Fear leads you in the wrong direction, so why not give faith a chance? On this episode of Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer, learn how to stand in faith no matter how you feel.

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psalm 86 2 david said this and i wrote

after this very good

preserve my life o god for i am godly

now this is a guy who committed murder

and adultery

and he said god i’m godly

i mean it’s like

come on man give me a break

but you know what this proves to me he


the power

of forgiveness of sins

he understood the power

of what god did for him

and man he let go of it

and there’s some people in here today

and watching my tv you need to let go of

some stuff

you need to leave the crowd behind and

you need to let go of some stuff from


on i’m preaching good

and i am not teaching you anything that

i have not had to do in my life i don’t

make up sermons i’ve lived them

and i know i know that the word works

i know it because i’ve seen it work in

my life

but i do know there will be waiting

and there will be testing

and there will be doubts that will come

and there will be feelings that will

make it rough

but i also know that i know that i know

that you can do whatever god tells you

to do because he is not going to tell

you to do something that you can’t do


preserve my life for i am godly

and dedicated oh my god save your

servant for i trust in you

leaning and believing on you committing

all and confidently looking to you

without fear or doubt

some common fears we deal with

you don’t like this

and some of them are probably things

you’ve never thought of you know one of

the fears we deal with is the fear that

we’re not going to get what we want

come on just just think about it

maybe somebody thinks you know you’re

singing you think well i want to get


and i just don’t think i can be happy if

i don’t


then there’s other people that are

married and think i can’t be happy


all we really have to have to be happy

is god

now yeah some of the other stuff is nice


you know here’s what happens when you’re

afraid that you’re not going to get what

you want you start taking matters into

your own hands

and boy that’s when the trouble starts

oh i went around that mountain so many

years i was strong-willed and

independent and determined

and if god wasn’t going to do it i would

oh i was so frustrated


lord i didn’t like stuff that dave did

and i tried so hard to change him

and it just wouldn’t work

and i had a son that was just like me

and i did not like him and i

come on you can laugh at me you got kids

you don’t like

come on

and i didn’t realize he was

strong-willed like me so our wills were

always just butting up against each


and now he’s the head of our world

missions and every mission thing that

we’ve done he’s had his hands on in some

way shape or form come on don’t write

your kids off too early

i’m afraid i won’t get what i want well

you know what if you don’t get it you’re

not supposed to have it

i mean if god can’t give it to you you

still can’t get it

come on abraham and sarah tried that

they got tired of waiting on god’s

promise and so they got a bright idea

i’m good at bright ideas

sarah said i know what we’ll do i’ll

give you my handmaiden hagar to be your

secondary wife now what kind of stupid

is that

nobody gives their husband another woman


and sure enough when she got pregnant

then she got an attitude

and then sarah blamed it on abraham

oh there’s some funny stories in the


do you know that jesus did not want to

go to the cross you know that

you don’t have to want to do everything

that you do

that’s right

i did a message a couple weeks ago

called the power of restraint and i was

talking about the restraint

that jesus used

to stay meek and humble

when he people would spit on him and

make fun of him and

when he was in the garden of gethsemane


all those soldiers came in to take him

and old peter you know he

pulls out his sword and whacks off some

guy’s ear

i guess jesus had to pick it up and put

it back on his head i don’t know but

he said to peter peter

what are you doing don’t you know that

if i wanted to

i could call

legions of angels

legions of angels there was when you

multiply that was like 72 000 angels i

could call and

my god would deliver me

and really

it was god in christ reconciling us to


so it wasn’t even just jesus who did

this for us it was god himself

who did this for us

how could you ever think that god

doesn’t love you for god so loved the

world that he sent his only son

to die for you

but the discipline the restraint the

humility that he showed and when he was

in the garden of gethsemane praying


he went off by himself not once not

twice but three times he prayed the same

prayer three times

father if possible take this cup away

from me

nevertheless your will be done and not


not once not twice three times he prayed

the same prayer i think he really didn’t

want to do

what he did

and i want to tell you we don’t have to

want to do everything god wants us to do

when my parents got older and

weren’t really able to take care of

themselves properly god put it on my

heart to move them to our city to buy

them a house and to take care of them

until they died

at first i rebuked it i thought that’s

the devil

you know what i thought there is no way

god would ask me to do that

well you’d be surprised what he might

ask you to do

long story short it’d make a whole

sermon but it took three years but my

dad got saved

i got to baptize him and he’s in heaven

today going

the same man who abused me and told me

i’d never amount to anything

oh our god is an awesome god

but but we have to do things his way

don’t be afraid you’re not going to get

what you want tell god i don’t want what

i want unless it’s what you want me to


come on learn how to pray a little

different way stop spending all your

time trying to get god to give you what

you want delight yourself in the lord

and he will give you the desires of your



another fear we have is the fear of

failure which is the fear of


oh we just want to look so good to


you’re always going to make mistakes


and you have not failed until you stop


that’s what failure is you give up you


you don’t try anymore

you will make mistakes

and you need to get comfortable being


this may sound nutty to you but i

remember years ago one time god said to

me i’m giving you permission to make


that didn’t mean he was inviting me to

sin but he was trying to teach me i

don’t expect you to be perfect if i

could be perfect i wouldn’t need jesus

and neither would you

why do we put all this pressure on


you have jesus because you can’t do it

all right

you have jesus you have his name to pray

in because you don’t deserve the things

that you ask god to do for you

when we pray in jesus name the amplified

bible says we are presenting to god all

that jesus says

oh that’s so good

i ask you to do this in jesus name now

if it’s clear in the bible that it’s

god’s will you don’t have to save it be

your will but if

if it’s not clear

well god i want to marry that person

you better say if it’s your will


because you may think you want to marry

them and really you don’t

dave and i had five dates and got

married and i always say that he had to

marry me real quick before he found out

what he was getting

but i’ve been worse than heaven i babe

he’s not talking up down there

oh we had some rough years in the


we’ve been married three weeks he looked

at me one day and he said what’s wrong

with you

well i thought what was i thought some

everybody else had a problem i thought

if everybody else would just do what i

wanted them to do everything would be


that’s why it’s so hilarious that god

called me to preach

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