Do you want to be made whole? In Week 4 of the Damaged but Not Destroyed Series, Pastor Mike asks us the same question that Jesus asked the lame man in John 5. Oftentimes our damage causes us to answer God’s calling with excuses and explanations however, the only reasonable response is “Yes Lord.” Pastor Mike teaches us 4 Things to do Between Our Yes & Our Next. We pray this message encourages your faith to STAND UP, take up your mat and walk in your healing. Scripture References: John 5:1-9 NLT Hebrews 11:1 KJV Hebrews 12:11 NLT 2 Corinthians 9:10 NKJV 00:00 – Intro 00:21 – Sermon starts 05:14 – John chapter 5 verses 1 through 9 NLT 16:17 – The only reasonable answer to a question from Jesus is… yes lord 20:26 – John chapter 5 verse 7 NLT 22:27 – Jesus’ questions are always invitations, never accusations 24:56 – Jesus isn’t looking for explanation, He’s looking for expectations 26:36 – John chapter 5 verse 8 NLT 30:35 – God’s calling is a command 32:44 – You either stand in your calling or sit in your can’t 41:27 – John chapter 5 verses 8 & 9 NLT 52:53 – Faith begins where understanding ends 54:43 – 4 things to do between your yes & your next: 1. Invest in your faith 55:51 – Hebrews chapter 11 verse 1 KJV 58:06 – When you invest your faith, it produces your future 01:00:34 – 4 things to do between your yes & your next: 2. Invest in your focus 01:02:07 – Hebrews chapter 12 verse 11 NLT 01:03:30 – When you invest your focus, it produces freedom 01:04:14 – 4 things to do between your yes & your next: 3. Invest in your finances 01:08:18 – When you invest your finances, it produces fruit 01:10:59 – 4 things to do between your yes & your next: 4. Invest in your faithfulness 01:13:19 – Luke chapter 16 verse 10 NLT 01:14:03 – When you invest your faithfulness, it produces flourishing Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, & hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Fill out the form below so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ:

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hi my name is Amberly and I have the

privilege of serving as one of our

executive pastors here at Transformation

Church we just want to say thank you so

much for tuning in from wherever you are

watching from and if you haven’t already

be sure to like And subscribe we believe

that God has a word for you so let’s

jump into this amazing

message all right I’m going to get right

into my


um week four of this series called

damaged but not destroyed is going to be

different than the first three

weeks I I I feel like um thank you Caleb

um I feel like the the the first three

weeks we’re trying to let you know it

was valuable to actually deal with your

trauma um but we not going to spend 10

weeks trying to convince

you some of you you want what you

got look

okay y’all I’m fresh off of rest with my

wife I’m I’m locked and loaded today

I’ve been in the mountains with God in

Montana looking at nothing but

Ducks and the truth is we’re talking

about trauma and we’re talking about

what God can do with damage but some of

you want what you

have you can be sitting there with the

answer all day and you going to keep

choosing the foolishness that you

have God been telling you to be single

for 6

months and you still on Tinder still on

black planets still let me


stop God has told you to write the book


times and and and and you

continue to blame the circumstance the

situ situation and what you do not have

for what God is telling you he will help


with and and so today it’s going to be a

hard shift in the

series everybody say a hard shift Shi

because in week

one we we we preached a me message

called snitches get what

stitches and we found out that the grace

of God will actually cover every damaged

area in your life if you would bring

your damage to him and we made a

decision that we’re going to be honest

look at your neighbor and say stop

lying no cuz they didn’t believe you

look at your other neighbor right now

say stop

lying it hurts you that your father

didn’t come to those

games uhoh that was too serious right

there did y’all feel

that it it damaged you that you’re older

brother was always in competition and

never encouraged

you it it actually is offensive every

time you get around your family and all

they talk about is your


uh-oh that hit her in a different way

that was like an electrocution like like

my but the but the truth of the matter

is they don’t ask you how you’re doing

you’re looking

tubby you’ve been


every time you show up they’re asking

you where their grandkids

are but they don’t know you’ve silently

suffered with

miscarriages because you don’t trust

them enough to even talk to them about

it can we be

honest and and and and and second

week after we acknowledge that we’re

damaged we learn that God can do

extraordinary thing with damaged

people like there’s nobody in the Bible

that was used by God who was not

damaged and then last week Dr Anita

Phillips came in here and got us all she

got us all right and let us

know that our healing is connected to

what’s happening in our

hearts it’s been

beautiful and and really what it’s been

is like guys come

on let’s

heal let’s deal with our damage

let’s let’s move past if it’s not

transformed then it’s

transferred so let’s do something about

that and some people came in here today

like all right let’s get another pep

talk about me actually going to

counseling let’s let’s let’s do


therapy practice that I’m not going to

listen to this

week who makes me feel so good that

we’re talking about trauma don’t talk


mine but let’s talk about everybody else

getting healed delivered and set

free today I have to ask everybody a

question and the question is found in

John chapter 5 verse

1-9 it says after Jesus returned to

Jerusalem for one of the Jewish holy

days inside the city near the sheet gate

was the pool of Bethesda

with five covered

porches crowds of sick people blind

people lame people paralyzed people


people laid on those porches one of the

men lying there had been sick for


years when Jesus saw this damaged

man and knew he had been ill for a long

time he asked him

would you like to get

well another translation says it like

this and this is my question to you

today do you want to be made

whole do you want to be made

whole do you want the relationship to


do you want to be made whole I want you

to imagine Jesus coming to you right now

with your beautiful self asking you

straight up Point Blank do you want to

be made

whole no no no no not

ethereal today everything that you

complained about this

week everything all the reasons why you

told God you cannot be a good

parent all the things that you said I’ll

never do in purpose God’s coming to you

today and asking you a simple question

do you want to be made

whole now I want you not to approach

this with a churchy answer of course of

course uhuh think about it cuz when you

say yes to God you say no to other

stuff let me put it in layman’s terms

somebody say do you want you to be made

whole do you want to live


uh-uh cuz you have plans to go eat


today that is going against what your

doctor told you about your blood

pressure I’m not just a she said oh

God do you want to be mayho do you want

to tell the truth

do you want to date in

Purity do you want to have

joy do you want to be able to celebrate

other people’s

wins before you start saying yes I want

you to think about what that means for

the way you are right

now do you want to be made ho do you

want to be a good

parent this is how I was raised

though see being made whole May mean you

have to go against the culture you were

raised in

uhoh i i beats my kids is that

punishment for what your parents did to

you and now you’re taking it out on your

kids because that’s all you

saw you can’t the spirit of RA spoil


that means you can’t use your

words you haven’t learned to communicate

at a level to be able to actually

Express emotion and your words have

weight with your children so you hit

them but then tell them not to hear kids


school you beat them for being suspended


fighting I know I’m walking heavy right

now but do you

want to be made whole do you want a

better parenting style do you want to

actually be present for your

family I’m on the grind I’m on the

hustle I’m on to do I’m makeing a better

life for them but you’re not there in

the life with

them do you want to Steward



do you want to be on

time y’all act like I’m asking very hard

questions these are

yes and no you’re late Forever This is

the alarm you said nine

alarms for the job that pays your

bills but you was up at

11:30 on in Instagram going live with


people there was four people on there

and two of


them do you do you want your words to

encourage do you want to be confident do

you want to live in abundance do you

want to forgive your

family cuz some of us the only only

position we play in our family is the

victim I’m not saying it didn’t happen

to you it’s very valid what happened to

you but Jesus is coming to you today do

you want to actually forgive

them do you want to be made whole or do

you want to do be in that position for

the rest of your

life do you want to

apologize see everybody wants the


part but some of us need to be on the


part Dr Nita said something last week

that jacked me up as a parent she said

the biggest sin of a parent is

pride I’ve been seeing these me memes of

how parents apologize have y’all seen

that especially black parents I’m going

just tell on

us then got in trouble all that other

stuff and be like you hungry

you oh you okay you want to

eat what what’s that game you like

what’s that game what’s that game you

was telling your cousin about that you

just say I’m

sorry I’m sorry for talking to you that

way I said some things that were out of

my emotion I had a hard day at work and

you didn’t deserve that I

apologize this is too much

but I’m talking about

people do you want to be made

whole do you want

accountability do you want friendships


last everybody said did y’all see that I

said friendships at last yes yes

accountability was

like but friendships that

last the foundation is accountability no

you can’t talk to her you’re committed

to that

woman okay uhuh but your friend’s like

no no I got you bro do your thing do

your thing in the back do your thing is

that your friend or your

enemy I’m just sorry I’m on another


today do you want to be a good

leader do you desire to work in your

purpose do you want to be made

whole do you want to try

again many times we’ve tried and failed

and tried and failed and some of us has

made a decision well I guess this is it

and God’s saying I I know the last three

businesses failed but do you want to be


whole do you want to move out of

grief or better way to say it do you

want to live beyond

sorrow do you want watch this do you

want to be

content I know on Instagram every day

you’re thinking about what you don’t

have how they getting flown

out they don’t I know what people that

do uhuh they can’t make that much

money and God said could no matter what

anybody else does could I make you have


contentment with the life that you

have or do you get fulfillment out of

complaining about what you don’t

have do you want to be made whole big

one do you want to be in

love because in this generation people

are questioning if love is even

real and and my thing is if that’s what

the culture wants to believe but my

Bible tells me that love is a real thing

and it can there’s many different ways

of it agape and fileo and there’s so

many different

loves that are accessible but the

question is do you want to find

love do you want to be made

whole Pastor Mike why are you going

through all of this because this man was

asked a yes or no

question do you want to be made

whole do you want to be made whole I’m

asking you today everybody listening I

need your spirit to agree Jesus is

saying to all of us you’ve been

convinced that you need to go from

trauma to Triumph but my question to you

is do you want to be made

whole it took me 15

minutes to walk you through individual

scenarios you’re like yeah I could see

that I could if you carry the one that

feels good like

what when Jesus comes to you I want you

to write this down the only reasonable

answer to a question from Jesus is yes


that is the only if if God comes to you

and says sell your home and help the

needy the only reasonable

answer yes

Lord if God tells you to take those kids

and work for their

adoption and you don’t got no

money and you don’t have no husband and

you don’t have have no support system

the only answer is yes

Lord when God tells you to plant a

church on the north side of Tulsa and

you white

white and that means you moving all your

kids from 81st and

Memorial to Pine and

Peoria the when all your family tells

you no when all the people who ran with

you tells you know bishop and Pastor

Debbie said yes

Lord oh my

God my question to you when God is

asking you to do something why are you

not immediately saying yes

Lord after all he’s brought you

through after all the times he shown up

for you because he protected your mind

when God’s when a father says

something even if it doesn’t make sense

it’s for your protection your

purpose or your

Prosperity a father never says anything

to his children to hurt them or harm

them intentionally you don’t my

children Ava just got a uh a little

scooter uh little situation something

something that takes my money

some and she wanted to ride it in the

street it all looked like the same thing

as the driveway to her it’s all concrete

but she doesn’t have a full concept that

there are cars that passed by on that

street so when I told her don’t go in

the street she

go daddy why are you yelling at me no no

no no no no no baby there was a

car right there I had to get your

attention so so you would stay

protected anything a father

says it’s not for

punishment it’s for protection

prosperity and many of us God is telling

us stuff and asking us a simple question

and we’re saying maybe

Lord kind of

Lord if the situation lines up Lord can

you can you confirm it nine times

Lord some of y’all the most confirmation


people is it not enough that God spoke

to you let me see it in the clouds let

me see it in a movie let me see it in


what that was a real scenario God y’all

like damn where that come somebody told

me that God was speaking to them through

pornography Charles do you know how



demented the enemy will suggest things

when you don’t say yes

Lord okay let me move John chapter

5:7 God asked this man a question and

instead of his faith answering watch

this because a lot of us feel like this

his damaged

answered God is talking to him he says

do you want to be made whole look at his

response John 5:7 I can’t

sir for I have no one to put me into the

pool when the water be

bubbling someone else always gets there

ahead of

me how many times have you told God I

can’t it’s easy to judge this man

because of his condition but some of us

are telling and I understand it cuz he’s

literally crippled some some of us are

telling God I can’t and it’s just

because you

won’t it’s not a real I can’t it’s like

what will people think about

it you could start the Bible study but

what if nobody

comes obedience is not about the

outcome oh

Jesus God has been telling us to move

start counseling well God it cost money

so does Netflix Hulu HBO Max NFL

ticket cancel all of those for a year

and see if you can’t go to counseling

I’m walking too heavy right now cuz you

need a new outfit for every

weekend but you wearing that old


soul I

can’t this man really couldn’t

and some of us really

can’t but I believe many times I can’t

isn’t I

won’t I don’t want to I don’t feel

equipped to and that ain’t even the

question Jesus did not ask him do you

have the

ability to be made

whole cuz then the right answer would

have been I

can’t but he just asked him do you want

to be made whole and watch this I need

you to write this down because it

reveals the character of our father

Jesus’s questions are always an

invitation never an

accusation he was not trying to accuse

him of anything he was inviting him into


healing do you want to

be a person of

integrity that’s not an accusation that

you’re just a liar it’s an invitation to

a new level of

living do do do you do you want to be

made whole do you want to actually

prioritize your

marriage that’s not saying you’re a bad

husband or a bad wife he’s inviting us

and many times when we look at scripture

many times because of our own childhood

trauma or the trauma that we’ve had with

Father figures we look at God like we’ve

looked at other men on

Earth and so when we hear something that

feels strong

we think it’s an accusation instead of


invitation Jesus did not ask this man

did he want to be made whole to then be

like so sit

there no no no no I want to see it for

myself water Bubble

Up you didn’t make

it that’s how we act like God comes to


infirmity that he’s waiting for us to


he was inviting him into a miracle and

the man didn’t even know

it and there’s many people my burden is

I know that many people have tried cuz

some people it’s not even an excuse you

said like do I want to be made whole yes

Pastor Mike that’s why I keep coming to

church that’s why I keep loving that’s

why I keep giving that’s why I keep

serving do I want to be made whole

that’s why that’s why done bought damage

but not

destroyed that’s that’s why like has any

body ever done everything you know how

to do come on this man was sitting by

the pool he could have told people take

me get me in the

desert take me somewhere else he was at

least by the place where he knew a

miracle would

happen some of you are here at church

today at least you’re by the place that

you’ve seen miracles happen somebody

sent you this link and you’re watching

it with discouragement in your heart but

at least your body yes I want to be made


but Jesus write this down isn’t looking

for explanation he’s looking for

expectation this man when Jesus asked

him the question do you want to made be

made whole he starts explaining why he

couldn’t and all Jesus wanted to know is

do you expect something cuz I’m here I

done showed up the God of the universe

you I know you done heard about me put

some respect on my name

when God shows up to your situation he’s

not ever showing up to leave it the

same and many times when we should be

met with

expectation we start telling and giving


explanations and may I dare say for some

people your explanation has turned into


excuse youve been saying the same thing

for 14 years of why you can’t do what

God God said please keep your

explanation I know it

already please keep your

excuses all I need you to do is trade in

your explanation of why you can’t and

your excuses of why you won’t and I need

you to trade it for expectation maybe

today is the

day it it it lost it didn’t fail it

didn’t work three more times before but

maybe fifth times a CH it’s third times

a charm maybe fifth times a

charm okay I need to encourage

somebody’s Faith

okay verse

eight Look what Jesus

does Jesus told him stand up pick up

your mat and

walk did Jesus just ignore his


and his

excuses and call him to

something bigger than anything he’s ever

done I want you to see the character of

my God he will ask you do you want to be

mayle God I can’t because cool stand up

pick up your mat

walk well God I I I didn’t have an educ

I had six months of TCC education stand

up pastor this church read your Bible

lead a generation to me uhoh I’m telling

my own testimony right now God will

ignore your explanation to call you into

something is anybody glad that God has

ignored your excuses uhuh I need to find

the Grateful people that when you gave

God a list of of why you couldn’t he

said yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

I hear all of that but I will Empower

you to do what I’m calling you to


your words don’t have that much power

with the god of the

Universe I need you to see something

that I found in the


Jesus told

him he didn’t suggest to

him he he didn’t present

options he commanded


go with me in the mind in my

movie God I I can’t I I I stand

up it’s a little

insensitive you know I’m crippled you

know I’m

damaged you know I haven’t I haven’t

used I haven’t used anything like that

in years stand up

some of y’all is not stand up start

up well God God I I nobody in my f start

up some of y’all is not start up show

up well God they don’t they don’t like

people like me there show

up nobody nobody that has my skin

complexion has ever owned anything like

that show

up some of y’all it’s not show up some

of y’all show up

well my little $10 ain’t going to do I

said SE up to where you think you want


be he

literally on He commands

him and I just feel in the

spirit that

God’s I’m about to say encouraging cuz

that seems better he’s commanding

you stand up

up I know the trauma that’s happened to

you I was there I’ve covered you all of


years I’ve protected your heart I

protected your soul but don’t give me

another year of excuses of why you can’t

be the leader that I’ve called you to be


up I don’t need to know all of the

reasons why nobody in your family has

done this I’ve been trying to get

somebody for 40 years to just stand up

and take on I already got the grace for

you to do

it I’m right here with you but you got

to make a decision to stand

up what I wanted to tell everybody today

is God’s calling is a

command most of us act like it’s an

option I hear so many people like man I

know I mean I know I’m called to speak

you know what I’m saying but you know

I’m just wait no no no that is not an

option for

you if God calls you to do something

it’s a

command and I am sick of

counseling generations of people who

know God has spoken to

them you know he told you to do

something and you still are deciding if

you are going to do

it I’m up here doing this not cuz I want


if it was up to me I would be producing

music and I would come to church online


y’all I’d be in my drawers in a row

right now eating Captain Crunch sitting

on my couch maybe in the jacuzzi and I

would be watching on the screen and I’d

be like he man P if I

me but the reason I’m up here cuz this

wasn’t a choice for me he Comm he called

me and it was a


command I’m oh my God stand

up stand up I’m saying it till something

inside of you sh

shakes stand

up you will not be it won’t have to pass

to another generation stand up deal with

your issues so you can be deliverer for

so many stand up I feel this thing be

everything God called you to be stand up

take up your space somebody shout at me

stand up stand

up you either stand up in your calling

or sit in your


those are your only two options stand up

in your calling I will take up my speed

space I will have dominion I will be

everything God told me to be I’m going

to be an ambassador of the Kingdom on

this Earth whether it’s an education

special needs government music I’mma do

everything God called me to do it don’t

matter if nobody’s done it before I’m

going be a pastor that does music movies

preaches I’mma do everything if he put

it in me it’s coming out of me stand up

I can either stand up in my

calling or sit in my I

can’t and may I say the reason why it

seems like evil is winning

everywhere is because too many people

who God has commanded and called to do

something are still

sitting in there I


if you want to sit in your I can’t you

can have that but Transformation Church

is going to be a church of people with

crazy faith that are going to stand up

somebody shout at me one more time stand

up by faith everybody if you sitting

down right now stand

up at your job tomorrow some of y’all

just going to be

standing you going to get a standup desk

with the little motor you like uh I

ain’t sitting no

more what you doing I’m standing

up I mean just by

faith hold hands with your husband and

your wife we

standing I know we live in a community

with poverty right now but we going to

buy this community one

day the only reason God put me here is

so I could see the depravity and know

that I’m the answer for this


oh no I had to struggle to get through

college so I know what it felt like so

then when God blesses me I’ll start a

college fund you not famous I’m funded

I’ll do whatever God ask stand


up y’all sit

down is it that easy to make you fall

off of what God told you to do oh is it

that easy oh is it that easy if somebody

just tells you I said


stand that’s all it takes it’s one

person to say I don’t like your idea

nobody’s ever done that before you can’t

lead a multi-ethnic church in Tulsa

Oklahoma that’s


the shout at me one more time stand up

stand up

now y’all scared to sit down the rest of

the message okay no no for real

everybody can sit down this time okay

look at them they like I don’t know if

he’s playing I promise I got

you look some people was like uhuh I got

crazy fight standing the rest of the

message I I really feel

like God asked them asked this man that

question do you want to be made

whole because he knew what was

next anytime God comes to you and say

hey do you do you actually want to walk


Freedom do you want to be everything

I’ve called you to be it’s not because

he’s trying to play you he’s trying to


you he knew what was next for this

man like I want you to imagine Jesus

strolling up there were other damaged


there this was this was a

pool with only damaged people at

it and then Pharisees and Sadducees

hating cuz they didn’t want people

healed on the wrong

day that’s a whole another

situation be

careful cuz some of y’all’s healing is

going to offend

people cuz it didn’t happen how they

thought it should

some people don’t like me not because I

did anything wrong it’s just they don’t

think I should

qualify but it’s a bunch of damaged

people and God comes up to this man and

says do you want to be made whole

because he came in there with healing

restoration and Resurrection on his

mind when Jesus shows up he’s never

showing up to a assess the situation and


away he’s always coming to

transform the situation the only reason

he doesn’t is if you don’t want him

to my question to you is not just do you

want to be made whole another question

do you want what’s

next I need you to answer that question

for real cuz for many of you that

question means your life don’t get to

stay the

same cuz some of us was like do you want

to be Mayo

yes and then God says do you want what’s

next tell me what’s

next I want to be made whole but


on what you’re planning for

next and what I’m planning for the

healing the Deliverance I’ll take

that but after you heal me then I’m in

control after you bless me with the

finances or the ability to produce

wealth now I control the

money after you raised me out of that

situation now I’ll be Lord of my

life and God’s saying to you he’s like

no no no no no that’s why he tells the

man he is like you got to pick up that

mat after I heal

you I’m not going back to that no no no

it’s the proof that I did

this if if if if if you walk around like

you always been walking it’s been 38


boy since you’ve

walked and people who just meet you will

think you’ve walked all 38

years people think you always been a

good business person they don’t know you

went bankrupt

twice people see you in this marriage

and always think that you was a purity

but you was a


okay people always have thought you were

a woman of worship you was a


ho now you’re judging

people look at her

skirt stop

it what What God Says to many of us

without telling us what it is do you

want what’s next and this is what where

you have to trust the character of our

God and most people want the healing but

don’t want what’s next and this

man do you want to be mayho our answer

today collectively is

yes and then there’s a

next and today would be very easy for me

to just shout at you about getting up

and walking and taking your mat and

having the miracle but there’s a bunch

of people listen listening to this

message that are between yes and

next that’s what I want to title this

sermon I only got a few more points but

I need you to hear me because somebody’s

about to be

shaken because they don’t know what to

do between the yes I want to be made

whole and what God has next for me


yes and next look what

happens verse 8 Jesus told him stand up

pick up your mat and do

what do something listen to me that

you’ve never done

before defy 38 years of

History pick up the place where you’ve

been laying and do something you’ve

never done

before we act like it’s some simple

thing like it’s like oh yeah like like

yeah stand up pick up your mat

walk yeah forgive

them um yeah move to another

city and start your career

over no I have a plan for you plan to

Prosper you not to harm you to give you

a hope in a future get out of that

relationship deactivate all your social

media read through the New

Testament and many of you right now are

saying that’s

extreme it don’t take all of

that bring me a matap

please I need y’all to see this like

just just just put put yes and next on

the screen for me yeah just just lay it

right here yeah just just lay it this

way yeah yeah just lay it lay it like

this way this way this way there you

go do you want to be

mayho yes that mean that means I’m going

to have to leave what has become

comfortable I mean I don’t want to be

here but I’ve formed

some form some

comfort I’ve learned how to roll it up

and get a little I mean it don’t really

fit me

but let me get a little

tighter cuz he not he not marriage

material but I


he keep me warm at

night I mean it’s not I know it’s not

God’s best for me but it’s not

bad maybe I need

to it’s formed to my body

now yeah yeah this is comfortable but


Lord whatever you want from me stand

up so what the way this is set

up from here to there doesn’t

work the way this set up that if

anybody’s going to do that they have to

have these level of

connections the way this is set

up I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to

move past that pain because every time I

try to move this it hurts

see we don’t know if this man every time

somebody says somebody’s

paralyzed they always think that people

don’t have any pain

there they think that oh it’s numb they

can’t feel but many times paralyzed

people if you do research they can’t

move it and when they try to do it it’s


pain and many times so many of us have

tried so many times this man tried every

time the pool bub up to get to the water

because if they got to the water he

could be made

whole so God you came and asked me do I

want to be made whole do you not know

every day I’m watching for the bubble so

that I can get out of this

position every time somebody ask me do I

want a prophecy that’s why I go to all


conferences and give $100 for Miracle

Water don’t act like

okay do I want to be made whole some of

us have been trying so hard that we’ve

tried stuff that we know wasn’t

God God i’ I’ve tried praying in the

spirit and I’ve tried

crystals I’ve tried psychics and zodiac

sign I know it was wrong but I want to

behold so

bad I’m willing to try anything

and God’s saying all right stand

up stand up okay stand

up h

stand I think I know what that

means standing that’s what they do stand

I’ve never stood before


never I’ve never done this

before I’ve never I’ve never had anybody

ask me to do this before so there must

be something you see in me because

you’re here with

me you must be speaking to things that

are in me that I don’t even know are

there stand up it would have been


if Jesus would have came to him I want

y’all to see this and said hey man I’mma

pick you up I’mma make the water bubble

and I’mma put you in there that would

have made complete sense to all of us

dang he’s a good

Jesus he going to come on the day where

it’s not supposed to Bubble make it

bubble pick him


between yes and next it’s not Jesus’s



yours light

claps cuz you want Jesus to do your

work why you have to sign up for

counseling cuz that’s not Jesus’s

work it’s your

work why you have to get into a b group

for accountability

that’s not Jesus it’s your

work this man had to what is in between

yes and next watch this your

faith watch watch watch this man had to

use his crazy

Faith to even try to use what was

broken what what did it look

like stand


up oh my





he stood up but that wasn’t the end of


instruction pick up




but it may he may have been

exposed he might have been in a

vulnerable position because his clothes

were meant for laying not for

standing he’s always

been so maybe he was a little

vulnerable trying to stand maybe he made

noises they never heard him make before

maybe it didn’t look but it didn’t just

say stand

up it said What pick

up so depending on how tall he

was I can’t pick up this mat from a


position those very muscles that I just

got up enough courage to get

up I got to

go by


this man has never done this but by

faith somebody Shout At Me by faith

byth he probably didn’t use his whole

hand pick up your

man but that was the second

command now what and most Believers are

okay with just

standing I’ve done with nobody else

did look what God has done at

Transformation Church in nine

years we just we just got to standing

and picking up our M you hav’t even seen

us walk

yet we got our testimony but baby the

Dominion steps that we about to take the

territory that we about to leave our

footprint in if somebody got crazy Faith


stand up pick up your mat and what I got

Dominion I got Dominion I got Domin

everywhere your feet will


TRW what’s between the yes I want to be

made whole and the next of the miracle

it’s crazy faith

Faith begins where understanding

ends well Pastor Mike how I was talking

to my my friend and trainer and God’s

been speaking to him and he said bro I

keep getting stuck on the how I know God

says some stuff but I keep getting stuck

on the how I said God never asked you to

come up with the

how he’s already got the how do you have

faith to obey what he says to

do when God told me and woke me up and

said write down that Spirit Bank Event

Center will be Transformation Church I

did not know

how that was going to happen this

building was built for 6454

million I I’ve never counted to 54

million never counted to 1 million come

on let’s be honest after they get to 100

it’s like a th000 10,000 we start count


thousands he didn’t ask me how it was

going to happen he said Do you believe

what I

said and I believed it enough I used my

crazy faith enough to write it

down and he did the all I’m saying is

some of y’all are saying yes I want to

be healed from the trauma yes I want to

be delivered from the pain yes I want to

be the man of God he’s called me to be

yes I want to be a woman of Purity yes I

wanted and then God said I got something

next but

between it’s all all

you and I’ll give you the faith you need

to do it but I cannot do it for

you all right we got to go

home four things that I’ve learned from

my walk with

Jesus when I’ve been between yes and

next number one what do you do between

yes and next you invest your

faith invest it I’mma try every crazy

thing God tell me to do cuz it’s better

than sitting right

here this man is paralyzed what’s his


option no never mind god of the universe

I’ll sit here in my crippled comfortable

spot he said stand up he was like well

shoot I’m about to

try and some of y’all should just try

to do what God

Said cuz you have

everything to

gain and not what if I wouldn’t have

wrote down that the spirit Bank Event

Center was Transformation

Church what if I was like that’s too

big God I can’t do

that we wouldn’t be sitting here

today because of my lack of just trying

somebody say invest your faith Hebrews

11:1 says now Faith everybody say now

Faith not yesterday’s faith not your

Grandmama’s Faith right now the faith

you have in this room not even before

you got to church today everybody say

now you know the powerful thing about

now it’s

now so you could have been doubting a

moment ago but right now I believe God

can’t do some I believe the diagnosis is

not going to kill me I believe that God

is going to help my son be able to

overcome autism I believe


right now Faith is the substance of

things hoped for some of y’all got to

get y’all hope back woo the enemy has

stolen your hope hope to be

married hope to be able to bless your

family hope to be able to be a different

just hope hoping is

free but the enemy tries to convince you

that you can’t hope hope is the fuel for

Faith you can’t have faith if you don’t

have hope oh God now Faith is a

substance of things hoped for the

evidence of Things Not Seen there is a

future that is not seen that only gets

pulled into the present when you supply

it with your

Faith Pastor Mike how did this happen

cuz when I was

broke nobody come into the church no

money in the bank 22 people watching on

YouTube I stood up in my church and said


church will be a


multigenerational multiplying

multicampus church and then people clap

how y’all just clap but the thing about

it is we started from the bottom now we

here all I’m telling you is that you

don’t have to have a group of people to



I had now

Faith and watch this the reason why

investing your faith right now is

important when you’re in between past

Mike I don’t know what to do I know God

has a calling on my life and I have not

seen it yet invest your faith right now

when you invest your faith watch this it

produces the

future I’m working on some stuff right

now that don’t make no

sense if my cell phone notes is so

loaded with vision for the future I

can’t let nobody get in there cuz it was


you cuz most people cannot understand

Chad was texting me yesterday I think he

Instagram messaged me Chad’s over our

video production and stuff like that and

he he he um take me uh text me and he

was like I saw you at the Dove Awards he

said we need to do our own award

show and me and my wife had just just

finished talking

about Charles you was there he’s I said

we need you do I technology screens

platform we do that every Sunday why

don’t we have some type of award show

that highlights what God’s doing all

around the kingdom that’s not built by

politics or how many this and that and

like why don’t

like but most people want I say that

type of v

why we already have the Grammys

we already have this we already have

that it’s time for us to take

Dominion so what are you saying it ain’t


yet there was a yes in my

spirit but I’m in between so what do I

do I invest my faith second thing you

need to invest right now if you’re in

between now some of y’all have already

made it you already in the miracle

season but the crazy thing about it is

every time you get into a miracle season

you have another between


I don’t care where you at right now God

will always put you in a predicament

that will require your

faith I am in a place right now that God

is requiring my faith at a brand new

level after all of this after writing

crazy Faith you think you would get a


pass if you wrote a book about crazy

Faith he said no no no no faith is a

muscle that when you stop working it you

lose the ability to everybody do like

this faith is a muscle my question is

when the last time you work the muscle

of Faith or is everything you do based


fact if you’re in between I’m almost

done the second thing you need to do is

invest your

focus one of the greatest tactics of the

enemy is to distract you when you’re in

between you know you’re in between

relationships you just got have a bad

one and then this fool come up

and he the one dude you wanted to talk

to when you was

available but right in the season that

God told you spend time with me let’s Su

together let’s

commune no Donaldo

is Donaldo I don’t know where these

names come from but

Donaldo everybody say focus focus I

remember seeing um has anybody ever been

to the Kentucky Derby or you’ve seen

those purebred horses that run one of

the things that everybody has to do that

have that type of power in horse they

put blinders on

them on the side of their eyes because

if they look

peripherally they will get off of the

track that they’re supposed to be

on and some of us with Instagram don’t

have any

blinders with Facebook you follow back

every person that follows you

that means you give them access to

distract you at any moment of the day

and you have your notifications

on blinking blinking blinking

distraction distraction

distraction invest your focus Hebrews

12:11 no discipline is enjoyable why


happening it’s

painful but after that focus of being

disciplined and doing the same thing

over and over even when you don’t want

to there will be a watch these two words

that are rarely ever together peaceful

Harvest now anybody we read over that

like it’s something that’s like oh yes

that’s what I want anybody that ever has

had a farm knows that Harvest Time ain’t




blister Sun eating your face up sweat


if it’s a big Harvest but God says if

you’re disciplined for a season I’ll

allow your Harvest to be

peaceful that’s the type of prayer we

should be praying but don’t pray it if

you won’t stay focused in

discipline ah Bishop told me one time he

said Michael a season of discipline will

produce a lifetime of

Freedom if you would invest your focus

on what God is saying right now while

you’re in between just invest your Focus

spend more hours on that than

Netflix spend more hours on what God

Said than than than being out and

partying and trying to be places listen

when you invest your focus it produces

freedom I think about my life right now

when I was younger I was doing stuff a

lot of people weren’t doing trying to

get better at my craft trying to be

better at what God in just in the

direction of what God called me to do

and because of that by the time I was 28

years old I was running my own companies

I had all this stuff that I was doing

and it was producing freedom for me

because I had a season of focus what I’m

telling every person in this room is God

saying your next season of freedom is

not based on anything else except what

you focus on

today invest your faith invest your

focus watch this one you going to not

expect it and invest your

finances one of the greatest things that

I’ve ever done between my yes and my

next is use crazy faith and invest my

finances and y’all think I’m talking

about an

offering that’s a part of it but what

are you investing your finances in right

now look at Luke 12:34 for where your

treasure is there your heart will be

also your money is a GPS system to where

you where your heart

is most of our hearts are on things that

cannot help our

future you got every Steve Madden

shoe and you got every Michael Kors

purse and you got all the golf clubs oh

you didn’t think I was coming for

you you got guns you’ll never

use you got houses and rental houses

and God said what in that was

eternal and what did that is even

beneficial for you I’m not saying you

can’t buy stuff but I just want you to

do an inventory of what you have spent

money on in the last 12

months where’s your

heart I’m not saying where it is go to

your Arvest account your Bank of America

account your Chase account and tell me

where your heart is some of y’all’s

heart is on your

house but you have no peace in that

home and it would be better for you to

move into an apartment for a season and

go to

counseling so that you and your husband

could at least the last three years you

have with your child in the house it

could be an environment where they

actually see two people trying to love

each other and do it God’s

way but you would rather be in a gated

neighborhood and actually Bound in your

spirit Pastor Mike give me another

example because that that just feels

okay do you know how much money I’ve

invested in training over the past three

years I could have bought a luxury car

with how much money I spend to have

another grown adult

come to my house and say I’m here

coach and he the coach but he called me

coach and say come outside we got to

work out he came to my house this

morning 6:00 a.m. and sometimes I’ll be

hoping he don’t show

up can I be honest I don’t pray that he


hurt but sometimes I just pray his car


stops and like

clockwork I’ve

invested but what I’m able to do this

last two months of me traveling and

showing up and being on shows and doing

all this stuff my body could not have


it had I not been training for the past


years for the moment of purpose that God

has me in right

now you buying shoes you need to buy a


I’mma kill them with these and still be

dumb like the truth of the matter is

like you a’t no new language no new

skill I have learned stuff in books that

have changed the trajectory of my life

Mike how did you learn about money a

book I need so I need a mentor the

greatest place to find a mentor for

cheap is a


okay what are you saying Pastor Mike

when you invest your finances in between

it produces

fruit see when I invest my finances I

never SE something that I don’t think

I’m getting a return on there’s nothing

you invest no good person invests

anything hoping that it goes

away you invest with faith that it’s

coming back

multiplied Pastor Mike why are you so un

blessed because I invest a lot of

finances into people places and the

kingdom of God I’m not talking about the

checks that we give million dollar

that’s from us that’s from all of us but

I’m talking about when I go to

Popeye’s rolling out of here and the

Holy Spirit says go by Popeyes and I’m

thinking he gonna let me get a chicken

sandwich he said grilled blackened

chicken I was like ah why am I here Lord


I and I pull up to the thing

God says take all your money out of your

wallet and give it to this

girl well I at least deserve a chicken

sandwich after that

lord I can’t tell you how many times

I’ve told Scott go get $1,000 out of my

account why I don’t

know I do not

know why I’m taking the money you’ve

given me and I’m I’m going to give it to

people that I guess are praying to

you are guest asking God would you just

show up for

me oh God and you did say in your word

you will give seed to

the I asked for

this oh no get

2,000 why cuz I’ll be

ready whenever God asks me for anything

it ain’t mine

anyway okay that’s a whole another

message but the thing about fruit is

fruit never comes without more seed

oh any not this genetically modified

y’all eating these seedless grapes

that’s from a science fair

experiment I don’t like the grapes

that’s what’s producing the fruit I

I too many people are trying to get

genetically modified

blessings you think it’s a magic trick

and all the way back to the beginning

it’s seed

time and harvest you want to you want to

reap something s

something God and when you’re in between

you invest your faith you invest your

focus you invest your finances last one


one you invest

o your

faithfulness you keep doing

it you don’t just stand up you show

up nothing changed but I’mma keep doing

it people left the church because of the

spit incident and then Easter and then

I’mma still be

here what if everybody leaves then it’s

going to be me Charles Bri Natalie and

whoever else down here that’s going to

ride with us

like well Pastor Mike this that the

third I’m gonna be

faithful but Pastor Mike you don’t see

all these women out here trying to give

you advance I’m faithful to Natalie




th I’m not

blind I’m just in

Covenant you going to look dumb stepping


me please sweetheart

you must have me


confused I I’m I’m

faithful the reason I

tithe is not because I’m trying to earn

my position in God I’m already redeemed

I’m already forgiven I’m already

righteous but the reasonable response to

the a god who’s given me everything I

had and brought me out of all the stuff

I’ve been in and gave me any type of

leadership if you ask for 10% that’s the


minimum I’m

faithful I don’t even see it no more it

come out right with Uncle

Sam’s why cuz 90% with his

Blessing it’s better than 100% with


faithfulness Pastor Mike why should we

be faithful when we’re in between yes

and our next Luke 16:10 I’m so glad you

ask you if you are

faithful in little

things you will be faithful in large

ones but if you are dishonest in little

things you won’t be honest with greater

responsibilities all you

have is all you need to prove that

you’re faithful be faithful over the job


got be faithful over the two people you

lead be faithful in the little money you

got cuz it’s the same muscle of

faith when you invest your faithfulness

watch this it produ produces

flourishing I want my life to

flourish I want everything that God

allows me to do I want it to continue to

move forward so right now if you like

that man who was on his matap and God

says do you want to be made whole our

answer today is


yes and I know there’s some great

miracle that’s coming next but what’s in

between is my crazy

faith I’m going to have crazy faith and

I’m going to invest my faith I’m going

to inv invest my focus I’m going to

invest my finances and I’m going to

invest my faith

fulness Pastor Mike is it that simple

yeah cuz I don’t know what’s next only


does I think about it every year I was

telling Charles before every year since

2015 I I want to tell you a testimony of

what broke the back of poverty over our

ministry and this was scary for

me Bishop gave me the the the Baton and

said I want you to lead this church the

church had done amazing things but we

were in a um financially depressed place

like there wasn’t a grocery store within

how many miles Bishop like 14 15 miles

no fresh produce all they had was Family

Dollars everywhere and y’all know the

only thing Family Dollars is good for is


Buns y’all

know chips and

Candy killing the community all this

other stuff and and and and we felt

called to reach those people and we

still are but God said Michael I want

you to lead out of this but it’s going

to take crazy faith I went to Tammy and

I told her I said we’re going to take an

offering and every dollar that’s raised

we are going to give it to another

church and back then there wasn’t no

huge savings account that was like yeah

let’s definitely do that every penny

dime and

quarter was NE necessar needed and

counted and God said this is going to

take Faith for you we got up on that

Sunday and the people’s faith in that

room oh I can refill it right now we



38 and you sitting here like

yay it might as well been

$800,000 cuz when it comes to giving

your finances it’s not about amounts

it’s about

obedience one of the greatest

sacrificial offerings that Jes Jesus

talks about was a woman who gave two

mights what

amount and ever since

then we’ve been doing every year a time

where we challenge our faith we’ve

called it heart for the kingdom we’ve

called it our um what else have we

called it Tabernacle offering but it’s

just all it is is a moment where you and

God get together and say I want to move

past this place that I am and I’m going

to believe God in Crazy faith and I’m

going to seow seed

and for some of you this is one of the

things that we’re going to do we’re not

doing it today everybody unclench your


cheeks every was like oh no no this is

not I just the Bible tells us not to

give with compulsion or out of

manipulation or anything seven weeks



seven all I want you to do is pray and

ask God is this something that you want

me to do are you trying to challenge me

into another level of what’s in my next

and all around the world people seow in

Crazy faith and this is the thing you

don’t have to sew in this I would rather

some of y’all make a decision when it

comes to your finances to actually just


faithful you you don’t got to give above

and beyond your tith and just commit

this next year starting the next

paycheck I am going to be faithful of

setting aside 10% and somebody’s like I

don’t have enough money to tithe that’s

the testimony you will never have enough

until you start doing

it I’m just telling you this is not an

offering message but I just feel to

challenge somebody in this on December

10th we’re going to give a crazy Faith

offering this is not about you doing

anything to do a slot machine to

God I need to say this to everybody cuz

a lot of people like I’m writing down on

my crazy faith and I’m giving a h

hundred on it no no

baby two separate things you can make

your prayer request known every day

that’s it you can come to the throne of

grace boldly but one of the things

that’s changed me forever is stepping

beyond what makes

sense saying God if you tell me this and

so this is all I’m asking you pray about

it and whatever God tells you to do I

want you to do that now this is the one

thing I’m going to tell you the devil

will never tell you to

give cuz some of y’all the holy spirit’s

going to say something and you going to

say devil get behind


for God so loved the world

he the enemy is the opposite of

God so everything that God does the

enemy hates so he’ll never tell you to

give if God tells you to do something I

want you to do it me and Natalie our

church this is customary for us to step

into this next level but I believe

there’s something significant that’s

going to happen because many of us in

this room feel in between is there

anybody that this message has just

spoken to something you feel in between


okay today I’m going to pray that God

would increase your faith to make the

step you need to

make that he can’t make for

you for some of you your faith needs to

be incre increased to make the call to

counseling this

week for somebody else your faith needs

to be increased so you can

actually fill out the application to go

back to

school for some of you your faith needs

to be increased so you can put down the

blunt for some of you your faith needs

to be increased so you can stop the

subscription I don’t know where it is

for you but if you need your faith to be

increased in an area so that you can see

what’s between your yes and your next I

need you to stand up wherever you are

remember the command was



and As you stood up stand up could you

just lift your hands right now I want to

pray for you oh my

god father I thank you woo I feel the

presence of God father I thank you for

your people today we have felt your love

and your

conviction that father it would be your

love that you would come see us in a


position feeling like we’ve been looked

over and we’ve missed our opportunity

for years and years

and by your loving kindness you come

right up to us and ask us do we want to

be made whole today our answer is yes

come on just say it with faith one more


yes God as we are here saying we want to

be made whole we want to be delivered

from the damage and the triggers and the

trauma and the excuses and the

explanations today God we know we’re

going to need your

help cuz we know you have something

great next for us

but this next step is going to take us

using our faith would you increase the

measure of our faith

today would you give us another Measure

of Faith God to believe you pass our


experiences to believe you past our

disappointments father God we believe

but help our unbelief

today you’re big enough and good enough

to deal with the parts of us that are

still still doubting

God and so today whether it’s from the

trauma from our

childhood or the pain of our past today

we’re bringing all of our damage to the

designer and God we’re asking you could

you do something with what we

have that is greater than we

expected I thank you that we have the

faith to try

why father and as the Miracles begin to


happening I thank you Father that we

will not say it was because of our


only Yes we made the call but the spirit

that works through the counselor father

God I thank you it’s not by might not by

power it’s going to be by your spirit

you’re going to hook us up with the

right people you’re going to get us in

the right Community father as we step

you’re stepping towards us as

well today God I thank you that people

are not just going to stand up but

they’re going to pick up their mat their

testimony and they going to

walk and take

Dominion today God we’re saying take

over now unto

him who is able to do


abundantly above all we can ask think or

imagine we need that God

to give us the faith to do what’s next

we trust you we believe you and we thank

you in that same attitude right now if

you’re in here and you need to make

Jesus Christ your lord and

savior today is your moment by

faith has M doesn’t make sense and no no

that’s exactly Faith begins where

understanding ends God is saying today

by faith you can believe that Jesus was

sent to the cross

to take on the penalty that me and you

should take for our sins and if you

believe in that that he rose from the

dead and he’s sitting at the right hand

of the father right now you can be saved

literally the penalty you should take

for all the crap you’ve done excuse me

all the crap I’ve done a liar

manipulator addicted to pornography all

this thing and Jesus said yeah just give

me your heart cuz if you give me your

heart I’ll help you change your habits

I’m standing here today as a testimony

of the grace of God

and today maybe your next step between

your yes and your next is accepting

Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior I

know there’s hundreds of people that

need to make that decision and I need

the church to start praying because life

and death is Waring right now for you

and God says I called you this is a

command I got you here to watch and this

is your

moment if today you want to accept Jesus

Christ as your personal Lord and Savior

on the count of three I just want you to

lift your hands if you’re in the room or

you’re watching online or rebroadcast

you’re watching on YouTube it does not

matter today the spirit of the god is

drawing you right now one you’re making

the greatest decision of your life two

I’m happy and we going to turn up but

your name is about to be written in the

Lamb’s Book of Life for all of eternity

three shoot your hand up if you want to

accept Jesus I see you my brother I see

you my sister oh Transformation Church I

see I see you oh come on y’all this is

how we

shout hallelujah see you young people

old people you can put your hands down

at Transformation Church nobody prays

alone today we’re going to pray cuz you

just made a step into your next

everybody just lift your hands and say

God thank you for sending Jesus just for

me today I repent and I turn to you I

believe you lived you died and you Rose

again with all power all power to

transform my life change me renew me

transform me I’m yours in Jesus name

amen Welcome To The Kingdom can we

cele can we celebrate what God has done

hallelujah so proud of you so proud of

you my

brother the altar team is coming right

now if you just made that

decision I want you to take your phone

out and hit the QR code that’s going to

come up on the screen and we want to

give you some next

steps we want to walk with you you may

need to get in the B group I want you to

know you may be

damaged but you’re not destroyed before

me dismissed today there’s some people

in here that need prayer they need to

agree with somebody I don’t care if

you’re going through a situation it

feels like Pastor Mike I heard what you

said but I need somebody to agree with

me about this next step that I need to

make this in between thing that I need

to do I want you I do not want you to

leave this place without prayer if

you’re online just put in the chat you

need prayer for something our team and

people all around the world are going to

pray with you right there in the chat

we’re going to sing this song real quick

and I just want the presence of God to

start to speak to you listen at the end

of every message listen to me even as

you’re leaving I want you to ask Holy

Spirit what are you trying to say to me

I’ve said a lot of stuff but the spirit

wants to speak to you father I thank you

you that you would allow this message to

permeate in people’s hearts that they

would go back and watch it over and over

and you would illuminate to them what

you want them to do father God thank you

for being with us in between our yes and

our next and we’ll give you all the

glory all the honor and all the praise

in Jesus name somebody shout amen you

can come down from prayer from all over

this place and for everybody that’s

watching online go out and live a


life thank you so much for watching this

message we pray that it encouraged you

our vision is to represent God to the

lost and found for transformation in

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Central Standard Time now go out and

live a transformed