Prior to the Summit, Dr. Evans will be hosting the 2019 Leadership Expo, a “behind-the-scenes” look into the organizational structure and day-to-day operations of more than 150 ministry programs at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. Dr. Evans’ leadership team will be on hand to provide personal insight into areas such as children’s ministry, worship, media, fellowship, counseling, small groups, outreach, administration, marketing, human resources and more.

in the Gospels Jesus was front-page news

Jesus was so much front-page news that

he said if you reject me you reject the

father I’m the front page I am the way

okay I’m front page when he said i’ma

send the Holy Spirit he told them I

believe but I’m still gonna be in the

front page cuz he will talk about me big

ego he won’t he will not talk about

himself he will talk about me so I’m the

superstar so I will be with you always

that was this Jesus is not equally

related to every Christian and he’s not

equally related to every creature even

if all of them are saved he was not

equally related to all of his followers

he had the 70 he had the 12 and he had

the three and each one of them got a

little bit more of him only three went

up to the Mount of Transfiguration all

twelve did he didn’t relate to everybody

the same way that’s cuz everybody didn’t

relate to him on the same level Saint

John chapter 2 verses 23 to 25 says many

believed in him the Greek phrases pistou

o ice but still ice always means get

saved in the book of John he says many

got saved many believed in him and then

it says but he would not commit himself

to them so their pastors Jesus won’t

commit to their churches he won’t commit

to their leaders he won’t commit to

their Saints he won’t commit to because

this verse is not talking about Jesus

being with you when you’re sick Jesus

being with you when you’re down Jesus

being with you into discouraged that’s

not this verse this verse is talking

about I will be with you when you are

making disciples

he says if you want my special presence

if you want my intimate if you want me

to be committed to you then I gotta have

more than a Sunday morning sermon I

gotta have more than a great choir or

choir festival I gotta have more than

well-dressed ashes I gotta have more

than a nice Sunday school programs I

gotta know that you are making folk look

like me and until I know that is your

goal you will not experience all of me

that might be available to you because

I’m discriminatory and who I give myself

to you have people in your church they

don’t all get the same access to you

that’s the general congregation then

there’s the leadership I mean you got

people at different level you love them

all but you don’t relate to them all the

same way because some of them relate to

you at a distance and some of them you

deal with them on a more intimate and a

more and more responsible level so what

I’m saying to you is you get a bonus

when you are a disciple making pastor

and pastor’s wife and you are making a

disciple making Church with all the

other frills that’s fine that go along

with it but don’t let the fruit become

the rule that you ought to make

disciples and when we do that and that’s

what our conference is designed to do