This is a mandate to the Church—act like God! Join Bill Winston at the 2020 Southwest Believers’ Convention as he discusses Kingdom dominion and citizenship, the authority of the believer and how to become fruitful. Your days of being “only human” are over. The gift in you is seed. Hear how to develop it!

father we come before you in the name of


lord we thank you so much for this

powerful meeting

thank you lord for the servants that

you’ve raised up

to carry forth the word of faith

throughout the world

we thank you lord for the privilege of

being able to stand before your people

i pray that anointing not only be upon

me but them

that everyone that hears this message

will be challenged and changed by the

powerful word of god i pray the

anointing be upon me and these lips of

clay that i speak this word

with excellent accuracy and boldness

asking you to think through my mind

speak through my lips and this word

shall come forth

unhindered unchecked by any outside


and that signs wonders and miracles

shall follow the word preached and we

give you praise

in jesus name can you

shout amen somebody

take a seat take a seat please


hello i know you told my flow okay


i think i heard it first over here no i

heard it over there


glory to god


amen oh

i’m telling you well

listen we’re not going to let anything

dampen our spirits

because he said in everything give


and we’re going to give thanks today in

jesus name

i’m going to put this right down here


all right well did you come for the word

this afternoon

i flew in just a few minutes ago to

bring you the word too

amen all right let’s open the bibles

please and let’s

go over to flo

okay all right who said that right over

here come come here

come here you said it right over here

so you have to say it at the right time

if you don’t say it at the right time

you know you don’t you don’t get any any


but it’s your timing’s got to be right

plus there’s a voice of faith that i


and said amen

is there wasn’t that somebody over here

i guess

okay no i’m not talking about over there

i’m talking about over here you hear

about it

glory to god it was a man’s voice

amen all right well i’ll uh

i’ll just hold fire hold fast

praise god all right that’s all he’s

coming okay

all right let’s open the bibles please

quality’s coming let’s open our bibles

to um isaiah

chapter 51 isaiah

chapter 51. is he coming

did i see somebody coming okay

okay all right we we’re gonna we’re

gonna practice

social discipline

social distance and didn’t separate him

from that hundred dollar bill did it

all right isaiah in chapter 51.

um now

he says here starting at verse one

hearken to me he that followeth the


ye that seek the lord look into the rock

of which you are hewn and the hold of

the pit which you are digged

look unto abraham your father and to

sarah that bear you fire called him


and blessed him and increased him

for the lord shall comfort zion he will

comfort all her waste

places and he will make a wilderness

like eden and her desert like the garden

of the lord

joy and gladness shall be found there in


and the voice of melody

come on down to verse 16. i have put my

words in your mouth i have covered you

in the shadow of my hand

that i may plant the heavens

say plant the heavens and lay the

foundation of the earth and say to zion

thou art my people

let’s go over now to matthew’s gospel

chapter 15 please

matthew chapter 15.

all right matthew 15.

i’m going to start reading here at

verse 12.

then came his disciples and they said

unto him

knoweth thou that the pharisees

were offended after they heard the same

but he answered and said every plant

which my heavenly father has not planted

shall be rooted up let them alone they

be blind

leaders of the blind and if the blind

lead the blind

both shall fall into the ditch

all right let’s go to

isaiah and chapter

55 please

and then we’re going to um

ephesians and then we’ll be out isaiah

chapter 55

isaiah chapter 55 by the way is a very


uh chapter if you’ve ever kind of

studied that

and let’s start reading at verse 10 for

as the rain cometh down and the snow

from heaven and returneth not thither

but watereth the earth

and make it bring forth and bud that it

may give tea to the sow and bread to the


so shall my word be that goeth forth out

of my mouth

it shall not return unto me void but it

shall accomplish that which i please

and it shall prosper in the thing

wherein two i

sent it let’s go all the way over

to ephesians please

in ephesians

in chapter 5.

ephesians chapter 5.


over in ephesians chapter 5

and verse 1 be therefore

followers of god

as dear children

somebody have the

ipad or something like that

yeah you got one you got one all right

um you’ve got a

microphone over here that i can use here

praise god he’s going to get me one

right quick i want to see the amplified

oh on that scripture i guess they can

put it up there praise god but i want

you to read it

okay just a minute this i want you to

catch this

because if you will read that scripture

in the amplified translation

therefore be imitators of god copy him

and follow his example as well beloved


imitate their father all right

read it again therefore be imitators of


copy him and follow his example

as well beloved children imitate their


read it the third time therefore be

imitators of god copy him and follow his


as well beloved children imitate their


can i get it one more time

therefore be imitators of god copy him

follow his example as well beloved


imitate their father

here’s a little something for your help

thank you now

it pays to have the word of god now

interestingly enough as he read that

he got more demonstrated


i’m talking about imitating god

isn’t that powerful yeah imitate god you

start thinking about god

the nature of god and so forth and so on

and that

he’s telling you paul is saying

imitate god

your father copy his example

isn’t that powerful so you and i

have this is not a suggestion

this is a mandate this is what we’re

supposed to do we’re supposed to act

like god so as we look at this

i want to start here and i’m going to

roll right through this we’re going to

take a little break in the middle

and we’re going to receive an offering

and then we’ll go right back

into it but we’re going to call this

becoming fruitful

becoming fruitful

my wife um


right on the back patio of the house

she has grown

some tomatoes


she uh

she she has learned


for the last three years i think it is


better to grow those tomatoes in other


when she first grew them i don’t think


even got a crop i’m just just personal


i’m trusting she’s not listening but i i

don’t think

she even got a crop

but now she’s doing things she’s

perfecting her

planting and she

is now planting and she starts with a

little twig

and she’s taking the soil and she’s

you know perfecting the soil by taking

eggshells crushing those putting them in

the soil put some other things in the

soil and so forth

um and then she planted them and

and now this thing is starting to grow

and i said wow that’s something

now i want you to go to john chapter 15

if you will over in john’s gospel

chapter 15 because

it seems like most of what jesus taught

he used the examples of nature

to communicate what he was teaching


and he says here in

john chapter 15

and i’ll say starting at verse 1

he says i am the true vine my father is

a husband and

every branch in me that bear fruit he

taketh away

every branch every branch in me

that that beareth no fruit he taketh


and every branch that beareth fruit he

purges it that it may bring forth more


now you are clean just a minute let me

get my paper straight here

you are clean to the word which i have

spoken unto you

abide in me and i and you as the branch

cannot bear fruit of itself

except it abide in the vine no more

can you accept you abide in me

i am the vine you are the branches

he that abideth in me and i in him

the same bringeth forth much fruit say

much fruit

for without me you can do nothing

come on down to verse 16.

you have not chosen me but i’ve chosen


and ordained you that you should go

and bring forth fruit and that your


should remain that

whatsoever you shall ask of the father

in my name he may give it to you

glory to god all right

becoming fruitful so she

now starts growing this plant so it’s

got all these

branches on it said again you know it

looks full

looks green so forth and so

now some little buds come out on some of

the branches

but those buds that come out in those


are really the places

where a tomato is going to grow

the other branches

she clips them away i said whoa whoa


whoa you stripping your plant there she

said no no no

those branches if i don’t clip

them they will soak up

all the energy they will try to

soak up all the food source they will

soak up the nutrients

so that my tomatoes either won’t grow

or won’t grow full

and i’m telling you she said the only


those tomatoes are gonna grow is where

you see this little bitty bud

i said oh my goodness now if you see

that plant now

she had to put a stick in the

soil because she had to

help support the one the branches that

were left

because the tomatoes that grew on them

got so

full and and ripe

until they would bend the branches

the branches couldn’t even support the

weight of the fruit


but notice what she had to do to get


she had to clip away

some parts


that were designed to take

up energy take up

life forces and not produce

a thing


so i’m saying one god wants

you to bring forth fruit

secondly if you do

then the vine dresser is going to start


and he’s going to start clipping away


in your life that’s taken away from your


from the cause that you were put in this


why so that you could bring forth more


so i think meetings like this

are where seeds are sown and where you

go back

and god’s going to start clipping away

because he’s giving you some extra


so that you could bring forth whatever

he’s purpose for you in this life

and he might clip away some of those uh

unwanted relatives no i i shouldn’t say

that i shouldn’t say that

i shouldn’t say that but he might clip

away some of the things that you might

be doing

that are a waste of time

it’s just using up your energy

and and god has a purpose for you here

and that purpose he wants fulfilled

he never desired for

any of his children to be barren

everybody is designed to be fruitful

so that kind of taught me something

about it

i was maybe come back on thursday and

show you a picture

of how it looks at one stage and how it

looks in another state and how it looks


it almost looks scrawny or something i

mean i don’t see all these

these nice green things and i see one or

two twigs and three

but they are heavy with tomatoes

so a lot of things we might be doing are

not only a waste of our time

but something god didn’t even intend for

us to do


isn’t that just like the devil to eat up

your time or eat up your energy

and you have nothing to show for it

say be fruitful

all right let’s go back to that let’s go

to john genesis chapter 1 please

now this is where

this is where gods first spoke it

now i call these for foundation

laws of creation

all right you can see it here

and you could see in the beginning

and in the beginning god created verse 1

the heavens and the earth and the earth

without form and void

and darkness was upon the face of the

deep and the spirit of god moved upon

the face of the waters notice nothing

was happening

and god said now something is about to


are you saying imitate him now let there

be light and there was light

and god saw that the light that it was


and god divided the light from the

darkness so forth and

so notice how he got light how did he

get it

spoken where did light come from

came from where it came from inside of


so notice what was inside of him he

spoke outside

and here’s the holy spirit waiting

for the word so he’s there to move to

manifest the word but he doesn’t


anything until it is spoken

god speaks by faith

because right out there in the

circumstances was darkness

but what did god call darkness what did

he call darkness

come on say it loud he called it light

and what happened like what

now didn’t he say imitate him i’m just

we read it several times here

all right now if you go on down here god

created and made things

okay and he made some things out of

other things

like he called the fish out of soil god

decided what he wanted and then spoke to

what he wanted it to come from i’ll try

it again

god decided what he wanted and then

spoke to what he wanted it to come from

one more time god decided what he wanted

and then spoke to

what he wanted it to come from

he spoke to the fish to those of waters

and got the fish

he spoke to the soil and got the cattle

now whatever you spoke to and it came

from they have to stay attached too

if i take the fish out of the water the

fish will

if i take the cattle from the soil of

some things from the soil

the cattle will die my point to you is

when it was time for you he spoke to




and if you separate from your source

what will happen

adam and eve the day that you eat of


and disobey me you will be disconnected

and you shall surely done


isn’t that good so i’m saying to you

that’s why we gotta

get everybody reconnected because a lot

of people are dead men walking

so what we’ve got to do is get them

reconnected before they leave this earth

evangelism is extremely important that’s

part of fruitfulness for

a ministry all right let’s keep going

let’s go down to verse


and god said let us make man

in our image after a likeness and let

them have

dominion over the fish and seal with the

foul of the air with the cattle and over

all the earth and every creeping thing

that creepeth upon the earth dominion

to rule it the rain over it it implies


dominion even implies ownership

now put some definition down here i

looked it up in the

webster 1828 dictionary you might want

to get that

they even have an app for it now so you

can download it but it’s a dictionary

and that website takes that

and uses scripture to define words and

so he said here

this word dominion what does it mean

sovereign or supreme

authority sovereign

or supreme authority what is sovereign

it means nobody is bigger it means the


it’s it’s the extent it’s the highest

sovereign or supreme

authority dominion

the power of governing

or controlling the power of

governing or controlling adam

i’m giving you the power of governing

or controlling let’s say that gets to

the new testament

over in matthew chapter 16 verse 19

he says um that whatsoever you bind

on earth shall be bound in heaven didn’t

he say that

another translation cev whatsoever


you forbid or whatever things you

allow god will allow


the right to

the right to possess and use without

being accountable the right to possess

and use without being

accountable dominion

one more dominion

power to direct control

use and dispose of

at your pleasure

the power to

direct control

use and dispose of

at your pleasure

your two disciples i want you to go in

town you’ll see a donkey tied up

there on time and bring them to me if

somebody asks you

what are you doing with my donkey tell

them the lord has need of him and he’ll

let him go

come on dominion whatever you need in

this earth

to get your job done

you got a right to it

dominion let them have


i like what we were talking about

ownership few

years ago and

brother copeland and i were talking he

said he had uh

ownership with stewardship


what is stewardship stewardship says

i’ve got to make sure that

what i am responsible for

is done or comes to pass

and if you look at psalm 82 this is a

good picture of stewardship

in verse one god standeth in the

congregation of the mighty and judgeth

among the gods

how long will you judge unjustly and

accept the persons of the wicked sila

defend the poor and fatherless do

justice to the afflicted and needy

deliver the poor needy rid them out of

the hand of the wicked they know not

neither will they

understand they walk on in darkness all

the foundations

of the earth are out of course i have

said you are

gods and all of you are children of the

most high

but you shall die like

men in other words if you don’t know who

you are

you’re going to die like a natural man

you should never ever allow

any thought from this day to come into

your mind

that you are only human

you should reject every thought

that you are only human

now once you born again

you have just moved into another


i said once you’re born again

you have just moved into a whole other


you have just become unstoppable


you have just become invincible


you cannot be touched

say amen to this


now what what what’s what’s happening


why why aren’t we walking like this

let’s go back over again to matthew

chapter 15

and over in matthew’s gospel chapter 15

he said this and i’ll start reading here


i’ll get to it sometime praise god he

says here in 15

it starts reading at verse 13

but he answered that every plant which


heavenly father has not planted

shall be what root it up

root it up so

there are plants that god

didn’t plant or trees

that god didn’t plant

and a tree produces

after its own kind

so now when we go back

over to genesis but let me let me just

talk about this a minute

so i’ve got in me

a belief system i believe

something what do i believe i believe

before i got born again that my

parents raised me up

and slept me in a bed that

we were paying sears and robot

for it’s a good thing

i had a bed to sleep comfortable we’re


revolving charge account payments

are you with me and

i had some clothes on that we were still

paying on

boy if if they were to repossess

well let me i don’t want to go there but


okay but yeah and the only time thing we

had a car

paying ahead of mortgage paying on it


that i found after i got saved

was a tree

you see if you you know you know

okay maybe i should back up because can

y’all take what i’m about to preach here

okay okay i just want you to hear

what i’m saying here let’s

go to matthew chapter 12

and look at verse 33 either make the

tree good or his fruit good

or else make the tree corrupt as fruit


for the tree is known

by his fruit now let’s just stop right


because all this jesus is teaching now

because he’s got a bunch of disciples


that he’s got to get some trees in them

out because they’re bringing forth fruit

that are not righteous they’re bringing

forth fruit

that perhaps may not line up with the


of fruit that jesus

wants them to bear now can y’all

take what i’m about to say here because

i’m going to show you up

before you get out of here all right

but this this is important here because

how many other things in our lives i

mean just

you name it now i’m only saying this


once you get born again you

come into the kingdom

jesus said in john

3 3 that you must be born

what again and if you look at the

amplified it says

born from above okay

now once i’m born from above philippians

chapter 3 verse 20 he talks about the


that we are now

citizens of the kingdom of god we are

citizens of the commonwealth of god we

amplify we are citizens see what i’m

born from above

i’m a new nature now i’m no longer i’m

going to reject

the fact that i’m only human i’m

rejecting that

from now on from now on and i’m born

from above that means i’m born

out of god and now i’m in the earth

and i’m born as a citizen

a citizen of another government

the government is called the government

of the kingdom

of god say amen to that and i’m in

that government which has priority in my


and so now me being in that government

that that uh

government and being a citizen in that


i’m a citizen before i’m a member


see once i get born again i’m a citizen

now as a citizen in anything you’ve got

a constitution

as a citizen in any country you’ve got

some rights

so this bible spells out what our rights


and it serves as our constitution of the

government that we belong to


now jesus said you shall know the truth

and what will the truth do

it’ll make you free of all the trees

that were planted

in you by the government that you and i

were born from

which was the kingdom of darkness and we

were now in the kingdom of your dear son

now every tree and belief system that


enemy planted in our lives to hold us

in bondage to that government have

now got to be rooted up

so if i’m a member

i may be a member of a church and i’m a

member of a certain church whatever that

church is

doesn’t make any difference but i’m a



say it say amen to that i’m a

citizen before see once i get born again

the next thing god does is he by the

agency of the holy spirit directs me

to a ministry that i say hey

boy this feels like home here you got

what i’m saying

and it’s not just a member on somebody’s


it means first corinthians 12

he said the eye cannot say to the hand

i have no need of you see because

both of them are members

so when he talks about members he talks

about the useful parts

of that local church to get his job done

that he’s got for that particular church

say amen to that

so i got to come to the concept first

that i’m just not a member because a

member makes me sick

it makes me come every sunday sit

hear the word so forth and so on but if

i’m a

kingdom citizen

then i understand that there

is a a a

keef shandal of ahoya there is

a responsibility that i have

to expand the kingdom

see i i just can’t sit and and i’m gonna

i’m gonna

citizen first i’m a citizen

first see i’m i’m

i’m a citizen before i’m black

don’t don’t don’t get mad at me nobody

because i ain’t got time for it


listen when

you go to a nation

look what it says in jeremiah

and chapter 29 i think that’s where it


and jeremiah 29

and now understand what i’m doing now

i’m i’m i’m rooting up some trees


look at verse 7 and seek the peace

of the city whether i have caused you

to be carried away now i’ll stop right


in other words whatever nation

i plant you in bring

peace to that nation

see i’m not supposed to hate my nation

i have a responsibility

to better my nation to take my nation

and help it meet its budget

if i’m sent to a company

i have a responsibility

to use my fruitfulness

to help prosper my company

are y’all with me here now i have the

ability to do this god wouldn’t call you

to do something that you didn’t have the

ability to do

so all of this is citizenship

see if i’m if i’m just if i’m just

a member or

if i’m just a black man

now if

if as a african-american

i had only knowledge of

my lineage

as an african-american suppose they

threw me in the furnace like they did

the three hebrews

what would happen to me as a black man


i’ll come over here what would happen to


as a black man i would

burn to a crisp


but if i’m a citizen


you see a citizen

is an ambassador second corinthians

chapter 5

20. you are ambassadors for christ

and as an ambassador

i have diplomatic immunity

i’ma go to this side over here now

god would not drop you off in a world


and say go for yourself

he said lo i am

with you


not only that luke chapter 17 verse 21

said jesus said the kingdom of god is

within you

i have diplomat listen a diplomat

they can’t even arrest him


say amen a diplomat normally has

gates around his what

property what do you call the property


embassy and that diplomat that

that gate around there make is usually

with armed guards

why because that property

is not considered new york property or

chicago property

it’s considered the property of the land

he came from

he says it like this in psalm 105

touch not my anointed and do my come on

prophets no harm

now i’m only saying this because that


songs sermons things that we said they

have not given much

to this idea that i’m in another


and so that image has not been in here

and god

cannot move any further than you can see

he he hit what clover is a god

they they the how you see yourself glory

to god

has everything to do with what you can


come on everything to do with how far

you can go

oh what you can receive how you see

yourself how do you think david saw


facing goliath this is what he said

this day will the lord

deliver you notice you

and god are a majority see

all you got to do is write down what i’m

saying i’m giving you

seeds i’m al all you got to do is just

come in contact with what i just said

that right there if you get that you got

it made

see i knew who i was when they said a

pastor winston

they’re not going to let a black man buy

this shopping mall

this this whole area is prejudiced

they’ve redlined it so forth and so on

i say who you talking to see they were

looking at the outside

but my days are being human all over

now you need to do that

see gideon tried to work that on god god

uh uh i’m the poorest in the tribe i’m


leasing my father’s house i’m the i’m

the most illiterate

and so forth god said quit all that talk

he said

i’m gonna get you and have you to set

israel free

as one man

now i’m just saying to you see you can


down the power of god from moving

through you

by confessing something god didn’t say

about you


as an ambassador my limitation

is i cannot say anything

that my country didn’t tell me to say

i can’t say if i do that consistently

more than likely as an ambassador i will

be recalled

because i’m speaking something my

country didn’t say

my limit of what i can say is in this



say amen to that amen

it’s just making some sense to you


the devil had worked some stuff on us

and then had the nerve to call the




is it the right group i’m talking to you

right now i got the right group okay

no no that’s why i’ve been teaching this

this kingdom thing

for years got books on it say that

caught because

because i knew what we were missing

there are things you cannot do

they’re places you cannot go they’re

things you cannot receive

without a kingdom mindset

and what you’re doing is you get new

seed today

i’m i’m i’m digging up that old tree

say amen to that

at the same time we’re cutting off some

of these worthless parts

so that you can grow full and strong

and talk like god man

well i’m about to preach myself happy up




wherever he assigns you the kingdom of


is not in meat and drink romans chapter

14 but in righteousness peace and joy

in the holy ghost


jesus started preaching the kingdom mark

chapter 1 verse 11 of verse 14.

he came preaching the gospel of the


saying the time is fulfilled

the kingdom of god is at hand repent

and believe the gospel why because the

kingdom of god is coming

with a understanding that is almost


opposite than the way we’ve learned


then on his getting out of here it says

in acts

chapter 1 and verse 3 that after jesus

was raised from the dead he spent 40


with the people teaching them on the


of god

let me show you something else look at

the last chapter of the book of acts

is this the right group i’m talking to

last chapter of the book of acts now

everybody has their part and part of my


is to teach you on this subject the


but look what he says here starting at

verse um

acts chapter 28 let’s see where about

that here 27

all right 28 and

verse that’s romans verse 28

okay here verse 30 and paul dwelled two

whole years in his own house

and received all that came unto him

preaching the what kingdom of god and


those things which concern

the lord jesus christ with all

confidence no man

could stop him

you are unstoppable


they even had had a chamber or

city council meeting and voted that i

couldn’t have services

in that whole mall 33 acre complex

guess how long that lasts

because in the kingdom you can change


see the first thing before you can

transform your environment you’re going

to have to be transformed

you can’t transform something that

you’re conformed to



you have to be transformed what you have

to do is get the word stand on it long


for it to change you and then you change

your environment

so i had to

sleep in a bed that was you know

and wear some clothes and you know thank

god they didn’t come get

the things that that we were paying on

say amen to that

and that’s the way i live see and so

what you can’t do

is in any place there is no condemnation

so you can’t

listen to me and get condemned because

now faith won’t work

and so what happened i started coming to

ministries like this

and heard about people buying stuff


debt free now i

buy a shirt debt-free but


wait a minute now understand this is

foreign to me

because i got some trees in me that the


didn’t plant


so what do i have to do i have to go in


book and get some new seed

glory to god i have to go

in this book and get some new seed let’s

come back to genesis please

is this the right group i’m talking to

he says here in genesis chapter 1 verse


verse 29 29 pardon me and god said


i have given you every herb bearing

seed which is upon the face of the earth

and every tree

in the which is the fruit of a tree

yielding seed to you

it shall be meat or provision

so how does god change us

seed he gives us

seed and over in luke chapter 8 and

verse 11

the seed is the word of god

how does god change us he changed us

with seedtime and harvest

and the seed is the word of god

every one of us comes into the kingdom

with ungodly thought patterns

that’s the only way you could make it in

the world

you have to think like the world now i

know some people say well i was always

saved yeah okay

but my point here is most most of us

had to be changed

with your perfect self okay

most of us had to be changed but i’m

just saying

what happened to me is i had to come and

find out something

wait a minute i’m thinking wrong

i always had this thing that if god will

do it

for him he’ll do it for me now where’d i

get that from i didn’t just think of

that out of the sky

i got that from acts chapter

10 verse 34. peter stood up

he had a marvelous discovery

he said i perceive god

is no respecter of persons

but in every nation he that feareth him

and work his righteousness

has the same access to his blessing

i got the same access

that the blessing upon brother copeland

and sister copeland

bill winston has access come on help me

help me now

to the same blessing

white folk black folk same black

i’m trying to help you i’ll try to help

i’m trying to help somebody see


i’m trying to tell you the problem’s not



come on help me somebody the problem is

inside the

image has been wrong


so i gotta fix it and stop blaming

somebody else

thank god i understand that some things

were done and justice was done

but i’m saved i’m sanctified

i’m filled with the holy ghost


you couldn’t stop me if you wanted to

more bw is preaching here today

every time i look at i look see somebody


i know i know that thing hits you there

oh make you owe

you know how you all do




now what am i saying i’m saying have

some fun

while you’re growing

amen god wants you to have joy

see when you know you’re going to win

he always causes me

to triumph second kings chapter two

verse one i’m not saying some things

were not done right and so forth

but what you need to do first is get


and all of a sudden the script gets


and now you no longer are human

amen and your attitude

and your demonstration should cause

other people

to want to get what you’ve got

are y’all with me here because i was

brought up in the south i was brought in

there you couldn’t go in certain places

you know colored only and you could go

around the back so far i’ve been i’ve

been there

i’ve been there but i believe

a lot of times people i’ve been not

getting into this


can i can i just go off just a minute


what time what time is it

y’all got me going y’all go y’all got me

going down there where are we

right everybody that’s not in my notes



well let me i could say this i could say

this see

you you got to watch again you know look

look like you’re even sounding political

or anything like that

because people waiting on that you know

and they don’t even know what you are

they just they just you know

uh i’m a kingdom citizen first let’s see

like that

okay amen all right

so now yeah

uh-huh right uh

well i was brought up in a place where

you had people like george washington


dr carver dr carver dr carver

he took a peanut

in in a laboratory that was i mean when

i was a kid in

elementary school they would take us

every year to the carver foundation

to look at everything he used so far

this stuff was antiquated there was


there was nothing modern there was

nothing he he he made

over 300 products out of peanut he made


over 115 products out of a sweet potato

everything face cream so forth and so on

see he he did that now i saw booker d

washington booker d washington

had this this this uh objective

he took ex-slaves as students and he was

going to turn out

students with indispensable skills

that would have undeniable value

and he did and he did turned out

millionaires now what did he do

he pointed to who they really are


are you following what i’m saying i grew

up in a place where our parents were

tuskegee airmen

and that’s why all of us learn to fly


i’m saying when the images is inside of


you’ll bear the fruit

so i never saw myself as inferior

i was just another color

and so i’m just saying in here

can i get back to the subject now now

i’m only saying that because

i saw all of that i didn’t see people

being held back i

you know they were making their own way

they were having gifts and talents and

so forth and that’s the same thing god’s

going to do with you

yes sir as a matter of fact let’s just

go to that

right quick let’s go to

proverbs chapter 17. proverbs chapter


glory to god are y’all with me here


okay in proverbs chapter 17

oh it’s a god

can i proverbs chapter 17

i want to show you something


can i just say a couple of things

because i got to take a break here

because because they got to come in and

we’re going to receive an offering here

but let me just let me just say this

let me just say this

over in matthew’s gospel

what did i tell you proverbs 17. let’s

just look at this let’s look at that


proverbs 17 verse 8.

a gift is a precious stone

in the eyes of them that has it and

whether so ever it turneth

it prospereth so you’ve got a gift in


call it seed

and in every one of us

god’s responsibility toward mankind

is to give you seed i’ll say that again

god’s responsibility for mankind

is to give you seed

so he gave you a gift

and you can treat it as a seed

now you have to develop that gift

the holy spirit works with you of course

but it doesn’t work without you

you’ve got to develop that gift and as

you develop that gift

proverbs chapter 18 verse 16 a man’s

gift will what make room for him and

what will he do

bring him in four great men

bring him before great men i didn’t know

that preacher gift

was in me i didn’t know the gift was in

me to be a pastor

i didn’t know i was out there running

and playing football

and and and whatever else you know we

did as kids

and so forth i didn’t know that i grew

up in high school

grew up in college went and flew

fighters for the military

and went to ibm in one day

i wanted to be saved

because things were going bad for me i

just transitioned out of

air force into ibm i was in training and

i came back and they gave me a certain


that that they gave me i thought they

won’t give me a medical territory

because i finished school

over here in the in pre-med and

chemistry and i finished school in that

i thought they won’t give me that but i

came back and they gave me a territory


bill we have a new territory for you i

said what is that territory

they said non-profits i said wait a

minute listen to what you just said

non-profits i said how am i supposed to

make some money

with a bunch of people that don’t

believe in profit

how do i do that so what did i do the

tree inside of me

they’re prejudiced they don’t like black

people blue blah blah blah blah

but then i got saved i cried out god

something’s wrong i need you lord you

said lord

whoever believes in you you’ll help them

the next four days

a lady came by my place and said hey

bill you want to go with me tonight

i said yeah she took me i thought we was

going to get

down you know what i’m saying but

instead of that we got up

and began to praise god and the next

thing you know

i got born again but when i got born


the scales fell from my eyes i got

born again in the kingdom of god now i

could see things i couldn’t see

now i can go places i couldn’t go

i took that area of association i

turned that thing around to the point i

was making more money than anybody

in the office i’m telling you i went

from no man

to top of the ladder in sales and i’m


god won’t just do it for bw whoever

he is no respecter of persons

say amen to that i’m listening to

charles katz and kenneth copeland and

gloria copeland and fred price and

henneth hagin i’m listening to that

getting all that inside of me

i’m getting new fruit i’m getting new


inside of me all of a sudden i heard a

man named charles capps said

i put all my debts on the table i backed

off of them

and i said debts i’m talking to you

i said wait a minute if he’ll do it for

charles capps

he’ll do it for b.w

today everything’s paid

watch this and i’ll never borrow

another dime now how can i say that

not trying to impress somebody i’m

speaking out of a

new revelation that i got

of my covenant come on that my god

shall supply come on all my need

and i’m supposed to be the lender come

on come on the lender

and not the borrower i’m supposed to be

the head

i’m supposed to be above only

now give god praise on that

come on

i’m here to tell you right now what he

did for b.w

what he did for brother copeland says

copeland what he did for

dr probably he’ll do it for you

telling you these people planted new


new trees grew up trees are your belief


and he had to grow up new trees in me

concerning a marriage because i came

my mother and father divorced and all

that fighting and so forth

so here i got a woman named veronica

she’s just the kindest just the sweetest


you can and just sweep

but about six months after i married i

said something said you didn’t marry the

wrong woman i said lord have mercy

how can i get out of this one i went to

a faith meeting

got a little book by ed dufresne called

praying god’s word

got that book begin to read it about my


because i didn’t need to read nothing

about me i’m okay

it’s just my wife needs some correction

my wife is a virtuous woman she always

does me good as long as there’s life

within her

the bread of violence gossip discontent

and self-pity

she does not eat she gets early gets up

early and gets spiritual food for the


she assigns her maids attack she does


court neglect of her kingdom duties by

assuming others

she opens her mouth with skillful and

godly wisdom and her tongue is a law of


she gives counsel and instruction the

word is working model in our marriage

we’ve been transformed into the image of


by the renewing of our mind i closed the

book and the devil said

that ain’t true yes it is true

every word that i just shared with you

comes out of the word of god

i’m saying this is new trees we put new


in here and today i got a marriage made


heaven now give god a praise let’s take

a quick break

and i’ll be right back praise god


ha-ha on the devil we got him well we

want him now

glory to god take your seats for just a

minute let me just give you a word

glory to god y’all got me preaching boy

y’all this group came down here hungry

for you


bible says god pours water on ground

that’s thirsty

isaiah 44 verse 3 all right

over in second kings

this is a woman

and the bible says

it says in

second kings chapter 4

and it says here verse 8

and it fell on a day

that elijah passed

to shunam where was

a great woman woman had means

and she constrained him to eat bread

and so it was that as often as he passed


he turned in thither to eat bread

and she said unto her husband

behold now

i perceive that this

is a holy man of god which

passed by us continually let us make

a little chamber i pray thee

on the wall and let us set for him

there a bed and a table

and a stool and a candlestick

and it shall be when he cometh

to us that he shall turn in

thither wow

the bible says she said i


i perceive

the bible talks about

the word discernment

it’s found over in first corinthians

and chapter 2 and here’s what he says

verse 14 but the natural man

unsaved unspiritual receives

not the things of the spirit of god

for they are what foolishness to him

neither can he

know them because they are what

spiritually discern

look it up sometimes to distinguish

see discernment stuff can’t be

taught it’s got to be caught

her husband didn’t catch it he’s

probably as carnal as a goat

but he didn’t catch it and so here

she caught this that this man

is a holy man and he’s coming by here

now wait a minute if he’s a prophet

he that giveth water to a prophet

can receive a prophet’s reward that

means whatever you need

well she made a prophet’s quarters

that was called seed

and once she did that

took her money took her time

made comfortable for him he laid in the

bed the moment he did god got him up

to ask her what does she want

jesus teaches it like this no man

that has left house mother father sister

brother for my sake in the gospels but

he shall receive a hundred-fold

for every seed harvest is guaranteed

and so what happened he said ask her

what does she want what does she need

does she need me to speak to the kingdom

or whatever

she said no tell him i’m okay

he said the servant of the prophet said


she has no child master

and her husband is old and when she

he said that i she had no child husband

his own meaning

to me probably her husband his past

ability to

have children and she has been barren

now god’s got work to do

and he’s going to do it off of that seed

he said tell her this next year

this time she’ll have a child thank god

amen now i can see her now going in

there telling

joe hey joe

he said no don’t believe that

but something happened well glory


begin to march and people

and people watch as she got pregnant

and had that child in one year

i’m talking about you give to a prophet

and you are going to have a prophet’s

yes sir i’m saying whatever you have

need of

peter sold his boat because he needed

his business to flourish


didn’t i’m gonna say he didn’t have any


but he could let jesus use the boat look

what jesus did to the boat what did he

do with that boat

he ran it over they they watched this

change the economy of the whole


yes sir you ready to change the economy

of your coastline

it’s powerful stuff i’m preaching but

watch this

you can’t learn it you ought to discern


many times people sow in their harvest

comes right past them while they’re

looking the other way

the devil got them distracted and they

the car

the devil driving it right back no

you can’t sow and not get a harvest

amen here’s what galatians 6 7

says be not deceived come on help me god

is not mine

for whatsoever a man

that shall he also reap give god praise

and prepare

your offering would you discern it now

do what it tells you to do and watch

this meeting is going to be a turnaround

for you

i said i’m pretty speaking now this

meeting is going to be a turnaround for


allah this meeting is going to be a

turnaround for you

come on this meeting you can even sow it

for your auntie who may have come down

with something

let’s sow it for a turn a miracle a

turnaround come on

all right let’s continue now

whoa okay all right justin

okay all right i’m come coming

all right now let’s go back

and look at we’re teaching on this


of becoming fruitful let’s go back to

genesis genesis chapter 1.

genesis chapter 1.

all right look at verse 28

and god blessed them and god said unto


be fruitful

and multiply and replenish the earth

and subdue it and have dominion

over the fish of the sea

over the fowl of the air

and over every living thing

that moveth upon the earth

now with this gift god has for you

he bless them

bless means to empower

to prosper

it means an empowerment for


so you and i have gifts

but so do other people

god never intended for us to compete

he said dominate

so in acts chapter 1

and verse 8.

he’s talking about this

great outpouring of the holy ghost

and he says

but you shall receive

power the word is dunamis or miracle

working abilities

after that the holy ghost has come upon


and you shall be witnesses unto me

both in jerusalem and in all judea

and in samaria and unto the uttermost


of the earth

david says something

over here in psalm chapter 144

and verse 1.

blessed be the lord

my god glory to god

my strength pardon me which teethes my

hands to war and my

fingers to fight

now notice what he’s counting on

he’s counting on the blessing

or the anointing to empower him

to do what humans

can’t do

and when the holy ghost came on you

that empowerment came on you

for your gift

he said over in daniel chapter 1 verse


that the three hebrews

found in every situation to be

ten times better

than people of the world

i want you to look at psalm i read this

before here but look at psalm chapter 72

and verse 18 bless

be the lord god

the god of israel

who only does

wondrous things

and look up the word wondrous or do a

study on it he

has done great things but he will do


such as none else

can match

that’s what’s on you

nobody else can match it

you know they have different kinds of

technology one is just

there’s evolutionary technology and they


incremental technology and they have um

disruptive technology disruptive

technology is like martin luther king

when he came in with that that was

innovative by the way

and he came in with it nonviolent and

he’s going to change the laws

through non-violence well there was

there was there was wisdom in that

if you look over here in the book of


he said in ecclesiastes here in verse

9 he says in verse 16

now pardon me in verse 18 wisdom is

better than weapons of war

wisdom is better than weapons of war

they interviewed his

one of his the men that with him andrew

young who was rose to be a governor of

atlanta and also

um a ambassador for the united states

and he interviewed him

and it’s what he said he said martin

said we are going to

change the laws without killing anybody

see and you can get wisdom here

and make things change without anybody


so i’m saying whatever gift you have it

doesn’t make any difference what gift

that is

watch this by faith

begin to act on that gift

watch this and watch the anointing take


watch that anointing take over that

anointing is not something it’s


amen it’s everything that’s why in

second corinthians

he said about that anointing he said

that for the love of christ

constrains me what does that mean christ

is another word for what anointed one in

his anointing

see for the love of that anointing it

constrains me

in other words where i would go off on


i’d think about i’m going to hurt my


you got what i’m saying here

so i’m only saying that because

here like i showed you that wisdom has


and these children are ideas

their ideas so the ideas

come from god as a seed

and produce children

and so what you want to do is you want

to get ideas from god

what god has to do because everything

god has to do

is going to bring heaven to earth

and jesus said pray this way thy

kingdom come thy will be done where

on earth as it is where the earth

was designed to be a copy

of heaven and god is not done

with it

and that’s why you were birthed

into this earth

that wherever you go you’re going to use

the blessing

to turn ruined places

into gardens of eden

watch this and no terrain

is too rugged for you to bring forth

in this earth all right let’s go through

the three the four

laws now foundational laws

of creativity of creation pardon me

first one is to be fruitful

what does that mean it means to bring


it means to produce

it means to create

to create

the bible talks about because some

people think sometimes

i don’t know why but sometimes they


that they get too old to create

well let’s look at two scriptures let’s

look at psalms psalms chapter 92

and look at verse 12 the righteous

shall flourish like a palm tree

just do your little study when you go

back home or whatever

study palm tree and see how many


have come from a palm tree

that’s how much potential your gift has

that’s how much potential you have in

this earth

look at the next part of that verse come

on down to verse 14

they shall still bring

forth fruit come on help me

in old age

now you see why adam said to god

over in genesis 15 and verse 3

how is this going to happen to me i have



god is responsible for you having seed

you couldn’t bring forth anything if you

don’t have any seed

so god must be responsible for giving

you an idea

didn’t he give joseph a dream

can i get an amen

was it a small dream

god dreams big

and that’s why a lot of people don’t

receive it

he’s bringing forth something through


that he has to be involved with

for it to happen

he has taken away all that would say

i did this

no it’s impossible for you to do without


so i’m saying to you this seed

is planted in soil

now where is the soil it’s in our hearts

mark chapter 4.

how we doing doing okay

see the enemy knows you have this kind

of value

you are extremely as a matter of fact

you are designed to be unforgettable

look what he says here in mark chapter 4

verse 14 the sower

soweth the word

isn’t it something how he gives all

these descriptions of the types of soil

but he doesn’t say anything else about

the seed

because the seed according to first

peter chapter 1 and verse 23

is incorruptible

it’s perfect

man farmers can’t do that they have to

work a crop year after year to get the

best seeds

they take their seeds they sow them they

get a harvest

they take the harvest take the best

seeds from it and they store those

some of the others that you may use them

for other things but each time they’re

trying to perfect

better harvest god

is already perfected

this book has your seed

i’m telling you right now some of y’all

better start sleeping

with a padded pencil by the bed

you see we’re in we’re in wealth




one of the ways you’re going to get it

is by ideas

let’s go to verse 20

26 and he said so is the kingdom of

god as if a man would cast seed into the

ground and

should sleep and rise night and day the

seed should spring and grow up

he doesn’t know how glory to god



and should sleep and rise and grow up he

doesn’t know how he’s just leaving god’s

wife he doesn’t know how

first before the earth bringeth forth

fruit of herself

first the blade

and then the ear and after that the full

corn in the ear but

when the fruit is brought forth

immediately he put it in the sickle

because the what has come the harvest

has come


be fruitful means to produce

create or bring forth

multiply means to increase

in number or increase

in your development multiply

replenish has to do with resupply

or renew

or to

to re-um replenish re-restock

and the word

subdue means to keep it under

or control the market

now this is very key because everybody

that is functioning over the world is

follow are following these same

principles apple

iphone 2 iphone 3

iphone 4 iphone 5 now people are lined

up waiting on iphone 6.

and each time covering more market

taking more market share

each time improving the product and so

forth he’s talking that’s the same way

you’re going to do the way they’re


is they’re following these principles

and i’m just saying that you’ve got to


yourself relevant

and of value that god

needs that gifting inside of you

he needs you to do this why because

you’re going to

replenish the earth right now

look at some of the bad laws that are on

the earth look at some of the things

that are on the earth that are against


i’m just saying when you come in

you’re going to make it so that this


is going to be full of the knowledge of

the lord

folks the church is not going to be

taken up out of here

owing back rent

forget that

forget it you’re going to be

a glorious church


so i’m saying with these things here

this is what he wants so here i when i

was going to ru

god was really dealing with me about

scripture and i

in you know found this scripture in


and this scripture talked in isaiah 48

i am the lord thy redeemer the holy one

of israel that teacheth thee the prophet

and leave thee by the way that thou

should go i said whoa

i thought the church was non-profit

god said to me it’s no such thing

he said even the man who i gave five

talents to he came back with five more

the man i gave two talents to he came

back with two more

the man i gave one talent to came back

with the one talent and i

fired him because there’s no such thing

as non-profit


so what happened i took that verse and

began to meditate it

meditation the missing link many times

in the church

they just hear a sermon one time and

they’re out

that is not this is seed i’m giving you

this stuff has got to be planted

and the other speakers as well and so

next thing you know

got is i took that seed planted it

watched this it began to grow next thing

it began to grow

and i began to get a revelation idea of

starting something called the joseph

business school

then i got two people in the ministry i

was led to them

one of them degrees from harvard and

university chicago and mba

i said hey you all got good degrees from

from the

world the system i said come on i want

you to help me start business school

oh okay i said now um you go away

do work just do some study come back and

tell me how long it’s going to take to


they said okay they went back came back

and take one to two years pastor

i said okay let me go pray i went and

prayed god said tell them it gonna take

two months

i said all right your will take two


in the kingdom you don’t increase by

time you increase by truth

and and when you have this truth and

you’ll be surprised

what time will do it’ll disappear

so i’m just saying did that they came

back in two months what happened

once they took the prophet’s word and

began to act on that word like you act

on the word of god that he’ll give you

all of a sudden doors open up somebody

says hey i got a complete package

that i wrote for a program over here you

can have that if you’d like

took that so forth and so on people came

from everywhere

people to teach the class so forth and

so on right now the class is in five


and we’re about to start some new things

with it i’m not bragging on me

i’m saying be fruitful

this is every one of us

all this word you’ve been getting

it’s designed to water this is the time

to give you seed come on it’s designed

to give

increase same into that

can i keep going here

so when i do i was preaching

a man from africa came he’s preaching on

a wednesday night

he backed off the pope that dr winston

your airplane

is in ecclesiastes chapter 10 and went

back to preaching

well i had enough sense to know what

seed is

the seed is the word of god say amen

that i’m saying because you have been

born from heaven

you’re going to reject every thought of

you being human

you’re going to act just like god

and for god to get light he called it

didn’t he

and he already had it inside and spoke

it out

and i’m saying when he gives you seed

you have

soil already inside ready for seed

and i’m saying you get that seed and

plant that seed in that soil

and it got in my soil and start coming

up first to blade

that means that something outside

is going to quicken and or going to be

a reminder that something inside of you

is growing i’m getting pregnant with the

word of god

and i’m saying as this thing starts

growing up inside of me

first the blade then the ear then the


corn in the ear and then when that

whole thing is taking place we put in

the sickle

because the harvest has come now

understand the harvest has come

but it’s not manifested yet i’ve got to

manifest it by taking a step

of faith so i come down to a meeting

like this

and god said to me why don’t you sow a


i said well i sowed the word he said no

we’re bringing forth the harvest now

we’re putting in the sickle so the man

of god here

needed an airplane and god told my wife

and i

sow into it we sowed into it

and don’t you know i’m telling you

within a short time

airplane manifested now

i’m not talking about airplanes i’m not

talking about houses

i’m not talking about just that i’m

talking about

anything that god would have you to do

just get yourself some seed for it say

amen to that

and sow that seed and that’s where the

process begins

is this the right group i’m talking

about yes


now the last thing what time is it

i got seven i got seven minutes

all right all right let’s talk about


grace knowledge

grace knowledge

i’ve got to get my thoughts

from somewhere else

if i want to defeat

and not compete

then i’ve got to get a higher thought

and where am i going to get it from the

word of god

god’s going to give me a thought

that i think a lot of times a human

can’t think

now look what he says let’s go to isaiah

isaiah 50 5.

say planting the heavens

now are you are you are you hearing

are you hearing that i mean i’m i’m


that whatever i need whether i need


for the thing whether i need a building

so forth

i needed uh god said i want you to buy

that shopping mall

why not wait a minute wait i don’t have

no shopping mall experience

but notice he can quicken your mind

over in job chapter 32 and verse 8

he calls it a spirit of intelligence

it comes with the holy ghost

say amen to this

so what happens over in isaiah

chapter 55 he says first

for my thoughts come on help me

and not your thoughts

see and what are we saying with that

we’re saying that none of us

is sovereign

you’re getting your thoughts from some


that’s why all leadership is spiritual

he he talks about carnal people

he says over in he talks about in romans

he said to be carnally minded as death

but i want you to see something over

here in first corinthians

and chapter three

and chapter three and look at verse

glory to god

seven all right chapter three mm-hmm

and let’s look here

at verse these pages are sticking


he in verse 1 and i brethren could not

speak unto you as unto spiritual but as

unto what

carnal even as unto babes in christ

for i have fed you with milk and not

with meat

for hitherto you were not able to bear


neither yet now are you able

for ye are yet carnal

for where there is among you

what envying come on let’s strive

come on division what’s another name for


racism racism if you got racism in you

you’re carnal carnal as a goat and you

can’t bring forth spiritual things with


is this all right if we talk if we talk

like this you can’t bring it forth

see don’t look at me and think you might

be another color to me so you got more

sense to me

that i can tell you right now that ain’t

true okay i’m gonna tell you that right


so don’t even quibble with that i mean


you know that’s all okay i shouldn’t

have said that but that’s all right i

put it on the book


no no you don’t you gotta get up pretty

early to beat me

okay uh where the what where am i

talking about well anyway


in in the amplified it says you walk as

mere men

so no longer from now on you’re going to


every notion that you’re only human

every notion so look what he says isaiah

let’s just finish that up

he says this in verse 9 for as the

heavens are higher than the earth

so are my ways higher than your ways and

my thoughts and your thoughts

okay so if i’m gonna get a thought from

god i’m gonna have to be ready

because he’s gonna think what higher

he’s going to think bigger he’s going to

think beyond anything you think you have

education to do

and so forth and so on get ready get


because most times those thoughts are

rejected and next thing you know those

gifts one man said

the wealthiest place in the earth is not

are not the oil fields as kuwait

or the diamond mines of south africa the

wealthiest place in the earth is a


because that’s where all the gifts are


look what he says here

he says where am i okay here verse 10

for as the rain cometh down and the snow

from heaven and returneth not thither

but watereth the earth and make it bring


and bud that it may give seed to the


and what else bread to the eater

so shall my word be that goes forth out

of my mouth

it shall not return unto me what

void but it shall what accomplish that’s

what i please and it shall what else

what else

prosper in the thing where unto i said

it amen

amen thank you hallelujah say amen to

that amen

so now i’m going to take up from here

next time

but i’m gonna we’re gonna talk about

acting like god


say amen to that amen


so i said no no no we had

time for a prison program we started our


but before we started it i just got on

the steps of the congregation

of the stage i said hey we are turning

jails into boarding schools

and things started

happening just like

in micah chapter 5 and verse 2

when the prophet said the child

shall be born in bethlehem

of ephrata the ruler

of nations that prophet said it

and died but then i mean naturally

but then over in the new testament here

in the book of luke chapter 2

i guess herod was

taxing all the world

and the next thing you know everybody

had to come to their own hometown to pay

their taxes

and guess what here is mary with child

here is joseph with her and he had to go


to bethlehem to pay taxes but they got


and all the holiday inns the embassy

suites and all that was all taken up

so they had to go to a manger and she

had that baby

in bethlehem so

god can control people in high places

and make them say things they don’t even

know why they

said it because he’s orchestrating a


say amen well we are in a prophetic time

right now and this is a time for the

glorious church

that some things have been spoken and


said my people

abraham are going to be in bondage for

400 years

but at the end of 400 years they’re


and when god said that it was done

it’s called a prophetic agenda

and i believe that’s what we’re under

right now

folks you’re about to see moves in the

earth that you’ve never seen before

and i’m telling you here was pharaoh

trying to hold them back you can’t hold

back a prophetic agenda

you’ll get hurt trying to hold back what

god has already declared

and i’m saying you are the people god

has been waiting for

don’t think it’s somebody else it is you

he’s about to use you to do exploits

he said in isaiah 18 8 and 18

i and the children whom the lord has

given me

are made for signs and wonders

you get ready get ready get ready get


god’s going to use you for miracles that


earth had never seen before my name

is bill winston and i approve this

message praise god