Finding it hard to stay healthy during quarantine? Joyce was LIVE on Facebook last week to encourage you in the importance of taking care of both your physical and spiritual health.

you’re live mommy hi everybody thanks

for joining us today for this little

face book time together and I know

sometimes it takes people just a few

minutes to get hooked in so I thought I

would tell you something funny that I

did last week it didn’t feel very funny

when I did it but it’s funny to talk

about it I had a day where my stomach

was feeling a little bit upset and so

sometimes when that’s the case I’ll put

a couple of drops of peppermint in my

water peppermint oil and it really helps

to settle it down well I did that last

week and the I wanted to put my contact

lens in and I didn’t even think about

washing my hands because I already

touched the outside of the bottle and it

didn’t even occur to me that I might

have peppermint oil on my fingers but I

did and so when I put the contact in I

felt like my eyeball was freezing and

then water started running out of my

eyes and it was not a very pleasant

experience so let me just say that I

don’t recommend putting peppermint oil

on your fingers before and you put your

contact lens in well you may be able to

tell that I’m in what looks like a gym

and it is the gym that I have at home

and I know you don’t all have a gym at

home but a lot of you go out to a gym on

a regular basis to exercise and I was

just thinking about you this morning I

thought boy you haven’t been able to go

for five weeks now you’re probably

really really missing it and believe it

or not if you exercise on a regular

basis then you do miss it when you don’t

get to do it but I just wanted to

encourage you that even if you don’t

have one one weight on one piece of

equipment at home to still do the things

that you can do because when you’re in a

situation like this where were in this

quarantines that you

it’s it’s easy to get down emotionally

and exercise actually helps you to keep

from being depressed or discouraged and

it gives you energy by I don’t know

about you but if I sit around too much

which we’re all inclined to do right now

the more I sit the worse I feel so one

of the things that I do is I’ll go or

walk up and down my steps a few times

and that that helps me are I’ll just

take a five minute walk around my house

and just go everywhere that I can around

the house or sometimes I’ll do some core

exercises just I just have to get moving

I’ll do planks or wall sets and you may

not even know what those things are but

the point is is to do whatever you can

do so you keep moving because one of the

things that I heard a few years ago that

I really like is that the more you move

the more you can move and the less you

move the less you can move and that’s

really important to me because I’m a

little bit older than some of you are

I’m not old but I’m aging every year and

I’ve been working on now for 14 years

but my husband isn’t working out for 55

years for those of you that have seen

Dave that helps you understand how he

looks so good and has such a flat tummy

and doesn’t look his age they will be 80

this year and I may be looks 65 and so

he tried for years to get me to work out

and I just didn’t told him I didn’t have

the time didn’t have the time but you

know what the bottom line is is we do

have the time to do what we really want

to do we all have the same amount of

time so it just depends on how we divide

it up as to what we’re going to do with


but I really wanted to encourage you

during this time don’t don’t use the

they get an excuse to gain a bunch of

weight you know a lot of people are

called it the quarantine 15 it’s like

they’re planning to gain 15 pounds

during this time and you do really have

to be careful how you set your mind in a

time like this because you can start

thinking well you know I’ll just gain

weight you can actually plan on gaining

weight but you know don’t be in a

situation where when this is over then

you then you feel bad about yourself

because you have gained a bunch of

weight and I it’s going to take you two

to three times longer to lose it than it

did to gain it I know there’s a great

temptation when you’re just sitting and

you have a lot of time on your hands to

to eat just for something to do or to

eat for comfort but you can also set

your mind not to do that

or if you need to snack on something you

know you can get raw carrots or celery

you know radishes or things like that

green pepper I keep a bag of things like

that in the refrigerator and sometimes

if I just feel like I need to chew on

something I’ll go get a little bag of

those and crunch I don’t wanna I’m

working on a book or doing whatever you

know I might be doing I really want you

to take care of yourself you know a lot

of you may think well I don’t have time

to take care of myself I’m too busy

taking care of other people

but the truth is is if you don’t take

care of yourself you will get to the

point where you don’t we can’t take care

of other people and so things like

exercising and taking the time to eat

right you know a lot of people think

they can’t eat right they can’t afford

it or it’s too hard to fix those kinds


their foods but here again let me tell

you something you’re worth it you’re

worth a little bit of extra money to get

healthy stuff you’re worth it to take

some time to work out you’re worth it to

take some time to maybe prepare foods

that take you a little bit longer to

prepare invest in yourself because the

world needs you you know what you may

not think so but you are important to

what God is doing in the earth and every

single one of us were so unique and God

created every one of us for a purpose

and you have a purpose and I just feel

like there’s some people watching today

you need to know that right now you may

be feeling so useless and I get it you

know I’m used to working and working

hard and you know I could start thinking

of bummer you know I’m not accomplishing

anything today but you’re not you’re not

useless God has a plan for you and a

purpose for you and hey you know what

this will be over it’s not going to last

forever and we’re getting closer all the

time to being able to get back to normal

everyday life and so I started working

out 14 years ago and I take a couple of

funny stories about it I was sitting on

a boat one day and I had my legs propped

up and I the back of my leg was itching

and so I started to scratch it and I

felt a lump back there you know that oh

my gosh I haven’t got a tumor in my leg

I didn’t understand what it was and then

I I felt the back of my other leg and I

had the same thing there and then we all

got to be laughs because I realized

it was a muscle I’ve actually been

working out long enough to get a muscle

and I can tell you when I first started

working out I got so sore I mean I was

so sore I always said I had to fall on

the toilet and pray to be able to get up

but after a while you know if you do it

regularly after a while you’re going to

start looking better you’ll I didn’t

actually lose any weight because I was

gaining muscle which weighs more than

fat does and I but I did lose like

almost two inches in my hip area and

there’s no woman alive that wouldn’t

love to lose two inches in their hip and

so I’m just really encouraging you to

keep moving during this period of time

just don’t just sit and sit and sit hey

the weather’s starting to get nice and

now you can go outside and take a walk

and you don’t have to walk five miles

and say you walk just just go out and

walk as long as you feel like walking

get out the sunshine wave it a few

neighbors and just do what you can to

you know right now we let’s don’t use

the excuse I can’t do everything I want

to do as an excuse to do nothing I’ve

always found out in life that whatever I

do is better than doing nothing and

that’s really I first started working

out I use the excuse all the time I

don’t have time I don’t have time and I

finally felt like God put it on my heart

you know if you do five minutes it’s

better than doing nothing

and I started with just doing a little

bit and then pretty soon I wanted to do

more I wanted to do more and Here I am

14 years later still doing it and I

really think it’s one of the reasons why

at the age of almost 77 I’m still doing

so much and doing conferences and

writing books and you know have an

energy to do things every day and so I

want to really encourage you too

set your mind on what you really want

things to be like when this is over and

started investing in those things right


I think I said this before but I’m gonna

say it again don’t use food as your

comfort during this time of loneliness

you know one of the things that really

helps your health and it will help you

not to eat so much is to drink lots of

water they say to drink one half in

ounces to drink half of your body water

weight you know so if you weigh a

hundred we drink 50 ounces of water a

day and I know some of you think well I

might drown if I tried to do that but

you know try to drink as much as you

possibly can so many people say I don’t

like water I don’t know how you can’t

like water if you don’t like water

it’s probably because you’re just not

used to drinking it and there’s so many

other things available today that are

easy to grab that we’ve gotten a bad

habit of grabbing a soda or something

else that’s not good for us instead of

drinking a good clean water and just

remember there’s a lot of people that

need you and you really need to take

care of yourself so you can be able to

help take care of them now in addition

to our physical health even more

important is our spiritual health and

this is a time when you really need to

spend time in the word talk to God about

everything you know that’s what prayer

is prayer is is talking to God let’s

don’t over spiritualize it so much that

we think it’s something hard to do just

talk to God talk to him about the way

you feel you know talk to him about what

you need help with pray for other people

and just you know make sure that you

stay in the Word of God that you spend

time reading I’ve written one hundred

and forty books really you’ve got one of

them in your house I hope you can go

get out from wherever you put it and

read it or if you’ve read it you can

read it again or whatever you want to

read just make sure you read something

that’s going to build you up and make

you feel better and then I wanted to

talk to those of you today then maybe

have never received Jesus Christ as your

Savior yeah I was talking to a friend

this morning in his his dad died

recently of a heart attack actually

during this time so they couldn’t have a

funeral they couldn’t have a memorial

nothing which is really just a very

different experience but he was saying I

don’t know anybody could not believe in

Jesus because he said I could feel the

comfort that he gave me during that

period of time and I told him I said I

think a lot of people don’t believe in

God because maybe they’ve had some bad

things happen to them and they don’t

they start trying to figure them out and

they get confused and think well if

there really was a God or if he really

was good then how could this have

possibly happened

you know there are many things hidden in

God that we are not meant to understand

what God wants us to do is trust him

beyond reason I used to be a person that

was so I was always trying to figure

everything out and I couldn’t be settled

till I thought I had it figured out and

then finally I realized that if I was as

smart as God I wouldn’t need any he

knows things that we don’t know and the

thing is is no matter what kind of a bad

thing happens to you you can trust him

to work it out for good the thing may

not be good but God can work it out for

good and you know receiving Christ as

your Savior is really really easy all

you need to do is be willing to turn

away from sin admit that you have been a

sinner and be willing to turn away from

a sinful lifestyle and learn how to live

the kind of life that Jesus died for us

to have which really I know people think

well I don’t you know if

new that I’ll have to give up all my fun

and I’ll have to do this and that and

something else you know something being

born again and having Christ as your

Savior and having peace and joy and

knowing that you’re right with God is so

much more fun than going out every

weekend and getting drunk and having a

heavy hangover the next day and I’ve

tried both ways of living I’ve tried the

wrong way a long long time ago but I’ve

had the privilege now serving God for

over 45 years and I can tell you that it

is absolutely wonderful and I’m sure

that you want to know that you’re going

to go to heaven when your time here on

earth is up and so I’m going to pray

with you today for those of you who want

to receive Christ as your Savior and

then we’re going to offer you a free

download about how you can really get to

know Jesus it’s got some things in it

about how to get your new life started

with him and you know please if you’re

not born again

don’t go one more day without Christ in

your life and you might not even

understand that tournament born again

but you are a spirit you have a soul and

you live in a body and when you’re born

again Jesus comes to live inside of your

spirit and inside you you feel alive

once again and and you feel clean I

remember as a nine-year-old child when I

received Christ I felt like I had a bath

on the inside I just felt like cleansed

and you know you don’t need to carry

that heaviness and that weight of sin

and feel guilty all the time Jesus died

so you could be free from all of that

and so maybe you’ve never received

Christ as your Savior or maybe you’ve

tried to live for God at some time and

you you fell back into sin and now the

devil’s got you convinced that God will

never take you back but that’s not true

and you can renew your commitment to him

today or you know what I think a lot of

people today they go to church and they

have a love for God but they’re not

living for God and they think that going

to church is the only thing they need

but Jesus didn’t die so we can all just

have our own church group he died so we

might have a wonderful life and an

intimate relationship with God through

him and I know that there are many of

you watching today that you are

spiritually hungry you’re lonely you

feel empty inside so I’m going to pray

with those of you that want to receive

Christ right now so let’s pray and then

I’ll tell you a little bit more about

this download that you can get father

God you can repeat this after me if you


father God I’m a sinner and I’m sorry

for the way I’ve lived and I want to

receive you as my savior and my lord

today forgive my sins and come and live

on the inside of me and make me a brand

new person I believe that you’re God I

believe you died for me I believe that

you rose from the dead and that you’re

alive now I give myself to you and I

receive you right now and I believe I’m


I believe you love me and I’m on my way

to heaven and I want you to teach me how

to live for you and now I’m sure some of

you think why I didn’t feel anything at

all well it’s not about feeling it’s

about what the Word of God says

and I can guarantee you that you are

going to notice a change in your life

you’re gonna feel more peace you’re just

going to feel lighter and the download

we have as you go to Joyce Meyer dot

o-r-g slash how to know Jesus please get

online and get that download it’s gonna

really help you or you can call our

phone number and we have people

answering the phones that will be glad

to answer any questions you have or to

talk to you further about what we were

talking about today about receiving

Christ thank you so much for joining us

we love you we care about you and we’re

going to be here for you online on a

regular basis until we can get back

together again in person have a great

rest of the day