Bill Johnson teaches that the strength of your prayer is the place that you pray from. Learning to live and pray from a heavenly perspective positions you to pray with authority as you pray from God’s heart. You will always reflect the nature of the world you are most aware of. Through Biblical meditation and remembering the testimonies of all that God has done, you become aware of God’s heart and His goodness and it gives you perspective for your current situation. If you stay aware of God’s heart you will always be encouraged and strengthened in your prayer life. Bill’s message follows a time of ministry. 0:00 Introduction 0:50 Jokes 4:44 Words of Knowledge for Healing 11:25 Prayer for Healing 21:04 Testimonies 31:26 The Strength of Your Prayer Is the Place You Pray From Subscribe for weekly videos:

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Scripture References: Luke 18 Colossians 3 Ephesians 1: 17 Psalm 14: 1 Psalms 90: 12 Psalm 127: 2 1 John 3: 2 Revelation 1 1 John 4: 17 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on April 14, 2019. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Prayer

Jesus said you always ought to pray but

you’ve got to think about what he’s like

who he is you’ve got to keep your heart

exposed to the nature of God because you

will never fatigue in prayer if you see

his heart for people it’s from that

place that we pray and we serve and it’s

hard work to do it without

that good

evening well I love you too thank you

thank you just I so much love in this

room I one of these days I’m going to

try to pull off a group

hug see see if we can manage that

without killing anyone you

know two blonde girls were


now please don’t be offended if you’re

blonde my wife is

blonde my B my daughter sometimes

blonde changes every few

weeks if I remember right it’s red right

now but it’s naturally blonde so just


two two blonde girls were working for

the city public works

department one would dig a hole the

other would would follow behind her and

fill the hole

in they worked up one side of the street

down the other moved on to the next

street working furiously all day without

rest one girl digging a hole the other

filling it

in an onlooker was amazed at their hard

work but couldn’t understand what they

were doing so he asked the whole Digger

I’m impressed by the effort you two are

putting into your work but I don’t get

it why do you dig a hole only to have

your partner follow behind and fill it

up again the whole Digger wiped her brow

inside she said well I suppose it

probably looks odd because we normally

are a three-person team but today the

girl who plants the trees called him




I I have a blonde guy one

too you want you want equal

time you just don’t want blonde ones at

all all

right A friend told told a blonde man

Christmas is on Friday this year the

blonde man respond responded well well

let’s hope it’s not on the


13th two blonde men find three grenades

they decide to take them to the police

station one asked what if one explodes

before we get there the other says we’ll

lie and just say we only found




a blonde man is in the bathroom his wife

shouts did you find the shampoo he

answers yes but I’m not sure what to do

it’s for dry hair and I just wet



oh uh just one more there’s many but

just I can’t handle them anymore

a blonde man spies a letter lying on his

doormat on the envelope it says do not

Bend he spends the next two hours trying

to figure out how to pick it


up oh sorry


how many of you have ever been in an

accident this is not a joke now jokes

are over I know you’re expecting a

punchline but how many of you have ever

been in any kind of an accident could be

automobile could be maybe a sport injury

uh fall off a ladder doesn’t matter and

no matter how long ago it was you

actually still have effects from from

that accient oh my goodness stand


wow how many of you those those

effects if you were healed right now you

would know


for how many of you it’s a pain issue

put a hand up for how many of you it’s a

mobility issue put a hand up for how

many of you it’s both put a hand

up all right and there’s other uh ways

to be able to tell well here’s what

we’re going to do we’re going to pray

for these

folks um we had a a period of time where

uh I would pursue accident victims being

healed um like every weak somewhere and

this is probably 15 years ago I quit

counting at I think it was 26 or 2800

people had been healed and that’s 15

years ago and so we see it constantly

since then so it’s literally several


people here’s what we

found we found that sometimes now please

catch the word sometimes

sometimes an accident the effects of an

accident is sustained by a spirit of


in other words our bodies were designed

to heal themselves God created us that

way and there are times where there’s

actually um the either the trauma of the

accident or the ongoing pain people

unintentionally learn to live with

pain and the enemy sees that as an

opportunity to move in and sustain it uh

what I don’t want to do is freak people

out and I’m not trying to I’m not trying

to overemphasize the Demonic I’m just

saying there are some of you that all

it’s going to be is we’re going to

rebuke that thing and it’ll be gone

tonight because uh you’ve just been

given permission to get

well an ongoing Affliction is not his

design for you not his design and the

spirit of infirmity I just call velcro

demons you just pull them

off others of you actually need like a

creative miracle

and it doesn’t matter what it is uh he’s

not only capable it’s his heart to do so

so we’re going to pray for you I’m going

to add uh one more how many of you uh in

this room have had any sort of head

trauma in uh could be some of you that

are standing but um any sort of head

trauma and it has affected either uh

perhaps like migraines headaches that

sort of thing or I’ve seen it affect

facial features um eyesight a

hearing uh I’ve seen uh head trauma

affect things like memory uh we actually

saw a guy up in Oregon uh with complete

Amnesia restored we’ve also seen partial

Amnesia uh learning

disorders um maybe not even caused from

a traumatic experience maybe it just was

something that you discovered in early

childhood doesn’t matter what it is if

it has to do with any kind of head

trauma who who is affected by that put

your hand up okay all right now just let

me see the hands of those just that are


sitting how many of you that are sitting

down this affects you all right all

right I I want those to stand

too we’re going to pray for these two

areas tonight and I feel like to be

honest with you I feel like the Lord has

given us so many years of experiencing

this that we have

ownership I me so many years of miracles

in this area that it’s just become

normal and common so what I’m going to

ask you to do is those of you that are

sitting down you are now the ministry

team and uh I don’t know the percentage

I would guess probably about 95% of the

Miracles we see happen actually happen

when the people of God get in to do the

pray and I I believe in Ministry teams

and all that we we work hard to train

folks but in this context it’s generally

the people of God so all of you that are

standing I’m going to need everyone to

help me with this all of you who are

standing in a moment I’m going to have

you raise your hand those of you that

are sitting down you need to go someone

with their hand up that has a hand up

pull it down for them so they don’t

stand there with their hand up and and

then but I don’t want you to talk to

them or pray do you hear me I don’t want

you to talk or pray till I tell you to

the reason is there’s so many people

standing I want to make sure that

everyone who is standing has somebody

ready to minister to them this includes

those who are watching on bethl TV I

want to make sure that you have an

opportunity at home to receive your

Miracle all right all of you that are

standing put a hand up all of you that

are sitting please find someone and uh

and just have them put the hand down and

I’ll give you instruction in a

moment good

job almost everyone is covered we still

have a few more hands up look look

around you we still have hands okay if

the person you’re about to pray for

still has her hand up please pull it

down for

them all right I think that’s the first

miracle of the night right there I think

we cover wave your hand at me if we miss

you honestly I I don’t want anyone to

sometimes people get discouraged because

they get overlooked I don’t want that

going on I want to make sure that we

serve everyone here here’s what I need

you to do just a second

here right I’m better now this is what I

need you to do we’ve got to find out

what’s wrong is it a head issue a

learning disorder uh migraines that sort

of thing if it’s uh another part of your

body that was injured in an accident and

it’s uh and it has stayed uh a problem

let them know where it’s at please don’t

talk a long time keep it very just all

you need to do is say I was in a car

wreck I hurt my shoulder it’s all they

need to know they don’t need to know the

color of the truck all

right all right so here I want to pray

over you and then I’m going to Turn You

Loose find out the issue and we’re going

to pray all right so father we ask right

now that the Wonderful Name of Jesus

would be exalted through Miracles

through signs wonders Holy Spirit we

invite you to come now with power and

display the Wonder of the miracle

working power of Jesus in people’s

bodies in Jesus name now as you pray

find out how to pray as you pray rebuke

Affliction um lay hands on her head

watch uh headache pain leave and uh

right now find out how to how to

minister to that

person thank you

okay should be praying by

now speak to the


those of you that are praying for head

trauma I want you to pretend there’s a

steel band around their head and I want

you to lift it off carefully and declare

over them This Ends Tonight I want you

to be very

specific we lift that off of you we

declare this ends tonight in the mighty

name of Jesus learning disorders healed

now dislexia

goes bipolar goes now in Jesus

name epilepsy goes now in Jesus

name if there was a broken bone that

didn’t heal correctly if it’s a proper

place to put your hand lay your hand on


bone speak to it command it to reset

correctly we’ve had many many many bones


increase this anointing for breakthrough

Lord okay you’ve got about 30

seconds okay you’ve got about 10


amen amen all right you did good stay

with the person please don’t leave them

sh don’t don’t leave the person all

right now most of you obviously you know

you know what to do but we always have

new people come in so I want to walk you

through the Simplicity of

this everyone that receive prayer right

now I want you to examine yourself about

half the people we see healed feel it

happen which means there’s another half

that don’t even know what happened until

they examine themselves maybe it’s

trying to do something you couldn’t do

maybe it’s uh examining to see if that

bone uh is still out of place whatever

it might be examine yourself now as soon

as you see that you’re at least 80%

better I want you to wave both hands

over your head like this till your arms

crossed yeah do that right


wow that’s wonderful thank you


beautiful all give me


sh just give me attention obviously when

you’re on your own you take as much time

to do this but because we’re working

corporately we have other things to do I

want I want to ask you let’s just work

in tandem as a team how many of you

Jesus just healed your body put a hand

up right now I want to see how many you

are is that wonderful look at that

now so let me ask another question

how many of you couldn’t say he has

healed you yet but you can tell he’s at

work put your hand up all right all


good how many of you you couldn’t even

tell he was at work but you’re still you

still want to be healed but your hands

up that should cover everyone all right

here’s what I’m going to ask you to

do Jesus ministered to a blind man twice

before he could see perfectly in that

particular case it it was a progressive

healing first his blind eyes were open

but he just saw uh figures shapes he

said I see men as trees walking in other

words I I can’t tell the difference

between the two but I can see shape and

so Jesus ministered again and it was

clear if Jesus had to do that only one

time be ready always to do that all

right we want to make sure that uh

though everybody gets what Jesus is

intended and so I want you to turn I

want you to pray uh once again lay your

hands on them if you if it’s a proper

place to put your hand let me tell you

why we lay hands we don’t lay hands as a

as a symbolic

gesture we don’t lay hands on people as

a massage

treatment it’s because the spirit of God

is in you and a point of contact is for

the release of power power so lay your

hands on them again and let’s

pray increase the anointing for

breakthrough Lord we pray right now

increase increase this anointing for

breakthrough if that person suffers with

migraines I want you to rebuke it you

don’t ever speak kindly to Affliction we

have zero reverence for sickness or

disease we value people but we don’t

show reverence for

affliction we just declare this cycle of

migraine headaches Ends Tonight in the

name of

Jesus yeah lift that thing off their

head again if that’s if if there’s still

something just literally just lift it

off I I like prophetic acts I think I

think we need to do more of them they’re

not magical but they demonstrate

something and there’s a there a point of

contact for our own

faith okay 10 more

seconds thank you Lord all right go

ahead and end your prayer stay with the

person again sh the reason I have you

stay with them is sometimes you can help

a person find out what God’s

done listen to me we don’t ever want

anyone feeling forced to pretend that

all is well if it’s not that’s that’s

important that we know honesty and truth

but sometimes if somebody for example

has an issue with hearing you can help

them to discover what’s happened maybe

there’s a frequency range you just want

to be a part of their Discovery that’s

all all of you that were pray prayed for

check yourself out One Last Time examine

yourself one last

time check yourself real

good now sh

everyone that has that is at least 80%

better the second time we pray I want

you to wave your hands over your head

like this the second time we pray okay

look that’s one right there is that

beautiful thank you Lord

God thank you

Lord wonderful go ahead and be

seated go ahead and be



want now first let me

say there are times where we see when I

say 80% because we’ve come to realize

that some healings actually take maybe

10 15 20 minutes sometimes they take

several hours I even know of cases where

uh like a deaf ear didn’t open for a day

or two and uh so we always want to

position oursel to anticipate God

completing what he initiated appreci it

but tonight we’re looking for those who

who are able to say I’m at least 80%

better I just want you to stand up if

you’re at least 80% better tonight just


up yeah thank you Lord it’s

beautiful now

wonderful now those of you that are

standing if you got healed of more than

one thing put a hand up oh that’s

awesome look at that it’s beautiful come

on excellent excellent goad and be

seated how many of you it was an

accident uh that you were that you were

healed from an old injury how long how

long ago September

September 26 years ago 26 years somebody

else how long ago

right years 18 years ago isn’t that

amazing right there 52 52 years years

ago come on Tom run back there with a

mic I want to hear 52 years I want to

the oldest injury I know of that was

that that I’ve seen healed was 72 years

a woman was dropped at as an infant and

it caused damage on the

tailbone and it it was deformed her

entire life and it was healed in


Australia and uh it was in it was in the

Salvation Army uh facility where uh

Smith Wigglesworth used to preach and uh

and she was up in the balcony I’ll never

forget she was healed after 72 years of

an issue with that tailbone so what did

Jesus do for you tonight well when I was

10 I fell off a bike and landed on my

face knocked out my teeth caused

Whiplash and I lived with the pain of

that for a long time it it’s gotten

better over the years but I’ve always

had tension in my neck and lately

numbness in my hands and um my neck

feels like actual muscle instead of


ropes that’s awesome how’s your

hands the hands get numb when I do

something for any length of time so I

won’t know until I start driving

tomorrow okay well normally I’d send you

in parking lot just driveing circles but

I won’t tonight that’s wonderful good

news good news somebody else I would

love to hear from a few more folks what

God did for yes right right here was

first how long ago 30 years 30 years why

don’t you stand up what happened uh from

a bicycle accident I uh hyperextended

both my knees oh goodness yeah and I’ve

had issues with bending stooping

standing what happened tonight did you

feel anything happen I didn’t actually

feel anything happened until I bent down

and I was able to stand up without pain

oh come on thank you 30 years beautiful

right right down over here’s another

one what what did yeah what did Jesus do

for you okay so I’m kind of tripping out

right now because I got something healed

that we didn’t even pray about um so I

was in an accident in September my kids

and I were in a head-on collision with

the truck and all of my left side got

affected so my mouth was all locked up

and my neck and like she said so now my

neck is it feels like a neck is supposed

to and not all locked up in tense yeah

I’ve been in physical therapy and it

hasn’t been helping at all but today I

am in absolute no pain I’ve been in

agonizing pain ever since

September which I’m like oh my gosh like

I’m tripping out about that but the

thing that’s really blowing me out of

the water is I looked around um after

they prayed for me and I realized I

could actually like make out the details

of the faces of the people in the back

of the church and I’ve had issues with

my vision for over 10 years I was a

paramedic and um was working a call and

I got um somebody’s bodily fluid in my

eyes while I was running a code on them

and it burned off a few layers of my

eyes so ever since then I couldn’t see

like the details of people unless they

were right up on me and so today like I

actually can

see that’s

amazing bless the Lord

bless the

Lord uh I want you to do I want you to

do something I want everyone to

stand um

this layers of the

eye uh Randy Clark’s son Joshua

Clark has had had uh an issue with the

layers of his eye just in the last

couple months and has actually gone

blind in one eye and the other eye is

seriously uh Afflicted uh from this it’s

a issue with the this I think there’s

six layers of of on on the eye of skin

or whatever they call it I want you to

pray for that Miracle right now I’m

going to film you praying only because I

want to send it as as a prophetic as a

prophetic act um but just uh if you

would put your hands up I want you to

pray that the Lord would restore every

skin layer uh to uh to Joshua

Clark I want you to pray right now for

Joshua Clark that the Lord would restore

the skin layers as he did for you right

there that a creative Miracle


the testimony of Jesus the spirit of

Prophecy we declare right now the

healing of Joshua Clark’s eyes in the

name of the

Lord we declare that healing word over

his body in Jesus name right

now thank you Lord amen amen thanks for

doing that good be

seated I’m going to want you to stand up

cuz I got to send your picture just

stand up St yeah you stand just just one

sorry all right excuse me here there we

go all

right all right I got to send that to

Randy yeah we see so many things happen

through uh through testimony so I I I’ve

been praying for Josh and uh and hearing

that testimony of the Lord restoring the

layers of the eye very very unusual

miracle and it’s perfect for them so we

decare it um H how many others have you

got healed from something you’ve had for

at least 10

years is that right look at that is is

there anyone else that would like to

give testimony I would love yeah you’re

right here all right yeah Tommy you only

thought you were done right there

yeah I like to keep Tom busy it’s one of

my goals in life is just to keep him

active hi what did Jesus do um well

first of all I was sitting there and I

had a bad migraine and my back was

hurting and before you even spoke it he

took it away yeah wow and the people

that were praying for me they kept

praying for me and I saw a a crown when

you said like lift off

the migraine I saw a gold crown and I

saw it go all the way to heaven wow wow

and you know my son I was um pregnant

with him when I was in a rollover like

20 he was born in 91 so I think I got

the how old he is wrong but don’t tell

him and um the doctor he said to me when

I was six I was six weeks pregnant he

said you know you don’t um I can take

care of this you don’t have to keep

going with this pregnancy cuz I was

having pain and issues and I said no no

I want him yes and you know what he is

the best thing in my life I can’t even

tell you thank you Lord how wonderful it

is for that child to be born amen and

thank you Jesus and thank you that’s

awesome thank you Lord well let’s just

give a shout of thanks to the Lord kenry

we do give you thanks we thanks mighty


God all right if you’d open your Bibles

to Luke

18 Luke chapter


this Friday is uh Good Friday

service really a big deal just get a

whole bunch of the family to go there’s

three uh service times four six and

eight and that’s such a such a privilege

I this is a one event I’m actually

absolutely locked into every year and

arrange my SK schedule around that one

event so if you’re in town this weekend

just pick one of those time slots and

show up it’s such a privilege to be in a

city where there are so many great

churches I’m thankful for what God’s

doing here but it doesn’t take long to

figure out this isn’t the only place in

town where God is working there’s some

great great churches great leaders here

and uh so it’s a wonderful time for us

to celebrate the grace of God upon a

city so show up all right Luke 18 verse1

I want to read eight

verses and then we’ll back up and

talk then he spoke a parable to them

that men always ought to pray and not

lose heart I want to read that first

verse again then he spoke a parable to

them that men always ought to pray and

not lose heart saying there was in a

certain city a judge who did not fear

God nor regard man now there was a widow

in that City she came to him saying get

Justice for me from my adversary and he

would not for a while but afterward he

said within himself though I do not fear

God nor regard man yet because this

Widow troubles me I will avenge her lest

by her continually coming she weary

me the I I met that lady

then the Lord said hear what the unjust


said and shall not God avenge his own

elect who cry out day and night to him

though he Bears long with them and I

tell you that he will avenge them

speedily nevertheless when the son of

man comes will he really find faith on


Earth I I know that this is a pretty

well-known story and it ought to be

because it’s one of the times the Lord

talked to people about

prayer if you look at all the things the

disciples could have asked Jesus to

teach them the only thing I remember was

they asked him to

teach them how to

pray it has to be the result of them

watching him engage with the father and

coming and capable able to display

heaven on Earth as a term I’ll use they

breakthrough in this disease that

disease we find him uh retreating if you

will sending the crowds away going up on

a mountain to pray and when he came down

there was something upon him it wasn’t

that it wasn’t there before but they

must have been able to visibly see

something going on in through Jesus’s

life that would cause them to ask Jesus

please teach us this one thing that’s


thing Faith brings answers to

prayer but enduring Faith brings answers


character Faith brings answers to prayer

but enduring Faith brings answers with

character the Lord is is interested in

answering prayers but he’s also

interested in what we’re

becoming if he ever delays an answer

it’s only so that it might gain

interest it’s that it might gain

interest and that we might become the

people capable of stewarding well the

answer and not have the answer destroy

us in this Parable that Jesus gives he

starts with this statement men always

ought to pray and not lose

heart and the next thing he does is he

gives this Parable but what does he do

in the parable I understand the point of

the parable is endurance in prayer

persistence in prayer I get that and

that’s the primary lesson or I I should

say well that’s the point of the parable

but the primary lesson I think is a bit


Jesus says men ought to

pray and not lose

heart so here’s his will here’s the

challenge and how does he fix the

challenge he reveals a part of God’s

nature he says what you know about an

unjust judge if he would answer this

woman how much more will I as a loving

father who actually cares for you and

the process how much more will I not

answer for you what is so what does he

do he causes the people summoned to pray

continuously to live more aware of the

actual nature of

God let me put it this way the ability

to endure in prayer is fueled by our

understanding of his

nature in fact let me take it a step

further the fatigue in


reveals the consciousness of problems

above God’s

nature this word um I was I was quite

surprised I I wanted to find out this

thing about losing heart what does that

mean to lose heart I mean I mean I think

we naturally can Define it would be to

be discouraged maybe I prayed for so

long nothing’s happened in this area and

we become discouraged maybe uh maybe

we’ve been offended maybe something has

happened but it’s it’s this uh loss of

passion and I think we can all uh give

good natural uh definitions of what it

means to lose heart I was surprised by

the Biblical word however the Biblical

word for losing heart is actually two

words the first word is very simple it’s

the word in or with or by but the second

word is very specific it is the word

evil or

bad what has he done here he’s described

what it looks

like to have somebody immersed in an

awareness of problems more than an

awareness of God’s

nature that is how you lose heart W

that’s it that’s the whole

point an

overriding awareness of this crisis this

problem this uh Health bad Health Report

this issue in the nation uh this uh

conflict in the family whatever being

aware of problems is not evil in and of

itself but what happens is when they are

bigger in our Consciousness in our

awareness than our awareness of God’s

nature we will live in reaction to the

problem men always ought to pray people

always ought to pray people ought to


continuously without becoming in the

evil all right this going to take me a

little work are you

alive all right let me read this passage

for you out of a Colossians

3 you’re

thinking I have one person thinking this


scary verse one of Chapter 3 of

Colossians let me just read this to you

if you then were raised with Christ seek

those things which are above where

Christ is sitting at the right hand of

God okay now listen to the logic

involved here biblical reasoning set

your mind on things above not on things

on earth Earth for you died and your

life is hidden with Christ in God all

right now listen carefully everything

you’re instructed to do in the Bible is


practical if you over

spiritualize a principle you will put it

so far out of reach that in your mind

only the spiritual Giants can accomplish

it when instru is given to us the

ability to do the instruction is

imparted in the

instruction he enables What He commands

on so when he says set your mind on

Heavenly things not Earthly things and

then he gives a reason why the reason is


dead and your life is hidden in Christ

yes all right are you

thinking why do you want to set your

mind on Earthly things cuz wherever you

anchor your mind is where you’re going

to Anchor your affections and wherever

you anchor your affections that’s the

reality you’re going to live

in how many of you have had a problem go

on in your life and it was so disturbing

to you you just couldn’t sleep at night

you just you just laid their awake all

night long all

right how many of you never have done

that that’s no yes just Joe’s the only

one it’s awesome she sleeps no matter

what but the rest of you

how many of you

have all right so we know that you know

how to


meditate now we just have to change the


matter all right you still working with

me all

right let me go to the church at Ephesus

then I want to come back to this

colossian passage church at

Ephesus it um experienced what I I

believe is one of the two greatest

revivals in the Bible in Acts 19 you see

an unparalleled outpouring of the spirit

on the city of Ephesus the way they

drove the whole cultic system out of

their uh the culture of their city is

it’s extraordinary um perhaps the only

other one in the Bible uh that was equal

in presence and power would have been

that of Nineveh uh with the prophet

Jonah um extraordinary outpouring of the

spirit the transformation of a city

transformation of culture this church

was so successful that when the Apostle

Paul wrote them a letter called the

letter to the

Ephesians it’s the only epistle in which

there is not one word of

Correction every other letter he wrote

had a word of con

correction so to in my thinking when I

look at at the church at Ephesus if if

if you’re the Apostle Paul what kind of

gift are you going to give to the people

who already have

everything what my family says that I’m

hard to shop for because I need nothing

this is not true this is a lie my family

has fallen into a

deception it it’s it’s it’s to it’s

totally true I’m not looking at you

Gabe because he he doesn’t agree with me

but it’s true because I can go right now

down to the store and disciple any one

of you on how to shop for me I I I it

it’s not even hard it’s not even hard


sleep they say I’m hard shop because I

don’t need anything and that’s true

that’s true what do you give to a church

that does that has

everything Ephesians 17 you find out

what he wanted to give him I pray that

God would give you a spirit of wisdom


Revelation but what’s the last phrase in

the knowledge of

God listen to me the know knowledge of

God is the absolute Foundation of all

knowledge you don’t want to understand

anything in life that is inconsistent

with the nature of God or it will

violate what God is performing in you

it’s the reason the Bible says it is the

fool who says in his heart there is no

God living and moving separate from a

consciousness of God actually gives

birth to Absolute foolishness

being aware of God living conscious of

God living conscious of the fact I will

give an account of my life is the actual

foundation for

wisdom in the Psalms he says teach us to

number our days that we might present to

you a heart of

wisdom are you alive still still

breathing all right so here we have have

this passage in Colossians it says set

your mind on Heavenly things not Earthly

things why because your life is hidden

there what’s the

implication you will draw from that

reality to the degree you become aware

of that

reality the opposite is also true if I

live conscious of others we’re you know

I have people tell me all the time we’re

in such and such a church in uh this

city it’s a hard City there’s so much

destruction Satan has ruled that City

for so long and it will continue that

way it won’t change it won’t change

because the people in charge to bring

the change are too impressed by the


work for many in this room the beginning

of your breakthrough starts when you

stop being impressed with the size of


problem it doesn’t mean we live in

denial doesn’t mean we we we deny

something that exist if there’s a

medical report it’s a bad medical report

don’t pretend it doesn’t exist that

doesn’t help you just don’t be impressed

by it don’t be impressed by it refuse to

treat sickness and demons with

reverence don’t

whisper oh did you hear what so and so

they just got diagnosed with and there’s

a sense of reverence it just annoys me

to Pieces the enemy does not deserve

that kind of respect he does not deserve

that kind of respect don’t deal with the


kindly we’re not here to massage him

into a better

place so back to the issue on

prayer Jes or Paul says in in Colossians

set your mind on things above because

your life’s hidden there and if you you

anchor your your your awareness of God

and His World his plan his purposes then

you will find yourselves living from

that reality towards the broken

conditions of this world but if you

don’t you will always have a prayer life

that begs God to invade the middle of

the problem that you find yourself in

all right that went over

well there’s a difference between being

seated in Heavenly places with Christ

Living from the heart and mind of God

towards a

problem there’s a great difference

between that and the person who is in

the middle of a problem and is begging

God to come and fix

it we all start

there but it’s tragic to serve God for

20 years and still use that as your

platform for

prayer because he’s wanting us to live

aware of who he is what he’s like and

what he has

done live from that reality towards the

issues and situations of

life if I live in a reaction to problems

let’s say let’s say it’s a it’s a let’s

say it’s a conflict it’s a relational

conflict if I live in reaction to that

if I become overwhelmed by the size of

this conflict I will live in reaction to

the devil’s

work he here’s the

problem PE people do this all time and

they they live in reaction to a problem

they call it

intercession let me have a



if you can feel bad enough about

something you just give it a good name

that protects


it if I live in reaction to a

problem then the author of that problem

has had an influence on my thought life

and my

behavior you say well by behavior is

rebuking that’s fine he still influenced

you the devil has

no right to influence my

agenda you never see Jesus living in

reaction to the

devil he only lived in response to the

father there’s a world of difference

between the two that’s right living in

real reaction to the devil is the nature


some of of parts of of of church

life I’m not saying nothing good can

ever happen I’m just saying it’s

depressing it’s

depressing because what motivates you is

the devil not the goodness of God it’s a


inferior motivation to see good things


so here Jesus

says people ought to always be

praying but never be in evil not a part

of it in overwhelmed by the evil and the

bad that surrounds them more than they

are aware of God’s nature and then he

takes them into an understanding of the

heart of a father

who has intimate personal care for his

children and he contrast listen if you

get this kind of a reaction out of a

evil judge who has no fear of God and

doesn’t even like people and you can get

a good response how much more here’s the

contrast how much more can you get a

response from a loving father who is

moved by your heart’s

cry what did he do there he’s not just

showing a trait of God he’s revealing in

what keeps us fueled for endurance in

prayer it’s the overwhelming awareness

of God’s nature how do you cultivate

that I’m glad you

asked I I’ve talked several times now in

the last month or so about biblical

meditation so I want to run at it just

for a few minutes again and we’ll wrap

it up with this with this theme this

thought biblical Med meditation um is

different than Eastern meditation

Eastern meditation is to empty the mind

uh Western meditation is is it’s

intellectual nature only it’s the power


concentration Eastern meditation is

dangerous because it opens you to evil

spirits because you’re you your proper

thinking actually insulates you from


warfare it’s it’s it’s true and you will

know the truth and the truth will set

you free what you know insulat you from

this demonic stuff that happens to

dissuade and

distruct what you know something going

on in here actually protects you some of

you you have the mind of Christ has been

so established in you that you can be in

the middle of intense spiritual warfare

and not even know it because the wall

wall around you absorb the fiery darts

the wall around you absorb the comfor

you’re living inside the wall cting

going man this is party time this is all

we got food we got family we got friends

this is great outside the enemy still on

rocks at your wall you don’t even know

it’s hitting your wall he’s shooting

arrows at it all kinds of junks going on

but you’ve become so insulated by the

mind of Christ that there’s very little

if any effect on your life that’s not

make believe that’s a reality you will

know your mind will be anchored and

shaped by the knowledge of

God and that thing will set you free and

that Liberty and freedom will insulate

you from the from the the things that

the enemy throws you

away so this biblical meditation is

different it’s a word that means to

murmur it means to mutter it means to

speak to yourself it means to repeat

repeat a verse over and over again the

illustration I used a few weeks ago um

was um out of Psalms 127 it’s a great

verse I found many many years ago when I

was uh just really praying for

breakthrough financially and I I

remember taking this phrase it’s in The

New American Standard uh version also in

the passion they both they both got it

right says in Psalms

27 and he provides for his beloved even

while they

sleep he provides for his beloved even

while they sleep so here’s biblical

meditation as you take something we’re

supposed to meditate on three basic

things all right three distinct

realities one is the word of God second

are the works of God third are the ways


God so I’m talking right now but the

ways uh the scripture but eventually I

want to get us into the Luke 18 where

he’s revealing the ways of God to shape

how we

think God’s ambition for you and me is

not being able to equip us to

successfully answer questions in a Bible

quiz the goal is not to give you the

right chapter and verse for a puzzling

question it’s a good start but that’s

not his ambition his ambition is for his

word to become flesh in us again in

other words that word becomes so

intertwined with our thinking our

emotions through biblical meditation our

thinking our emotions that actually

becomes an expression of our

personality and so you’re facing a

financial here’s here’s what I would do

this this word

meditation actually is Illustrated

you’ve seen uh the Jews at the Wailing

Wall and other believers at the Wailing

Wall rocking I’m not saying you have to

rock but it’s actually the the rocking

motion of a Jew at the Wailing Wall is a

physical act of

meditation it’s it’s a repeated action

it’s you said you provide for your

beloved even while we

sleep God I give you honor I am your

beloved I I’m the apple of your

eye I’m overwhelmed by your kindness God

that you would you would call me your

beloved I qualify for this verse because

you said I’m your beloved and you

provide for me even while I

sleep God I give you Praise You Are My

Provider even while I sleep I’ve

dedicated my work to you you but you’re

bigger than my work you release resource

to me even when I can do nothing for

myself you are the God who provides you

provide while I rest you work while I

rest and there’s this reciting of who

God is and what he has said what happens

is then you get awakened in the middle

of the night your first thought is oh

we’ve got this bill due tomorrow and the

second thought is and he provides for

his beloved even while they sleep sleep

and you find yourself literally going

back into a place of rest to sleep

because you’re resting in who God is

it’s not a mind over matter it’s not

just some intellectual exercise it’s

taking that which is eternal which is

the word of God that which he has

highlighted to you and it’s holding it

so near and so dear that you Ponder you

consider you quote you mutter you speak

you declare you confess that which God

has said to you over and over again see

that word is to become as Lance wall I

would say is to become Cellular in us

it’s actually to become a part of who we

are if I were to come to your family and

say you need to develop a culture of

generosity and

and you then go down to a Safeway and

you see someone there who’s who’s asking

for money for food and you give them $20

to help them with

food that is an act of generosity but it

is not a culture of

generosity a culture is developed with


actions a culture is developed when a

repeated action becomes our normal


you know

the that whole that whole reaction it’s

it’s like the initial thought when

there’s a need is what can I do then


culture now how we start is the Lord

exposes need to us and we say man I I

need to learn to be more generous and so

you you drive to where somebody has need

or perhaps we we present a condition of

Tracy and the milk and mosm Beek or the

tragedy that they’ve recently faced and

you put your x amount of dollars in the

envelope and and you dedicated to that

purpose that’s a brilliant way to train

yourself to live generously but what

happens is the Lord is now wanting that

action to not just be repeated in a

religious way but as as a a u uh I don’t

know if I’m going to say this

right as an effort to tap into Heaven’s

culture a a a more significant imprint

on how he thinks into how I think so

that when a problem comes my first

reaction isn’t oh but I have a bill do

this week my first reaction is God what

would you allow me to do to be a part of

the answer that’s needed in this

situation the first reaction first

reaction when that happens on the inside

it’s not being forced on the outside

don’t reject stuff that’s being forced

in the outside because that’s how we

learn somebody will say well you need to

you know as a child you need to share

your toys that’s coming from the outside

that’s not coming from the 5-year-old

child that just got a revelation from

God on sharing his toys he’s being

instructed and disciplined into a

culture of generosity and kindness are

you with me on this so we start with

external uh instruction but the ambition

is this thing becomes so deeply a part

of me so deeply a part of me that it

becomes my initial response I I don’t

have to think oh I need to choose

generosity if you if you’re in that

place that’s a good place to be just

keep it up keep it up until you don’t

have to think

anymore it’s true it’s the truth it’s

the truth so here Jesus gives a parable

and he says you need to pray

and you need to always

pray and you need to always pray aware

of who I

am so you take the ways of

God he’s faithful and he’s

true God you’re perfectly faithful I’m

serious you have to find time meditation

requires shutting down all external

distractions in the heart of biblical

meditation is this ability to be lost in

him literally

lost and so you fight for this time and

and you go home you you have you know

children and you’ll lock yourself in the

bathroom and you you just grab your

moments you tell your husband run

interference for me I’m I’m meditating

and and honestly you get before the

Lord God you are faithful and

true it’s impossible for you to lie

you are faithful because it’s your

nature it’s not even a choice you don’t

have to choose to do the right thing you

are the right thing you are faithful and

true it’s impossible for you to deceive

you are the perfect father who is

everything I need everything I will ever

need everything I long for is actually

found in your person you heal because

you’re the Healer it’s not just a

decision it’s your nature that when we

take you and put you with disease

disease has to go God this is who you

are so you you rehearse this before him

and meditate contemplate think about his

nature his ways pretty soon you find

yourself prophetically responding to

challenges and needs around you because

of what you’ve become you’ve taken care

of your inner World your inner world is

healthy because it is because it is now

founded on Revelation of the nature of

God think about this for a minute what

is there in heaven that is separate from

God what is there in heaven that is

actually separate from him it’s in

addition to


nothing he is the person of Heaven you

don’t want anything separate from

him there’s there’s nothing satisfying

at all let me illustrate this way uh all

right the devil does not create he can

only pervert Destro distort or defile

what God

made this envelope represents marriage

and a sexual relationship inside a

marriage the devil can’t create anything

but what he can do is distort what God

made and he would say this is how you

are designed did he create anything no

he just distorted what was

created he’s a distorter a deceiver a

perverter what you want is God’s design

everything he designed life itself was

designed by him it all flows from his

person from his nature when you engage

in biblical meditation you are engaging

everything about you to his nature to

his word his ways and his works

let me end with this this statement

biblical meditation is not so that we

can comprehend something it’s so that we

become exposed to

something we know that exposure to

radiation causes cancer all kinds of

illnesses if we could somehow turn that

illustration around into the incredible

positive exposure to his nature to his

being his works his person exposure it

cannot help but change who I am it


help you you know the scripture that

says when we see him we will be like him

well guess what’s also true as you see

him you become like him that’s the whole

deal as Jesus said you always ought to

pray but you’ve got to think about what

he’s like who he is you’ve got to keep

your heart exposed you’ve got to keep

yourself in the in the radiation tunnel

where you get exposed to the nature of

God because you will never fatigue in

prayer if you see his heart for people

you will never be fearful in praying for

the sick if you see his eyes of

compassion for every hurting person it’s

from that place that we pray and we

serve and it’s hard work to do it

without that it’s hard work we become we

we we in involve oursel in what he has

said and what he has done so that we

become impacted by the very nature of

God it starts to define the thoughts

that I’m willing to entertain I don’t

control my thoughts because I have some

religious quota I have to meet I control

my thoughts because I’ve learned from

his own person I don’t want to think

things that violate his nature because

it will be it will be the Distortion of

what God Said is right and true and I

don’t want a distortion I don’t want a

clone I don’t want a copy I want

everything that is that comes from the

essence of God’s person from his nature

from his heart his

mind people always ought to

pray without being overwhelmed by the

evil that surrounds us but instead live

in a place of being overwhelmed by the

surpassing greatness of his nature of

his promise in the history of his works

welcome to another reason we need to

learn biblical meditation let’s go ahead


stand I spoke at Cascade this morning

and um what what we’ve been doing lately

is many of you know we have three

campuses and and whoever

speaks in the 8:00 here goes over to

Twin View speaks there comes back and

does the 10:30 and the 1:00 or 10 and 1

whatever I’m I’m here I’m here when I

need to

be and when I see it’s time to start I’m

here too I’m just whatever that is I’m

here and then uh whoever’s going to

speak Sunday night also speaks in the

morning at the

Cascade I say that because this morning

when I when I was there I was uh on

Friday uh one of the guys in the church

uh came to me and said do you remember

uh back as towards the end of last year

I had prophesied and declared that there

would be a 90day period of time where

there would be unusual breakthrough how

many of you in that 90-day period of

time had unusual uh areas of

breakthrough I this guy came to me and

he said um and that’s that’s powerful

and I believe it’s for everyone because

I’m about to announce another one all


so so just be glad you stayed for the

whole meeting because now now you’re

going to find the truth all

right he came to me and he said um he

said you announced he says you remember

when you announced that 90 days yeah of

course he said in my

business in one month alone his business

expanded by

400% four times over what it was

initially there was that kind of it was

it was dramatic and he was doing good

before it wasn’t like he went from you

know making $2 a week to $8 a week it

was it was already succeeding what God

called him to do but the Lord opened up

the floodgates and expanded four times

here’s what I’m here’s what I’m sensing

I believe the Lord is right now


ah he’s right now releasing an

invitation with

instruction and getting the Great

greatest dimension of breakthrough and

answers to prayer that we’ve ever known

any time in our life an invitation with

instruction and I’m telling you at the

heart of the instruction is not learning

how to pray better it’s discovering who

he is Paul prayed it he says I pray God

would give you a spirit of wisdom and

Revelation in the knowledge of God why

because once you see him it changes how

you represent him it changes the Zeal

Factor the energy Factor it changes the

focus the priority all the stuff becomes

affected because I’ve seen his eyes I’ve

seen the fire in his eyes I’ve seen the

fire in his

eyes I keep saying one more thought and

this is part B of that last one more

thought John the

Beloved one of the


had his head on Jesus’s chest at the

Last Supper there was such a tenderness

and closeness

there and he saw Jesus of course in this

moment he saw him weeping in the garden

praying with sweat coming off his brow

that became drops of blood he saw this

one who was in anguish who finally died

on a cross the next time we see him

seeing the Beloved after that 40-day

period of time where Jesus reappeared

the next time John sees Jesus he

describes him in Revelation chapter one

1 and he says his eyes are like

fire his hair is white like wool his

feet or burnished bronze and it begins

to describe this one who is not only

Resurrected and ascended but is

glorified at the right hand of the

father and that John wrote these

words in 1 John

4:17 he

said as he

is so are we in this world he was not

describing your likeness to the one that

surrounded the table at the Last Supper

he was describing your likeness to this

one who has eyes of

fire he thinks different of you and me

than we do he expects more because of

it if we saw for a glimpse of his

eagerness to answer

prayer we would

pray you say well I have prayed I just

do I just don’t get

answers change how you pray he’s not the

problem he’s not the problem the lack

isn’t on his end of the

equation don’t do self- condemnation

don’t go there that never helped any of

us but I’m telling you if we saw a

glimpse of his eagerness to

answer we would have only one response

oh God teach me to pray put your hands

up let’s pray it teach me to pray ask

him teach me to

pray teach

me Teach

Me overwhelm me with understanding of

your nature of your

heart overwhelm me overwhelm us with a

revelation of your nature so far greater

than the UN just

judge father I’m asking in the next


months that together and individually we

would see the most

extraordinary measure of breakthrough in

answers to prayer that we’ve ever seen

in our

life let it fall upon us as a mantle as


Grace that enables us to pray with

breakthrough in mind I ask for this that

Jesus would be exalted everybody said

amen amen amen