Growing pains…. Can you say, “Ouch!”? Joyce gives a hilarious demonstration of putting up a strong fight before her big surrender.

see I’ve lived what I’m talking about

and dear God I remember laying in my

office floor literally holding on to the

legs on the furniture to keep from

running away from God I remember it God

was trying to get me to submit to Dave

about something

but God he’s not right

where are you gonna deal with him why is

it always me

and I remember my flesh was hurting and

screaming and I just thought I cannot do

this or I cannot do this and I knew I

had a call on my life and God had told

me don’t think your ministry is going to

grow if you don’t start treating your

husband with respect

I mean I’d already rebuked every devil

it could be rebuked and there was

nothing less to do but obey God and I

remember holding on to the legs of my


finally alright okay God give me grace I

can do this go out where is that honey

I’m sorry

it was all my fault I believe you’re


please forgive me and inside I’m still

hearing this