What about 2019? The Lord has big plans in store for His children this year! In this Word of the Lord through Kenneth Copeland delivered on Dec. 31, 2018 at Eagle Mountain International Church, the Lord reveals how wonderful works and miracles can take place this year!

what about this 2019 how can the marvels

and the wondrous works take place what

bring these wonderful works and miracles

what causes these things to be manifest

first of all there must be a higher

order of Prayer coming forth out of the

families intercession petition and

supplication for the lost much prayer


calling forth much calling things that

be not as though they were praying for

the lost reaching into the heart of God

and asking him for the nation 2019 must

be a year of great intercession and

witnessing outside the walls of the

church building I’ll do signs and

wonders I’ll do these marvelous works

saith the Lord if you’ll take me to the

center if you’ll take me to the streets

give me an opportunity to reveal myself

you keep ringing the dinner bell of

healing and I’ll draw the people this

building and other church buildings

won’t hold the people but you can’t just

sit here inside this place and beg for


I’m gonna require you saith the Lord to

walk by faith I’m gonna require you to

get healed on your own feet most of the

people in my ministry said the Lord most

of them got healed on their own faith be

it done unto you as you have believed

daughter thy faith has made behold I’m

requiring more of those of you older

children in the family I’m requiring

more of you because you’re older it’s

time for you to help with the babies

it’s time for you to see to it that the

babies get an opportunity to know me

saith the Lord I’ll require it

but you’ll be rewarded beyond your

wildest dream because you’ll see

miracles under your own hand you’ll see

things happen that you’ve only dreamed

about happening because the time has

come and just the way the great healing

revival hit this earth in 1948 49 50 and

it was so easy because the miracles were

happening in the streets and they were

happening in tents and they were

happening all over this United States

well those days are here again it’s time

for it it’s time if you get out there

where the people are you will be shocked

that’s how easy the miracles will come

and are easy they will flow and people

that have no idea about me or anything

about my word will come running to those

of you that will spend time in

intercessory prayer

I’m not talking about hours and hours

I’m talking about minutes a day I’m

talking about just giving me time

just give me part of your morning yes

just give me a part of your evening and

pray in the spirit and intercede for the

lost and I’ll see to it says that 2019

is the most startling year of your life

I’ll see to it that your body begins to

renew and your youth begins to renew and

all of a sudden pains and aches that

have been there for a year will

disappear go in at God when you get out

and begin to minister to those that

never heard about me says Jesus you call

on me and I’ll call on you and together

we’ll see it come to pass

together we’ll see it happen together

together and you will begin to see the

desired change begin to slowly take

place in the United States in the

political arena you will be ill you’ll

begin to see change when you begin to

pray and intercede for those that are on

the opposite side of your political

ideas if you will begin to take some

quality time and intercede for people

intercede for them take someone take the

image of that someone maybe it’s Senator

Chuck Schumer maybe it’s Nancy Pelosi

take that person take that person and

begin to intercede for them I saw

something in Nancy Pelosi at the

they’re going home of President Bush

I was watching her she stopped by that

casket her husband began to walk away

she began to walk away and she came back

and then I saw it

now I know how to play

now I know something drew her back

you know she is she’s somebody that

meets Jesus you know who Chuck Schumer

is somebody that makes you know who

Donald Trump is somebody didn’t and it’s

when we begin to intercede and call

somebody’s name Satan you’ve desist in

your maneuvers against this person’s

life I pray the lord of the harvest and

laborers across her path across his path

across their path with the word of their

salvation and the word of their and just

begin to praise about and praise about

it and praise about it and praise and a

deaf ear to any kind of criticism call

them before me saith the Lord and you’ll

be shocked at what you see come to that

these are the days of Reconstruction

these are the days in the continuing

rebirth of the United States these are

the days that this nation has been

crying out for when once again it will

become one nation under God

and you’re not as far away as you think

so rejoice and be glad for in that day

you will have much cause for rejoicing

because soon and very soon the greatness

and the good things that I have planned

in the blessing of the Lord shall begin

to be manifest more and more and more

and more set the spirit of grace I’m for

you say the Lord I am NOT against you

I’ve given myself to you and for you