In Week 1 of the Damaged but Not Destroyed Series, Pastor Mike challenges a common cultural belief that discourages honesty, suggesting that those who speak the truth might suffer harm. Drawing on the childhood saying, “Snitches get stitches,” he encourages a different perspective. This message will cause you to reframe this idea, emphasizing that when we are honest and transparent about our shortcomings, it allows God to bring healing to the areas where we’ve fallen apart. He reminds us that God doesn’t bless who we pretend to be but who we really are. We pray this message gives you the courage you need to honestly share where you are so that Jesus can come and make you whole. Scripture References: John 8:36 NIV John 8:32 KJV James 5:16 NLT John 20:19-29 NLT John 20:26 NLT Hebrews 12:2 NIV Isaiah 53:5 KJV 1 Timothy 1:15 NKJV 00:00 – Intro 11:15 – Freedom is the goal. 11:30 – Truth is the path. 11:34 – Confession is the key. 11:38 – Healing is the result. 11:46 – John chapter 8 verse 36 NIV 12:22 – John chapter 8 verse 32 KJV 13:05 – James chapter 5 verse 6 NLT 14:04 – God doesn’t bless who you pretend to be. He blesses who you really are. 14:56 – John chapter 20 verses 19 through 29 NLT 25:05 – Discipleship doesn’t exclude you from damage 26:04 – To be honest, it’s going to take… 1. Faith 29:24 – To be honest, it’s going to take… 2. Friends 30:32 – John chapter 20 verse 26 NLT 33:44 – To be honest, it’s going to take… 3. Focus 34:39 – Hebrews chapter 12 verse 2 NIV 37:36 – To be honest, it’s going to take… 4. Fall Apart 43:03 – Jesus allowed His wounds to stay open so yours could be closed 44:21 – Isaiah chapter 53 verse 5 KJV 46:05 – The more honest I am, the more glory He gets Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, & hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Fill out the form below so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ:

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hi my name is Charles and I serve here

at transmission church as one of the

executive pastors and I want to take a

moment before we jump into the message

just to say thank you first of all for

watching it means the world to us that

you would be a part no matter where

you’re watching from no matter who you

are I’m believing that this message is

going to encourage your faith and

hopefully transform your life if you

haven’t yet make sure you take a moment

subscribe to the YouTube channel not for

us but really for you we want to be a

resource to encourage your faith and be

with you on this journey of following

Jesus again thank you so much for

joining us enjoy the message today I

hope it blesses you


today we are starting a brand new series

entitled damage but not destroyed

and every time God allows me to release

a book he tells me to do something very


he says I want you to preach the book

without preaching the book

I say what he said do not use any of the

content I outlined in the book I want to

give you fresh manna

so that when they go to the book they’ll

see it was me that was talking to them

not you

so this book

it’s got content in it that God has

worked in me over the past five years

but this message is fresh off the press

the Holy Spirit has been bothering me

about you for two weeks

so if you’re ready to go on this journey

I’m telling you for the next

probably the rest of the year

so I want to lie to you we might be

dealing with our damage at Christmas

because what better gift

would it be than to actually be healed

this Christmas

not covering up with Louie and Gucci and


but what if it wasn’t wasn’t presents

that were bought but it was your


being healed we’re about to go on a


and I gotta start right here

by telling you that this series is going

to be about watch this Theology and


like when we come in here I know in

church circles this doesn’t get used a

lot but but I want you to know we

believe fully in theology in in therapy

me and Pastor Natalie do it everybody on

the executive team does it this church

believes that the Catalyst happens at

the altar

but all the crap you’ve been dealing


needs to be talked about

and I’ve already amened myself a

thousand times before I got here

so I don’t need your amen today

because the truth of matter is everybody

wants to talk about seeing a victory

everybody wants to talk about the

Triumph nobody wants to talk about the


and the thing that disqualifies us more

than not from our destiny is the damage

that we’ve experienced and have not


so during this series

we’re going to address it all I want to

tell y’all a story

I want to tell you a story about the

time I got stitches

has anybody ever had stitches before

like you’ve had to get stitches okay

um mom and dad wanted me and my older

brother Gabe to learn how to swim and so

um they they took us to this place

called Big Splash in Tulsa now it has

another name but it will always be

called Big Splash to me

and um

I was kind of tall I was a little older

than all the other kids learning to swim

and uh that that’s part of my passion

here very soon we’re starting black

people can swim uh


because I’m gonna have a pool because we

got to learn how to swim so I was just a

little older

than all the other little little baby

white kids that were in the class

and so they took us to the shop I’m

telling a real story

took us to the shallowing to learn how

to swim

and they told us to go under put our

heads under well when I went under to

put my head under I busted my chin

and literally it split right open

and all I remember is going to the the

instructions and be like a teacher

this hurts

and that woman’s face was mortified

and within an hour they had called my

parents and I was in the doctor and I

was getting stitches I have stitches

right here you can’t see it because of

the dye that’s on my beard but

if I take all this off it would be right


that was when I was maybe seven eight

the next time I’m gonna say I don’t

remember thanks Mom

the next time I heard about stitches I

was in the seventh grade

and I saw a kid do something that was

very wrong

and me being taught in school and by my

parents to tell the truth I I was like

I’m about to go tail and this kid got in

front of me is like oh

you ain’t gonna tell us like hold on bro

did you just not see the assault that

just happened in front of both of us he

was like snitches get stitches

I was like I thought hurt people get

stitches I

and then another guy came up and was

like yo bro we ain’t see nothing

and I’m I’m sitting here confused

because it’s like we all just saw that

what do you mean they were teaching me

something that culture

has embedded in the hearts and minds of

a generation

that people who snitch

get harmed so that they gonna need


and what they were trying to do

was put fear in me of telling the truth

and may I submit to you

that there are thousands of people under

the sound of my voice right now

that still subscribe to that demonic

idea that the truth is somehow more

harmful to you

than what you are holding in

and wouldn’t it be like the enemy

to make you feel like the one thing God


he said I love the truth

even if it’s hard even if it sucks even

if it was unfair I love the truth

because in truth I can do something in


but it is made a whole generation afraid

to tell the truth

because we believe deep down even if

we’ve never seen said it out loud that


get stitches

today I’m about to dismantle

that demonic lie over your life

and I’m going to preach a message called

stitches nope snitches


stitches write it down

Pastor Mike why are you doing this


the first instance when I got hurt

the stitches were there to help and heal

the second time I heard about it in

seventh grade it was to harm and hide

and many of us are are doing things

right now

that are harmful to us and hiding the


it’s been 37 years since you told

anybody what happened that night

it was a family member

who did what they did to you

nobody knows that it was you who

actually took the money

nobody knows that you’re really raising

your sister’s child

I’m talking about the real stuff that is

so deep down on the inside of us that we

even forget it happened to us

you’ve made so many lies about the

damage that has happened to you

that you have a hard time deciphering

what is the truth in none

the reason why this is important is

because your body is keeping the score

and a lot of the things that you think

is hurting you

it’s not that that’s hurting you it’s

the damage you won’t bring to God

our bodies were not meant to carry

what many of us have been carrying

I can see it in your eyes I can see it

in your tone I can see it on how you

love people and you can be 70 years old

in here faking everybody out the only

person you cannot finesse is you

you’ve been finessing everybody else

your job thinks you love it

and every day you walk out of that place

you feel miserable

reason why this is important and I feel

like it went from a book to a burden

I feel people right now y’all

it’s because God doesn’t want us to walk

into another year limping faking and


either we gonna get healed

or we gonna lead this God thing alone

he’s saying I would rather you be hot or


but this lukewarm like act like you’re

healed and Hull and well praise God sing

another song

and then go home and trying to figure

out how to commit suicide

and you isolating from all the people

that you say you love

and you go from relationship to

relationship getting the same person

with different names

let’s actually heal

now church people say that and they give

you three notes and a poem and then they

send you on and be like hopefully you


not me

we gonna walk this out to the end of the

year you can literally sit in this room

and not say nothing

just be in the therapy session

you can be mad you can be crying you can

be pissed you can be writing cuss words

in your Journal

no I’m talking about real healing

I’m talking about it’s got to come up

out of you ah

I’m talking about you’re not gonna be

able to hold it together

and I know this making some of y’all

inside Shake but God is interrupting

your life to heal you right now

and this is the pathway to that healing

why are you doing this series Pastor

Mike very easy freedom is the goal

everybody say freedom

Shout At Me Freedom

one more time with faith

freedom is the goal

truth is the path

confession is the key

healing is the result

freedom is the goal I’ll prove it to you

John 8 36 so if the son sets you free

you will be free

indeed that word means inaction


I get real scared when somebody says I’m


I mean like done

finish like forever

we are healing

friends for me


so freedom is the goal

but truth is the path John 8 32 and ye

shall know the truth and the truth shall

make you

you cannot have freedom without truth

that’s why you still bound

freedom and Truth are connected

so you can sing the song but still be


freedom is the goal

truth is the path watch this confession

is the key

well God knows my heart

he was there he know what happened

me and him talk to him it’s good it’s

good it’s good it’s good

let me introduce you to James chapter 5

verse 6.

confess your sins

to each other oh

god dog it

not not to Travis

because trap oh this is why I did a

whole series on Kingdom couples about

right partners

because part of what Partners do is not

just help you get the bag they help you

remove your bondage

oh my God y’all want people to help you

make money you need people to help you

get free

and it says confess your sins one to


pray for each other so that you may be


freedom is the goal

truth is the path confession is the key

healing is the result Pastor Mike what

are you trying to say I’m just trying to

do this introductory message to get us

ready for the hard work that God’s about

to take all of us through God doesn’t

bless who you pretend to be

He blesses who you really are

write it down

I’m coming back to this every week

because some people are so puffed up

right now that you think this message is

for your neighbor

you’ve been sitting here for the first

15 minutes like oh oh God it’s going to

be great when Demonte gets this

and God bout to visit you

he doesn’t bless who you pretend to be

He blesses who you really are

and so today I want to look at a man

who didn’t lie about where he really was

and I hope that somebody’s Faith would

be encouraged to be able to be honest

about where you are today

not tomorrow not where you hope to be

but where you are right now John chapter

20 verse 19. that Sunday

that Sunday evening the disciples were

meeting behind locked doors because they

were afraid of the Jewish leader

suddenly Jesus was standing there among


now I need everybody to see

and get context about what’s happening

Jesus has been taken crucified he

resurrected everybody’s like Jesus is

not here no more but where is he at and

for 40 days he comes back to visit the

Earth and then he just pop in the room

that’s scary

can we be honest we be getting scared by

people that’s sitting right next to us

and if Jesus just walked through the

wall and popped up

he said peace be with you calm down calm

down chill out it’s just your boy

he said he showed them the wounds in his


and in his side

they were filled with joy when they saw

the Lord again he said chill out chill

out chill out it’s your boy peace be

with you

as the father has sent me so I am

sending you

then he breathed on them and said

receive the Holy Spirit

if you forgive anyone’s sins they are

forgiven if you do not forgive their

sins they are not forgiven once the

twelve one of the Twelve Disciples


was not with the others when Jesus came

they told him bro

we have seen the Lord

but he replied I don’t care

I won’t believe it

unless I see the nails

and I see the things that he went

through I see the nail wounds in his

hand I put my hand in his side forget


I’m glad you had a great experience and

a great life

but I’m hurt right now that I wasn’t

here eight days later

the disciples were together again and

this time Thomas was with them

the doors were locked but suddenly

as before Jesus was like bow peace will

be with you

but he focused on one person

he said to Thomas

put your fingers here

look at my hands

put your hand into the wound in my side

don’t be faithless any longer


my Lord and my God Thomas exclaimed then

Jesus told him you believed because you

have seen me

blessed are those

who believe without seeing me

everybody gives Thomas a bad rap


I mean before I even read this actual

scripture I was introduced to him as

doubting y’all knew that too

most people have never seen this story

but they literally don’t be a doubting


I was like that’s disrespectful

this man had a moment but it became his


what if every moment we had

became our label


that was

that was your bit

I’m just doing what we do to Thomas

lion Larry

stealing Stephen like

what if your moment defines your life

divisive Danny

toxic Tammy

okay I got so many going through my head

right now I I have to focus

but they called him doubting Thomas but

I honestly as I was reading this and

thinking about my own Journey he was

damaged Thomas

he had a moment where he missed

something and it felt like he lost

something has anybody ever had a moment

where you missed something and it felt

like you lost something

and instead of doing the churching thing

like most of us would have done the 12

disciples we saw the Lord really how was


oh my God I could feel the prisons right


he was honest

that sucks

I wasn’t here he couldn’t have waited


I’m I walked with him

he could have he’s so powerful he could

have met me on the place I was at and

then came and saw y’all

so forget it

I’m glad that all of y’all had an

experience with God I’m glad that all

y’all grew up with both of your parents

oh y’all want to be real

I’m glad that you got a scholarship to

that college

but all of us are not that fortunate

good for you

I’m glad that you weren’t abused by a


I’m no no no no no no no no I’m happy

for you

but it didn’t happen for me

so if you want me to have the same

enthusiasm that you have in this moment

about God I can’t cause I’m damaged

his doubt turned into damage

and this is the equation I need

everybody to see I’m going to walk you

through this damage of the moment brings


doubt brings disconnection

it wasn’t that Jesus was disconnected

from him but he was disconnected from

Jesus and I’m telling y’all this is what

happens in our life we get damaged we

start doubting we stop praying about

stuff and we get disconnected and the

disconnection makes you desperate

and people do dumb stuff when they’re


the damage ends in desperation

and when you go to anyone or anything

outside of the source it will lead to


why do many people end up at destruction

it didn’t start at destruction it

started off as just a little damage

and that damage grew

and what I’m telling everybody right now

is this is not ethereal this is real

you’ve seen it a thousand times that

somebody was damaged in a relationship

and so they think all relationships

can’t work

I don’t what is love anyway

I guess it’s not real and they let one

moment of damage

make them disconnected

and that disconnection makes them


so the same person telling them that

love ain’t really a thing is the same

person sneaking from hotel room to hotel


because the desperation wants to make

them feel something so bad

that they do something dumb

and it ends their life up in a vicious


that then they just try to hide from

everybody else use in one example but

you can put your example in there what

I’m telling you is there’s something you

can do before you end up at destruction

God is not mad at your damage he’s not

even mad that you disconnected we’re


what he wants you to do is when you get

desperate everybody watch this I’m gonna

say a cuss word be honest

and when people get desperate they

usually start faking

you’ve had how many people have been

going through something that nobody knew

and somebody actually did ask you what

was going on but you did not feel safe

or comfortable to tell them what was

really going on let’s be honest hey I

need High hands

what did we do

we lied to him

let me use another word we hid

and God can never heal what we won’t


I like Thomas

because he does something the church

doesn’t talk about but I believe it’s

the very thing that saved him

instead of becoming somebody who faked

it when he got desperate he was honest

y’all can have that

believe in him but until I see the nail

Prince and until he lets me put my hand

in his side

forget it


should not be doubting Thomas or just

damage Thomas he should be honest Thomas

can we give him a new name

honest he did what 95 percent of the

church would never do

he told the truth

this series is going to be uncomfortable

for some people people are going to get

up and walk out people’s booty cheeks is

gonna be tight because I’m coming

to your house

the reason I’m telling you this is

because most Church messages are to make

you feel happy about where you’re at

not agitate you out of complacency

I do not want you to stay the same

by faith I am moving you out of the

paralyzed place you’ve been in purpose

into a place that’s going to deal with

your damage and it’s going to push you

into your destiny I feel

but I can’t just cliche you to death

we gotta deal with some stuff

so when I looked at Thomas’s life I said

I’ll never call him doubting Thomas


I’ma call him honest Thomas

because I believe it was his honesty

that Drew Jesus back to him

okay I’ll be y’all not ready for that

yet write this down this tells us

something remember Thomas was a disciple

he wasn’t a fan of Jesus that was coming

around casually every six weeks

he walked and talked and ate with him

every day so this tells me something

that everybody in church needs to

understand discipleship does doesn’t

exclude you from damage

being a disciple does not exclude you

he’s coming to the just and the unjust

when damage hit my house I was the


when we found out that MJ was diagnosed

with autism that wasn’t that wasn’t like

oh that’s for the people who don’t serve

and don’t pray and don’t know

damage is going to visit everybody

but today all I’m asking you to do

is be honest about your damage

I gotta roll

to be honest

it’s going to take I’m gonna give you

four points because this is just a setup

to be honest about your damage it’s

going to take Faith

you have to have faith to believe that

God can deal with your damage

and most of y’all do not believe that

God can deal with it

you think that your mess up is too good

for the one who made you

but everything that my kids do to mess

up my house I’m the only one who can fix


the reason this is difficult for many

people is because there’s no guarantee

if I’m gonna be honest

I don’t know if people will look at me

the same

I don’t know if I’m going to actually be

able to have a reputation and a name can

I tell you it don’t matter

because what you’re suffering with right

now you were never meant to carry

many people aren’t this honest because

they feel like they won’t be accepted

covered and they won’t have value can I

tell you that in your worst state this

is why I serve Jesus

in my worst state I was accepted by God

and he sent people into my life to help

cover me in that season

and my value never changed oh my gosh I

need to let somebody know that even if

you’re dealing with the hardest thing in

your life the value that God placed in

you is still in you

but people think if I’m honest

they will only see me as my damage

this is why you haven’t told what

happened to you in sixth grade

this is why you won’t tell them the

website you go to and you delete the

history every night

oh y’all

this is why your spouse doesn’t know you

have a secret account

because you’re planning your exit all

the time

because nobody ever committed to you

when you were younger

and you said it could never be this this


and so you’ve been setting up you’ve

been preparing for it to all fall apart

for years

and nobody even knows

oh yeah yeah we know you quote scripture

but the only reason you quote scripture

is to make other people feel low so you

can feel better about yourself

you lured over everybody all of the

religious practices you do but you don’t

even have love in your heart for those


and it goes back to a wound

a damaged spot a messed up moment where

you started to doubt

and God said this next season is going

to take everybody shot at me Faith

don’t have crazy faith for a house and

not have crazy faith for your heart

y’all miss the whole thing

we got the key

the building

if the person in the building is broken

what God wants to do is make sure that

we heal what’s there so let’s stop just

yelling crazy faith for places we live

and let’s use our crazy faith

to rebuild the place that we can’t


so if you’re going to be honest

it’s going to take everybody say faith

Thomas was honest

and the second thing Thomas had was

watch this if you’re going to be honest

you’re going to need these friends

now now some of y’all are thinking about

this the wrong way because you’re going

to need friends that can handle and deal

with you in the tension of your


my man

is with the disciples who just had seen

Jesus they’re throwing a praise party

and he comes in and it’s like f y’all

I don’t care

God is not good to me

if somebody came in here after our big

praise party and got on the mic and said

all of y’all are fake

we will usually kick those people out

Boo get them out of here they’re trash

Thomas had friends fortified

for his damage season

how do we know this because eight days


the disciples were together again

he was still with them after he was


and my question is will you make space

for people to tell you what’s really

going on

and you don’t cancel them

no no I don’t oh she she’s going through

some things

I don’t really mess with I’m not saying

anything but

what I am saying is marriage ah

can God trust you

to hold the tension when you know your

friend says I don’t believe in God

well not only the word tells me to be

not I cannot be yoked with some

unequally yoked I gotta get out of here

but the disciples

still let Thomas hang around

when he was honest that I don’t believe

like y’all right now

this is going to challenge the church

because you want everybody to get saved

and be clean in the same day

you it took you 34 years to walk in that

level of delusion and crap and now I’m

supposed to be brand new

and exactly a two-hour worship


I’ve been smoking weed for 10 years

the tape it’s not even I want to I the

taste of it

is a part of my everyday life

and you want me like there’s physical

things I have to detox from but I can’t


okay all right

the church wants to reach people until

we start reaching people


and what I’m saying is for you to be

honest you got to have friends that have


the art

of being with people who are not perfect

can I say this to some other people

because some people have been damaged

and burned by a lot of people

and right now you’re saying like yeah I

hear you passing Mike but uh that ain’t

for me no more

try people try Church tried all this

community stuff okay the fact of being

damaged by people doesn’t exempt you

from trying again

that’s why I think about I’ve done a lot

of funerals in my day you know what

everybody wants to do at the end of

their life

they want to get all the stuff they

never said out of them

I mean I’ve literally seen people on

their deathbed and it’s like tell Susan

to come here tell my loved ones come

here tell them I really do love you

I just never said it

I really do I’m sorry I didn’t know how

to express they’re trying to get up out

of them what their body was never meant

to carry

I gotta keep moving to be honest it’s

going to take Faith

to be honest it’s going to take friends

and to be honest it’s going to take

watch this Focus

and I need to be very clear about this

because anything time we start dealing

with trauma and all that other stuff

many people glorify the trauma

they glorify the pain

that’s not what we’re doing in this

series watch this we’re going to

acknowledge the pain but focus on Jesus

oh that is way too good

where am I going to focus on Jesus

but I’m going to bring this pain to him

so this is not going to be a loathing

like this is what happened to me this is

why I can’t ever and this is why we are

going to everybody say Focus

we’re gonna focus on Jesus but that

means we have to acknowledge the pain

Hebrews 12 2.


our eyes

on Jesus

the Pioneer and perfector of our faith

for the joy that was set before him he

endured the cross he endured what it

would take

scorning its shame

and sat down at the right hand of the

Throne of God

during this series all I’m going to ask

you to do

is focus on Jesus

it’s going to be hard for some of us to

walk back to some of the places where

the hurt really happened

I’m being honest right now some of the

things we’re going to talk about is

going to be triggering

this is not going to be the season

where you just numb the pain

we’re gonna deal with it

if you don’t want to heal you may not

want to tune in for the next six months

no no I want to be very clear with you

nobody’s going to force you to do

anything but you’re going to be


the spirit of God is in this place

and he has anointed me to preach this

gospel to you

and it’s going to start doing something

on the inside of you that’s going to

make marriages change

legacies be restored things are going to

change but we cannot deal with the pain

focusing on the pain

when you focus is on the pain it makes

you want to get prescribed something

you want to no longer feel it we’re

going to acknowledge the pain I was


I was forgotten

I was never chosen

I was the abuser

I was the one that took advantage of


I ruined all of those girls lives

I only dressed the way I dress

so that people can give me a compliment

I don’t believe I’m beautiful

I don’t see my value

I could never do that

because my father never affirmed me

I’m talking about real stuff

how do we go through this

keeping our eyes focused on Jesus

who affirms us if nobody else does

who calls us his who redeemed Us by his

blood while we we were yet sinners he

saved us he died for us and he still

calls us royalty

when we feel too damaged

to be honest

you’re going to need faith

you’re gonna need friends

you’re going to need focus and I’m gonna

give you the last one this is the kicker

to be honest

you’re going to need to fall apart

and I need to apologize on behalf of the


because we’ve been a

we’ve been a proponent of telling you to

keep it together

come to the altar we’re going to pray

for you ah it’s over

never again

you’re walking out

of the fire here don’t smell like what

y’all been through we do all of these


no I’m come on and I’m not saying that

there ain’t some power in that but like

it’s like hold on

I feel like I’ve been hit

you said I’m gonna look like I ain’t

been through nothing I look pretty hit

I look pretty jacked up

my marriage is hanging on by a thread

it’s a new season it feels kind of like

the old one to me pastor

come on if we could really say what we

want to say sometimes

we’re walking into Victory barely


it’s really kind of crawled in here

matter of fact was lowered by four


I didn’t get in here on my own strength

it was people who saw how damaged I was

that kept inviting me and kept sending

me the sermons and kept holding me up

and lowered me in front of Jesus

I don’t even want to be here

but I didn’t have enough strength to



I want to give everybody that’s

viewing this message from God to you

I want to give you permission to fall


it’s very difficult to heal while you’re

holding everything

this is why when you go into surgery

they don’t let you bring anything

if you’ve ever had a surgery

especially where they have to cut on you

they tell you to take

everything off

no matter if it’s your favorite ring

that your husband gave you in 1962 and

it has take it off

because anything that comes in this area

could potentially contaminate you

while we’re doing this type of surgery

what can I keep my clothes on but naked

there is no surgery you can go in

and have your sweats on and just pull

your sweat up and be like no just right

here just cut it out



because what’s about to happen

means that you can’t keep it together

I need you to fall apart

Thomas was able to get his healing

because he was allowed to fall apart

not doubting Thomas not just damage

Thomas what’s his name honest

he fell apart for eight days

and then the Bible says that Jesus makes

another stop on his tour

to come to the same place

and he literally said hey y’all it’s me

and he’s like oh shoot like

and he calls the honest man by his name


I know the other disciples were ready

for a prophetic word


maybe a mandate to go do something

he was focused on Thomas

because Thomas was honest

this what you needed Thomas

your honesty has drawn me back to you

that’s what you need Thomas

no no put it right there

I believe in this series

and through the message of this book

damaged but not destroyed

I have learned

that the old adage is true


get stitches

because if you’re honest enough to

snitch on where you’re at right now


the great physician Jesus

will be drawn to your infirmity

and he will

heal you


Jesus allowed his wounds to stay open

so yours could be closed

hear what I just said

why would the resurrected savior

keep the body

with the holes and the open wounds

stealing it

why didn’t he come with this glorified

body to show us what we could have he

said I’m going to take the penalty

that the damage of this world put on you

I’ll stay open Thomas put your hand

right here


ly didn’t close it up

so that you could bring me all your

damage and yours would be healed

the question is will you be honest

God doesn’t bless who you pretend to be

he doesn’t bless who you post to be

he doesn’t bless who you project to be

God only blesses heals and stitches up

who you really are

Isaiah 53 5 says but he was wounded

for our transgressions

and he was bruised

for our iniquities

the chastisement for our peace

was put upon him

and by






he left his wounds open

so that ours could close


I want to start a revolution of snitches

people that aren’t telling for the sake

of getting somebody else in trouble that

may happen because there are


but my goal is what I said at the

beginning of this whole thing remember


it’s the goal


is the path

confession is the key and healing

is the result how many people really

want to be healed


so there’s only one thing you have to do

got to be honest


and I know there’s some people in here

it’s like Pastor Mike you don’t

understand what this means for my family

you don’t understand what this means for

my life you don’t understand what this

means for my children you don’t

understand I don’t but he does

but if you think about the grace of God

the more I honest I am

the more Glory he gives

because God’s still using the dude that

did the spit example

as a matter of fact I put it in my book

I’ll tell you the details because the

more honest

I am

the more Glory

he gets are you talking about the same

person that had car insurance fraud on

his thing yeah yeah imma show you my mug

shot with the edge up and my collar

shirt off

because the more honest I am

the more Glory

he gets

talking about the God who is addicted to


has six months of TCC education

has made mistakes over and over again

but gets up to still declare the glory

of God

oh I get it

his strength

is made perfect

in my we in my damage

just want to tell you you may feel


but you’re not destroyed

God can take you from trauma to Triumph

and the value that he put in you

is still in you

so the only question is

who’s going to be honest

today I’m praying for the faith to be


it don’t have to happen today it don’t

have to like be like this week I’m no no

no no everybody calm down

the holy spirit’s about to guide us


into the most transformative process of

Our Lives when you get this book I’m

going to help you I’m going to share

with you I’m gonna get but if you just

show up here every week I’m gonna be

your coach

and we gonna walk this thing out

systematically and let the Holy Spirit

do the heavy lifting

about a year and a half ago as I was

writing this book

I was taking a break and I was scrolling

through Instagram and I

I’m a musician at heart and I saw this


little clip of this girl singing this

song that arrested my heart

and I was in the middle of like doing

deep work in the therapy and Theology


she begins to sing this song about

honesty that convicted me to a point

where I said I have to tell the whole


and nothing but the truth

and today as an altar call I don’t want

anybody to move or leave or go anywhere

I just want you to reflect and ask the

Holy Spirit what are you saying to me

through this message

and I asked this young lady to come sing

this song

and I believe it’s going to minister to

you the same way it’s been ministering

to me I’ve listened to it a million

times and it just keeps reminding me if

I could bring my honesty

to the designer

he could use my damage for Destiny

let this song Minister to you

every time I walk out of the house put

on another face just to blend in with

the crawl so nobody sees me

you would never believe me

I tell you that I’m old I’m so healing





I’m just

read someone past the hardest part here

comes another goal is just upon me to

the dark thought it was over

God let this be over


I’m not being an artist


hold me alone





I’m just


can’t make it on my own

so I cried


we accept that we can make it on our own

and so I cry Jesus

how I need you


only you can heal the broken parts





don’t pass me Don’t Pass Me By


I believe in this season God is healing

every person that makes a decision today

to be honest if that’s you you’re saying

I’m gonna be honest about where I am and

I want God to meet me right there would

you stand all over this place

in your home

cause I believe God is visiting people

right now

and he’s going to tell you that

everything that held you down it’s about

to be gone





are damaged to the designer


I feel the presence of God in this

moment right now








Kendall just sing it one more time



I’m sorry


it’s being honest


I’m just feeling



thank you






was was


just one more time Amazing Grace





was the lies


in US

I’m just being honest

I’m just being honest it was his grace

and his Mercy was his grace and his

Mercy for me

it’s being honest






being on his

love you’re in this room I’ll watch it


our only job is to facilitate a moment

where you and the Holy Spirit

can have communication

God is here

and he’s asking will you be honest

I know we don’t have enough room in this

facility but I just feel like there

needs to be a faith step that happens


if you know there’s some things that you

have not fully been honest about and you

want God to see you make a step of faith

I need you to get down to this altar I

don’t care where you’re at we can feel

the aisles if you’re at home if you’re

sitting stand up if you’re in the bed

get on your knees like like this is a

moment of honesty right now don’t let

your pride and don’t let your position

and don’t let what people think keep

from being honest right now this is your


come on up come on up come on up make


today we’re being honest

God we’re just being honest come on

somebody just lift that up by faith

we’re just being honest right here


father do something with our honesty

take our broken pieces father we’re just



people are still coming just lift your


don’t leave this moment that could

change the legacy of your family come on



Holy Spirit move Holy Spirit change Holy

Spirit delivers

thank you

for everybody that came here or even at

your seat because of fear

but you want this moment just lift your

hands right now at home lift your hands

I feel breakthrough in this house right

now not in some churchy Revival way I’m

talking about real change I’m talking

about families being delivered healed

and set free

hands lifted all over this place father

right now

here we are

we’re bringing our marriage our baggage

our Brokenness our hurts our anger our

rage there’s even a few people I just

can’t move there’s some people that

still need to make a face step you like

God’s saying I need you to admit even in

this moment that you need me to come see

you I’m we’re gonna wait on you there’s

no shame

take over God whoa I feel the presence

of God In This Place bro he’s healing

you he’s delivering he’s changing right


we will no longer hide behind the fear

of Truth

take over God

father deal with our damage oh my God

Holy Spirit I can pray a prayer but

you’re moving on Hearts right now father

you’re killing the inner child father

God you’re doing work on the on the

person father God not that we see today

but the person who is damaged do it only

you can do God


everyone to do

Reign over

and take over somebody say whatever you

want to do

oh I love you God

you take me just as I am

but you love me too much to leave me

that way


father I pray for your people

God you told me not to act like a savior

Point them to one

so today Father God I’m just as damaged

here I am father God in the position

you’ve asked me to be in

and I want to lead your people to your

feet God

today Father we’re coming with all of

our baggage all of our Brokenness and

all of our pieces for the things that we

have kept hidden for years things father

that have been dwelling on the inside of

us habits father that even our closest

loved ones don’t know we have today

Father we’re bringing them to you the

designer the Creator the God of Peace

the one that is the Healer and God today

we’re asking you to start a journey

of healing on the inside of us


our Moon’s God

after today as we pray

I thank you that there will be a

supernatural infusion of peace that

passes all understanding

father as we begin to think well what’s

going to happen and how are we going to

do this father thank you that you are

the Prince of Peace

and that every step of this process

you’re going to lead and guide us into


families are being mended by the

decisions that are making right now


pain that has ailed people for decades

father is subsiding as they are

literally release it

father I thank you for the courage that

it’s gonna take for us as a church

to get really healed

but I thank you

that father you are not disgusted by our


is the thing that draws


you to us

take over

and Reign Over


take over God


we can’t do this without you

father for everybody whose doubt has

turned into disconnection at this moment

God I am praying that today will be the

first time that their faith is being

reignited to a place of belief

thank you Lord if you’re in here

you are like Thomas you stopped

believing or you never believed

and today you want to give your life to

Jesus this is why our church exists

that you would be transforming Christ I

don’t care where you’re at right now

what alternate lifestyle you’re living

in I don’t care what they said I don’t

care what drink you have I don’t care

what you did last night all I care is

that you accept the free gift of

Salvation as you accept Jesus

and there’s people in this room

that have been disconnected from them

you’ve been playing church but God wants

a real relationship with you

you used to be white hot and now it’s

been super cold God says can we connect

so I can walk you through this healing


if you watch it online on the count of

three or in the room

I just want you to identify yourself we

all damage

we all at this altar we’re all here

why not today with no guilt and no

condemnation and no shame

why don’t we give our lives over to the


who can do

so much more that we can

if you want to give your life to Christ

just lift your hand on one you’re making

the greatest decision of your life

two hands already going up your name is

gonna be written in the Lamb’s Book of

Life three if you want Jesus to be your

lord and savior I see you my brother I

see you I see you my oh Transformation

Church I see you but more than that God

sees you

come on all the way in the balcony I see

you I see you Hallelujah

Transformation Church we’re family

nobody prays alone

let’s pray this together say God

I’m damaged

I need you


would you be my Lord and Savior

I believe you lived

you died

and he rose again

just for me

changed me

renew me

Transform Me

I’m Yours

in Jesus name

amen can we give God the biggest Praise

of freedom


oh come on right now faith has started

to erupt can we give God the biggest

Praise of freedom in this room you may

be damaged but you are not destroyed



I feel the presence of God In This Place



as we leave this place

altar workers are going to come up here

and people like oh I got to get out I

get out do not rush your healing

don’t jump off the table too quick

what I’m asking you to do after a

surgery happens and the pain and the

hurt of

it all goes away they give you a

prescription and give you instructions

of what to do after

the healing just started everybody say

the healing just started

it’s going to take us another 10 weeks

to fully be healed

I need you to come back here every week

and I need you to bring more damage

people with you

no no no no well they are there no no

they might be too damaged for you to

help them

they not do damage for him to help them

and we’re gonna be honest you may need

to watch this message over two or three

times and send it to people

because there’s a revolution that’s

going to rise and we are going I’m

declaring by faith Grace and we are

going from trauma to Triumph does

anybody believe that wherever you are

right now you don’t got to be there by

the end of the year we are going from



can we thank this beautiful soul Kindle

for coming and singing this

I was thinking about inviting her back

to conference and then maybe like

I’m just putting you on a spot but my

God I’m just being honest


does anybody just right now with nothing

changed fully out there does anybody

feel better

like like something is beginning to well

up on there’s hope when there’s healing

he’ll take the pain

away I know

he’ll take the pain away


if you need prayer for anything come to

the altar because he’ll take the pain

away I know

he’ll take the pain away


I know we gotta go

but I believe

that your mother


and I believe


you are wrong


and I believe you’re my portion



more than enough

for me

you’re dismissed you need prayer I just

feel the presence of God somebody is

about to get healed in this

transformation Nation I love you thank

you for going and getting the book this

Tuesday wherever books are sold we about

to heal I love you oh my god see you’re

more than enough

for me

Jesus you’re all I need Jesus


the healer is here the healer is here he

wants to meet you

right at your seat you’re more than



hey I want to take a moment again before

we jump off and say thank you our church

is not built on one individual but on

the sacrifice of so many and you being a

part it means the world so thanks for

watching the message I also want to say

thank you to the thousands of people

around the world who are generous it

means the world and we are able to

represent we’re able to be generous to

meet the needs of people because of your

giving if you haven’t taken the step to

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