In Week 2 of the Damaged but Not Destroyed Series, Pastor Mike emphasizes the significance of surrendering your damage to God. Drawing inspiration from 2 Samuel 9:3-13, this message urges us to recognize and acknowledge our damage. God is calling for your damage. He wants us to bring it to Him so He may carry it, cover it in His grace, and transform it into our destiny. So we may share our testimony. If you’re ready for your damage not to be your identity but for it to lead you to your destiny, we invite you to take a step of faith and bring your hurt to God. Scripture References Ephesians 2:10 NLT 2 Samuel 9:3-5 NLT 2 Samuel 4:4 NLT Zachariah 4:6 NKJV Philippians 1:6 NIV 2 Samuel 9:8 NLT 2 Samuel 9:9b-13 NLT Mark 16:15 NKJV 00:00 – Intro 00:31 – Sermon starts 05:59 – The value is still in you 08:58 – Ephesians chapter 2 verse 10 NLT 10:01 – I am valuable and I am damaged 16:44 – 2 Samuel chapter 9 verses 1 through 5 NLT 20:26 – 2 Samuel chapter 4 verse 4 NLT 22:46 – God does His best work with damaged people 23:12 – What does God do with damage? 1. Calls for it 24:54 – What does God do with damage? 2. Carries it 27:14 – Zachariah chapter 4 verse 6 NIV 27:35 – Philippians chapter 1 verse 6 NLT 27:47 – What does God do with damage? 3. Covers it 28:00 – 2 Samuels chapter 9 verses 7 & 8 NLT 30:35 – What does God do with damage? 4. Converts it 33:21 – What does God do with damage? 5. Commissions it Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, & hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Fill out the form below so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ:

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hi my name is Charles and I serve here

at Transformation Church as one of the

executive pastors and I want to take a

moment before we jump into the message

just to say thank you first of all for

watching it means the world to us that

you would be a part no matter where

you’re watching from no matter who you

are I’m believing that this message is

going to encourage your faith and

hopefully transform your life if you

haven’t yet make sure you take a moment

subscribe to the YouTube channel not for

us but really for you we want to be a

resource to encourage your faith and be

with you on this journey of following

Jesus again thank you so much for

joining us enjoy the message today I

hope it blesses you at every campus I

dare you to take five steps and give God

the greatest shot of Praise how is that

the best you got elevation God has been

too good and another one and not it’s

again again


Hallelujah now I just want to see who’s

here right now cuz when the music was

hyped everybody was

praising but at every campus right now I

want you to praise God no matter what

the atmosphere around you is

doing where are the real praisers at are

they in Toronto are they in Orlando are






uh-oh I think somebody came with their

own praise this


yeah and I will bless the Lord at all

times and his Praises shall

continually be in my mouth if God has

been good to you this

week if God has been good to you

throughout your

life just one more time at every campus

let’s make this about him right

now you got it it’s all about

Jesus it’s all about

Jesus get out of here get out of here

High PR your neighbor and say today’s

going to be a good

Sunday oh come on at every campus today

is going to be a good Sunday you may be

seated oh my

goodness it feels like I’m home

today um I bring you greetings from


Oklahoma um where where I get the

privilege and the honor to be the lead

servant at a church called

Transformation Church shout out to

Transformation Church right now

transformation Nation they’re joining us

it’s elevation and transformation right

now together it’s what we call

Kingdom at the end of the day it’s not

about a church or logo or anybody

particular it’s about Jesus and the

kingdom of God being advanced in this

Earth and so today as this is pastor’s

appreciation month I have to stop and

thank God for two of the greatest

Pastors in the world Pastor Steven and

Holly fdick at every campus y’all don’t

know what y’all have here can we thank

God for the man and woman of

God thank you somebody got some sense

y’all y’all spoiled y’all don’t let them

come to Tulsa we’ll treat them right


and for every campus Pastor every

children’s Pastor every parent who’s a

pastor cuz you’re parenting your home we

appreciate you um today I’ve been sent

on assignment and they only gave me 22

minutes to

preach I’m just

playing um but this week I I feel like I

have a prophetic

burden this is not a message that’s

warmed up and like I’m going to

Elevation Church let’s preach this no no

no no no no I’ve been praying about the

people who would be in this room and be

watching this on rebroadcast and that

would be in Tulsa and God gave me a

burden I’ve been carrying y’all all

week because there’s many people in this

room who have been


distracted and devastated by damage that

happened to you in another

season now this message is not for

everybody it’s only for people who’ve


damage somebody’s like not me

liar let let’s be hot humble open and

transparent if you have experienced

damage in any area of your life

relationally financially physically

emotionally would you please just let

everybody feel comfortable and raise

your hand right now come on if your hand

is not up

Lord and this week I released a brand

new book called d damage but not destroy

and um the reason I tell you this is

because I I I wanted people to

understand the Journey of going from

trauma to

Triumph and right now in this day and

age a lot of people are staying in the

trauma they’re glorifying the

trauma they are making the trauma the

excuse but my Bible says when God Gets

In the Mix of

something it cannot stay the

same and many of us have been working to

keep our excuses the same and today I

came to help you be

delivered today I need your faith and

expectation to go to another level at

every place that you are listening to

this on the treadmill in Tulsa right

here in this room God is coming to move

you out of the paralytic place you’ve

been and by faith your damage will no

longer Define you okay let me get into


my burden is to tell you write this down

the value is still in

you I know that people tried to tell you

what you would never be I know that you

getting denied from that school made you

feel something insignificant I know when

they didn’t hire you at Elevation

Church I felt that thing in here

there you thought that their elev

was God’s elevation for

you and today I came to tell you no

matter what you’ve lost the value is

still in you somebody say the value is

still in me value you didn’t say it with

your chest say it with your chest the

value is still in me I need you to every

campus with faith say the value value is

still in me so act like

it stop coming into the presence of God

acting like he didn’t put

hisself he put himself on the inside of

you he said holy spirit Jesus let’s make

man in

our that wasn’t your body first cuz it

was three Spirits

talking so what did he make first he

made your spirit he made the thing that

will never change

he said I’m in you and if I’m in you

there is nothing anything and nobody can

do to you in this world that takes away

your value oh

okay and the LIE of the enemy listen to

me is that the more life you live the

more value you

lose we act like our lives is like a car

going off the car lot that as soon as we

drive it off it

depreciates but I came to tell some

somebody right now who has been in a

place of wondering if God still wanted

to use you the person with the two

divorces the value is still in you you

lost your second business the value is

still in you y’all better help me you’ve

been in the same cycle for 50 years the

value is still in you the woman who’s

been promiscuous and the young man that

has a body count more than we can count

the value is

still now I know there’s a brick wall

that I’m talking to right now cuz some

of you have believed the lie so long you

don’t see yourself how God sees

you and today I’m about to shake you up

I’m ready to fight the devil oh

y’all I’m tired of seeing God’s

people the same ones that come in here

and sing these beautiful songs walk out

and feel that God has no purpose for

them and that they can’t move forward

somebody say the value is still in me


okay so Ephesians 2:10 don’t just put

this on an Instagram post believe it for


life for we are


Masterpiece that’s nasty Bible right

there I I want you to think about

something that you think is

beautiful and the creator of the

universe says out of everything I

made I’m going to call

you my master

piece if we got paintings in Paris and

in and in museums that I don’t even know

how to say the words of where they’re

from and they they call them

Priceless how much

more if something a creation

made is

priceless how much more are you worth to

God God okay

okay this is the tension I need us to be

able to wrestle with this

morning I am valuable

but I am

damaged this is the

tension cuz I know God thinks I’m his

Masterpiece Creator the brand new in

Christ Jesus glory to

God but every time I get mad I still

want to

curse oh y’all going to be

fake you you was in traffic this morning

saying some stuff you better quit

it I am the righteousness of Jesus

Christ but I still get mad at my


okay oh God I got to go back home cuz

this section is acting bougie

I I’ll do anything for you Lord except

give up the


your sin is not lust it’s

gluttony okay can we be does does

anybody that loves Jesus still have some


still I I still deal with



still look at

what I’ve done and disqualify myself

from what God wants to do somebody say I

still I this is the tension of

being called by God is that I know I’m

valuable but I still have some things

that God’s healing on the inside of me

and what the enemy would try to convince

you is that you are too damaged to be

able to do what God Said cuz you

still have some areas that God is

working on you for all the perfect

people raise your

hand cuz the only person that would be

perfect on this Earth is

Jesus and if you’re waiting for

everything to be perfect before you

start doing what God’s called you to do

you’re going to be waiting forever God

is saying to us right now would you

bring me your

damage this is the journey I’ve been on

for the past four years I was here 5

years ago since then I’ve learned I’m

damaged and if I just sit in that I get

defeated but if I bring my damage to the

only one who can handle

it he will turn my damage into something

that pushes me to everybody say Destiny

Destiny Okay so today I’m going to title

this message oh I’m about to preach to

you in the next 15 minutes I I don’t

know why I started jumping like Tiger

but I’m telling

you I’m going to preach a message and

this is what we’re going to title it

what does God do with

damage what does God do with damage the

first thing I want to tell you that God

does with damage I’m going to use this

um Old Testament um character that a lot

of people don’t talk about because

simply they can’t say his

name his name is michef

I know I don’t know what his parents was

thinking but there are there are a lot

of Davids around here and a lot of

Phillips ain’t a lot of mbfs in

2023 this young man named

michef was in line to be the king of the


country but I need to set a little

backstory so you understand where mfib

Chef’s damage came from okay so so so

I’m about to show you some pictures

because I like to to to make stories

come alive in the Bible this is by no

means biblically

accurate cuz the church

folks but I’m going to just try to make

it com Al I’m there was a there was a

king named Saul could you put him on the

screen in my mind in the movie of my

mind this is what Saul looks

like and he once was anointed by

God but he stopped obeying the commands

of God he wanted the

position but he did not want to follow

in obedience be careful when you’re

walking in a position and you stop

obeying God took his hand off of his

life and and he had to raise up another

king okay we’re just gonna walk through

this but then Saul had a son named

Jonathan this in my mind is what

Jonathan looked like this was Jonathan

okay ladies calm

down that’s just she oh you laughing too

hard over

there that’s just Idis but in my mind

this is what Jonathan looked like and

Jonathan was was Saul’s son he was in

line to be the heir of the throne but

when Daddy disobeyed it took away the


inheritance the reason we got to deal

with our damage is because what’s not

transformed is

transferred the the reason we got to go

to counseling and we believe in theology

and therapy

uh-oh I’m going just pray about it you

need to pray about it and go to a

practice you need to get in a e group

and community and you need to go to

counseling you need to worship and do

the hard work that’s what some of y’all

came for right

there but Jonathan now has a son and his

son’s name is

michef okay so michef is crippled

and I’m going to I’m going to show you a

picture of what michef looks like in my

mind okay so it’s Saul it’s Jonathan and

it’s michet

okay now watch somebody’s like is that

my brother I saw you I know

him there was one more character in this

story his name was King David and this

is what King David looked like in in in

the movie of my mind right now okay King

David put him on the screen for me real

quick I don’t know it’s just wrong like

okay now that everybody has this movie

in their

head this sets the story for where we

find King David after

michef is now in a place where he’s been

damaged watch this 2 Samuel chapter 9:3

one day David asked he’s King now is

there anyone in Saul’s family still

alive anyone to whom I can show kindness

for Jonathan’s sake cuz Jonathan and D

were boys Zeba

replied yes one of Jonathan’s Sons is

still alive he is crippled in both feet

though where is he the king asked in

loar Zeba told him at the home of maker

son of ail so David watch this sent for

him and brought him from Maker’s home

now I want to point out the hater in

this story his name is

Zeba and Zeba has the ear of the king

the king asked is there anybody left

that I can show kindness to and he says

yeah and does not say his name he says


condition be careful when people

describe you by your condition and not


name he said there’s yeah there’s

somebody left but he’s

crippled there’s somebody left but

they’re a liar there’s somebody left but

they they’re not

faithful and the reason that this young

man was crippled michef was not his own

fault and that’s why I want to let you

know you have to make sure you don’t

allow people to make your issue your

identity no hear me you did it you are


it can we be honest some of us have done

some dumb

things but do not let your issue or

anybody else make your issue your

identity and he tries to describe him

and the truth of the matter is like most

of us michef was damaged not because of

his own

fault when I when I think about most of

the places in my life I’m going to just

be real about me that I got damaged most

of it happened before I was a

teenager the insecurity did did not

start when I was

28 it started at 12

you see how quiet it

is that drive to go and go and perform

and Excel that’s cuz they didn’t see you

unless you got a

trophy so at 6 years old you knew you

couldn’t just say what you need you

needed to prove you were worth them

looking at

you it’s start the greatest time to kill

a king is when it’s a

kid the reason the enemy’s been after

you since you were a young

child it’s because there is a king in

you and the greatest time to kill a

king is when it’s a kid it’s what they

tried to do to Moses kill every child

under the age of two that’s what they

tried to do to

Jesus and some of us have been dealing

with our damage since we were

young and and this is what I need you to

know you are so special you’ve always

been a threat to the

devil no here what I’m just say saying

the attack on your life from a young age

has been because if you ever walk fully

in the Dominion that God has given you

if you ever were fully free from the

insecurity well I can’t do that and I’m

not like them and if you ever just said

but he is with

me and if he is with


who everybody say who I like that who

can be against me 2 Samuel chapter 4 I

got to move Saul’s son Jonathan had a

son named michef who was crippled I’m

going to show you where his damage

happened he was 5 years old when he got

damaged and the report came from Jezreel

that Saul and Jonathan had been killed

in battle when the child’s nurse heard

the news she picked him up and fled but

as she hurried away she dropped him and

he became crippled what happens when the

person who was supposed to care for you


you I’m not going to get too much in

your business but some of your issues is


mama and some of your issues is your

daddy and some of your issues it’s the

people who are supposed to care for

you they drop

you uhhuh uh-huh I’m about to deal with

it cuz the damage is no longer going to

Define us I feel the presence of God

already if there’s anybody that feels

like your damage is too big for God let

me just run a list down for you of

people that God used who were damaged

Noah was a drunk Abraham was too old

Isaac was a Daydreamer and a Wanderer

Jacob was a liar Leah was ugly Moses was

a murderer with the stutter Gideon was

afraid Samson was a uh flirt let’s be

real politically correct Rahab was a

prostitute David was an adulterer and a

murder Elijah was suicidal uh Isaiah

preached naked Jonah ran away from God

job went bankrupt and lost everything

John the Baptist ate bugs that’s just

weird Peter denied Jesus the disciples

fell asleep while Jesus was praying the

Samaritan woman was divorced five times

and had a sex addiction zakus was too

small and stole money Paul was too

righteous Timothy had an ulcer Lazarus

was dead and Michael was addicted to

pornography and my God still used all of

us uh-oh uh-oh you about to make me run

cuz there’s some people that know that

God can do his best work with damaged

people if you believe it give God a

shout of

Praise I feel my help coming

on write it down in a point God does his

best work with damage

people cuz his strength is made perfect

in our weak so why won’t you show him


weakness been trying to keep it together

for everybody and God says if you want

to hold it up do

it I’ll be here when you want to

actually come

clean so what can God do with your

damage first point he calls for

it everybody that’s trying to hide your

damage good

luck when

mabeth is in a place

called lar a place of nothing no pasture

no fruit growing the king says is there

anybody I can say yeah this one dude he

said go get

him I’m calling for the

damaged you’re broken I like

that you’re fractured come

on he calls what can God do with damage

he calls for it and some of y’all have

not been answering the

call no I’m just going to to be a

businessman he said I want you to be in

that field but I want you to bring all

your damaged areas to me so I can raise

you up as a testimony in that

area and some of you today all God

saying is I want your

damage stop hiding

it stop acting like it didn’t happen you

were abused when you were young and your

family doesn’t even know

it you’ve blocked it out you’ve

suppressed it and you wondering why

you’re dealing with anxiety so much cuz

it was never meant to stay on the inside


you I want your


tonight when you’re in your bed and the

Holy Spirit begins to start whispering

to you and he reminds you of things that

happen he what he’s doing is he’s

calling for the

damage I want it I’m the only one that

can do something with it what does God

do with you what your damn damage he

calls for it the second thing that God

does with your damage watch this he

carries it oh this makes me happy

because mabef was

crippled I need you to understand just

imagine with me they come to his door

knock Knock Knock


hello is my FF

there yes what a horrible name Come With

Me Now watch when they say come with

me he does not have the power on his

own to get to where he has been

commissioned or destined to go he’s in a

place of nothing and they want him in

the palace so the king oh I feel the

presence of God will never ask you to

come to a place that he won’t carry you

to Scott come help me real quick Scott I

need a couple strong guys come on help

me he’s sitting

down and he’s like hey you’re not going

to kill me because it was custom back

then to anybody that was in line before

you killed their whole family so when

the King’s Guard came to him he was like

um I’m about to die that’s what

Christianity sometimes makes people

think that when God comes to them he’s

ready to Smite them and punish them the

King was wanting to show favor but he

says come with me to the Palace but he

still does not have the

ability to get there on his own so the

king sends power that is not his

own you want me to come oh

God these brothers is

strong take me over to the king’s Palace

take me over

there all mabef had to do is surrender

ah so he could be taken now don’t drop

me just let let me down let me

down what are you saying to me Pastor

Mike God will never call you to a place

that he won’t carry you

to the problem is most of us have not

surrendered let me show you Zechariah

4:6 it says this is the word of the Lord

to zerubabel not by

might not by power but it’s going to be

by the spirit of God where you’re at

right now God’s saying I’m calling for

your damage but if you would surrender

I’ll carry

you I will carry you to the place I want

you to be Philippians 1:6 and I am

certain that God who began the good work

within you will continue his work until

it’s finally finished on the day of

Jesus Christ what will God do with your

damage he calls for it he carries it and

then watch this he covers

it when maef gets to to the

Palace he comes in and he thinks he’s

dead I mean look at it in the scripture

literally King David has to say don’t be

afraid I intend to show you kindness

this is verse seven because of the

promise I made to your father Jonathan I

will give you woo all the property that

once belonged to your grandfather Saul

and you will eat here with me at the

king’s table but watch this this is our

response usually because of our damage

michef bowed respectfully and exclaimed

who is your servant that you should show

such kindness to a dead dog like

me be careful when shame starts

talking he’s in the presence of the king

and many times God is wanting to use us

at a higher level and our shame starts

talking why would you even consider a

dead dog like me but the king

ignores his

ignorance cu the king knows the value

that’s on the inside of him just like

the king knows the value that’s on the

inside of you and he invites him to eat

at his table now the reason why this

blows my mind is because when you think

about where michef was damaged where was

his damage at his

legs when you pull up a seat to the


table when he sits and he looks over the

landscape of everybody else the thing

that damaged him is now covered let me

introduce you to the grace of God when

you come into a loving relationship by

faith with God the grace of God covers

your damag area somebody should get

excited about that cuz what the enemy

was trying to use to disqualify you is

the very thing that God says I know it

but I’ll cover it and

we have to begin

to rely on the grace somebody shout at

me Grace Grace the unmar unearned

undeserved favor and kindness of God and

some of y’all think y’all built y’all


table and you covering yourself you

trying to have money cover it we still


you you getting flown out we still see

you MC makeup Louie Gucci findy

down we still see you it’s not until you

get covered with a Grace

of God I got to move I came to tell

somebody pull up a chair to the table of

God pull up a chair chair to where God

has for you listen to me what does God

do with it with your damage say it with

me say he calls for it calls for it he

carries it he carries it he covers it he

covers it number four he converts

it he flipped that

thing God says if you give me your

damage I’ll flip it if if you give me

everything that you’ve been ashamed of

and you let me cleanse you and purify

you and wash you and change you and

transform you I’ll flip this thing so

cold mabef in one day goes from crippled


covered everybody say one day one day I

don’t know if today is your one day but

by faith I’m prophesying that God is

about to turn your season around very

quickly this thing what it looked like

last year it’s going to look like

something else this year some of y’all

don’t have faith to believe it but I

need a few people with crazy faith that

my situation can flip when God gets in

the midst of

it if you believe it at every campus

give God a shout of Praise oh I feel


thing he can convert this

JJ crippled to covert shame to having a

seat no identity to a full

inheritance he went from Pain to a

platform his damage was turned into

Destiny his trauma became

Triumph he went from separated to being


son this is the gospel this is the good

news tell everybody y’all know a song

huh that’s what Jesus did for me the

only reason I’m standing on this stage

is not because I did everything perfect

it’s when I messed up when I did the

wrong thing when I was damaged I did not

run from my father I ran to

him I have four children and all of them


Stuff they don’t know how much stuff

costs they have no

clue but but my children have all broken

expensive things but the one thing I

love about all my kids is when they

break something that they know they

cannot pay for

and they do not have the intelligence to

fix they bring it to their

father now if a four-year-old and a

5-year-old and a seven-year-old has the

sense to bring their damaged things to


father what’s our

excuse Church what I’m asking you today

is to bring your damage to God cuz he’s

big enough to handle

it what does God do with damage he calls

for it

he carries it he covers it this is good

news he converts it last one he


it God doesn’t want you to hide your

damage he wants to heal your damage and

then he wants you to take it and use it

to share with everybody else how good

God has been I I recall a story in John

5:8 there was a man that was a paralytic

sitting by the pool for 38 years and

Jesus asked him a question the same

question I’m going to ask you today do


want to be made whole see this is the

thing that everybody has the real life

getting healed from your damage is a

decision some of y’all been holding on

to the thing that God said give me that

and you playing tug of war with God he

said keep it if you want it you want to

have low self-esteem for the rest of

your life keep that that’s less than

what I’ve called you to in the Kingdom

you want to keep having I put the whole

team on my back he said my burden is

easy and my yoke is light if you want to

put the whole thing on your back go

ahead but when you get sick of carrying

it I’ll be


here this man he answers I want to be

made whole Jesus heals him man pops up

and he about to run off and G said hold

hold on come here come here take this

mat and I bet the man was like I don’t


that I don’t want to remember

any from back there yeah and Jesus tells

him no no no you need this this is I’m

commissioning you to go

everywhere I want you to see

walk hey hey I want you to see walk but

make sure you holding that

M because I want all the people who


you to remember that it was not their

effort or their energy it was nothing

but the power of God somebody I don’t

know who I’m talking about but the fact

that you still here it is nothing but

the power of the fact that you still got

your right mind it was nothing but the

power of

God now God is commissioning our

damage that’s why every time I stand up

I tell people I was addicted to

pornography the pastor yes I was a

person before I was a pastor

y’all so

funny I was a liar I was a manipulator

not the man of God

yes and what did I do I brought my

damage to

him cuz in the beginning God said I’m

going to use this broken vessel and I’m

going to change people’s life I’m going

to trans people transform people’s lives

but I need him to not be scared to take

his damage when it’s healed and share it


people it’s why the word says we

overcome by the blood of the Lamb that’s

what Jesus

did but the words of our testim that’s

why many people aren’t overcoming cuz

you are too

quiet the reason why that stuff can’t

come back in my life cuz I say it all


time this is what God did for

me and today I just came with a burden

to let somebody know who’s had many


to let somebody know that has continued

to have

miscarriages to let somebody know whose

career has not gotten off the ground to

let somebody know who doesn’t know who

their real family is to let somebody

know who’s made mistakes over and over

God can do something

miraculous with your

damage okay let me explain it will you

bring out my example and then we gonna

go home I I want this picture to last in


mind um we are three parts okay we are a

spirit okay and then we are a soul mind

will and emotions and then we have a

body okay and the Holy Spirit showed me

this he he he told me he said Michael

people don’t understand this write these

three things down you have a

covering you have a

container and you have

contents so so the spirit part of you is

the realest part of you it’s what God

Said let us make man in our image it was

the spirit part of you he breathed into

us into dust and then we came in with

your lips and your hips and your eyes

and your thighs it

was a creative

Miracle some of y’all like could I have

less of a miracle can I could you take

off a little bit of this

miracle but what ends up happening is

the covering is our soul mind will and

emotions and in this life a lot of times

through situations we can’t control our

covering gets

ripped and somebody says something to us

that makes us feel not

worthy and then we come into contact

with some other

people and and they start saying things


us and we get marked up in our lives and

our mind will and emotions get marked up

and then we get into that relationship

that they fine but we know they not no

good and they start drilling on our

identity and poking holes in our

confidence and we have soul ties with

them because I need to feel something

cuz nobody was ever there to show me

nothing and then we let


and our


come to poke holes in

US does God want to do something with

this I don’t know there’s so much damage

I did

it and now you want me to think that God

wants to use

me and every time I come around people

I’m getting stabbed in the back that’s

that’s why I’m not joining no small

group there’s people

there come on

y’all I’ll come to worship I think this

is the god well

pray but

people I’m getting cut

on and then stuff happens to me that

stains me forever

God can’t want to use something like

this and then life hits

you isn’t he the example guy oh God I

know but then God brings fire into your

life and it starts burning places in

you and stuff starts catching on

fire and the the truth of the matter is

I don’t know if God can use me cuz I’m



uh-uh this is like when me and my wife

found out our son had

autism he started burning us and

allowing the fear of the future to take


out but then the Holy Spirit came and

blew on

us but this still don’t look

good does anybody want

this but God said what you don’t realize

is this was just your soul your mind

will and

emotions the truth of the matter is I’ll

take that and I’ll heal

it I’ll do something that nobody could

do with it yeah it’s messy yes but the

truth of the matter is when you get down

to the container our body it’s been

jacked up too even to the the point

where it starts leaking through and we

say stuff like the value is still in

you but I’m still missing

something but the truth of the matter

is the most valuable part of this whole

thing was not in the

covering and it was not in this

container even though it’s hard to get


out it was in the thing that was


it the value of this these are some

really expensive

shoes but the oh even the stain that was

on the

outside did not get on the

inside because the value I need somebody

to hear the

value was in the

contents that was put on the inside of

you if you’re in this room right now and

your covering has been damaged and your

container has been damaged standing at

every campus right now I don’t want you

to just Shout at the end of this message

I want the spirit to speak to

you I want to let you know that the

contents are still

good the value is still in you if you’ve

been damaged in any area of your

life and the enemy’s been trying to

convince you that you because you look


this cannot be used by God today I came

to speak to that

lie and I’m here to tell you that I’m a


witness that God can take damaged

people who’ve messed up over and over

again who bring their damage back to

him and he can do a miracle that no man

can stop no Scandal can stop no spit can

stop y’all don’t y’all don’t y’all want

to be

fake you can’t cancel me cuz you didn’t


me some of y’all ain’t never walked

through nothing but God is doing

something on the inside of my life do I

do everything perfect no but I am

committed to bring my

damage to the foot of the

cross what does God do with

damage what can God do with my

damage I’m here as a living

witness to tell you he calls for

it he carries

it he covers

it he converts it and then he

commissions it if you’re ready for your

damage not to be your definition anymore

but you want your damage to take you to

your destiny would you lift your hands

all over this room I’m about to pray for

you whoa whoa whoa I feel the presence

of God somebody’s realizing the value is

still in them that nothing the enemy has

said or nothing you’ve done to yourself

is going to disqualify you cuz today

here we are God come on we are your

children crying out to you asking us to

take everything that is not like you and

God would you take it take our pieces

and turn it into a

masterpiece take our bad decisions

father God and flip that thing convert

it father into something that brings you

glory and takes us to Destiny

today Father God we will no longer deny

that we’ve been

hurt because you cannot heal what we do


reveal so today God here we

are as a church Elevation Church

Transformation Church your sons and

daughters all over the world and we’re

asking you God do something with this

damage use it for your glory we will no

longer be defined by it we will only be

defined by what you’ve

done through your precious son

Jesus the spirit is speaking right now

at every campus you just need to ask the

Holy Spirit I see tears flowing right

now people are getting their faith back

right now you’re going to be able to go

into this week and be the mom you really

want to be you’re going to be able to go

into that job and actually make a

difference for the kingdom of God

somebody’s confidence is coming back if

you’re in this room right now and you’ve

been carrying your damage without the

one who created you

Jesus today if you want to give your

life to Jesus Christ I’m telling you

it’s the greatest decision you could

ever make it’s the thing that took me

from a liar a manipulator one who was

addicted to pornography had all kinds of

bad things in my heart got arrested for

car insurance for all kind of stuff and

God said give me that cuz he’s the only

one that if you give him your heart

he’ll help you change your

habits if you’re here today you’re not

in a room with a bunch of perfect people

you’re in the room with a bunch of

damaged people that have been saved by

grace and we don’t forget what God has

done we’re carrying our M today and

we’re saying you can be healed you can

be freed and you can be changed with one

decision of Faith asking Jesus into your

life it’ll change everything if that’s

you on the count of three I just want

you to lift your hands we’re not going

to make you tell us everything you did

this is not what we’re going to do today

that’s what religion would tell you but

God is saying just give me your heart

I’ll get you with the right people we’ll

talk we’ll

heal religion says Rush hurry and God

says come to

me and if you’re tired of carrying that

burden by yourself on the count of three

I just want you to lift your hand at

every campus at Transformation Church

wherever you are around the world I

don’t care if you’re on the treadmill

and you just walking and then you just m

and everybody’s like what just happened

it’s a dance move called

salvation okay it doesn’t matter forget

them only you and God will stand

in eternity and answer for what you’re

about to do one you’re making the

greatest decision of your life two I’m

proud of you but more than that your

name is going to be written in the

Lamb’s Book of Life Forever Three shoot

your hand up all over this campus all I

see you my brother there’s people in

every room oh Elevation Church how do we

celebrate Transformation Church how do

we thank

God Hallelujah

listen at transformation and elevation

nobody prays alone so I want us all to

pray this prayer for the benefit of

those who are coming to Christ somebody

say God God here’s my damage here’s my

damage you’re the only one that can use

it only one that can use it today today

I give you my life I give you my life I

believe you lived I believe you live you

died you and you Rose again you Rose

again with all power with all power here

I am here I am I’m yours I’m yours I’ll

serve you forever I serve forever change

me renew me R me Transform Me transform

I’m yours in Jesus name amen can we give

God praise at every campus thank you God

hey I want to take a moment again before

we jump off and say thank you our church

is not built on one individual but on

the sacrifice of so many and you being a

part it means the world so thanks for

watching the message I also want to say

thank you to the thousands of people

around the world who are generous it

means the world and we are able to

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