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Of Peace

I do what I do because I’ve seen God’s

power transform my own life and he will

do it for you the key to everything is

found in God’s word

I’m Joyce Meyer and I believe that God

can heal you everywhere you hurt


I’m doing a little two-part Series today

on keys to breakthrough

needing a breakthrough basically means

that you’ve come up against something


is preventing you

from doing what you really want to do or

from being who you really want to be or

having what you really want to have and

our first inclination always

and it’s the right thing to do is to


that God will Deliver Us

Our God will help us we almost always

pray for God to help us but rarely do we

really want him to help us we want him

to do it for us

I mean that’s

in essence more or less what we’re


because when you ask God to help you

then that means that he gives you

something to do

he’s not going to do all the doing he

gives you something to do

and I think I made a fairly good stab


laying down that point pretty clear this

morning but just in case you weren’t


I just want to say that

When you pray and ask God to do anything

in your life

you need to be prepared to listen

for what he may

say back or how he may lead you or guide

you and you need to be prepared to do

whatever it is that God wants you to do

now look at me God is not going to do

everything for us while we sit back and

do nothing

we’re partners with God that means that

he has a part you have a part

you can’t do his part and he won’t do

your part

we’re partners with God

so I talked about a couple things this

morning and

I want to start now with

if you want to have a breakthrough you

got to stop blaming other people

and take responsibility

most of us

like to blame everybody else for our


I did that for a long time I was abused

sexually by my dad so every problem I

had every bad way I acted

my temper anytime I felt sorry for

myself whatever it was it was always

if that wouldn’t have happened to me

well there were many problems caused in

my life because of what happened to me

but when we’re in Christ now listen

clearly the Bible says we become new


that all things pass away

and how many things all things

become brand new and that doesn’t mean

that just overnight

everything completely changes that

doesn’t mean if you’re overweight the

next morning you wake up and you’re


that doesn’t mean if you’re bald the

next morning you wake up and you have a

full head of hair

I believe that what it means to be a new

creature is that we become new spiritual


I believe it means that God puts us in a

position where although we may have

things to overcome

and there are going to be many things

that we are going to have to learn

and one of them is hearing from God and

being obedient to him but at that point

when you’re born again and receive

Christ now listen to me every thing that

God has promised to his children becomes

something that is possible for you

if anybody can have anything that God

offers then that anybody can and should

be you


you say but it’s not my fault

well what’s happened to you in your life

may not be your fault maybe somebody

hurt you really bad

maybe somebody stole from you lied to

you maybe you were abused by somebody

but you must not let it become an excuse

to stay that way

that’s the thing that concerns me is

when we get hurt

and then we carry that around with us

all of our life and it becomes an excuse

to never get any better how many of you

know that human nature

loves to blame

14 of you know that

you ever

your husband and a wife leaving the

house late to go somewhere

the wife says it’s his fault he says

it’s her fault

we’re just not very good at just saying

you know what that was totally my fault

I’m really sorry

we talked about that a little bit this

morning but I think it’s worth talking

about again you know what that was

totally my fault

and I’m really sorry I wonder why that

is so painful for us

you know why the devil makes it painful

because he doesn’t want us doing it

because he knows the power that’s

available for us when we take full

responsibility for our actions


I’m giving you a homework assignment

which is to go home and have a meeting

with yourself

come to truth meeting

and so one of the things I’d like you to

ask yourself is what’s going on in my


that I’m blaming somebody else for

that maybe it’s time I just stopped that

and even if it was their fault I now

take responsibility to work with God to

fix it

thank you

now Adam and Eve


Genesis 3 11 God said who told you that

you were naked

have you eaten fruit from the tree which

I commanded you not to eat

and then the Lord said to the woman

what is this that you have done

and the woman said the serpent beguiled

and deceived me and I ate from the Biden

tree forbidden tree so she didn’t say oh

I disobeyed you and I sinned

she kind of tried to skirt around the

issue and she said well it was the devil

he made me do it

so the Lord turned from Eve and he

turned to the serpent

and he says because you’ve done this

you are cursed more than all the cattle

and more than any animal in the field on

your belly you shall go and dust you

shall eat all the days of your life

and I will put enmity or open hostility

between you and the woman

and between your seed Offspring and her


and he shall fatally bruise your head

but you shall only bruise his heel

so we know that the enemy was

successful and

causing some hurt in Jesus’s life but we

know who won



so we start out God said what have you

done he said it was the devil

I want you to watch however that God

assigns responsibility to every person

in this

act incident that’s going on here then


to the woman he said I will greatly

multiply your pain in childbirth

in pain you will give birth to children

yet your desire and longing will be for

your husband

and he will rule with authority over you

and be

responsible for you now guys anybody who

wants to have authority don’t forget

about the responsible part

that doesn’t mean you’re just a boss the

lady around all the time while you don’t

take care of her


Dave I just wanted to mention that I’m

going to need a foot rub tonight

then to Adam the Lord said so see now

he’s talked to Eve he’s talked to the

devil now he’s talking to Adam

and he said because you’ve listened

attentively to the voice of your wife

you have eaten fruit from the tree which

I commanded you telling you not to eat

of it

now before I go any further let me tell

you that this does not mean that a man

should never listen to his wife

are talking about an incident here

this is not laying down a whole lifetime

program where men are not to listen to

their wife

the problem was Adam

knew what God Said

and he took Eve’s advice over God’s and

that’s what a man should not do

you should always go with God and for

that matter women should too amen

the ground is now under a curse because

of you

and in sorrow and toil you shall eat the

fruit of it all the days

of your life

blame started in the garden

and it goes right all the way through

the Bible

and it’s one of the biggest problems in

society today

it is amazing you go to get a surgery

and you have to sign enough papers

that if they kill you

20 times

it’s not their fault

I mean nothing is anybody’s fault today

it’s just

it’s goofy we live in a world where

nobody absolutely nobody wants to take

responsibility for anything but we as

the church are better than that and we

have to stand up and be strong men and

women of God

and anybody here with any spiritual

strength at all

should be easily be able to say without

mumbling you know what that was my fault

I take full responsibility and I’m

really sorry

can you imagine how much better

relationships would be if people would

stop all the blaming

and just own up to their own mistakes

now Abraham Sarah and Hagar

one of the most foolish stories

in the Bible

now Sarah Abram’s wife had not born him

any children

but she had an Egyptian maid whose name

was Hagar

so Sarah said to Abram

see here the Lord has prevented me from

bearing children so I’m asking you

to go to the bed of my maid so that you

may bear

so that she may bear a child and perhaps

I will obtain children by her

and once again the silly man listened to

his wife


obviously we know that what she

suggested was not a very good idea

what kind of a goofy woman would you be

to give your husband to another woman


to go have sex with her

after Abraham had lived in the land of

Canaan in ten years

Abram’s wife Sarah took Hagar the

Egyptian maid and gave her to her

husband Abram to be his secondary wife

he went into the bed of Hagar and she

conceived and when she realized she had


she looked with contempt on her mistress

regarding Sarah as insignificant because

of her infertility so right away

which Sarah should have seen this

but right away Hagar gets an attitude

I’m pregnant you’re not yeah

but here’s where it gets cute then Sarah

said to Abram

May the responsibility for the wrong

done to me

by The Arrogant behavior of Hagar be

upon you

now I ask you

what made this Abram’s fault when Sarah

was the one that started it

I mean this just shows how people play

the blame game

turns right around in verse 6 but Abram

said to Sarah look your maid is entirely

in your hands and subject to your

Authority you do what you want to with

her so Sarah said it’s your fault he

turned right back around and said no

it’s your fault I’m not dealing with


and then Hagar she’s in the middle of

this so she decides to run away

then God found her and said where are

you going what are you doing in verse 8.

and she said I’m running away

from my mistress now we’re going to talk

here in a minute about running from

problems rather than facing them

then the angel lord said to her

in verse 8 the angel lord said to her go

back to your mistress

and submit humbly to her Authority



why should I want to do that

but the Lord said to her I will greatly

multiply your descendants

so that there will be too many to count

so here’s the point that I want to make

running from your problems never solves


hidden things

are the things that make us sick

things that we hide from people things

that we don’t want anybody to know and

I’m not saying nothing should be private


sometimes one of the best things you can

do if you’ve got something inside of you

that just keeps bothering you and

bothering you and bothering you and it’s

something you’re so afraid that

somebody’s going to find out about you

you’d be much better off

to talk to your pastor that you trust or

to find one good friend if you can find

one good friend that knows how to keep

their mouth shut you’ve got a gold mine


I mean I I hate to sound like this but

it’s it’s very hard to find people today

that will keep your secrets and that is

a shame we need to be confidential and

we need to not tell other people’s

Secrets but to keep them

if you can find somebody you can trust

sometimes just sharing with them

you know what I feel so bad about this

it’s it’s interesting how when you get

something out of you

it takes the power away from it

when Satan thinks it’s hidden and secret

then he can keep tormenting you with it

and then there’s some things that we run

from because God just keeps trying to

get us to deal with it and we just keep

putting it off until another day it

might be forgiving somebody it might be

confronting somebody

maybe there’s somebody in your life that

takes advantage of you and doesn’t treat

you right maybe it’s a parent who

expects too much out of you

they’re not letting you grow up and have

your own life and so you’ve kind of

formed a dysfunctional relationship with

them and you know you need to confront

it but you don’t so you just keep

staying in the mess and hating the mess

worse and worse and worse you need to

deal with stuff confront it get it over

with get your breakthrough and get on

with the real life that God has for you

and then

sometimes there’s things that maybe

you’ve done in life that you maybe need

to go back and fix

you can’t always go back and fix

everything you’ve done wrong but

some things you can and some things God

may want you to do so I’m going to tell

you a story I think I’ve only told this

maybe one or two other times I married a

guy when I was 18 just to

get away from my dad and

just I really never thought anybody

would ever want me because I’ve been a

sexually abused and so

I knew way down deep in my heart that I

was making a mistake but I wanted

somebody I was afraid I’d never have

anybody so I married this guy and it was

really just another five years of


and he was a con man

uh could talk to you in and out of



he was a thief Petty Thief

and so I worked for a company and I did

the payroll and he talked me into

writing some checks

to different random people

and back then it was pretty easy to go

in and get a check cashed almost

anywhere I mean you could just go in and

say I want to cash this check and they’d

cash it for you so the bottom line was

was he talked me into

stealing some money from this company

that I worked for

so here you have before you a preacher

who at one time was a thief that’s how

much God can change us


so I don’t know I thought maybe it makes

somebody feel a little better about

themselves to know who you’re really

listening to today

I’m glad we’re past the statute of

limitations that way I can’t go to jail

so I’m teaching my little home Bible

study and I got all these big dreams and

plans for my life and I started feeling


I needed to find that company and go

tell them what I had done and pay the

money back

well you can imagine how scared I was

I didn’t know what they might do for all

I knew they’d have me

thrown in jail

but I really felt like if I was going to

go on with God

and do everything God wanted me to do

that I couldn’t keep having that

hanging there now I’m not saying that

you need to go do what I did I’m telling

you that this was something that God

told me to do and I needed to obey God

otherwise I’d still be back there

teaching a little home Bible study

now I want you to listen to me God has

big plans for many of your lives

but just because God’s planned them

doesn’t mean they’re going to happen

there will be things that God will

require of you

there will be hard things he will ask

you to do

there may be some sacrifices that he

will ask you to make it might be some

sacrificial giving it might be

you know like one of the things that

happened to me in my life a Time came

where God asked

me and my husband to take care of my mom

and dad until they died well let me tell

you that was the last people in the

world I wanted to take care of there was

no reason for me to do it they had

mistreated me they had abused me they

had done nothing for me and yet I knew

that it was the right thing to do it

wasn’t a fun thing to do but I knew that

it was the right thing to do now listen

to what I’m going to tell you just

because somebody else has treated you

badly that does not give you the

authority to do something wrong

for somebody here today

coming to hear that one statement was

why God sent you here

I’m serious because sometimes we think

if somebody has mistreated us

that we are then Justified

and not loving them or not treating them

good or not helping them when they need

it well why should I help you after what

you’ve done to me

well because that’s what God does

and you’re like God that’s why he says

love your enemies bless your enemies to


that you are like your father in Heaven

if we are going to be in the world and

represent God then we do not get to live

like everybody else

we have to do things that don’t make any

sense to the world or the natural mind

but we do it because we know it is the

right thing to do


my parents lived a long time I mean it

was a long time


and cost a lot of money to keep them in

a good nursing home

I had to finally hire somebody to help

me run their errands and

do these different things and

there was no sane reason for me to do it

but I can tell you it was probably one

of the single most powerful things that

I ever did that affected me in the

spiritual realm it gave me spiritual

power and it took Satan’s power away

from him

thank you

so don’t think that you get to be nasty

to somebody just because they were nasty

to you

see let me tell you something

be it being a powerful Christian I mean

a right Christian a Bible Christian


it’s not for Wimpy people

I mean there’s going to be some things

God’s going to ask you to do

certainly nothing any more than what he

did for us

but he’ll ask you to do some things and

along the way

you’re going to have to confront things

that you may not want to confront you

know a lot of times we want to forget

things then just go on

and there are things that we get to do

like that we don’t have to go back and

try to pay for our sins but in this

instance for whatever God’s reason was

he wanted me

to go take care of this even though it

just frightened The Living Daylights out

of me so I had to find this company

which of course had moved

and then I went and

talked to the son who was now running

the company

I mean I’m sure I was shaken

I said do you remember a time when

an employee stole some money from you

through the payroll and blah blah blah


he said yeah

I said well I’m the one who stole it

and I said I just want to tell you that

I am a Christian now

and I know that what I did was wrong

and I would like to pay the money back

now he wasn’t a Christian but

I think

that people everywhere

are always

impressed not that I was trying to be

impressive but they’re impressed with

the genuineness

of our faith in God when we do right

things he had to know that was hard for


and so I don’t know how that may have

affected his life later on but I

definitely know that if I wouldn’t have

done it I’d still be back there

somewhere I wouldn’t be here getting to

tell you the story

and so here again I’m not telling you

that you have to go back and do that

that might not even be what God would

have you do but here’s what I am telling


whatever God asks you to do

whatever God is asking you to do that

you haven’t done

whatever God may ask you to do in the


no matter how hard it may seem

don’t run from what God tells you to do

run straight to it and get it over with

because sometimes the harder it is the

more power there’s going to be in it for

you in some way shape or form



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