Priscilla Shirer comforts us with a message about our identity in God. As an overcomer and child of God, we must remember we are who God says we are. In the midst of our circumstances and situations, a simple reminder that God Loves YOU is essential. Thank you for partnering with Social Dallas! To GIVE Online- head to our website: Make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Also follow us on all Social Media: Instagram:


some of you know that I grew up right

here in the Dallas Fort Worth area still

live just you know around the corner a

little bit from here still attend attend

the exact same church that my parents

started when I was one year old and so

Dallas is my home I went to Duncanville

High School graduated from there you

know in the 1900s way back in the

day I was of the four of us the

mischievous child I was the one that

gave my parents a run for their money

you know how it’s all always that one

that you’re wondering whether or not

they going to turn out okay I was that

one for my parents I was always getting

into something always being a little

mischievous and one of the most

mischievous things I ever did was when I

was going into high school at

Duncanville from kindergarten to 8th

grade my siblings and I went to this

little private school that was around

the corner from our house in doto but um

for freshman year we transferred over to

Duncanville and I thought this would be

a wonderful opportunity to just take on

a little

experiment my class at the little

private school there were about 13 kids

in my class when I transferred to

Duncanville High School I went from a

class of 13 to a class of

753 that’s not the high school

population that was just the freshman

class was 753 students so it was a

complete culture shock to me and a great

opportunity to experiment I thought when

I transferred to Duncanville I would

just give myself a new name that I would

introduce myself as this new name I just

picked two initials put them together DK

I decided my new nickname was going to

be DK and the experiment was going to be

that when I went to this new school I

would introduce myself by this new name

just to see if it would catch on I had

one friend Nicole that had grown up in

the Duncanville school school district

so she already knew all these people she

and I were in youth group together at

oiff Bible Fellowship Church our church

on the other side of town and so I knew

I’d probably be hanging out with Nicole

I let her in on my experiment I said now

Nicole when we go to school first day

first week of school and you’re

introducing me around do not call me

Priscilla just introduce me as DK she

said girl what I said it’s just an

experiment I just want to see if it’s

going to catch on and to make a long

story short y’all for the next four

years of my life everybody called me DK

everybody in my that were my peer group

there at Duncanville the teacher ERS the

counselors the principals everybody even

people in different high schools as we

connected with them at football games on

the Friday nights and all that everybody

just just thought my name was DK very

few people if any at all even knew that

my name was actually Priscilla they

called me DK to this day if I run across

somebody in the mall or the grocery

store or somebody comments on social

media and says hey DK I know that it’s

somebody that I knew during that season

of my life those four years because

everybody called me DK my parents really

didn’t give me a hard time about it they

were a little bit annoyed you know when

my athletic uniforms were monogrammed

with dck on them except Priscilla but

they didn’t say much about it but it all

came to a head on one day when I got

sick at school I had a temperature I was

in the nurses station laying behind a

little drape they had drawn there I

remember laying on a little cot and they

had to call my mom to come pick me up

from school because of my fever

and I remember hearing my mom come into

the nursing station and say to the nurse

there I am here to pick up Priscilla the

nurse said

who I’m here to pick up Priscilla I

heard them going back and forth just for

a second when the nurse said well we

have a dck here and Mom said that’s her

give me that girl and let me take her

home went home mom kind of nursed me

back to health and then when I felt

better I will never forget my mother

looking at me squarely in my eyes and

saying now Priscilla I have not minded

your father and I have not minded this

whole little experiment that you’ve

taken on the last few years but she said

I do want to be clear about something it

was my senior year at the time she said

I want to be clear about the fact that

in a few months there’s going to be a

ceremony a graduation and at that

ceremony they’re going to hand you a

very important document and she said let

me be clear when they hand you that

diploma there better not be a d or a k

anywhere on that piece of paper and she

said to me the reason why is because I I

really don’t care what other people call

you I don’t care how many other people

call you that and I don’t even care

Priscilla what you call yourself there’s

only one or two me and your father who

have the right and the authority to give

you your name you are not what other

people call you you are not even what

you’ve called

yourself only the one who created you

has the right and the author authority

to identify you so for a few minutes

this morning I just came to remind you

what your name is I came to remind you

who you are listen to me brothers and

sisters you are not defined by your past

you are not defined by your behaviors

you are not defined by your failures you

are not defined by your struggles you

are not defined by your feelings you are

not defined by your circumstances you

are not defined by the here today gone

tomorrow false ideologies and water down

philosophies of our current culture you

are who God says you

are it don’t matter what other folks

have been calling you and it doesn’t

even matter what you’ve chosen to call

yourself there’s only one who has the

authority to identify you and it’s the

one who gave life to you others aren’t

qualified to to name you circumstances

aren’t powerful enough to Define you

your story may have hurt you but it does

not shape the totality of who you are

you are who God says you are and he says

you’re a chosen race you’re a royal

priesthood you’re a person who has been

redeemed and chosen adopted and

qualified you are not a mistake you are

not an afterthought you are not a

liability you are a temple of the holy

spirit of God and the value he has

placed on you means you are

enough God loves Dallas yes God loves

you he made you in His image both

physically and in your personality the

strengths and the weaknesses all of it

is an expression of the creative genius

of almighty God and when you surrender

your whole self fully and completely to

him him he loves and Val values you

enough that he actually takes up

residence in you he makes you his

dwelling place so you become a temple of

almighty God and that means you’re an

overcomer that’s who you are I don’t

know who has lied to you up until this

point but it is important that you and I

get our identity in him in full View and

the reason why y’all is because whether

or not you walk in Victory is directly

correlated to what you believe to be

true about yourself you will either live

up to or you will live down to whatever

you believe to be true about yourself so

I want to talk to you about your

identity identity is critical in fact

it’s one of the major themes that you’ll

see all throughout the Old Testament and

all throughout the New Testament you see

this theme of identity that keeps coming

up over and over again God showing up to

get people’s identity re-calibrated so

that they will begin to live according

and in alignment with what he is said to

be true about them one of the most

notable places that we see this in

scripture the most notable relationship

where we can see him recalibrating

people’s identity is with the children

of Israel throughout the Old Testament

because after 400 years of slavery in

Egypt under Pharaoh they had developed

the mindset and perspective of living

like slaves and so even after 10

miraculous plagues and guiding them

miraculously through the Wilderness in

fact those 40 years were about their

identity in the wilderness because he

had freed them from Egypt but it would

take 40 Years of wilderness wondering

wonderings to make sure that Egypt was

now out of them they had been freed out

of Egypt but Egypt needed to be detached

from them because what good is it to be

legally free if you still living like a

slave what good is it to be free free

when you’re still thinking like and

operating like and deciding like and

reacting like and relating to other

people like you are not free making

decisions out of scarcity and lack and

fear and intimidation and so Yahweh

spends 40 years re-calibrating their

identity reminding them you are who I

say you are you ain’t this you’re this

start acting like this so the children

of Israel they come out of wilderness

one W ings they come into the promised

land and the Book of Judges is where you

and I are going to meet them today in

Judges chapter 6 if you have your copy

of the script you know if you still use

a old school paper Bible like I do you

can flip over to Judges chapter 6 or

your iPhone your iPad any manner of

iness will get you there and let me tell

you while you’re turning there the

Judges chapter 6 is all about the

children of Israel being or the Book of

Judges is being already in Canaan they

already come out of Egypt now they’ve

already been through the Wilderness they

are now in the land flowing with milk

and honey but while they are there

idolatry is introduced to the children

of Israel idolatry is always a threat to

your identity it will always begin to

make you question whether or not he is

who he says he is and that you are who

God says you are the whole Book of

Judges it’s not about the children of

Israel turning their backs completely on

the one true God it is about the people

of God stationing their worship of Idols

alongside their worship of the one true

God and listen to me it’s this duplicity

of the people of God that caused such a

Decay throughout the society in the Book

of Judges that by the time you get to

the last line of the Book of Judges if

you were to read it you’ll see the last

line says everybody was doing what was

right in their own eyes y’all if that

don’t sound like America in the year

2023 I don’t know what does because when

your identity is d distorted truth is

distorted and the entire culture

decays and so they open themselves up to

enemy attack the Book of Judges is them

living in the land of promise but still

still experiencing and exposing

themselves to enemy attack on all sides

they have been ravaged by the midianites

who have come to them seven consecutive

years pillaging their towns burning down

their homes they’ve had to escape their

cities for fear running in fear from

enemies and live on the side of

mountains and in caves so that they can

hide themselves from the approaching and

marauding enemies and because their

identity is not in view they expose

themselves to enemy attack but

everything is about to change on one day

when God comes to remind one person of

who they really are Judges 6: 11 and 12

then the angel of the Lord came and he

sat down under this oak tree that was in

a town called ofra which belonged to

joash the

abrite as his son

Gideon was beating out wheat in a wine

press in order to save it from those

midianites verse 12 and the angel of the

Lord appeared to him and said to him the

Lord is with you oh Valiant Warrior

these are our two verses this morning

where we’re just going to spend a little

time because the angel of the Lord shows

up in the of national Calamity and Chaos

that is written about all throughout the

Book of Judges he shows up into the

experience of one man named Gideon to

remind him who he really is to call out

of him the behaviors the actions the

choices that should have been instilled

in him because his identity was in Clear

View he says to him you are a valiant

Warrior the angel of the Lord shows up

for this one p purpose to remind one

person who they really are the whole

nation is in Decay but he doesn’t show

up on a national level he doesn’t show

up on a communal level he shows up to

one person that’s how critical this

issue of identity was that the angel of

the Lord showed up to one individual to

remind him about his identity let me

tell you why this Sunday morning is so

important let me tell you why the reason

why you fought through all that traffic

this morning but the Lord still made it

to where you could get in this room and

that you could sit in these seats let me

tell you why teenager that you were

frustrated this morning that your mama

and then woke you up and made you come

to church let me tell you the reason why

is not so that you could just sit in a

building on a Sunday morning it’s

because the angel of the lord The Hound

of Heaven came looking for you this

morning to remind one person you brother

or sister have your spiritual ears whole

open to hear God say you are who I say

you are now act like that not the way

you feel not what has happened to you

not your past behaviors don’t align with

that align your whole self with who I

have declared you to be the angel of the

Lord he comes to tell one person who he

is the Angel of the Lord anytime you see

this phrase you need to know what’s

happening Scholars call uh this the

great presence capital g capital P the

Great great presence of Israelite

history because whenever you see the

phrase the angel of the Lord in the Old

Testament you need to know this ain’t no

regular Angel we’re not talking about

Gabriel and Michael and them the angel

of the Lord was the pre-incarnate Jesus

Christ that basically before Jesus put

on flesh and came in the New Testament

he was already already showing up in the

Old Testament it’s called a theophany a

god appearance when God himself would

step out of Heaven onto the landscape of

Earth and he would intervene with the

regular details of a regular ordinary

life so that he could shift the

trajectory not only of that life but of

everything and everybody attached to

that life so the angel of the Lord kept

showing up over and over and over again

and if I had time this morning y’all

we’d spend a whole hour just talking

about the angel of the Lord because you

need to know that the fact that the god

of the universe would step onto the

landscape of earth that is never

something that we should hear and let it

roll off our shoulders as if it’s no big

deal because this is God we’re talking

about the one who right now while we’re

sitting in this room is controlling the

throws of the entire universe the one

who while we’re sitting right here in

this room he’s the one that made sure

that the sun rose this morning and he’s

going to hold it in place all day long

till it swaps places with the moon later

on tonight this is God we’re talking

about the one who’s going to hang every

single star in the sky and he’s going to

know every single one of their names

tonight and every single one of their

numbers this is God we’re talking about

the one who’s controlling the throws of

the galaxies and neighborhoods in the

galaxies that scientists don’t even yet

know exist he’s the one controlling all

of that and in the midst of all of that

he stopped by on this Sunday morning to

come see about

you that’s a big

deal that we serve a god

that great who is also that

good that that he cares that much about

you that that that he made sure on the

calendar of your life you were here and

I got to be here on this Sunday morning

so that he could move Heaven and Earth

to just whisper to your heart I got

you the angel of the Lord kept showing

up all throughout the Old Testament just

like this for one person on a regular

ordinary day just to say I got you just

to remind them who they were Genesis

chapter 16 there’s a lady named Hagar

Hagar has a past she’s been misused and

abused by people she was supposed to be

able to

trust Abraham and Sarah and then they

discard her they discard her out into a

Wilderness with her newborn son the

baby’s crying she has no food for the

baby her entire future is in Jeopardy

she is crying a river of tears that has

blurred her vision so that she can

barely see what’s in front of her and in

the midst of her Devastation and in the

midst of her fear and her concern about

her future after being misused and

abused by people she was supposed to be

able to trust the angel of the Lord

shows up in Genesis chapter 16 and says

to Hagar let me tell you who you are you

are not what they did to you it happened

but that does not define you you still

are Hagar who I say you are so maybe

you’re like Gideon that the midianites

the enemy the circumstances of your life

have closed in on you and you find

yourself sitting in a situation that

that is because of the results of the

circumstances that are around you or

maybe you’re like Hagar that really it’s

not your circumstances that have done it

to you it’s other folk that have done it

to you that people you were supposed to

be able to trust the folks you were

supposed to be able to rely on they’ve

betrayed you they’ve abandoned you and

they’ve set you on a path the likes of

which you can’t even believe leave

whether you’re Gideon or whether you’re

Hagar this morning the angel of the Lord

has come looking for you he can find you

wherever you are or maybe you’re not

Gideon or Hagar maybe you’re Moses

because in Exodus chapter 3 he’s sitting

in a desert of his own making he did it


himself for Moses it was not that the

circumstances did it and it wasn’t

really that other folks did it it’s

because he made a choice he made a

decision out of sin and anger he made a

choice that put him into this desert

where now he is tending sheep for 40

young long years Moses had been raised

as The Prince of Egypt so shepherding is

a job that is so below his pay grade and

beneath his educational level but while

he is in that desert of his own making

one day a bush starts burning and the

bush is burning but it’s not consumed so

he sees something Supernatural in the

bush and when he stops by to see about

this bush he realizes that the of the

Lord is there and the angel of the Lord

has shown up in Moses’s circumstances to

remind him you are not what has happened

to you you are not what you did you are

not your behaviors you still are Moses

exactly who I say you are and the

reality is that some of us aren’t Gideon

circumstances didn’t do it to us some of

us aren’t Hagar other folks didn’t do it

to us the reality is if we had time for

Testimony service most of us would

recognize we did it to our ourselves

because we can look back and realize

there’s a decision we made that put us

in this desert there’s a choice we made

there’s a relationship we allow there’s

a path we walk down I don’t know about

y’all but there’s a whole season of my

life I look back on and I don’t even

recognize that crazy person back there

anybody can I get a

witness where you look back and you

realize you can’t believe you made those

choices or walked with those people or

allowed that path or chose and made

those kinds of decisions and you re

recognize had it not been for the grace

of God had it not been for the goodness

of God delivering us when we were not in

our right minds and setting us on a

brand new path reminding us that we are

not what we

did we are who God says we are so he

showed up for Moses and he shows up for

you he shows up for Hagar and he shows

up for you and he shows up for

Gideon and he says Gideon you’re a

valiant Warrior now the author of Judges

chap 6: 11 and 12 wants you to know

exactly what Gideon was doing when the

angel of the Lord showed up it says he’s

beating out wheat but he’s doing it in a

wine press now the reason why that is

critical because you need to know that

where grapes were pressed to make wine

and where wheat was threshed to prepare

for Harvest were two completely

different environments threshing wheat

always took place on the top of a

hillside in the open air and the reason

why they needed the open air on the top

of a hillside where the draft would be

heavy is because when you would beat out

wheat it would dislodge this useless

nutrient called chaff they needed the

wind to drive the chaff away you’ll see

that figuratively all throughout the Old

Testament the tra chaff being driven

Away by the wind wine getting pressed

happened in a completely different

environment they didn’t want open air

they needed it to be shaded and damp to

make sure it was the right environment

for the grapes to produce what they

wanted it to produce so that would

happened at the bottom of a hillside in

a depression on the side of a rock in a

shaded damp environment these two things

happen in completely different Dynamics

but what we find is them overlapping

with Gideon Gideon is doing what should

be done down up high he’s doing it down

low the reason why he is not threshing

wheat on a Hilltop where it would be

more convenient and easy and helpful to

get that chaff D driven away the reason

why he’s in the depression of a rock

doing it is because if the wind drove

the chaff away then that chaff the scent

of it would be delivered right to the

midianites and the midianites would know

there was a

harvest so he’s trying the end of verse

11 says to save it from the midianites

he doesn’t want them to know there’s a

harvest and so y’all he is in the Deep

oppression of a rock doing this more

timeconsuming tedious inconvenient job

he’s willing to do it in that

environment because he’s hiding he’s

trying to make sure that he hides from

these enemies he’s walking in fear and

insecurity and he’s hiding in this deep

depression of a rock he’s hiding he’s

trying not to be

found and in this position where he’s

trying not to be found the angel of the

Lord comes and finds him

yeah the reason why this is good news is

because I need you to know that there

are some people in your life your

teenager your young adult child your

spouse your parent and your heart has

been broken for them because they’ve

been trying not to be found they’ve been

running from the arm of God you’ve been

asking God to bring them into

relationship with himself and they just

running they just are rebelling their

heart is hard they’re stiff necked

they’re refusing to come into

relationship with him I need you to know

today that even for your loved ones that

are trying not to be found the angel of

the Lord can still come and find

them and aren’t we glad about it that

that the Hound of Heaven keeps coming to

look for us because we’ve all had those

seasons of our life where honestly we

were trying not to be found we were

trying to avoid the voice of God avoid

the conviction of God go in a different

direction act like we didn’t feel the

poking and the prodding of God’s spirit

in some area of our life and the reality

is we have testimony that had it not

been for the goodness of God the Hound

of Heaven that would not let us go that

kept looking for us aren’t we grateful

for his grace and

mercy so he finds Gideon and he finds up

even when we’re trying not to be found

and he steps into this scenario where

Gideon is listen he’s currently

operating in fear and

insecurity the whole reason he’s in the

wine press is because he’s currently

operating and acting out of fear

insecurity and

intimidation and even though he’s

behaving that way God steps in and says

you are not your

behavior somebody needs to hear that


morning what you did last night doesn’t

Define you

today you are not what has happened to

you you are not the circumstances that

are surrounding your life right now they

are not powerful enough to Define you

you still are who God says you are God

shows up to a man who is insecure and

operating In Fear And he

says you’re a valiant

Warrior he speaks to him according to

the truth of his identity not the

current circumstances of his

reality he says you are this now act


that I do have three sons 21 19 and 15

years old I drive my kids bananas I

think that’s a mark of a good

mother is that they ought to be sick of

you because you know you have

rules you have things you want them to

incorporate into their life that they

don’t value and you say things to them

that they get tired of hearing mama say

over and over and over again since they

were very little I have said pretty much

the same thing to my boys most every day

I make them stand in front of me when

they were at home the older two were in

college down when they were at home I’d

make them stand right in front of me and

i’ make them look me in my eyes and they

would have the nerve to sometimes slump

their shoulders over and sometimes they

would look at me and if they were real

bold and Brazen they might actually roll

their eyes not

today and I would say to those boys no

no no look at me and listen to me and I

would look them squarely in their eyes

and I would say you are a man of

integrity honesty and character you will

love the Lord your God with all your

heart with all your soul and with all

your strength you will put on the full

armor of God so that you can stand firm

against the schemes of the enemy you are

a leader you are not a follower you are

the head you are not the tail you are

above you are not beneath and the

Praises of God will always be in your

mouth and you will rise up and be a

mighty warrior in the kingdom of God or

I will spank


you they’ kind of go oh man I still text

it to my boys a lot throughout the week

I will text it to them I’ll say say this

out loud today and I don’t know whether

they do or not but I’m going to text it

to them I’m going to keep feeding it to

them and I knew it was getting into them

because every now and then when I will

say it to them I would tell them you

finish it what what what’s the rest of

this statement and they go I’m a man of

integrity character and honesty I will

love the Lord my God with all my heart

and all my strength but even with the

attitude what it tells me is that you’re

hearing me and it’s getting in

you the reason why I have made it my

business to say this to my boys is not

because their behavior always lines up

with it it’s because I’m trying to get

them to behave in a way that lines up

with their identity this is who I say

you are God says you are now act like

that think like that react like that

make decisions like

that can you think of how our lives

would be

transformed if we started acting not

according to the way we

feel but according to what God says is

true can you imagine what relationships

we wouldn’t even

entertain if we believed what God said

to be true about us can you imagine how

your reaction to that coworker would be

completely different you would restrain

yourself cuz you know this is who I am

can you imagine how more much more we

would refuse to do things for the

approval of other people that their

Applause or their like or their comment

isn’t actually uh important to us that’s

inconsequential to us because I don’t

need your approval the scripture says

I’m already approved that I’m already

accepted that I’m already enough that

I’m already valued I don’t need your

Applause God has already applauded for

me it changes and transforms the

entirety of our life where we stop

operating just based on the way we feel

in the moment and reacting based on that

and instead we remind ourselves this is

who I am so I’m going to rise to that

standard and behave like that it’ll

transform your life not only will it

transform your life but if you read

throughout the rest of Judges chapter 6

then you will see that immediately after

Gideon hears from God that he is a

valiant Warrior he immediately goes back

home to his father’s house and he goes

into this house that he’s been afraid to

interact with in previous chapters he

goes back to his father’s home he grabs

all of the idols that were in their home

and he breaks them one by one over his

knee changing the trajectory of idolatry

through the course of his entire family

in fact the entire family and the entire

generational line connected to it is

completely transformed because one

person gets a hold of their

identity do you know that there are

people attached to you who are waiting

for you to get your identity in view do

you realize that your sons and your

daughters your grandsons and your

granddaughters our great grandchildren

that we have not even laid eyes on that

the trajectory of their lives is

attached to us Gideon getting our

identity in view so that we can go home

and say this is who we were but this is

not who we are anymore that we’re

breaking generational curses and

Shifting the trajectory of our entire

family lines because we going to start

living up to the standard of who God

says we

are and then after he transforms his

whole family Gideon goes into battle

with this is what he’s most notable for

this is probably why you know Gideon

because with an army of 300 a little

meager Army army they go up against

140,000 midianite soldiers and they

bring home a victory and the entire

trajectory of the nation is completely

turned around because this one guy has

recalibrated his identity your family is

not the only thing attached to you

there’s a whole Community attached to

you y’all there’s a whole National

crisis that we are living in right now

that is attached to the people of God

rising up and being who God has called

us to be if we would just show up with

our full identity in view who knows how

the school district attached to you is

going to change how the work environment

attached to you is going to change how

your neighborhood is going to change

your community group is going to change

the city the state the whole nation

transformed because God’s people

remembered who they

were and so for just a few moments at

the close of this message I thought I’d

just take a couple minutes to remind you

brothers and sisters who you

are you are a child of God you have

peace with God the Holy Spirit lives in

you you have access to God’s wisdom you

are helped by God you are reconciled to

God you are not condemned by God you are

justified by God you have Christ

righteousness you are Christ Ambassador

you are completely forgiven and you are

completely free there is therefore no

condemnation for those of us who are in

Christ Jesus you are blameless and

Beyond reproach you are the salt of the

earth and you are the light of the world

you are Christ friend you are chosen by

Christ to bear fruit you are a joint air

with Christ sharing in his inheritance

you are united with the Lord you are

members of Christ’s body you are hidden

in Christ with God you are a child of

light You Are Holy and you share in

God’s Heavenly calling you are a member

of a chosen race you’re a royal

priesthood you’re a holy nation you’re a

people for God’s Own possession created

to sing the Praises of God you have been

born of God and the evil one can’t even

touch you you’ve been rescued by God

you’ve been made complete in Christ you

have not been given a spirit of fear

but of power and of love and of a sound

mind you have been given access to great

and precious Privileges and Promises by

God your needs are met by God you have

been sought with a price you’ve been

adopted into the family of God you have

direct access to God through the Holy

Spirit you cannot be separated from the

love of God you are a citizen of Heaven

you’ve been established anointed and

sealed by God you can be confident in

this that the good work he’s started in

you he will bring to completion you are

God’s workmanship you are seated with

Christ in Heavenly places and you can do

all things through Christ who gives you

strength in Jesus mighty name come on

church say

amen amen amen

amen you are who God says you

are act like

that Lord Jesus would you help us to get

our identity in view Every Lie of the

enemy that has tried to convince us

otherwise I pray that you would quiet

that voice and that your voice would be

loud in our ears this week and then give

us the courage and the boldness to

behave in a way to think in a way to

choose and make decisions in a way that

lines up with who you say we are in

Jesus name amen



would you stand to your feet all over

this place

today can you show your appreciation to

Priscilla Shire for that




word hear me when I tell

you all of us need to be

reminded of who we

are whether you’re just new to this

thing called

Christianity whether you haven’t even

surrendered your life to him or whether

you’ve been walking with the Lord for

years every single one of us need to be

reminded this is who I

am I’m not my mistakes I’m not my

circumstances I am who God says that I

am I’m just going to ask in this moment

this is such a necessary word for us

right now but I’m ask every head be

bowed and eyes be closed there’s some of


who you’ve been in the wine

press you didn’t want to be

found but God orchestrated and ordained

this moment for you to hear this message

today it’s time to stop

running because your father’s found

you and he’s not declaring over you all

your mistakes and all the things that

you’ve done he’s declaring over you who

you truly

are and so in this moment with heads

bound and eyes closed all over this

opera house I want to give somebody even

if it’s just one person here me one

person would be worth

it God got a hold of Gideon and a nation


transformed so even if it’s just one

today the things that are connected to

you it would be so worth it but if you

hear today and you say Pastor Robert I

need to surrender my life to this

savior his name is Jesus

I’m tired of doing life on my own I’m

tired of being defined by my

behavior this is the beauty of the

Gospel the gospel is not do do do do do

so you can become something no the

gospel says it has been done and because

of what Jesus did his finished work on


cross you have a new

identity now come into alignment with it

so what heads bowed and eyes closed

today if you’ve never surrendered your

life to Jesus Jesus or maybe there’s a

season you were walking with God but

your heart’s gotten cold and you’ve

drawn away and even now you hear your

father saying come back home if that’s

you would you do me a favor would you

just lift up your hand just high enough

and long enough to where I could see it

today I want to give you an opportunity

to respond thank you thank you I see

those hands all over this place today

thank you God anybody else I’m looking

up in the balcony sections thank you

yeah thank you for responding for when

God speaks to you Hallelujah I want us

to pray this prayer we’re going to pray

it as one big family after we pray this

prayer if you want personal prayer our

prayer team is just going to hang out

here in the front and we’d be happy to

pray with you but I want you to make

this declaration

today in fact let’s all do it we’ll say

it as one big family but especially

those of you who responded would you say

this from your heart say

Jesus I need

you thank you so much for being willing

to find

me even though I was

hiding Jesus I

know I cannot do

life without you I need

you forgive me of my

sin make me brand

new Jesus today I confess with my mouth

and I believe in my heart that you are

the son of God

you died for me and you’re coming back

for me but until that

day I will walk in my


identity in Jesus name amen amen amen if

you meant what you prayed would you give

Jesus praise today oh come on you could

do a little bit better than

that I see some people that are about to

walk in their true identity you might

have to reintroduce yourself to some

people because they knew you who you

were they don’t know you who you’re

going to be