Get ready to be inspired in the third week of the Damaged but Not Destroyed Series, where the brilliant Dr. Anita Philips highlights the power of embracing our emotions as a key element of a healthy and fulfilling life. Drawing a striking comparison between thriving gardens and purpose-driven lives, this message reminds us that just like soil needs essential nutrients, our hearts require love and care to bloom. Dr. Anita combines her extensive experience as a trauma-informed therapist to magnify the power of what God’s truth concerning our internal makeup. Get ready for a revelatory word! You can get Dr. Anita’s book, The Garden Within, at ABOUT US We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Fill out the form below so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ:

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hi my name is Bri and I have the

privilege of serving as Chief of Staff

here at Transformation Church at TC our

vision is to represent God to the lost

and found for transformation in Christ

and we just want to say thank you so

much for tuning in from wherever you’re

watching from if you haven’t already be

sure to like And subscribe we believe

that God has a word just for you so

let’s jump into today’s message well I

am so excited to share with you guys

today I’m G to talk fast I’m from New

Jersey so I’m able to do that

come on I’m able to do that and I want

to teach you some things today I love

the number of minutes they gave me thank

you thank you for not asking me to speak

in 25 minutes I don’t know why they do

that to people I can’t do it so thank

you so

much this is a very special moment for

me and because I know how God works if

it’s special for me then he has it

special for every single person he

ordained to be in the room today but I’m

going to be 50 years old on

Tuesday I’m so happy half a century and

all year long God has been sending me

prophetic messages in different ways

that he is


me and he has done that and one of the

ways he has done that is to take me to

cities that have been significant in my

life and he did it on purpose so that

every time I noticed I was in the city I

didn’t realize I was coming to the city

I’d be so focused on the church itself

and making sure that I was bringing what

God had for that house so that house

could affect that City so I wasn’t

really thinking about the city and

yesterday when we hit the ground and got

in the car leaving the airport and I

realized I was in Tulsa

Oklahoma and this is the last City I

will minister in before my birthday on

Tuesday and 30 years

ago this semester I was a new student at

all Roberts


University and this is my first time

being back in Tulsa since then this is

the second time this year God started it

in Greensboro North Carolina had not

been there in 30 years and ending it

here in Tulsa where I haven’t been in 30

years something prophetic is

happening and so God has been showing me

that he is bringing me back to the

beginning to launch

again so that none of the things that

define my life today existed 30 years

ago and God told me that none of the

things that will Define my life in 30

years are visible right now he told me

that about this year the book was one of

the first things to be birthed out into

this new generation so I want to share

that with you because it is prophetic

that I’m here I’m in labor I’m giving

birth to

something and so God wouldn’t bring me

here to be a spectacle for

you there is a significant time period

in your life that God is rewinding and

restarting for some of you it’s 5 years

for some of you it’s 10 I know this is

the 10th year of the conference for some

of you it’s 20 some of you it’s 15 but

ask God to show you where in your life

he is backing up

to and he’s pressing the restart button

there are things that were meant to be

released in your life that were

disrupted damaged not destroyed because

God the enemy wanted to do something but

God is saying one of the things that you

lost you will get

back and that this relaunch this restart

this rebirth that’s going to represent

you to the world that he has called you

to T I need you to hear

this because he wouldn’t bring me here

and only do that for me it’s too

significant it’s too significant I

walked at campus yesterday with tears

streaming down my face God birthed my

career there he prophetically spoke to

me he said major in social work I didn’t

even know what social work was I had to

look it

up and I said oh that looks good to me

and that started my path to becoming a

therapist I embrace my call to preach

the gospel while I was there and so from

here what I’m doing today was birthed

from this

city and so God brought me back here to

birth my next and he wants you to know

it’s your turn to birth your next too

can you receive that word and I haven’t

started preaching yet but I’m


already we got to learn to hear God in

different ways it’s not always loud and

it’s not always flashy but it is always


true do you have a moment do you have

that moment in your

life hold on to it let’s go to Genesis I

spent a lot of time in Genesis Genesis

chapter 3 I’m not going to read all the

verses but for your notes because you’re

going to need to you’re going to need to

study this out later because we’re going

to look at a lot of scriptures but I

want you to look at Genesis chapter 3: 9

all the way through 19 now this is the

story of the

Fall we know how things started we know

that they’re going good we’ll go back to

that but then there was this man and

this woman and they made a bad decision

and they ate a fruit they weren’t

supposed to eat everybody’s familiar

with that story and so they were headed

towards the fall and they have done what

they shouldn’t have done they put on

some leaves they’re hiding out in the

garden I’m not going to read all the

verses but God comes looking for them

and the man says we were hiding because

we were naked God said well how you know

you was naked now this is like such a I

mean I don’t want to be discriminatory

but it’s I feel like it’s kind of a

black parent moment

cuz God’s just like and how you know you

was naked what you’ve been doing what

you say you already you you telling me

you’re hiding not because of what you

did wrong but because you know you’re

naked so you done told on yourself you

ever tried to get out of something with

your parents and you end up just telling

on yourself and they’re just like oh

really well how you know

that how you know where the present was

how you know where the cake was how you

know the door was unlock how do you know

that and so he said how do you know that

you’re naked why are you

aware of what you don’t have see there

was a reason why God made us nak because

there had been this other guy named

Lucifer and Lucifer had been created and

his entire body he was clothed with

jewels and pipes he had adorned him with

Splendor and he got caught up in

himself and thought that he could be

like God and so God threw him out we

know the

story and then he made us he thought

maybe if I don’t Adorn

them so

much maybe I will show Satan

that naked will still worship

me so he made us naked to give us a shot

to be a part of his story and we did

we’re in it and so he says I’m naked so

he we’re not supposed to know about

certain vulnerabilities but we do and so

then God said well how do you know he

said well the woman you gave me she gave

me the fruit and I ate it so then God

like that parent goes to the one and and

well and what you had to do with it cuz

now everybody in trouble you come stand

here you get a whooping you getting a

whooping you get whooping everybody come

on oh oh okay come on you not off the

hook but now you in it come on so he go

to the woman so what what was you doing

well well the serpent gave it to me okay

both y’all serpent you come stand over


too anybody ever been in that scenario

okay yeah so you come stand over here

too and so the serpent is in trouble so

but but what’s interesting in the scene

here is that God then he punishes the

serpent because the serpent did

something wrong he tells him he’s going

to crawl on his belly he punishes the

woman the sin curse was that child birth

would be Amplified and painful the sin

curse but we don’t live under law sin

and death anymore but that was the sin

curse that was the sin curse I had my

children naturally had one of them at

home never screamed once because I had

proclaimed I don’t live under the law of

sin and death anymore don’t let people

convince you that the law of sin and

death still Reigns over your life if you

know Jesus these were punishments not

purposes and some of us are walking like

the punishment is my purpose that’s a

separate message

and so and so he came in and said that’s

not your

purpose but you’re so busy focused on

the ways in which you are

naked and so then he punishes that and

then he punishes the man he punishes him

and then the ground gets in trouble now

this is the strange part if you look at

verse 11 he’s finishing off with the man

because you have listened to the voice

of your wife you have eaten of the tree

of which I commanded you you shall not

eat of it cursed is the ground because

of you cursed is the ground in pain

shall you eat of it all the days of your

life thorns and thistles it shall bring

forth to you three things now that is

different about the ground but the

ground didn’t do

anything the ground was not punished but

it was

changed and that is the ground from

which we were

formed and so that is why now generation

after generation we were changed we

weren’t being punished but we were

changed and so I need you to understand

that some of the painful things that go

on in your heart and your body it’s not

because of something you did wrong

you’re not being punished but but there

was a

change in the ground now how did the

ground start out well to know how the

ground started out we got to go back to

Genesis 1 because that’s where he

planted the original Garden we know that

God said on the first day let there be

light cuz everything was dark we needed

to have light and we know on the second

day God said let there be boundaries

that’s the need of Philips version he

said let there be

boundaries so he put some water above

the firmament some water below the

firmament the air and he made

boundaries because the Earth was chaotic

at the time and when there’s chaos in

your life you need boundaries so he made

boundaries and he made sure there was

water in the ground but there was also

water in the sky and this this light and

this air and this water is important

because of those are three things that


need and so on the third day he sold the

seeds of his word onto the good ground

that he made and plants grew grass herb

bearing seed that’s those are crops like

wheat and fruit trees those things

represent relationship purpose and

Legacy you’re going to have to get the

book for that I don’t have time trust

me but three things grew grass crops


trees and that was what we were designed

to produce we’re supposed to produce

relationships purpose Legacy that is

what a meaningful whole well life looks

like through the lens of the Creator

because a lot of us need to understand

that because so many of us are concerned

with how we’re broken and I want you to

pay attention to that and so many of us

aren’t healing Journeys how many people

on some kind of healing Journey right

everybody so so many of us aren healing

Journeys but how do you know when you’re

done where are you

going because all all you know really is

that you’re trying to get out of pain

you’re trying to get out of pain and

you’re trying to stop acting a

fool if I can stop hurting like this

stop sleeping with them stop smoking

that stop cussing at them stop losing my

temper in Unholy ways stop backbiting

stop gossiping stop using social media

to distract me instead of going to God

you’re trying to stop stop


stop and you think if you can do all of

that then maybe that’s where you’re at

but that will just mean that you’re out

of pain but are you growing are you

producing what you were designed to

produce are your relationships

healthy are you walking in purpose are

you leaving a

legacy now that’s Wellness what are you

cultivating God grew three things on

purpose but here’s the problem go back

now to the scene of the

Fall there was grass there was crops

there was fruit trees relationships

purpose Legacy but what happened

happened to the ground it went Barren no

more no more grass cursed is the ground

it stopped growing things and then it

says that out of his by the sweat of his

brow that the man Adam would produce he

would eat bread that means it’s going to

be hard to grow this wheat so that herb

bared those crops now it’s hard to grow

them and then it said

Thorns the Earth would give up Thorns

were not there on day

three and so now something new is

growing in the Garden we have

weeds all of a sudden this Garden has

weeds so this place where we were put to

have dominion we were meant to dress and

keep a garden that was growing purpose

relationships Legacy now all of a sudden

Dominion is in trouble it’s going to be

hard work to do what we need to do

because the grass has gone it’s Barren

it’s cursed the crops are down we’re

struggling to grow Legacy and feed

ourselves to be full of what God has for

us to be full up and we’re struggling to

leave a legacy because Thorns are

choking the

fruit that was supposed to be on that

tree now this is important

because we are

Gardens and In This Moment The Garden

was indeed

damaged but it wasn’t

destroyed because if you go to Matthew

Chapter 13 we find Jesus telling a story

called the parable of the sewer is

anybody familiar with the parable of the

sewer and in the parable of the sewer

God describes or Jesus describes three

types of soil that are causing problems

when we’re trying to grow something

there and in the first type of soil is

called Wayside the sea falls down it has

no interaction whatsoever with the

ground the bird comes and eats it

nothing happens that area is

Barren we went from grass relationships

to Cursed is the

ground that’s the Wayside soil and then

we see see a Stony ground that Stony

ground is described at first as having

joy in

it and so it received the seed of the

word of God with joy and the seed

started growing but then it got hot

outside and Jesus says the heart of the

person got

mad and anger killed

it that is your

crops that is your ground that is hard

to sew that is Adam sweating trying to

grow that

plant and then there’s a third kind of

ground thorny

ground the Thorns from

Genesis are growing in Matthew 13 in the

parable the sewer and they are choking


fruit remember that woman with the

multiplied sorrow they’re choking the

fruit of our Legacy the things were’re

supposed to birth and so you’ve been

reading your Bible a long time but you

may have never noticed that that Jesus

is telling the story of the parable of

the sewer at the scene of the

Fall he never left he never

left you don’t need you to catch that at

the place where their destruction came

to your life he never left he is

standing right there in the damaged

space he’s walking around in this dirty

Sandy mess that used to be grass and

used to be crops and used to be Orchards

and now this is all we have left and he


left you’ve been looking for him but

he’s been standing there the whole time

he was the seed that came out of God’s

mouth that fell on the soil on the third

day and grew the crops in the first

place and then when that man and that

woman made a decision that was not of

God he crawled

inside the Bible says he became the seed

of a woman so before they were put out

of the literal Garden he crawled inside

the bodily Garden of a

woman because his genetic

material that would become his body had

to flow down through a

woman I’m not going to get into whether

women can preach or not cuz I’m already

preaching but what I will


let me tell y’all I was raised by a

preaching woman and she told me this if

anybody ever tell you you can’t preach

you tell them what I tell them when they

tell me well make up another name for

what I’m doing baby because I am already

out here so

anyway he crawls inside the seed of a

woman now this is important

biologically because every female human

that that is born has in their ovaries

all the eggs they will ever have in

life we don’t make new eggs like men

make new seed we our eggs are all there

from the junk so that means when my

mother was born I was in

her because she already had me but that

means when my mother was in her mother

she I was in her in her mother while she

was in her mother while she was in her

mother and so Jesus’s genetic material

crowned into the seed of a woman and

from Eve to Rahab to T all the way down

Tamar all the way down to Mary the seed

traveled generation after generation in

the soil of the body of a

woman Jesus was not genetically related

to Joseph but he was genetically related


Mary yeah Jesus had a mama so

anyway so anyway

it is so critical for us to recognize

the thread of scripture because one of

the reasons that we underutilize the

power and the Dominion that the word

gives us is because we cherry-pick

verses that sound like what we want

today and we don’t eat the whole thing

my Bible says that we’re supposed to eat

the whole thing and so we going to go

from Genesis to Revelation today so that

you eat the whole thing so you realize

that Jesus never leaves you he won’t

leave you no matter how you fall no

matter what hurts you whether it was on

you like it was on the first man and

woman or wasn’t on you the ground didn’t

do anything wrong but the ground was

changed and many of you were born with

trauma in your body

already not because of anything you did

not because of anything that got done to

you directly but because trauma

changes the way that our DNA is

passed and so when we are born to

mothers particularly who haven’t

survived trauma there’s more

thorns in the soil of our lives so some

of you Havey you ain’t never you feel

like you ain’t never been

right and you tried to rebuke it and

it’s my imagination and the devil’s

lying but no it’s actually biologically

true that it’s always been hard for you

to sleep that you always seem to get

your feelings hurt the most easily that

it’s hard for you to recover from

certain kinds of pain and you’ve been

trying to figure out how this got into

your life but the ground the ground the

ground the ground was

changed and those Thorns is where I want

to focus

today because

when a weed shows

up it is an indicator of the condition

of the the

soil weeds only grow under certain

conditions the primary condition under

which weeds grow is in soil that lacks

the nutrient that it

needs and so when we have a weed we need

to check on what’s going on in the

ground now what is the

ground Jesus tells us in the parable the

sewer that the ground is our

heart he describes it as our emotional

space think about it Wayside soil no

description no emotion no contact with


seed Stony ground starts out joyful the

seed responds gets angry the plant dies

and then in the thorny ground it says

that the Thorns That Grew that they were

the cares of this world that word

translates to

anxiety the deceitfulness of riches

and in the Book of Luke when it tells

the parable so it adds the pleasures of

this life and so what would grow weeds

of anxiety what


fear fear see you’ve been struggling

with your mind when you should be

working on healing your heart because

the reason that the weeds are growing is

because the soil is in a condition that

is conducive for the thought that’s why

you can’t seem to get rid of the

thoughts you pull up the thought you try

and take a thought captive some of y’all

got so many thought captive you need a

wild thought Zoo you got so many of them

they just locked up everywhere but they

keep on proliferating like babay kids

they just keep coming and coming and

coming and you snatching them and

snatching them why are they growing back

because the heart is

fertile for the



fear is a real human

emotion I’m sorry to disappoint you if

you thought I was getting ready to tell

you how to rebuke the spirit of fear but


not fear is a real human

emotion it is not ever observed in the

heavenlies we don’t see it in Creation

in the first creation that’s good not

until the fall do the Thorns appear and

so sadness characterizes Wayside soil

read about that anger teaches us about

Stony soil and Stony soil teaches us

about anger but thorny soil is where I

want to focus because that’s where we

learn about fear now God Grieves so

sadness is not an Unholy emotion but as

humans who are Fallen we experience it

in intensities that are Beyond

healthy anger is not an Unholy emotion

God gets angry

and we saw Jesus get angry and so we are

allowed to be angry that’s why the Bible

said be angry but sin not it doesn’t say

don’t be angry so you won’t sin it says

be angry and said not so that that

emotion existed before the fall but we

do suffer it in ways that are broken

because of the Fall so sadness and anger

were not new but

fear was

new fear is a uniquely Human Experience

but it is an

emotion now we love to rebuke fear but

I’ve never heard anybody rebuke fear

when a bear was chasing

them I ain’t never heard has anybody

here stood in the face of a bear and

said I rebuke fear and you bear not a

one I’m going to go out on a

limb when you’re out going for that walk

by the lake and you got that stick with

you some of y’all know about the stick

what’s the stick for in case a dog you


know come in your direction you got that

stick now if you was really all about

the spirit of fear you wouldn’t have no

stick you be out there hey I have

dominion and if a dog come at me come on

dog come at me not one of you not one of

you not one we only start rebuking

fear in

relationships we start rebuking it when

God asks us to do something then we

scared to do

it then we start denying that fear is

real we start acting like we ain’t never

met fear before like it’s some kind of

demonic possession but it wasn’t a

demonic possession when the dog was

coming so I just I need you to be

real human beings experience the emotion

of fear it is part of our fallen

existence but it is a human

emotion Jesus experienced it I’ll mess

you up

now but my Bible says we have not a high

priest who cannot be touched by the

feelings of our infirmities that word

infirmities means human weakness so we

have not a high priest who cannot be

touched by the feelings of our human

weakness he was tempted every way yet

without sin so if Jesus never

experienced the emotion of fear as a

result of living in a human body then

Hebrews 4:15 is a lie and I say what let

every man be a liar but my God be true

and so it says that he experienced every

feeling then he experienced every

feeling now I’ll stop right there I

don’t need to argue with

you cuz my Bible is true but we need to

learn to adjust our vision of our savior

because he was fully Divine but he was


human and he put on a body genetic

material from a human like us that’s why

he was able to be

murdered I don’t know anybody who knows

anybody in here follow Jesus okay

there’s some people do any of you expect

that you will never physically die

outside of the Rapture nobody so if you

don’t believe that accepting Jesus is

going to change your body immediately

from corruptible to Incorruptible and

that you will never experience death

outside the Rapture then why do you

think that you will never experience

emotional pain why do you think you’ll

never be sad why do you think that

you’ll never be afraid why do you think

you don’t think you’ll never catch a


I can we be for real here because we are

wasting so much Faith energy trying not


feel when I never ever ever saw Jesus

one time try not to feel I never saw him

rebuke it and I never saw him

Repent Jesus cried outside lazarus’s

tomb in

public he cried in public a

man so yes my brothers in Christ I want

you to man up I want to see the tears

streaming down your face I want you to

tell me that you’re scared I want you to

tell tell me that you’re mad that you’re

hurt man up like Jesus I want to see it

you can give it to me I’ll take



it well the world will look at me and

say I’m weak well let them say what they

want to say know what you

know that you’re just being conformed to

the image of his son so he stood

there and he cried in public now some

say he was crying because uh his friend

was dead and some say he was crying

because he was foreseeing his own death

and it was looking rough whatever reason

we don’t know but they weren’t tears of

joy we know he was crying

sad but whether it was because Lazarus

was dead or because he was going to be

dead here’s the reality Jesus also knew

he was about to raise Lazarus from the

dead and he also knew that his father

was going to raise him from the dead

because it is written that if you

destroy the temple I will rebuild in

three days without our hands so he knew

both of those things were true so you

mean to tell me that Jesus knew the

outcome yet expressed the pain of the

process I’m just

saying I’m going to need some of you to

reduce your holier than thou stance that

just because I know there’s going to be

Victory then I don’t need to be sad cuz

I already know well Jesus knew it and he

still cried about


it so if you better than Jesus go ahead

I’m not I’m not B I’m not B but if you

better than

him you are allowed to express pain even

though you have faith for the

outcome you’re

allowed you’re allowed your pain makes

sense and you’re allowed to hurt and so

we see Jesus we see Jesus crying we see

Jesus pissed

off we see him at the temple acting a


fool he was a man of color and there was

expression just brought it out you know

what I’m

saying I a say he was black I’m not here

to argue with you I just but I but he

definitely had a tent on him he as a

melanin and so he’s in the temple mad

he’s so mad because they are changing

money instead of changing lives that he

gets in there and starts flipping

tables because that’s his daddy’s house

now you can’t flip tables here this is

not your dad’s house it’s your dad’s

maybe house but you you don’t get but at

your house you can do

it but he did not apologize for being

angry he did not apologize for being

angry and then in GTH we see Jesus

terrified let’s get back to

fear we see Jesus in

Gethsemane experiencing Terror in his

body first of all why else would he not

want to be

crucified why didn’t Jesus just walk

into Gethsemane like let’s go baby my

purpose is n let’s get the nails I got

it myself either like why why wasn’t

Jesus in

there Jesus was was on the

ground in the book of Hebrews Paul wrote

that with strong crying and tears he

sought the one who could save him from

Death he didn’t want to do

it cuz it was going to hurt a

lot and his body was having a response

to that see here’s what you don’t

understand about emotion emotion is not

a thought

product emotion is a bodily experience

that arises from your autonomic nervous

system the word autonomic means

automatic that means you are feeling

before you’re thinking you’re feeling

before you’re doing your body was made

from the same soil that Jesus called the

heart in the parable the SE emotion and

body are inseparable your emotions are

bodily experiences if you’re aside from

science being able to prove it I can I

can give you all the science but we’re

in church so can we just trust the word

that if Jesus

felt these things and emotional pain was

the result of bad thinking then that

means Jesus had stinking

thinking if your painful emotions are

the result of the way you think then

that means Jesus didn’t think right all

the time so let this mind be in you

which is also in Christ Jesus starts

getting a little bit extra when we start

saying that Jesus wasn’t thinking

right but what Jesus did have in common


us was a

body emotion is a bodily experience now

for decades hundreds of years the

Assumption has been in the scientific

realm that thoughts produce

feelings and they have worked to argue

it but about 15 years ago there was a

revolution in neurobiology that

increased our technical capacity to

observe what’s happening on the inside

and they realized that they had been

wrong that actually emotions precede

thought and one of the things that

inspired this second look was that

through the theory of

evolution the mind is higher than

emotion it evolves after emotion so it’s

a higher state the problem is that when

something is not useful to a species

it’s supposed to be selected out so each

generation would have less of the thing

that is not useful But Here We Stand

fully emotional today as we were a

thousand years ago and so the fact that

emotion’s not being selected Out means

they had to go back to the drawing board

to figure out what it’s doing here

see you don’t even realize how much

you’re allowing the world to cause you

to interpret your

Bible because you were taught that

thought is higher than heart but my

Bible never said it my Bible never said

it so let me help you understand how

you’re actually made I’m going somewhere

I promise but we’re going to stay on


Thorns let me understand help you

understand how you’re actually made God

showed this to me some years ago and

this anxiety piece is huge because

anxiety is killing

us those anxious thoughts those

questions that are never fully

satisfied how am I going to pay the rent

how am I going to get the tuition am I

ever going to get married am I going to

get divorced will I be able to have

children will I be able to raise these

children will I know where to go is this

my next job am I called to Ministry what

does that look like how’s God going to

do what he says we just questions

questions questions questions questions

and we Google Google Google Google

Google Google I love internet but Google

is almost a tool of the devil in some

way because the capacity we have to be

anxious on

Google we going to rephrase the question

rephrase the question rephrase the

question and now you done clicked every

link already it’s blue now it’s not even

no purple links left just blue it says

you last visited this site 5 minutes ago

sit down but you just click click click

like it’s going to tell you something

new because you have these insatiable

weeds and you try to treat the weeds

instead instead of healing the

soil so you seek answers to questions

that are

watered by

this and so we need to understand

ourselves as Gardens in order to fix

this a little bit of a long time ago

almost 20 years when I was a PhD student

God had me take a neuroscience class I

didn’t have to take one but he told me

to take it as an elective so I was to I

took it and on one of the first sessions

of the class I saw a picture of a neuron

for the first time everybody know what a

neuron is a neuron is a is a nerve cell

it is the building block of those

thoughts that you love and every day our

neurons pass messages with each other

like telephone game to form the thought

and you have about 70,000 thoughts a day

and so one day I was learning this thing

in class I looked at this neuron and it

blew me away can you guys show us show

me that that slide so they can see it

let me just run this through you real

quick there it be

on the left is a

neuron on the right is a


neuron seedling now believe Romans 1:20

says that which may be known of God is

clearly seen being understood by the

things that he

made and so if my Bible is true and

every man be a liar then God had to have


intentional having made plants on the

third day and us on the sixth day either

got accidentally reused the mold he got

bored he got distracted or for some

reason he

chose for my neurons to look like

plants every single day of creation is

insight into how we are biologically

constructed every day and on the third

day he made plants which taught us about

our minds so not only did he plant a

garden for us he planted a garden within

us there’s billions of these plants all

over your

body and when I saw that I got so

excited because like all of you I wanted

some Revelation about the mind yes God

tell me you getting ready to show me

something about the mind and the Holy

Spirit says slow

down where is the plant

planted you so concerned with the plant

but where’s the plant planted it’s

called a plant like you can’t Define it

outside of planted like it’s dead

without where it’s

at and so that’s when God showed me in

the parable the sewer that Jesus Calls

the soil the

heart but then he showed me something

else in the body because we talk about

the heart as a metaphor and our emotions

but then he told me go look at the heart

can you show me that the next slide

there it is in Genesis chapter 2 we get

a little recap of creation and it says

that God created man he formed man in

Eden and then he planted him he put him

planted him put him in a garden planted

Eastward in Eden he formed him in Eden

then put him in the garden he wasn’t

formed in the

garden he was formed outside of the

garden so the Garden was in a perfect

perfect but the rest of the Lamb was

well this you know anyway he put them in

the garden so now everybody put your

left arm out that’s the east side of

your body now put your hand on your

heart and the Lord planted a garden

Eastward in Eden and then it says that a

river flowed into the garden to water it

and that when the river left the garden

it broke into one two three four


oh they can tell me what they want to in

Biology class they can tell me it don’t

have nothing to do with religion but my

God made me with his fingers he planted

the garden Eastward in Eden this is your

heart the holy of holies and the temple

that you are is your

heart this is where God walked with them

and talked with them and told them he

they were his

own and it’s in your body and so and so

oh it gets better and

so if a seed was planted by these rivers


water then next

Slide the roots would grow

down and the branches and the leaves

would grow up and on top of the tree

there would be a


fruit I would like to introduce you to a

division of your autonomic nervous

system called the parasympathetic

nervous system this is the

parasympathetic nervous system it is a

tree of life in the center of the garden

that you

are and this nervous system this portion

of the nervous system activates to bring

us into a state of Peace for us to

experience love it slows down our heart

it slows down our breathing it helps us

sleep well it helps us digest our food

it helps us feel connected to other

people it gives us creative ideas it

causes peace and love to flow between me

and other people when this tree of life


thriving I am


well there are studies showing that in

people who have chronic Suicidal

Thoughts that have been untreatable with

medication and therapy that electronic

stimulation of this tree reduces those

Suicidal Thoughts by more than

80% because when the Tree of Life Is


death death is not there so so so we ate

the tree of the good of knowledge and

evil and that was death but every day in

your body God is showing you that you

still have the choice to choose

life spiritually emotionally mentally


biologically you are a

garden now here’s a challenge you can

take it down if you want here’s a

challenge when we are

afraid our body is


there are a massive group of neurons in

your brain called pyramidal neurons and

they have lots and lots of tiny



when the stress hormone cortisol is

flooded in as a result of a Fear

Experience those neurons Sprout

Thorns I didn’t make it up the

neuroscientists don’t call it something

else and I’m just calling it a thorn

they call them

thorns and when they activate they

disrupt the process of going from

thought to action I believe my Bible

says the Thorns sprung up choked the

fruit chok the

fruit so that no fruit was born to

Perfection and that’s why you keep

starting but not finishing trying but

not getting there and you’re

perfectionistic and you’re being choked

choked choke because Thorns are

springing up because fear is flowing in



know that one of the most important

things I want you to leave here today

knowing is that your Bible is no

joke the entire biological fear process

is being described in the parable of the

SE so I want you to understand that this

is part of our fallen Human Experience

now some of us grow Thorns

extra some of us real

thorny one of the things that brings us

into that situation is

trauma when you are born to traumatized

mother or you experience trauma in your

own life you are more likely to

experience thorny patches here are five

things that cause that and these are all

good reasons to go to

therapy to go to

rehab don’t say no no

no go

abandonment abandonment drains love from

the soil and leaves fear in its place

fear is not the opposite of

Faith it’s the absence of

Love 1 John chapter 4 says those who are

afraid are not yet made perfect in love

because perfect love casts out all

fear so fear and faith are not opposites

beautiful because Jesus was experiencing

fear in his body in the Garden of

Gethsemane but does anybody think he

didn’t have

faith Jesus’s body was having a fear

response those neurons those Thorns were

bursting out before they ever put a

crown of on his

head before they ever put a crown of

thorns on his head the thorns on the

inside had blood

popping out of his own forehead oh he

wore that Coran of thorns inside before

they ever put it on the outside and it

pricked them and it pricked them and it

pricked them but oh my gosh just a side

note don’t go crazy because I still got

to teach you two more things

but did anybody ever notice that Jesus

had to shed his own blood on his own


first his blood was so powerful ful and

so pure that before he could shed it for

us he had to shed it on his own body

first that’s why when that blood hit his

forehead he stood up out of Gethsemane

and walked down from crying to saying I

am he and soldiers were knocked off

their feet five minutes ago he was

crying in fear but now when his blood

hit his own

body so I’m real smart and I got all of

degrees but the blood still works the

blood still

works the blood the blood still

works you better not get too smart to

plead the blood of

Jesus I was


saying oh I was raised when coic and

Church of God in Christ we would spend

an hour the blood the blood the blood

the blood the blood the blood the blood

the blood the blood the blood the Bible

says that his love was shed abroad on

our hearts the only thing you’ll

describe as

shed is

blood and when his love hits the

soil fear has to

run and so when we are abandoned it

drains love from the

soil and weeds

grow abandonment is a trauma we talk

about the trauma as what happened it’s

not what happened it’s the wound that it

left the abandonment it may have

happened because your parent was

incarcerated and you didn’t see them

anymore and it was a sense of

Abandonment it could have been your

parents divorce it could have been a

love interest that left you it could

have been many things but the wound that

was left

behind abandonment drains love it makes

us hard it hard for us to give it purely

but it also makes it hard for us to

receive receive it soil is not giving

nutrients it’s receiving it you focus so

much on having Love by doing it but you

don’t take

it you don’t allow people to love you

you don’t receive the nourishment soil

doesn’t produce the water it gets

watered so does it produce the

fertilizer it gets fertilized and so

when I say you need love to chase out

fear you have to receive it not generate

it and because you’ve been trying to

generate it but you can’t so you’ve been

using your mind to get things done and

you may be accomplishing the things but

the soil is so stressed by the time that


do that you have achieved the goal but

you have no

joy you’re like that’s

it you walk across the stage you get the

law degree and you’re at home like


it you finally got married you finally

got to have sex without feeling bad and

then you wake up the next morning and

said that’s

it I’m

just I’m just saying

and because you got it but you didn’t


it and so the soil is not

well and so we’re still depressed we’re

still Furious we’re still afraid because

we’re not taking care of the love that

we need to receive abandonment I’m

almost done I’m almost done



loss is a trauma if it overwhelms Your

Capacity to cope with it the number of

people alone that we lost from coid 19

to the coid

19 on average when someone passes away

there’s five people who will grieve an

extended period of time so if you think

of the million people

plus that were lost to co just in this

country and multiply that by five grief

is epidemic right now just on

that not to mention all the other losses

that we have suffered in the last five

years so loss can be traumatic as well

and it drains us and makes it harder for

us to receive

love because we’re afraid that if we

accept some love we’ll just lose it

again and so we’d rather not have it at

all than have it again and lose it

you’re so busy keeping your eye on the

pain trying to prevent the pain and

anticipate when the pain is coming that

you actually stay in

pain instead of saying well let me go

ahead and be enjoy for a while maybe it

will go away but at least I had it for a

month or a year but you’re so busy

trying to know when the pain is coming

that you stay in

pain and so we don’t receive love into

those faces and so fear


abuse abuse is defined simply as power



if you were injured by someone who misus


power that’s

abuse abuse and it’s not hurt it’s an

injury so if I stub my toe on this it’s

going to hurt I’ll feel the pain go

through my leg but it will dissipate I

won’t be limping tomorrow I was hurt but

if my toe gets

broken I’ve been injured so when we talk

about that kind of trauma were you

injured by by someone who had power that

could have been a parent that could have

been a friend that could have been a

romantic partner a teacher a

pastor if you were injured by someone

who had power over you

abuse rejection

o remember grass relationships was the

first thing we’re ordained to grow and

so rejection is just the base opposite

of that

experience when we’re rejected it’s like

someone pulling a big chunk of grass out

of the ground what does that do to the

soil and that’s what it does to

heart rejection maturing too

early maturing too early having to

handle things and be aware of things

that you don’t have the power to

affect is traumatic that’s why we have

to be careful sharing our traumas with

our children and the young people in our

community we’re trying we think we’re

protecting them but we’re giving them

too much information you can protect

people without traumatizing them never

give a young person more information

than they have the capacity to respond

to if they don’t have the power to

respond to the threat you’ve informed

them about then they are going to be

shaken and feel unsafe in the world and

that’s trauma so be careful I made this

mistake early on with one of my children

I was so worried about what could go

wrong with her that I stressed her out

in another way and I had to apologize

for that different message apologize to

your kids I’d apologize for that and go

sit in therapy with

her to get it

fixed the number one parenting fail is

pride and that’s the end of that sermon


okay so stop being mad at your parents

for what they didn’t give you and get in

the mirror and ask while you’re not

doing it

okay the fifth thing that drains


shame these are the things that drain

love from the soil love is like night

nitrogen nitrogen is the most important

nutrient in soil when nitrogen is

drained weeds grow and those thorny

weeds in the parable the SE that we

first saw appear in Genesis that were

choking the fruit trees from Genesis 1

when we have fear because love is not in

the soil the weeds grow and they

choke so how do we solve the

problem I want you to receive love in


garden I want you to figure out how

to truly receive first of all the love


God because so many of us follow Jesus

but we have not

really let ourselves

feel how much he loves us we call it we

said well love is an action yeah it can

be an action it becomes a

fruit but first it’s in the

soil when I bite a fruit have you you

ever have two different fruits and one

tastes real good and one’s like eh

one’s more nutritious than the other

even though they look the same it’s not

the fruit itself it’s what’s in it see

if there’s no nitrogen in the soil there

won’t be nitrogen in the

fruit and you can’t get any nitrogen by

eating it if there’s no love in the soil

they won’t be loving the

fruit so we talk about the fruit of the

spirit it’s not like necessarily the

actual fruit but also the ingredients of


fruit and so you may be producing

fruit but if we’re not really allowing

ourselves to First

feel the

love then you will try to do the right

thing you will try to be obedient what’s

the Bible say if you love me you’ll keep

my Commandments it’s hard to do what

Jesus asked us to do when we aren’t

experiencing his

love it feels more like a demand and

then we confuse what it means to be

used by God because we’ve had carnal

experiences with use and that use has

taught us that you pour out till you

have nothing left and that’s what it

means to be used and so you think to be

used of God means that you’re going to

be tired all the time and stressed all

the time and empty all the time but God

used me he’s not a

user but that’s the only model you’ve

had but let him love on you

first the fact that God would somehow

get me to

Tulsa today not

November changed the date and I was like

ah I took off this week for my birthday

the holy spirit said

go and it wasn’t Tulsa it was

transformation I didn’t

know but man I felt

something so I said yes you’re trying so

hard not to feel that’s why it’s hard

for you to make a decision because

you’re not allowing your


emotion when we experience

love a chemical called oxytocin is is

released in our bodies and O

oxytocin diminishes the thorns on those

neurons so chemically biologically

mentally emotionally and

spiritually you can’t be

transformed without being

loved and that isn’t just romantic

love we have limited our idea of

Love here are some of the things that

cause oxytocin to flow through our

bodies and quiet the fear thorns in our

brain here are some of the things


touch grab your neighbor’s

hand and just squeeze

it it’s hard to be

scared in that

position if you sit there long

enough you’ll feel anxiety start to go

down when we hug each other 20 seconds

of a good body hug Rel releases

oxytocin and quiets the Thorns you’re

trying to think your way out but you got

to feel your way

through and you weren’t created to do it


yourself the greatest most overlooked

form of self-care is letting someone

else care for

you so I need you to reject the world’s

view of individualism and get into this

body mindset that we were called

to one of the things that causes us to

feel loved and connected is singing

together and you guys did that so

beautifully earlier dancing together

laughing together and

finally look at that there you

go looking into the eyes of someone you

believe cares about

you I’m going to ask each of you as I


up to turn and look at somebody near you

it’s your sister or brother in Christ

you got to learn that it’s not only in

romantic erotic situations that we see

each other this is a loss and it’s

making us mentally

unhealthy I want you to look somebody

else in the eye I’m going to take 30

seconds and ask you to do it don’t blink

don’t laugh don’t say


nothing hear me because this

moment I know it’s hard it’s

uncomfortable because we don’t do it

our connection with people is so

superficial we don’t see them and more

importantly we don’t let them see

us and so you’re being choked choked

choked but find those eyes right

now and I want you to try to see your

brother or sister in

Christ and I want you to let them see

you and while while you’re doing that

where’s that you’re at home

watching I see

you see me see

you when you look at me I want you to

see how much Jesus loves you and I love

you right now I love you I love

you I love

you if you don’t know

Jesus forget everything you

heard about what’s wrong with you and

where you sin just for a moment forget

all that and I just want you to know he

is deeply in love with

you Jesus is so desperate to be planted

in the soil of your heart he called

himself a seed that’s how much he’s in

love with

you and all you need to do to get this

kind of love is say

yes yes you can I want you to get to a

church and and they’ll and they’ll teach

you lots of things and go to find a good

church but right now in this moment it’s



I remember where he was when he found me

and I want you to feel

that so just say

yes I know he loves

you does anybody in this room feel a

little different from looking at their

brother and sister in the eye did you

feel that love coming into your

life you are a precious

Garden it was damaged in the fall but it

was wasn’t

destroyed it is possible for Faith for

Hope but more importantly for love to

restore this

Garden spiritually mentally

biologically the garden can be restored

here on this Earth and then because we

know Jesus we will all meet again in a


city where the tree of life is

planted the Garden of Eden again but

before we get there let it be restored

in here if you’re in this room and you

don’t know

Jesus and you want the soil of your

heart to be a safer

place you want Jesus cuz you want to

feel this not one of us accepted Jesus

in a non-emotional

decision it was an emotional

decision I felt him calling me I was

scared and I felt like there was

something over there that didn’t feel

like fear I was I was I was traumatized

I was addicted to alcohol I had a lot

and I something about is called I felt

like it would be better not one of us

accepted Jesus in a non-emotional

moment we try to act like emotion has

nothing to do with it but it’s

everything to do with it and so the

feeling you feel now that you don’t ever

want to have to feel alone again come

and come and meet Jesus the altar is

open to you if you want to come here you

just want to slip your hand but come and


Jesus and then can I make one more call

Pastor some of you have known Jesus for

a long time and you’ve been confused

about why certain pain has persisted in

your life and now you’re like oh my gosh


understand first of all I’m a human

being so I’m allowed to have

emotions and God’s not mad at me for


that I want to give some of you the

opportunity if you feel moved to do this

to come to Jesus’s presence


naked come with the emotions of fear

that you’re dealing with come with the

abandonment that you’re dealing with


naked I know you already know

him but many of us met him and then we

tried to hide ourselves

again we put on the Fig leaves of



to say I don’t feel that because I

believe God you’ve been you’ve been

covered in fig leaves and those leaves

are attached to a Vine that’s choking

you I want you to come

naked and just this once and for all

experience what it’s like to be in his

presence with your pain with you and

with him with

you and to be loved in that

space too many of us try to get our

together you ever try to get yourself

together before you pray you’re like I

got to go to God in faith I can’t go to

God like this I got to show my no babe

Jesus was on his face in Gethsemane loud

crying tears snot I’m scared to do this

I don’t want to do this do you know I

when I you want to talk about scared the

things that God is telling

me to

do I want to do them but it shakes

me I want there to be a garden within

Counseling Center everywhere I want

God’s people to have mental health and

emotional health because when you

understand that the soil of your life is

your heart your emotional well-being

informs your spiritual power because if

the seeds of the spirit are swn into the

heart and your heart affects how things

grow your emotional well-being will not

affect how God shows up for you but it

does affect how you show up for him yes

yes but that’s not

condemnation emotional Wellness isn’t

being happy it’s being able to say I

might be in pain but it’s Well with My

Soul and the pain will pass and then

there will be joy and then there might

be more pain but Jesus is with me and

I’m well I don’t fear my

feelings because anxiety is just fear or

feeling the reason you’re anxious about

what might happen is because you don’t

want to feel the way you’ll feel if it

happen so you’re afraid to feel it so

once you’re delivered from the fear of

feeling and so today I speak new things


you allow the pain to flow through

you let your tears keep the soil from

flooding by releasing

them you’re allowed to be

angry anger says something something

valuable was treated less than valuably

and some of you are have been treated

less than the

value that is a sign to you it’s okay to


angry about the sex abuse it’s okay to


angry about the infidelity it’s okay to


angry about being financially taken

advantage it’s okay to be angry because


valuable and you were treated less than

valuably and it’s okay to be mad about

that God’s mad about it

too and can I tell you something

else he didn’t do

it so many of us have this false

Narrative of who God is we need so badly

to have a purpose for what we went

through that we lie on God and we say

well God meant it for God did it to make

for the God let me be sexually abused so

that I could grow up and help other


no God doesn’t sexually abuse children

God doesn’t suot teenagers in the street

because he needs a basketball player in

heaven God doesn’t who is this God my

Bible says that in him is light and

there’s no Darkness at all he doesn’t

have Darkness to give But First John 3

says that the devil does this stuff that

he sins from the beginning but for this

purpose was the son of God manifest to

destroy the works of the devil don’t

confuse the works of the

Devil with the works of

God he will force good out of it to

destroy it but but it was not his

work and some of you’ve been struggling

your relationship with God because you

want to serve him but you were told that

he did the

thing that happened to

you but it wasn’t my God who would love

you and treat you like

that you have an

adversary but for this purpose was the

son of God manifested to destroy it so

release the pain of believing that your

daddy in heaven was hurting you like


he always loved

you you have a

secret some secret

pain Jesus is touching you in that place


now but before this day is

over your freedom will be in telling it

tell somebody who you know loves you the

secret pain that you


okay sometimes we don’t want to tell we

think nobody wants to hear this we do I

want to people who love you want

to we want Jesus to just take it but I’m

telling you and this word is for some

other people you have to put it out of


mouth you want them to take it so you

don’t have

to be loved by

someone but you need to be loved and

when you release it then that love that

that person’s going to pour into you is

going to replace fear

let yourself be loved father God in the

name of

Jesus every person who came here

standing naked before you a garden that

was damaged but is about to be

restored the traumas being healed in

their nervous system in their

relationship with you in their

mind father God I thank you that they

are being transformed now in the name of

Jesus free each person from the lie that

is choking them the

most I rebuke every

weed and through my own words right now

holy ghost Let Your Love be shed abroad

on these


here not Anita but your Jesus saying I

love you I love you I love love you I

love you I love

you those tears are good those cries are

good yeah it’s good I love you I love

you I love you I love you I love

you I have never not loved you I have

never not loved you I have never not



you I died for you before you were

born because I wanted you to be

loved receive that love

now it’s the beginning of your

next this is the start God order their

steps to the therapist that they need

God order their steps to the doctors

that they need order the steps to the

relationships that they need order their

steps to the friendships that they need

order their steps into the ministry

service fa that they’re called to where

they will receive love because they pour

out love order their

steps to the love that you have ordained


them and let them receive it in every

place in Jesus


amen Oh How He Loves Us oh how

He Loves Us Oh How He

Loves come on we can’t be transformed

until we receive his love say he loves


oh he loves us Oh How He Loves

Us we’re about to go but this is more

important than anything else I need to

say this these were the people bold

enough to

come but if you are sitting in your seat

and because of something in the fruit

part of your mind the pain the damage

the frustration not wanting to be seen

but you know that this message was for

you watching online watching it on

rebroadcast in this room I need

everybody that knows that they need God

to transform the garden of their heart I

need you to stand with your hands lifted

right now it’s not for everybody but you

well there’s not enough room at the

altar but there’s enough room right

there where you’re at right now we are

about to pray that what Dr Anita said

that we would be delivered from the fear



feeling I’m believing that there is

going to be Faith to

feel that God is big enough to handle

the hurt hey I feel the presence of God

hands lifted all over this place father

I thank you that we’ve had crazy faith

for all kinds of things today we’re

having crazy faith that we would be able

to feel and that you would be the one to

direct us to the healing that we need

father heal our Gardens can we say it a

different way heal our hearts father God

From the Inside Out father we’ve been

giving our

relationships parts of us we’ve been

giving our business parts of us cuz we

haven’t been healed but father we call

upon you today to do the work that only

you can do help us re receive your love


now I pray for every person father God

who’s had one of those other

Hearts had a Stony heart or a heart

filled with thorns father God have have

really not even be filling feeling

anything father God I thank you

today that we become sensitive again to

what you’re trying to do in

us for those who have hearts have turned

into stone father God and been rocked

hard and even started hurting people out

of their own protection mechanism today

Father we

repent and we receive your love come on

everybody say I receive your


love however you want to bring it to me

God if it’s through a message if it’s

through a person father if it’s through

me remembering what you’ve already done

father we receive your

love cuz you love

me oh oh how you love me make it

personal oh how you


oh you love you may have been abandoned

by your Earthly father but right now

your heavenly father he loves me he


he let it

out this is a cleansing those tears man

it’s cleansing it’s been in there come

on just let it out just say he loves me

oh I feel the


y he with every mistake I

made he we’re messing it up over and


again he he still loves me without my

performance he loves



he before I

change How He Loves Me Oh How He

Loves and you




with me for


you be reminded for you this is God




for remind



with me if you’re in this room and you

want to accept Jesus as your personal

Lord and Savior Dr Anita made a call at

Transformation Church we have a custom

nobody prays

alone if you’re making that decision

today whether you’re watching online

somebody sent you this video you’re in

the room right

now I just want you on the count of

three to slip your hand in the air and

we’re going to pray together because

this is the

day that everything changes and turns

around for you because you’re inviting

the god of the

universe back into the garden of your

heart it don’t matter if you used to

walk with him and then you walk no he’s

saying today put me back in the

sinner put me back and let me grow in

there and if that’s you on a count of

three just lift your hand one I’m so

proud of you two that’s the thing that

changed my life it took me from a liar

manipulator porn addict all this other

stuff and it it begin to grow something

in me but more than that your name is

about to be written in the Lamb’s Book

of Life and it’s not just about heaven

you get the power to live here on

Earth three just shoot your hand up in

the air if you want to accept Jesus we

see you we see you see you we see you

online you can put your hand on social

media you can yeah

hey you can put your hand down at this

moment you don’t have to confess all

your sins he already

knows at some point you’re going to have

to tell somebody what’s going on but we

believe that God he’s the only one that

if you give him your heart woo The

Garden of your heart he can change your

habits I’ve been saying that for years

but with the Revelation that we just God

if you give him your

heart he’ll help you change your habits

matter of fact it’s the only way it can

happen our

habits are a result of what’s happening

in our

heart so let’s put him in the garden

right now everybody just lift your hands

and say

God I give you I give you my life my

life today today I thank you I thank you



Jesus I believe he

lived he died and rose again with all

power all just for me for so today to I

ask you I be the Lord Of My Life The

Lord Of My Life be the center of my

garden change me renew me

transform me I’m yours in Jesus name can

we give God some praise

amen oh is that how we celebrate

somebody going from life to

death and listen oh

I thank you

Lord Welcome To The

Kingdom this is the watch this

start it’s not the Finish it’s not the

this is the what start it’s the start of

the greatest life you’ve ever

lived and we want to help you with that

if you just gave your life to Christ

scan the QR code and we will be happy to

give you some information what I’m

asking everybody to do is

between uh I mean can one can we give

God praise for Dr Phillips coming oh

y’all better come


I I am

overwhelmed with how prophetic her

message was it just was it was you have

to watch that four times this week I

mean after the first 25 minutes I was

like okay all right

enough we need to send it to people we

need to digest this but the end of it if

you if you like that was I can’t

understand everything receive his

love this week spend time in his

presence put on your favorite worship

song get in the word and just God Holy

Spirit whatever you want to say to me

reveal your love to me that’s a real

player reveal it to

me as we leave this place uh Dr Anita is

being so gracious she wants to sign

books for you guys she’s going to be in

the lobby right after and and um if

you’re if you’re I am overwhelmed right

now if you are in the building you can

do that um what a week that God has

given us as a church can we give God

praise for what he’s

done so many ways and so many things

that I want to end our prayer team is

going to come up and there’s prayer in

the back don’t leave if you need prayer

even if you’re in the thing I’m gon have

the team come up we’re just gonna

worship for a second we’re going to end

the stream but I just feel there’s such

a sweet anointing in here that I don’t

want people to be ripped out of this

remember I told y’all every week gonna


surgery next week we’re GNA build on it

and the holy spirit’s doing the work

it’s not Pastor Mike it’s not Dr Anita

it’s not it’s the Holy Spirit he’s just

he he’s not using vessels he’s dwelling


vessels I got to change my whole


now but we’re transforming amen

father bless your

people let us not ignore and run from

what you’re trying to do you’re trying

to heal

us and I just thank you Father God that

you are with

us in the

valley and you’re with us on the

Mountaintop today we give you glory

honor and praise for all that you’re not

just done but what you’re doing in us

thank you that we can go from trauma to

Triumph thank you Father we can admit we

may be damaged but we are not

destroyed and our assurances in what you

have done and thank you for always being

with us we give you glory we give you

honor and we give you praise in Jesus

name we agree somebody say amen I want

y’all to go out and live a transformed

life if you need prayer just stay right

here we’re going to start praying and

we’re going to just believe that God is

going to do something special on the

inside of us amen

thank you so much for watching this

message we pray that it encouraged you

we also want to say thank you to our

faithful partners and givers here at

Transformation Church it’s because of

your generosity that this Vision has

been made possible if you like to

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a.m. p.m. Central Standard Time now go

out and live a transformed