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I do what I do because I’ve seen God’s

power transform my own life and he will

do it for you the key to everything is

found in God’s

word I’m Joyce Meyer and I believe that

God can heal you everywhere you


hurt you know right thinking can enable

you and wrong thinking can disable you


amazing what you won’t do if you think


can’t I mentioned that my mom knew that

my dad was abusing me when I was growing

up but she never did anything about it

and 30 years after I left home she

finally found the courage to say

something to me and she said I’m sorry

for what I let your dad do to you I


think that I could face the

Scandal and I didn’t think that I could

take care of you and your brother so her

thinking her wrong thinking her wrong

mindset ruined many

lives she could have just as easily said

I believe I can do this and taken a step

of faith and trusted God and things

could have turned out

differently for a lot of people now

things have turned out good for me I

stuck with God and fought through a lot

of things but I had a brother N9 years

younger than me who sadly ended his own

life and things could have been

different for him but he never had the

right kind of training growing up and he

got on drugs when he was 17 and on

alcohol and just never could get free

from it so it’s very important that we

realize how much our

thoughts affect our actions our


our moods they literally are the

Forerunner for everything that we do are

everything that we don’t do now this

teaching is taken from the story of the

Israelites who the Bible plainly says in

Deuteronomy 1:2

that it it is only 11 days

journey from

Horeb by way of Mount the a to cadesh

Baria on canaan’s Border yet Israel took

40 years to get

there why would somebody take 40 years

trying to make an 11-day

trip any of you feel like you’ve been

going around the same Mountain way too

long in verse six of that same chapter

God actually spoke

through Moses and said you’ve stayed

long enough at this mountain and so I

want to start tonight by saying to some

of you you’ve stayed long

enough at the same


place you’ve been feeling sorry for

yourself way too

long you’ve been blaming somebody else

way too

long you’ve been complaining way too

long come on it’s time for some

change and I want you to remember this

God can’t change anything if we won’t

change it’s useless to keep praying for

God to change everything if you’re not

going to be willing to do or if I’m not

going to be willing to do whatever God

asked me to do so I actually have 10 of

these wrong Minds sets and I’m going to

try to turn them into the way that you

should think rather than the way that

you shouldn’t think and I hope to get

through all 10 by the time I leave

tomorrow afternoon but if I don’t we can

always finish it on

TV I want to talk to you tonight

about getting your mind off of the road


you letting go what lies behind and not

basing your future on your past or or

even on what’s going on in your life

right now see some of you are

stuck you’re just stuck you’ve been in

the same place for so long going around

and around the same Mountain that you’ve

dug a

rut and there’s no way that you feel

that you can get out of

it but it’s time for you to let God take

you out of that place to a brand new

beginning in your life


amen the Bible says

that God called the Israelites out of

Egypt to take them in to the promised

land I brought you out to take you

in God has brought you out of something

to take you into something

better but you know what you have to let

go of the old in order to take hold of

the new

amen sometimes we feel pulled in two

different directions because God’s

trying to pull us forward and we keep

hanging on to what’s back

here you always have to give up

something to get


amen you almost always have to leave

something to go

somewhere but the thing about God

that well it’s

he knows what he’s doing of course but

it’s it’s not too easy is he’ll call you

out of something before he shows you

what you’re going

into and so there comes

fear like he told Abraham leave the

place where you’re

at and go to the place that I will show

you are there any of you like that right

now you’ve let go of one thing behind

you and now you just feel like you’re

just in total confusion and you don’t

know what’s next or what you’re going to

do and well you know what you don’t have

to know because God


knows and all he really wants to hear

from you is I trust

you not why God why but I trust you now

our mind has a lot to

do with how fast we make it from Egypt

through the Wilderness to the promised

land I’m sure you’ve all heard of the


land I don’t know about you but after

several years of being in church I got

so tired of hearing about the

promises but never feeling like I

actually possessed

them I heard about Freedom all the time

but I wasn’t

free I heard that God wanted to bless me

but financially we were

just hand to mouth and paycheck to


and I heard about all these things

and I believed them or I thought I did

but they never seemed to happen in my

life anybody ever feel like that you

just I mean just be honest you get a

little tired of the rah rah rah in

church and you know it’s nice while

you’re there but when you go home you

still got the same mess and you just you

you want to

possess the promises you don’t want to

just hear somebody talk about it you

want to possess it well the Israelites

wanted to possess what God called the

promised land and it was a land that he

said was flowing with milk and honey

which meant every good thing God wants

us to have every good thing the Bible

says I is not here I has not seen ear

has not heard all the good things that

God already has made ready prepared and

stored up for those who love


him but the in interesting thing about

the word possess that the Israelites

didn’t understand and I don’t think we

understand it a lot the word possess


means to dispossess the current

occupants so in other words they had to

be ready for

war in order to take that land that God

promised them because enemies of God

were already living on that land

amen and

so the Bible says that God took them the

long hard way through the desert instead

of a a route that was much shorter and

he did it on purpose because they were

not ready yet for

war and

see I’ve been getting real bothered in

my spirit lately and so I know that I’ve

got to do some preaching on this not all

tonight but I’ll mention

it you know a lot of Christians aren’t

ready for

war they’re

just sometimes I feel like I’m in a

cosmic battle between Satan and

God and they’re both trying to win and

I’m here in the middle deciding who I’m

going to follow am I going to listen to

the lies of Satan or am I going to

believe the promises of God and stand

firm and go with him

you got to dispossess the current

occupants before you can possess the

promises of God and we got to be ready

for war so God took them the long hard

way because they weren’t ready for that

yet he knew that they were still too

immature to really take a stand and not

be moved by anything that they saw or

felt and believe God and so they ended

up out in the wilderness whining blaming

complaining murmuring

grumbling and you’ll see when I get to

the part on complaining that the word

complain means to


huh yeah complain and

remain praise and be


that’s my own special

quote The More We complain the more we

stay right where we’re

at and so they just wandered around out

there for 40 years when it was an 11-day

Journey because they had wrong

mindsets they had a wrong mental

attitude they didn’t know how to think

right so before we get into the

specifics of

these different attitudes let’s just

talk for a minute about the Mind who who

could stand it if I talked for a minute

about the

mind please do right


well Proverbs 237 says as a man thinks

in his heart so is he that’s a very


scripture Colossians 31 and2 says if

then you’ve been raised with Christ seek

the things that are above where Christ

is seated at the right hand of

God set your mind on things that are

above that means right things not on the

things that are upon the earth now let’s

read it again set your mind and I really

like what the Amplified says set your

mind and keep it

set see it’s easy to go on a diet on

Sunday night after dinner

but the problem starts by Tuesday when

you want to eat everything on the table

and then eat the


table okay I’m going to tell you a

secret you’re not going to like this

part but here it comes

anyway if you want to have real

Victory you’re going to have to be

willing to hurt a little



and see the Israelites didn’t want to

hurt and we don’t want to hurt so the

devil gives us nine different ways to

get out of hurting and you know even if

you just take complaining you know if

you’re going through

something and you just keep your mouth

shut about it and you’re just talking to

God about it and not murmuring

complaining it it’s

hard there it’s like there’s no relief

valve for the pressure in our soul but

if we can just tell

somebody how bad we got it and how bad

we feel and oh my gosh if they if they

would just feel a little sorry for us

now the flesh is

like you got your fix and then you go

around the mountain one more

time I mean if you agree it’s hard when

you’re hurting just to say God I just

want to get through this and get it over

with and so I’m going to just talk to

you about it not Grumble and complain

there’s all different kinds of suffering

but we I just I’m very concerned because

it seems to me like of course it’s not

everybody there’s a lot of you out there

that are very strong

and you stand firm and you stand your

ground and you’re awesome mature

Christians but I think we all know that


majority are not like that and I think

that people are just

getting wimpier and weaker and you know

they just can’t take very much and

they’re ready to quit and you know if

you don’t do this today God then I’m out

of here I’m I can’t do this anymore

everything’s too hard and you know we’ve

got to understand

that you got to be ready for war

the minute that you declare that you’re

going to walk with God the Devil comes

after you I’m not going to stand here

and tell you if you receive Christ

tonight that all your problems are over

some of them are over but a different

kind is going to

begin and you say Well then why do I

want to receive Jesus because your worst

day with him will be better than your

Best Day Ever Was without


him because here’s the thing without

Christ you’re stuck in the place you’re

at and your life is nothing but misery

from now until you draw your last breath

and if you haven’t received Christ by

the time you do that then the real


starts yes there’s a place called

hell we don’t talk enough about that

either I’d rather scare the hell out of

somebody than to sit and watch them go

to hell


and every once in a while we a good

message Hellfire and brimstone like they

used to call it would be good for us

amen I mean what what what do people

think they’re doing I mean the the

amount of time that you have here on

Earth is absolutely nothing it’s like

one grain of sand on all the beaches in

the world compared to forever and we

need to spend our now time here getting

ready for


and I tell you more than anything we

need to get our eyes off of

ourselves get your mind off

yourself and on to what you can do for

somebody else I love the song that

Natalie sang tonight you can be a

miracle everybody wants a miracle but

how about being a miracle how about

being one for somebody else and yes if

you do that you will live a sacrificial

life but you’ll be so full and fruitful

on the

inside you see a Wilderness can be a

literal place like a desert but many

people have a Wilderness in their

soul everything is dry and Barren and no

matter what they do even even people

there’s so many unhappy Christians and

really that’s an oxymoron I mean

Christians should be the happiest people

on the face of the Earth and yet they’re


not it’s because we really just

forget that the enemy is after us all

the time he’s not going to

win the purpose that Jesus came was to

destroy the works of the wicked one

we’ve already got the victory but we are

going to have to stand our ground and we

are more than conquerors through Christ

who loves


us that’s why we need to get a little

bit sassy with our souls and say why I

so downcast oh my soul get a smile on

your face body and get out there and

count your blessings and stop whining

over every little thing that goes wrong

in your

life you say well Joyce if you had my

life you wouldn’t be standing up there

saying that well you don’t know what my

life is

like you don’t know I tell you there’s a

lot more to it than this little part

right here that I can tell you for sure

if you think the devil gets after you

you ought to try preaching this stuff

and see if he gets after you

so you got you got to set your mind I am

going all the way through to Victory I

am not going to quit I am not going to


up by the grace of God I am going to be

who God wants me to be do what he wants

me to do and have what he wants me to



and that’s why it doesn’t matter

anything that’s happened to you previous

to this moment right

here if it’s bad stuff you didn’t like

you need to let go of

it and you need to say this is the first

day of the rest of my life and I am not

going to live the rest of it like I’ve

lived the previous part of



mindsets are an interesting thing you


to you we we set ourselves up sometimes

for just a bad

day yeah I don’t want anybody to take

this wrong cuz I know sometimes the an

the anniversary of the death of a loved

one can be painful for people but my

aunt who’s gone home to be with the Lord

she every year I mean this was still

like 15 20 years after my uncle

passed and he was a Christian man she

knew he was in heaven she would

plan to have a bad

day on that day I mean she would tell me

two weeks out now you know

honey next so and so

is when Uncle Marvin passed and you know

that’s going to be a hard day for

me well I understand understand that

things like that can be hard

but I also understand

that a little bit of right

thinking can change that

amen how many of you agree that

sometimes we just set ourselves up for

disaster just with our own thoughts okay

so Dave how’s it going to be for you if

you would ever get to the point where

you can’t play

golf and he said oh I’ve I’ve already

thought about that and I’ve just made my

mind up that I’ll just be happy

anyway now you know what most people

would do oh I don’t know what I’ll do if

I can’t play golf my gosh I’ll be so

bored if I just you he’s like no I’ve

already made my mind up I can be happy

anyway you know what some of you need to

take that little bit of advice right

there and instead of deciding you can’t

be happy if your situation doesn’t

change come on the minute you say I

cannot be happy if this doesn’t change

you’ve thrown down the gauntlet in the


face and he’s going to turn the heat up

remember the guys in the fiery furnace

the furnace got turned up seven times

hotter than

before the minute you say if this

doesn’t change I can’t be happy the

enemy will come against you with

everything he’s got to make you unhappy

but what if you say if nothing ever

changes I’m going to be happy amen

huh what if you what if you say if

nothing ever changes I’m going to be

happy because my joy is not in my

circumstances it’s in the



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the Mind actually is the battlefield

that’s where we win or lose the war with

Satan he said all he gets to

say rest of the day mind you start

asking God to heal you and he will

restore it’s the God of all comfort and

I am so grateful that I know how to call