In Week 3 of the Kingdom Kouples Series, Pastor Mike delves into the sensitive topic of knowing when it’s time to end partnerships. Using the journey of the Apostle Paul’s experience in navigating his partnerships with Silas and Barnabas, this story gives us valuable keys. Pastor Mike outlines several ways we can discern the departure of a partnership: when the season changes, we sense the same cycle persists, when storm is coming, or simply if Holy Spirit says go. If you are navigating your relationships, watch this sermon to gain insight and understand how Holy Spirit can partner with you in this season. Scripture References: Acts 15:36-40 NLT Acts 15:37-38 NLT 2 Corinthians 11:23-28 NIV Acts 16:16-40 NIV John 16:13 NLT Ephesians 2:10 NLT 00:00 – Intro 11:38 – Acts chapter 15 verses 36 through 40 NLT 13:01 – You may need to depart if: 1. The season changes 20:10 – You may need to depart if: 2. You sense the same cycle 20:24 – Acts chapter 15 verses 37 & 38 NLT 30:18 – Your calling is worth uncomfortable confrontations 30:29 – You may need to depart if: 3. A storm is coming 31:57 – Storms are a sign of success 32:47 – 2 Corinthians chapter 11 verses 23 through 28 NIV 37:01 – We should stop praying for weaker storms and start praying for stronger partners 47:06 – You may need to depart if: 4. Spirit says so 48:50 – John chapter 16 verse 13 NLT 52:27 – My future is fortified as you follow the Holy Spirit Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, and hear a powerful word from God. ABOUT US: We Exist to REPRESENT God to the lost & found for Transformation in Christ. This is the vision of Transformation Church, led by Pastor Michael Todd and based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. NEXT STEPS: Have you made the decision to follow Jesus? Fill out the form below so we can help you on your journey toward Transformation in Christ:

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what’s going on my name is Will and I

have the honor and the privilege as

serving as one of the leaders here at

Transformation Church I just want to say

thank you so much for tuning in from

wherever you are watching from and if

you haven’t already be sure to like And

subscribe we believe that God has such

an incredible word for you today so

let’s jump into this amazing message we

are in week three

of a series we’re calling Kingdom

couples and today we’re going to end the

series no I need to be honest we’re

going to pause the series

we’re not going to end it

this will be the the end of the series

for today

but it’s going to segue into the series

we’re about to go into entitle damage

but not destroy

because I believe God has given me a

burden to before 2024 comes

that 2023 the rest of this year is going

to be a year of healing

okay let me go to this side I said the

rest of this year is going to be a year

of healing

now some of y’all

spraying your ankle and be like I’m good

I’m good

and you’ve been limping for the last


relationally spiritually

you can’t raise your kids right because

there’s something in you that has not

healed and you’re protecting a wound

that God wants to heal

and so next week I want you to bring all

your damage

all of it

and somebody said pastor you’re not

ready for everything I’ve been through

I’m not God is

and he’s just gonna use me as your coach

to be able to examine areas that you

have been pushing down somebody’s like

insides are starting to Bubble right now

because you you didn’t think you was

going to therapy come to church for the

next nine weeks

it’s gonna be free therapy and theology

we’re gonna put both of them together

and we’re going to see God’s people like

never before get healed

but today

I felt like we had to end this series

um on a note that’s gonna help a lot of

you lay down weights

the heavy weight that has been slowing

you down

the subtitle of this series if you’re

just joining us go back and watch the

other two but I’m gonna just start right

here what I want for everybody in this

room is to find partners for purpose

on Paul somebody’s been listening okay

we’re finding Partners what for purpose

on purpose

and and if you know that God has given

you a purpose that you’re not just here

taking up space can I hear you make some

noise right now that God Made You

y’all don’t think God gave you a purpose

in the balcony on the floor


at least half of y’all think y’all here

for a reason

first week we talked about the power

being in the pair second week I taught

you how to pick a partner

I felt that this week it would be a bad

place to pause if if I didn’t tell you

probably the most important part of

partnership having a kingdom couple no

matter if it’s relationally spiritually


write down the title of my message the

departure of partnership

how you know it’s time to go


today I need you to buckle up

cause it’s gonna be strong

because the problem with many people is

once we finally form Partnerships

we want them to last forever

and many times outside of the parameters

that God gives for us to be in

relationship it is no longer a blessing

that relationship is a curse

and many of us have been still hanging

with people

calling people our best friends


steal Netflix and chilling

read between the lines

with people who are no longer there for

your benefit they are there to make sure

you fall

and what God is challenging us is to

walk into another level of spiritual

maturity to understand that all

departures are not from the Devil

imma say it one more time the enemy’s

been attacking me

Johnny left that was God

it was his grace and his protection

we have to move away from everybody we

love they’re your crutch

you haven’t obeyed God in six years

because of your mom and them so oh so

God had to relocate you so that you

could depend on his voice more than

their voice



the departure of partnership

how you know it’s time to go

it’s going to rearrange some people’s


some of y’all don’t put deposits on


that you might have to swallow the loss

because I know you didn’t get the trip


I know you didn’t pay that extra 25


and you were like I’m not wasting no

money but you’re wasting your life


I want us to go to Acts chapter 15.

because I want us to do this in a

kingdom way somebody say Kingdom

um when you start doing things in a

kingdom way

what the world says is bad does not have

to be bad in the Kingdom

a departure is not negative if it’s for

your purpose

I’m gonna say it one more time

them not being with you when you get to

the win

doesn’t mean you lost

some people are there for a specific

time period and then you have to know

they’re not going to come up to you to

say hey I’m a distraction to your future

hey all the emotional energy you’re

spending on me because of my

relationship is going to distract you

from becoming who you need to be for

your relationship

the time you should be spending with God

you’re FaceTiming me

nobody’s gonna come to you and say that

you’re gonna have to discern for


with the help of the Holy Spirit

has something changed

and this is beautiful that the Bible is

our Playbook and and the thing that we

live our lives by because we’re people

of principles and we can actually look

at a story in the Bible of a guy named

Paul and we can see how to do departure


okay so so I need everybody’s everybody

at acts 15 it’s going to be on the

screen if you don’t got it but let me

let me give you some backstory

um Paul is by far one of the greatest

um Apostles that ever comes after Jesus

okay and his name used to be Saul let me

put it in today’s vernacular uh

Saul was a gangster

he walked around like what’s what you

looking at

his feet were always like this

and if you popped off but he I didn’t

have guns but I don’t rock or spear


the Bible said he was killing Christians

his reputation was if you believe in

Jesus I’m taking you off the set


then he has an encounter with Jesus

on the road of Damascus the same way

don’t get scared that some of y’all

about to encounter Jesus

you’ve been going the completely

different way I’ll never preach


he meets Jesus goes blind has this whole

experience where he encounters Jesus and

then he’s ready to

preach the gospel now I love this

because it reminds me of my story not

the gangster killing Christians part but

the part

about like filling the call and not

having to go through all of man’s uh uh

um checkpoints to be able to be called

to minister the gospel

all of this stuff I need to go to

Seminary I need to do I believe higher

education is important but you can share

the gospel the same way you were sharing

the flyer about the club


if it’s a good sale you don’t have to go

to marketing school to tell somebody

that Dillard’s is 80 off

and Believers I can’t share it because I

don’t know the the Hebrew stop it

say Jesus saved me

I was broken and now I’m feeling like my

pieces is coming back together you need

to know him that Paul Paul literally

gets his name changed and goes into


but he had a powerful partnership

and most people know Paul and Silas

but there was a partnership

that was before Paul and Silas that

allowed him to mature and be ready for

his partnership with Paul and Silas that

that relationship it was a relationship

between Paul and watch this guy’s name


now how many people have heard about

Barnabas before okay a couple of y’all

but Barnabas

was Paul’s Credit

because when Paul came out and was like

praise the Lord everybody’s like oh

like think about it he was killing

Christians on Tuesday

and Saturday he’s like my brother they

like oh God

so Barnabas comes along and he says I

vouch for him

he’s had a real transformation this is

why it’s important to get around people

while you’re changing because they’re

sometimes they won’t believe you because

of your past but if you’re around people

whose character has been stable and they

say no I promise he he’s actually doing

it it gives you interest into places you

may have to work for

and Barnabas says no I vouch for Paul

literally Barnabas barnabas’s name means


he learned the art of the pump up

and their partnership produced they were

so cold as a tag team that other people

wanted to come and join their team it

was like the big three it was like if we

get LeBron and D Wade together maybe we

can convince Chris Bosh to come to Miami

it was like that whole thing like and

they got another guy because they were

producing and multiplying his name was

John Mark

now we know John Mark wasn’t black

because his name was Sean Mark but

these multi-ethnic people came together

to read this sorry that’s how I just

read the Bible

I said he had to be white John Marks

that wasn’t a brother

and this is where we find this story

Acts chapter 15. it says after some time

Paul and Barnabas the partners

they came together and said let’s go

back and visit each City where we were

previously preaching

the word of the Lord to see how the new

Believers are doing

Barnabas agreed let’s go

and wanted to take along John Mark but

Paul said hex no

no he not going not matter of fact if he

going I ain’t going the Bible said he

disagreed strongly

since John Mark had deserted them in

pamphilia we’re going to call that

Philly for right now

he deserted them in Philly

and had not continued with them in their


their disagreement was so sharp that

they separated or they departed from

each other

Barnabas took John Mark with him and

sailed for Cyprus and Paul



and as he left the Believers entrusted

him to the Lord’s gracious care let’s

pray real quick because it’s going to be

real heavy for some of y’all Lord

help us know if it’s time to depart from

a partnership


I’m gonna use this as a framework

you may need to depart if

write it down

I may need to depart if and I’m gonna

give you four things real quick

three is real strong and the fourth one

is going to bring it on home but we’re

gonna do this write it down you may need

to depart if number one the seasons


if the season changes you may need to

depart from the relationship

some of y’all have summer friends in the



it was just for a season

and I know you haven’t been abandonment

issues and so if anybody comes in and if

they leave you feel like something’s

wrong with you

it was an answer to your seasonal prayer

it wasn’t a permanent fix it was to get

you from where you were to where you

needed to go but when you became

dependent on them more than him

he said the seasons are changing


this is why I need you to understand

that every departure does not have to be


and every season change does not have to

be sinister

I’ve been in church my whole life

and they act like everybody who leads

your life is a hater

and they couldn’t believe we too because

they know

they had an expiration date


that place was for a season and they

were graced for it

but the Grace ran out

and they still there

it’s like when the oil runs out in your


it can still function but something’s

gonna get burnt up

okay let me has anybody forgot to change

their oil before come on let’s be honest

I remember driving my Daddy’s car

and he changed oil son yeah yeah yeah

yeah and even a little light came on

this ain’t working

no more oil let me say it a different

way normal Grace

every time you say to see they phone

call oh

but you feel guilty because you posted

on Instagram

they saw your comment on Facebook and be

like really

so you don’t want to be

the oil ran out

the season has changed

Paul recognized that the season had


between him and Barnabas they had a

phenomenal season in Ministry

they killed it they made it out of


and then the season changed

and this is what I really feel as I read

all of of this gospel and I read Paul’s


Paul had spent half of his life doing

the wrong thing

so he could not afford to have the wrong

partner with the time he had left

Barnabas may have been doing the right

thing for a long time

but Paul had spent years of his life

doing the wrong okay can we be honest

we’re a humble open and transparent

Church how many of us have spent years

doing the wrong thing I’m not talking

about just sin just not obeying God


he said my purpose is too fragile to

play with

so I know the season has changed so

there’s time


that I have to make a decision everybody

say a decision

the seasons changed

me and Pastor Charles and Natalie went

to Las Vegas for an award show earlier

this summer and and we prepared for it

to be hot um but but when when the doors

of the uh the airport open

it seemed like the enemy had opened his

mouth from

from hell I’m not playing y’all

it was a 115 degrees

dry heat

I mean we started sweating and we were

just looking at each other like I looked

at Charles I was like what are you doing

Natalie said uh she just went back

inside she said y’all tell me when the

car is ready and and as hot as it was

all of us started shedding clothes

all of the jackets hoodies everything

but what would have happened if somebody

would have been putting on clothes in a

season where we were supposed to be

taking them off

this is what some of us look like

relationally we’re putting on

clothes in the summer

or people in the summer

that were made for the winter

hit me with it

115 degrees

if I sewed up like this in 115 degrees

y’all would have thought he lost his


or he has some type of low iron or like

some type of disease

and this is what you look like posting

next to them

you steady going after that relationship

it’s not that it wouldn’t be right in

one season

it’s just wrong in this one

the level of heat that has come to my


I’m not moving much

because it’s going to start showing

that I’m wearing the wrong thing

some of y’all are experiencing things

you never should experience

because you have not acknowledged listen

all you have to acknowledge is not that

the is this is fly

this looks good in the right

and the reason I got to depart from this

fur jacket

it’s not because it wasn’t made well

and not because it’s not valuable in a

different atmosphere

take this

to Colorado

take it to where where’s another cold


well take it to Alaska

and and this will be perfect

but where God has me

it might need to be a departure

if the season has changed let me give

you another one you may need to depart


you sensed the same cycle

it’s a big one

that’s a big one

Barnabas verse 37.

Barney agreed

and wanted to take along

John Mark but Paul disagreed strongly


this is the reason why I have an issue

with us going forward in our partnership

with that person

the last time

he deserted us

in Philly

matter of fact West Philadelphia born

and raised

on the playground

is why I spent most of my days


and he did not continue

with us

when it was time to work

when it was time for us to get down to


they were nowhere to be found

when I was going through counseling and

I didn’t see up from down they didn’t

call then around my birthday where we

going friend what are we doing free how

we getting damn shut up

you weren’t there for me when I was

crying myself to sleep when I tried to

call you and ask you just to come over

because if nobody’s here with me I’m

going to his house oh God


when it was time to get down to business

bailed on me

and I’m not saying you a bad person

because John Mark was still around

and he’s still talking to Barnabas

most of us are cut off games so strong

she said me Pastor me

if somebody does us wrong leaves us when

it’s time to go we they don’t even exist

no more

they don’t even exist

but but Paul was spiritually mature

enough to say I can still be around you

I just can’t partner with you

how many believers

can know your season’s up at the church

but not dog the church you leave


I have to just go because they were just

giving milk


how many how many I

mean he act the the distraction they

take away

it’s all about spiritual maturity at

this point

and Paul was spiritually mature enough

to say yeah y’all can kick it we can

even talk about the celebration but when

it’s time to gear up to go back into


I can’t go because I sense the same


there is nothing that gives me

indication that you have changed

so you’re not a bad person you just not

have not transformed

and I’m not going back into the war

with somebody that I already have a

warning about


Michael you preaching I know this is

what I’m telling you you do not go into

war with people you’d be like are they

with me

do they pray for me or do they talk

about me

I know they got a knife but are they is

it going to end up in my back or are


Paul knew something

that we all need to know

because when it was time to go hard John

Mark went home

and and Paul said you know what I’m not

going to be mean

I’m not going to set up some unrealistic

goal that John Mark has to prove to me

I’m just going to be intentional about

watch this cuss word boundaries

I know church people don’t like this

we’re supposed to forgive yes

but they don’t have to be that close

no no

we can we can release them

of the Dead

and not be done

no I mean we should smoke weed together

all the time and we made a pact that we

was done with the Dodie done with the

Dodie done with the Dodie

some of y’all like Dodie

I just dated myself I’m sorry but but


they went back

and I

and I’m trying to walk this thing out

and it’s it’s not a sin but I have a


so I can’t chill at their house every

day no more

not because I don’t like them


I have to create a boundary where you

been at bro


oh you different now no I’m trying to be

okay you better than us no

I I just I actually am trying to be a

person of my word

and I mean a promise to God

that’s more valuable than my promise to


and so right now I just gotta create

this clear boundary

not because you’re bad

because I’m trying to stay blessed

this is two different things and the


we’ve been bad at this because we gotta

make somebody the villain

and Paul shows us they don’t got to be

the villain

I just sensed the same cycle

You Gonna Keep cheating on your wife

we can’t be friends like that

I was there the first two times bro

and you still on my couch

and they all my captain cries

but this seems like a decision you’ve



so the next time you do it I’m gonna

pray for you

but you can’t stay here


okay damage will not destroyed it’s

gonna be good for all of us because

we’re gonna teach y’all how to make some


boundaries just don’t happen

some people

would rather them just happen by osmosis

but the conversation

that you usually have to have to create

let me say this it’s not a boundary if

they don’t know


I don’t change they just haven’t called

don’t call it a boundary

if you’ve not had a conversation

and the conversation comes from your


and your conviction makes you have to

watch this confront

confrontation is not bad it’s necessary

and most people like we about to have a


it just means I’m gonna bring it up


I’m not going to sweep it under the rug

I’m not gonna put it behind me

we’re going to bring it up

Paul has to confront Barnabas

he doesn’t say silence come on let’s go



would have been unfaithful to the

partnership they had

he said Barn uh hey what’s up John Mark

Barnabas come here

I ain’t going with him



he’s been with us on so many Journeys

but when we was in Philly

he left us yeah I know I know he I know

ask them what happened he said he had a

case of the BG’s he went behind the bush

he came out and he was like where’d they


I I hear all of that

but what we doing right now

is life or death

God saved me for a purpose

and I can’t roll with nobody

who is not sure about why they’re here

so he had a confrontation what Barnabas

that did not watch this watch this this

may be shocking it didn’t end in blows

they wasn’t on Twitter talking about

some friends is fake

guys we know who you’re talking about

they weren’t doing passive aggressive

subliminal messages

they had a conversation and made a

decision I love this this is mature

teaching right here

he said I

uh he had to have a confrontation with

the guy who put him on

think about how difficult that would be

to the person who in one season gave you


now you have to confront them because

they no longer serve the purpose in your


Paul needed relationships on purpose

for purpose so watch this write this

down in a point your calling is worth

uncomfortable confrontations

I gotta move

okay so you may need

to depart from the partnership okay if

the seasons change number one

if you sense the same cycle number two

number three you may need to depart if a

storm is coming



after having his conversion realize

that living for Jesus and representing

the kingdom meant that storms were


this thing that everybody’s talking

about coming to Jesus now everything go


you don’t gotta worry no more about


but I’ll gonna take care of it all

that’s a lie

the purpose of coming to Jesus is now

you’re walking with the one who knows


and even when you go through the storms

you know that you’re not alone even

though I walk through the valley of the

shadow of death that is not a lyric from

a rap song

some of y’all that’s not

that’s the Bible

and he’s saying I’ll be with you no

matter what storm you go through

and this is what I found as a pastor

and this is what I want you to find out

as a Believer this is mature Christian

Living right here

storms or a sign of success in the


Paul had come to a place in his life

where he knew another storm was coming

I’m not about to play myself and be

around people who weak in storms

I know I’m I know I’m sitting here on

purpose for a purpose I got Kingdom

Business do God create literally

transformed me from the biggest gangster

to the biggest Apostle and I’m about to

walk into my next storm

with the partner who doesn’t know their


let me prove it to you I’ma let Paul

tell you

how he knew and how he lived

knowing that storms were coming second

Corinthians 11 verse 23. this is Paul

talking I have worked much harder

been in prison more frequently

been flogged more severely and been

exposed to death again and again

five times I received from the Jews the

40 Lashes minus one y’all know how we’ll

be uh crying on the passion when Jesus

be getting whipped

Paul got that four times

five times I’m sorry

three times I was beaten with rods once

I was pelted with stones three times I

was wrecked I spent the night and

the day at the Open Sea I have been

constantly on the move I have been in

danger from rivers in danger from

bandits in danger from fellow Jews in

danger from gentiles

in danger in the city endangered in the

country endangered in the sea we’d be

saying we blessed in the city Paul was

singing in danger in the city endangered

in the field in danger when I come and

when I go

we must hide every witnessed

and watch this and I’ve been in danger

from false believers

I have labored and toiled and have often

Gone without sleep

I have known hunger and thirst and have

often Gone without food

I have been cold and naked besides

everything else

after all of that I faced the daily

pressure of my concerns for all the


he he was saying yo

because of how much weight I carry in

the Kingdom

another Storm is Coming

can I talk to Transformation Church

if you rocking with us right now

the truth of the matter is

we are taking too much of the enemy’s


when we step out and use technology and

we do the play and we we actually Reach

people Beyond one of my one of my

greatest compliments children close your

ears is when somebody who don’t care

about God say I asked with Mike Todd

now I don’t mess with that church stuff

but I F sweat transformation do you know

what that means it means our vision is

working we are representing God to the

lost and the fact for one reason what is

it transformation in Christ

so if you thought the spirit hits the

fan with something another storm coming

because we mean too much in the Kingdom


this is why we pray constantly this is

why we show love and generosity we gave

away eight million dollars a few months

before the spit hit the fan not one

story about it

eight uh they thought I said eight



we gave away eight million the local

news didn’t cover it

I Spit on my blood brother

I mean we’ve shared drinks we’ve shared

I mean and I can think of a lot of the

more disgusting stuff that y’all do with



let me stop

when I’ve come to the conclusion of

is that when you are living on purpose

in the Kingdom

storms are coming

and so what do we do Pastor Mike what I


out when we come to Partnerships when we

know a storm’s coming like Paul

we should stop praying for weaker storms

and start praying for stronger partners

oh that’s good if you clap or not

Lord let the storm go away he said this

one’s Gonna Make You

you’re going to learn something through

this storm that money couldn’t give you

you’re gonna learn something through

this storm that that going from wind to

wind can’t teach you stop praying for

weaker storms

and start praying for stronger partners

see Paul one of Paul’s greatest texts

tests were coming in Acts 16.

when because he was walking in his

authority as apostle

this woman was bothering him and he cast

out a demon and she was making money for

a higher up and so they got mad the

whole town got mad because she got


she got healed they got mad

she was addicted to something she gets

free the whole mob comes after him

and they get thrown in jail and y’all

know the story it says and at midnight

Paul and

prayed and sang praises to God

they did it until the point that the

jail began to shake

and not just their chains fell off

but the chains of everybody in the place

they’ll change those there’s some people

your praise and your prayer is gonna

make other people’s chains fall off

but listen what if the scripture would

have read and that midnight


and John Mark

or it could have read and at midnight

Paul was alone

because sensing what he had done before

when they would have been like Gary go

right there John Mark would have been

like excuse me excuse me excuse me

excuse me

but Silas said take us

here we are

here we are

what we gonna do now Paul the same thing

we do every day

we’re going to pray

and we’re going to sing praises to God


what if they kill us then they kill us

but we gonna go out doing what we’ve

done every day

we gonna all feel this thing we gonna

pray and we’re gonna sing praises to God

what if they don’t remember us they only

have to remember him

and if our platform is this jail cell

all of these prisoners are gonna know

that we sing praises and we pray


instead of a partner that was preying on

Paul p r e y

he had a partner that was praying with


and your storm may look different your

storm may be lost it may be failure it

may be pain it may be tragedy

but I need you to be proactive with your


you can’t build Partnerships for prison

in prison

you got to build them before

and this is why I’m just saying like

maybe there needs to be a departure

because the season just changed

or maybe there needs to be a departure

because God’s saying something different

and and they’re doing the same cycle

over and over again I sense the same


or maybe you need to do it

because a storm is coming I found this

interesting um

fact out this week from one of my

friends he said most animals

when a storm is coming they sense it

yeah y’all know your dog

and it’s like sunny skies out

like what’s wrong Rufus and it’s like he

can’t tell you our strawberry like but

he can’t tell you that so you just like

all right and then it’s like boom

most animals have that sense

but there’s one animal

that when a storm is coming they run

into it

does anybody know what that animal is

it’s a buffalo

a buffalo

when they sense the storm

they say where is it at

right there

and they take off full speed

why everybody else is running away

the Buffalo runs into the eye of it

what scientists has discovered

is that when the Buffalo run into it

because no animal can escape it

they just try to hide from it

it allows them to go through it quicker

than any other animal

and they don’t keep getting hit with the

worst parts of it

because the worst parts of a storm is on

the outside

and what if the church would be ones

that say you know what another Storm is



write what you want to write say what

you want to say but we gonna run into

whoa we go run into the eye of the start

and they won’t be able to take us out oh

I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit

this is the season

where we’re no longer scared of the


some of y’all the enemy has tried to

make you afraid

well what if and what if and what it

bring it on because I know the one who

walks with me I know the one who created

the storm oh

the Bible tells us he can tell the winds

and the waves

my God knows something about storms


y’all remember when the disciples were


because they were on the sea

and it was storming all around him what

was Jesus doing

taking a nap nap


because he knew he had control

the Buffalo has Faith to run into it

and I’m asking you

is this the season where the storm

indicates your success

instead of makes you run away scared

and the most beautiful thing is

when buffaloes begin to run to the storm

they don’t run alone

the people who were with them they said

we ain’t we buffaloes too

somebody look at your neighbor are you

above hello

no seriously do you have the faith to

run into the storm with me fee do you

have the faith to run into the storm

with me Charles do you have the face to

run into the storm with me


and let me say this I need to talk to

all my married couples real quick as I


because some of y’all been listening to

this message all day and said finally

somebody gave me permission


how to depart from the partnership I’m

leaving yo

anoint itself

there are some reasons why you need to

depart from the marriage relationship

and the Bible’s clear on those things

but the truth of the matter

is many of you

need to lock arms with your partner

and you need to run into the storm


one of y’all been running towards it

while the other ones have been running


both of y’all been retreating let me let

me give you practical steps of what

running into the storm looks like you

need to go to counseling

I ain’t telling nobody about my my


you can’t handle it

the person who loves you more than

anybody on this world you’re putting up

a wall against them

and God is challenging you right now

not to run away from the storms of your


maybe you cheated

maybe you let something in that wasn’t

supposed to be there maybe y’all decided

to do it together in that Spirit of lust

came into y’all’s marriage bed and it

took something away from you intimately

I’m talking about real stuff

maybe it was the kids

y’all lived for them for so long and now

they’re gone and you don’t you’re you

don’t even know who you’re married to

you look at a stranger every morning

yes Storm is Coming

but why don’t you block arms with that


that you’ve given Covenant to

and allow you that person and the Holy


to run into the storm it gets over


and on the other side of the storm

you’ve never seen the sunshine

like it signs after a downpour of rain

this is a prophetic word to somebody

right now

that we’re not giving up

we’re not going back our marriage will

be a testimony and God will get the

glory out of this because we’re gonna

get the right partner and run into the

storm by faith can we just give God some

praise that God is mending relationship

he’s creating Kingdom puzzles what they

thought was going to take them out is

about to make them

in the name of Jesus

last one

you may need to depart from the


if watch this the spirit says so


this last one ain’t gonna make sense

oh they’re toxic they’re going to be

great for you

everything that y’all do wins together

and God’s gonna say leave that

um excuse me Lord

I’ve run an analysis on all my past

relationships and this one

and it looks like this one is the best

one I’ve ever been in

so could you get with the father and the

spirit reconsider and get back to me by


have God ever told you to do something I

don’t know about you but but it just

didn’t make no sense

but Faith begins we’re understanding


you don’t need faith if it makes sense

and the Bible tells us we walk by

I said we walk by and not by so if I can

see it make sense but God says something

different it might be good for me

to go with what he said

what are some other names for the Holy


The Advocate

the helper give me a couple more

the comforter the perically

what’d you say

the defender

let me introduce you to a name for the

holy spirit that Jesus calls him

John chapter 16 verse 13 you may have

never heard this before

this is Jesus when the watch this name

Spirit of Truth

so you can say holy spirit help me or

you can say Spirit of Truth

help he calls him the spirit

of Truth when the spirit of truth comes

watch this he will guide you into all


he will not speak on his own

but he will tell you what he has

Heaven’s having a conversation about you

right now

and the Holy Spirit is the messenger to

come tell you the truth about your


and if you shut him up or the Bible puts

it like this quench him

squeeze him out because you make room

for everything else and not him

he says I have the truth

I can tell you what relationships are

going to work

I can tell you what Partnerships are

going to go you’re gonna have to trust

me though heaven was having a

conversation about you these

relationships they’re good seemingly but

they’re gonna end bad

stop them now

sometimes it won’t make any fiscal

physical or logical sense

and the Holy Spirit will say trust me

he said he will not speak on his own but

he will tell you what he has heard

he will tell you about watch this the


I already had this message prepared

and then somebody sent me this video of

a couple

that I was preaching in 2018 in the

stride series

and I just y’all know I’ll be up here

I’ll just be saying stuff

no no like I’ll be studying I’ll be

preparing and then but like then there’s

like spontaneous things and I make up

people’s names and I say all this stuff

and I just said this name and I was

using it as an example and God is so


that he chose to use me unknowingly

to be able to speak directly to a young

lady situation

and I just want everybody to hear that

the spirit told her to do something that

didn’t really make full sense

and the result of listening to the

spirit of God over any other voice watch

this video real quick

don’t date him well God

now you made a masterpiece and Ricardo

and God I I really think this is your

will for me and Ricardo to make some

babies Lord and I and he said don’t

marry him because he hasn’t worked on

his character yet and and when you get

into that you’re gonna marry the

generational curses I got Ricky

he three years away

but you want where I’ve provided not

where you can see that’s why the Bible

says we walk by faith and not by it’s

easy to go after what you can see

it takes Faith to go after what God is

trying to provide for you

the man’s actual name was Ricardo y’all


there was no guarantee

she had to obey what the Holy Spirit

told her watch this my future is


as I follow the Holy Spirit

some of our Partnerships we’ve been

talking about and you’ve been thinking

of actual people

and I believe that’s secondary

relationship may be the partnership

that’s most important of all

is that you develop a friendship with

the Holy Spirit

because if he is actually the spirit of


and knows everything about everything

even all the meetings in heaven that are

happening about you

maybe the most important relationship

right now to partner with

partnering with the Holy Spirit

and I know many of you are ready to

depart from Partners you like I got them

written down the Holy Spirit told me

while you was preaching he told me Jesse

Jerome Jaquan I got all of them

and that’s what I’ve been praying the

whole time that you wouldn’t just hear

me that he would speak

some of you need to set boundaries some

of you the season has changed some of

you you’ve already seen the same Cycles

this is just confirmation to you

but if we’re actually going to heal for

the rest of this year

there’s some things that we need to look



and today I wanted to end this

by letting you know that the holy spirit

will speak to you better

then Pastor Mike ever will

if I could just talk to Pastor Mike

because I have a limited amount of


but the spirit of wisdom the spirit of


he wants to lead you and guide you every

day and I know maybe this Holy Spirit

has been presented to you in a wrong way

but let me tell you he’s my friend

it’s not a it’s not a it it’s not a

thing it’s a he

the third person in the trinity

that’s my why are you going so deep I

thought this was about partnership it is

Jesus says it’s better for me to

physically leave this earth

so you can get a better partner


because right now if I said you can have

Jesus on this Earth or the Holy Spirit

most of us would choose Jesus

because all the stories are about Jesus

but if you ask Jesus who we need

I know this is messing with your

theology it’s all about him he said uh

let me go

so you can have the partner you need on

this Earth

I’m gonna take a seat at the right hand

of the father and I’m gonna be

interceding but the person who’s gonna

translate for you and be able to let you

know no don’t go to that college no

don’t move into that neighborhood don’t

take on that debt right now no no that’s

where you’re supposed to go right now no

those are your people the one who’s

gonna do that his name is the paraclete

the one that comes alongside of you to

help you he will walk with you he will

talk with you he will sit with you he

will stand with you he will tell you

but the truth is about your future

and today

I want to pray

that more than any partnership that you

become a partner with the Holy Spirit

that’s it

because right now to go and depart from

some of these relationships you’re gonna

need the Holy Spirit

because some of them watch this have

soul ties attached to it

you’ve gotten intertwined in intercourse

and now it’s not just

I can’t get away from them you’re

ripping away a piece of you when you rip

away from them

and I don’t want to lose that part of me

you used to not be mean and then you got

with them and then somehow this rage

came out of you

that’s what we call a soul tie and God’s

saying like

let the Holy Spirit lead you

and guide you

into all truth when he tells you don’t

call them

well then we deserve closure

but when the Holy Spirit said don’t call

them but Pastor your point was

that we don’t have to do this nasty and


but when the holy spirit says don’t call



if you know you need your partnership

with the Holy Spirit to go to another

level all over this house all over the

world I want you to stand up

it’s not for everybody

but you need you need to make a fresh

commitment to your partnership with the

Holy Spirit yep

you need a fresh connection


I feel the presence of God in this place

yeah there’s some relationships

that are about to

and not about to beat her by the end of

the year

and it’s okay because your purpose is

worth it

let me say that again your purpose is

worth it

to really be able to do this right

you’re gonna need the Holy Spirit if you

want a fresh connection with the Holy

Spirit just lift your hands


what an honor and a privilege it is

to pray with your children

and to let them know that you are so


of their Humanity

and you love us so much that you sent


to walk with us and talk with us every

day Holy Spirit

we invite you into our lives

come on somebody say it holy spirit

I invite you into my life

in a new way

I’m open

I’m available

speak to me

lead me into truth

and now father let every blockage

and every bondage go right now in the

name of Jesus

Jesus God I’m asking you that there

would be a fresh flow of your spirit in

every household

father God that husbands and wives will

be in other rooms praying and you’ll say

the same thing to them Father God and

they’ll come out of that room not

fighting but on one Accord God I thank

you that that that co-parents father God

are going to come together in a new way

where there’s been dissension and

frustration father God and baby mama

drama and baby daddy drama father I

thank you for Unity father God begin to

speak to people father God I thank you

Father God where there has been um pain

and frustration on jobs father you know

what our boss is thinking you know what

the real solution is Father lead us into

all truth

we need to change gems and change

neighborhoods father or go in a season

of consecration holy spirit let all of

our Partnerships be dictated by our

partnership with you

today we need you in a new and a fresh


do a work on the inside of me

today we’re ending this series father

God knowing that some relationships in

our life need to change

but the one that needs the strongest


is the relationship we have with you

Holy Spirit

if you say so

come on somebody just say that Holy


if you say so

father let us obey it

if you say so

I feel the presence of God in this room

right now

so by faith God

we say take our hearts

and more dead

and take my mind



transform it

and take my will be strong is strong

it’s really strong but conformed

to yours to yours

this is our prayer all the rest of the

year just one more time take my heart

take my heart

and more

and take my mind


and take my will



oh there’s a sweet present just one more

time so take my heart


God we’re surrendering everything to you

and take my mind take my mind

and God I know my will is strong but



sit two yards

to yours

now unto him

who is able

not unto you who is able

now unto him

who is able

to do immeasurably more

than you can ask think or

imagine your whole life can change in

the next three months y’all didn’t hear


oh Jesus needs is three days


he conquered death hell in the grave in

three days what can God do with the next

three months



but it takes a surrendered person

take my heart take my mind

oh I’ve been doing me all these years


but take my will

here I am

everything I said I’d never do all right

I’m open


come on

I’m open

you’ve never accepted Jesus listen to me

this is the part

that you need

because it’s through our faith in Jesus

that we get access to the Holy Spirit


so if you’re in this room and you’re

saying Pastor Mike I’m a bad person or

I’m a good person just ain’t Walk With


today I want your life to be transformed

it’s the thing that took me from being a

liar a manipulator addicted to

pornography had car insurance fraud on

my record all kind of stuff y’all was

jacked up

the fact that I’m up here preaching to

you right now is only because of the


of God

and at Transformation Church we never

forget the grace of God

it’s the unmerited unearned undeserved

there’s nothing I did it I couldn’t

preach when God found me

it wasn’t because I did things good

it’s because he was good

so today if you’re in here in your heart

it’s like what is going on guess what

the Bible said the holy spirit all

service all week he’s been drawing you

to Jesus

see the access to the Holy Spirit you

really become aware of it after you give

your life to Jesus but the Holy Spirit

been with you your whole life

and he’s been drawing you and today is

the day of salvation

I need all the people who know what this

is I need you to begin to start praying

because somebody’s life is in the

balance right now this is a decision

that changes generational habits

and brings in generational blessing oh I

feel the presence of God

if you want to give your life to Christ

today if you’re watching online or

you’re in this building right now today

is the day of salvation

and today God is is with open arms

saying come on it’s time to change

Seasons it’s time for you to stop being

the Lord of your life and let me be the

Lord of your life

on the count of three I just want you to

lift your hand wherever you are in the

room up in the balcony on the floor in

the hallway in the bathroom at your

house on the treadmill today right where

you are is an altar and God says would

you come to me

this is why our church exists

one you’re making the greatest decision

of your life

two I’m proud of you but more than that

your name is gonna be written in the

Lamb’s Book of Life for all of eternity

three with faith would you lift your

hands if you want to receive Jesus I see

you up there my brother I see you I see


oh I see you sis I see you sit a whole

row of people come on hey transformation

come with you online hands are going up

in the track glory to God

This Is Why We Believe

at TC we’re family nobody prays alone so

would everybody one last time just lift

your hands

because we’re family here

and we’re going to trade This Together

everybody say God

thank you for sending Jesus just for me


I’m a sinner

in need of a savior

and I Choose You

Change Me renew me

transform me I’m yours forever

in Jesus name

amen welcome to the family y’all oh come

on Transformation Church

Welcome To The Kingdom

Hey listen

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that’s on the screen if you’re in the

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not just me this church wants to walk

with you

and we want to help you want to give you

some next steps next week we start a

brand new series

called damage but not destroyed

everybody bring your tissue

hard thugs bring your tissue

cause we gonna get healed is anybody

ready for real healing not like that

fake like we gonna get healed send it to

your family members in the lobby right

after service there’s a pizza party but

before the pizza party there’s prayer if

you need it

I’m gonna ask the worship team

to sing one more song

if you need prayer for everything the

team is for anything somebody said for

everything somebody’s like yes that’s me

if you need prayer for everything okay

here I come

for real

do not leave without the partnership of


father bless these people

thank you that you’re doing the work in

us it’s gonna

change the world

heal Us From the Inside Out in Jesus

name we agree amen

I love you all the first time visitors

thank you for coming go out and live a

transformed life

foreign thank you so much for watching

this message we pray that it encouraged

you here at Transformation Church our

vision is to represent God to the lost

and the found for transformation in

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