Imagine living in a war zone. The air vibrates with the rumble of constant detonations, and rubble crunches underneath your every footstep. How do you reclaim what the enemy has taken from you? This is the reality of spiritual warfare. The good news is that the Bible directly addresses how to engage our enemy Satan so that we emerge victorious. In this message, Dr. Stanley shares how to identify and dismantle the strongholds of the devil. This message is Part 6 of the series: How to Talk With God – Volume 1 CD Series:…

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with a message from God’s word here’s


Stanley now there are several reasons

that our prayer life is so weak but one

of the primary reasons is this we are

yet to comprehend the promises that God

has given to us as to the release of the

supernatural power of God when his

people begin to pray instead of feeling

weak the body of Christ ought to feel


not strength within ourselves but

strength because of our relationship to

him now prayer is more than asking and

receiving and prayer is more than

expressing Thanksgiving and praise it is

asking and receiving it is thanking him

and praising him but it is more than

that and if you’ll turn to Ephesians

chapter 6 for a moment because in the

sixth chapter of Ephesians as Paul

begins to describe our Warfare he begins

in verse 10 saying finally my brethren

be strong in the Lord and the power of

His might then he says put on the whole

armor of God that you may be able to

stand against the Ws the trickery the

snares of the

devil then he describes what every

believer has to face daily when we’re

tempted daily in our business and our

home life the system in which we face

but we wrestle not against flesh and

blood but against principalities against

Powers against the rulers of the

darkness of this world World against

spiritual wickedness and high places the

body of Christ is in conflict with

spiritual forces that would attempt to

destroy it now if you’re in a war and

you don’t even know that you’re in a war

more than likely you’re going to get

wounded and if you’re in a war and you

don’t know who the enemy is you’re

working at a terrible

disadvantage and if the enemy has a

power base right in your front door

and you’re not even aware that it’s

there you’re bound to be defeated well

that is exactly what Paul is dealing

with in 2 Corinthians chapter 10 In this

passage Paul deals with a basic problem

that every lost man has and every

Christian has to some degree at some

time of the or the other and I’m afraid

far too many Christians all of their

life and that is Satan’s strongholds in

their life

so I want to deal with five aspects of

this and the first one is to Define what

we mean and what Paul means here when he

speaks of a

stronghold he says in verse four the

weapons of our Warfare are not carnal

but rather spiritual But Mighty strong

powerful through God to the pulling down

of strongholds now a stronghold in the

Greek is a fortified Castle now of

course when he talks about strongholds

he’s talking about spiritual

fortification in our life so let me

explain what I mean by

that a stronghold is a power base it is

um as he says a place of

fortification that is it is an area of

weakness in our life or something that

we have not yielded to God that he has

required and we yet to yield it to him

it is an area of

weakness or it can be error in our

thinking Satan is the father of all lies

and if Satan can get you to believing a

lie about yourself or about God or about

someone else he can take great advantage

of that so when he talks about a

stronghold he’s talking about a power

base that Satan has set up in our life

now that can be more than one thing if

it is an area of weakness if it is uh an

attitude or rather a um a stronghold of

an act action or habit that developed in

your life whatever it may be it didn’t

come all of a sudden and I want to show

you the steps by which a stronghold

develops in a person’s life but it is an

area of weakness something maybe that

you have not yielded to God that he

keeps talking to you about or it could

be an area of misunderstanding error in

your thinking that has made it possible

for Satan to set up a stronghold now let

me just illustrate what I mean by that

it can be some definite sin in your life

it can be a stronghold of jealousy it

could be a stronghold of greed it could

be a stronghold of lust it could be a

stronghold of resentment of bitterness

it could be a stronghold of rejection of

a poor of self-image or a

self-esteem it could be a

stronghold that could be take on one of

many forms and there could be more than

one and you see any area of weakness

that Satan discover CS in your life and

Satan is not omniscient he’s tested and

tried all of us to the fact that he

knows where we’re the weakest and when

we’re the weakest and he knows exactly

when and how to hit us so if he gets a

stronghold an area that proves to be

weak he’s going to do what every

military strategist will do discover the

weak point of the enemy and hit him at

that point and if you hit him at that

point and you succeed hit him again hit

him again hit him again that’s why we

discover those areas of our life where

Satan keeps harassing Us in the very

same area he is succeeding why should he

choose some other area so it can be now

listen it can be an area of weakness

that is developed or error in our

thinking and erroneous thinking and

allowing Satan to deceive us

successfully can create a tremendous

stronghold in our life it is a power

base from which Satan begins to harass

and to destroy entire life now when we

talk about uh the design of a parase uh

a stronghold what is Satan’s design and

he is the designer of it what is his

ultimate objective for getting a

stronghold in your life some area from

which he can really foul up your life

well his motivation rather

simple because when you begin to look to

see how he brings us the past he is the

one who designs it he looks at your life

and my life he sees their potential for

God and then he finds a weakness an area

that you’ve not yielded an era in your

thinking some point there that he sees

is is an area of weakness maybe that

you’ve not developed in your spiritual

life and he begins to hone in on that

all right what is his design in all that

first of all his design is to divide

your mind and you and I know that if

Satan harasses us in a particular area

or we discover some area of weakness

that he be begins to work on that can

divide your mind let’s say for example

that you had a stronghold of jealousy

and maybe there is just somebody in your

life or somebody around whom you work

that somehow Satan has just warped your

attitude and you think that person’s

better than you are you think they’re

trying to get the best of you you’ve got

all kinds of attitudes about that person

well Satan can use that one stronghold

in your life to divide your mind you’re

thinking about something else and that

person pops up in your mind you think

about some plan you’ve got you think

about one if they’ll be there and so he

is continuously dividing your mind

through that

stronghold not only will he divide your

mind a stronghold is a power base from

which Satan harasses us and here’s what

he does he lies to us for example and he

attempts to discourage us and that is he

says look what you’ve done there you’ve

gone and done it again what do you think

God thinks about you don’t you know that

God’s ashamed of you don’t you know that

God is disappointed with you listen that

is the devil’s lie let me tell you why

you could never disappoint god well you

just think about this God is omnicient

he sees your whole life from beginning

to end inside and out so that knowing

your life perfectly how could you

disappoint God when he already knows

what you’re going to do you can’t ever

disappoint God because disappointment

requires an expectation which you and I

do not live up to God already knows when

you’re going to blow it he already knows

when you’re going to sin he already

knows when you’re going to be obedient

so you and I cannot disappoint God we

disappoint ourselves and we Heap

condemnation upon ourselves because we

think we don’t live up to God’s

expectation well I want to tell you

something friend God already knows your

weaknesses and he knows when you’re

going to fall then you’re going to fall

it is Satan who lies doesn’t says see

there that we disappoint God that we

embarrass God that we shame God so

therefore we get under Satan’s

condemnation you see he finds an area of

weakness and then he keeps pointing his

satanic finger at you saying see there

look at you look what you’ve done now if

you don’t realize what Satan’s doing you

get all under the load saying yeah

that’s right and you become discouraged

you see what he attempts to do with his

power base is to discourage you in your

Christian Life to harass you

continuously and listen not only that to

bring on you a sense of self-

condemnation and also to involve himself

in your relationships to other people so

that you can’t get along with somebody

else it may be your husband or your wife

or your children or somebody you work

with but if he can get your attitude all

warped and get you down then your

attitude toward the lord is wrong your

attitude toward other people begins to

spill out on them and what happens you

begin to spread your negativism and your

resentment and your bitterness and your

disappointment on someone else and all

Satan’s doing is just clapping his hands

and man he’s just shouting all over hell

because he’s he’s defeating us and he’s

defeating us because he’s found and he’s

set up a power base a stronghold a

fortification and when we’re not aware

of it we keep looking around to ask

ourselves why is it that Satan keeps

getting the best of us at that point

because it is an area of our life we

have not dealt with so he just keeps on

working to discourage us to disillusion

Us and how many people after a while

they said look I don’t I just don’t

think this Christian Life Works why

don’t you think it works well I’ll tell

you why man I’ve confessed this I’ve

repented of it I’ve read the Bible I’ve

been to Revival meetings I’ve been to

seminars I’ve been to Bible conferences

I’ve been to Bible studies I’ve been to

prayer groups and man I’ve got the same

old problem and nothing works I want to

tell you something how many times have

you told God I promise you on a stack of

Bibles I’m not going to think this or do

this anymore it didn’t last 30 minutes

because that’s not the way you get rid

of strongholds Satan’s too smart if it

were that simple he’d come up with

something new and he doesn’t need to

come up with anything new because he

knows exactly how to defeat us a

stronghold is a satanic power base that

he’s moved into our life and he’s taken

advantage of a weakness and he has

deceived us into thinking that after all

listen this is the devil’s lie

everybody’s got weaknesses that’s the

truth in some area of Our Lives all of

us have some weakness some degree of

weakness not everybody the same so he

says everybody’s got weaknesses

everybody’s going to sin you’re not

going to ever be perfect so he lays the

foundation with all that stuff then he

says you might as well just

relax and just enjoy life and not try to

be perfect and not try to be righteous

and try to be all these things because

you’re not going to ever be any better

than you are everybody is really alike

to some degree the devil tells us and so

he says man just relax or he will say to

someone see it’s not working you might

as well quit reading the Bible and going

through all this religious jargon

because it’s not not working proof is

look at your life you’ve prayed and

begged and pleaded and cried and it’s

not working so just forget it and my

friend you’d be surprised of how many of

God’s people have said that’s right man

it just doesn’t work backslide on God

now listen they’re not happy and they

are more miserable than they were when

they were trying and being defeated but

they think it doesn’t work why should I

keep on trying something that doesn’t

work I don’t have time for any more

burdens in the Christian life has become

one big whopping burden in my life and

Satan’s just rejoicing all over himself

because he’s telling lies and we’re

accepting his lies anytime listen

anytime any believer feels that God

condemns him he’s believing the devil’s

lie because God has never condemn one of

his children that is purely from the

devil but you see he designs that

stronghold he moves into our life in a

given weakness and what does he do it

just evolves from there until it

overflows in every single aspect of your

life now the third thing I want us to

notice here and that is how does a

stronghold develop in a person’s life

well there two ways they develop now

watch this the first one is involuntary

the second one is

voluntary let’s look at an involuntary

one an involuntary stronghold is the

result a power base that Satan gets in

our life as a result not of something

that we have chosen or something that we

do but rather something that has been

pre-programmed into our thinking it may

be from childhood from our parents or

the people we associated with or it may

be later on in life but thoughts that

are fed into our mind and and as we

begin to think uh these things these

thoughts whatever they may be sometimes

Satan can get a parab base for example

let’s say that you grew up in a home

where your parents didn’t get along and

your brothers and sisters they fought

and fussed all the time and you were the

object of continuous criticism all the

time until you came along long in your

adult age and you just felt like I’m no

good never can do anything never will

succeed at life I’ll never get the

breaks in life and so you just live in

the negative case all the time Satan

will take advantage of what was what

entered your mind back on involuntarily

the things listen the things you learned

about yourself they were lies told you

by the devil they were lies told you by

somebody else but Satan took advantage

of somebody else’s very poor training

inject them into your mind and he just

takes that little teeny foothold and he

just Builds on that all of your life and

I meet people all the time who have

tremendous potential it is you can see

it on the inside once they begin to talk

but at first they’re all like this I’ll

never be able to amount anything I’ll

never be able to succeed in life I’ll

never get the breaks things just don’t

ever come my way and and they live

almost as if it were emotionally

deformed they just can’t quite

straighten up and face life and believe

that God could do something in their

life well you see that’s just one aspect

and one illustration of how a person can

be pre-programmed and Satan will take

advantage of what parents say to their

children and set up a stronghold that

can defeat them all of their life I mean

live a defeated life because of the lie

that Satan injected into their mind

you’ll never amount anything you’ll

never make it in life you’ll probably

end up in prison

well as you look back in your life and

think about maybe a stronghold even

today that Satan may have in your life

where did it come from is it something

that somebody threed into your mind that

you began to believe and maybe an

attitude in your life that has really

been a problem all of your life okay

that’s an involuntary way but what about

the voluntary way how does a stronghold

develop in a life where is you and I are

primarily responsible now listen all of

us are responsible ible for all the

strongholds in our life whatever they

may be it may be a stronghold of doubt

it may be a stronghold of fear that

somehow you’re always fearing the worst

is going to happen maybe you just can’t

believe in people you just can’t believe

in God you expect the worst to happen

and and and somehow you you just can’t

get it together and when you put all the

pieces to life together somehow they

just never quite fit and you’ve not

quite figured out why they don’t fit

does Satan have a stronghold of fear a

stronghold of doubt

well how does this develop voluntarily

let me just say something here first and

then I want to give you about six words

for you to jot down when you and I

deliberately violate the law of God we

deliberately sin against God and we

think well you know one sin’s not going

to hurt anybody I mean a little bit of

sin never hurt anybody that’s what we

say that’s what the devil tells us and

once in a while we believe that a little

bit more a little bit of poison won’t


anybody well so young person comes along

and they says look you know I want to be

a Christian but uh I’m going to wait

till I get to be about 25 when I have

really enjoyed myself as if becoming a

Christian you cease to enjoy yourself

but that’s the devil’s lie once I get to

be about 25 then I’m going to turn my

life over to God I want to tell you

something Satan can get a foothold in

your life as an unbeliever and even

after you saved unless you understand

what’s happening and deal with it Satan

will come right back and he will

establish that foothold and that

stronghold in your life and he will

harass you even as a Believer every day

of your Christian Life unless you able

to identify see what’s happening and

learn how to deal with

it so here’s what happens how does one

start this is the way it starts first of

all it starts with a thought every

stronghold begins with a thought it may

be a thought about greed jealousy lust

or whatever it might be but it begins

with a thought the thought moves into

consideration that is once the thought

is your mind you begin to think about it

and you begin to look at all the aspects

of it just like a a jewel you turn it

around see how it reflects in every

angle so a thought becomes a

consideration a

consideration becomes an attitude the

more you think about

it the more you prone to start thinking

in that direction so it becomes an

attitude the attitude becomes an action

you think it long enough and you lean in

that direction long enough the the

attitude is going to become an action

the action if can if repeated over and

over and over again is going to become a

habit and the Habit is going to become a

stronghold so you began with a very

innocent thought which you considered

and you considered carefully and you

considered often it became an attitude

that developed in your spirit in your

mind your heart the attitude became an

action after a while you had to vent

what you were thinking the action

repeated once twice three times 10 times

100 times became a habit and the Habit

before long you understood it was no

longer you that was in control now the

Habit is controlling you Satan has a

power base in your life and when he

really wants to bring you down in the

feet he just calls the play and down you

go and that’s the way a stronghold

develops in a person’s life and it can

develop in a young person’s life it can

develop in an adult’s life but you see

what you and I have to remember is once

CE a thought comes through our mind

listen Watch this once a thought comes

into your mind every single evil thought

carries with it the potential of

becoming a stronghold from which Satan

will harass and defeat and divide and

disillusion your whole Christian

experience ruin your

testimony ruin your usefulness before

God limit your usefulness before God

embarrass you before others that’s why

we have to be very careful what comes

through our mind that we grab and begin

to consider many things come through and

keep going many things ought to come

through and keep going that we often

times grab and say well let me just

think about this it certainly isn’t

going to hurt me to think about it and

all the times we are considering it

what’s happening is it’s like the roots

are beginning to grow if it just comes

through and keeps going nothing happens

but if we grab it and consider it while

we’re consider the little roots that

begin to grow into an attitude the

attitude becomes an all consuming thing

and before long the body has reached out

or we have moved out or have spoken or

done something which is the result of an

attitude the action and then what not

one time but twice 5 10 20 and then

there becomes the habit and then there’s

the stronghold Satan has a power base

that began with a simple thought that

you considered at first simply for

moment you would think about it as you

think about the stronghold or

strongholds and you you see somebody

said stronghold man I got a whole bunch

of you can have a cluster of them not

just one but many you can have several

areas of your life or several situations

where when Satan hits you there it’s

just like you just automatically down

and you may have resistance in some

areas but you think why is it in this

area I have no resistance why is it in

this area Satan hits me and down I go I

promise God I plead I beg I pray I do

all of these things and still to no

avail because you see it isn’t just an

act my brother it is a stronghold Satan

has a power base and when that thing

explodes down you

go so that is the way a power base a

stronghold develops in our life now the

next thing I want us to see is this how

do you detect one of these things anyway

you say well have I do I have one of

these or do I not well I think there’s

several things that you and I I can ask

ourselves first of all listen the area

or the act or the thought in your life

about which you make this statement I

don’t know why I keep doing that I don’t

know why I keep thinking that I don’t

know why I seem to be weak in that area

friends you have identified right then

and there a stronghold or anything that

we do to excess anything that becomes

excessive in our life regard regardless

of what it may be becomes a

stronghold anything that we do to excess

be it can be pleasure can be eating

makes no difference what it is anything

that becomes excessive in our life is an

indication that’s a stronghold and so

Satan he just works us over that

area so when you begin to look at your

life and you think well do I have any

strongholds are there areas that I have

to keep battling areas of weakness that

just keep keep coming up uh things that

I keep on confessing the same old thing

over and over again keep on repenting of

the same thing and listen the 149th time

you repented of it you were just as

sincere as you were the first time and

God knows that now watch this so you

won’t misunderstand what I’m saying

listen God has forgiven his children of

all their sin past present

future so when you and I say Lord I’m

just coming to confess this thing to you

again God understands but listen God

does not condemn us even for our wrong

because we’re his children he knows our

heart he knows how many times you have

bent how many times you have yielded and

in the very process you said God you

know I don’t I don’t want to yield to

sin I want to be obedient to you God

knows your heart God isn’t condemning

you listen the reason that God humanly

speaking gets upset if you and not can

put in those terms is not because of

what we’re doing to him it’s because of

what he sees sin is doing to us God’s

anger is at the the devil God’s anger is

at sin God does not condemn his children

he sees our weaknesses he’s not

disappointed he knows our faults our

failures and God is never going to Heap

condemnation on his

children the thing that disturbs the

heart of God is that he sees that Satan

has a power base in our life and God

sees how effective Satan is in limiting

our reaching the potential that God has

for us he sees sees what sin does to us

he sees what it does to relationships he

sees how it limits us he sees how it

steals our joy he sees how it makes us

miserable and unhappy God sees all of

that and that is what Grieves God’s

heart God isn’t in heaven angry at his

children he’s in heaven grieved over

seeing us allow and continuously allow

Satan to hinder his will in our life

that’s what disturbs God so if you see

an area of your life that Satan keeps on

having the victorine you just put a big

circle around that and write in capitals

across it Satanic stronghold because

that is exactly what it

is now the big question is what do I do

to eliminate that Str strong hoold how

do I get the victory how is it possible

for me to be able somehow to be

delivered from a satanic strong I want

you to go back to this passage for a

moment because I’ve hardly mentioned but

I want you to see

something in verse four he says the

weapons of our Warfare so we’re talking

about spiritual warfare are not carnal

they’re not fleshly but they are

spiritual he says not carnal But Mighty

that is strong through God that is they

are Divine listen they are Supernatural

weapons they are not human weapons

they’re not fleshly weapons they are

Supernatural weapons he says by these

weapons we can pull down demolish

destroy root out those fortifications

casting down same Greek word pulling

down uprooting demolishing listen

imaginations that is wrong reasoning

imagination’s wrong reasoning if I

reason the way Satan wants me to reason

I’m going to reason myself right into

his trap he says that he wants to pull

down the stronghold the wrong reasonings

and every High thing every High thing

that exalts itself against the knowledge

of God now listen watch this often times

Believers have attitudes and thought

Concepts about God that are

erroneous and he says that the weapons

of our Warfare will pull down demolish

and root out these reasonings and wrong

thinkings and wrong attitudes that are

contributing to Satan’s continuing his

power base in our life that is we’ve got

to root out the wrong thinking we’ve got

to see things as they are and Satan has

these often times he has this um uh

stronghold all covered up so we say well

now you know that certainly couldn’t be

the problem I’ve heard people sit and

tell me listen I may have problems but I

know that’s not the problem it’s just

like God saying that is the problem but

you see Satan is so cunning and so

smooth he’s a master at camouflaging the

truth so he says we must pull them down

those things are against the knowledge

of God and bringing every thought listen

every thought that is every every every

human device in obedience to the desire

and to the will of God now listen how is

it possible for a child of God to be

delivered from a stronghold I want to

give you several words here and I want

to illustrate one of them to go back to

show you

something first of all number one I’ve

got to acknowledge that I’m in a Warfare

if you just say well now I don’t see any

war going on then friends you are

deceived we are in a spiritual battle

continuously first of all I’ve got to

knowledge the fact that I’m in a Warfare

Satan is doing everything in his power

to defeat me harass me divide my mind

destroy me he’s trying to do the same

thing to all of us all right secondly I


identify specifically and call it by

name identify that stronghold it may be

one or two or three may be Pride it may

be greed it may be a sense of rejection

nobody likes me nobody loves me I don’t

never get anywhere in life whatever it

may be you’ve got to be willing to be

honest and identify if you don’t

identify it Satan will keep on trip you

up so first of all I’ve got to

acknowledge that I’m in a Warfare

secondly I’ve got to be willing to

identify What that

particular uh stronghold is the third

thing is the source now watch this if

you can trace the source of that

stronghold it is absolutely amazing what

will happen let me just give you an

example of something that uh happened to

me some time ago and I was asking just

to show me and to examine my heart and

uh I knew that I had a real problem with

impatience so I I had to begin to

realize Lord that isn’t just me that is

a satanic stronghold in my life so I

began to pray when I thought I’m going

to find out where that comes from I’ve

got to find the source of that so I’ve

been praying for a little while it

hadn’t been too long maybe about 25 35

minutes and so forth and so I finally

decided Well that’s probably one of

those things that you’ll never be able

to trace you know probably been P

impatient my life and so I said I just

ought to chalk that off as one of those

that you never find the

source I started to get

up and about time I started to get up

here’s what I

saw I remember where it was so I know

how old I was I was four years of age I

was dressed in white short pants white

shirt short sleeve I was blonde my hair

was all slick down I had on white shoes

and white socks and my mother said

having bathed me and dressed me and

fixed Me Up Just Right Now Charles don’t

you go outside you sit down here and you

be quiet and don’t you get

dirty so then having got me all dressed

up I had to wait till she started I mean

she had to go take her bath and go fix

her hair and do all those things so in

about 5 minutes I’m saying Mom are you

ready no I’m not ready about 10 minutes

later Mom are you ready now listen an

hour and a half for a 4-year-old is



forever and I began to see

something that I can remember I can I

get i’ get angry why doesn’t she come on

we were going to town she was going to

buy me something and here I was all

dressed up and besides that I couldn’t

even get dirty and and that was the

thing that made it so bad and I had to

keep waiting and keep waiting and keep

waiting and keep waiting and an hour is

forever for 4 year

old well when when I saw that I thought

Lord I see the source of that I’ve been

impatient when it came to going

somewhere when it comes to going

somewhere I’ve always been ready to go


now as soon as I saw where that came

from that came straight out of my

childhood and so I began to see every

time that I would become uh irritated

everybody was ready that’s little

Charles saying Mama let’s go let’s get

on with it you are going to take me to

town to buy me something let’s go on and

get on with it right

now Satan had taken something

involuntary in my life and he’d use that

to harass me irritate my family cause

them to get upset with me because I’ll

tell you there have been times when I’ve

been hard to get along with when they

are 15 minutes late and you see and I

remember what somebody said to me one

time until you learn that you’re going

to keep up with the same problem well

I’m PR to begin to believe that’s

true as soon as I saw that God just

freed me so I thought okay Lord the test

I’m going to get tested within two days


sure sure enough about 15 minutes late I

just say praise the Lord praise the Lord

because I knew I knew exactly little

four-year-old Charles want to come out

and say let’s get on with this thing

let’s come on and I want to tell you

something God began to free me of

impatience and irritation about being

late now if I told you that I’m totally

cured I’d be afraid to tell you that but

as I began to do that I I began to

search out some other areas of my life

and I think well Lord if this is the

source of that I want to find out what

else is back there and my friend if

you’ll take the time to get on your face

before God and tell him that you want

him to straighten out your life and you

want him to remove any and every toe

hole foothold stronghold fortified

Castle in your life you want him to do

it I guarantee you you will be amazed

and surprised what he’ll carry you back

to now they won’t all go back to your

childhood some may go back 6 weeks or

two months or 3 months or 6 months or

five or 10 years you don’t have to

always find the source but I’m telling

you that is a tremendous help because

you see the real problem and where it

all started okay the next word not only

must I acknowledge I’m in a Warfare I

must be willing to identify for what it

is is I must be willing to trace it back

to its sources if I can and number four

I need to go to God In Prayer now under

that I want you to put four words

because these are the weapons of our

Warfare and if you just say now Lord

bless me it’s not going to

work he said the weapons of air Warfare

are four number one the word of God and

you find a passage or a series of

passages of scripture that deal with the

stronghold or strongholds that you’re

trying to deal with if you’ll do that

God he’ll just bring the scriptures to

your mind get in the scripture and just

tell the Lord you want to deal with that

area so you want the scriptures to deal

with it so first of all get the word of

God in your heart begin to read it and

search the scripture number two you

recall he said in the name of Jesus the

name of Jesus is a second part of our

Weaponry he said at the gate Peter and

uh John said Silver and Gold Have I None

but such as I have give I unto thee in

the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth

rise up and walk he said whatever we ask

in his name we’re to come to God and to

face the devil listen with the word of

God and secondly in the name of Jesus

Christ which the devil cannot tolerate

the third part of that Weaponry is the

blood of Jesus which is like a shield to

cover us because you and I are facing

Satan and I want to tell you if you

think Satan’s going to give up the

stronghold in your life EAS if you got

another thought coming he’s not going to

do it man that’s his power base that’s

where he works from

says in Revelation 12 by the blood of

the Lamb they overcame the evil one all

the way back in the Garden of Eden what

did God do the Bible says he gave Adam

and Eve skins which means he killed an

animal but let’s go to the Passover that

first Passover in Egypt when the death

angel came like a fog moving over the

whole nation of Egypt where there was no

blood on the door L the firstborn died

where there was blood the death angel

could not harm them the blood of Jesus J

Christ has always been symbolical of his

protection it is our means of access

Before the Throne of God how do we get

to the throne of God our access he says

is through the shed blood of the Lord

Jesus Christ what is our protection when

we do battle with Satan it is the blood

of Jesus Christ when you and I pray we

pray heavenly father in the name by the

power the authority of the Lord Jesus

Christ under his protection of his shed

blood then we deal with Satan you and I

face Satan in Warfare rooting out

pulling down demolishing strongholds

under the protection of the blood of

Jesus Christ and the last weapon is the

Holy Spirit the power of the Holy Spirit

he says he that is within you is greater

than he that’s in the world so that the

Holy Spirit within us Under The Canopy

of the blood of Jesus Christ in the name

of Jesus Christ and the authority of his

word can demolish pull down uproot and

Destroy any and every single stronghold

in our life and God is willing to do it

when you and I are willing to face Satan

with those four weapons Satan’s going to

run every single time but I’m going to

tell you it’s going to be tough and it’s

going to be difficult and he’s not going

to give up

easy he’s going to fight you to The

Bitter End with with your doubts and

that’s the next word I want to give you

is Faith you’ve just got to believe if

you do what God says listen it is the

will of God not to have strongholds in

your life it is the will of God to root

them out it is the will of God to have

Victory it is the will of God for him to

have his way in your life 1 John chapter

54:15 it is the will of God and you and

I can come to him and plead the blood of

Jesus Christ in his name of the power of

the Holy Spirit based on the word of God

specific word of God about specific

strongholds and praise God and thank him

for their demolishing their overthrowing

and ridding them out of your life the

biggest battle you’ll have is the Battle

of Faith now the next word I’m going to

give you is this and that is Vigilance

because here’s exactly what will happen

you ask God to remove a stronghold I’ve

had it happen to me and many other

people have you ask him to remove a

stronghold in your life and then listen

if you just walk away and say well I’m

glad to get rid of that one praise the

Lord what’s next I want to tell you you

give Satan a few days and he’ll be right

back with a toe hole that’ll fill up

into a foothold that’ll become a

stronghold right in the same place so I

kept asking myself Lord how is it that

Satan can come what is that we must do

here’s what I think he showed me once

you ask God to remove that stronghold

then you must you see then that leaves a

void you’ve there’s got to be healing in

that area how do you heal the place of a

stronghold you heal it with the word of

God so you begin to meditate upon the

scriptures that deal with that

stronghold you begin to F your mind and

your heart what you’re doing is you’re

building up your defense so that you

become sensitive in that area keenly

sensitive in that area so that what once

before Satan would trip you up you can

see him coming a mile down the road and

what happens is little by little as you

and I are diligent and Vigilant in that

area God just heals that area but you

cannot ask him to remove the stronghold

and walk off and forget it the healing

process must take place it takes time

for it to take place and the thing that

heals it is the saturation of the mind

of the word of God about that particular

area and my friend regardless of what

the strong may have been God will move

it out root it out defeat the Devil but

if he’s going to

remain out of your life in that given

area my friend that all hinges upon your

willingness to saturate your mind and

heart and Thoughts with the word of God

until that area in your life is

healed now I can share those things with

you but I can’t make them work you have

to decide if you’re willing to yield

that area of your life and if you

willing for God through you to root out

those strongholds in order to free you

to become the person God wants you to be

father we thank you and praise you that

you’ve not left us to Satan’s tricks his

snares his manipulations his

conniving but you’ve warned us against

him you’ve said we are fighting against

principalities and Powers satanic power

but you said he that is within us is

greater than he that’s in the world the

holy spirit in one believer is more

powerful than all the satanic forces in

all the Earth in all the universe in all

the worlds that there may be one

believer filled with the Holy

Spirit represents more power than all

that Satan can put

together so we want to thank you for the

victory for the liberty for the freedom

that is ours in Christ that we do not

have to yield we do not have to

surrender to him we do not have to give

up we do not have to go down in defeat

but we can live Moment by moment day by

day trusting in the power of the Holy

Spirit of the Living God who indwells us

for he is our Victory he is our peace he

is our strength and as our heart and

mind is saturated with the truth of him

and all of Satan’s lies are

routed then we know that the victory the

peace the joy that we want daily in our

Liv life is available to us I pray

father that you will sink this truth

deep into the heart of every hearer and

give them the initiative to put it into

action in their life for freedom and

liberty and power and usefulness of the

results when Satan is defeated and you

Lord Jesus have freedom and total reign

in every aspect of our life and this is

my prayer in jesus’ name and for his