Join some of our favorite Christian speakers on TBN’s Praise speak on their experiences on God’s purpose during the “storms” in their lives. Listen in as Priscilla Shirer, Christine Caine and T.D. Jakes discuss how God uses your “stormy season” to build up the character needed to defeat strongholds in your life. The sun will rise again and the storm will soon pass.

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blood flow forever a lot of us have been

praying for Revival and we’re missing

Revival because we’re thinking of Rome

I’m saying don’t miss Malta on the way

to Rome God says up Paul your vision was

too small you had just thrown but I had

a Revival waiting in Malta for you he’s

brought safely through he begins to

build a fire with everybody else you’ve

got to build a big fire for two I mean

this is just four of us here imagine a

fire for 276 people yeah 276 Goldman and

I love this because the Bible says this

it says um the people showed us unusual


for they kindled a fire and worked

welcomed us


because it had begun to rain and it was

cold when Paul had gathered a bundle of

sticks and put them on the fire a Viper

came out because of the Heat and

fastened on his hand when the native

people saw the creature hanging from his

hand they said to one another no doubt

this man is a murderer okay

so they build this fire this is just

cracks me up yeah let me get you a piece

of wood here so you can see this yeah

this is great okay so here’s a piece of

wood for you yes you need you need the

so he’s doing the wood he’s building

this this is great he’s putting it on

and as he’s putting it on let me I’ll

jump on and then jump off so I hope you

get me here he’s got the wood there and

because of the heat now the the

commentators think that the Viper the

the where it was on this island in Malta

they said that the heat because the wood

was wet the Heat this vipers would jump

out that’s what happens I’m on this

island of Malta and so as Paul’s doing


um and I want you to know that as the

heat the ambers of Revival someone needs

to hear this because that’s what’s

happening if we got to walk by faith and

not by sight there’s Revival fires

burning and every time that starts to

heat up you start getting full of the

Holy Ghost you start pressing into God

you start wanting more of the presence

of God you’re getting hot which a lot of

us have gone back to our prayer closets

we’ve gotten the Lord again and we’re

like okay get rid of the fluff I I need

the Holy Ghost okay so you were speaking

in tongues again even if we didn’t

believe in it we’re we’re all everywhere

people there were cessationists have

suddenly become like you know it’s like

we’re all doing this because we need the

Holy Ghost That Fire starts do not be

deceived the enemy will always jump out

and by so what happened is the Viper

comes out attaches himself the Bible

says to Paul so here’s the deal couldn’t

take you out with the storm

couldn’t take you out with the Shipwreck

so what if since I couldn’t take you out

from the outside in I’m gonna put some

Venom on the inside out to try to take

you out from your heart you get a choice

is that then I’m going to get into my

heart poison me that take that which is

what the enemy wants

um or am I going to do what the Bible

says that Paul shook it off

before Taylor Swift There was the

Apostle Paul some of us it was that’s it

you know Taylor was not the first one to

Shake it Off what Paul the Bible says

that Paul shook the Viper off into the

fire he didn’t Shake It Off

to try to poison everyone else you know

if it was in today’s language you didn’t

Shake It Off on social media he didn’t

shake it off to his mother-in-law on the

telephone or to his friend no no no he

shook it into the fire and that’s where

some of us need to shake off some of

this unforgiveness and bitterness and

offense and anger and hatred and lust

and greed and envy it needs to go into

the fire to burn and not out there to

poison everybody else and so that he

shakes it off now these guys they had

thought he was a murderer with a snake

next couple of verses they think he’s a

god that is the crowd that that I mean I

just like I’m reading this in the text

and I’m like you’ve got to be kidding me

this if I had to live for the Applause

of the crowd one day I’m a God the next

day I’m a murderer I like it’s just like

you this is why

you can’t get your esteem from how many

likes you get on social media or how

many favorites or how many shares you

have to get in the word and know what

God has said about you this this is

where we have to get it

okay first of all you got us all fired

up uh in regard to this word that you’re

talking about Christine is about faith I

would say we’re just getting back to who

we’re supposed to be we’re supposed to

be a people that see by faith and I

think a lot of the times you know as

we’re talking about uh the toxicity that

comes into our heart from the venom bite

it’s because the enemy doesn’t want us

to walk by faith so if he can get us up

in our feelings or our normal our

rational mind then that’s the whole

thing imagine what would happen with

Paul so here we are if he gave up in the

when he was a prisoner so let’s go right

at the beginning when he was the

prisoner if he gave up when he was on

the ship and he felt all the storms like

everybody else and he thought we’re all

going to die if he then gave up when the

ship ran aground imagine when he if he

gave up because that’s how a lot of us

feel right now it’s like really God I

went through all this storm I went

through all this shipwreck and now a

snake bite like are you serious and I

think in the spirit we’re right at that

moment you get to choose you really do

get it you might go but I feel bitten

and I’m full of unforgiveness and anger

and there was injury yes yes yes yes yes

it’s a real snake I’m not denying it the

snake of offense of unforgiveness of

bitterness of hurt Injustice it’s real

no one’s denying the reality of it but

whether this is going to determine your

destiny or not is up to you wow you can

shake it off so no one’s denying the

real and allow the Redemptive power of

God to come because here is the power

and you go is there a purpose yes

because the Bible says now in the

neighborhood of that place where lands

belonging to the chief man of the island

so now God takes him to the chief man a

man named Publius who received us and

entertained us hospitably for three days

it happened that the father so now

you’ve got the most influential man on

the island hit the father of Publius lay

sick with fever and dysentery and Paul

visited him and prayed and putting his

hands on him he healed him and when this

had taken place the rest of the people

on the island who had diseases also came

and were cured and then it goes on and I

love this right at the end it says they

also honored us greatly and when we were

about to set sail they put on board

whatever we needed everything they had

lost and then some so they went and

where did Paul end up yeah in Rome doing

exactly what God called him to do

Destiny was complete yep and he just had

a couple of really unexpected things

happen that all worked for his Goods yes

and that led to not just his good but a

lot of us we’ve been and praying for

Revival and were missing Revival because

we’re thinking of Rome I’m saying don’t

miss Malta on the way to Rome God says

oh Paul your vision was too small you

had just Rome but I had a Revival

waiting in Malta for you so I will bless

the Lord at all times so all means all

all means all all means all the more

when you’re in trouble all all the more

because that’s when the soul cries out

for equilibrium

if if I lose my equilibrium the first

thing I’m going to try to do is grab

something solid and if your life has

become crazy you want to grab something

that’s not shaking every the Bible said

everything that can be shaken will be

shaken so that that which cannot be

shaken will remain that’s God yeah and

so all the more reason to reach out to

him is when everything is shaking around

you he is that’s on Christ the solid

rock I stand he is that solid Place some

people have that completely backwards

absolutely you know this Wilderness

thing is God’s torturing he doesn’t like

me he’s mad at me he doesn’t want me

anymore and that’s really just kind of

almost 180 degrees wrong it’s absolutely

wrong it’s not hard for me I’m the baby

of my family so that part was easy for

me to embrace when you’re the baby of

the family and you come up in a healthy

family everybody loved me so when I got


of me everybody loved me so but I gotta

say they told me that God did too I said

go cool come on in come on in to accept

the favor of God becomes challenging

when you’ve never had the favor of men

whether you’ve never been celebrated and

you’ve never been appreciated it’s kind

of foreign to you to accept the fact

that God likes me um

he might not like everything I do

but he loves me let’s bring it closer

let’s start with he likes me

he loves me he has loved me with her

everlasting love

if you’re having trouble receiving that

right now there’s something blocking it

you’re not used to opening up to the

idea of being preferred favor is to be

preferred God prefers you and you didn’t

earn it and you don’t deserve it you

didn’t work for it and that’s why it’s

hard for you to accept it because you

know every little silly stupid thing you

ever did in your life

but it’s not meritorious

it is his graciousness which is made

perfect in our weakness let’s start with

the fact

he’s in love with me

have you ever had somebody in love with

you and you couldn’t figure out in the

world why and and they were just in love

with you and when you’re in love with

somebody you get on the phone with them

run out of words and just breathe you’re

just on the phone breathing nobody

thinking nothing to say just running up

the phone bill I’ll call my wife she’s a

long distance we’d just be breathing

breathing up the rent money just

breathing what are you thinking about I

don’t know what do you think about all

that stupid stuff you know

it’s just crazy but but his love is

crazy he he just chooses to love us and

that is the Glorious gospel that God so

loved the world that he gave his only

begotten son not God so loved the church

we don’t want to hear this word it

wasn’t it wasn’t said the god soul of

the church he said God so love the world

that he gave his only begotten son that

whosoever believeth on him whoso

not just the people that church people

like whosoever believeth on him

not just the people that your Mama Liked

not just people that your daddy like who

so is all of us whosoever believeth on

him shall not perish

but have everlasting life do you believe

on him then believe he loves you if you

believe on him believe I uh I I was uh

at a church and and I listened at a

singer sing a song and she started

singing about I I know that you are for

me that’s the name of the song

and I started crying

I started crying I couldn’t hold back

the tears and I came back I told her

music Ministry you got to learn this

song you gotta learn the song I’m just

because I have always known that he was

for me yeah I have always known I didn’t

deserve it

but I have always known that God was for

me and if if you get nothing else out of

my book if you could settle on the fact

that God is for you even if he has to

correct you my parents would chastise me

to to the living in they’d have been in

jail today

but but I never doubted that they were

not for me I never I never doubted that

they were not for me and even though

I’ve been chasing of the Lord that does

not mean that he doesn’t love me because

whom the Lord loveth he chasing it don’t

confuse the chastening with malice or

hatred God loves you and if that can

sink in the soil of your head right now

healing is coming right now thank you

Lord restoration is coming right now

renewal is coming right now that God

isn’t trying to make up his mind about

you and if you pay your times he loves

you and if you do this or that he loves

you and if you if you fast three weeks

he loves no you’re then you earned it

he has chosen to love you because he is

gracious when we are not graceful

lead people to Jesus

may I take this opportunity

to speak to you

maybe you’ve never heard anybody talk

like that in all your life and you

didn’t even know that you were eligible

to this glorious thing called salvation


your life is ridden with guilt and shame

you’ve done some things you’ve seen some

things horrific things immoral things

you’ve been in wars and conflicts and

seen dead bodies you’ve you’ve been

through all kinds of stuff and they

haunt you and you have night terrors and

you drink a lot


and you can’t imagine

that a holy God would love a Wretch like


I get it

I’m a rich too

but Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound

that saved a Wretch like Me

accept him into your heart right now

he’s waiting he’s anxious he’s so

anxious that even though your door is

closed he’s knocking on it behold I

stand at the door knock If any man hear

my voice I will come in and sub with him

he’ll come in right now you’re watching

in the house at a truck stop in your

bedroom open that door open it he’s at

it right now right this minute right

this minute Jesus is knocking at the

door he wants to be with you

in the trailer in that mansion in that

penthouse suite in that Porsche on the

bus in a cab

he wants to be with you

father right now I pray that Hearts

would open that mines would open and

that the love of Jesus would seep in

like water falling on dry ground in the

wilderness of sin

God let your grace seep into that

parched soil

and bring life where there has been


and bring joy where there has been

depression and bring peace where there

has been confusion

you’ve come to bring the gift of eternal


we accept you now as our personal savior

just ask if we accept you now as our

personal savior we invite you to come

into our heart I’m throwing the door

wide open

my future is in your head 2022 belongs

to you thank you Lord

I accept you as Lord Of My Life

right now

in the name of Jesus we pray

amen congratulations thank you Lord a

party just broke out in heaven

the angels are dancing and they just

turned up the music and they’re gonna

rock till it drop because another Soul

was added to the kingdom today and your

name is written in the Lamb’s Book of


this difficult moment in your marriage

in this trying moment in your finances

in this struggle on your job in this

difficulty in this relationship you’re

rubbing Corners with your boss or your

spouse or this struggle you’re having on

your University campus or in your high

school campus this hard time that you

were having he is there he just may have

come in the package you don’t prefer

and that oftentimes the Fingerprints of

God are not recognized not because he’s

not there it is just because the

expectation we have set up about what he

looks like and how he will speak and how

he will move the prayer request the

solution that he will bring doesn’t

align with the prayer request that we

have prayed we have boxed God into the

way we want him to answer instead of

believing that his ways are not our ways

and his thoughts are not our thoughts as

high as the heavens are above the Earth

that’s how high his thoughts are above

our own and so we box God in when we say

Lord answer my request in this

particular way do you know that you

limit not God but you limit I limit our

experience of God when we say Lord

answer my request exactly this way I

have learned to pray here Lord is my

request you said that I can make it

known here’s how I would like to see you

move in my circumstance thank you Lord

that I can come boldly and make my

request known so I’ve made my request

but at the end of that prayer I’ve

learned to pray Lord Do It

or do something better

because do you know there are categories

of options that our brain doesn’t even

know are available and accessible to us

and if we limit God to what we can think

and what we see as the way we have not

even considered the categories of

opportunity that this Divine holy

Almighty being has accessible to him

y’all he’s not just thinking about you

he’s thinking about your children and

your grandchildren and your

great-grandchildren and those that

aren’t to come and how his kingdom

purposes are going to be outworked in

this generation and so on this occasion

the Messiah shows up and nobody

recognizes him except somebody say


except a guy named Simeon

he had been told and promised

just like we have

that we he would see the Manifest

presence of God he’d been told it

he’d been promised

like we’ve been promised because of our

relationship with God through Christ

Jesus and the Holy Spirit indwelling us

that we will see the Fingerprints of God

working in our lives this is called the

Manifest presence of God

it is unique to omnipresence

omnipresence means that God is

everywhere all at the same time I’m so

grateful for God’s omnipresence because

God’s omnipresence means that when I fly

back to Dallas where I live when my new

friends that I just met from Uganda fly

back to where they live

um that when you all fly back to

wherever it is you’ve come from whether

all over different areas of California

or afar it means that no matter where we

go he is as much with me as he is with


because he is omnipresent

but if you’re anything like me you’re

grateful for a zombie presence but you

want more than that

you want the manifested presence of God

I’m talking about where you can look

back over your circumstances and realize

that his fingerprints were all

throughout that thing I’m talking about

where you can see footprints in the sand

as you actually recognize that God was

walking beside you the whole way I’m

talking about what other people call

coincidence encounters you see The

Sovereign hand of God that was aligning

your footsteps and setting you in the

right place at the exact right time the

Manifest presence of God

I wanted to know what made simeon’s eyes

open to recognize what nobody else in

this scenario did I figured whatever

opened up his eyes might open up our

eyes as well are you ready three things

that I want to point out to you it says

in verse 26 about Simeon it says that it

had been

actually verse 25 I want to start there

there was a man in Jerusalem whose name

was Simeon he was righteous devout

looking for the consolation of Israel we

could spend a whole lot of time in those

three but here’s where I want to harden

the Holy Spirit was upon him

the Holy Spirit was upon him

it says

that he came into the temple verse 27 in

the spirit

verse 26 says it had been revealed to

him by the Holy Spirit

look at the presence of the holy spirit

permeating this text look at how the

author has over and over and over again

highlighted the work of the holy spirit

in opening up simeon’s eyes to be able

to recognize the manifested presence of

God before him in the person of Jesus

Christ Luke here he is just in the

second chapter of this book and by the

way just in these first two chapters he

has already alluded to the spirit ten

times the work of God’s spirit is so

powerful and so needful to a fruitful

experience in the life of the of the

believer that even before the book of

Acts even before Pentecost even before

the spirit has come

Luke points out the movement of the

spirit here in the life of Simeon this

shows you how important the spirit’s

work is how critical it is to making

sure that your spiritual senses your

spiritual radar is heightened so that

you can detect the presence of God

the Holy Spirit was upon him now I want

you to see the work of God’s spirit this

is just the first uh characteristic of

Simeon but I want to just just take some

time for just a few moments on it the

work of God’s spirit is so important it

deserves a little bit of our attention

here there are three ways that the holy

spirit is described as relating to

Simeon in these few verses just just a

few ways that the Holy Spirit relates to

Simeon in these few verses the first

thing it says is that the Holy Spirit

was upon him now listen I want you to

know that if you have placed faith in

Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit lives on

the inside of you

Ephesians chapter 1 says that the moment

you believed you received the Holy

Spirit you were sealed by the Holy

Spirit of promise I want you to know

that at the moment you became a believer

in Jesus Christ you received the most

incredible gift you will ever receive

this side of Eternity and that is the

very presence of God living on the

inside of you the holy spirit is not a

ghost or a wind or a fire or a dove he

is often symbolized by those things but

don’t minimize him that ain’t who he is

the holy spirit is the third person of

the Trinity not third because he is

least in value just third because he’s

the last to be revealed to us in the

pages of scripture but all of the Power

all of the glory all of the authority

all of the Grandeur of God the father is

in the person of the Holy Spirit

which means

if you’re a believer in the Holy Spirit

lives in you

that means all of the Grandeur and all

of the greatness all of the authority of

God himself now lives on the inside of

you so if you are a Believer you have

the Holy Spirit you are not waiting on

more of the holy spirit all of the Holy

Spirit you ever gonna get you got the

moment you got saved

now you do need to be filled by God’s

spirit so that his influence in your

life grows and grows so that you operate

under the gifting of the spirit so that

you can live according to the fruit of

the spirit that means living beyond your

natural capacity it means when your

patience runs out you can still have

more patience with that person it means

when gentleness has long since left the

building you still find you’ve got a

little gentleness for that when

self-discipline I mean you just don’t

have no more self-discipline in that

area we need the fruit of God’s spirit

so we need to be filled by the spirit as

we yield to him in obedience we are

filled which means he influences us more

our mind is renewed and transformed we

are Sanctified into the image of Christ


so the holy spirit is in you


his relationship with the spirit is not

described in that way

it doesn’t say that the spirit was in


it says that the Holy Spirit was on him

which means

there is a difference between the spirit

being in you

and the spirit

listen to me

the gift of God’s spirit in you oh this

brings tears to my eyes

the gift of God’s spirit in you

he will never leave you nor forsake you

there is nothing you can do to work

yourself out of a relationship with the

Holy Spirit


but him being on you

you got to live a life I I want to live

a life that is a magnet for the presence

of God to rest on me

we can sit in this conference until

we’re blue in the face and applaud the

truths of God and say Amen to the truths

of God but if we leave this room and

live in a way

that is out of alignment with the truth

of God we will not have the spirit


if you want the mark of God’s presence

on you I’m talking about where other

people can see you operating in your

gift moving about in the assignments

that you have been given where they can

just see there’s a unique favor on your

life toward that particular task or that

particular Endeavor where you are marked

by something that gives you favor that

gives you his grace for a particular

area of your life then you must live I

must choose to live in a way that honors

God so that God’s presence can rest upon


because he will not force himself on you

he offers you this resting of his

presence and his grace upon your life if

you will choose to live in a way that

does not uh disturb his presence that

does not keep him from being able to be

near you because you have chosen here it

is to be

our mission is to use every available

means to reach as many individuals and

families as possible with the

life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ

thank you for helping make the gospel of

grace go around the world

without you we couldn’t do it God bless