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I’m Joyce Meyer I’ve seen God’s power

transform my own life and he will do it


you out of control and loving it and I’m

not talking about you being out of

control and doing whatever you want to

do I’m talking about stop trying to

control other people and

circumstances and even sometimes

God and learn how to let go of that

stress and you’ll love it there’s two

ways we can look at this first of all

you don’t want to let anybody control

you that’s not God’s will for your life

it’s not good for them and it’s not good

for you and you don’t want to be trying

to control other

people the desire to control is rooted


selfishness 1 Corinthians 134 and 5 love

is patient and

kind love does not envy or boast it is


arrogant or

rude it does not insist on its own

way say that with me love does not

insist on its own

way it is not IR

irritable and it is not

resentful Proverbs 13:10 says that only

by pride comes

Strife you you can’t have

Strife unless there’s a pride

problem Proverbs 16:5 everyone who is

arrogant in heart is an Abomination to



wow be assured he will not go

unpunished Isaiah 2:1 and 12 the hoty

looks of man shall be brought low and

the lofty pride of men shall be humble

LED and the Lord alone will be exalted

in that day for the Lord of hosts has a

day against all that is proud and lofty

against all that is lifted up and it

shall be brought

low good three people like

that Bible says humble

yourself under the mighty hand of God

that in due time he might in in um

exalt you I start to say insult

you but honestly and truly if you’ve

been around long enough you know God

will give you an opportunity to humble

yourself but if you

don’t he will do it for

you usually

publicly and it can be pretty

painful so I highly recommend doing it

yourself while you can do it in private

you’re right God I’m wrong

amen amen

now it’s also Pride that causes us to

feel that we must always give our

opinion about things that are actually

none of our

business do you know there’s three

scriptures just as plain as they can be

that tell us to mind our own


so how many of you kind of like to get

into other people’s

business come on I don’t want one of

these down here things how many of you

like you know Dave and I used to live

live next door to a single man that

owned a a big house

and we just couldn’t figure out why this

single guy wanted a house with four

bedrooms in it it’s like you

know what a waste of money now keep in

mind we didn’t even know this guy’s



but one day we’re driving out

and so they they were I said well maybe

he did it for an investment and then the

other one said well but he could have

found a lot better Investments than that

cuz he’s got to take care of this big

place and so we spent maybe 10 minutes

playing this guy’s financial future and

we didn’t even know his

name can I tell you that in Romans 14

the Bible says that every man will give

an account of himself

God’s not going to ask you about anybody

else not going to ask you about your

husband not going to ask you about your

kids your

friends he’s going to ask you about you

and another way we can keep a lot of

stress out of our

life now come on another way we can keep

a lot of stress out of our life is just

by staying out of other people’s



you don’t even need to have an opinion

where you don’t have any

responsibility not even an opinion well

I think well I think well nobody cares

what you think and nobody wants to know

what you

think the only time we really should

give an opinion is if it’s ask

for and then we need to do it


2 Thessalonians 3:11 for we hear that

some among you walk in idleness not busy

at work but being busy

bodies 1 Thessalonians 4:11 and to

aspire to live quietly and to mind your

own Affairs and to work with your own

hands and 1 Peter 4:15 but let none of

you suffer as a murderer or a thief or

an evildoer or as a med

you know what I think is interesting


that a

meddler is in a list with murderer thief


evildoer I just noticed it today I

thought wow those are Heavy

Hitters you know most of us wouldn’t

think that being a little nosy was a

problem but I mean it’s right up there

with a bunch

of serious

stuff sometimes I have to say to myself

Joyce it’s none of your business it’s

none of your business it’s none of your

business come on anybody besides me ever

have a problem with

this now this doesn’t mean we never

correct a person who’s in sin or try to

help them in any way but there’s a

difference in genuinely trying to help

somebody and trying to get into their

business when you don’t need

to great example in John 21 beginning in



this is Jesus talking to Peter truly

truly I say to you when you were young

you used to dress yourself and walk

wherever you wanted to go but when you

are old you will stretch out your hands

and another will dress you and carry you

where you do not want to go so he’s

given Peter

the the heads up that things are going

to be a little more difficult for him in

life now than they have been and I don’t

think that he was talking about Young in

years I think he was talking about when

you were younger in the

Lord and you know when you’re younger in

the Lord to be

honest you do pretty much just do what

you want to do and pray for God to bless

it and and a lot of times he does for a

period of time because he’s establishing

a father child loving relationship with

you but just like when our own children

grow up we don’t want to have to keep

taking care of them all the time we want

a transition to come at some point where

they say mom dad what can I do for

you and so Jesus is saying when you were

young you pretty much did what you

wanted to but things are going to change

now and I’m going to lead you into some

things that may not be the most fun for

you but it’s what I

need and in verse 19 it says this he

said to show by what kind of death he

was going to glorify God you know Peter

was crucified upside down AC cross and

then after saying that he just said to

him follow me now Peter just needed at

that point to say yes

Lord but Peter turned and saw the

disciple whom Jesus loved that happened

to be

John John wrote the Book of

John and he referred to

himself over and over as I am the

disciple whom Jesus loved

now I know Peter’s person personality

well enough to know that that just got

all over

him yeah you’re the disciple whom Jesus

loves I me you know these were people

just like we are I mean it’s even a

little bit aggravating to me to hear

John say that so I can imagine how Peter

felt about it and I mean these guys had

problems just like we would have

problems if we were in a group they were

jealous of each other they competed with

each other and I think that knowing

Peter’s personality that he probably

just had a hard time with all the gooey

gooey you know John laid on jesus’

breast at dinner and they just had this

great loving relationship and you know

Peter always wanted to run the show so

he’s gotten the bad news that things are

going to be a little hard for him toward

the end he sees John and he and he says

um when Peter saw him he said Jesus what

about this

man what’s what’s going to happen to him

come on you know we’re not really good

at it if we’re having a hard time and

everybody else is having a good old

time e at least if we’re going to be

miserable we’d like some of our friends

to be miserable with

us and Jesus said verse 22 if it’s my

will that he remains until I come what

is that to you you follow

me so Jesus just told

Peter mind your own business now think

about it for a

minute we’re having a problem we’ve been

having a problem for a long time maybe

you’re a single girl and you haven’t had

a date in 12


and your friend who’s not nearly as

attractive as you are in your


opinion she just can’t beat the guys off

with a stick they’re just after her all

the time and

so you don’t like it

and you love her with the love of the

Lord but you don’t really like

her how many of you know about that I

love you with the love of the lord I

can’t stand you but I love you with the

love of the Lord

see and all you have to do you don’t

have to try to figure out why you

haven’t had a date and she has you have

to tell God how unfair it is you just

have to remember that God has a


individualized perfect plan for each one



us and we might as well just quit

looking at other people trying to figure

out why we don’t have what they

have pastors can get into the same

thing get jealous of another Pastor

because he’s got

a bigger church and you’ve got this and

you’ve got that yeah yeah yeah you know

you know anybody that’s successful is

always going to have a certain amount of

people that aren’t going to like

him and you know why

jealousy just plain

jealousy so I’m just going to say it the

sweetest kindest nicest way that I know


to mind your own business


third reason we may try to control

people is because we’re afraid of being

taken advantage

of after being sexually abused by my

father who

was did it all through control

manipulation and

control he didn’t force me physically

but he forced me with

fear and my father controlled everything

that went on in our house what he wanted

to watch on television is what you

watched you ate what he wanted to eat

you got up when he got up you went to

bed when he went to

bed and somewhere along the line in the

middle of all that I started making

promises to myself when I get out of

here nobody is going to ever tell me

what to do

again so when you make those kind of

vows to yourself inner vows

then I married the first guy that came

along and he was basically a con man and

a thief and so he was always lying and

manipulative and so by the time I went

through my dad and my first husband and

then wonderful Dave came

along I took it all out on

him and so when Dave would try to give

me a little bit of advice or like Dave

is very protective of me and and so he’s

always trying to tell me things to keep

me from getting hurt like how to get out

of the

bathtub you know just stuff that I am

like but see I would take it like why do

you always have to try to tell me what

to do but he really he was trying to


me but because I had this stuff inside

me from the past I couldn’t take it that

way I always took it like he was trying

to control me and that really wasn’t

what he was trying to do at all and I’m

I’m sharing this because I believe many

of you have been hurt in the past and

you may be doing the same thing that I

was doing you may be

now couple of husbands down the


and you can’t keep blaming the new guy

for everything that the old guys

did come

on because it’s just not fair it’s just

not fair to do that and so I had to

actually come to a point where I

repented for those inner vows that I

made nobody’s ever going to control me

again nobody’s ever going to control me

again and I had to come full

circle back to realizing that God

establishes order everywhere you go and

everywhere you go you need to know who’s

in who’s in charge who has the authority

and you need to be willing to come under

that Authority now I’m up here preaching

tonight but this is Joel’s house and so

he’s sitting down there but he’s really

the one in control because if he told me

not to do something then I better not do

it and we need to be willing to come

under Authority now listen to me we have

so much rebellion in the world today it

is unbelievable how rebellious people

are and the Bible says that Rebellion is

the spirit of

antichrist and we need to be very

careful about this attitude that’s

creeping up on everybody that nobody’s

going to tell me what to do I’m going to

do what I

please when God establishes order it’s

not so one person can control another

but it’s so you can have peace every

body obviously can’t be in

charge somebody has to always

be the person that calls the final shots

and everything that person also is the

one with the

responsibility now probably none of you

have any problem coming under Authority


you you know what you have no business

ever being in Authority if if you don’t

know how to come under

Authority I worked for a a man for a

long time that was not very easy to work

with and he wasn’t very fair in a lot of

ways and God used that situation to

teach me how to be

submissive with a decent

attitude even with somebody that I

really didn’t agree with but I learned

so much out of that experience you know

sometimes everything you learn is not

pleasant like from being mistreated I

learned not to mistreat

people because I knew how it felt from

having it done to me if you have a


personality see yourself as a leader not

a boss because if you say I’m the boss

then you’re going to be

bossy but if you see yourself as a

leader then you’ll know that means that

you have to set a good example for

people not just be telling them what

they need to be but leading them by

example into what they need to

be so we may try to control because

we’re afraid to be taken advantage of or

the fourth thing is we may try to

control people just because we’ve got a

strong temperament and our temperament

the temperament that God gives

us does play into things I was listening

to a a I’ve been listening to a man

named Martin Lloyd Jones who they say

was probably the best Bible teacher of

this century and he’s just really a very

good Bible teacher and

he interestingly

enough from that era you wouldn’t think

that you’d hear people talk about this

but he talks a lot about how our

temperament plays into the way that we

handle things and he said like some

people are just never going to be as

cheery as some other people you know

some people are they just have a a a

deeper more Melancholy personality and

they would be more inclined toward

getting depressed you know where other

people they just like can bubble through

life every single day and everything’s a

big joke to them you know Dave gets up

in the morning and he gets up singing

and I just don’t even want to talk or

talk to or see a human until I have my

coffee amen it’s like the only person

that I can stand to talk to that time of

the morning is

Jesus but if you give me about an hour

I’ll be okay

so if you if you have a strong

personality you have to you have to be

careful that you’re balanced with it

that you’re not trying to tell everybody

in the world what to

do know when you’re in control and when

you need to come under control amen now

there is

only one thing in your life that God has

told you to control and that is

yourself so instead of trying to control

everybody else we need to use more

self-control 2 Timothy 1:7 God has not

given us a spirit of fear but of power

and love and self-control so don’t ever

say again I just don’t have any

self-control you may not be using

it but you have it and the more you use

it the easier it will be to use it Paul

said every athlete exercises

self-control in all

things and they do a good athlete I mean

they observe a bedtime they exercise

they eat certain ways they you know and

he says they do it to win a wreath that

is perishable so you think about what

some of these Sports people

do are like a bodybuilder what they go

through trying to

train just to stand on a stage and show

off their


and are like to get a wreath of flowers

or a ribbon or a trophy they do all that

just for that but he says we’re doing

it for a reward that is

imperishable so if they’re willing to

discipline themselves to that degree

just to win something that’s already in

the process of rotting when they take it

home how much more should we be

willing to control ourselves in order to

have what God has promised us which is

eternal life with


so two scriptures both in 1 Corinthians

1 Corinthians 9: 25-27 every athlete

exercises self-control in all things

they do it to receive a perishable

wreath but we an imperishable so I do

not run aimlessly I do not box as one

beating the air but I discipline my body

and I keep it under control lest after

preaching to others I myself should be

disqualified well the Amplified Bible

says but I Buffet my body however I

think we misread that for a long time

and we thought it said I Buffet my


body right here Paul says I Buffet my

body same

spelling different

pronunciation 1 Corinthians 612 all

things are lawful for me but not all

things are

helpful all things are lawful for me but

I will not be dominated by

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the Mind actually is the battlefield

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Satan he said all he gets to

say rest of the day is mine you start

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