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Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder and president of The Urban Alternative and author of over 100 books, booklets and Bible studies. The first African American to earn a doctorate of theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, he has been named one of the 12 Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World by Baylor University. Dr. Evans holds the honor of writing and publishing the first full-Bible commentary and study Bible by an African American. His radio broadcast, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, can be heard on over 1,400 radio outlets daily and in more than 130 countries. Dr. Evans’ sermons are also streamed and downloaded over 20,000,000 times annually. #tonyevans #tonyevanssermon #Christmas

so the question on the floor is what are

you going to do with Jesus Christ

Christmas the child was born That’s

History the son was given because that

came from eternity through the Virgin

birth God became a man because he’s God

he can meet you as God because he’s a

man he knows exactly how you feel and

what you’re going through the struggle

the stress he became a man so that he

could experience it but as God he can

join you in



merry Merry Christmas to you all we

celebrate the reason for the season

which is Jesus Christ God become a man


Incarnation in order to bring about

salvation the forgiveness of sin and

hope in spite of the circumstances that

we find ourselves in when Jesus was born

things weren’t all well in the world but

yet the Angels still broke out of praise

because in the middle of the madness a

savior has arrived and that means in the

middle of your conflicts and crisis

there is a savior that has arrived I

know that Christmas can be a difficult

time of

loss a difficult time of of conflict a

difficult time of loneliness for many

but this Christmas Jesus wants to meet

you where you are and show you there is

a reason for your season and him being

in the midst of it

so may God Empower and comfort you this

holiday season Merry Christmas and

remember the baby born in a manger is

the king who rules for you

today in the movie

concussion where Will Smith was dealing

with the issue of injuries to

players there’s a riveting statement


made and the the statement was


football had

replaced a day that used to belong to


church that had become the


focus of

Sunday this

ball how could something this

small matters so

much I mean

it’s responsible for $7 billion a year

of Revenue to the

NFL 32 teams whose worth is over

75 billion

doll worship centers called

stadiums are packed to the

brim every week with home

viewers watching it virtually some 400


people inside and outside of the United


focus on this how

could something so

small how could it matter so much I mean

um think about

it men fight over

it they cry over it

they’re willing to risk their health


it they

spend decades developing the skill in


it I

mean each football

game has about 17 minutes of contact 17

minutes of where bodies are actually

clashing against each other that’s part

of a one-hour

game but that 1 hour game is a

three-hour experience so you sit for

three hours to watch one hour because

you’re going to just watch 17

minutes well now if you go to the game

that’s couple more hours by the time you

drive traffic get out

walk 5 hours where you’re sitting three

hours cuz you want to watch one

hour cuz you’re only going to see 17

minutes worth of

action then you got to drive home so you

got to leave the stadium deal with the

crowd get to the park lot work through


traffic you get home so

now 7

hours which you said three

hours to watch one hour cuz you’re only


to see 17

minutes I mean people tithe to get into


service and they don’t mind picking up

the tab because they’ve

decided that this is worth the

inconvenience so I ask you

again how can something so

small matter so

much we are celebrating

Christmas we’re celebrating the

birth of a person not much bigger than

this and I ask you how can something so

small matter so

much I mean he never wrote a song yet

more songs are sung about him than any

other person who has ever

lived he never personally pinned a book

yet his book has been the best

seller since its

Inception he never TR traveled more than

300 miles from the place of his birth

and yet as hardly anywhere on Earth you

can go where they don’t know his

name let’s see what Isaiah

says about this baby born to

rule he says in Isaiah chapter


for a child will be born to

us and a son will be

given and the government will

rest on his

shoulders and his name will be called

wonderful councel almighty God Eternal

Father Prince of Peace there will be no

end to the increase of his government or


Peace on the throne of David and over

his kingdom to establish it and to

uphold it with Justice and righteousness

from then on and forever the Zeal of the

Lord of hosts will accomplish

this he

says a child will be born and a son will


given don’t read that too fast so you’ll


it the child was born but the son was

given because the son existed before the

child was

born the son was handed the child was

birthed the big word for that in

Christian theology is the hypostatic

union two Natures in one person unmixed

forever deity being poured into

Humanity the one-of a-kind Son of God

and he says and he’s here to run a

government and to inaugurate a kingdom

this baby was born to

rule it says that the government will be

on his

shoulders Jesus has been smothered by

the secularization of the holiday he’s

been smothered by eggnog he’s been

smothered by gifts he’s been smothered

by trees he been smothered by

lights and he’s also been demonized as

some segments of our society doesn’t

want the nativity

scenes they don’t even want Christ in

Christmas they just want to get off of

work for a

holiday ah but Isaiah says that there


be a son that would be handed over and

it would come through a child that would

be born we call that the Virgin

birth God entering into the egg of a


producing the God man Jesus

Christ and it

says his

government will be governed because he

will handle it on his

shoulders in other words this

ruler this baby who was sent to

rule will handle anything that’s on his


so if you want your world ruled well you

better be on the shoulders that he’s

carrying because that’s the kind of King


is and so over and over he says in these

verses that this child born and Son

given is about government and government

is about Rule and that’s why he says

it’s a kingdom

issue and his kingdom shall never end

so let me ask you a question today this

Christmas Christmas where I’m sure

you’ll get your full of football and

you’ll see how this one thing can matter


much what

about this one who was born to

rule when Jesus Christ

governs Isaiah says this is what you’ll


the first thing he

says is that his name will be called


counselor Chief

advisor in other

words you don’t have to live a confused

life because he’s not a counselor he’s

the best at it he’s a wonderful

counselor means he makes no mistakes in

his advice you can Bank on what he says

to be true on anything he says because

he cannot be incorrect on any matter as

Colossians chapter 2:3 says all the

Hidden Treasures of wisdom and knowledge

are located in Jesus Christ so if you

allow him to be your ruler your

government and your

king and you rest on his governmental

shoulders then the conf Fusion of your

life can be now

ordered the problem with human

counseling is that it is

limited by flawed people who give

it and even the best and the most


cannot dive into the inner circle of all

of your being but I know

somebody who if you allow his government

to put you on his

shoulders can erase the confusion of

your life

bring Clarity to your

existence he can take the lack of

clarity the bad

decisions the frustrated

history reorient it reorganize

it so that it makes

sense because he’s a mighty

counselor awesome

counselor he says his name will also be

called Mighty


H remember this baby is deity and

diapers he’s a king in a

crib he is mighty God Emmanuel God With

Us I said it last time let me say it

again he’s the God man one minute he can

get hungry hry the next minute he can

feed 5,000 with a Moby Dick

Sandwich one minute he can get thirsty

because he’s humid the next minute he

can walk on water because he’s

Divine one minute he’s tired and he has


sleep the next minute he can raise

somebody else from the

dead one minute because he’s a man he

can die the next minute three days later

he can get


because he’s Mighty God now let’s

collect that with wonderful counselor

when you go to a good counselor who

gives you good

advice they typically don’t have the

ability to pull off what they’ve advised

you to do but this Mighty God can assist

with the counsel he gives so he doesn’t

just give wonderful counseling he’s the

Mighty God that can enable the

counseling to have the effect it’s

designed to have that is if if you’re

situated on his

shoulders if he’s your

government because uh after

all he was born to

rule you know the wonderful thing about

this Mighty God he can overrule what is


you Satan has been overruling you

circumstances have been overruling you

people have been over overruling you

problems have been overruling you but

this is mighty

God and he can overrule the over rulers

so the beautiful thing about having

Jesus who was born to rule ruling you is

he can overrule the things that you

don’t want ruling you

anymore that addiction that problem that

person that circumstance that need that

is dictating Your

Existence how can something so small be

this big oh cuz he’s Mighty

God but not only that

he goes on to

say his name will be



Father in other words the originator of

time he’s the father of

time book of Hebrews chapter 1 says that

Jesus originated time he’s the author of

History in the beginning was the

word John 1:1 says Jesus is the word

so he brought about the beginning so if

you bring about the beginning you

existed before it

began he is the father of

time which

means if you’re in charge of time you’re


complex because if you own

time and you manage

history then the complexity of our time

and our history does not belong to him

so you better be letting him rule since

he’s got time in his hands he’s the

originator sustainer and will be the

culminates ruling the time in your

hands our time is limited our time is

finite and our time is

uncertain but this one who was born to


see he is the manager owner originator


time so that means somebody else’s clock

doesn’t have to control your

clock somebody else’s existence doesn’t

have to control your existence because

he is in charge of time he is the father


it so there’s there’s no complexity with

him but not only that

that he goes on to

say he’s the Prince of

Peace three hours every Sunday there’s a

conflict isn’t it teams are at war with

one another they are

fighting but he’s called The Prince of

Peace in other words he knows how to

bring order out of a chaotic

situation today we are are living in

chaos we have personal chaos where

people can’t live with

themselves and if you can’t live with

you anybody around you is in

trouble we’ve got family chaos don’t

we conflict brutality child



abandonment we’ve got ecclesiastical


where even Christians are at each

other’s throats or divided

illegitimately over class or

race then we have cultural conflict oh

and that’s

everywhere political conflict social

conflict group against

group Nation against Nation communities


communities this


you know why that’s conflict cuz we’re

not on his

shoulders he’s carrying it on his

shoulders and if you don’t want to be on

his shoulders then you can expect to be

living in Conflict starting with

conflict with

you have you ever seen

a an orchestra before they begin and

they’re warming up their

instruments they’re warming up the

instruments and all you hear is

Discord cuz everybody’s warming up their

own instrument so you Discord all over

the place this Discord all over the

place nothing is making sense they’re

not harmonized they’re not getting along

because they are doing their own thing

and then in the midst of all of

that the conductor comes out with the


and and all of a sudden things become

orderly Harmony is now

replacing discontinuity and

Discord because now the conductor has

come out and when he shows up he changes

the atmosphere and now things that

weren’t binding and blending are now

being harmonized because they’re focused

on the central

Authority because the conductor is going

to rule the

orchestra Jesus said in John 16:33 in

this world you will have tribulation but

be of good cheer I have overcome the

world and I leave my peace with

you peace is not the fact that there are

no conflicts peace is God showing up in

the midst of the

conflict and calming the storms of your


because how can something this small be

this big because he is the wonderful

counselor Mighty God Everlasting father

and he is the prince of

peace and if one day he’s going to

govern the whole world don’t you think

he can govern your

world if one day he’s going to rule the

whole world don’t you think he can rule

you the Bible says when he physically

returns to Earth from coast to coast ker

to kiver pillar to pillar post to post

he is is going to run the whole show and

there will be no

choices he’s offering that to you and me

and us

now because he was born to

rule he is the unifier the

emulsifier emulsification is that

process of bringing things together that

typically can’t get along like oil and

water whenever I eat my sandwiches that

will always be with mayonnaise I’m not a

mustard guy I’m a mayonnaise guy but

mayonnaise is made of substance that

really doesn’t get along or there’s a

lot of oil and water in mayonnaise and

no matter how much you try to force them

to be harmonized they just not going to

get along they going to go back to their

own Corners that is until you introduce

egg cuz once you introduce egg egg grabs

water egg grabs oil and pulls the two

together so I can get my


Jesus Christ is the emulsifier for the

conflicts in our world in our families

and in your life and if you let him

rule if you let him be the government on

Whose shoulders you

sit he can be the one to bring things

together in you and for you that you

have not been able to fix on your own

but he’s got to be the

ruler he’s not just the person you show

up to he the person who wants to set the

agenda so the question on the floor

is what are you going to do with Jesus


Christmas the child was born That’s

History the son was given because that

came from eternity and through the

Virgin birth God became a man because

he’s God he can meet you as God because

he’s a man he knows exactly how you feel

and what you’re going

through God became a man so that he

could know the pain without sin yes but

not without

circumstances and he became a man so

that he could experience it but as God

he can join you in

it but he wants to

rule so where do we

start we start with a personal


he can’t rule you if he doesn’t have

you you must enter the kingdom before

you can be ruled by the

king and that comes by placing personal

faith in Jesus Christ for the

Forgiveness of your sins and the free

gift of eternal life a gift he offers to

anyone who comes to him and believes in

him for it you can’t earn it you can’t

buy it but he is giving salvation away

the Bible declares all have sinned and

fallen short of the glory of

God everybody hadn’t sinned to the same

degree but everybody is a

sinner you know this this

ball you can be one inch from the first

down marker or 10 yards from the first

down marker but if you didn’t hit the

marker you fell

short and if it’s Fourth Down you have

to turn the ball

over you may not be as bad as your

neighbor but you fall

short because all have sinned and fallen

short of the glory of God we have not

met God’s standard and that’s why God

demands all men everywhere to come to

Christ not come to church you could be

born in the church your mother and

father could raise you in the church

they could bring your meals and feed you

in the church they can bring a cotton

you can go to sleep in the church they

can bring you your desk your work out of

the church but if you never given your

life to Jesus Christ you’ll die in the

church and not wake up in

heaven this comes to a personal

relationship with Jesus Christ not

religion a personal relationship it is

where you say to God I recognize I’m a

sinner I know I need a savior I believe

you died on the cross for me in my place

as my substitute and I am now trusting

you with my eternal Destiny as my

personal sin Bearer when you go in faith

believing God Christ to be your savior

he forgives your sins and Begins the

Journey of a new life where then he can

begin to

rule so first of all you have to enter

the Kingdom so he can be the king once

you enter the kingdom you must surrender

to the king you must say what is your

desires what is your goal what is your

way what is your guidance governance

guidelines I want to follow you that’s

called discipleship

discipleship that’s

where you leave the stands and get on


field because one of the problems today

is we’ve got folks who come into the

stadium oh they they belong to God but

they don’t want to be ruled by him they

want to be fans Not

followers but if you want order in your

life counsel for your direction a mighty

God to

Empower and assist you and peace in the

conflicts of your existence this baby

was born to rule to save you from for

heaven and to rule you on

Earth Christmas should not be just a

holiday it should

be where you are being

reminded Jesus came to rule your life

and to be the the government of your

existence first by Saving you and then

by getting you to follow