw up your

stomach is upset it’s upset but you know

throwing up as nasty as it is you

generally feel better after you vomit

you feel better after you regurgitate

because it’s getting rid of something

that is causing a discomfort in you a

disturbance in you so you throw up to

get it out of you there is a separation

that occurs when God creates a

disturbance it’s generally not com able

it’s generally not desired it’s

generally not preferred you don’t want

it but if you will tune your ear to

listening cuz he’s talking when he

disrupts the natural order of things

then he says you will discover that you

are a part of a watch this



oh watch this now

I’m going to show you he says why you

can’t be overly Tethered to this world

this culture and this Kingdom and the

reason why you can is I’mma Shake It Up

amen and I’mma show you if you put all

your eggs in this basket you going to be

shook up

too cuz you’re attached you know if

there’s an earthquake on the

ground folks in the plane aren’t shaking

cuz they’re not attached

it’s the things that are attached that

get shaken in an earthquake but what God

wants to do is Lift us up to a new

spiritual reality of a kingdom that’s

not attached so it doesn’t shake when

everything else around you is tow up

from the flow up when everything around

you has been Disturbed it’s shaking it’s

it’s discontinuity and disconnected so

God is allowing the shaking to reveal


unshakable kingdom because you’re

listening to his voice a young boy was

on his plane with uh flying

somewhere and um he was uh sitting next

to an older lady and the plane hit some

really bad turbulence and everybody was

screaming on the plane because it was

dropping suddenly and it was just going

from side to side and felt like you’re

going to crash and the kid was just

there he was just there playing he was

just just having a good time and the

older lady was irritated was irritated

that he was so calm when the whole plan

is in disruption she looked at the

little boy she said Son what how can you

be so calm when all this is going on he

looked at the they said CU my daddy is


pilot see when you know to whom you are

attached then while everybody else is

going through all of


this your connection to God’s Kingdom


will stabilize you cuz his kingdom up

there can’t be shaken by circumstances

down here it doesn’t mean those

circumstances aren’t real it just means

they’re no longer in control they’re no

longer dictating they’re no longer

calling the shots because it is an

unshakable Kingdom you know when it

rains on the

ocean the rain no matter how hard it

hits can only penetrate the water down

to approximately 25 ft so the rain is

coming from up there and it’s hitting

the water and you’ve seen the

disturbance of rain and wind on water

and it can penetrate 25 or so

feet so what fish

do when it’s raining is go 26 feet in

other words the rain is the indication

it’s time to go

deeper when God disturbs the natural

order of things when your world is

turned upside down when things are in

Discord God is saying time to go

deeper time to go deep disturbance is to

call our attention to time to go

deeper okay so how do you go deeper in

God’s purpose well look at what he say

therefore verse 28 since we receive the

kingdom that cannot be

shaken let us show

gratitude I want you to be

thankful now the

tendency when our world is shaken is to

complain and that’s the natural I don’t

like this I don’t want this I don’t

agree with this you know it’s too


he says let us show gratitude but how

can I show gratitude if I’m in a

disturbance you’re not showing gratitude

for the disturbance you’re showing

gratitude for the

purpose you’re saying Lord I don’t like

this I don’t want this I don’t agree

with this I don’t desire this

but because you

talking and because you have something

to say which means it’s worth hearing I

want to thank you for how you’re going

to use this to take me deeper in my

purpose with you I’m not thanking God

for the problem I’m showing gratitude

for the

purpose God was taking Israel from Egypt

to the promised land the purpose was the

promised land the Wilderness was

development for the promis land he says

I’ll let you get hungry so that you

could see I could feed you I’ll let you

get thirsty so you could see I’m your

provider for your water so yeah I let

you get hungry I let you get tired I let

you get weary I let you get thirsty cuz

I knew you would depend on me more to

have to come through why did I do that

Deuteronomy says so that when you get to

the promised land and when you got

houses that you did not build farms that

you did not develop blessings that you

did not that you should not forget the

Lord your

God so I let you go through a hard time

so that you won’t forget